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  1. I think we have that with Jota and Firmino, but how many players in world football will be making Salah or Mane think 'fuck this guy might take my place'? That's a big money signing. A signing under 21ish makes sense so you can show them a clear pathway to the starting 11 in a few years time when Salah and Mane are on the decline
  2. Yes League and Champions League I think. Who's to say we won't? I don't think it necessarily has to be the big signing everyone is saying is needed but I think we need another midfielder for depth yeah. Making sure they get rid of a few first makes sense though
  3. Highest earners are reportedly Salah and Thiago on £200k.
  4. I would argue that he is being backed. As of last season, Liverpool had the second highest wage bill in league, behind only Man City. There will hopefully be new deals for several players whose contracts expire in 2023 which will only increase that spend on wages. If we start losing our best players because they are penny pinching then I think we can criticise.
  5. It will never happen for a few reasons but mainly wages. The thing I read though was that he has been offered to Liverpool when his contract is up next summer
  6. Don't drink in the house unless there's a match on. Would usually have three or four cans/bottles during a game i think. Normally go the pub once a week which is normally a early on a Saturday until God knows what time or a few hours on a Sunday
  7. I'm don't think that's the solution but even still, I don't see us going out and spending big money on a fifth choice forward.
  8. I think a central midfielder is a must. I'm not sure Klopp and Edwards will see a forward as a big priority though.
  9. They're one of the club's that he's been linked with Interest in Xherdan Shaqiri expected to ramp up this week. Sevilla, Villarreal, Lazio and Napoli among clubs to express interest. Liverpool ready to do business at the right price. #LFC
  10. Xherdan Shaqiri: “I told Liverpool board I feel ready for a new challenge. They accepted my decision and will now consider bids to sell me. Liverpool won’t stop me this summer”, he told CorSport. #LFC “I’d love to come back to Italy, and I’d like to play for Lazio”, he added. - Fabrizio Romano
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