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  1. CaaC (John)

    First Goal - Season Two

    17th minute for both games, please.
  2. CaaC (John)

    Space: The Final Frontier

    Just found this and it's a good read, the NASA management should have listened to Bob Ebeling and his engineers about the O rings and the cold weather on that fatal launch.
  3. CaaC (John)

    Space: The Final Frontier

    That's episode 2 watched and they all died because of dodgy O rings on the boosters, I feel sad for Christa McAuliffe the first non-professional teacher astronaut to be chosen and she loses her life with the others, so sad.
  4. Friday 30th October 2020 Wolves 2-2 Crystal Palace, 20.00 Saturday 31st October 2020 Burnley 2-1 Chelsea Liverpool 2-2 West Ham, 17.30 Sheff Utd 1-3 Man City, 12.30 Sunday 1st November 2020 Aston Villa 2-3 Southampton, 12.00 Man Utd 2-1 Arsenal, 16.30 Newcastle 1-3 Everton, 14.00 Tottenham 4-1 Brighton, 19.15 Monday 2nd November 2020 Fulham 1-2 West Brom, 17.30 Leeds 2-2 Leicester, 20.00
  5. CaaC (John)

    Discovery & Weird News

  6. One of the greats of Welsh Rugby and was a legend beside the likes of JPR, Bennett, Edwards and co and when he played with the Ba Baas and the British Lions. R.I.P. JJ, our thoughts go out to the loved ones you left behind.
  7. CaaC (John)

    Space: The Final Frontier

    That's the first episode seen, sad really with the loss of life but looking forward to the other 3 episodes, some lovely space shots in it also.
  8. CaaC (John)

    Upcoming TV Shows

    @nudge put me onto this one, a documentary called Challenger: The Final Flight - Episodes 1 to 4 on Netflix so if there are any space/astronomy nutters out there then watch it, into episode one at the moment - Space for Everyone
  9. CaaC (John)

    Space: The Final Frontier

    Cheers just joined Netflix on this laptop so I will be watching all 4 episodes with my earphones on while the wife is watching her bloody Bride shows and whatnot.
  10. CaaC (John)


  11. CaaC (John)

    George Floyd Death & Aftermath/Protests

    A lot of American police officers are ex vets who have already been trained in the military on the use of weapons and body shots, a lot of the shoot to kill syndrome if you could call it that but as I have mentioned you have to be a 100% focused when holding a loaded weapon, being only 5% not focused then you think a sudden movement is life-threatening to you and others around you then your reactions go out the window.
  12. CaaC (John)

    George Floyd Death & Aftermath/Protests

    I think from what I have read that a lot of American police officers are ex-military who had served in the Gulf, Afganistan etc and have had military experience and CV's saying they have had training in the proper use firearms so, in reality, they have had training in the firearm action(s).
  13. CaaC (John)

    George Floyd Death & Aftermath/Protests

    That's all in the past now buddy and this world has gone fucking crazy with all the shooting and knifings and I still admire the police in the UK as all they have is maybe a truncheon and laser gun plus a body vest but the body vests could not stop some of the rifles & pistol bullets they have nowadays. I have said this before and no disrespect to our American members here but the USA still live in the past with there gun laws as if they are still in the Wild West with there guns and holsters and the Wyatt Earp, Pat Garrett syndrome chasing the Billy the Kids & Johnny Ringos etc, but they won't change the laws as it is something to do with the 5th amendment thing.