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  1. Vielleicht wacht man ja jetzt endlich im Vorstand mal auf. Aber schwierig, wenn kein Mensch im Verein sportlichen Sachverstand hat.
  2. I think it was right that the game was abandoned and hope that this will also be done consistently in the future. Otherwise nothing will ever change. Unfortunately, you still hear this kind of crap every week in some stadium. Fortunately, it was noticed today, also because the stadium was pretty empty. It sucks, of course, that we as a club now stand for it, but I guess we have to live with it now.
  3. Never heard of the author or the book. That's why I actually assumed that @nudge would know about it
  4. I can only say that we feel cheated and cannot let this stand. Hamilton is the true champion and I think he will be awarded the title retrospectively.
  5. Smokey beer is just wrong. Should have warned @Tommy before trying Schlenkerla. Sorry!
  6. I hope that's true. As a member of the month you should know the person who owns this forum.
  7. I don't think there is one yet but we have a lists expert on here who surely can help you out. @Storts Welcome to the forum!
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