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  1. Saturday 19th October, 2019 Central Coast Mariners 1-2 Newcastle Jets, 09.30 Newport 2-1 Scunthorpe Rotherham 1-1 Oxford St Mirren 1-1 St Johnstone Atletico Madrid 2-1 Valencia Metz 1-2 Nantes, 19.00 Sunday 20th October, 2019 Melbourne City 2-1 Adelaide, 06.00 Alaves 2-2 Celta Vigo, 11.00 Philadelphia 2-1 New York Red Bulls, 20.00 Flamengo 3-1 Fluminense, 23.00
  2. I've missed 2 prediction weeks because I was busy with work, but I'll give this a go. Saturday 19th October, 2019 Aston Villa 2-1 Brighton Bournemouth 3-2 Norwich Chelsea 3-1 Newcastle Crystal Palace 1-2 Man City, 17.30 Everton 1-1 West Ham, 12.30 Leicester 2-1 Burnley Tottenham 3-1 Watford Wovles 2-1 Southampton Sunday 20th October, 2019 Man Utd 1-3 Liverpool, 16.30 Monday 21st October, 2019 Sheff Utd 1-2 Arsenal, 20.00
  3. Frankfurt 2-2 Leverkusen Leipzig 3-1 Wolfsburg Bremen 2-2 Hertha BSC Düsseldorf 2-1 Mainz Augsburg 0-3 Bayern Union 1-2 Freiburg Dortmund 2-1 Gladbach Köln 2-1 Paderborn Hoffenheim 2-2 Schalke
  4. Michael

    AFC World Cup Qualifiers

    Palestine are the most improved side in Asia in terms of results. I think that they will only get better over time.
  5. Michael

    AFC World Cup Qualifiers

    The tiny island of Bahrain always seem to give their big neighbours Iran a very tough game. It's not too surprising that they have won against them again, Bahrain seem to always punch above their weight in Asia.
  6. Michael

    AFC World Cup Qualifiers

    I don't necessarily agree, Asia, Africa and North/Central America are all regions with similar quality. But the European national teams and South American national teams are miles ahead.
  7. I completely agree. Living standards in many Eastern European countries are very low and there is a lot of poverty about. The racist fans from these countries probably have miserable lives, with football and vodka being their only relief. Their racism is probably due to their ignorance and the fact they want to feel better about their miserable lives. I am not in any way saying that their racism is acceptable, but those are the likeliest reasons as to why they behave in this backward manner. I have also noted that it's mainly South Eastern European fans who tend to be the most racist, perhaps it's partly to do with their history and their hatred of being under Ottoman rule for hundreds of years. Who knows, but it is all moronic and compeltely unacceptable in our wonderful sport of football.
  8. How many WW2 British soldiers will be turning in their graves at the sight of these so called British lads doing the Nazi salute?
  9. Bulgaria have not had a decent side for ages. Their 90's generation was their best ever team. Then came Berbatov in the 2000's, but the Bulgaria team he played in wasn't great either, still it was better than today's Bulgarian team. Most of their players play in the weak Bulgarian League, while one of their regulars Sarmov plays in the German 3rd division! That should give you an idea as to the calibre and standard of most of their players. You can't compare Bulgaria to Croatia and Serbia. Croatia and Serbia are always producing talented players. As to why they produce great players and Bulgaria don't, well it could be a number of factors, but I would think that Bulgaria haven't gotten it right at grass roots level, unlike the other two nations we've mentioned. Their coaching standards can't be that great.
  10. Yes, they have actually done very well under the circumstances. Glad they held on to the 2-1 win tonight, they were the better team before they went a man down. Without being bias, I think they thoroughly deserved the win. Portugal and Serbia will now be battling for 2nd place in the group as Ukraine have sealed 1st place.
  11. England have absolutely outclassed Bulgaria in their own back yard, at least that will go some way to piss off the racist Bulgarian fans. A much improved England performance all round, even though Bulgaria didn't look impressive at all.
  12. Pyatov has had a good game tonight when it has mattered. I am a big fan of Lunin and have called for him to be first choice, but Pyatov has had one of his better performances tonight.
  13. The flags there because that's where I live mate, but I am actually flying back to blighty this Saturday and I will be there for a month.
  14. Don't apologise, I'm English myself haha. I just want Ukraine to get this win.
  15. Stepanenko wrongly sent off by the English referee Anthony Taylor and Portugal awarded a penalty, which Cristiano Ronaldo scores to make it 2-1. It will now be a frantic last 15 minutes of the game for Ukraine, having to play the rest of the game a man down against this skilled Portuguese team. Lets hope they hang on to their 2-1 lead and get the win.