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  1. Aston Martin intend to appeal, saying that calculations show there should still be 1.4l in the car, they are just not able to extract it - potentially due to a fuel pump failure.
  2. Dresden drawing 1-1 with HSV Good to see them having a great start of the season.
  3. Agree, as its the mistake of the team, but technical regulations are technical regulations. If you only punished the team with a fine, I think most teams would gladly mess about with the fuel and pay the fine if they can't provide a sample. That's a bit too much, no? Also, would they be locking the fuel tank on the car and have an officer monitoring it all the time as well? I don't think the regulation needs changing. If anything, it also prevents cars running out of fuel and stopping in the middle of the track on the last laps of the race.
  4. I guess they could, but then what stops the team from adding something into the fuel after the check?
  5. Why? They only have to provide 1 litre sample for the test, which is done in order to avoid teams messing about with illegal fuel composition. Fair enough, I'd say.
  6. Vettel likely to be disqualified as there was too little fuel in his car after the race. Only 0,3 liter could be extracted.
  7. @Eco wins Matchday 2 with 34 pts, @Viva la FCB in second with 24 pts. @Tommy completes the podium with 14 pts. Overall standings: @Eco - 49 pts @Viva la FCB - 41 pts @Tommy - 40 pts nudge - 31 pts @londonerlilie - 18 pts Horrible week for me. Only 9 pts, thanks to Goller who cost me massive -6 pts yesterday.
  8. 17 days to go until Le Mans. 62 cars, 128 drivers. Entry list here: https://assets.lemans.org/explorer/pdf/courses/2021/24-heures-du-mans/entry-list-24-heures-du-mans-2021.pdf Derek Bell will be the Grand Marshall this year
  9. Yeah he didn't look well there on the podium. Confused, dizzy and disoriented. Sounded a bit confused numerous times on the radio during the race as well?
  10. On the current grid, I think Kimi stand outs with the number of comebacks during the race. Just to name a few most impressive ones: Australia 2003 - pitlane to P3 Suzuka 2005 - P17 to P1 Bahrain 2006 - P22 to P3 Fuji 2007 - P22 to P3 The comeback drives used to be even more impressive when there was no DRS though. I'm currently in 1983 season of F1 historical races, and the US GP West was a fantastic watch. John Watson and Niki Lauda started from P22 and P23 respectively, and finished at P1 and P2
  11. Wow, what an end of the race... Pier Guidi overtakes Dries Vanthoor in the wet on the outside in Blanchimont and wins the race for Iron Lynx (Ferrari)! Aston Martin in 3rd. That WRT Team Audi did extremely well, considering it started last, and managed to finish P2.
  12. Bottas bottling again, and crashing into Norris, who then crashed into Verstappen, and also taking Perez out, with Stroll then crashing into Leclerc. Red flag, race restarted with Hamilton on intermediates and the rest of the field on slicks. Hamilton had to pit to change the tyres next lap and dropped down to the back of the grid, but then Mercedes pulled out a successful undercut with their next pit stop and now they are moving up to win the race or at least get on the podium.
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