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  1. I think most teams use a mix of both zonal and man-to-man at corners these days don't they? However for that second that Chelsea conceded it'll almost always be zonal because of the position of the free kick.
  2. The blues still moan about the Carragher on Lescott one from about 12 years ago (the Clattenburg derby) which is pretty much the same incident as yesterday. Don't ever recall seeing any of them say that Lescott dived though (it was a penalty and Carragher got away with it big time ).
  3. It is blatant. Anyway, I'm not saying anymore on it
  4. You're right, they are different Carragher's slightly over the top reactions to goals is probably slightly annoying for a neutral but completely natural. Neville's comments yesterday are helping fuel this agenda against Salah despite it being a blatant penalty. There should have never been any debate over it
  5. I was merely pointing out his bias like some on here have done with Carragher. Didn't say I expected him to remain completely impartial. His comments yesterday were a joke though
  6. Yeah, plenty of times. Particularly when we were shocking defensively in recent seasons
  7. I'm talking about when he's commenting on Liverpool, not Man Utd
  8. Klopp's always going to rotate the midfielders. With the way we play, it's the one area of the team that needs freshening up game to game. Just look at this time last year when we were down to the bare bones in midfield, it showed and we struggled over the line for fourth. This year we have so many more options, why would you want to lose that?
  9. I normally think Gary Neville is ok but he's making a right cunt of himself at times during this title run in. People go on about Carragher's bias but little is said of Neville's.
  10. LFCMike

    Everton Discussion

    'most passes by a keeper' Completed roughly half of them
  11. Yeah I've just checked and that Transfermarkt site says 2019. But then there's this from the Echo: “There seems to have been a bit of confusion around the length of James Milner’s contract but I’ve checked and it definitely runs until the summer of 2020,” he said. “That’s why there’s no rush to think about an extension and all parties are relaxed about the situation." Who knows? Haha
  12. Milner still has a year left I think?
  13. At the point they appointed him permanently they'd lost their previous two games. It's crazy that they didn't wait a little while longer, see how he and the team reacted to those defeats. They've since lost four of their last six in all competitions I think? Something seriously wrong at that football club and it's great
  14. LFCMike

    Liverpool Discussion

    Comparing this side to the great Liverpool sides, they deserve to be mentioned alongside those based on what we've seen this season. It would be a great shame if this side didn't win anything this season nevermind the league. From our perspective they deserve to win both competitions to be able to be mentioned in the same breath as those sides of the 70s and 80s but there's every chance it doesn't work out like that. This is great side though whatever happens and regardless of what the banter brigade on social media post
  15. Nah you would, because it's all you have. And all you'll have for years. I've had a few bevvies on a bank holiday weekend so I'm in the mood to be an argumentive little cunt but I stand by everything I say