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  1. CBD molecule, CBD expert, and setting ions on fire to see how fast they explode didn't give it away?...
  2. A somewhat longer review now that I have slept on it. The visuals are absolutely incredible. So beautiful, so epic. The worldbuilding is amazing, especially the level of detail which is mind blowing. The casting is perfect, the characters are well developed and interesting. I wasn't sure about Chalamet playing Paul, but he nailed the role. No emo teen vibes, either. The storytelling is quality. I particularly liked the pace of it - somewhat slow, but not too drawn out and not boring at all; it kept me glued to the screen throughout the movie. The musical score is eery and very fitting. The ending might seem a bit abrupt, but as it says at the start, this is Dune: Part1, and it covers about half of the original book. The only negative about that is having to wait for years for Part 2 now, but other than that, I'd say that Villeneuve nailed it and managed to adapt the source material really well, engaging both readers and non-readers alike. Highly recommended.
  3. Frontzeck was one of van Bommel's assistants, too I'm hearing Kohfeldt is in the running for the job...
  4. Just watched it, absolutely loved it. Really looking forward to Part Two now.
  5. Was a questionable appointment altogether, can't say I'm surprised it ended this way...
  6. Wait, what? Do you usually eat pizza WITH chips?
  7. If Sandhausen had a half decent forward, they'd lead by at least 3 goals already.
  8. 1-0, Rapp scores after a lovely pass by Friedl. Our defense though, I have no words.
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