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  1. Faithcore

    Kobe Bryant Dies in Helicopter Crash

    As a kid I had a picture of Kobe in my room. He was such a great player and he was more or less always around since I started watching and playing basketball. And what you said is very true. Doesn't matter with whom you played Basketball but whenever someone scores with great style someone would instantly shout "Kobe!". RIP Kobe, your daughter and of course RIP to all the others who passed away. You'll be missed.
  2. Faithcore

    Kobe Bryant Dies in Helicopter Crash

    Kobe! This is so sad. I'm still in shock.
  3. Faithcore

    TF365 Film Club

    Films of Til Schweiger and Matthias Schweighöfer are probably the best when it comes to European cinema.
  4. Wieder so einer, der nur offensiv denkt.
  5. Faithcore

    The Mandalorian [SPOILERS!]

    Finished it yesterday and tbh I was a bit disappointed. I liked the vibe of the first two episodes but in the end the story was too shallow for my liking. I just missed something and often had the feeling that the creators were rather uncreative in advancing the story. I'm not saying that it was bad but I felt that the whole thing had much more potential.
  6. Faithcore

    Your Club's Worst XI of the Decade

    How dare you?
  7. Faithcore

    2019 Staff Member of the Year

    Why didn't you ask me to make this thread? Congrats, man. Well deserved.
  8. Faithcore

    TF365 Legends Hall of fame

    I instantly gave my approval when @Stan and @Batard asked me about it. Of course we hope that you will stay around anyway and show just as much enthusiasm as before. Maybe another garden project in 2020? Anyway - well deserved. Congrats!
  9. Ach, sorry. Ich dachte das wäre Pfälzisch gewesen
  10. Spielt eine Hauptrolle in Star Trek.
  11. Gabalier is a complete twat. Also his music is shit. Obviously. Pains me that people like him are successful in Germany.