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  1. 'Never fear, Ole's still here'
  2. CaaC (John)

    Famous Artists/Songs from your country

    Off topic again, my old man was English, and I was born in Tilbury, Essex, the dock area and rough as fuck but we emigrated to Australia when I was 11 years old so I class myself more Scottish/Australian than English.
  3. CaaC (John)

    Famous Artists/Songs from your country

    I know, but he loves Scotland and Celtic, I was born in England but grew up in Australia and then moved to Scotland years ago as my mother was a Glaswegian from Mary Hill, right of birth me on my mums side
  4. CaaC (John)


  5. CaaC (John)

    Missions to Mars

  6. CaaC (John)

    Are Corner Kicks Becoming Irrelevant?

    Not sure, you brainy football lot are more clued up on this than me but why change something that has been going on for years, it's like we had a debate should throw-ins be replaced with free-kicks if so, replace the corner kicks with throw-ins from the corner instead? after all we do have a few footballers who can do that and they do cause a bit of mayhem.
  7. Saturday 30th January 2021 Everton 3-0 Newcastle, 12.30 Crystal Palace 2-2 Wolves Man City 3-1 Sheff Utd West Brom 2-1 Fulham Arsenal 0-1 Man Utd, 17.30 Southampton 3-1 Aston Villa, 20.00 Sunday 31st January 2021 Chelsea 0-2 Burnley, 12.00 Leicester 3-2 Leeds, 14.00 West Ham 2-2 Liverpool, 16.30 Brighton 1-2 Tottenham, 19.15
  8. It would be interesting if it did happen but I feel the Celtic board would want an experienced manager with form, as I said before, the Hoops board and Celtic supporters would want instant success otherwise they will look for blood. I just asked a Hoops die-hard fan and a friend of mine would he have Lampard and he nearly bit my bloody head off!!!!
  9. CaaC (John)

    Members Pictures

    And there are still a few more in the kitchen drawer and a couple in the bedroom.
  10. Bloody hell, can't see him doing any good with the Hoops, that board would want instant success, no top results and the Hoop fans would go ballistic.
  11. CaaC (John)

    Members Pictures

    Our daughters moving house so we have the wee man for a couple of days, a wee happy chappie playing his Nintendo Switch game and enjoying a bowl of Cheese Macaroni with chips.
  12. CaaC (John)

    Australians Only Thread

  13. CaaC (John)

    Annoyances That Don't Matter

    Standing in a supermarket queue with around 7 items in your trolley and someone in front of you with their trolley filled to the hilt and overflowing and don't have the decency to say "You go first", I know if that was me I would let the person behind me go first,
  14. Nice to see me doing well for a change.