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  1. Geez what's up with the thread title?... The layout looks awful tbh.
  2. nudge

    F1 Feeder Series

    HWA are fully taking over Arden's F2 entry, having bought off their cars and equipment ahead of the 2020 season.
  3. Toro Rosso name change for next season confirmed now after all teams agreed to it.
  4. nudge

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Team LaRusso or Team Johnny?
  5. nudge

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    You should watch Wayne next!
  6. nudge

    Members Pictures

    That's a beautiful set of chess... My grandpa taught me how to play when I was a kid too. Good times.
  7. Ours is slowly getting better as well to be honest... Moisander, Augustinsson, Füllkrug are the only three key players that are still out without a return date in sight + Möhwald & Bartels. Osako might be back against Hertha already. Same with Toprak. You'll have three matches against beatable teams in a row now.
  8. I more than welcome it this time; we might even have two fit CBs once the international break is over!
  9. Ehmann saves... fair as that was a very soft penalty in the first place.
  10. Atrocious defending by the Austrians...
  11. Friedl hits the bar Would have been a great goal there.
  12. Yeah... no chance for Austria so far. England too good; both in terms of skills & technique and physical presence but the Austrians have been way too passive and seem to lack any ideas.
  13. Other than Danso and Baumgartner - Friedl plays for us in the Bundesliga. Raguz is having a good season with LASK and his development has been promising. Lovric is solid but a bit of an "eternal talent" as he has failed to properly deliver so far. Wöber normally belongs to the team as well but he's been called up for the senior team. Also Romano Schmid is out with an injury too. A decent team all in all.
  14. nudge

    AFC World Cup Qualifiers

    2-1 FT; a massive win for the Thais as they take the top spot in the group. Vietnam second but on equal points with Thailand after their 3-1 win against Indonesia earlier today. Cambodia last in their group after another defeat; this time 0-4 against Iraq