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  1. Might pay to post in the issue thread as I know Batard was having an issue posting?
  2. A prezzy from me to you all the way from Blackpool, a stick of candy rock . 😀


  3. Champions: City 2nd, 3rd, 4th Man United Liverpool Chelsea 5th, 6th, 7th Leicester Spurs Leeds Relegated Brentford Palace Southampton Top Goalscorer Kane Most Assists Bruno Fernandes
  4. A novice at things like this but I will give it a go. The Good Verane, reading all the hype will be another Virgil van Dijk, that would be nice but not if he ended up being injured like VVD, as for Sancho, with Rashford out for around a 3 month break he has a chance to shine with Cavani and young Greenwood AND if Marial pulls his fucking finger out and stops playing hot & cold, The bad Ole needs to get rid of dead wood and Pogba is the biggest plank going and needs the order of the boot right up his arse and out of the door then Ole needs to take that captains armband off Maguire and hand it to Bruno then later on maybe Verane, taking that resposibility of 'Arry' might improve him...cough, cough. Not Quite Enough Atsenal, with Wenger gone, the guy that gave them all the glory they are now in freefall under Arteta, chosen because he helped manage under Pep at City and the gunner board thought it would be a safe bet to bring back the glory days and big mouthed Piers Morgan who ranted on his twitter account for a few years that Wenger must go if Arsenal can produce again, well, he has gone and Morgan has said nothing since, BRING BACK WENGER...and SAF
  5. I gathered that, our son is a jambo man and he is watching it in the back room with his son and yelled out "YEEEESSSSS"
  6. I went off beans for about 5 years when I left the army, as the song goes ' The navy gets the gravy and the army gets the beans, beans, beans, beans.
  7. That's fucking mind blowing, I would knock off the beans in that lot and put rolled hagis in its place.
  8. CaaC (John)

    Members Pictures

    The wife always picks beautiful flowers but seeing she worked in a florist as a manager years ago I can understand why, but I am thinking about buying some artists paints and brushes and paint a picture of these below, that was one of strongest subjects when at school and was given a chance to go to an art college but turned it down as our old man had left home at that time and I had to stay and get a job and look after my mum, wee sister and brother who was handicapped.
  9. I love the snow and cold, the best experience I have had in my life was a skiing exercise in Bavaria in my army days, we were working with the RAF where rhey would drop recruits by parachute into the snow below and they had to escape to a certain point, it was called 'Avoid or Capture'. A few managed to escape or avoid capture and the ones we caught we had to blindfold them then march then into a barn and make them stand against the barn wall and not say a word, if they did we would hit them with our rifle butts, not a big hit but a nudge and they had to wait to be interogated, all part of their training to join the RAF. There was us all rugged up to the high heavens and they were standing there shivering their bollocks off as we took their jackets and scarves off them.
  10. You can stick that!! I mentioned in here before I had to leave Australia and come to a cooler climate because anything over 30c then I would get an accute migraine attack, the hottest I have experienced out there was 48c in the shade, yuk.
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