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  1. carefreeluke

    Chelsea Discussion

    Been doing the rounds recently. Nice watch.
  2. carefreeluke

    Victor Moses Linked With Crystal Palace & Fulham

    Preferred him to Alonso. He's always done well for us even well before Conte when he was playing for us as a winger. We got the maximum out of him. Taking into account his performances for us and not the loan moves, he's always put in an honest shift and performed relatively well. At the very least he was a lot more mobile than Alonso. In saying that, performing well to a certain level doesn't necessarily mean that level is good enough on a regular basis for a club that should be getting into the latter stages of the Champions League. People wonder why we're in the Europe League and have fallen on the European scale when we have players like Moses and others regularly playing for us.
  3. carefreeluke

    Alvaro Morata Transfer Listed

    I think I remember one or two goals he scored for Madrid, Spain or Juventus that were outside the box but that was it. He barely even shoots outside the box and most of his play is inside the opponent’s penalty area. Costa and Drogba used to muster a bit of space for themselves and shoot, that isn’t in Morata’s armoury. As I said, Morata is a poacher at best and you’d think considering I think we create the 2nd largest number of chances in the league you’d find him on the score sheet a bit more often. Hasn’t happened consistently enough though thus far.
  4. carefreeluke

    Alvaro Morata Transfer Listed

    His mental issues are probably his biggest problem. At his best, he's a decent goalscorer. Oversimplifying things here a little but pure goalscorers are useful and there have been many top strikers over the years that just score goals. Take away those goals though and they become a bit useless. Morata's one of those strikers when he's not scoring, there's not much else there. When Morata has a good game, it's normally because he's scored and there might be some other good general play thrown in that he offered which I believe however is solely a byproduct that comes from his confidence after scoring or from being in good form.
  5. carefreeluke

    Alvaro Morata Transfer Listed

    He was always even a bit overrated at Real Madrid, when Real Madrid fans' frustration with Benzema kept on growing and there you had this relatively young striker from the city itself that would score regularly enough when given the chance. It was in that context that this sort of hype generated about him but it was also a Real Madrid team that played to his strengths when he was on the pitch, in the way that they just fed him chances. Benzema would offer something different while Morata did similar movements and took up similar positions to Ronaldo and hence was never going to nail down a starting place for long enough no matter how well he played. It was that situation with Benzema that helped escalate his reputation whilst also the fact that the quality of those Real Madrid players was of the highest level in Europe. He wasn't only playing with very good players but good players that played to his strengths. He's had some decent periods of form for us but overall yeah he has been disappointing. In saying that though, I still see something in him as a player.
  6. carefreeluke

    Funniest Series You've Seen?

    What are your favourites? Looking for some recommendations.
  7. carefreeluke

    Your Music Highlights of 2018

    Songs and albums...
  8. carefreeluke

    Marcos Alonso

  9. carefreeluke

    Has Sarri's bubble burst?

    We're in good hands with Sarri and want him here for two years at least to allow him the time to fully implement his ideas. I'm more than happy with him in charge, if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out and football as we know can be hard to predict but I like the direction we are going in.
  10. One of the biggest frauds I've seen watching Chelsea but he hates Tottenham so it's alright.
  11. carefreeluke

    Roughest Place You've Been?

    Yeah, Peckham was where my Mum and her side of the family grew up and she often comments on what it used to be like. Changed now though as mentioned.
  12. I'm surprised Barkley has got the game time he has but perhaps the Europa league has helped this a lot, the same way in which it has helped Ruben and Kovacic get more game time. Anyway, my opinion hasn't changed on Kovacic. I like his technical ability but I'm still seeing the same Kovacic I saw at Real Madrid. Not forgetting, we spent two years watching Kanté and Matic in midfield so a player that came in with some calmness on the ball and some good technical ability would have perhaps always been viewed in a more positive light no matter the true level of his actual performances.
  13. Kovacic and Barkley have both been given good consistent runs in the team though, for Ruben it's been a bit stop and start in terms of having any kind of run. Sarri hasn't given the same level of trust to Ruben as the other two, he admitted that Barkley had to improve tactically but gave him the game time to do that. He says the same about Ruben but has not given the player the same level of game time. Ruben hasn't even started a Premier League game I don't think. I agree with you that he has to play with more intensity but for me that's purely in off the ball situations.
  14. Not necessarily I've just never really rated Barkley or Kovacic despite them both having some decent games for us so far. Ruben Loftus-Cheek should be starting over both.