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  1. nudge

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    And? How did you like it? Yes, Season 2 just started a while ago... Which reminds me that I have to watch Episode 3
  2. nudge

    Goal Difference Game

    09/03 Dortmund v Sevilla Champions League 09/03 Ipswich v Lincoln League One 10/03 Barnsley v Derby Championship 11/03 Manchester United v AC Milan Europa League 12/03 Walsall v Barrow League Two 13/03 Auxerre v Paris FC Ligue 2 13/03 Genoa v Udinese Serie A 14/03 Arsenal v Tottenham Premier League 14/03 PSV v Feyenoord Eredivisie 14/03 Sevilla v Betis La Liga
  3. nudge

    Health and Fitness

    I'm the same. Was in the track & field team at high school so did a lot of running, my first few kms were always a bit sub-par, but after that I would get a "second wind", improve my times significantly and have plenty of energy for the rest of the race. One of the reasons why I always prefered long distances instead of short sprints. I don't run anymore, but it still happens whenever I do cardio; I usually struggle a bit for the first few minutes/kms and then it gets easier and I feel a sudden surge of energy.
  4. nudge

    First Goal - Season Two

    18th 22nd
  5. Bremen Union Berlin Freiburg Gladbach Stuttgart Köln Leverkusen Bielefeld Mainz Augsburg BVB Frankfurt Bayern Hertha Schalke Wolfsburg Hoffenheim RB Just reshuffled mine. Biggest change is Frankfurt losing 6 positions for being sore losers and moaning mimosas, while Stuttgart move up from 9th to 5th for their admirable work with moderate resources and attractive style of play.
  6. They only checked for a handball by Dennis, apparently Cunts.
  7. It looked like an awful blunder by Pavlenka at first, but after watching a close up replay, I'm not too sure - it seems Dennis actually impeded him by grabbing his right arm while in the air?
  8. The text below the Fortuna tweet is also part of Rucksackfranzose's post from previous page WTF happened there, @Tommy?
  9. This thread is broken.
  10. So frustrating. Wasting points against teams below us in the table again.
  11. Finally, we take the lead against Köln! A nice cross by Schmid, and a nice header by Sargent who was in the right place at a right time.
  12. nudge

    Your Favourite Footballer From Country Above

    Josh Sargent. Austria.
  13. nudge

    Other News & General Chat

    Nothing is ever too expensive when it comes to US military spending... They can always charge their citizens even more than they do now for basic medical care in order to make up for it
  14. nudge

    Other News & General Chat

    I bet that's going to end well 🙄