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  1. nudge

    Mobile & Apps tricks/hacks

    If you have an older/laggy phone, I find this to be the most useful trick ever on Android: enable developer options (there might be slight differences in menu of different phone models and Android versions but in general you can do it if you go to Settings--->About phone/device--->Software Information--->Build number. Click on the 'Build number' numerous times until you get a pop up message) go back to the main Settings menu and find a new category called "Developer Options" Find the option "Background Process Limit" and change it to 2 or 3. Find all animation scale options (Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animation duration scale) and change them all to 0.5x. You will notice a significant improvement in performance immediately as it speeds up all animations and kills unnecessary background processes. It's life changing if you're like me and have an older phone and don't change it often.
  2. nudge

    Mobile & Apps tricks/hacks

    Swiping left or right on the URL address bar in Chrome app allows you to go from one open tab to the next one fast.
  3. nudge

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    That's quite a different character he was playing in Banshee it seems I'm yet to watch it...
  4. nudge

    DFB-Pokal 2019/20

  5. I'd also like to add that the "extraordinary youth development" that some like to attribute to RB Leipzig is a myth; especially when it comes to developing young talents from the region which is something RB themselves tried to use as one of the selling points of their "project". To better illustrate this: Kicker; January 2018 Current data from Transfermarkt.de:
  6. nudge

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Have you watched it yet? Just watched it myself... Season 1 was really enjoyable I must say; looking forward to Season 2 already! Loving all the characters and aspects of the show. Chinese Tongs, Irish gangs, corrupt politicians and cops, all the scheming and plotting; a very fascinating dynamic and it's much more complex than I thought it would be once I started watching it. Fight scenes are of course fantastic as well.
  7. nudge

    What Are You Currently Reading?

    Just ordered this: An autobiography of one of the road racing legends Michael Dunlop.
  8. nudge

    Popular movies and series you never rated

    Casino is class! Shawshank Redemption is the biggest one for me; the movie that everyone seems to love and it's regularly on top of everyone's "most favourite" or even "best ever" movie lists and I just don't care for it at all.
  9. nudge

    Access to your wages prior to payday

    I used to get paid every two weeks, now it's once a month but I'm getting paid for two weeks of done work and two weeks in advance so can't complain really...
  10. nudge

    Motorsports - General Chat

    The FIA and ACO have announced finalised technical regulations for the top class of the World Endurance Championship, which has been dubbed 'Le Mans Endurance Hypercars'. On Friday, ahead of the 87th running of the Le Mans 24 Hours, the governing bodies held a joint press conference to confirm the new technical rules which will allow manufacturers or privateers to develop a 'clean-sheet prototype design of their own choosing' or develop an existing road-going hypercar. If using an existing road car, a minimum of 20 units must be produced over a two-year period. There will be a minimum weight of 1,100 kg, with a powertrain average of 750 horsepower and a sole tyre supplier, with the ACO estimating a Le Mans laptime of 3m30s. Hybrid systems will be optional and managed by "deployment thresholds" and can only be activated at speeds over 120km/h in dry conditions. They will be limited to 200 kW (270 HP). Balance of Performance (BoP) will be utilised and can be adjusted throughout the season to ensure a level-playing field. It's hoped the introduction of hypercar regulations will attract a number of new manufacturers, with the likes of Ferrari, McLaren and Aston Martin having already shown an interest. https://www.motorsportweek.com/news/id/23209 Toyota and Aston Martin have already officially announced their participation! Toyota is building a new hybrid-powered prototype based on the GR Super Sport road car that they are currently developing and testing (first released renders): Aston Martin announced that it will run a minimum of two factory Valkyries in the WEC in the inaugural season of the new category (most likely a joint programme with Red Bull); always wanted to see that car on the race track! V12 Glickenhaus is joining too: Porsche, Ferrari, Ford, McLaren are all said to be interested in joining as well from 2021/22. Hopefully more manufacturers will join too. @Cannabis @Tommy @BartraPique1932 @RandoEFC @Eco @MUFC
  11. Brilliant post; can't add much to it as @Rucksackfranzose covered most of the points explaining the animosity against Red Bull in football and RB Leipzig specifically. I also wholeheartedly disagree with the suggestion that it has anything to do with the West/East divide; that division might still exist in certain societal aspects but the football fan animosity towards RB Leipzig comes solely from the fact that they are owned by the Red Bull concern, not because they are based in a former-DDR part of the country. It's enough to see the animosity the likes of Hoffenheim and 1860 also received from the fan community after being taken over by an investor to understand the root causes of the hatred. Somewhat anecdotal evidence to further support this view but most of my German part of the family comes from the East (near Leipzig as well) and while they would love the idea of a Leipzig-based club being successful in the top tier, all of them still reject the product that Red Bull created.
  12. nudge

    Motorsports - General Chat

    Q3 has just ended. LMP1: Toyota 1-2 as expected. The #7 will start on pole ahead of the #8; P3 goes to #17 SMP car. SMP and Rebellion should be an interesting fight. ByKolles almost 8 seconds slower than the car on pole Toyota #7 3:15.497 Toyota #8 3:15.908 (+0.411) SMP Racing #17 3:16.159 (+0.662) LMP2: GRAFF Racing #39 3:25.073 TDS Racing #28 3:25.345 (+0.272) DragonSpeed #31 3:25.667 (+0.594) GTE Pro: Aston Martin takes the pole in class! A lot of traffic at the end of the quali prevented most teams from improving their times. Best Porsche only in P4. Aston Martin #95 3:48.000 Ford #67 3:48.112 (+0.112) Corvette #63 3:48.830 (+0.830) GTE Am: A Porsche 1-2-3 for the customer teams! Dempsey Proton Racing #88 3:51.439 Dempsey Proton Racing #77 3:51.645 (+0.206) Gulf Racing #86 3:51.944 (+0.505)
  13. nudge

    Formula One - General Chat

    In the modern era? Audi used to dominate for more than a decade in the early 2000s, then Porsche returned and won three years in a row, both withdrew shortly after the Dieselgate though and Toyota is now the only manufacturer running in the LMP1 class...the rest is privateer teams and non-hybrids so Toyota doesn't have any real competition. Overall, Porsche is the most successful manufacturer in the history of Le Mans. Production-based hypercars are expected to replace LMP1 as the top-class starting with 2020/21 season!
  14. nudge

    Things you use to think as a youngster?

    To be fair you weren't wrong
  15. nudge

    Formula One - General Chat

    I'm not a big fan of current Le Mans prototype cars overall but I loved the Porsche 919 Hybrid... The best part was the Evo version that Porsche created when they were leaving WEC and showed what the car is capable of when it's not restricted by the regulations. I posted it last year in the Motorsports thread but it's just amazing... Just listen to the way it sounds and see how glued it is on the track with all that downforce! Amazing; what a monster... Could watch it taking on Eau Rouge again and again and again. Spa record lap: And here's the Nordschleife record lap: Pure sex.