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  1. I think the £50m on Wan Bissaka is possibly worse business than what they spent on Maguire, he's absolutely awful.
  2. Why are Everton's Covid losses so much more than everyone else? Genuine question, I don't get it.
  3. Yeah I think that's their only decent result for a while.
  4. Wolves haven't been great for a while to be honest. I'd expect a comfortable Liverpool win. As you say though, most important thing is to just win and see what happens
  5. It was definitely in the seen them given category but I'm not sure it's one that VAR would ever overturn. Would have to see it again though
  6. Still one of the funniest pieces of goalkeeping I've seen
  7. Sky have changed it up a bit in recent years. How Tyler has survived I've no idea
  8. It's incredibly unlikely that goal difference becomes a factor. And if it does, I still wouldn't have a problem with the team Klopp selected tonight. The likelihood of something close to Liverpool's first eleven tonight being able to play with the intensity to smash Southampton after playing 120 minutes the other day is slim. And as I mentioned, there was the chance of picking up injuries which would be catastrophic ahead of a game for a trophy that's actually in our control. I'll trust the people who have all the info on who they could and couldn't get away with playing tonight.
  9. Liverpool just had to win their final two games after City's result on Sunday and see what happens. Your last paragraph it's literally what Liverpool have done. It would have been just as much of a risk going close to full strength and potentially picking up a few injuries. We've already seen players pull up with niggles after the run of games we've been on. Liverpool did what was needed, I don't see the issue.
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