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  1. LFCMike

    UK Politics & Brexit Discussion

    Really annoying that he keeps saying NHS test and trace
  2. Depends how many points clear Liverpool are as we head into winter
  3. LFCMike

    UK Politics & Brexit Discussion

  4. Plans to allow fans back in grounds from October set to be postponed
  5. Fabinho will cover at centre back as seen yesterday. Hopefully it means we can have a decent go in one of the cups. You'd imagine Jones and Milner will start them games with one other. You've not even mentioned Chamberlain there either haha
  6. LFCMike

    Rhian Brewster - Liverpool Future Uncertain

    Fuck getting into this Origi debate again
  7. Absolutely. He's not exactly a high earner in comparison to some of the others either. We get another year from him and he goes somewhere on a big wage and signing on fee next year, everyone's happy
  8. LFCMike

    Rhian Brewster - Liverpool Future Uncertain

    There's been no bid but they're defo in talks
  9. LFCMike

    Rhian Brewster - Liverpool Future Uncertain

    Just read that the buy back clause is £37m. If he ends up being good enough for Liverpool then that will be a very good price.
  10. LFCMike

    Rhian Brewster - Liverpool Future Uncertain

    Alternatively, he stays and barely gets near the bench apart from cup competitions. Doesn't progress as a footballer and ends up in the Championship in a couple of years time. If he progresses so much that we end up buying him back then it's worth it.
  11. It's been adjusted to three points for a win for them. There is an argument that teams were more happy to settle for a draw back then though
  12. "Big mistake. Clear mistake and when you reflect on the half without the mistake and the penalty we draw the game 1-1." this fella is deluded isn't he