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  1. nudge

    Star Wars

  2. nudge

    Mobile Phones

    Bought a Redmi 8 today. Seems to be fantastic value for the price...
  3. nudge

    The Expanse

    Nah... Resisted the temptation and went for beer instead...
  4. nudge

    The Expanse

    Just watched Episode 1 of the new season. Fantastic... The same vibe as the previous seasons but the production quality has improved significantly. The world building is (still) fantastic and it's visually stunning. Love the pacing and the direction the story is taking as well! So tempted to just binge the rest of the season tonight... But I'll try to resist and continue tomorrow so it lasts me longer haha.
  5. Just checking in to let you know I'm appreciating your liveticker again
  6. nudge

    Off Topic

    Seeing those numbers is just confirmation bias and synchronicity; but you're spot on about us being insane anyway
  7. I almost fell asleep watching it Love Kimi but he's not the best candidate for such stuff haha.
  8. nudge

    Game of the Year - 2019 Edition

    Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic (PC) - a true city planner's and engineer's dream. A huge map, very complex infrastructure, industry and economy and a LOT of micromanagement (buying buses, building bus stops near areas that need workers and then assigning routes for each vehicle, managing work loads and setting shift pattern at the factories, relocating citizens, designing railroad systems complete with rail traffic signals and cargo management, optimising industry, managing imports and exports in different currencies through customs offices at the border, terraforming, managing unemployment, researching chemistry and technical parts at universities, etc). Basically a city builder, logistics manager and economy tycoon in one, set in a fictional Soviet Republic from the 60s to the 80s. Very authentic not only in complexity but also in terms of using real-life objects (building styles, actual vehicle models) of the eastern-bloc at that time; different vehicles even become available only when you reach a certain year when they were actually built in the real world. Didn't expect it to be so complex and so complicated judging from the trailer, probably the most in-depth and detailed game I've ever seen in this genre. Still a bit unpolished as it's in development and even more new features are being added. Will not everyone's cup of tea but those who liked the original Tropico or transport tycoon style games will definitely enjoy it a lot. Dawn of Man (PC) - seemed pretty in-depth and complex at the start. Hunting, fishing, gathering, plant and animal domestication, knowledge gain, good and logical tech tree to research in order to advance further, a lot of things to keep in mind such as food source diversification, change of seasons, food processing, etc. Pretty challenging at times (especially on harsher maps) but it got old a bit too quick for my liking and I found it lacking after a while. Still a decent peaceful game of survival/resources management and evolution. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PC) - still in progress. Started out a while ago but had to pause due to increased workload. Really like the story so far; the characters and the worlds are pretty cool as well. The game seems a bit linear though. Nevertheless I'm enjoying it very much.
  9. nudge

    Off Topic

    Yes! 15:44 for me; same fucking number for at least 15 years now. Haven't noticed it much in recent years as I mostly check time on my wrist watch. Until today. Got in a car and looked at the clock - bam! 15:44.
  10. nudge

    The Expanse

    Night time is the best time!
  11. nudge

    The Expanse

    More like 3am but yeah
  12. nudge

    The Expanse

    I think I will too... After work.
  13. nudge

    The Mandalorian [SPOILERS!]

    Just watched Chapter 6... Still pretty much a self-contained episode with the main plot not moving forward much (although I was delighted it was over 40 minutes long!) but it's a great one. Action-packed; interesting characters and some more nostalgic Easter eggs. One of my favourite episodes so far. Baby Yoda looking at his hand thinking he blew up the droid was so cute! The X-Wings... The shot of Mando coming up behind Bill Burr with the flashing red lights was amazing and reminded me of the Vader scene in Rogue One. The mercenary crew characters were very very well done overall. All were instantly unlikeable and the Twi'Lek was especially annoying but I hated them all passionately from the very start. Aaaand there's a Gungan joke Also the music has been nothing short of amazing. I still hope to see a bit more in terms of the main plot progressing but I accept that the show is more procedural in its nature. I hope that means we get at least 5 seasons of it Also whoever made this is a genius:
  14. Removing all the illegal parts?