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  1. 2003/2004. We, Bayern, and Gladbach were the only Buli clubs to reach the quarters.
  2. Unbelievable, but yes. Hits differently at +35 though
  3. nudge

    GTA VI

    I really really like it, but I stopped playing after my save got corrupted and I had to start from scratch... That was annoying af, especially since I found some of the missions really hard and didn't want to do them all over again. I will give it another go at some point though.
  4. Legend says Denis is still waiting for that phone call....
  5. nudge

    GTA VI

    Or Hongkong. Oh wait, we already have that in Sleeping Dogs.
  6. I'm sorry Now you are making me feel bad about it, even if I never kept any hoodies of my exes
  7. A while ago I realised that I regularly talk to more people from this forum than my actual "real life" friends.
  8. To my defense, I always ask beforehand
  9. Yes. "Stealing" a comfy hoodie is also one of the first things I do after getting into a relationship
  10. Didn't expect that, where in Lithuania? Do you still speak the language? When did your family leave?
  11. Good stuff. Just checked the squad list, not a single Werder player
  12. nudge


    I'm having a dejavu, that chicken is stalking me Looks seriously delicious...
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