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  1. Faithcore

    The Mandalorian [SPOILERS!]

    @nudge help me out here, please
  2. Faithcore

    The Mandalorian [SPOILERS!]

    Did you watch the episode with the sidequest yet? Oh wait
  3. Faithcore

    Comunio 2021/2022

    Yes, that's unfortunate
  4. Faithcore

    Faithcore & Friends

    I had a long meeting with Benson this afternoon and therefore I'm pretty sure he has nothing to do with it. He had some information for me though and apparently @Viva la FCB is the person we should interview about those "glitches" ...
  5. Faithcore

    Werder Bremen Thread

    To be honest, no. I only remember him being good at free kicks. Think he even scored a goal from one against us in that season. OF COURSE.
  6. Faithcore

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Would be more accurate to say that he trained for MSV He was one the players we signed 2013 and who started pre-season with us but left after we lost the licence. He then signed for Red Bull who were also in Liga 3 at the time.
  7. Faithcore

    Werder Bremen Thread

    He did not stay around after our Zwangsabstieg 2013 and went to Red Bull instead
  8. Faithcore

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Death to the traitor!
  9. Faithcore

    2. Bundesliga 2021/22

    He did not manage to avoid relegation in the first season and i think that was also due to the fact that he really wanted to play his kind of football and didn't take enough account of the players we had. After relegation, we brought in a lot of young and talented players and played some fantastic football for a few months, which was really good. After that, however, things gradually went downhill and with Corona at the latest, we completely lost our balance. Many people in Duisburg think that it was the coach's fault, but in my opinion it was also due to the fact that we simply had a very small squad that was not designed to play every three days. Lieberknecht also made mistakes and I can't completely absolve him of blame. Last season we had a very bad start and Lieberknecht was then sacked. However, we also lost a lot of games and the newcomers didn't fit Lieberknecht's style of play at all. I'm still puzzling over who was ultimately responsible. At least in the press, Lieberknecht spoke very positively about most of the new players. On top of that, he had bad luck with injuries and had to leave. So I have mixed feelings about Lieberknecht. His idea of the game is very good but sometimes i could not understand his decisions and the defence was actually constantly a problem. There was often a lack of balance. Nevertheless: If I had the chance I would bring him back immediately, because I don't think we will see a coach of his quality in Duisburg again in the near future.
  10. Faithcore

    3. Liga & Below 2021/22

    Well deserved.
  11. Faithcore

    2. Bundesliga 2020/21

    I do although I have very mixed feelings about it as Ingolstadt is such a shit club and don't get me started on people like Oral, Henke or Kutschke.
  12. I just linked you to see what you make of it
  13. @Devil-Dick Willie