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  1. carefreeluke

    What are you listening to?

  2. carefreeluke

    Chelsea Discussion

    Another random point. We have a few players that play regularly for us that dwell too long on the ball. Hazard is a culprit but you can perhaps excuse him for it as he's our biggest threat. On the other hand, there's a few that play regularly that don't move or use the ball intelligently enough. Willian for example will slow the tempo down by stopping the ball and waiting for the defender to commit. You watch City use the ball and the difference in intelligence in this area is miles ahead. City treat the ball like a hockey puck, we move it like we're in a warm down exercise or something like that. Pep for one wouldn't stand for it, 1-3 touches then move and all the players are committed and know how and when to move the ball. This comes down to the manager but also the quality of players. I saw this on Twitter earlier: Us not being able to create is nothing new really. Give it to Hazard and hope for the best has been our plan for a while now.
  3. carefreeluke

    Chelsea Discussion

    This will be my final rant of tonight. Not often I've made this sort of a comment over the years but there's not anyone in our current team who I feel like I can relate to. Who's a Chelsea man in our current team really apart from some of the youth players?
  4. I'm by far no means saying Sarri isn't in the wrong. However, I'm fed up with some of these players. Particularly with our club we can be a bit black and white, it's either the players or the manager but this is a complete collective issue, the players, Sarri and the board itself. In saying that however I've actually took the side of the players in the past, AVB, Scolari, Mourinho (2nd spell) but this time round I cannot help but put most of the blame on the players. I've seen this current crop down their tools under Mourinho (yes OK, a Mourinho third season whatever) but then Conte and now Sarri? Not forgetting wedged in between Mourinho and Conte was Hiddink. Yes there was a small revitalization under him but one of the worst performances I've ever seen from us was when we got knocked out against Everton in the FA Cup under Hiddink. A place in the semi finals at stake, Man United being the only big team left in it and we put in a truly dreadful performance, particularly on a mental level. Yes squads may have changed slightly in this period but the bottom line, our squads, quality wise, haven't been good enough in recent years. We're underachieving considering the money we've spent. We used to be getting deep into Champions League not long go, there's a reason why we're not doing that anymore. The players. This was something I was saying 3/4 into the season when we won the league under Conte as well. Bar Hazard and Kanté, there's none of our players getting into either City's team, Liverpool's, Spurs' and even Man United's at a push. Compare what we've spent in comparison to Liverpool and Spurs for example, from the board to managers, collectively not good enough. Doesn't make sense. Spend millions on getting Conte type players, only to sack him. Spend money on Sarri type players and knowing us we'll probably get someone in with a completely different style.
  5. At least Zappacosta has a go. Azpi gets a nose bleed if he has to think about anything forward thinking. The bloke just wants to defend one on ones and that’s it.
  6. Even for us, sacking Sarri after this doesn’t make sense. We have little chance of doing it but we’re a week way of going into the next round of the Europa League and winning a cup.
  7. Sarri’s one thing but the lack of urgency from the players is shocking.
  8. carefreeluke

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Finished Ricky Gervais' Extras. Slightly disappointed as I'm a big fan of his but it was OK, got better as it went on. Had me chuckling in parts but not some of his best work. Onto White Gold and enjoying it 2 episodes in.
  9. carefreeluke

    What are you listening to?

  10. carefreeluke

    Chelsea Discussion

    I would also like to see Christensen get a good run of games. Unfortunately it's likely not to happen with Sarri having his preferences. Rudiger for me is steady but there's something about him that stops him from making those conversations about the best centre backs in the league and in Europe. Luiz at his maximum is top level but this season he''s struggled with consistency.
  11. carefreeluke

    Chelsea Discussion

    I've said it before on here but we unintentionally treat our best youth prospects the worst. Hudson-Odoi and Ampadu have spent the season so far making the senior players' coffee. Both are playing parts really as the last cover options. Hazard, Willian, Pedro, CHO. CHO's essentially being used as an option in lesser games to give some of senior players in front of him some rest. Ampadu's squad role is more puzzling. Luiz, Rudiger, Christensen, Cahill, Ampadu. Probably about adequate cover there really. Then, Jorginho, Kovacic, Ampadu, not forgetting we also had Cesc on our books for half a season. Ampadu should be out on loan somewhere, he's wasting his time this season as far as I'm concerned. With CHO it perhaps makes sense in terms of squad depth for him to be here. His problem is different though in the fact that he should be playing more, he's an intern outperforming some of the company's old boys.
  12. Well played Willian. Thought he was going to do his usual there and look to get onto his right foot but ends up getting a nice assist going on his left side. The defender makes his decision easier mind. Nice to see Giroud on the score sheet.
  13. Giroud's really lacking smoothness and sharpness these days. Whilst he was never the full answer to our striking problems, he was very good last season under Conte, this season he hasn't reached the same levels. I think before his injury around Xmas time last year he was doing better but since then you can really tell he's off the pace. He's a player that could prove to be useful for us as we approach the final stages of this season so hopefully he can get some of his groove back.
  14. He might surprise us and start CHO Monday. Can actually see that happening in fairness.
  15. He's making some mistakes personnel wise in my opinion. The third midfield position alongside Kanté and Jorginho for starters. Ruben so far this season should have featured a lot more. Of late he's had injury problems but there had been times before this where he was in good fitness and he wasn't chosen. I imagine Kovacic of late is now being seen by Sarri as Jorginho's back up which is something the manager has said himself and could explain why Kovacic hasn't featured in the more advanced role recently. Barkley I also have a feeling is being preferred partly because of Kovacic's new back up role (I'm not saying Kovacic won't play further forward anymore here) and also partly due to Ruben's injury and fitness problems. Another important reason I feel is that Sarri believes Barkley is a better option physically in midfield and that he has a better know how of how English football works from a physical point of view. This is an area in which we've struggled in at times this season. Also the fact that the manager trusts Barkley tactically to do his job. That being said if Ruben can sort out his injury problems, he'd be starting a lot more in the future compared to what he has done so far this season if I was in charge but Sarri sees it differently I guess. Alonso is apparently in the team for height reasons. Just after a very quick Google search, we're the 5th biggest team in the league. With the current best team in the country being the smallest. Including Ruben in the starting eleven would also help with height. Yes, not from in play crosses and I guess a big factor with height is what positions these players play but it would at least help on set pieces if we even need that much more height advantage anyway. Playing the likes of Ruben and Emerson etc may make us more open but we can be cut through when we're playing in what I'd call a more defensive minded team. So why not embrace it? The values of Emerson and Zappacosta are going up because the players playing directly in front of them are not performing. I'm not saying some of the players who are back up are the answers but they at least deserve to be tested. Hudson-Odoi should also be featuring a lot more considering the form of Willian and Pedro. It's a question of whether Sarri trusts him enough tactically to play regularly. Given some of the results so far this season. Why not give him a go? Playing Hazard up front for me has also been one of Sarri's problems.