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  1. Why would I voluntarily watch a Leipzig game if the competition isn't even interesting? It's hardly bearable as it is.
  2. Hi. It is very important for me to make clear that this statement of yours is not true (that I'm even using my one post per month I am still allowed to make).
  3. Well. I think it was obvious that I did not really use Discord either. Even when this place was shut down.
  4. Thanks for all the effort but I fell in love with Discord during our time there and I feel like I can't go back.
  5. Thank god we got rid of Torsten Lieberknecht.
  6. Thanks! I could not see the whole match. From what I saw I'm not so sure it was deserved. We scored at the right time but we were also pretty lucky you guys did not convert more of your chances. Our third goal was fantastic, can't argue about that one.
  7. I've been told the same thing at work today
  8. I doubt that our licence would be in danger. At least not this season. Nevertheless this would be very very bad news for us. SchauinslandReisen is an extremely important and loyal partner for us and I don't see how we could replace them. Also I can totally understand that they are unhappy with how the club has been run the last years. You can certainly argue about the manner in which the criticism was voiced, but I can very well understand that at some point you also demand that the club sticks to its own concept. In the last few years you can't see any plan at all in sporting terms. really not at all. At some point I wouldn't know why I should still support the club financially.
  9. Happy birthday, Inga! Sorry. That title belongs to @Stan.
  10. I did not change it though!
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