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  1. Hope you're learning, but you just sit there burning, lying in his fire
  2. I will feel you in everything
  3. I like that tune as well. Whilst I like some of his tunes, I find him overall however to be a bit bland and boring. I like this one as well from his album, even if it sounds like a complete rip off of Fleetwood Mac.
  4. Sometimes there's more to a manager's reign than trophies, league position and win percentages, particularly at the clubs where the expectation is higher and success is measured on trophies. I'll say one thing to Everton fans though, Lampard may not have won anything with us but he did a lot of good things, a lot of which were the reason we won the Champions League, maybe Tuchel's Ranieri. That said, he did have his flaws as well, I hope this move works out for him and wish him all the best except against Chelsea of course.
  5. Yes, there's love if you want it
  6. I just saw a comment somewhere. Couldn't the fact that there are less hospitalizations be leaked more to the fact that Omicron is generally milder? And not necessarily the vaccines.
  7. Betis currently sitting 3rd in the table and have real potential to get a Champions League spot given the state of Barcelona and the league in general. Pellegrini's done a fantastic job. He hasn't reinvented the wheel tactically but is a great man manager and is getting the best out of most of the players, even those like Alex Moreno who had always been an accident waiting to happen until this season. Like I said he hasn't changed things massively tactically but has given the likes of Canales and Fekir the freedom to just do their thing and everybody else is chipping in. All this done on a small budget and with very few signings. The Betis squad on paper is top six in the league really and they're finally where they should be. Let's see how they finish the season. Villarreal, Málaga, Madrid and now Betis, he's well-loved in Spain and he has made up for any loss of credentials after his West Ham stint. Class act.
  8. My head is battling with my heart My logic has been torn apart
  9. CHO has probably offered more in this run of games than the likes of Ziyech, Havertz, Mount and Pulisic have offered when they've played so far this season as well.
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