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  1. Gomez is silly there. He barely let's go of him. It's definitely a foul. One of them where the attacker has to go down to get it. Everyone was calling Salah a diver for similar incidents last season though.
  2. LFCMike

    On This Day...

    10 years ago today Roy Hodgson was appointed Liverpool manager. We've come a long, long way.
  3. I think it's definitely handball but I can appreciate the frustration from Leicester fans given some of the ones they haven't got this season.
  4. I think you can do both. Starting one or two kids with the usual first eleven is the most ideal situation. A more even mix of both is not necessarily always beneficial for the youngsters. Anthony Taylor referee for this. I swear he gets one of the Manchester clubs every other week
  5. LFCMike

    Football Manager 2020 Journey Thread

    What a performance. Should have scored more like
  6. Matip out for the rest of the season. Far too injury prone isn't he? Very good when fit. Ideally he'd be fourth choice and we upgrade Lovren. Maybe a good opportunity for Hoever to get a go in the next few weeks though
  7. not really surprising. The internet is full of people who see no wrong in their own club or fanbase. I'm ashamed. Everyone should still be talking about this great Liverpool side and what they've achieved. Instead we'll just have this thrown at us now.
  8. Embarrassing behaviour. I suppose this is what happens when people have used it as an excuse to go out and drink most of the day though. Also on the whole gatherings and social distancing thing, people really do think things are basically back to normal now don't they? Not just this but beaches etc. People quite rightly pointed out about the Atletico game in March and the fact it shouldn't have gone ahead (this was when deaths were still in single figures if I'm not mistaken) but will go out and gather like this. Can't get my head around it to be honest.
  9. Ah fuck haha. Fair enough
  10. I've only gained four points from last week's table?
  11. Mine was this morning. Working from home so wasn't too bad, was proper flagging by dinnertime though. Went for an hours sleep on my dinner and felt great this afternoon haha