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  1. I am not sure how worried I should be. It seems like I can only take short breaths.
  2. I am afraid I have tested positive for COVID-19 on the rapid flow test. The NHS are now going to send me a PCR test in the next 2 days.
  3. Yeah, your fourth point could very well be true. I have been out in the sun for quite a prolonged period of time in the last 3 to 4 days, as I have had a lot of important things to do. I have been drinking a lot, but I perhaps didn't drink enough yesterday. I had a serious headache a couple of days ago(which has gone now really) and with my little coughs today, that's what is leading me to think that I may have Covid. But I probably don't. My sense of taste and smell are fine, even though I don't feel too hungry at all. Yeah, I think I should take the test tomorrow and if I test negative, then I think I will also take the vaccine tomorrow.
  4. Hi guys, I think I might have Covid. It's been a very busy past couple of months for me, I am in the process of moving and applying for a new job. I have perhaps a little foolishly delayed getting the vaccine. I actually intended to get the vaccine 4 days ago, at a walk in vaccine centre quite near to me, but as my luck would have it, they stopped giving vaccines at this centre the day I decided to go there. A couple of days ago I came home very hot, as those living in England will know that we are currently going through a heatwave. Anyway, my body was very hot all over, but I put that down to having been out in the sun and the fact that my bedroom gets very hot as well. There was this little kid who sneezed in my direction when I was out two days ago, the fact that I may have Covid did cross my mind. But today is the first day where I have a had a cough. I cough little coughs here and there. I still have my sense of taste. My appetite has really decreased, but again, I am putting a lot of that down to the heat. Right now, I am not feeling terrible, but there is a little ache in my throat and I have these little coughs here and there. I don't have that much of a headache anymore, unlike when I had a headache two days ago. So I am not sure what to do. I want to get the vaccine tomorrow, but if I am Covid positive, will they even give me the vaccine? It would be cool if some of you guys could put your 2 pence in and share what vaccine you took and what was your experience? I know that deaths from taking some of the vaccines are very rare, but it is still a little bit of a frightening thought.
  5. Top 3 teams: ( 3 points, if you predict a team and their position correct; 1 point, if you correctly predict a team, but get their position wrong) 1- Schalke 2- Fortuna Dusseldorf 3- Werder Bremen Bottom 3 teams: ( 3 points, if you predict a team and their position correct; 1 point, if you correctly predict a team, but get their position wrong) 16- Ingolstadt 17- Aue 18- Sandhausen Teams involved in the win with the largest gap of goals: ( 3 points if you get the winner or loser right; 8 points if both of them are correct) Winner- Schalke Loser- Sandhausen Top Scorer: (5 points) Simon Terodde
  6. Schalke 2-1 Hamburg Darmstadt 2-1 Regensburg Heidenheim 1-1 Paderborn Dresden 1-1 Ingolstadt Rostock 1-2 Karlsruhe Bremen 2-1 Hannover St. Pauli 1-1 Kiel Nürnberg 3-1 Aue Sandhausen 1-2 Düsseldorf
  7. Welcome to the forum Andronico!
  8. They are playing the official Italia 90 theme song now at the stadium.
  9. Precisely! My thoughts exactly and the 2 subs he brought on in the dying moments to take the penalties, Sancho and Rashford, both missed their penalties.
  10. Poor Saka, 19 year old kid bottled it under pressure. But really we didn't play very well in this final if we are honest. It's a gutting feeling losing like this on penalties again.
  11. Rashford and Sancho were both brought on to score penalties and they have both bloody missed!!
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