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  1. Don't you worry about that, I have a strong internet connection where I am at and I wouldn't miss the Bayern semi-final even if my life depended on it. What we will be about to witness, will be history in the making. Bayern have destroyed every side that has been placed in front of them in this season's Champions League and Wednesday's semi-final will be no exception. Bayern destroyed English clubs Tottenham and Chelsea this season both home and away, both sides that have beaten Man City this season and you still think that you have a chance against the mighty Bavarians? Get ready along with the British bookmakers to eat humble pie on the 18th of August, that's if you even make it past the banana skin club that is Lyon.
  2. I'll be here with my popcorn, watching and enjoying the blitzkrieg commence in front of me.
  3. Bayern should have scored 12 or 13 goals if you want to talk about chances that could have been taken. This is football, the teams that create the most chances and are efficient with them, usually win. Bayern were on another level compared to Barcelona, they destroyed them performance wise. If you are suggesting anything different, then I suggest you have a word with your GP. De Bruyne and Sterling will probably be looking for new clubs, after they get dismantled and demolished by Bayern.
  4. This isn't fantasy football son. Wake up and smell the coffee sunshine, before you get the shock of your life.
  5. I hope that you are feeling confident after Bayern's performance against Barcelona. Maintain that Poker face mate. Yes, you had two narrow wins over Real Madrid as opposed to Bayern absolutely annihilating Barcelona and ripping them to shreds. Man City are probably the 2nd best team in this competition, I think it is now obvious who the best side are, if it wasn't already obvious months ago. Good luck on the 19th of August, because boy will you need it.
  6. Because of the quality around Boateng this season, he is less exposed and actually more able to play to his strengths. So even if he plays in the semi final and the final, I don't see it as a big issue for Bayern. Boateng lost some of his old pace a while ago, but when you have speedsters like Davies, Alaba and even Kimmich around him, they are able to bail him out. I would still prefer Sule to replace Boateng in defence, but if he doesn't, it's no big deal as Bayern still play at an elite level with him in the team.
  7. Just come back after watching this amazing match at a pub in town. What an awesome display by Bayern. They literally ripped Barcelona to shreds and the Barca defence had no answers. Bayern won in every department of the field and it seemed like Messi and Suarez were Barcelona's only hope while Griezmann was totally outclassed and kept quite when he came on. Indeed Suarez did score Barcelona's only goal(apart from the own goal scored by Bayern) and it was a classy goal at that. But apart from that, Bayern gave Barcelona an education on how to play almost perfect football. They pressed all the time when they weren't in possession, they bossed the game when they were in possession and they created a multitude of chances that in truth could have seen them score 11, 12 or 13 goals, such was their dominance. Barcelona outclassed Napoli in the last round, but Bayern have proven that there are levels and that Bayern are at the very top. When was the last time that Barcelona conceded 8 goals in a match? Bayern have made a huge statement against Barca and I think that it's almost inevitable that they will win this season's Champions League. The Bookies in the UK had Man City as favourites, which in all honesty really surprised me, not because City aren't a world class side, but because Bayern are playing the kind of football that even City can't compete with. I placed 3 accumulator bets prior to the Bayern v Barca match, which are now only waiting to see Bayern win the Champions League, with winnings just over 200 quid if they do. In all honesty, I can't see Man City, RB Leipzig or PSG managing to overcome Bayern. This is football and I do realise that anything can happen, especially in one off matches, but I honestly think this is Bayern's year and no side comes close to them when they play at their peak. They are such a joy to watch when they steamroll the opposition. If I was a part of the Bayern board, I would give Flick a new long term contract, he should take a lot of credit for what he has done at Bayern. I watched Bayern get trounced 5-1 by Frankfurt only last November when they were managed by Kovac. But the Bayern managed by Flick would likely rip Frankfurt to shreds if they met. At last Bayern have a world class manager, who's getting the best out of the players, just as Heynckes did 7 or 8 years ago. The future looks very bright for Bayern.
  8. My opinion is that Bayern will rip Barcelona to shreds, just as they did in the Champions League in 2013. Hansi Flick gets Bayern to play a similar style of football to what Jupp Heynckes had Bayern play. Bayern under Heynckes were world class and almost unbeatable. Now the same rule seems to apply to Flick's Bayern, as the German side look formidable. The pressing and pragmatic football that Bayern play, overwhelms most of the opposition and they are my clear favourites to win this seasons Champions League, despite the scrapping of the 2 leg system in the knockout rounds. It makes me think that Bayern really lost out spending millions on Guardiola, Ancelotti and Kovac, when they would most likely have had much more success under a manager like Flick, because of the way he gets Bayern to play. Flick gets the best out of Bayern and I can see him being their manager for a very long time. He is the much younger managerial heir to Heynckes. Flick could really become a legend of a manager at Bayern over the next 10 years or more. Barcelona are great offensively, as we saw how they dominated Napoli in the last round. However, Bayern are a top class side, who I think will defeat Barcelona tonight. They will find their way past Barcelona's defence and score goals. I will be going out to watch this one, it should be very entertaining.
  9. Werner left RB Leipzig for €55 million, because that was his release clause. Moreover, he actually wanted to leave because Chelsea were offering a huge wage deal. But as for Sancho and Havertz, their respective clubs Dortmund and Leverkusen are standing firm on their transfer valuations of their players and they won't accept anything less than they demand. As it stands Leverkusen are demanding £90 million for Havertz and Dortmund are asking for £108 million for Sancho, these are super high valuations for these players, so it is not as if they are letting them go relatively easily. Both clubs have reiterated that they won't accept anything less than their valuations of both respective players. In fact recently, Dortmund have threatened to increase their £108 million valuation of Sancho. At the end of the day, money always talks, as football is a business. But at least some clubs are standing firm in regards to keeping hold of their best players for as long as possible. The Bundesliga for one, is always producing many talented young players, so I don't see it as getting worse, even if a few good players leave the league. I find it a very exciting league to watch, even though Bayern Munich are the dominant force. Teams like Dortmund and RB Leipzig have the potential to challenge Bayern, but they really need to play their cards right in terms of maximising the potential of their respective teams.
  10. Michael

    Milot Rashica - Aston Villa

    33 million pounds or euros? Either way, that would be a very good deal from Werder's perspective as they could really do with the money. It's also a much higher transfer fee than the £20 million to £22 million that RB Leipzig were seemingly willing to pay for his services. The Premier League though is where the money is at and for £33 million I think both teams will be happy. Werder will be happy for getting some much needed money, while Villa will be getting a very talented forward, who I think could do very well in England. However, I think that Villa might still face some continued competition for his signature from Wolves and Monaco, despite the rumours that Rashica joining Villa is at an advanced stage. Wolves and Monaco are also wealthy clubs who could meet Werder's asking price for Rashica.
  11. I think Dusseldorf look very well balanced as a team going into next seasons 2. Bundesliga. Dusseldorf actually had many good games in the Bundesliga, but it was their finishing that let them down on many occasions. But they have a team that should do much better in 2. Bundesliga. Kastenmaier looks like a real quality young keeper, you should try your best to keep hold of him as long as possible. There are several other very good players who can do a lot of damage in the 2, Bundesliga, I wouldn't be surprised to see Dusseldorf promoted again next season. Rosler is a canny manager as well, I am sure he will get the best out of the team.
  12. Nice banter mate, lets just wait until matchday when they both meet and we will let the football do the talking. Your defenders had better be ready for Lewandowski, the best forward in the world.