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  1. CaaC - John

    Last movie you watched?

    A Cary Grant 'Golden Oldie' North by Northwest (1959), 9/10 for me... but I am an oldie
  2. CaaC - John

    Blackpool FC

  3. CaaC - John

    Old technology memories

    Still got this Nokia mobile I bought the wife around 2000, even if it's charged now as we have the old charger it works fine and lasts for ages, still has a sim card in it but out of date now and if you try using it, it will say "Enter password", fucked if we can remember what the password is, the wife has not used it for years and it's been stuck in a bedroom drawer lol.
  4. Hope not, I don't like the Glazers or any foreign investors taking over any British football clubs, a lot of them would not have a clue what a 4-4-2, a corner flag, a goal or a club tea lady is, they are only interested in the money and global brand name only, the likes of the Sun, Daily Star, Daily Mirror and a few others would sell their grannies or granddads out just to sell a paper.
  5. Them again just to sell a paper
  6. CaaC - John

    Leeds Fined £200k For Spy-Gate

    That fine is pathetic and I bet the spying goes on around all grounds including the EPL, what are they going to do next ban or fine scouts from other clubs watching players and taking note of good players to pass onto their respective managers at the club they work for?
  7. CaaC - John

    Chelsea Discussion

    Looking at that below are we going to see Sarri as out and Zola in for the time being and just like DiMatteo who won Chelsea the Championships Cup when he was in charge, Zola wins the EFL Cup or even the Europa and Abramovich still gives him the heave-ho for someone else, the mind boggles, I wonder what the odd's are on that happening?
  8. The media boys are having a field day about Sari and his maybe imminent departure, I will piss myself laughing if, and I say IF he survives the Chelsea Russian Tsar's owners wrath and boots him out...if he takes charge against City in the Cup match and they beat City, then a lot of the media boys will be saying what a great manager he is and he will take Chelsea further now. My thought's on the match when I was trying to watch it in between keeping a young grandson happy playing with his RoBox toys when Herrara scored the header I thought "Fuck, here we go, Chelsea will now score 3 and we will lose 3-1..." phew, glad I was wrong, I shite myself before the match when I saw the United team selection and Ole had rested DeGea and played Romero instead...
  9. CaaC - John

    Discovery & Weird News

  10. CaaC - John

    Guess the Movie

    Yep, great movie, I loved the end scene, your go @Cicero
  11. CaaC - John

    Guess the Movie

    Two screenshots, brilliant film this.
  12. CaaC - John

    Guess the Movie

    I think I will have a shot at it, I know he acted with the late Bob Hoskins years back in The Long Good Friday? I am right @Bluewolf I am going by that as I watched that film last year sometime as the wife likes watching Brosnan.
  13. CaaC - John


    I am on day 439 without puffing a lung buster, I have saved £5.917.17 in dosh, I have 'Life Regained' 100d 10hrs 26 min. and counting, and have not touched 13,149.3 cigarettes since Dec 7th, 2017.