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  1. Michael

    Timo Werner - Valencia CF Interested

    Bayern's plans get flushed down the toilet again! lmao
  2. Ok, cool mate, I was just wondering. All the best.
  3. Wolfsburg have performed better in the league than I expected so far. Perhaps their pre-season 8-1 win over Nice was an indication of their potential this season.
  4. I would've liked at least a point, but in all honesty Leipzig deserved to win.
  5. Beutiful volley from Paciencia..it's now 2-1 to Leipzig. Could there be an injury time equaliser? 6 minutes of injury time, there's a small chance of it happening.
  6. Poulsen scores a second with a volley, it's 2-0 now to Leipzig. This has been another disappointing result for Frankfurt. I hope that Rebic comes into the starting lineup next game. We haven't played too badly today, but we do need Rebic's creativity in the team. Jovelijic and Pacienica have played well despite not having too much support. I'd like to see Rebic play just behind that front two in the next match.
  7. You haven't locked the predictions thread just before the 1st game of the weekend was played, in fact it still isn't locked. So I presume that you have recorded all the predictions before the actual kickoffs.
  8. Michael

    Timo Werner - Valencia CF Interested

    Werner will definitely be staying at RB Leipzig, for this season at least.
  9. We are lucky we are not 2-0 down, Werner could of got his second if the ball wasn't crossed a little too far behind him for him to get a clean connection. Rebic being dropped, has to be because he is apparently unsettled. Hutter was scathing about Rebic's performance against Strasbourg, claiming he wasn't putting in much effort and that he might be distracted by transfer rumours surrounding him. Leipzig have clearly been the better side in the first 20 minutes. Poulsen and Werner are continuing their lethal partnership.
  10. That was a good finish from Werner, but he really should of been closed down more tightly.
  11. Well Bayern have already bought a young creative midfielder in Cuisance. If Bayern think that Roca is not good enough defensively, then that is telling and to be honest justified on their behalf. What's the point of forking out 40 million on a creative midfielder in Roca when they already have Cuisance? Maybe Roca had a better season than Cuisance last term, but Cuisance could potentially become a better player. Cuisance is 20 and he is 2 years younger than Roca. Cuisance is highly rated in France and he has always worn the number 10 shirt for the French youth teams that he has represented. He was named in the team of the tournament of the 2018 European Under 19 Championships last year, such were his impressive performances in that tournament and he was also voted as Monchengladbach's player of the 2017-18 season. Roca is also another highly rated youngster, who is a couple of years older than Cuisance. But if there isn't much difference in quality between the two, then I agree with Bayern's decision not to spend 40 million Euros on Roca. Why would they, when they already have a very similar young player, who is potentially better. Bayern could definitely do with another defensive midfielder. But if Roca is not good enough in that department, then he rightly shouldn't be bought for that asking price in my opinion.
  12. Bayern have been very dominant and Lewandowski is as good as ever.
  13. Ignore those Neverkusen supporters, you get idiots everywhere unfortunately. Such morons should be banned for life from attending matches.
  14. Yeah, well Leverkusen look very good this season, despite losing Brandt. As we have already discussed before, I am a big fan of Kownacki, so I expect him to do well at Dusseldorf this season and hopefully he will be fit enough to make his first full game of the season next week, or at least start the match.
  15. Yes, well to be fair, I think both teams had some key players out, but it probably affected Werder more as the most of the players out were in defence. So that left them thin at the back and yeah. Toprak going off injured so early, didn't help their cause at all. Gross probably should of been the one to come on, but the manager obviously has his own ideas as to who he prefers. Fullkrug was Werder's best player today in my opinion, he looked very lively for most of the game. But yeah, Klaasen needs to really get back to form, he didn't have his best game today and he is usually the go to guy when it comes to creating chances for Werder.