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  1. I read that it was a problem with Amazon but with the early December midweek fixtures not the Boxing Day ones
  2. It depends what you'd do in the Champions League midweek because you'd imagine he'd want to rest maybe two of them in that in preparation for Spurs.
  3. Midfield is the one position you never really know what he's going to go with. I think Fabinho is a certainty. I would imagine Henderson starts so yeah Milner or Wijnaldum for the third spot. Don't see him throwing a Keita or Ox in here
  4. Not saying we shouldn't show any respect. Last season's performance did just seem overly cautious from us compared to other performances though. Especially given you had 3 injuries in the first half I think? And Rashford then picked up a knock off I recall correctly
  5. I think if there's a criticism you could level at us last season, it's that we showed these far too much respect in this fixture back in February. All in hindsight of course. I know they were in the middle of that run before Solskjaer got the job permanently and I think we settled for a draw that day. We know that a draw may not do against sides like this now. We're miles better than these so we just need to go out and show it.
  6. I seen something that was posted by the MEN that is trying to claim this. it's based on xG conceded.
  7. LFCMike


    Pretty much everyone who watched Wilder-Fury had Fury winning you clown
  8. LFCMike

    Will Everton get relegated?

    What about Benitez? I was listening to something earlier and this topic cropped up about how it would make Liverpool and Everton fans feel. I think it would be hugely unpopular with blues because of his history but I think there's also some blues (a minority no doubt) who realise he would be the best reasonably attainable name out there. From our point of view, I wouldn't like it because he'd no doubt improve Everton and there's a chance it taints his time with us slightly for some people
  9. As if Boris Johnson is getting involved in this
  10. LFCMike

    Will Everton get relegated?

    Mad that game was the only game City dropped points in before Christmas too. Look, you watch them more than me and I know you took some hammerings early on in 17/18 but they were against top 6 sides if I recall. I just wouldn't be so sure you're any better than a couple of years ago. The results are similar at the moment. The next couple are big ones for Silva
  11. LFCMike

    Will Everton get relegated?

    You drew with City early on that season...
  12. LFCMike

    Will Everton get relegated?

    I'd say they're just as bad, if not worse than the start of 17/18 under Koeman
  13. LFCMike

    Liverpool Discussion

    First thing Danny Mills has ever got right?
  14. LFCMike

    Will Everton get relegated?

    Talking of Everton. Search 'woe' on Google
  15. “What I’d say about Bobby is that we wish him well,” Inglethorpe told The Athletic – which is well worth the sign up. “Look, not every player is necessarily going to want to wait and develop under us and we have to respect that. “To break into elite football is going to be difficult, wherever you are. You need psychological stamina. You need to be able to put the hard yards in over a consistent period and accept the setbacks that come your way. “Like most things in life, that creates a resilience that will help you in the future. “I’m sure the time Mo Salah spent at Chelsea gave him a layer of that resilience. When you develop that skill of finding a way in life then you take it with you and it’s very useful. “There are 11 shining examples of that playing at Anfield every week. They all at some point had a period in their career where they had to overcome a problem or prove doubters wrong. “They worked hard, they didn’t quit.”