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  1. Fuel mixes can't be changed mid-race anymore.
  2. Apparently Lewis is still suffering from the long term effects of Covid.
  3. John was already an inspiration, but this has elevated his greatness further.
  4. The eye candy is absolutely shit this year isn't it.
  5. Started reading his autobiography a few years ago and stopped midway through Chapter 2. Came across as really self centred, arrogant and dismissive.
  6. Whiskey

    Off Topic

    Haha, did Footgolf once myself and it was great.
  7. I don't get why you'd have so much hatred. Baffling to me.
  8. Hahahaha is right. Everton aren't we.
  9. Having a daughter myself, this is great timing for me as I hope to follow more of the Women's side of the game - the fact that they aren't doing it half arsed is great too.
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