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  1. Not sure if it's going to work in these modern times, but I am sure looking forward to it nevertheless!!!
  2. Yes, I'm not convinced either. Good actor, but somehow doesn't appear to suit the vibe of the show, imo.
  3. I assume he'll play a different character though, there's like a 20 year age difference between the two
  4. nudge


    In the massive forests surrounding my grandma's homestead when I was a kid. They generally avoid people, but through all the years, I managed a few sightings, one we saw even had pups... Now all those forests are more or less gone, it's a shame. And yes, it's the same in LT - people are pissed that wolves are attacking their livestock, but they conveniently forget that by destroying their natural habitat they've literally taken their home and their food away from them, so what choice do they have? Another thing that happens is falsely reporting higher number of wolf sightings so that the annual hunting quotas get increased.
  5. nudge


    Indeed! Wolves are fascinating... This one is massive, too! I have seen wolves in wilderness, but nothing compared to this big boy!
  6. nudge


    Giving belly rubs to a wolf... https://gfycat.com/organictidyallensbigearedbat
  7. Yep, I really am looking forward to what Costner will come up with! The epic is called Horizon, and there's supposed to be 4 movies (released every 3 months) covering a 15 year period in the American West before and after the Civil War. The first part finished filming last year, as much as I'm aware. The cast already looks pretty impressive, and there will apparently be 170+ active characters in total... Quite a huge undertaking, and should hopefully be a real treat for us Western fans! Oh yeah, also just watched the latest episode 1923 yesterday, good stuff...
  8. This is pretty cool... Juan Pablo Montoya will drive for Dragonspeed in ELMS together with his son
  9. Well, at least it's obvious where and from whom the kid learned those attitudes...
  10. There are rumours circulating that the show will end with Season 5, as apparently there are huge disagreements with Kevin Costner in terms of shooting schedule, due to Costner working on his own multi-part Western epic movie. But don't worry, a new spinoff series is already in planning, with Matthew McConaughey expected to take the lead role https://collider.com/yellowstone-ending-with-season-5/ Actually would make sense to end it, as I think the show risks becoming way too repetitive and less and less believable. The prequels were (are) great, so I would rather see new stories in the same universe instead of continuing with the whole "Beth is crazy, Jamie is a cunt, they hate each other, and John is indestructible" schtick with a new or modified set of villains every season.
  11. John's mind works in mysterious ways...
  12. It's really not weird to believe that at all... It might not have been proven scientifically yet, but cases of animals behaving weirdly before natural disasters have been well-documented all throughout the history of the mankind, and even from the top of my head, there are quite a few plausible potential explanations to that. Different animals have different senses, and might be able to pick up smaller vibrations/tremors and low frequency sound waves way before we do. Also some animals, birds in particular, might be be able to sense the electromagnetic changes and anomalies underground that happen before the earthquakes. Insects living in the ground at the fault lines may sense the small gas pockets, etc. I know one thing - if I saw animals behaving weirdly and fleeing, I would definitely flee with them, too!
  13. Yeah, I saw it yesterday when you posted it and then read the methodology of his alleged forecasts. I generally try to keep an open mind when it comes to things like that, especially considering that groundbreaking ideas and discoveries in science have often been ridiculed in the past before they became well established and universally accepted. However, there are few things that irks me in this case. Firstly, the wording of his prediction - "sooner or later" is hardly a forecast, and definitely not an accurate or scientific one, even if the timing of his tweet this time kind of coincided with the actual earthquake a few days later. In other words, you could say that sooner or later there will be a major earthquake in any seismically active area along any major fault lines, and your prediction will be true, too. It's not much different from actual seismologists saying that there's an x% chance of a major earthquake happening in a certain region within the next x years; his original prediction of "sooner or later" was even more vague than that. Secondly, when I first read that his forecasts are based on planetary positions and movement, I expected gravitational force of celestial bodies on Earth to be the reasoning behind it, which could at least be plausible, even if the calculations do not support the idea either (which he himself admits, too, so he says gravitational force plays no role). Instead though, it appears to be based solely on the planetary geometry - according to him, a certain alignment/conjunctions of the planets releases some electromagnetic charge especially when Mercury and 90 degree angles are involved, which, in regards of plausibility, is about at the level of astrology for me... So I will remain highly skeptical (to put it mildly), unless he can use his model to accurately forecast earthquakes on a regular basis and until it can be reproduced by other scientists using the same methodology.
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