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  1. Always makes me laugh when Evertonian's almost celebrate the fact a lot of our academy graduates were blues growing up or think that it winds us up (not saying that's happened here, although there is the one who pretends he supports Hull). I don't think Everton not being able to keep hold of them (or convince boyhood blues to join them) is something to be proud of from their point of view when these lads have won multiple trophies with Liverpool.
  2. Remember Houllier's excuse for that Fowler celebration. He said Fowler was mimicking eating grass and it was something to do with Rigobert Song
  3. From memory, 4 at Arsenal, 3 at Watford and 4 v West Ham last season
  4. Cannabis lies about going the match
  5. LFCMike

    Jack Butland - To Sign For Chelsea?

    Christ, I remember when there were actual Liverpool fans who would have taken him
  6. Do you go to every single game?
  7. Don't remember it but obviously seen it loads of times. I remember Fowler from about 96 onwards
  8. LFCMike


    The Courteeners were good but would I fuck go to one of their gigs again. Full of Ingurland bellends singing 10 German bombers and that shit Harry Maguire song
  9. Yeah Fowler was my first proper football hero, bigger legend than Suarez but on ability I think Suarez is the best I've seen. I don't remember Fowler's first couple of years properly though.
  10. That I've seen, Suarez. Dalglish overall though.
  11. LFCMike

    Rafa to Chelsea

    Nah, I love Rafa but he wouldn't be the man to carry on Klopp's work, whenever that may be. That ship sailed ages ago.
  12. LFCMike


    Courteeners at Heaton Park tomorrow. Looking forward to it but wouldn't say I like them as much as the mate I'm going with and wouldn't pay £50 to see them normally but James and DMAs supporting makes it worth it for me.
  13. LFCMike

    Things you use to think as a youngster?

    That the orange emergency SOS phones on the motorway were something to do with Sainsbury's
  14. Yes because everyone who follows a football team has the chance to go to every game home and away.