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  1. To be fair it's also intended to be quite difficult. It's possible to know some of the answers and logically deduct some of the others, but overall I think it's rather challenging. If the majority finds it too difficult though and would like easier questions then by all means let me know!
  2. Round 4 1. Name the oldest player to win Footballer of the Year award in Germany. (1 pt) 2. Name the only 1. Bundesliga player to win "Goal of the month" award with an own goal. (1 pt) 3. Which German player got into debt of almost a million Euro betting on cricket matches while drunk? (1 pt) 4. Which former player had a nickname exactly the same as the screen name of one of the participants of this quiz? (1 pt) 5. Which club's mascot was claimed to be kidnapped by the ultras? What was the reason behind it? (2 pts) 6. Name the former 1. Bundesliga player who had a song dedicated to him by an Austrian rock band in the 90s. (1 pt) 7. A few years ago an amateur club had their kit sponsor banned by their local football association. Why? Who was the sponsor? (2 pt) 8. Name the club which had a living mascot, but cooked it and served it to the players of the club before an important match. What animal was it? (2 pts) 9. Name the manager who was sacked and given a stadium ban by his former club. What was the reason? Additional point for naming the club. (3 pts) 10. Name the manager who lost a bet and had to walk 170 km from Nürnberg to München. (1 pt) Please submit your answers until Saturday 00:00 CET. @Azeem @Dan @Faithcore @Rucksackfranzose @SchalkeUK @Spike @Stan @Tommy @Viva la FCB
  3. It's not Mafia Wars, Thomas
  4. Probably, but then it would have also not become a cult part of the history Höttges even had to strip him down to his underwear, put him under the shower and rub Wick all over him before the kick off in order to get him going "Wir sind Männer und trinken keine Fanta" was Ahlenfelder's explanation afterwards
  5. I suppose I could considering that there's beer featuring in a "two shots of jagermeister, one shot of underberg mixed with a half half ratio of marzen and kristalweizen drank out of a large glass boot"
  6. Round 3 scores: 1. @Faithcore - 7 points 2. @Rucksackfranzose - 6 points 3. @SchalkeUK - 5 points @Stan - 5 points 4. @Dan - 2 points @Spike - 2 points @Tommy  - 2 points @Viva la FCB - 2 points 5. @Azeem - 1 pt Faithcore is the matchday winner with Rucksackfranzose right behind him. Special mention to Stan for being the most improved player, in probably the most difficult round so far! Total scores after Round 3 SchalkeUK - 26 points Rucksackfranzose - 24 points Faithcore - 23 points Tommy - 16 points Stan - 9 points Viva la FCB - 7 points Dan - 6 points Spike - 4 points Azeem - 2 points Granny - 1 point
  7. Round 3 answers Question 1: Name the club that had to play a Bundesliga match in national team kits because their original kits were deemed to be too similar to the ones worn by their opponents? Bonus point for naming both teams. (2 pt) Correct answer: Bayer Uerdingen in their away match vs Frankfurt Eintracht in 1988. Their away kits (blue/red stripes) were deemed to be too similar to Eintracht's home kit (black/red stripes) and they didn't have a replacement with them, so one of the DFB officials went into the DFB headquarters and brought national team kits for Uerdingen players to use. Nobody named the club correctly, @Faithcore gets a point for naming Frankfurt as the other team involved. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Question 2. The fans of which club were responsible for the first pitch invasion in the history of the 1. Bundesliga? (1 pt) Correct answer: Hertha BSC in 1964/65 season. Hundreds of Hertha fans invaded the pitch and threatened to beat up their own players. No correct answers here. Most often named clubs were Schalke, Kaiserslautern and HSV. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 3. Name the season when TV rights were first sold to TV channels in Germany (1 pt) Correct answer: 1965/66. ARD/ZDF broadcasted matches prior to that but this was the first season when they actually paid for it - 18 clubs in the league shared 650000 DM for TV rights. No correct answers here. @Stan's guess was the closest one (1969), whereas most of you thought that it started much much later. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 4. Floodlight matches were banned for one season in the history of German football. What was the reason for the ban? (1 pt) Correct answer: Energy crisis in 1973. In an effort to help save energy, DFB banned floodlights and moved all kickoff times to Saturday at 14:00/14:30. @Rucksackfranzose was the only one to give the very detailed exact answer, well done. Additionally, I also awarded a point to everyone who said it was due to electricity prices as it's essentially not wrong! So @Azeem, @Stan and @Spike also get a point for their answers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Question 5. What is the name of the combo drink named after a drunken referee that you can order in Bremen pubs? What does the drink combo consist of? (3 pts) Correct answer: The drink combination is called Ahlenfelder as it was the name of the cult referee who got drunk before the match in Bremen and called the half time just 32 minutes into the game. The drinks consumed by Ahlenfelder before the match were said to be beer and Malteser shots (aquavit - not the chocolate sweets for our English speaking friends ), so after the match it gained cult status and if you ordered an "Ahlenfelder" in Bremen pubs afterwards, you would be served a glass of beer and a shot of aquavit (or just any Korn later on). I didn't expect people to name the orginal brand so accepted answers that correctly named beer as one of the drinks in the combo and were close enough with the second drink (so aquavit, Köm, Korn, Kümmel, even vodka would all be ok as much as I'm concerned). @Faithcore and @SchalkeUK were the only ones to know the name of the drink, both get 2 points each for that and correctly naming beer as one of the drinks. @Rucksackfranzose couldn't name the drink combo but knew both drinks in it so also gets 2 points. Additionaly, @Stan and @Tommy get 1 point each for correctly naming beer as one of the drinks! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 6. In 2000/2001 season, Köln´s billy goat Hennes was banned from the stadium for two games. Why? (1 pt) Correct answer: a transportation ban on bovids due to the outbreak of Foot-and-mouth disease (or hoof-and-mouth disease). No correct answers here - but I definitely enjoyed reading your answers From eating the pitch and shitting on it, to attacking other mascots, goading opposition fans and eating a fan's hat, there were a lot of brilliant answers - I'm a bit worried about @Azeem though who suggested that Hennes was banned for posing sexuallz : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 7. Name the only club that won the 1. Bundesliga title and then got relegated the following season (1 pt) Correct answer: 1. FC Nürnberg in 1969. Well done @Faithcore, @Rucksackfranzose and @Stan ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 8. Name three managers who each coached 8 different clubs in 1. Bundesliga throughout their career (3 pts) Correct answer: Jörg Berger, Felix Magath, Otto Rehhagel. Most of you (@Dan, @Faithcore, @Stan, @Tommy, @Viva la FCB) get 1 point for naming Felix Magath while @Rucksackfranzose earns his point with Jörg Berger. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 9. How many football matches (approximately) are played every week in all tiers of German football under the organisation of DFB (including both professional and amateur football? Hint: it´s probably more than you think! (1 pt) Correct answer: over 90000 matches. This was a mind blowing one, hence the hint. Ca. 25000 clubs and 157000 teams under the organisation of DFB means that over 90000 matches are played every week throughout all tiers of professional and amateur football. No correct answers here although I'm tempted to give @SchalkeUK a point as he was the closest one with 85000 matches. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 10. There was only one season in the history of the 1. Bundesliga so far where three top teams finished on equal points. Name those three teams (3 pts) Correct answer: Stuttgart, HSV and Mönchengladbach in 1983/84. After 34 matchdays, all three were on equal points (48:20 as they still used this weird point system), Stuttgart won the title due to better goal difference. @SchalkeUK gets 3 points for naming all three clubs correctly, @Faithcore right behind him with 2 points. @Dan, @Rucksackfranzose, @Stan, @Viva la FCB get 1 point each.
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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    An antiviral drug named EIDD-2801 has showed promising results on mice and will move into clinical trials soon. Action mechanism similar to that of remdesivir but unlike remdesivir, EIDD-2801 can also be taken as a pill instead of having to be administred intravenously, so offers better ease of treatment and potentially prophylaxis. Could be potentially used together with remdesivir for greater efficacy. https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-04/uonc-ana040320.php
  11. All answers received. Update coming some time soon (tonight or tomorrow).
  12. Waiting for @SchalkeUK answers and then we can move on.
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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    This. Doesn't matter if you're the PM, a celebrity, or a president with best available care in the world. If you're fucked, you're fucked.
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  15. Except Werder. Can't train in small groups as it was not approved by the Senate of Bremen. The club is considering leaving the city and train somewhere else as a result.