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  1. Could we put that talk football were non-political to bed, please? A reminder for those, who are advocating it: Why are Russian clubs temporarily excluded from UEFA competitions? Because Russia invaded the Ukraine, which is political! Why are Israel UEFA members? Because, most Asian Islamic countries refused to play against them, which again is political! Why were South Africa banned from International football til 1990? Because of Apartheid, o look another political reason! In other words football never were nor is non-political, that's only a myth.
  2. No, we talk about inhabitants, nationality doesn't matter as nobody controls it at the attendance. By the way a part of the foreigners in the country are rich people from countries with football culture. Qataris paying their workers, or should I say almost slaves not enough to attend can't be used as an excuse here. On a side note nobody has researched how many of the attendance are indeed Qatari, so the average would be perhaps even lower, if the foreigners were excluded from the numbers.
  3. Ahem, Qatar had 2.68 m inhabitants in 2020. their first tier consists of 12 clubs, that's 1 first tier club for 223.3period k inhabitants. Their average attendance was between 300 and 500 people. In comparison: German village Auersmacher have 2,578 inhabitants their 5th tier club SV have the same average. How can you say Qatar had a football culture?
  4. To be fair, in one regard it's easier to criticize such sports events from a German standpoint, since many historians wrote recognized treatises how the 1936 Berlin Olympics were instrumentalised by Nazi propaganda and ultimately helped consolidating their regime even more.
  5. Can't speak for the UK, still that isn't the case for German media and public neither, although there was no boycot.Saying there weren't massive criticisms of the Russia WC here, just isn't true, though.
  6. So you're arguing people shouldn't boycott WC in Qatar because they didn't boycott WC in Russia? Or in other words, because they did wrong once, by not boycotting WC Russia they're obliged to continue doing wrong?
  7. Game 65: 56th min Game 66: 8th min, please
  8. Not fair, considering Windhorst's shares were sold before Bernstein was elected for club president.
  9. And what I did say is, it isn't hipocritical, because times moved on. Or do you think it's hipocritical to condemn the war in Ukraine because the UK fought the Boer wars at the begin of the last century? By the way even if times hadn't changed having commited errors in the past is no excuse to repeat or tolerate them.
  10. Nothing to do with hypocrisy! That were other times, demanding to accept these circumstances today because they were accepted then, is like demanding to agree with slavery, child labour, and burning of heretics in the UK, because they were once accepted in that country.
  11. Game 63: 14th min Game 64: 41st min, please
  12. Game 60: no goals Game 61: 8th min, please
  13. Disagree, it had no positive on human rights and I'd argue it had negative affect on the human rights situation of at least those foreign workers, who were employed to build the stadiums. You could argue they wouldn't had worked (and in too many cases died because of their work) there, if it wasn't for the WC. Can see a downside, though: If we want, as I do, the WC played in countries, that are following certain standards of human rights, there remain not many more than two handful of countries that can afford hosting a WC, given how inflated this tournament is going to be.
  14. I agree in one respect, low TV ratings wont have an effect on Qatar and the human rights situation in this country. TV ratings in big markets will have an effect on FIFA, though and their future income from TV rights. There's a small chance, they change their future potential hosting nations a bit for possible protests, if enough people boycott and their TV income deteriorates, therefore. The child Qatar WC already fell into the well,boycotting this event is about avoiding another tournament in a comparable country.
  15. Sorry, but that's utter bullshit. Gerfmany's teams at the begin of this millenium were by far worse than that one, still the viewership was impressive. Also in other WC's even group phase matches without German participation had massively higher viewership than these games have this WC. Jealous not everyone has as little morals as you?
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