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  1. Kruse was an important part of the interruption during injury time and influenced the referee to whistle the free kick shortly afterwards. He also talked to Pizarro right before the freekick and probably gave him a hint how to take it.
  2. Faithcore

    Faithcore & Friends

    GUYS. You know I'm ALWAYS there for you.
  3. Faithcore


    Unfortunately, that's the truth. Same thing they did to me.
  4. I've been thinking a lot about it the last few days and I think it would be best for Werder Bremen to play more friendly matches in Scandinavia.
  5. Tbh I still think that both teams - Nürnberg and Düsseldorf - are the worst teams of the Bundesliga in terms of quality and depth (which is just normal). Fortuna is obviously doing a much better job (Funkel-Fußball) and the team seems better suited to stand up to supposedly stronger teams. Sometimes it's also a matter of luck that you score a goal in the decisive moments and/or earn more self-confidence by good results. It is exactly this phenomenon that we experienced last season and as a result some wrong decisions were made in the summer. Aber hinterher ist man ja immer schlauer. In any case, it will now be extremely difficult for Nürnberg. I'm not sure a new coach can really make a difference.
  6. Faithcore

    Rudi Assauer passes away

    RIP. Ich war nicht sein größter Fan, aber er war auf jeden Fall ein echter Typ und er gehörte einfach zur Bundesliga dazu.
  7. Faithcore

    Storts' TF365 Forum Hierarchy 2019

    Twist is probably that number 1 will be announced in 2020.
  8. Faithcore

    Storts' TF365 Forum Hierarchy 2019

    At least you could have send me a message. My wife wasn't too happy she had to spend the whole evening with me. Neither was I.
  9. Clearly the influence of Jens Lehmann.