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  1. Rucksackfranzose

    Weirdest Food You've Ever Eaten

    Grilled scorpion, tasted a bit like lobster. Approved, although it didn't taste like chicken.
  2. Rucksackfranzose

    Comunio 2020/2021

    Leaning towards Comunio, as I'm using my PC.
  3. Rucksackfranzose

    3.Liga & Below - 2020/21

    Viktoria Berlin are coming up, Freiburg and more so Essen are in doubt, since it's not safe they will be league winners with 5 more matches to go.
  4. Rucksackfranzose

    Goal Difference Game

    Blackpool Newport Lincoln Utrecht Tranmere Bournemouth Swansea Sutton Leicester Montpellier
  5. A low scoring matchday for the most of us. Matchday 33 1) CaaC(John) 8 points 2) SchalkeUK 7 points 3) Michael 6 points 4) Stan 5 points 5) 6666 3 points 5) Tommy 3 points 5) Viva la FCB 3 points 8) Bluewolf 2 points 9) Rucksackfranzose 1 point The hunters failed to capitalize on Tommy predicting sub-average. Table after 33 matchdays 1) @Tommy 231 points 2) @Viva la FCB 224 points 3) @Bluewolf 219 points 4) @Michael 212 points 5) @Stan 211 points 6) Rucksackfranzose 188 points 7) @6666 177 points 8) nudge 173 points 8) @SchalkeUK 173 points 10) @CaaC (John) 155 points 11) @nawoo 142 points 12) @Eco 130 points
  6. Man Utd 1-0 Fulham Southampton 2-1 Leeds Brighton 1-4 Man City Chelsea 2-2 Leicester Everton 3-2 Wolves Newcastle 0-0 Sheff Utd Tottenham 1-0 Aston Villa Crystal Palace 1-2 Arsenal Burnley 0-1 Liverpool West Brom 1-1 West Ham
  7. Rucksackfranzose

    First Goal - Season Two

    Game 131: 8th Game 132: 58th min please
  8. Rucksackfranzose

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Share your opinion, still knowing Werder's approach recently , talking about the last 3-4 manager appointments here, and the facts a) Frings is without contract and b) Klose announced he'll leave Bayern at the end of this season let me fear something different, or more of the same depending on how you look at it, will happen.
  9. Rucksackfranzose

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Not saying this was a false step- the reasoning is remarkable, though. Baumann said they sacked Kohfeldt because his relationship with the team would be on an all- time low, not even a month after Baumann had said the reason not to sack Kohfeldt would be the very good relationship he had with the team. What's true now? Hope Schaaf succeeds in his probably last match as a Werder manager, would be sad if this club legend had to oversee a relegation.
  10. Matches played Sat, the 22nd of May, 15:30 CET: Bayern - Augsburg Dortmund - Leverkusen Hoffenheim - Hertha BSC Wolfsburg - Mainz Frankfurt - Freiburg Union - Leipzig Köln - Schalke Bremen - Gladbach Stuttgart - Bielefeld
  11. At least both Bielefeld and Köln only drew. Clutching straws here, I know.
  12. Lewandowski equalised Gerd Müller's record. One minute later Freiburg equalise.
  13. Rucksackfranzose

    Comunio 2020/2021

    Now, I'm intrigued?
  14. Rucksackfranzose

    3.Liga & Below - 2020/21

    We won, Duisburg are saved now. @Faithcore Freue mich auf weitere Treffen beider Mannschaften nächste Spielzeit.
  15. Rucksackfranzose

    3.Liga & Below - 2020/21

    Honestly, don't know. We're somewhat unpredictable, or very inconsistent take your pick, at the moment. Last three matches were a 4-0 win in Munich at Bayern II, a 0-3 loss at home to Magdeburg, and a finally 0-0 draw away in Ingolstadt. Hope, we can secure your league affiliation for next season, though. Even if this means Lautern's odds of playing 3.Liga next season are shortening. No rose without thorns I guess.