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  1. carefreeluke

    Group E - Matchday 4 - Tuesday 24th November, 2020

    I'm expecting his form to drop off but as I've said before I'll judge him fully at the end of the season, same with all the other new players. What I saw from him before at Leicester, I can only say my opinions were of similar elk to what you and Dan said about him however he's been very good for us so far. What's helped him is that the two guys before him (Alonso and Emerson) were incompetent at times so the standards weren't exactly high. Anyway, we'll see how Chilwell performs for the rest of the season. Maybe could have done with being rested tonight.
  2. carefreeluke

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    A good mate of mine lives in Australia and the videos I see of him out and about, it basically looks like everything back to normal again. Quite amazing. What else did Australia do differently? Is it geographic reasons as well?
  3. It's not that he's a pure holding player, he probably still plays his best football in a two but given our options in that area, we may as well adapt him there and use him similar to the way he's used for France. He probably shouldn't be used there every game and we can make use of some of the other players in that position when need be but for me, the best football we've played under Lampard so far has always been with two more attacking midfielders and one sitting. I said recently I thought we didn't have the squad profile to be able to keep on playing that system with Barkley and Loftus-Cheek on loan but it's clear Lampard has started to use Kovacic further up the pitch who does have the technical ability to play that role. It will be interesting to see what Lampard does with some big games coming up, will he shit a brick and go back to three at the back against Spurs? I'd personally like us to go for it and continue with the current system. If we lose that way, people might question why he didn't change to 3 at the back. If we lose with three at the back, people might question why he didn't keep it as it was. I hope we stay how we are in the current shape for the big games.
  4. Best fans in the country, with Man United.
  5. He's great mate but the wing is definitely not his position. As always this sort of shape looks a bit too rigid for me, even if we're a bit unlucky to be 2-0 down, don't think Belgium have done an awful lot to be honest.
  6. For the new bands and artists around at the moment and in recent years. I'll kick it off with Glass Animals.
  7. carefreeluke

    England National Team Discussion

    I haven't watched an English player as great to watch as Grealish in a long time.
  8. I think we're comparing Chelsea under Conte to Arsenal simply because of a similar playing system, you know there are other factors involved. This is a bold statement and I always get some strange looks and reactions when I say this in front of people but we actually went backwards under Conte and we're still clearing up some of the mess. I'm not saying this is what is happening with Arsenal and Arteta, I'm talking in purely Chelsea terms here. Under Conte, from the football played, the press conferences, the signings, the stuff behind the scenes, winning things really papered over the cracks. I'm definitely not saying that Conte didn't bring positives, he did but he really didn't leave the club in a better place compared to the one when he came in. You know Lampard and the current squad may not even get close to winning a league title and an FA Cup but we're wrong to always heavily use trophies as a barometer of success.
  9. I'm not here on a wind-up. Don't you Arsenal fans feel you're watching the same thing over and over?
  10. I can see why he's gone with that system given the quality of players available to him and it will get results to a certain extent. I also think he's won a lot of plaudits because he's given Arsenal a clear identity and people have seen a more defensively solid Arsenal, particularly in big games. They were lacking this for years which was always the general complaint about them, the fact that they weren't defensively solid, had no backbone and whatever else. @SirBalon 69 comments, however, don't sound too dissimilar to what I and some others were saying in Conte's second season. I've said countless times on here that system can be very rigid, predictable and machine-like, you end up watching the same playing patterns over and over. The opposition will let you off at times, by making mistakes which can be punished but over time things get tedious. Conte's trajectory was something like this: Crisis, players low on confidence Change of system Players get clear instructions and specific jobs and roles, given more protection in the system, things are simplified and a foundation is built, new ideas, a fresh start. Football's great, it's new and looks great on the eye, confidence builds, the league can't cope with the system League eventually adapts, a system that was fresh and new becomes slow and predictable, things become stale. To quote Jay Z As I've also said before however, I think Arteta has the ability to change and adapt and should be given more time.
  11. That clip is even better because in 30 seconds it sums up Chelsea fans' reactions to him over the last seven years, that used to be us. You've got the bloke at the back saying he was 'team Willian', as well which partly represents the sections of Chelsea supporters that rated him, that guy will be back on the Willian bandwagon in a couple of weeks when he scores a screamer whilst forgetting the games of mediocrity previously. @Storts A particular Chelsea song will say differently but one of your best moments in the summer of 2013 was Willian rejecting you at the last minute.
  12. I've seen they've started to turn on him, I also remember Robbie saying that Willian is better than Ziyech as well. Willian really has been one of the biggest myths of the Premier League in the last ten years, rated by all the pundits and other fans but not by those who watch him every week. Strangely his best season for us was last season.
  13. carefreeluke

    Ben Chilwell - Chelsea

    Been absolutely fantastic so far. Won't get carried away though and let's see how he finishes the season.