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  1. Why is the ref showed a still image of the Jones tackle as soon as he goes over to the screen? I get that some think it was a red, don't agree personally, but surely he should be seeing it in real time first?
  2. That Diaz decision is an absolute joke. And the explanation for it is even worse from that ESPN fella. Liverpool should take this further. It's not like it was a decision that was debatable.
  3. Soz. Wasn't even pissed haha. Probably still a bit angry after the game. Over it now though
  4. I go and watch pub football on a Sunday and wouldn't want them reffing
  5. We never saw any check on the TV. Didn't need the lines to see it was onside though
  6. Mad they didn't even show the lines for the Diaz one. Looked well onside to me
  7. What a great day of footy. Just fucking win Liverpool to top it off
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