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  1. Wasn't necessarily aimed at you, even if I do disagree with your opinion on those players to a degree. The previous page mentioned 'the entire lot of them' being a 'joke', 'fed up with the lot of them', 'mass clear out' were some of the phrases used. How is that not throwing toys out of the pram?
  2. It was literally about to be leaked which is why Klopp announced it when he did. As for some of the posts from Liverpool fans in here, talk about throwing your toys out of the pram. Last night was really poor but throwing words like 'disgrace' around about this season and talk of mass clear outs, I don't get it. We've fallen off a bit of a cliff the last few weeks, why I'm not sure. We got through the period where we had loads of injuries really well and you sort of expected us to kick on more when we got some of those players back but it hasn't happened, maybe some of them have been rushed back, I dunno. This season was always meant to be a transitional one and few expected Liverpool to be in the title race with a month of the season left. They've fallen away at the wrong time, just like Arsenal did last season but it's a learning curve. Look how much better Arsenal are at this point compared to the same time last year. There's not many left from the side that won the league with Liverpool so this is a new experience for many of them. I still think the new manager has a really good base to build from. Certain people going to extremes again though wanting most of them sold.
  3. Someone won't have a job in the morning https://twitter.com/JLFC892/status/1769483223527002356/mediaViewercurrentTweet=1769483223527002356&currentTweetUser=JLFC892
  4. You're embarrassing you. Your club is a billion pound in debt
  5. I don't know. They have all the info on the players fitness etc. wouldn't have been an issue if we'd have seen it out or put the game to bed in normal time like we should have done. Wouldn't have wanted him playing 120 minutes either though would you?
  6. Klopp explained that. He was going to bring Salah off but Clark got a knock
  7. Don't think Gakpo is the level of the other four but he's still decent.
  8. He's just come back from injury, obviously being careful with him after playing 90 in the week.
  9. We've got 5 players on 10+ goals? Scored 3 there today, no idea how we've lost that. They're fucking shit.
  10. Great to see Clark get on the scoresheet. Of the teams that are left in, i dont mind who we play. I want whoever is the weakest but they're all pretty similar. Leverkusen have struggled through their tie but would give us a good game so probably want to avoid them for now
  11. Reports are he's set to be named in the squad. Well deserved but ffs, don't want him near it at this point in the season
  12. Yeah I don't think Bayern are that much worse off where they normally would be in terms of points in the league this season are they? Only a ridiculous run of from from Leverkusen sees them well off the pace at the top
  13. https://www.facebook.com/100044393410805/posts/pfbid02h4L2vQpuga4ZnqgJXXLT6foTSXFotSTuCLQxYL35CMbWwMm1XPs4fxoxHEZGGG5Tl/?app=fbl TNT had to use an image of Klopp lifting the European Cup in their graphic saying Arsenal had qualified
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