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  1. I always browse Netflix once per month looking for something which is unknown. I found a series based in South Africa. Am 8 episodes into 13. It's called Diamond City. I looked on IMDB for reviews and it only had 1 review, was in 2 minds about watching it. Am glad I did, it's a hidden gem and I'm gripped. Has corruption, covering up and trafficking as the main elements of this series. I highly recommend it.
  2. Loving the second Unchartered remastered. Is a good mix and the world is quite open. Done missions in the jungle and now it's urban warfare in a city. A real good mix so far.
  3. Imagine the Honada powered cars and Mercedes engine cars have an all out war.
  4. Did Gray get a good run of games with you lot? When I saw your games he was on the bench quite a bit.
  5. Dynamics have changed a bit for Lewis going into the final race. I wasn't expecting them to win 3 on the bounce. I thought maybe come the final race he'd need to win with Bottas having to come between him and Max. Now either has to finish in front of each other within the top 10 to win the title. I wonder how RB will set Max up this weekend. In Saudi they wanted track position so they set-up geared more towards qualifying. This is why Max was hitting purples in his final run before his minor crash. There is talk RB might take a new engine. Apparantly they've said if it's needed they won't hesitate to change it.
  6. If Lewis wins the title, Max's mum should stay away from Jos for at least a month.
  7. https://www.planetf1.com/news/jos-verstappen-lewis-hamilton-respect/
  8. Lewis wins the title. While on the podium news breaks he tested positive but Merc kept it quiet.
  9. My regret with the scenes in the above 2 games is not turning the lights of to make it even more creepy.
  10. Just finished Unchartered 1, what a cracking game that is. Started the second one remastered, done the first 2 chapters. Only had to shoot one person so far, it's been very tactical so far.
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