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  1. carefreeluke

    Chelsea Discussion

    Perhaps it's looking like the tide is turning that way anyway but Giroud should be starting the majority of games until the end of the season. Higuaín hasn't done enough in the chances he's been given so far and also looks a bit of the pace physically and with his match sharpness.
  2. Anyway credit Spurs, it was a bit smash and grab in the end but they held on and were clinical when they needed to be. Poch has done a great job especially comparing the budget of both managers. Pep deserves criticism for his approach in the first leg which for him seems to be becoming a common theme.
  3. Thought Spurs were dreadful tonight but as good as City played they also made their own mistakes which lost them the game. City also messed up the first leg. Anyway, what a sport.
  4. Think Liverpool would be very comfortable against Barcelona over two legs. Messi might have a say about that but I’d put Liverpool as clear favourites.
  5. It’s something about the way Pogba carries himself that really pisses you off. Hate the bloke.
  6. Thought we were OK and adopted a similar approach to the league cup final against City. From 30-60 minutes we seemed to lose control in the game and that's where Liverpool won it. We failed in that period to break up their pressure, the start of the second half especially was just wave and wave of Liverpool attacks and we failed to get any respite from that.
  7. carefreeluke

    Racism in football

    You're right mate. At Chelsea stuff like that has been sung for years and years. I wouldn't say it's just the changes in technology and use of social media that's making it come to the surface though. Chelsea as a club are taking a much stronger stance on it and it's also getting coverage from journalists who are putting it more in the public eye. The club and people associated with it are doing more nowadays to eradicate it from the stands.
  8. Betis were far the better team on the night. Sevilla just very clinical, the polar opposite of Betis.
  9. carefreeluke

    The Beatles Appreciation Thread

    Favourite songs, albums, underrated songs, live performances, anything to do with The Beatles.
  10. carefreeluke

    What are you listening to?

  11. carefreeluke

    The Holiday Thread

    Was in Valencia the other month for Las Fallas, 2nd time in that city. It's very nice, the best thing is the park that runs through the city which used to be a river. Basically sums up the Spanish lifestyle. Great city, not in my top three for Spanish places but very good nonetheless.
  12. carefreeluke

    Danny Drinkwater

    Drinkwater is a decent enough passer but I don't think he moves the ball quick enough to play the role. Technically he doesn't play at the right speed in my opinion. Not to say Drinkwater can't adapt but I would rather see Kovacic given more time there.
  13. carefreeluke

    Danny Drinkwater

    I don't think telling a player 'you don't suit this system, so you won't get game time' is necessarily good management but we don't know how the real conversation went and what their relationship has been like throughout the season. For me, Drinkwater doesn't suit the current system at all which doesn't mean he can't play and try to adapt but we've also got a lot of squad depth in the midfield positions so it's difficult for him. Under Conte, he''s perfect, Sarri no.
  14. carefreeluke

    Sleep - Sleep - Sleep

    What about bad experiences with sleep? I remember when I was at uni and I had both my dissertation and an essay for another unit in for a Friday 12:00 AM. deadline. I finished my dissertation the day before on Thursday early afternoon and had to do that essay for the next day which was 4,000 words. The problem was that I hadn't written a single word of it and by the time I got into the library and settled on that Thursday to start it, it was getting close to the evening. I had done all the research (which consisted of pages and pages of notes, months of research) but had no plan. So I start but by the time it reaches midnight I've got about 1,000 words and hit a wall. However, somehow that night in the library I managed to finish it, I somehow got more words on the page and it got to 9:00am-10:00am the next day and my mate was helping me do the referencing and stuff, he was also in there that whole night but more so because he had a weird sleeping pattern, than anything else. I don't know how I finished it, the finished essay was below the word count even with the 10% rule. Don't know how I did it, nearly gave up but somehow I didn't. I also had another mate in there who was doing the same essay and other people I knew were also working to other deadlines, maybe they kept me going I don't know. Or the fact that I was thinking, go all out, if you fail, don't let it be for giving up, I was thinking that if I packed in that night, I would have regretted it. If I go all out, at least I could say I tried. The funny thing is that this essay turned out to be my highest mark in that final year (it was a 1st) and alongside my dissertation helped me come out with a 2:1. An all-nighter in the library doesn't sound like hell but I had been tired all week doing the dissertation and had late nights previously. In that 24 hours the energy drinks gave me the shits also and so in the early hours of that morning I was going to the toilet every 30 minutes much to the amusement of some my mates in there. This was the final year, thought and a lot of work had to go into these essays and the context and environment for me in that year of university and many others was that you need to get at least a 2:1 and you get trapped in this university bubble, so I was battling very much with that pressure of the fact that my grades and future were on the line. Looking back now, the thoughts towards university are a lot different but I was young at the time. So I gave in the essay about an hour or 30 minutes before the deadline. Funnily enough the next day I didn't even sleep, body felt like it was a different world, I may have fallen asleep for an hour but it was one of those naps you get where you're not even sure if you fell asleep. Ended up going out that Friday night as well and getting back late. The whole university lifestyle is a strange one, don't know how I lived like that looking back.
  15. carefreeluke

    Danny Drinkwater

    Sarri's press conference was basically all about Drinkwater. Whilst I agree with Sarri's comments, they could perhaps be a bit of a poor thing to say to the player. Every player should be given a chance to show their worth and the opportunity to adapt. Maybe Sarri's level of English didn't help the situation and maybe it was meant to come across in a different way. Drinkwater used to be the forgotten man until this week.