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  1. It was stupid at first to even hire him. He had no reputation at all in Germany. It's obvious they signed him simply for being the coach of Borussia Dortmund's reserves because that worked for Wagner and Farke.
  2. Faithcore

    Timo Werner - Valencia CF Interested

    Werner is overrated imo. He's fast and he can finish but I think he's not good enough (yet?) to start for a team like Bayern.
  3. Faithcore

    DFB-Pokal 2019/20

    Found a highlight video of our match against Fürth with English commentary for all our non-German speaking MSV supporters on here. @Stan @The Palace Fan @... https://tv.dfb.de/video/dfb-cup-men-msv-duisburg-vs-spvgg-greuther-fuerth/25850/
  4. Faithcore

    DFB-Pokal 2019/20

    Danke! Was a great match. Congrats to you as well.
  5. Sehr geehrte Frau N., zu Ihrem Wiegenfest wünsche ich Ihnen alles Gute und einen herrlichen Tag im Kreise Ihrer Liebsten!
  6. No problem. It would be cool though if you could put the name of a well-known player in the title next time. Something like "Cristiano Ronaldo - German Sides in the Europa League". That helps us with hits on Google. Welcome to the forum!
  7. Faithcore

    3.Liga and below 2019/20

    Well. Could happen to any team tbh. Just very unlucky.
  8. Faithcore

    3.Liga and below 2019/20

    In the German tv show "Zeiglers wunderbare Welt des Fußballs" they have a categorie called "Kacktor des Monats". That goal was already mentioned on their facebook account for having very good chances to win that award.
  9. Seriously. That price is absurd for Lukebakio. It's getting crazier every day.
  10. Faithcore

    3.Liga and below 2019/20

    So did you watch it? I really enjoyed it, obviously So far our new team is playing surprisingly well. Let's hope it continues.
  11. Naaaa gut. I'm in.
  12. It's a shame that Uli Hoeneß is obviously not famous enough for @Stan to change the topic title.
  13. Das ist in meiner Heimatstadt passiert. Gestern wollten wir Mittags mit dem Zug zum Stadion fahren und alles war abgesperrt und wir wurden von der Polizei weggeschickt. Erst später haben wir dann von den Hintergründen gehört. Unfassbar, einfach unfassbar. Vor allem, dass es scheinbar ohne den geringsten Anlass passiert ist, macht es noch schockierender. Hätte ja auch einem selbst passieren können.
  14. Klar. Als Sören Larsen in Duisburg gespielt hat, habe ich auch sofort zugegriffen