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  1. carefreeluke

    Sam Fender

    Can hear some obvious influences in his music such as Springsteen and The War on Drugs but got to be one of my favourite artists these days. His first album is one of my favourite albums in the last few years and the singles released so far for the second album are also very good. Similar in nature to stuff he's done previously but very good. Wonder if we have any fans on here.
  2. Can I get back to my loneliness? I don't know what to do with all the happiness That you're giving me
  3. You can probably dig out some posts of mine saying similar things and I still stand by them, great on his day, with a skill set that can be useful for any top club no doubt but overall he isn't consistent enough. He's benefited from roles in two good systems this year, with us and Italy which allow him a lot of protection. I think him being in contention for the Ballon d'Or says more about the competition he's had and more notably the emphasis that gets put on collective trophies, rather than individual performances. Overall, he's had a positive year no doubt, I appreciate his role in the squad but he probably isn't as good as some of the recognition he's been getting this year.
  4. He hasn't been terrible but nowhere near the standards of the last season, there are players performing worse than him in attacking areas but I'll call out anyone if I don't think their performing to what they're capable of and Mount fits that description at the moment despite probably being my favourite Chelsea player these days. For me, he's been our best player, not only last season but the season before as well. At his best, he does everything and sets the tempo for the rest of the team, his absence was felt when he missed a game last season or the season before last. I don't know if he's got a bit complacent, played too much football or whatever but he's not at last season's level where he set himself some high standards. The worst thing for me at the moment with him is that he seems to be losing the ball a lot when retaining the ball is normally one of his strong points, you never really used to see him lose the ball ever. Hopefully, it's just a small bad patch and he'll come out of it.
  5. We’re being carried mate slightly by Lukaku at the moment. Our other attacking players aren’t performing as well as they should be, even Mount. Havertz - has moments of brilliance but isn’t consistent, his Champions League final goal means that he’s untouchable for the time being. Mount - i’ve just documented his recent form above, last season he was the heartbeat of the team but hasn’t been himself of late. What he brings tactically helps him cement his place in the team Pulisic - dumb Ziyech - dumber I’ve been saying for a while now that we need the attacking players to step up. Last season we more or less got by because of Mount and rotating the others and then them chipping in here and there. Now that Mount is not on it, the lack of quality is a lot more evident. I adore Mount but will always call out any player if they’re not performing well enough. Lukaku won’t be able to carry us all season and will undoubtedly go through a rough patch himself and hence we need the others to step up. I’m still not confident enough in our attack to be strong enough for the title and hence think we’ll fall short. Hopefully, I’m wrong. We should be right up there in the mix with the squad we have though.
  6. Mount hasn’t been the same player since the Euro’s started. He hasn’t been terrible but hasn’t been performing to the high levels of last season. He isn’t performing as bad as some of his competition in that area but for me he needs a kick up the backside. He’s lucky he’s got competition such as Ziyech and Pulisic.
  7. Think the real difference with Lukaku the last couple of years is his mentality. Seems to have an aura of confidence and maturity about him these days. That combined with the changes he's made physically have taken his game to the next level. Compared to his earlier playing career, I don't see an awful lot of difference in his playing ability but it's just the fact that currently mentally and physically he's on another level.
  8. Wow. You really hear the emotion of their songs when Noel sings them. Taken this tune to a whole new level, class version.
  9. @Dan Yeah, could make sense. I think the Reece James incident is slightly different as in that situation your instinct or even fight or flight just takes over in order to save the goal as it happens so quickly, it's deliberate but just natural instinct to do that. How much space you allow for natural instinct to determine the seriousness and deliberateness of an action is another story but overall that law to issue a red card in that case does seem harsh. Those incidents rarely happen mind. The only one that comes to mind off the top of my head is Suarez at the 2010 World Cup. In that instance, the red card seems a lot more deserving and justified given the deliberate nature of it, added with the magnitude of the game and what it meant for the encounter. When you start working in the lines of deliberateness and instinct and whatever though, you allow for ambiguity which makes the decisions more difficult in some cases. I guess other decisions and incidents involve that though anyway.
  10. Yeah mate, top boys. Phillips really impressed me last night and England have been lacking players of Rice's mould for a while now. I think both could be more progressive on the ball at times but apart from that happy days. Out of interest, how highly do you rate Phillips? As you watch him every week.
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