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  1. Paderborn 1-1 Hamburg Aue 1-1 Ingolstadt Kiel 1-1 Darmstadt Düsseldorf 3-2 Karlsruhe Nürnberg 2-1 Heidenheim Schalke 2-0 Dresden St.Pauli 2-0 Rostock Regensburg 1-1 Hannover Sandhausen 0-1 Bremen
  2. Mainz 2-1 Augsburg Bayern 4-1 Hoffenheim Leipzig 4-0 Fürth Wolfsburg 2-1 Freiburg Bielefeld 0-2 Dortmund Hertha BSC 1-1 Gladbach Köln 1-2 Leverkusen Stuttgart 2-2 Union Bochum 1-2 Frankfurt
  3. and that's why he plays for the best club side in the world. Incredible goal, his pace is astonishing.
  4. Paderborn 2-1 Regensburg Hannover 1-2 Schalke Karlsruhe 2-0 Aue Heidenheim 1-2 St Pauli Ingolstadt 1-2 Kiel Hamburg 1-1 Düsseldorf Darmstadt 1-2 Bremen Dresden 1-1 Nürnberg Rostock 2-1 Sandhausen
  5. Hoffenheim 2-2 Köln Dortmund 3-1 Mainz Frankfurt 2-1 Hertha BSC Union 1-1 Wolfsburg Freiburg 1-2 Leipzig Fürth 1-1 Bochum Gladbach 2-1 Stuttgart Leverkusen 1-3 Bayern Augsburg 2-1 Bielefeld
  6. Japan beating Australia at home will be a huge boost to their World Cup qualifying campaign. Both Iran and South Korea will probably be content with their draw in Iran. Lebanon who are currently beating Syria away from home by 3 goals to 2 and they will be delighted if they can hang on to the 3 points. Oman who are comfortably beating Vietnam 3-1 will also be happy with the 3 points they are likely to bag this evening. The UAE have a slender 1-0 lead over Iraq at half-time and they are another side who need the 3 points desperately to keep their hopes of qualifying alive. Saudi Arabia are already 2-0 up against China at half-time and it looks like they will probably score more goals in the second half given how well they played in the first half.
  7. Well the full-time scores of the earlier matches were the following: Japan 2-1 Australia Iran 1-1 South Korea The current ongoing matches have the following scores: Syria 2-3 Lebanon Oman 3-1 Vietnam UAE 1-0 Iraq Saudi Arabia 1-0 China
  8. Michael


    I can't comment too much on his life outside of boxing, in fact I am not surprised if these allegations are indeed true, as the family is known to be quite rough. However Peter Fury does know his boxing and he always seems to give an intelligent and sensible assessment of fights.
  9. Michael


    I would not say that Fury totally dominated last night. This was Fury's toughest fight of the trilogy against Wilder. Fury certainly dominated the 2nd fight as he spanked Wilder around the ring. But I'd say Wilder won 3 or 4 rounds of the fight yesterday, with Fury winning about 6 or 7 of the rounds before Wilder was knocked out in the 11th round. Wilder started with intent in this fight and he was a threat throughout, despite Fury getting more punches in and being the better boxer. Listen, if we hadn't seen what Fury has been able to recover from in the past, most of us watching that 4th round would have said that's it, Wilder has won it. But Fury recovered from those huge hits as we have seen how he's recovered in the past from huge punches that have floored him(That late knockdown in Fury v Wilder 1, is a case in point). Even though Fury definitely had the upper hand in most of the rounds, Wilder always posed a threat and he landed with some big punches even in the later rounds when he was clearly tiring. In my opinion it boiled down to the fact that Fury is the better boxer, he is the much fitter man and he has a heart of a lion. However Wilder used his big punches to good affect last night, but even that wasn't good enough, as Fury proved too skilled for him in the end. Fury has it all, he's got the height and weight, he's extremely skilled and he is quick on his feet. He also punches very hard, regardless of what some of his critics might say. Fury is the complete package and it's always a pleasure to watch him fight.
  10. Michael


    Both fighters took some big hits and showed some real heart. 5 knockdowns in total in the fight, but Fury is just something else.
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