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  1. You can point the finger at our attackers at moments this season for not taking the chances but it works at both ends of the pitch. Individually defensively we have to improve as well, absolute shambles some of the defending on show at the moment.
  2. You could put a mannequin in some of those situations Rudiger and Christensen faced today defensively and it would have performed better. It's on Lampard for choosing our worst two centre backs defensively. I don't get care if Zouma and Tomori come in and do just as bad, it will make a change and be better than watching the two clowns we have on show at the moment. Also, West Ham are a very physical team, I don't know why Zouma our most physical player, is on the bench especially considering he's just had a decent performance against Leicester. Football is a game of form we know that but I tell you there's not a more overrated centre back in Europe than Rudiger at the moment. If you want to learn how not to defend, watch Rudiger, he'll do the opposite of what's right.
  3. Reece James was probably one of the worst performers for us that first half and was rightly pulled off. This wasn't just an isolated performance for me though as it highlighted the area of his game that he needs to improve most and that's in defence. He's been very good for us in general since coming onto the scene but he needs to improve defensively for me, his ceiling is potentially very high so it will be interesting to see how he develops. Also, some players that have come in for criticism from myself and others this season seemed to have picked up their performances, I'm talking about Willian, Barkley and Azpilicueta. Let's hope it continues. I was very happy to see Azpilicueta come on and was thinking 'go and sort them out' when I saw him waiting to go on. Ivanovic's performances really petered out as he got older for us and it was definitely looking like Dave's career was going the same way, I'm hoping to see Azpilicueta continue his recent good performances.
  4. The jury's still out on Pulisic for me, I think he's been a bit of a mixed bag overall. He loses the ball a bit too much and I think personally that's an area of his game he has to improve. He's still young though and we'll see in the next few years if he can develop even more and get some true consistency going. The potential is there though.
  5. I agree to some extent. I think more the problem with the Conte approach for example which I've been critical of in the past is that in his second season, for the most part, it no longer became an effective way of playing. I don't mind that sort of football if I see it being successful and that chances are being created and there's some ambition to be creative and attack which you can still produce despite setting up that way. The problem with Conte in that second season is that our attacking play and chances in a lot of the big games lessened as the season went on, opponents were a lot more effective at controlling our counters and attacking patterns. So a lot of the time it frustrated me because we were sitting back but more importantly it all seemed pointless to me because the majority of the opponents could easily stifle our attacks. Hence we found ourselves in a position where the opportunities to win games weren't as high as they should be. Last night, I thought City were poor but even them not at their best is difficult, even though you still have to admit their performance helped us. Our back line's position did vary throughout the game and ultimately we did enough to create things, a lot of it coming from going long and playing off the striker. I saw avenues where we could win that game and also Lampard after talked about how he wanted us to have more possession and belief which was a good sign. Individually we defended a lot better which is probably in part down to us being a bit more compact. Players like Christensen, Rudiger, and Azpilicueta putting in good performances who have all had their fair share of criticism this season. Our ability on the ball was probably one of the most frustrating things for me last night, some of the build-up from the back was tragic at times, Kanté in particular, losing a lot of the ball.
  6. carefreeluke

    William Carvalho - Leicester

    He's an odd player to watch. If the system suits him, he could be a good signing for anyone. Betis fans generally have positive opinions of him but his second season there has been hit with a big injury which may be a concern for Leicester fans. On paper, he needs some legs with him as he moves like a tank but more importantly if the system suits him and gives him adequate protection, you'll get rewards in his performances. The biggest criticism he perhaps got at Betis was more due to the system not being foolproof, holes and gaps appearing due to inadequate pressing or poor work defensively further up the pitch which was the case at times under Setien and Rubi and it left Carvalho isolated to pick up the pieces which doesn't suit his game at all. The bottom line is that if you protect him and have a system that suits his strengths of possession and build-up play, he should be a good signing.
  7. carefreeluke

    Club Rivalries

    @Storts talking a lot of sense these days. I'm not for the fighting whatsoever and would never get involved but it definitely has added something to the atmosphere in the London derbies. Remember one incident at Chelsea / West Ham, I think it was back when Bilić was in charge. The away end at Stamford Bridge is situated next to the family section (perhaps strategically done I don't know) but I remember coming out of a very hostile game and despite there being relatively heavy police and steward presence, a full-on ruck started if I remember correctly. I don't remember exactly what happened, was it a ruck and someone taking it too far to cause others to get involved or something else but it shocked me to see this happening when the majority of the Chelsea fans were coming out of the family section. It wasn't like handbags or a couple of people involved, it was very toxic and it was one of the few times I genuinely felt unsafe at the football. I'm perhaps treading a fine line here as it may appear I'm advocating hooliganism but you don't need to have fists flying for that hostility to be created, the abuse can be more than enough. It's perhaps the potential of it happening or the fact that the heavy police presence adds to the hostility involved. We know the rep Arsenal fans can get but I remember one year when they came to Stamford Bridge and they were ballistic and looking at one-off visits only, they are still one of the best sets of English supporters I've seen come to Stamford Bridge in terms of noise and overall atmosphere. Looking at particular one-off visits alone that is.
  8. @Dr. Gonzo @LFCMadLad @LFCMike @Rick @YNWA @Mel81x Congrats guys. A lot better off you lot winning it than some of the other contenders.
  9. Rudiger and Christensen is the worst pairing we have. Wouldn't trust or feel comfortable with Rudiger at all and Christensen's reputation seems to be getting worse the more he plays. I still think there's a player there with Andreas but it's beginning to look like he won't reach the level that was expected of him. I imagine they were both chosen today partly because they're more comfortable on the ball than Zouma (Tomori is injured), in a game where we were going to have a lot of the possession but their use of the ball is not really worth justifying starting them given their overall performances this season. Villa were dross and most teams are going to be taking three points off them judging by that performance today. Our worry is that individually defensively we're still suspect and although we played well today, we could have dropped points due to poor individual defending.
  10. Again Mount shows why he’s our player of the season in the 30 games so far. He needs to be looked after for the remainder of the campaign and given rest where possible, he was overused earlier this season.
  11. Another poor performance from Betis. They are in that sort of moment where plan A isn't working and it takes for them to go a goal behind to even get any sort of urgency going. They don't start games well but a lot of that's down to the ideas and tactics coming from Rubi who hasn't been a good fit for them at all.
  12. @Storts It would have been interesting to have seen the fans' reaction to the game had they been in the stadium. You were genuinely camped on your goal line for a good part of that game. It might be a bit rich for Chelsea fans to criticise Mourinho's style when they may have been praising him to death back in the day. The difference being his style was extremely effective back then which made it more entertaining in itself, winning football can be pleasant for many fans. The fans saw effective football, football where they saw the reason and method behind it, they saw the signs of it working and the success just reaffirmed their faith in the manager's style. The triumphs and achievement also succeeded in getting him praise and appreciation for his tactical decisions. Earlier on in his managerial career, he also generally had better players at his disposal. Evidently, Mourinho style's seems worse these days, partly because the rate of success isn't as high. Don't get me wrong, I'm not necessarily saying he's always been like this, I still maintain we played some entertaining football under Mourinho even in his second spell but as @Cicero said something changed at the mid-way point that season. Overall, the problem with Mourinho nowadays is that you no longer see the signs of his style working. 10-15 years ago, yes he was still called out for being too negative but there were however clear signs in games of his tactics being effective, you saw the idea and the potential it had. Have a look at the last 5 years or so however and there's a lot less evidence that suggests his style is an efficient or worthwhile one. It's all become very stale.
  13. Rubi has to go, no identity to the team or clear playing style. Just give it to Fekir or Joaquín and hope for the best. They really are dismal to watch.
  14. I have and will probably continue to slag Alonso off but where he does deserve some credit is the fact that's he's a bit of a clutch player. It's a myth for me that's he's good offensively but what he does have is a big moment in him. Scoring goals doesn't make a player offensively decent for me, particularly when you look at and compare Alonso with some of the attributes the best-attacking full-backs around have at the moment. Alonso is similar to Ivanovic was, he's a clutch player who will be very decisive in and around the box if given the opportunity. I think that asset alone is worth making use of at a squad level role at least. The problem is when you start relying on Alonso consistently throughout the season.