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  1. https://www.racefans.net/2020/09/22/ex-ferrari-boss-domenicali-to-take-over-as-formula-1-ceo/ Former Ferrari team principal and current Lamborghini CEO set to replace Chase Carey next year
  2. To be honest, as it stands now, 3. Liga is a graveyard for participating clubs; each season spent there means a huge financial loss. The costs are too high, the revenues are too low - so I'm not sure the likes of Alemannia Aachen would even want that. I think in general it's time to think of some structural changes in the overall pyramid. I'd personally be leaning towards the idea of DFL taking over the 3. Liga (making TV money distribution fairer to decrease the gap between the clubs), with U23 teams then not allowed to participate above 4th division.
  3. It's all good, I think we get it that you are just discussing things and not trying to start an elitist U23 league for rich clubs in Germany It's just that I don't see any way for your suggested idea to work, as even if that's not your intention, a setup like that would definitely favour richer clubs while excluding the poorer ones. By creating a nationwide league for U23 teams only, you're basically asking the clubs to pay more for the "privilege" of playing other U23 teams while travelling larger distances (since the league is nationwide and not regionalised) and not getting much if any income from ticket sales, TV rights or sponsoring - so essentially, you're increasing the costs of participating while decreasing the quality and attractiveness of competitive matches. Those clubs that can't afford that (and you have to consider that most clubs in 3. Liga and below are already struggling financially and have very limited resources) would be punished in this scenario, as they'd be forced to either cough up the money they don't really have or deny their youngsters the opportunity of playing competitive matches altogether. It's a no-go for me, as youth and amateur football should be kept as affordable as possible...
  4. So basically what you are suggesting is a U23 league for richer clubs that can afford paying increased costs of having their U23 team play competitive matches, while the clubs that are not as well off would be pretty much forced to dismantle theirs because they can't afford participating in this new U23 league because of the costs. Nah thanks. I'm not a fan of reserve teams playing in 3. Liga/Regionalliga either, but this just widens the gap between richer and poorer clubs which is already massive enough.
  5. nudge

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Hated that evil bitch, no way I'm watching the show about her
  6. Well it would still have the same financial sustainability issues @Rucksackfranzose mentioned in his original post, wouldn't it? No interest, no sponsors, no TV broadcast, yet you still have organisational and travel costs. Also, if you just make the pyramid scheme smaller (let's say, only clubs in 1. and 2. Bundesliga), what happens to the U23 teams of those clubs that play in lower leagues and thus aren't allowed to participate? Should they just dismantle their U23 teams altogether, as they have no competitive matches to play?
  7. nudge

    What Are You Currently Reading?

    I enjoyed both Anathem and Seveneves, but didn't love them... Think for me Stephenson is a bit hit and miss. From big names in contemporary sci-fi, I think I like John Scalzi the best. Humorous, fast-paced, traditional. Reminds me of Heinlein a bit. The most recent sci fi novel that I read and really adored was A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine. I mentioned it earlier in this thread, a fantastic read.
  8. nudge

    What Are You Currently Reading?

    Yes, Anathem and Seveneves. Why?
  9. nudge


    How was that Bolognese, @Tommy? I made Flammkuchen today... Think I went overboard with cheese a bit, but other than that, it turned out quite nice.
  10. nudge

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    It felt like a horror B-Movie for 15 minutes there 😂 not in a bad sense though, as instead of being scary, it made laugh
  11. Alesi replaces Matsushita in MP Motorsport, Jake Hughes takes Alesi's seat at HWA.
  12. nudge

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Just finished watching Episode 1... well, you weren't joking about the monsters Really enjoyed it otherwise, and now I want to know what happens next... It's definitely a weird show though
  13. nudge

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Yes, recognised Chalky in the trailer immediately Will give it a go then...
  14. nudge

    Death On The Nile (2020)

    Don't like Branagh's Poirot, he's completely different from what Agatha Christie's Poirot is supposed to be... Will still watch it, probably. Love me a good adventure murder mystery.