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  1. Happy birthday, Inga! Sorry. That title belongs to @Stan.
  2. I did not change it though!
  3. Delete this post, please. This was Benson. Not me.
  4. Minute number 22 for me. For the whole season and every season to come (even after my death). Thanks!
  5. I think we clearly deserved the loss. Offensively we did nothing and defensively we were very lucky that Osnabrück did not score earlier. Our new keeper Müller also prevented greater damage in a few situations. Sadly just as I expected. If we can't sign 2 or 3 more players I am pretty sure that we will go down this season.
  6. My club: Duisburg Final league position: 17 Player of the season: Best goalscorer: Most appearances: Best new signing: Biggest flop: Biggest surprise: Manager change (yes/no): yes
  7. Bundesliga Quiz Special Edition: Which player (who never played for MSV Duisburg) is responsible for the chorus of the Zebratwist, the song that is beeing played after every MSV goal since 1964? The answer is probably not that hard, considering the thread we are in. But the first lines of the chorus (Wo Meiderich liegt, wo Meiderich siegt, ist überall bekannt) go back to the story that Uwe Seeler is said to have asked where Meiderich is located before the start of the first season of Bundesliga history in 1963/1964. The Hamburg game in Duisburg ended 4-0 in favour of MSV, who sensationally finished runners-up that season with a team that came almost exclusively from the Meiderich district. For me, Uwe Seeler is the epitome of a football legend. Great personality, down-to-earth, and he always made himself available for any MSV interviews whenever that story was brought up once again. That made me really sad earlier when I read it. Uns Uwe will be missed. RIP!
  8. I can tell you that so far I have been quite successful with ordering Pils.
  9. No. You shouldn't. The others are utter crap compared to the first one.
  10. I'm happy to announce that after one year my profile photo is up to date again without me doing anything about it.
  11. Wenn du Die toten Hosen magst, dann musst du auch mal Andrea Berg oder Helene Fischer ausprobieren.
  12. Wenn man diesen Thread ein bisschen verfolgt, dann stellt sich mir eine Frage, die ich mir zuvor noch nie gestellt habe: Warum mussten mir meine Eltern Deutsch beibringen?
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