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  1. For once he kept Garnacho on instead of Antony. It's paid off, manager is on a role with his changes.
  2. Dea Gea Dalot Malacia Lindelof Maguire Sabitzer Scott Antony Fernandes Garnacho Weghorst
  3. Slight variation and without the cuntish behaviour. But the snotty type you mentioned. I see them in John Lewis always looking miserable as fuck.
  4. Ganglands season 2 - 8.1/10.
  5. Any of you had a fight since 2019? I've not myself but this last month have nearly lost my cool while grocery shopping. Cunts having conversations which blocks aisles and stops you from being able to get to products. Pricks who know people are walking behind them yet decide to stop on the spot to go on their phones which is annoying. The rushers who whack your basket with their because they don't look look at where they going. This happened yesterday and I really felt like punching the nobhead.
  6. Huge train crash in Greece, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-64806678
  7. Are there adverts which do your head in? There are 2 that are really pissing me off. The women crying on the couch and talking. Turns out she's talking to her dog which is shown at the end of the commercial. Recently that McDonalds advert where everyone in the office goes to McDonalds. Bad enough being a shit advert which is promoting shit food. But the advert just fucking drags on forever.
  8. https://www.planetf1.com/news/mercedes-red-bull-10mm-lower-everyone-else/#vuukle-comments
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