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  1. Rucksackfranzose

    First Goal - Season Two

    6th min please
  2. Rucksackfranzose

    Comunio 2020/2021

    Matched your 25 points then.
  3. Rucksackfranzose

    Comunio 2020/2021

    Probably i'm just cretinous, but at first sight it looks as if I got points for both Schwolow and Zentner.
  4. All three perfect scores this matchday were predictions of the same match (Leipzig - Mainz) Congrats to John, Tommy and "the woman". Nobody anticipated the draw between Frankfurt and Bielefeld beforehand. Table 1) @nudge 8 points 1) @Viva la FCB 8 points 3) Rucksackfranzose 7 points 4) @CaaC (John) 6 points 4) @Eco 6 points 4) @Stan 6 points 4) @Tommy 6 points 8) @6666 5 points 8) @Michael 5 points 10) @nawoo 4 points 11) @Bluewolf 2 points
  5. Rucksackfranzose

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Honestly, sacking the manager after, checks notes, 2 matches in the season would be a bit panicked, wouldn't it?
  6. Rucksackfranzose

    Comunio 2020/2021

    Depends, e.g. I rate my defense massively over my attack or midfield and am therefore happy with 4 defenders.
  7. Rucksackfranzose

    Kristho's Schland! - Off Topic

    AS a German I disagree, that would be "Kevin".
  8. Matches played from 25th to 27th of Sep: Hertha BSC - Frankfurt Gladbach - Union Leverkusen - Leipzig Mainz - Stuttgart Augsburg - Dortmund Bielefeld - Köln Schalke - Bremen Hoffenheim - Bayern Freiburg - Wolfsburg
  9. Rucksackfranzose

    Comunio 2020/2021

    Hahn and Schwolow both 7.6 =6 points each Schmid 6.9 = 3 points Finnbogason 6.7 = 2 points Teuchert 6.2 = -1 point That's 16 points, if scoring a goal leads to extra points then I'd get some since Hahn scored.
  10. Rucksackfranzose

    Comunio 2020/2021

    Have Lainer starting, as well as Delaney and Lang on the bench for the late match today, and maybe Baku will start tomorrow for Mainz, so my points aren't settled yet. Hope for a few more.
  11. 25 goals in 6 matches, so far. Granted Bayern scored 8 past Schalke, still that's definitely the opposite of boring from a neutral point of view.
  12. Just in the same moment as I posted. Have to hang my head in shame.
  13. Since our very own net journo @Michael didn't announce it: Bielefeld are 1-0 up in Frankfurt.
  14. Agreed, probably the best club anthem there is.