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  1. I’ll say again, that three at the back stuff works wonders at times but isn’t sustainable. I’ve watched Conte heavily rely on it and Lampard use it sparingly last season. It can make average players look better as it gives them a specific role and duty which in turn generates certain playing patterns and movements for the team overall. It works like clockwork. The system promotes a stability and unity which will bring you success but at the same time its rigidness is also likely to be your downfall. Football isn’t as simple as putting eleven players in a shape and expecting to see results, it’s a lot more than that of course. What I see though with Arsenal at the moment is a team hiding behind a system almost. Arsenal will beat most teams on their day but they won’t be able to sustain it to make a truly worthwhile impact. The good thing (for Arsenal fans) is that I believe Arteta should have the awareness and flexibility to change things if need be.
  2. Rumours are this one was funded after everyone at Liverpool football club, from the players, staff and season ticket holders chipped in 10% of their monthly salaries towards a fundraiser which allowed them to pay this fee.
  3. Great signing and one of my favourite players to watch in football these days. A reminder we paid 35m for Drinkwater.
  4. Injury looks to have killed him. He's probably our worst option at the moment in midfield, stark contrast to what he was before. We were very pretty poor most of the game I thought but it did have the feel of a glorified friendly about it due to lack of match fitness and preperation. Werner I thought was relatively fantastic.
  5. I wouldn't take what you read on social media or on here with any seriousness mate. I cringe at some of the shit Chelsea fans do be it when I'm at the game or when I see videos pop up here and there and I don't want to be associated with it and that's not even mentioning the racit stuff that's occured over the years. I will however say we're one of the better sets of supporters in the country for following the team, numbers, noise whatever throughout the history of football in this country. Every club has their poor periods in this aspect but we're definitely one of the better groups, even before Abramovich.
  6. @Storts I used to be on board the Harry Winks train but I have to agree with a comment I saw just now in that he just plays 5 yard passes and that’s it. I struggle to see what he does to influence the game.
  7. The humour puts to bed all the eventual retweeting as well which may have happened already or would have happened if it wasn’t addressed.
  8. This move is a paramount component in Arteta's system, a lot of their goals were scored in similar fashion in the FA Cup run and now today. Beat the opposition press, either through exceptional build up play or through poor pressing from the opposition, play through the pitch and switch play as quickly as possible. As the other team are a little disjointed from their pressing high up the pitch earlier, it gives Arsenal more space and allows them to create an overload on one side of the pitch which this time gives Aubameyang the space to score. Switch of play, overload, space. Will teams eventually suss it out?
  9. carefreeluke

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    He really does look in a bad way on the pitch these days. Looks scared about getting injured, lacking confidence and maybe he's even lost something physically so who knows if he'll ever get back to what he was. The physical thing is perhaps the biggest worry. He was fearless before the injury and took anything on, as Cicero said it's a massive year for him. With his current state and the signings coming in, it wouldn't be surprising to see him fall down the pecking order which is a shame as for me he was always one of our best players before the injury. Hope he can get back on track. Life needs to go on though, we can't wait for him nor rely on him given his injury history, signings needed to be made in his positions and they have been, the club should do all they can to support him but ultimately it's going to be down to him.
  10. carefreeluke

    Ben Chilwell - Chelsea

    I've said it before in this thread but one of the big positives he'll hopefully bring is that he'll get up and down and be a constant option or outlet on that side, something we haven't had since Ashley Cole. Yes, there are probably shortcomings to his game, with his end product and use of the ball but at least he'll offer the energy and physicality on that side.
  11. I think it will depend how he develops in the next few years, maybe he'll build on the positive end of the season he's had and continue improving from there. Maybe he'll also iron out some of his weaknesses and grow as there's potential there. If you take away the end of season euphoria and glory of their Europa League win however, the reality seems to be he's been a bit of a mixed bag.
  12. He's ended the season well and essentially some good games on the Europa League stage have probably amped up his price tag and reputation. Seville fans aren't massively blown away by him by any means, he's had a bit of an inconsistent season where he's finished strongly. He's got good physical attributes, full of energy and will get up and down the pitch well but can be suspect defensively at times and one Seville season ticket holder told me he's also got the worst touch in the team. Potential is there and maybe he'll continue onwards and upwards but what I've posted is more or less the general consensus from Seville fans so far. @Stan @Dan Doesn't sound too dissimilar to Chilwell.
  13. We've been a bit stale in attack for years now mate. Lampard did well last season to get us creating more and to be more dangerous overall, he switched things round to add some fresh impetus where and when needed and got the best out of some of the offensive players, the newer players like Mount and Pulisic, and the old ones like Willian who probably had his best season for us where before he was below par. Despite Lampard's work, we still lack quality offensively, be it with finishing or breaking teams down which was a problem under Lampard and for several Chelsea managers before him. We relied heavily on Hazard for years and he always lacked top quality alongside him to help ease his workload. A good portion of the first half of last season saw Chelsea fans talking about how we lacked at times clinicalness to finish teams off which would come back to haunt us during games. Our finishing got better as the season went on and yes we need to add defensively to this team but the reality is that attacking quality has also been needed for a much longer time. Lampard for me walked into a club left with the mess the previous managers had left before him. This comment is going to make it sound like Lampard walked into a team fighting relegation, he didn't. The previous managers brought their own positives to the club, no doubt but trophies sometimes paper over the cracks. There is a reason why we're struggling to get into the top four and can barely make it out of the Champions League groups and it's been that way for a while now which for a club of our resources isn't good enough. I'm not trying to paint Lampard out as a saving grace but sometimes a manager's influence can be felt and long lasting even if they end their tenure trophyless. The work he has done with the young players so far and some of the signings he's made should have future managers reaping the benefits. On paper yes, we don't know how these young players will end up nor do we know how well the new signings will do but you can see what he's trying to do and thus far you can see the long-term plan behind it. The trophies have been great in previous years but after every sacking, there's been problems that needed solving and money spent and the cycle continues. I'm not saying Lampard is going to be here for ages but at least there seems to be a bit of forward thinking involved for once which is something Chelsea fans have been crying out for since Roman came into the fold. We need defensive players yes, I particuarly want a defensive midfielder, a centre back and goalkeeper, essentialy those central areas covered. Declan Rice would be great for example as Kanté needs to be looked after but it may take a couple of years to sort out everywhere. This squad has needed a revamp for quite some time. A reminder of some of Conte's spending. Most of those are looking to be shipped out for example, signed by a manager who won us the Premier League and FA Cup. Did we move on from that title win? We got worse.
  14. Don’t quite understand the Neymar and Mbappé criticism. PSG’s set up is more or less designed to get them the ball as quickly as possible but the amount of times that happened tonight were few and far between. They missed some big chances but Bayern were superb and have been all year. I thought that level of pressing to that intensity wasn’t sustainable these days but Bayern have been fantastic at it all tournament. That second half especially they were a class above and rightly deserved to win the game and tournament. A top side.