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  1. Have literally never been in such a state
  2. https://www.vfl.de/offener-brief-pokalfinale/ VfL Osnabrück with a letter of support for Freiburg.
  3. I'm sure you'll love it.
  4. @Viva la FCB have you managed to watch it yet?
  5. Nah, I was only joking as I'm not going to implement any new rules/limitations (unless the majority want it). Played around with the league settings today, but think we kinda have the most-balanced setup now anyway. Also, I'm pretty proud of finishing only 71 pts behind Michael, without using a single player of Bayern, BVB or RB
  6. So 1 player a day and not allowing to sell players for at least a month after, and no credit so you can only spend what you have?
  7. Alien hackers It could be some sort of malfunctioning, but I hope it stumbled upon some unexpected, unknown scientific phenomenon in space. My all time favourite space mission; would be great if after 45 years of operating and giving us an immense amount of data and new discoveries, it still finds something that breaks our current knowledge...
  8. So there's a very intriguing mystery with the Voyager 1 happening now. Basically, the probe is still operating normally (receiving and executing commands from Earth, gathering and returning science data), but the telemetry/location data it's sending to Earth appears to be completely random and don't reflect the probe's actual position https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/engineers-investigating-nasas-voyager-1-telemetry-data
  9. Yeah, it was a bit amusing to see how @londonerlilie won everything with his Darmstadt, while you struggled with Fortuna
  10. Nice! Make sure to join the league then https://comduo.comunio.de/ League ID: 108491 League Name: TF365 2. Liga
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