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  1. Tried Schlenkerla once. It's unique but nothing I would drink regularly.
  2. Would like the same deal for the 92nd minute, please. Thanks!
  3. I feel like basically the whole thread is about knockoffs
  4. Have fun there, Thomas and speaking of food: You definitely have to try the famous Nudeltopf they serve in the Aue stadium. Either way. Im sure you'll enjoy the trip. When we drove there some years ago the closer we came it felt like entering a whole different universe.
  5. Now you're scaring me a little. Hopefully Batard can clear things up quickly.
  6. I like to think so. Haven't talked to him since he visited @Batard in France. Maybe he can help out with an update?
  7. And those athletes who could not take part at the Olympics due to long covid were probably also on a junk food diet.
  8. Match ended 1:4 in favour of Straelen. I'm sure you deliberately withheld that from us
  9. Tbh there's obviously more than enough people who watch crap like that.
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