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  1. I haven't seen him play ever since he left us so my opinion is strictly based on his performances in the Bundesliga years ago... I thought he was good for both Gladbach and Hoffenheim, and then he was a very reliable player for us and played an important role in us avoiding relegation. So I'm obviously biased but I think he is a decent player. Now the price tag does seem crazy to me but then I don't get modern football anymore anyway.
  2. nudge

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    Latest update: 835 confirmed cases in China 25 fatalities 9507 in close contact with the infected identified, 1087 of those in medical observation and 8420 cases undergoing diagnosis now. Travel bans have been imposed on eight cities now: Wuhan, Huanggang, Ezhou, Chibi, Xiantao, Qianjiang, Zhijiang and Lichuan. At least four generations of spread confirmed. About a fourth of cases said to be severe. Japan confirmed its second case.
  3. nudge

    The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

    @Dr. Gonzo Have you managed to watch it yet?
  4. nudge

    Picard - Amazon original 2020

    So has anyone watched the first episode yet?
  5. nudge

    Show us your pets

    Think my aquarium might get too small for it at some point
  6. nudge

    Show us your pets

    What's next? Piranhas?
  7. nudge

    Show us your pets

    16; various cichlid species. 5 parrot cichlids. 4 humphead cichlids. 3 Jack Dempseys. 2 Snow White Cichlids. 1 Green Terror. 1 juvenile of unidentified species (so far).
  8. nudge

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    Oh definitely; they might have suspended public transportation but people are definitely still coming and leaving. You can't possibly lock down almost 20 million people without imposing some sort of martial law. Your second point definitely makes sense too. I've read a comment from some Australian virologist who was worried that the Chinese authorities might have “just created a large cell-culture dish in which all these people will share the infection and create a lot more cases all stuck in Wuhan”.
  9. nudge

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    Ezhou too (starting tonight). WHO press conference right now: While it's a public health emergency in China, it has not yet become a global emergency. The committee was divided (almost 50/50) whether to declare this a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC) but decided it's too early for that. Too few cases confirmed outside of China at this point and China is doing good work trying to contain the virus. Depending on the further development of the virus, WHO will revise their approach.
  10. nudge

    Show us your pets

    The black spots are mostly gone from the second fish now too looks like we're good for now.
  11. nudge

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    Because people in question work in industries that cater directly to Chinese tourists and expats + the medical care in the country is poor. With the Lunar New Year approaching, mass travel is to be expected and the chances of the virus spreading among certain groups increases, especially as it's adapting and mutating. Don't know if you remember the outbreak of SARS but it ended up killing around 800 people (mortality of 10%) and not only those who were elderly/young or had pre-existing health conditions. MERS has a mortality of at least 35%. This new strain comes from the same family of coronaviruses and appears to be more contagious. No need to panic but people who have a relatively high chance of being exposed to it are understandably starting to worry a bit.
  12. nudge

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    Two suspected cases in Scotland; placed into isolation with flu-like symptoms after travelling to China. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/coronavirus-fears-scotland-two-hospital-21343666
  13. nudge

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    I have friends/people I care about in SE Asia so I'm getting a bit worried. I also want to go back there in the next few months so I hope the situation doesn't get worse.
  14. nudge

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    Two confirmed cases in Vietnam: https://news.zing.vn/tphcm-phat-hien-2-nguoi-trung-quoc-duong-tinh-voi-virus-corona-post1039221.html