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  1. Sounds like it has. I wonder if Fabinho at CB is worth another go should there be an injury to Matip or Gomez. He's clearly not up to it in midfield at the moment
  2. It's alright, we recalled Rhys Williams from his loan last week...
  3. Have we not been ravaged by injuries up front? Three players have all missed big chunks of the season and then Nunez has spent some time out too. I'm convinced things change for the better once we get those players back. Even once Nunez is ready to start games, which hopefully is very soon. I don't think we were too bad today. Certainly big improvements from the league game there. They just can't catch a break. The equaliser was a complete fluke and the winner was just a great goal. Gomez will take some stick for it but I'm not sure he could have done much about it.
  4. I wouldn't write them off just yet. We were worse in 20/21 when we lost 6 home games on the bounce and then put a run together. Top 4 will be much more difficult this year but I won't lose faith yet.
  5. Thought we were alright for most of it to be honest. Looked worse after the subs. Don't think things improve massively up top until we get one or two of Jota, Diaz or Firmino back. I hope Klopp gets a chance to be ruthless with the midfield because the starting midfield and the one that finished the game is night and day.
  6. LFCMike


    Cracker this Beterbiev/Yarde fight
  7. You'd have been one of the first to be fuming if Liverpool hadn't extended those contracts. I'm sure you were saying the Salah contract was an easy one to do when it was dragging out a bit. And surely one of the reasons we've been able to sign certain players who have been key to success is partly down to agents fees? I don't necessarily disagree that the loans could have been paid off differently but once the ground is done it should free up more funds for transfers etc.
  8. I can't see Bielsa being anything but a disastrous appointment at this stage. Not that I think he's a bad manager, I just don't see how he gets that group of players doing what he wants if he's walking in at the end of January.
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