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  1. Hope he mades a full and speedy recovery... To be honest I would just retire and not take any chances if I were him. He's 31, has had a good career and earned enough to live a comfortable life. Why risk it? It's good they actually noticed it in time and potentially avoided another tragedy on the pitch...
  2. nudge

    Trivia Thread

    Ok an easy one: What are the only two actors to both win Oscars for playing the same character?
  3. nudge

    F1 Rookies in 2019

    Yeah that's what I'm worried about when it comes to Russell... He's a seriously talented driver but it's so easy to ruin one's chances of a proper career by racing in a really bad car in a debut season. I'm sure Mercedes know his potential though so hopefully he uses a year at Williams to get used to F1 and gain some experience. Norris I think is the most talented of the three overall but he's a bit inconsistent too. When he's good he can be really spectacular though. There's a bit too much hype surrounding him probably but that's no surprise considering his performances and his age. Albon is underrated imo as he's a very fast and hard-working driver who worked his way up without backing from any top teams and finished 3rd in F2 last year (and was in contention for the title for most of the season) which probably had one of the strongest grids ever. He'll have to deal with the ruthless Toro Rosso/Red Bull pressure though so not sure how he does considering he's probably the weakest of the three pure talent-wise.
  4. nudge

    F1 Rookies in 2019

    My favourite rookie this year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAKzbsVTEsk He worked hard to reach F1 after Red Bull dropped him and he's a very likeable bloke so I hope he does well. Good to see the Thai flag in F1 too.
  5. nudge

    Trivia Thread

    That's how I figured it out
  6. nudge

    Trivia Thread

    It's obviously a Jewish name. Natalie Portman?
  7. nudge

    F1 Rookies in 2019

    Nah I think he's ok... I heard he can be a bit of a douche on iRacing but to be honest he's just a young kid and he doesn't come across as arrogant in his interviews. Nowhere near Dan Ticktum level for sure haha.
  8. nudge

    F1 Rookies in 2019

    I was disappointed to learn that his name doesn't come from Star Wars I think the debut season will be hard for all three of them. All talented drivers for sure, but I'm not sure if they'll be given a car to show it... Especially Russell; that Williams car is now almost expected to be a disaster once again and with Russell's Mercedes ambitions it can be quite a task to impress them. Norris chances with McLaren are certainly better especially with Alonso gone; will be interesting to see how he does in comparison to Sainz. Same with Albon who - similar to Kvyat - has been already dropped by Red Bull in the past and even considered ending his career when it happened. He'll be up against a much more experienced teammate in a ruthless Toro Rosso environment. Hope he does well though.
  9. nudge

    Trivia Thread

    Yeah the teeth are arranged in rows on their tongue... a lot of tiny sharp teeth. In some species (particularly the aquatic ones) the teeth are even stronger than titanium and Kevlar. a microscope image:
  10. nudge

    Trivia Thread

    Haha Correct.
  11. nudge

    Trivia Thread

    It's actually an invertebrate. No... Much much much smaller than both of those. Both. There are different sorts; some live on land, some are aquatic (both sea and freshwater).
  12. Three young promising drivers will be making their debut in F1 this season. George Russell (British/21 years old) - Williams - F2 Champion 2018 - Mercedes junior driver Lando Norris (British/19 years old) - McLaren - F2 Runner-up 2018 Alexander Albon (Thai/22 years old) - Toro Rosso - 3rd place in F2 2018 How do you think they will fare?
  13. nudge

    Trivia Thread

    No. It's not an insect and it's found pretty much everywhere in the world.