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  1. Faithcore

    If you had the chance to

  2. @Rucksackfranzose and @nudge did a perfect job. Couldn't have explained it any better.
  3. Faithcore


    Hi, welcome! Big fan of the Red Bull project here.
  4. Have you met young Jonjoe in person yet? How would you characterize him?
  5. Faithcore

    Faithcore & Friends

    Found something yet?
  6. Faithcore

    Where are Nudge and Tommy?

  7. Faithcore

    Where are Nudge and Tommy?

    Don't worry. I'm still here and can adequately replace both of them without any problems.
  8. Faithcore

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Hier mal eine differenzierte Auseinandersetzung zum Thema Verkauf der Stadionrechte. Ich denke damit sollten die Hintergründe auch für @nudge greifbarer und nachvollziehbarer sein.
  9. Faithcore

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Wohninvest Weserstadion. So viel Zeit muss sein
  10. Faithcore

    Werder Bremen Thread

    It could help those young guys to work as real estate agents if they can't make it to the first team. Which makes me wonder if the careers of young Manuel and young Benni would have worked out the same way if something like that wouldve happened in Gelsenkirchen. Sure - it could be very supportive but we don't know what could have been or how it could have changed their way of thinking. Not only in terms of football.
  11. Their transfers and their squad suggest that they still have lots of money. I'm no expert on Ingolstadt though.
  12. For Duisburg it's bad news because Ingolstadt is another team with much more money than us. Certainly favourites to win the league. Unfortunately, we're almost forced to go straight back up.
  13. I have mixed feelings about it, to be honest. Normally I would be happy about Ingolstadt going down but for us it's not good news at all.
  14. Sadly I can't watch but I'm not sure whom of them I'd prefer anyway.
  15. Faithcore

    Germany National Team Announced for June Qualifiers

    Sadly I've arrived in a state where the national team doesn't interest me at all anymore. The nightmare with Löw and Bierhoff seems to continue forever.