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  1. How is that possible that you've never been there before?
  2. That's a great idea if you want to work 24/7
  3. Isn't that what you are doing?
  4. It is. But we only invite who we want to invite, right? I think it's okay to let the others know that they are missing out.
  5. Faithcore

    New Server

    That's not true. It just feels like the old server to me
  6. Faithcore

    New Server

    How so?
  7. Faithcore

    New Server

    I wonder why this totally still feels like the old server? @Stan
  8. Faithcore

    New Server

    I was really hoping Chazz would bring the forum back to its old glory.
  9. Faithcore

    New Server

    Oh, we are back. @nudge told me she sold this place for 2 beers.
  10. Faithcore

    Faithcore & Friends

    I know someone who almost looks like that guy in the Germany shirt. Just without the beard. The guy next to Valderrama is also brilliant.
  11. Faithcore

    Faithcore & Friends

    Afaik @Stan and @Batard have planned something for the weekend to to revive this thread. Can't wait to see what they are going to do this time.
  12. Faithcore

    Coaches needed

    I thought you already applied for the job? Otherwise we could always use @nudge. She's got nothing to do anyway and she loves driving.
  13. Faithcore

    Coaches needed

    Yeah. He would just need to find someone with a valid driving license.