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  1. Faithcore

    First Goal

    77 22
  2. Faithcore

    First Goal

  3. Faithcore

    First Goal

    37 15
  4. Faithcore

    First Goal

    Game 31 - 31st minute Game 32 - 32nd minute
  5. It's a joke and a disgrace that Kaiserslautern is probably once again getting away with all of their financial mismanagement. The idea of not having the points penalty should be for clubs directly affected by the crisis, whereas Kaiserslautern has practically been insolvent for years. In my opinion, the DFB should intervene here, or certainly should have set up a more differentiated rule. I hope that this will at least cause a big loss of confidence among the current sponsors and fans (who are also involved through a bond). But it seems as if there are already new interested parties to sink their money in the club. Ridiculous.
  6. Faithcore

    First Goal

    First goal will be scored in the 17th minute today.
  7. Faithcore

    First Goal

  8. Faithcore

    First Goal

    11 27
  9. Faithcore

    First Goal

    Only for the first game. For Game 25 it is obviously the 25th minute
  10. Faithcore

    First Goal

    17th minute it is
  11. I thought she supports Leicester City
  12. Faithcore

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    Game 1: 28 Game 2: 15
  13. My uncle (who works in Gelsenkirchen) told me that a workmate of him had a zoom with some Schalke legends today. Including Klaus Fischer, Ingo Anderbrügge and Peter Neururer. Any chance this was the same meeting?
  14. Faithcore

    First Goal

    Match 1: 27th Match 2: 12th
  15. Faithcore

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