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  1. CaaC (John)

    Life Hacks

    Yes, now I have retired from work my bills get paid every 4 weeks off my State Pension (not a calendar month) done this for 5 years now and on a Thursday morning I will isolate myself in the back room and go around via the internet (via telephone banking) and pay the bills, some bills I do begrudge paying like council tax and the bloody tv licence but I pay them all and sit and relax knowing we (wife) are not in debt.
  2. Rush by a bloody mile, they didn't call him 'The Ghost' for nothing, he had the speed and would just ghost in from nowhere, a supreme Welsh Wizard, a bloody shame Wales never was in a World Cup when he was around...sigh
  3. CaaC (John)

    What are you listening to?

  4. CaaC (John)

    Sarri to Leave Chelsea

    Derby County are talking to boss Frank Lampard about a new deal amid speculation they will be approached by Chelsea for their former midfielder. Chelsea are yet to make contact with the Rams about Lampard, who is the firm favourite to replace Juventus-bound Maurizio Sarri at Stamford Bridge. But Derby are keen to extend Lampard's deal - which has two years left - and have opened talks with the 40-year-old. Chelsea would have to pay around £4m in compensation if they appoint him. Lampard took Derby into the Championship play-off final in his first season in management, but there are senior figures at Pride Park and Chelsea who wonder if now is not the right time for him to return to the club where he earned legendary status - winning three Premier League titles and the Champions League, in addition to becoming the club's all-time top scorer with 211. The former England player has previously spoken of his gratitude to Derby for giving him a chance in management, and he met club officials earlier this week as he continued preparations for the new season. After the Rams' play-off final defeat by Aston Villa, Lampard said he expected to honour his contract with the club. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48649415
  5. CaaC (John)

    Space: the Final Frontier

    June 14, 2019 Hubble Sets Sights on an Explosive Galaxy When massive stars die at the end of their short lives, they light up the cosmos with bright, explosive bursts of light and material known as supernovae. A supernova event is incredibly energetic and intensely luminous — so much so that it forms what looks like an especially bright new star that slowly fades away over time. These exploding stars glow so incredibly brightly when they first form that they can be spotted from afar using telescopes such as the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. The subject of this image, a spiral galaxy named NGC 4051 — about 45 million light-years from Earth — has hosted multiple supernovae in past years. The first was spotted in 1983 (SN 1983I), the second in 2003 (SN 2003ie), and the most recent in 2010 (SN 2010br). These explosive events were seen scattered throughout the center and spiral arms of NGC 4051. SN 1983I and SN 2010br were both categorized as Type Ic supernovae. This type of supernova is produced by the core collapse of a massive star that has lost its outer layer of hydrogen and helium, either via winds or by mass transfer to a companion star. Because of this, Type Ic — and also Type Ib — supernovae are sometimes referred to as stripped core-collapse supernovae. NGC 4501 sits in the southern part of a cluster of galaxies known as the Ursa Major I Cluster. This cluster is especially rich in spirals such as NGC 4051 and is a subset of the larger Virgo Supercluster, which also houses the Milky Way. Text credit: ESA (European Space Agency) Image credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, D. Crenshaw and O. Fox https://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/goddard/2019/hubble-sets-sights-on-an-explosive-galaxy
  6. CaaC (John)

    Breaking News - General Chat

    Racism stinks to the high heavens buddy all over the world, a never-ending story, it would be a far, far better world if we could listen or read the news without a racist bastard going on about the colour of your skin or what nationality you were born as, racism fucks me off big time.
  7. CaaC (John)

    Off Topic

    Hit the fucking pubs girls & guys quick smart, do a pub crawl and get a free pint.
  8. CaaC (John)

    Sheep - Season 2 - Football

    He loves you really, fists n all.
  9. CaaC (John)

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    New series started the other night a crime/drama and the first episode was good and a bit of a laugh called Wild Bill.
  10. CaaC (John)

    Sheep - Season 2 - Football

    Lol, I knew it, I got an Ace as I said but overall I got 48 if my calculations are right and that should give me an overall score so far of 93 so I am quite happy with that.
  11. CaaC (John)

    Guess the Movie

    Here goes.
  12. CaaC (John)


    Lol, the game is just starting now "COME ON THE BLUES".
  13. CaaC (John)


    The daughters' pet rats are going well, she is thinking about getting another 2.