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  1. Rucksackfranzose

    3.Liga and below 2019/20

    The issue with a reserve team league, would be that nobody wanted to see Sandhausen II playing RB Leipzig II, and therefore a nationwide reserve league wouldn't be sustainable, though. Although I'm not a friend of second teams playing in the ordinary league pyramid, I get the logic behind it. I'd rather they abolished II teams and have players from the big club's youth departments playing with other clubs than those, who nurtured them, if they ain't capable to get a first team's squad spot like they do it in England.. That's only my personal opinion , of course.
  2. Rucksackfranzose

    First Goal

    Game 41: 23rd. min Game 42: 31st min, please
  3. Rucksackfranzose

    "Evident Bias" in Football Commentary

    @Mpache I'm jealous. To find a way to unnecassarily mention Peru in a thread about racial bias of English-language football commentary is impressive.
  4. Chelsea 2-1 Watford Leicester 2-2 Crystal palace Man Utd 3-0 Bournemouth Norwich 1-2 Brighton Wolves 1-1 Arsenal Burnley 0-3 Sheff Utd Liverpool 5-1 Aston Villa Newcastle 2-0 West Ham Southampton 2-3 Man City Tottenham 0-0 Everton
  5. Rucksackfranzose

    June 2020 - Member of the Month

    Well deserved, congrats @RandoEFC!
  6. Derby 1-1 Nottingham Forest Juventus 4-0 Torino Leverkusen 1-2 Bayern Lazio 2-0 AC Milan Benfica 1-2 Boavista Sangju Sangmu 0-0 Jeonbuk Young Boys 3-1 Lugano Espanyol 1-2 Leganes Udinese 3-0 Genoa Galatasaray 2-2 Trabzonspor
  7. Rucksackfranzose

    TF365 Top 10...

    Will pass this round. Perhaps I'm playing the next one, though.
  8. Rucksackfranzose

    First Goal

    Game 39: 15th min Game 40: 68th min, please
  9. Rucksackfranzose

    German Football - General Talk

    https://www.herthabsc.de/de/intern/arne-friedrich-sportdirektor-1920/page/17601--17-17-.html Hertha BSC promote Arne Friedrich from "performance manager" (whatever that is) to DoF.
  10. Rucksackfranzose

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    To imagine this rivalry, think Hastings United and Everton. There's the Badenian/Swabian antagonism between Sandhausen and Heidenheim, though.
  11. Apart from the old Rhine derby Fortuna - Köln the cities of Düsseldorf and Cologne have a longstanding rivalry that transcends football.
  12. One match ( Dortmund - Hoffenheim) endet with an unpredicted result. CaaC)John) with the prediction of the week Union 3-0 Düsseldorf. Matchday 34 1) Rucksackfranzose 11 points 2) Bluewolf 10 points 3) Michael 9 points 3) Viva la FCB 9 points 5) nudge 8 points 6) CaaC(John) 7 points 6) Tommy 7 points 8) Eco 6 points 9) RandoEFC 5 points 9) Stan 5 points 11) 6666 4 points 11) binder 4 points Although the top spot seems to be taken, there are still a few changes at the places below possible, since you will score a different score in the bonus round. Table after 34 matchdays 1) @Michael 242 points 2) @Bluewolf 228 points 3) @Tommy 225 points 4) @nudge 224 points 5) @Stan 222 points 5) @Viva la FCB 222 points 7) @RandoEFC 217 points 8) Rucksackfranzose 201 points 9) @6666 190 points 10) @SchalkeUK 183 points 11) @Eco 137 points 12) @CaaC (John) 136 points 13) @binder 112 points 14) @cb_96 87 points 14) @londonerlilie 87 points 14) @Meditative 87 points 14) @Tzeentch 87 points Will post the final table, after the DFB- Pokal final, when no points from the bonus rouind remain up for grabs.
  13. Well, we'll see whether it is his last match. Maybe he's used in the play-off.
  14. Rucksackfranzose

    First Goal

    Game 37: 37th Game 38: no goals, please
  15. Liverpool won the title with 7 (seven) matches to., whilst our English forum members babble about competition in their league.

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      Nice i didn't knew about it

    3. football forum

      Viva la FCB

      A man after my own heart :x

      This was a bit of a strange year, We where what 4th before Kovac resigned? The quality was always there in the squad but we nearly had to run the table to win it once flick took helm.

    4. football forum

      Dr. Gonzo

      I think it's competitive in a different sense, when you look at the last few seasons you've got Chelsea and City wining it a couple of times + Leicester and now us. But some of those years, the winner was someone who won it outright pretty early. Some of those years it wasn't. And I think it's pretty rare you get a season like last season where you've got us and City basically needing to be as near perfect as possible to win the league.

      But I think one main reason people say our league is more competitive than others is there's so many teams at the start of a season who could theoretically win it and because there's so many sides that can throw money around to bring in pretty good players. I think the biggest argument against it being the most competitive in Europe is there's pretty large gaps between the good sides and the bad sides. Look at the bottom of the table in England - it's not the most exciting relegation battle in the world by a long shot.

      Looking at the leagues this year, it's hard to say that the German league wasn't more competitive. I think even for top sides though, no player can ever really take it for granted in the premier league that any game will be easy. But by the same token, I think for any top side in Germany no player can ever really take it for granted that any Bundesliga match will be easy. They're both top leagues and they're both competitive, just in different ways.