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  1. MUFC

    Niki Lauda

    "It is quite amazing firstly that he lived after the accident and then to come back as quickly as he did," Ecclestone told BBC Sport. "I sat with him before the first race he came back at Monza, and he came back from practice, took his helmet off and there was blood running down his face because obviously nothing was healing properly. "So he had that patched up a bit, put the helmet back on and finished qualifying - so that's Niki. Lauder>Terry Butcher
  2. MUFC

    Round 06: Monaco

    Rain will make Monaco worth watching, hope its buckets.
  3. MUFC

    Voting on Thursday

    Voted for them since I was voting age lol.
  4. MUFC

    Voting on Thursday

    Will Tommy Robinson get many votes? Are you all voting for your usual party or thinking of change?
  5. MUFC

    Formula One - General Chat

    When Hamilton won his first title in 2008, he passed Glock to seal it. Glock was in a Toyota who use to be in F1 back then. Oh Lewis, Oh Brazil, Oh Glock, Oh Massa, Oh change of conditions.
  6. MUFC

    Formula One - General Chat

    F1 cars easy to drive? https://www.planetf1.com/news/hamilton-f1-cars-are-not-hard-enough-to-drive/
  7. MUFC


    December or next year I reckon.
  8. MUFC

    Conspiracy Theories