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  1. carefreeluke

    (Group E) - Spain 0-0 Sweden - Monday 14th June, 2021

    With Morata as well I don't know how he got to be rated so highly in the first place, was it a mixture of social media and other things? I don't know. He never even started consistently for Madrid and even Juventus if I remember correctly. It no surprise then to see him struggle to maintain a consistent place in the team wherever he's been, everyone's got fed up with him. Torres, on the whole, was poor for us but he was adored and I can't remember the fans wanting a player to succeed as much as him. I remember when he finally scored his first goal and the stadium was electric, I think I was at the game and he suddenly he went through on goal and everyone was probably thinking this is the best chance he's going to get. For some reason though, the ball got held up in the rain (which is very rare coming to think about it) and it looked as if the chance had gone but he managed to rescue it and put the ball away. Fans went absolutely mental and they were some of the best celebrations from the fans I can remember at Stamford Bridge. The players went crazy as well.
  2. carefreeluke

    (Group E) - Spain 0-0 Sweden - Monday 14th June, 2021

    Werner's name has been sung constantly at Chelsea since the fans have been back. Werner's off-the-ball work was a massive weapon for us last season and one of the reasons why we ended the season so well. Torres' offered less perhaps in terms of general play but his application was a lot better than Morata's, Morata's biggest downfall was more his whinging in the media. Hate is too much of a strong word but Morata has been one of the players I've disliked most in my time of watching Chelsea. Torres, Werner, and Morata. All cost a lot of money, all have had similar finishing problems and media spotlight. Two are absolutely adored by Chelsea fans, one isn't. I think that says it all.
  3. carefreeluke

    (Group E) - Spain 0-0 Sweden - Monday 14th June, 2021

    As far as I'm aware, you tend to get more journalists than ex-pros mate which some people would say means the level of insight is better. Even if you just look at the British journalists that comment on Spanish football such as Sid Lowe and Graham Hunter you can see a difference between them and some of the typical pundits you get on Sky Sports and BBC for example. You'd also have to take into account that the likes of Sid Lowe and Graham Hunter generally express and articulate themselves better, having more academic backgrounds. A lot of Spanish football analysis is done on the radio late at night as well, there's less studio time and after some games (depending on the channel maybe), there could be little or no highlights of the game. If I had to choose the coverage I'd prefer, I'd say I prefer British football coverage but there are things Spain probably does better as well.
  4. carefreeluke

    (Group E) - Spain 0-0 Sweden - Monday 14th June, 2021

    Strikers will always get slaughtered for missing chances but a mate of mine made a good point recently on Morata. You can perhaps heavily forgive strikers for missing chances if you see them working hard and applying themselves in the right manner and a mate of mine said that's why Werner has never got the same level of criticism from Chelsea fans. Timo is adored by us because he's always working hard, Morata never had that same level of application on the pitch and his finishing was more of a problem because of that. Furthermore, as @Stan said and as I've said before on here over the years if Morata is not scoring and on form, he doesn't bring much else. You can perhaps justify playing him if he's on a hot streak and in form but apart from that his general hold-up play and other attributes are pretty weak as well. On the other hand, Werner's general play in terms of movement and work rate is very good for example. Morata was never fully taken to by Chelsea fans because of his application and the fact that he spent a lot of time moaning to the media. Two strikers with similar circumstances over the years, have been Werner and Torres. Both had similar issues with finishing but they were very popular with fans due to the way they conducted themselves, Morata didn't conduct himself well at all. I'm not talking about mentality issues, I would never have a go at a player for lacking confidence or struggling mentally but I would for their application on the pitch and the way they handle themselves off it. Morata came across as a whiny child at times and that's why I eventually ended up lacking sympathy for him. Werner's and Torres general application on the pitch and what they said and how they came across off it, meant that among fans, Torres was one of the most popular players for us at the time and it's why Werner's name is heavily sung now.
  5. carefreeluke

    (Group D) England 1-0 Croatia - Sunday 13th June, 2021

    Thought we were good but against a Croatia side that were poor on the day. If we get to the knockouts, I can't see us getting past the first decent side we face, I think most England fans think the same but football is football, we'll see.
  6. carefreeluke

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    It's strange how it affects everyone differently, some people can be more or less asymptomatic whilst others are in the ICU and that can happen with people with no existing conditions. I don't think I ever posted in here in the end but I had the virus back in February, was more or less like the flu for about a week. I think I lost my sense of taste and smell for 3-7 days as well, can't remember exactly how long it was but my sense of smell isn't great at the best of times anyway so it was a bit difficult to tell. The worst symptom though was tiredness and that lasted for at least 4-6 weeks, who knows though maybe that wasn't even related to the virus, but of course, it's likely it was. I also had to self-isolate for about a month as well in total, not because I wasn't well enough to work but due to a mixture of random things, it's a long story. If we lived in a world where this virus didn't exist and I had the same symptoms, I would have still have gone into work that week anyway, so looking back it wasn't that bad but still having the flu is never a nice experience anyway, particularly when the thing you have is new and being talked about in the media constantly. In the aftermath though, in the last few months, it's been a bit of relief actually having had it, dare I say. As you're supposedly unlikely to catch it again so in a way it's put my mind at ease a bit when going out and doing things. I have heard of people getting it again but it's supposedly unlikely, so touch wood. Of course, though the ideal is not getting it at all and getting the vaccine. @Devil Maybe you won't get that feeling of relief I had as you've had it much later in a country where the vaccine is passing through the age ranges very quickly but you'll be fine mate and I hope you fully recover as soon as possible. All the best.
  7. carefreeluke

    What are you listening to?

    As the years fly by I'll wipe the tears from your eyes All we need is love and a place we call home
  8. These awards should always be about consistency and that's why Mount should have won it, compared to Foden, he started in nearly double the number of games. Mount our player of the season and our most important player. Either way, I'm happy for Foden and happy to see all the English boys nominated and involved.
  9. I'd go something like this. I know some of these players haven't played in the friendlies and there are some question marks over their fitness. However, at least the back three would give us some sort of solidarity and tactical discipline. We were carved apart by Austria and Romania at times. What would it be like at a major tournament? Pickford Walker Stones Maguire James Rice Bellingham Chilwell Foden Grealish Kane
  10. Anyone get annoyed with the way in which friendly games are refereed at times? We’ve been constantly cynically fouled over these two games, Grealish receiving the brunt of it. The leniency in friendlies with bookings is annoying at times, as the Austrian and Romanian players have just clocked up fouls in both games as they have known they can get away with it.
  11. I know there are players missing and it’s been two friendlies but surely there’s no way we can go into this tournament with a back four and a 4-3-3/4-2-3-1? Off the ball and in transition defensively we’ve looked very poor.
  12. carefreeluke

    What are you listening to?

    She's electric, she's the current running through my veins
  13. Absolute Don. Oooooo Thiago Silvaaaaaa