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  1. Darmstadt 3-1 Nürnberg Heidenheim 0-3 Schalke Bremen 1-3 St Pauli Hannover 4-0 Aue Dresden 2-3 Sandhausen Hamburg 3-0 Kiel Karlsruhe 1-2 Paderborn Rostock 2-2 Düsseldorf Ingolstadt 1-2 Regensburg
  2. Saturday 30th October 2021 Leicester 2-1 Arsenal, 12.30 Burnley 3-2 Brentford Liverpool 4-1 Brighton Man City 3-0 Crystal Palace Newcastle 1-3 Chelsea Watford 2-0 Southampton Tottenham 2-2 Man Utd, 17.30 Sunday 31st October 2021 Norwich 1-3 Leeds, 14.00 Aston Villa 1-3 West Ham, 16.30 Monday 1st November 2021 Wolves 2-0 Everton, 20.00
  3. Saturday 30th October 2021 Fulham 1-1 West Brom, 12.30 Atalanta 3-1 Lazio, 14.00 Metz 2-3 St Etienne, 14.00 Porto 2-0 Boavista, 17.00 Valencia 2-2 Villarreal, 17.30 Sunday 31st October 2021 FC Dallas 4-3 Austin FC, 01.00 Sparta Rotterdam 3-0 Feyenoord, 11.15 Man City Women 2-4 Chelsea Women, 13.45 Gremio 2-3 Palmeiras, 19.00 Real Sociedad 3-1 Athletic Bilbao, 20.00
  4. Forgot about this one and I am watching it now The Bone Collector (1999), ace film from the book by...
  5. v Leicester 4-2... Spurs next up, I dread what he has to say after that match if we lose.
  6. Jose was sacked by United after losing 3-1 at Anfield, we are 5 down with no comeback in sight, is Ole going to still be around after getting thumped 0-5 (so far) at OT? And Jose won us the Europa, League Cup and the Charity Shield.
  7. Chelsea score 7, City score 4 to boost their goal averages, looks like Liverpool is trying to do the same via a United shit show...oh, and West Ham under Moyes who was sacked by us jump into the 4th spot, happy days are here.
  8. Lol, no, he is not here and if he was I don't drink in front of him and neither does the son if we can help it.
  9. I gave up watching the match live in the sons back room after the third goal, there he is with a cats grin on his face supping lagers, took my wine and now watching a film, told him to let me know when Ole decides to play the United tea lady.
  10. You might get a shock, he couldn't be any worse than the little smiling gnome, I see Ole loves Fred.
  11. A cheese and pepperoni pizza with no chips, sigh...
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