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  1. Regarding Alonso, I thought about 5 minutes before his goal that 'he's been poor today, then again this is the typical sort of moment he goes on to score a goal.' Give him time like that in the box and he will take advantage of it, despite his flaws he does occupy some good attacking positions and as I've mentioned a few times now he's a bit of a clutch player.
  2. They are the worst culprits in the league for that without a doubt. It's a dirty tactic in the way in which they do it as they do it from minute one and it can really be effective at breaking the game up. Just have to not let it get the better of you as that is what they want.
  3. This year he's also improved a lot defensively, even if he can be a bit reckless at times with challenges, gives away a lot of those technical fouls which given his position on the pitch it isn't surprising he's one yellow away from a suspension. As I said somewhere on here the other day, he's been decent for us since signing but I think given what he's capable of he can be more consistent I think. Mind you he was immense today, absolute lesson on moving the ball, I haven't seen a player of his mould perform that type role at Stamford Bridge as well as he did today in a long time.
  4. carefreeluke

    Climate Change

    With the discontent with trains and the commute these days, they also picked the wrong people to mess about with. Loved the pulling the people off the trains part but no need to start punching and laying into them mind, a bit too far.
  5. carefreeluke

    Jorginho - Chelsea

    I think we're more direct under Lampard though and whilst Jorginho plays a similar role to one he did under Sarri I think he is asked to do some different things as well. I do agree with your post mainly though. As for Jorginho, I think he's good and has been a decent signing for us so far but I also think he could be more consistent.
  6. carefreeluke

    El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

    Thought it was alright.
  7. carefreeluke

    Where have all the Captains gone?

    Depends what you define a captain as. People tend to pigeon-hole a leader or captain as someone who is more vocal, strong or the no-nonsense type personality, for example, Terry, Puyol, or Keane. A captain or leader on a pitch for me is someone who doesn't hide when the going gets tough, someone who demands the ball and plays the same way and implements the manager's instructions no matter how the game is going. Being vocal and shouting your ass off would be the least of my concerns, don't get me wrong communication on the pitch is vital but you don't have to overdo it either. Before Lahm really rose to prominence in Germany they were saying the German team lacked leadership because Lahm wasn't like Kahn or Ballack who were seen as leaders in the sense people tend to classify leaders by, as mentioned at the start of my post. More in line with what @The Artful Dodger is saying, Lahm was a good captain because he was an extremely good footballer and led by example in the way he played.
  8. carefreeluke

    Santi Cazorla

  9. carefreeluke


    I was initially the same mate, I thought they were up my street but I couldn't get into them too much. After a bit more exposure though I was into them and can happily put on their two albums all the way through, I might skip between 2-4 songs but I like the vast majority. I put on their debut album one day and something clicked and the more I listen I find songs that I didn't initially like but do now. This one recently really clicked with me. Something hit home with the lyrics.
  10. carefreeluke


    I've been a fan for ages now and I haven't got into a band this much for years. A topic for the DMA's. I think they sound like a mixture of bands that I grew up listening to as a kid.
  11. carefreeluke

    Mental Health

    All in the mind..
  12. carefreeluke

    What are you listening to?

  13. carefreeluke

    The Beatles Appreciation Thread

    Nice cover version, original by Arthur Alexander.