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  1. My opinion on Willian is well documented, he's always been poor for us except for maybe the Mourinho days but even then he was perhaps a bit overrated. Azpilicueta has also suffered because of the change in style since Sarri came in. Mourinho and Conte suited his style, not forgetting he was a left-back under Mourinho and a centre back under Conte. Deeper blocks, more defensive football. It's not an exaggeration to say that under those two managers, Azpilicueta didn't even have to go past the halfway line. Since Sarri, he's been moved to right-back but also been required to contribute more to attacking play which isn't his strong point. He just looks a bit awkward doing it. On the other side though defensively he's declined slowly over the past two years which before was something you could rely on him for. You know, more perhaps progressive/expansive systems can leave defenders more exposed, even more so in our case where the team has been getting used to new systems over the past two years and the shape sometimes suffers a lot for that. Not ideal for defenders. Azpi however is even struggling a bit in the one vs ones and with mistakes like we saw against Leicester on Sunday. Lampard has mentioned Reece James a lot in his press conferences, maybe we will see him given a proper go. I wouldn't say Azpi's legs have gone, more so that for an extended period now (under Sarri and now Lampard) he's been pushed out of his comfort zone and asked to do some things which don't suit his strengths. He's still capable of big performances and he's had some decent ones in recent years but it's definitely time for him to play a lesser role. I like Giroud mate, he's worth keeping around. He's always been of the level though where you can't rely on him consistently throughout the season, this doesn't make him a bad player. He's decent and useful but not quite good enough at the same time if that makes sense especially when you end up comparing yourself to the teams in and around you. As for the final paragraph, I ultimately want to see some progression and results with the playing style and system, while at the same time seeing some of the players develop and get better. I'm not expecting us to get top four and win some trophies but then again that's definitely not impossible. Progression with the players and playing style doesn't have to be exclusive of success in the league or in the cup competitions. Then again, if I see us make progress in the areas mentioned and we have a good go in the league and cups, I think most would be happy. 'A good go' is perhaps open to interpretation though.
  2. It really did look like it affected him confidence-wise, he seemed to hide a bit after that penalty miss. The way he runs pisses me off as well.
  3. carefreeluke

    Off Topic

    Sorry to hear that mate, lots of love. Bloody hell. Never heard of anything like that before, cannot imagine what the bloke is going through. Was it a stray dog? Oddly (perhaps) being careful around dogs (especially stray ones) was always instilled in me by my mum growing up, I don't know why but that caution is one of those random things that have stuck with me in life.
  4. I didn't manage to see who was responsible for it at the ground but just seen the goals back now. He's really declined.
  5. The most typical Morata goal ever.
  6. Seen some new things with Frank but there's also so far some similar themes occurring to Sarri's and Conte's time in charge. Today reminded me a bit of Conte in that after the first 20-25 minutes and being one-nil up, we sat off a bit and definitely allowed Leicester onto us. For me, we did that for too long of a period, must have been for around 30-40 minutes and we were punished for it. As noted, we should have switched formation and brought Kovacic on as an extra man in midfield, funnily enough, this is a typical change Conte would do to help manage the game. I also think there's some game management work to do with pressing and team shape. In the first half of last season, Sarri used to make the team press high and aggressively for significant periods but he quickly learned that it wasn't maintainable and we saw his game management in this regard get better as last season went on. It's something I feel Frank will have to work out as well, the pressing, shape, and game management side of things. Leicester definitely had the better of it today overall.
  7. Barca remind me a bit of the latter Fergie sides, don't play particularly well but somehow grind out wins. They could face some trouble this season but I think they'll be alright as soon as the magic man comes back. Massive alarm bells rang after that Roma game for me and I would have got rid of Valverde that season.
  8. He’s been one of my favourite players for years mate. Good to hear he’s playing well even if it’s for you lot.
  9. Every club has their idiots and Chelsea has its minority (like any other club) but it's true to say that minority is a bigger minority when compared to most clubs in England.
  10. Barca are dross to watch these days, no sort of idea or identity about them. Bilbao let Barca attack them for too long of a period in that second half, I think if Messi had been playing they might have been punished. They started to push and press high about 5 minutes towards the end and were rewarded for it, with a great moment for Aduriz.
  11. carefreeluke

    Chelsea Discussion

    On that topic, refreshing to finally see a pundit shed some light on the matter. Was tiresome last season listening to commentators and pundits talk about how Kanté should be playing in his best position.
  12. carefreeluke

    Chelsea Discussion

    Pedro has a big performance in him, despite being mostly below par last season he did have some very good performances in big games. I think in defence (player-wise) we will be alright, it's more the team shape as a whole that we will need to work on. I think most defenders would have problems if the team played the way it did at times on Sunday against Man United which left the defence exposed. We need more unity as a team defending. Our strikers do worry me as compared to some other big teams we don't have that player who's going to get us 20 + goals but we'll see maybe it will be a mutual effort and the whole team can chip in. I'm hoping Reece James can get some significant game time at right-back as I think Azpilicueta limits us at times particularly against weaker teams. Not forgetting we have 2-3 of our best players still to come back as well in Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Hudson-Odoi, and Rudiger. The former two (not many people outside of Chelsea realise) are two massive players for us these days. Fingers crossed their careers don't get hampered by injuries.
  13. carefreeluke

    Chelsea Discussion

    Very happy with the performance last night. Some evident work done to fix the issues we saw on Sunday and a bold performance that featured a good number of youngsters.
  14. As for Man United, I think they looked poor for the most part. It's early days though so let's see how they develop as the season goes on.
  15. Quality from Mourinho. I like listening to Neville and Carragher but the difference in insight compared to Mourinho was noticeable. Our problem at the moment down to a tee.