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  1. It will get excited once we concede 😂
  2. That's because the opposition didn't turn up...
  3. We only won 2 home matches this season, I wouldn't call it having an "advantage" 😂 Nothing surprises me when it comes to VAR anymore...
  4. To be fair, the new rules are a convoluted mess, so it's not surprising 😂
  5. Those back passes annoy the crap out of me
  6. Just emailed the work to the boss and said I'm out of reach for 4 days, haha. Getting a bit nervous...
  7. Same starting lineup for us, with Bargfrede replacing the suspended Vogt.
  8. nudge

    F1 Feeder Series

    Smart choice, as Mazepin is poo and Markelov, while an exciting and very fun to watch driver, will probably be gone from the spotlight soon enough, given that he's 25 already and has lost most of his financial backers, as much as I'm aware (as his father was arrested and out in jail on bribery charges in Russia a while ago)... I really like Shwartzman and hope he does well, but will still cheer for Mick, hehe. This season's grid looks so good compared to the last one, so many drivers I'm excited to watch...
  9. nudge

    F1 Feeder Series

    Will you be cheering for Markelov, Mazepin or Shwartzman in F2?
  10. nudge

    F1 Feeder Series

    With Roman Stanek replacing Niko Kari at Charouz at the very last moment, here's the final entry list of F3 2020:
  11. Well, I mean they also hired Reutemann to replace Niki while he was pretty much on his way to the hospital after his crash, and then later after the season was over they told him he wouldn't recover as fast as expected, so he'll have to be #2 driver from now on (which was not only a dick move, but also a breach of his contract). Then he still went on to win his second title with Ferrari the following season, and left to Brabham afterwards, because he had enough of Ferrari and their shite.