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  1. There's a lot of them recently who would be open to the idea of Rafa.
  2. LFCMike

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    BBC Breaks Electoral Law over Postal Votes https://bylinetimes.com/2019/12/11/bbc-breaks-electoral-law-and-editorial-guidelines-over-postal-votes/?fbclid=IwAR11Bgx6Xq-mYcvNfbs9qH7CrMxqCEtgEzSUPbNn0OoMXFa5Rdrf-3B_k6s
  3. LFCMike


    @JOSHBRFC your arselicking of Joshua and Hearn is embarrassing
  4. LFCMike

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    Haha, as if the one who is always all high and mighty is telling us he believes that
  5. Very good performance I thought. Yeah, they had moments but that's to be expected. They're a decent side who can cause havoc at times. Liverpool dealt with it well though and the two goals killed them. That Salah goal, wow. Say what you want about the keeper being shit in that situation but the finish is unbelievable. Pleased for Keita too
  6. LFCMike

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    In the BBC debate the other night Johnson was just allowed to swerve giving an answer when Corbyn mentioned his previous racist remarks
  7. LFCMike

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

  8. Salzburg can beat us by any scoreline up to 5-4 and progress can't they? It's us who would need to lose 5-4 to go through if we lose
  9. LFCMike

    Scottish League Cup - 2019/20

    I was surprised when that Celtic goal stood then someone told me there was no VAR in Scotland
  10. City Liverpool back to back is a big ask
  11. Wolves twice before the end of January too. February and March then doesn't look too bad
  12. LFCMike


    They mentioned during the fight on the stream I watched it on last night (DAZN I think) that his team wanted him back in the gym in July but he didn't actually get back into it until September
  13. Yeah I think if you keep the gap at 8 before we go to Qatar you have a chance. An 8 point gap could become 5 before we go to your place on Boxing Day and then it would be all to play for. Obviously we'd have that game in hand but if you were to beat us then that would ramp up the pressure. It's a big ask to beat Man City and Liverpool back to back though
  14. LFCMike


    I agree with this. I'm a big fan of Fury but Joshua deserves credit for last night. Did what was needed, there was no point in getting dragged into a toe to toe shoot out like last time.
  15. I don't think you can think like that when the gap is already 11 points at this stage. It's a bit different if there's a point or two in it and it's April and you have nothing to play for yourselves, for example