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  1. carefreeluke

    What are you listening to?

    And oh, how our glory may fade Fade, well, at least we've learned Some things along the way
  2. I will watch the first half back at some point as I missed it because of work but Ziyech and Pulisic still really need to get their asses in gear. Our quality in attack didn't cost us today but it wouldn't be a surprise (the way we're going) if it's the reason we fall short come the end of the season. Pulisic is a shadow of the player that tore Liverpool apart in this fixture in July last year and Ziyech is worse than Willian at the moment.
  3. I still have no faith in Christensen and Rudiger, the system offers them a lot of protection and Christensen is just left to do what he's very good at and that's reading the game and sweeping up. Put Alonso, Azpilicueta, Rudiger, Christensen in a back four and they go from Ferrari's to looking like Ford KA's.
  4. I've been banging on about Mount for two years now and saying how good he is, easily our player of the season last season and now it seems he's finally winning over the last remaining doubters. We spent a bomb in the summer and despite all those players we brought in, Mount is still at the heart of everything good we do and that's been the case now for two seasons. I think his end product still needs some work but yeah future captain.
  5. Only caught the second half because of work but have to agree with @Cicero, Atlético were awful from what I saw but I imagine it will be a tougher game second leg. Will watch the first half back at some point. As I said before, everything at the moment looks good until the final third, we really need some of our flair players to start playing well, Ziyech, Pulisic, Havertz, their return to form could be crucial for us.
  6. carefreeluke

    Premier League Referees

    Have you watched La Liga recently mate? And I imagine the same problems exist in other leagues as well. The thing is you also need a cultural understanding of the league and country you're refereeing, I know there's a foreign referee in European competition but it's different refereeing an one-off game as opposed to every week.
  7. carefreeluke

    Premier League Referees

    @Scouse_Mouse You're not going to get the perfect referee, even with VAR, there is too much subjectivity and too many intricacies involved in decision making. The problem is you're looking for something that you can't really obtain in football, not all decisions are black and white. Can anyone on here name a decent referee nowadays or from the past? Collina? People have been complaining about referees for decades, it won't change, for most people referees have always been shit particularly when you add in the tribalism of football. The criteria people simply have for a good one is getting decisions correct. How can there always be a correct decision though? If for certain incidents you think it's a penalty but the bloke behind you in the pub thinks it's a clear dive after having the benefit of 3-5 replays. 'They should come out and explain their decisions' so you want them to be put in front of the media and questioned about what they did? After they've been abused and called all sorts all game? Respect surely works both ways, no? And do they need even more spotlight? I don't want to always come across as a referee apologist all the time, I admit some of the Premier League referees don't help themselves sometimes, some come across negatively and VAR still needs to be improved but they're already fighting a losing battle before they even step on the pitch.
  8. carefreeluke

    Members You Miss

    @True Blue @SirBalon
  9. I don't think we were that bad and agree very much with Hoddle during the commentary, our build-up and approach play was decent and we got into some good positions but just lacked quality. We're really lacking a flair and creative player on form, it's imperative we get the likes of Ziyech and Pulisic back on track and maybe experiment with Hudson-Odoi more further forward. I spent a lot of the game missing Hazard to be honest with you. The thing is Ziyech and Pulisic look far from the players they're capable of being and that's one of our biggest problems at the moment, we're missing a Hazard type player, someone with quality and end product in the final third. What was that performance by Ziyech when he came on by the way? It's players like that we need to start stepping up, he came on, lost the ball 3-4 times and that was it. The players can't hide behind the manager now, now there's an experienced coach, new chances, new ideas, new system, the players either start performing or not, no excuses.
  10. Fair comment, I've felt more boredom in our games this season than I have done for a while watching us. Like @Cicero said we have really been massively tested yet, our most difficult game under Tuchel so far came against a Championship side, early days and no need to get carried away. When I say tested that means by one of the better teams in the league or in Europe but also anyone really. We haven't faced a team that's had a go at us probably and pressed high for significant periods yet, Wolves, Spurs, Newcastle were happy to sit off. Sheffield pressed high and did cause us problems and made it difficult but ultimately they lacked quality up top and defensively with some poor errors. The Spurs game changed when they pushed up the pitch and pressed us. Barnsley did it for significant periods and really did cause us problems, credit to them. If any manager has watched us under Tuchel so far and decides to sit off for the majority of the game and not press us, it's a bad move. Interestingly, our next game is Southampton who despite being in a bad moment, do like to press and I think this is going to be our first real test. One of the positives of Tuchel so far though is that he has demonstrated the ability to read games better and change tactics if needed, it was the change of shape which helped us a lot against Barnsley for example. Regarding Werner's return to form, he hasn't really looked all that for me either, the positives are that he's scoring and assisting again (he's started to leave his mark on games again which for a player like him that's very important). Hopefully, his confidence is growing again and the system seems to suit him better but apart from that, I haven't been that impressed with him, to be honest.
  11. A game you can't draw almost anything from, the easiest game we've had in ages.
  12. Easiest 45 minutes we've had since I can remember in the Premier League. Hence difficult to draw too many conclusions. Kovacic has been amazing but the performance has been dreadful from Newcastle so I'll take any good performances with a pinch of salt after that first half. Good for Werner's confidence that he was involved in the first and scored the second but he really does remind me of Torres though for us. Werner's first touch and ability to retain possession really is off at times, needs to work on keeping it simple and then he can build from there. He often really can't even get the basics right.