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  1. Think we needed to avoid defeat tonight but the league season would have still depended on getting back to beating the mid to bottom half teams in this league even if the best outcome happened tonight. Only Man Utd to play from the top 8 now so start winning the games you should and top four is still possible despite tonight's result.
  2. Nah Tyler is fucking awful, can tell he's desperate for the opposition to score every time I watch a Liverpool game with him commentating. I always try to get the DAZN stream working with them on the site I use but it kept freezing tonight
  3. Struggling to explain our defend any of Klopp's subs there
  4. Joking aren't ya. Tyler sounds like he's going to explode. Carragher isn't much better these days either
  5. How's Firmino managed to stay on?
  6. Letting him cut in so easy there. Fucking pricks
  7. Phillips not even on the bench. Injured?
  8. LFCMike

    Your Favourite Fast-Food Items

    A few times. Normally at the end of a night before heading home
  9. LFCMike

    Your Favourite Fast-Food Items

    Salt and pepper box from the Chinese/chippy. Don't eat from places like McDonald's or KFC very much. Have a Dominos or a pizza from a local place now and again
  10. I disagree. You have no chance in Europe with a CB pairing of Phillips and Kabak. Doesn't matter what the midfield is. Fabinho at CB gives you a better chance providing the midfield options stay fit