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  1. CaaC (John)

    Dating, Relationships and Marriage Thread

    @Storts, things do and will get better, you are still young and have a whole life ahead of you, think positive, not negative, life can be a bastard sometimes but you just have to fight it and you will come out on top.
  2. CaaC (John)

    Goal of the Day (any day)

  3. Friday 28th February, 2020 Norwich 0-2 Leicester, 20.00 Saturday 29th February, 2020 Bournemouth 2-2 Chelsea Brighton 2-1 Crystal Palace, 12.30 Newcastle 2-1 Burnley Watford 1-3 Liverpool, 17.30 West Ham 2-2 Southampton Sunday 1st March 2020 Everton 1-1 Man Utd, 14.00 Tottenham 2-3 Wolves, 14.00
  4. He is lucky he is not living in a country like Iraq or Afghanistan, they have ways of curing them, enough said.
  5. CaaC (John)

    Space: the Final Frontier

    R.I.P. Katherine Katherine Johnson: Hidden Figures Nasa mathematician dies at 101 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-51619848
  6. CaaC (John)

    Today I Had To Laugh At...

    FFS, I wonder if he had been on the whisk(e)y Bungling Dunfermline pillowcase disguise bank robber jailed A bank robber who was forced to reveal his identity when he failed to cut eyeholes in his makeshift mask has been jailed for four-and-a-half years. Matthew Davies donned a pillowcase during the raid on a Bank of Scotland in Dunfermline, Fife, but soon discovered he could not see properly. The 47-year-old, who threatened staff with a meat cleaver, escaped with nearly £2,000 on 23 September 2019. FULL REPORT
  7. CaaC (John)

    Sheep - Season 6 - The Office

    All done and sent and congratulations again @Mel81x, I never used Google at all. Question 5 had me bloody thinking
  8. CaaC (John)

    Off Topic

    Happy Birthday...
  9. CaaC (John)

    Guess the Movie

    Well, it should be Marathon Man with Dustin Hoffman, @Stan can have the next shot if he wants? Seriously, that film put me off Dentists for years and I never set foot in a Dentists.
  10. CaaC (John)

    Goal of the Day (any day)

  11. CaaC (John)

    Fact or Fiction - True or False

    Was it all a grand old hoax? A scientist has raised intriguing new questions about Jeanne Calment, the world's 'oldest woman' who died aged 122. And his theory of a 'switch' between family members in the 1930s for tax reasons will astound you... FRAMES - 1/6 When Jeanne Calment was born in 1875, in Arles, Provence, the average life expectancy for a woman was 48 and Thomas Edison was yet to make his light bulb. But this doughty French woman motored on for 122 years (and 164 days) to become the world's oldest woman, powering through life with vim and gusto. She saw the Eiffel Tower being built. She met Vincent van Gogh ('ugly like a louse', apparently). She played the piano, roller-skated, hunted wild boar, hiked on glaciers, smoked, took up fencing (in her 80s), was the subject of a film (in her 120th year), recorded a rap CD (when she was 121) and was always extremely proud of her 'very good legs'. By the time she died, in 1997, she was a national heroine — feted, revered and interviewed again and again about the secrets of her smooth-skinned youthfulness and unrivalled longevity. So, when a Russian mathematician called Nikolay Zak recently alleged it was not Jeanne who had died in 1997, but her daughter, Yvonne (who reportedly succumbed to tuberculosis in 1934, aged 36), it caused outrage in France. In a paper published on ResearchGate, a scientific social networking site, Zak insisted that Jeanne not only seemed far too youthful to be 122, but she had too many inconsistencies in her life story. FULL REPORT
  12. CaaC (John)

    Star Signs

    @Bluewolf You might not seem to be who you are by your star sign Why your zodiac sign may not be what you think it is FRAMES - 1/3 While most people are aware that astrology is not science-based, it can be difficult to convince believers that a person’s behaviour and luck isn't influenced by their star signs. However, even the star signs we assign to people may be inaccurate, as the Earth’s wobble means the dates of the zodiac aren’t what they used to be thousands of years ago. Zodiac signs were originally based on constellations of stars, with a person’s behaviours and fate governed by the position of the sun at the time of their birth. But, as James Kaler, professor emeritus of Astronomy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, explained in an article for The Conversation, astrological signs no longer line up with the zodiac because of “a wobble in the Earth’s rotational axis called precession.” According to Kaler, precession causes the Earth to bulge slightly at the equator during its rotation. The gravity of the moon and sun then “pull on the bulge,” which causes Earth to wobble. “The wobble causes the Earth’s axis, which is the centre line around which it rotates, to swing in a slow circle over the course of 25,800 years,” he wrote, adding that “this movement alters the view of the zodiac from Earth, making the constellations appear to slide to the east, roughly a degree per human lifetime.” As Kaler told the Wall Street Journal, while the precession “sounds slow,” it changes the polestar, the star directly above the North Pole that marks due north. For astronomers, the change means using coordinates, updated every 50 years, to find something in the sky. But for astrologers, who still base Earthly matters on the sun’s first-reported passage through the constellations, the change has never been corrected - meaning the sun appears to pass through the constellations “around one month later than what is recorded in horoscopes”. “About 2,000 years ago, the dates were correct,” Kaler told the outlet. “In another 24,000 years, they will be correct again.” https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/offbeat/why-your-zodiac-sign-may-not-be-what-you-think-it-is/ar-BB10j3dH#image=1
  13. Saturday 29th February, 2020 D C United 3-1 Colordo Waasland-Beveren 0-3 RSC Anderlecht, 17.00 VVV-Venlo 2-2 Fortuna Sittard, 18.45 Monaco 3-1 Reims, 19.00 Orlando SC 2-3 Real Salt Lake, 23.00 Sunday 1st March, 2020 Aston Villa 0-2 Man City, 16.30 Juventus 1-1 Inter Milan, 19.45 Ajax 2-2 AZ Alkmaar, 19.00 Real Madrid 1-2 Barcelona, 20.00 Lyon 3-1 St Etienne, 20.00