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  1. Fabinho good filling in at CB again but look forward to him being available in midfield again
  2. Frustrating but a 0-0 isn't a bad result. Conceding would have been a bad result. They'll need to be more open at home and I think they'll be chances for us over there. Just need to be better in the final third than we were tonight
  3. I think we've done ok so far, can definitely improve second half though.
  4. I'll be honest, I don't remember Fabinho having a difficult time at Brighton. Murray put one on him early on and Fabinho got him back later in the game. Away from the physical side, I remember him being very comfortable to be honest but that was with VVD next to him. It's not ideal for us but I don't think it's enough of a reason for people to be so pessimistic. Lewandowski is obviously a very different prospect to a limited player like Murray though.
  5. Thought you were talking about head to head matches. They're undoubtedly more experienced in recent years, being consistent quarter/semi-finalists. Finals they reached 6 or 7 years ago don't really hold much relevance with the two current sides though, a lot has changed since then.
  6. I think the latest is that Liverpool are hopeful he will play
  7. Wrong on both counts but we've not played them for about 18 years in a competitive match so it's irrelevant anyway
  8. Keeper should be saving that, awful
  9. A Chelsea win deep into extra time would be perfect
  10. Injury news: "Dejan we have to see. Yesterday he had a clearing session. We'll see how he reacted. Shaq trained and looked good."
  11. LFCMike

    British-Irish dialect quiz

    I did more of the questions before after the initial 25 and Stoke came up on mine as well as Liverpool