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  1. Yeah I don't think Rando has said a lot wrong here. He's acknowledged the point about Henderson and you can't really argue against his point that Alisson, Van Dijk, the full backs and Salah and Mane are Liverpool's absolute key players such is our options in midfield. That's not to say Henderson isn't important just that Liverpool have more quality alternatives than they do in other positions
  2. Im not one of those who has gone over the top with the injuries thing but I feel I need to question this view of Henderson. The midfield is rotated so no one is 'guaranteed' as such but Henderson and Wijnaldum are about as guaranteed as you can get in midfield when Klopp is picking his team for a game like that. I think he's proved how key he is over the last couple of seasons
  3. LFCMike

    Coronavirus and Football

  4. Going into the game yesterday there's very few sides who would have been more difficult in the circumstances. Start giving this side more credit!
  5. Curtis Jones' best game in a Liverpool shirt. Very mature performance
  6. The Villa result has distorted a lot of people's thinking. Of course the injury to Van Dijk doesn't help anyone's confidence but that centre back pairing is still better than most in the league
  7. Some of our own really need to stop underestimating this side
  8. He's lucky he's not out for the season after that challenge
  9. The only thing I worry about our team is being without players like Henderson, or even Thiago, who set a certain standard. It's something that was missing in that horrific Villa display. At least Milner is starting I suppose Big night for Jones and Keita needs a big performance too.
  10. I think there was only one being dramatic saying that
  11. I'm not suggesting we let keepers do a Jerzy Dudek and be three or four yards off their line. Having them retaken if they're slightly off though is making a pretty easy situation for the taker even easier