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  1. Klopp confirmed both Diogo Jota and Alisson will miss Thursday's match after picking up injuries against Manchester City. He said Alisson will probably also miss Premier League games against Fulham and Sheffield United while Jota will be "a little bit longer".
  2. Does any one know what the handball rule is anymore? I definitely thought coming off another part of your body first wasn't
  3. It surely doesn't matter how much you've overspent by? If you're over then you're over. Love how you are all concerned with City's cheating now though when it wasn't an issue when they were denying Liverpool titles
  4. Is it totally disproportionate? We won't know cos no club has ever been done for this before. And we don't know what other clubs have coming to them yet. If other clubs are found guilty and get away with punishments that don't fit the crime then it's wrong but we need to see the outcome of those. People need to stop comparing the situations with Everton and City. It's like saying 'why is that shoplifter already in prison when that serial killer hasn't been to trial yet'. Totally different situations. I hope City get done proper if they're found guilty
  5. It's soft but it's a foul every time when you see what is given on keepers these days. Agree about the one on Foden as well. Diaz was fouled about 12 times before he touched Fodens face
  6. Good result. Thought we were alright, good in parts. City probably edged it but will definitely take that
  7. The best thing about this is Everton fans not criticising the owner and those running the club they've not shut up about fucking them over for the last few years. Now the Premier League is corrupt. If it was me I'd be wondering how those running the club has got them into this mess. Fair enough question why others haven't yet been punished or if they will be (they are still under investigation) but you have cheated. It's irrelevant if you're bad at cheating.
  8. Follow your local Sunday league team. It's a great laugh, no one takes it too seriously. Honestly, I've started doing that on a Sunday and it's fucking great. Love Sunday's and if Liverpool are playing on a Sunday it just gets in the way
  9. The other clubs are still under investigation. City's case is more complex and are denying everything whereas Everton have been more open to what they did
  10. Exactly. The only reason they got off without any sort of real punishment was the time barred bollocks. No such thing with the Premier League
  11. It hasn't yet but if they go on to win the next few having already won 5 of the last 6 the PL is no different to some of the other leagues with the same team winning it every year
  12. City winning the league every year does nothing but impact negatively on the 'best league in the world' brand so they should be keen to nail them.
  13. Unfortunately they'll still stay up even with the 10 deducted. Love how concerned Blues are with Man City's cheating now though after lapping it up over the last few years
  14. LFCMike


    There's been a manslaughter arrest over the death of Adam Johnson. I've not seen the incident but was under the impression it was just a freak accident?
  15. Mo Salah is just incredible isn't he? He won't get near Ian Rush's tally but every chance he overtakes Hunt in second if he sticks around for 3/4 more years
  16. Sure we were linked with him but too long ago
  17. Maybe not but put any manager in that situation immediately after the game, especially the way it panned out, and they wouldn't be having a laugh and making jokes would they?
  18. I think you're picking on the wrong squad players who played tonight for not being good enough. Gomez and Matip are fine as squad players. The keeper and the left back on the other hand.. I don't think Matip gets another contract, he'll be 33 by the time next season starts and obviously hasn't been reliable fitness wise throughout his time here and it would be a good time to bring someone in who is younger. And Liverpool will do that, as they've done with revamping the midfield and attack. The narrative around Van Dijk puzzles me. He's still one of the best CBs in the league. No he's not the absolutely flawless player he was before the injury but he's almost underrated now.
  19. Even more bizarre was that the check seemed to be over and the ref looked like he awarded the goal. Then a few seconds later he's going over to the screen
  20. I think it's just another example of you going to the extreme. You don't think either are good enough alongside Van Dijk and other first choices against a bottom half side at home? I mean, both started in a 3-0 win against the side 5th in the league for a start. Completely agree re the disallowed goal.
  21. I thought it had to be the goalscorer that handballed for a goal to be disallowed? Going back that far in the move is farcical
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