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  1. If City don't win this then the name of a PSG Clone would fit nicely, buy who they want and win everything bar the kitchen sink and the Champions League Cup, for Blue Boys sake I hope they win 2-1...
  2. He is not mediocre, just plain shite and the quicker he is gone the better.
  3. CaaC (John)

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    Just looked into the bathroom mirror, despite a few grey hairs I am ok, what made you ask a question like that?
  4. I actually posted in here about the Leeds takeover as it was still listed in here, then saw someone had posted about the Leeds takeover in the Football League Forum about the same issue as me in here so I deleted my post...in here...you have me puzzled now. Could one of you masterly Admin or Mods kindly shift this Leeds thread into the League Forum and stop me and @Lucas going around the twist.
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    Compliments of our daughter.
  6. It's been a nice warm day today around 18c today which is just about right for me, going to be a misty night, tonight, so the Met says.
  7. Condolences from me buddy and you take care and take as long away as you want, as I have always said family & health becomes more important than forums and football.
  8. @Inverted, any thoughts on your next manager? my money would be on Moyes being asked to take over, he played for them in the '80s, then you have the former manager Brendan Rogers but a Hoops friend of mine said his name does not go down well with die hard Celtic guys after up and left them for Leicester.
  9. Man United's new away kit
  10. My old man blowing bubbles now and pissed as a newt with Hammer Angels Celtic are going for Moyes, I bet as their next manager
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    That's it saved in my Jigsaw Games
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