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  1. Firstly congratulations to @Stan and @Dan. I don't give a shit about the decisions against us, I was going crazy with my mates in the pub when we scored but it took me a moment to realise that it could be ruled out, not for an offside but maybe something happened elsewhere that we didn't see so after the intial euphoria of celebrating, I decided to hold back until there was confirmation and then immeditately it went to VAR and I knew then it wasn't going to count. I don't give it a shit about the decisions though, we got what we deserved. I don't think Leicester were great, just better. Typical final really, one goal, the winning team's keeper playing a blinder, and I think if one of our players had scored a screamer and the first goal, we would have gone on to win it and everyone would be saying how great a job Tuchel has done. The first goal was key. This is not to take anything away from Leicester but it was one of those typical finals. The only thing I would say is that the period before they scored Leicester did look to take the game to us, they were on the front foot and for that they deserve credit as we failed to get going in that respect. That was the most annoying thing for me yesterday, apart from maybe a bright start, we didn't look to take the game to Leicester and play with bravery and with some balls which we have done previously in big games. We looked a bit too passive and Leicester were better in that regard and deserved to win because of that. They also controlled Werner's threat relatively well and were better tactically than other opponents we have had recently. It worries me for the Champions League final. If City control Werner, they can limit a lot of our play.
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  3. He's frustrated the hell out of me at times this season but he's come along way since being stuck out on the left with Lampard. Again as I say always, he suits certain conditions and circumstances but if you look at what he does off the ball, his one of our biggest threats and Pep hasn't been able to deal with him at all. The final is another game though, it will be a lot more difficult for us.
  4. Werner has been great the last few months and nobody can tell me otherwise. Still got the biggest games and crunch time to come though, let's see what happens with him and everyone involved with the club.
  5. carefreeluke

    What are you listening to?

  6. Credit where it's due, he's been fantastic so far under Tuchel. In saying that I'm still not sold on him, Christensen either. I think the system offers them both a lot of protection, of course, you still have to perform within that system but I always doubt how well he'd perform if the system changed.
  7. It's such a shame this happens during a pandemic, an academy graduate scoring to seal the win to take you to the Champions League final and it takes place in an empty stadium. One of the worst things about my job is that I miss a lot of the first halves of weekday games, I'll watch the first half back at some point but anyway, I'm so proud of my team tonight. @Cicero me, and the Leicester boys included have banged on for years now how Kanté's best role is when he's allowed the license to get up the pitch and use his athleticism. He can do a job pigeonholed as a pure DM but it doesn't get the best out of him, if you want a reason why just look at our two goals there this evening. From what I saw, Kanté was a four-man midfield himself tonight.
  8. I think Real Madrid changed and adapted to us midway through the 1st leg and they looked more comfortable when playing deeper and looking for the counter. It also helped stifle a lot of our threat. I imagine Real Madrid will be a lot better tactically this time after the lessons of the first. Going to be tough. Very nervous!
  9. They were definitely not the ones that turned the tide but it played a small part definitely. Chelsea fans weren't just outside the ground, they reportedly stopped the team bus from entering and caused the closure of Fulham Road. Cech had to come out to encourage them to stop the protest. I would have been there if I was in the country. As Dan said though, this whole thing has made fans realize the power they have again which in theory should be a great thing. I also think the pandemic plays a part in escalating frustrations and also the normality and thought of fans being together again after such a year encouraged a lot to turn up.
  10. Credit to United fans, best in the country.
  11. I haven't watched Inter since they played Sevilla in the Europa League final when this lad wasn't even on their books. I'll say one thing though, Conte's system makes wing-backs look like world-beaters. It did the same with Alonso and Moses, one is now the second choice for us and the other is on loan in Russia. Hakimi could go on to be one of the best full-backs of all time but there's no doubt in mind, Conte's system is made for wing-backs to shine. They are basically playing as forwards at times.
  12. Why wasn’t Mount taken off earlier?!
  13. He should have made more use of Gilmour in previous games to have given more rest to the likes of Kovacic, Jorginho and Kante. Again, Werner probably isn't someone we can rely on heavily throughout the season but he does perhaps go underappreciated at times as his pace and movement off the ball is a decent weapon in itself. Suits certain circumstances and periods, needs a goal for his confidence but despite his misses being annoying, I think recent criticism of him has been a bit harsh and over the top.