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  1. Alisson is better than Reina was and I loved Reina when he was here
  2. LFCMike

    Coronavirus and Football

    Domestic football during the peak summer months would be better anyway. I wouldn't be against a permanent switch
  3. LFCMike

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Johnson moved to intensive care according to BBC
  4. LFCMike

    Coronavirus and Football

    I don't think there's another set of fans in the country that hold their club to account as effectively as Liverpool to be honest, at least out of the bigger clubs anyway. I came across some defending the club on social media but a quick look at the profile of the user tells me they've probably never been to England, never mind Anfield. Having one or two very vocal groups helps in situations like this.
  5. LFCMike

    Coronavirus and Football

    It's mad that they don't learn from mistakes. How many times have they backed down from something now when the reaction from supporters has been a negative one?
  6. LFCMike

    Coronavirus and Football

    It's going to be altered according to that article in the Athletic. Rest of the article is behind paywall so I'm not sure if it says how exactly
  7. LFCMike

    Coronavirus and Football

  8. 4-0 win at Leicester. Complete performance
  9. LFCMike

    Coronavirus and Football

    There's always some weirdos that think they have to defend anything their own club does. Unfortunately there's been a few instances of pure greed over the last few years by those running the club. From the attempt to increase ticket prices to £77 to the liverbird trademark. They've either backed down or lost in those situations. I just don't get why from a PR point of view why they try to get away with these things. Learn from your mistakes. They'd already seen the reaction to Spurs and Newcastle following the same route too!
  10. LFCMike

    Coronavirus and Football

    Very poor that
  11. LFCMike

    Coronavirus and Football

  12. LFCMike

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Yeah loads more out on our street this week compared to last
  13. LFCMike

    FM 2020 Mobile

    Like you, I can't be arsed with the full game anymore. I've been playing the 17 mobile version for a while and it's sound for passing an hour or so
  14. LFCMike

    Football Manager 2020

    I'm just downloading the mobile version. I've been playing the 2017 version on and off since that came out but now seems like a good time to download the latest version