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  1. Croatia is a lovely part of the world, one of the nicest countries in Europe IMO. I'm the same as you, always happy to see them do well.
  2. Why are you getting a shitty lip on about people not paying £2 a month for the forum?
  3. Yeah my dishwasher gets used probably twice a week, due the amount of plates and other shit you need to add to fill it up.
  4. I did Alta last year, they were a really fun save. They also had Morten Gamst Pederson last season who was really fun to use (in real life he left for a second division side). I managed to build a young Norwegian squad, but mixed that in with the truly batshit crazy signing of a 39 year old Carlos Tevez.
  5. I'll get excited if England get near to the final, but I've struggled a little with this tournament because as you say, every game feels just that little bit dodgy.
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