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  1. Game 1: 43rd min Game 2 8th min, please
  2. @londonerlilie, @Viva la FCB, @Tzeentch, @Khan of TF365, @Michael Your weekly reminder.
  3. Karlsruhe 2-1 Darmstadt Paderborn 2-1 Nürnberg Hannover 0-0 Rostock Regensburg 3-2 Sandhausen Ingolstadt 1-2 Heidenheim Düsseldorf 2-2 Bremen Kiel 1-1 Schalke Hamburg 2-0 Dresden Aue 1-2 St. Pauli
  4. Top 3 with one perfect score each. Table after matchday one 1) @Coma 7 points 1) Rucksackfranzose 7 points 3) @nudge 6 points 4) @londonerlilie 5 points 4) @Viva la FCB 5 points 6) @Tzeentch 4 points 7) @CaaC (John) 3 points 7) @Khan of TF365 3 points 7) @Michael 3 points 7) @Tommy 3 points 11) @Eco 2 points 11) @SchalkeUK 2 points 11) @Stan 2 points 14) @Ploughendplonker 1 point
  5. Hate to pour water in your wine, still Hannover finished 13th last season, and are no favorites this year either. From this point of view this big club talking is misleading. I'm exagerating willingly here, but Kaiserslautern are a bigger club than RB Leipzig, that doesn't make them the better team out of these two, though.
  6. Well, perhaps you also attract a few players, perhaps from foreign leagues or rivals. Werder are still a reknown and honoured club in my books. [Insert encouraging symbol]
  7. Wouldn't bet on it, the difference in quality between the second half of Buli and the most teams in 2.Liga is really not too pronounced.
  8. It is. Would be quite cheeky to demand money for this shit broadcaster with that many adds and "sports quizzes", to be blunt. Disclaimer for non Germans: Read call in frauds for "sports quizzes".
  9. Matches played from 30th of July to 1st of Aug: Karlsruhe - Darmstadt Paderborn - Nürnberg Hannover - Rostock Regensburg - Sandhausen Ingolstadt - Heidenheim Düsseldorf - Bremen Kiel - Schalke Hamburg - Dresden Aue - St. Pauli
  10. I'll be on holidays from Sunday to Wednesday. The table won't be posted until Wednesday, therefore. I apologize!
  11. Of course PSG gained their wealth oil money. I was talking Augsburgh though, and the rise of EPL and the attention it' gets in Amerika is irrelevant to their existence, to be frank. All German clubs, including Bayern., own their wealth the the German system not the risen interest in some countries that traditionally ignored football.
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