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  1. Played really well there. Well deserved win. Thiago makes such a difference
  2. The safety and emergency services thing would make sense if they hadn't cancelled grass roots football as well. Plus other sporting events are still going ahead.
  3. I'm not sure it'd be an upset. Even when we were at our very best under Klopp we drew and lost there
  4. I doubt either of them would be left out of the squad all together if they were fit. The group games are played over the next 2 months so they're both obviously out for that amount of time at least.
  5. Surely a loan signing just backs up the point that they're waiting for the right player?
  6. Pope was down for about two minutes then we got the corner just before 97. 'Insane' is just a silly exaggeration
  7. Got to love a winner at the death against a side that did that much time wasting
  8. Unfortunately we won't get that much out of the house we were first time buyers so put down the minimum 5% deposit. We should make a profit because we have done it up etc. Good luck to her if she stays with him. He's a 30 year old man who can do fuck all for himself. I'd like to think I'm quite a good adult in terms of cooking, house work etc but he hasn't a clue
  9. I could afford it on my own but it would be struggle and would have no social life. Whether the lender would lend me what we borrowed together I'm not sure. But it's not really realistic anyway. I can go back to my mum's, she's happy to have me. So will just save as much as I can. We should make a profit on the house so that should give me a decent starting point but obviously there's the early repayment charge on the mortgage which will knock a bit off
  10. Cheers mate. I'll definitely be much happier once the house is sold. Might have to move back into my mum's for 12 months which feels like a step backwards at the moment but will give me a chance to save a bit for my own place.
  11. So, some of you might have seen my comment in the Utd v Liverpool match thread. Anyway, two weeks ago I found out that my finacee was cheating on me with one of my best mates. This is 6 months after we bought our first house together and 4 months after we got engaged. Feels like a bad dream to be honest. I had suspicions for a couple of weeks before I found out but felt like I was going crazy. A week before I confirmed my suspicions I saw a text to him that raised my suspicions even more but she denied it and wouldn't let me see the message I know I saw. Obviously I knew she was hiding something at that point. We had family and friends at ours on the Saturday after I'd seen that message and I tried to blank it out. Anyway I confirmed my suspicions that night after she fell asleep and left her phone on my side of the bed and took pictures of the messages so I had proof this time. Obviously I've told her to get out and we're gonna have to sell the house. She's been quite amicable at the moment and keeps saying sorry but obviously I'm never gonna go back there. Thankfully our whole friends group has fucked them both off, even the girl that she was maid of honour for. Just a proper shit situation with the house but at least I've still got my mates and thankfully there's no kids involved. Once the house is sold I won't have to ever see her again.
  12. I'm assuming this is aimed at me. If so, I have far too much shite going on in my personal life at the moment to be arsed with getting into arguments about football.
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