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  1. Keepers seem to be allowed about 10 seconds. I remember the time Mignolet held it for about 20 seconds and got booked
  2. I can't really remember many, if any 'bad' games from Robertson. Today was bad. It's allowed though
  3. Struggle for a lot of the second half but we still had a few chances as did they. First time in weeks we've had a battle because we conceded. I knew we had a winner in us though, it's just ridiculous how they keep doing it. Andy Robertson's worst game in a Liverpool shirt
  4. Managed them well so far. Much like the Spurs away games though, choosing the wrong option when we open them up in the final third
  5. LFCMike

    Fantasy League 2019/20

    27 points on my bench this week
  6. Fair enough. Thinking back to our troubles with Hicks and Gillett and that would have been much more difficult to get people on board if we'd won the Champions League in 2008 and the League in 2009 for example. Unfortunately for you lot, and I could be wrong here, I think a lot of the people who could be bothered getting involved in proper protests (and not just a few songs in the ground) have already fucked it off long ago
  7. Not a huge surprise we're unchanged given there will be a chance to rest players on Sunday. Not sure why Lallana isn't on the bench though?
  8. LFCMike

    Would you rather...Football Version

    Champions League, no contest
  9. Where does everyone see Sheffield United finishing? Three defeats in their last five but they were against Liverpool and Man City (twice). Chelsea, Tottenham and Wolves have all still got to go to Bramall Lane in April.
  10. Why did it all go quiet the last time the Norwich scarves came out?
  11. LFCMike

    Mbappe - PSG to liverpool?

    Saying you wouldn't want him under any circumstances is a bit mad. It's not going to happen anyway but if he was coming in and not disrupting the harmony of the squad by earning no more than our highest paid and Klopp wanted it then why wouldn't you?
  12. Never a bad time to get this out again
  13. Ok but why's he diving two yards behind his line to try and save one of those shots? Knowing where your line is seems a pretty basic requirement of being a professional goalkeeper
  14. @RandoEFC Pickford is awful for the first goal though too mate. But yeah, how they've not managed to keep the ball from the kick off and see it out is astonishing
  15. LFCMike

    Mbappe - PSG to liverpool?

    Let's say Liverpool somehow afford the transfer fee. There's no way they're paying the wages he'd be demanding. Not without Alisson, VVD, Mane, Salah or whoever demanding similar