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  1. Enjoy it! Watching football on TV is boring compared to the experience at the stadium.
  2. Rucksackfranzose

    Borussia Dortmund Thread

    Not sure BVB intend to sell, though.Therefore make 120k+
  3. Rucksackfranzose

    The Student Loan Crisis

    There is a reason the university attender rate is high in Germany, Actually paid 90 a year, but 40 Euro was for the optional "Semesterticket" with which I could use public transport for free a year. Was in the 90's though, the tuition fee nowadays might be a little more.
  4. Rucksackfranzose

    The Student Loan Crisis

    Wow! As someone coming from a country were university is free except for tuition fees of about 50 Euro a year, I shudder.
  5. Rucksackfranzose

    Claudio Pizarro Fußballgott

    Still didn't forget that it was Rehhagel's legacy that Werder was one of the leading clubs in Germany for over two decades. I'll almost forgive him for 1998 reflecting about it.
  6. Rucksackfranzose

    Claudio Pizarro Fußballgott

    Ich hasse Lautern-Legenden.
  7. Rucksackfranzose

    Claudio Pizarro Fußballgott

    Und Thomas Schaaf als Laudator? Besser geht's nicht.
  8. Matches played from 23rd to 25th Aug: Köln - Dortmund Düsseldorf - Leverkusen Mainz - Gladbach Augsburg - Union Paderborn - Freiburg Hoffenheim - Bremen Schalke - Bayern Leipzig - Frankfurt Hertha BSC - Wolfsburg
  9. Rucksackfranzose

    Today I Had To Laugh At...

    Well we had that in Rome already, no?
  10. Matchday 1 1) Eco 14 points 2) Stan 10 points 3) Tzeentch 9 points 4) cb 96 8 points 5) londonerlilie 7 points 5) nudge 7 points 5) RandoEFC 7 points 8) Michael 5 points 8) Rucksackfranzose 5 points 8) Viva la FCB 5 points 11) 6666 4 points 11) Bluewolf 4 points 11) Tommy 4 points 14) binder 3 points Matchday winner @Eco was the only player to predict 2 perfect scores. Hertha BSC winning a point in Munich and Düsseldorf's victory versus Bremen were the two results nobody had predicted.
  11. Rucksackfranzose

    DFB-Pokal 2019/20

    These matches have been drawn: Kaiserslautern - Nürnberg Verl - Kiel Duisburg - Hoffenheim Saarbrücken - Köln Darmstadt - Karlsruhe Leverkusen - Paderborn Freiburg - Union Berlin Düsseldorf - Aue Bochum - Bayern Bielefeld - Schalke Dortmund - Gladbach Hertha BSC - Dresden Wolfsburg - Leipzig Bremen - Heidenheim Hamburg - Stuttgart St. Pauli - Frankfurt I heard we don`t in our alternative stadium in Völklingen, hope our second alternative is Elversberg, which has a higher capacity than Völklingen and a tin roof over the stands. I will persue cards as soon as they're available.
  12. Rucksackfranzose

    Peter Fonda passes away

  13. Rucksackfranzose

    Off Topic

    Are you satisfied with their results?
  14. Rucksackfranzose

    Kristho's Schland! - Off Topic

    Nö, nur in Bayern und im Saarland.
  15. @6666, @BartraPique1932, @binder, @Bluewolf, @Devil-Dick Willie, @Faithcore, @londonerlilie, @Mark, @Michael, @Relling, @SchalkeUK, @Tommy, @Tzeentch Please, don't forget Buli starts on Friday. As for the tagging, here apllies the same as in the Bonus round thread.