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  1. Whiskey

    Off Topic

    Sorry to hear @Batard. We're all here mate.
  2. Forgot about that, never laughed so much when messing around with @Denis
  3. Lynn Gunn has 3728377427 missed calls from me. I'd happily give her babies.
  4. 1. GOAT posting pictures of semi naked, ripped men and claiming they were all him (despite them not looking remotely similar). 2. whentheballmoves chatting up that Newcastle fan then having a meltdown when Stan and I "investigated" his IP. 3. Brian claiming that Egypt wasn't in Africa. 4. That virtual football thing we did, when we set up a Twitter page selling panties with SirBalon's name on them. 5. Any O'Brian booking a holiday then snapping his leg the week before.
  5. Yeah, this. Anyone that calls themselves a "prankster" hasn't ever seen a vagina and I'd be happy to see set on fire.
  6. Whiskey

    Members Pictures

    Why have you got a massive erection?
  7. Sorry to hear that Lucas, but fair play for giving your time to such a cause.
  8. Given the appalling human rights record that Newcastle's owners have, always good to see a decision like that go against them.
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