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  1. Faithcore

    [VOTE] Team of the 21st Century - RB - Final

    I don't really like Lahm as a person but he certainly has been the best RB during the last 10-15 years. I can't think of anyone even coming close.
  2. Just found an interesting statistic concerning awarded penalties during the last 10 seasons. Who would've thought that?
  3. Thanks guys, you too! What the hell is that supposed to mean?
  4. Faithcore

    Off Topic

    Tbh your idea doesn't sound too well. I really like your colleague's suggestion, though. Hope it all worked out!
  5. Nice to see Werder winning again. Rashica is a beast. Furthermore the returning of Ludwig Augustinsson plays a big part as well. Some Werder fans did not believe in him and claimed he would not return during this year but he proved all those doubters wrong.
  6. Seriously, guys. We need a bit more activity in the bundesliga section. I can't run this place all by myself.
  7. Wow. This will definitely be very entertaining. One way or another. I already heard that Sönke Wortmann is planning a documentation on Hertha's Rückrunde.
  8. Faithcore

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Ist das etwa keine Meldung wert, dass der stolze Theodor seinen Vertrag verlängert hat? Ich bin etwas enttäuscht von unserer Werderfraktion.
  9. Faithcore

    3.Liga and below 2019/20

    Still a very long season ahead of us and we also were a bit lucky to win in Rostock today. Nevertheless I'm obviously happy with the situation before the international break.
  10. Faithcore

    Staff Changes

    Just reading this now. I have no clue what happened but I will certainly miss Cannabis on here. All the best to you!
  11. Inga, 34 y/o, darts dating expert.
  12. Faithcore

    Inside Your Club

    Strangely enough, I haven't been approached yet
  13. Faithcore

    DFB-Pokal 2019/20

    I couldn't explain this as good as your beloved @nudge