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  1. Not sure if you two seen the thread at the top, moving here https://discord.gg/nvrhuBmpAT is the Discord server
  2. Let's not forgot that the accounts released the other day are for 21/22 so will include wages for players who left in the summer and in part, summer 2021.
  3. We don't. Man City are cooking the books. I thought we all knew that?
  4. Everton are going to have to hope they can pull off another couple of wins against top half sides at home. Only one home game left against a bottom half side and that's Bournemouth on the last day. I know they've already beaten Arsenal under Dyche but you have to wonder how much that was down to the new manager bounce. It doesn't feel like their fans are as invested in getting behind the team in a relegation battle as they were this time last season either. Almost resigned to it this time around.
  5. Solid performance. Fabinho's best game for a while I think. That's three wins in four and four clean sheets in a row in the league now. Hopefully we're putting a run together at just the right time. Much tougher test on Sunday though obviously.
  6. Haha fuck off. Jota only goes into the Wolves player like that because he's pushed by the other one.
  7. Elliott has to score that header. Had a couple more half chances but not much else. Warnock on commentary is one boring cunt who chats constant shit.
  8. I fucking hate Man City but if they win it this year I wonder if people will take more notice of the PL becoming like any other league? When they're up against Liverpool or Man United for the league, 'neutrals' will want them to win it because Liverpool and United are the two most hated teams in the country and Man City's 'achievements' are irrelevant to everyone else.
  9. We were controlling things early on without being threatening but we seem intent on giving Palace chances to score as the half went on. Poor first half
  10. The injuries in attack have been just as bad. Salah the only constant in the team. Trying to integrate two new forwards into the team and missing three others. There was one point where Chamberlain was starting up top. I've already acknowledged previously the way they've paid off the loans could have been done differently. But there's obviously a reason for it. Hopefully it frees up more funds for the squad in the future. I'm not sure you need to be replacing Chamberlain, for example, with a new signing. The emergence of Bajcetic means you don't have to go and spend on a squad player in midfield. I think 3 or 4 is about right. A couple of midfielders, CB, maybe an attacker. Obviously not sure what happens with Kelleher so might need one there too.
  11. There's been a load of injuries this season too. Haha 'FSG apologist', straight out of the Twitter weirdos playbook. Fuck off. Is Klopp an 'FSG apologist'? Obviously I'm not talking about the results when I say it's not as bad as you're making out. I'm talking about the state of the squad. Wholesale changes is what you think is needed. I don't. Get 2/3/4 signings right in the right positions and things look a lot better.
  12. I bet you were saying this in 20/21 though and then last season happened. No one disagrees that Liverpool need a big summer but I don't think it's anywhere near as bad as you and some others are making out. Constantly whinging about it between now and May is just pointless as well
  13. The issue with getting rid of Gomez and/or Jones is the homegrown quota in the squad. I'm sure Liverpool are already at the limit so if you're selling them you're going to need to bring in one or two overpriced English players. Let's see what happens between now and the end of the season before we start writing players like Fabinho off though
  14. Jota very slow? I mean he's not Nunez quick but he's certainly not slow. I like Nunez but he was barely in the game second half. Just before he came off he should have played Gakpo in but ended up doing too much. No issue with Klopp trying to change it up a bit the way things were going.
  15. I'm not sure how this has turned into slagging Arnold off tonight tbh. Four of the goals Liverpool concede Joe Gomez is poor for. Even the second I'm not sure he should be going back to the keeper there. When he does, Vinicius has started to read it and the ball back to Alisson isn't great either. Alisson should do better though, no doubt. Gomez looks finished, which is a shame because that season we won the league he was brilliant alongside Van Dijk and looked like he had made that position his own.
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