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  1. @Aladdin, @Stan, @Michael, @Viva la FCB, @CaaC (John), @Coma, @Bluewolf, @SchalkeUK, @Eco, @nudge, @Tzeentch, @londonerlilie, @Ploughendplonker, @nawoo The new season starts already on Friday, the 15th. Please get your predictions in on time, if you want to partake again. Will remind those, who didn't predict until then onWed, the 13th. Tagged these members, who played last season, new players are, as always, welcome - the more the merrier.
  2. Top 3 teams: ( 3 points, if you predict a team and their position correct; 1 point, if you correctly predict a team, but get their position wrong) 1- Nürnberg 2- Darmstadt 3- Düsseldorf Bottom 3 teams: ( 3 points, if you predict a team and their position correct; 1 point, if you correctly predict a team, but get their position wrong) 16- Rostock 17- Regensburg 18- Lautern Teams involved in the win with the largest gap of goals: ( 3 points if you get the winner or loser right; 8 points if both of them are correct) Winner- Karlsruhe Loser- Regensburg Top Scorer: (5 points) Rouwen Hennings
  3. @Stan For some reason I posted this thread in the Buli prediction league secition. Would you be so kind and move the the 2.Liga prediction league section, please?
  4. When I bought my mobile (about 20 years ago) I thought a cheap one would be sufficient, since I used my PC for connections with the web. Never bought a new one, since the mobile is still functioning and I still only use it to call people or receive calls respectively.
  5. Sorry, don't have a smart phone and tried via playstore. Still didn't found a way to circumvent the googleplay registration, won't play therefore.
  6. It asks me to reveal more than I'm ready too, will join if I find a way to circumvent these personal requests.
  7. Game 1: 56th min Game 2 25th min, please
  8. I know, didn't want to shock the British audience too much.
  9. As for the German winters, temperatures below 0C are common, and temperatures below -10C not seldom at night. There's a reason, why Germany is the most successful nation at Winter Olympics alltime table, after all. Edit: Firewood shortage at the moment is probably more due to the barbecue season right now, though.
  10. Sporting away is very good.
  11. Finally a kit that isn't mundanely designed.
  12. Freiburg's away and third kits are handsome.
  13. Leaves an interesting question: If the sacred lives of fetus should infringe rights of abortion, why the hell shouldn't sacred of born people should infringe the right of carrying a gun?
  14. Apart from the fact, that if guns were banned that nutcase probably hadn't had one to shoot people. Of corse it's gun ownership, what else?
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