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  1. MUFC

    Formula One - General Chat

  2. MUFC

    Walking Dead

    Didn't like last night, not over-keen on back stories and I found it over emotional with Ricks daughter.
  3. MUFC

    Madeline McCann - Netflix

  4. Or is it just me? Worse for me is strikers. How many real world class strikers are there at the moment? I would only have Suarez as he has done it in the CL and league.
  5. MUFC

    Most liveable cities 2019

    Anyone been Baku?
  6. MUFC

    Formula One - General Chat

    Whats the highest level you played F1 2018 on? I got to 98%, and it become really hard. Even in the Merc or Ferrari I was getting 7th at best, and starting between 15th and 18th on the grid.
  7. MUFC

    What Turns You Off The Opposite Sex?

    Women who claim their partners have huge cocks, talking about it among their mates. When you seen them in the showers or changing rooms, its obvious the women are just bullshitters.
  8. MUFC

    13 Most Perverted Deaths

    Which perverted manner would you go out on, if you had a choice?
  9. He had injuries, but one problem was qhen younger. He packed on so much muscle, he became robotic like Barkley.
  10. MUFC

    Forgotten footballers

    We use to have Anderson, we went back to play in Brazil. He was so unfit, he needed a breathing mask on the pitch, he was conked out.
  11. MUFC

    Forgotten footballers

    So shit they named him twice.
  12. MUFC

    Forgotten footballers

    Mellor, the winner vs Arsenal lol.
  13. MUFC

    Forgotten footballers

    Djemba Djemba.