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  1. That's the £10 in as promised (nearly forgot, hangover, )
  2. CaaC (John)


    May 19th Todays guesses: 5 Played: 82 Gave up: 34
  3. CaaC (John)

    Off Topic

    7 girls and me and my brother, I was the 3rd youngest, always said to people he was a navy man, go away for a year or 2, come back and sewed his oats and fucked off again for a year or 2, come back...
  4. CaaC (John)

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    My old man was a King Kong then, he gave my mum 9 of us.
  5. CaaC (John)

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    Glad the wee man's ok and I guess it's worth being knackered for, put a couple of matchsticks under your eyes and knock back a few pints
  6. CaaC (John)


    Check in the 'What are you listening to' thread
  7. Will be getting a wine or 2 for this tonight its on BT Sport's so I can watch it either on the tv or on this laptop, hopefully the Gers will come out on top, could be a doubler this year, win this and then beat the Jambos in the Scottish Cup Final coming up on the 21st, my Birthday on the 25th so this would be a lovely Birthday prezzy for an old git like me.
  8. CaaC (John)

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    Everything ok buddy? just noticed this.
  9. CaaC (John)


    You have just said them!!!!
  10. I've suddenly become aware of all these countries and their name changes since playing @Stan's Globle, Flagle games plus @nudge'es Worldle game
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