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  1. Can't wait for Bruno Fernandes to tweet #WeGoAgain to make everything OK after the game.
  2. He's absolutely shit, and that's not going OTT and looking for bites.
  3. I genuinely believe that there's frogspawn with a higher IQ than Happy Blue.
  4. I think that the 3D engine is pretty abysmal tbh, even on the high powered machines that you see the YouTubers using. It's 2D all the way for me.
  5. I bumped into @Stan in HMV a few months ago and broke a few of his ribs. Yet to meet up with @Tommy.
  6. It's months away and I already can't be arsed with Miami.
  7. Thanks @RandoEFC. Having a mad week so genuinely missed this. I'll take Borussia Dortmund, as that's an insane set of fixtures to try and pick from.
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