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  1. My mum and step dad have had Covid fairly recently and were both really bad with it but didn't have to go to hospital. I've no doubt they'd have both been in hospital if they hadn't been double jabbed
  2. Yeah a little. We've just been better in the big moments
  3. The one he put over just needed a side foot and it was in. Tried to go for too much power
  4. He put some poor crosses in but there was one in the second half that was really good and no one got to it. Brentford were really good from what I seen though
  5. I think he'll still be some way off Gerrard. And that's assuming he's playing 40 games a season over the course of the next four years. Don't disagree that he'll go down as one of the best though, certainly if we add another few trophies during that time
  6. City fans attitude towards the Champions League is a little bit odd though
  7. Wonder if Matip goes again here knowing he won't play in the League Cup or if 3 games in 6 days will be too much for him? Wouldn't be surprised with either scenario tbh. Mane definitely comes back in, loves a goal v Palace. Think Thiago comes back in, Keita didn't do enough for me in midweek.
  8. Whilst I did have a little laugh when I saw Guardiola's comments the other night, if I'm being serious, it's a bit out of order for a millionaire football manager having a go at fans for not always selling out isn't it? Especially during these times. But anyway, that's as far as I'll go sticking up for City fans given they'll turn up to Anfield next month singing the usual bollocks about unemployment and poverty.
  9. I would take the European Cup every day over anything else. Especially now we've got the not winning the league for so long monkey off our back. I'm desperate for Liverpool to win both though!
  10. That was fun for about 75 minutes of the 90!
  11. There was a game in the groups in 19/20 v Salzburg when it seemed too easy and we switched off and gave away the three goal lead but got back control and ended up winning. I'm hoping we can do the same here
  12. I just hope we have it in us to go again similar to the first 30 mins or so of the first half.
  13. Is that their first shot? the danger of not making the most of our chances
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