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  1. Turkey is my favourite track to drive on. In terms of seeing turns late, Turkey is very realistic. Going uphill on the main straight followed by going downhill with a sudden turn which you see late. Imola will be added to the game in October via updates.
  2. If he'd scored. They'd be wanking silly over the local lad.
  3. https://www.planetf1.com/news/toto-wolff-helmut-marko-mr-grumpy/
  4. Looking at famous movies which are similar, which are better? Like a head to head. I'll start with the following. Godfather vs Goodfellas - Which did you think was better?
  5. Been raining in sochi for a few days. The rain will continue all week but end on Friday.
  6. Hate humid weather. Can't fucking sleep.
  7. This for me was an emotionally draining documentary is a good way. Having his wife and kids brought it in this direction. His wife gave a good account of who he was off track and on the track. The work he put in was immense. The fact that he went to Ferrari in order to get them to the top again shows how he never ducked a challenge. I feel the documentary was geared towards his first title win at Ferrari. It went in that direction, once he won it you felt relieved yourself even so you've already lived it. Regarding his tussles with Senna. Would have been interesting to see how this panned out for a few years. Senna was getting on but had plenty of life in him. He took pole in the first 3 races of 1994, the third being his tragic death. Shuey young but wasn't intimated by Senna or anyone in general. I think this surprised Senna as Senna wasn't a saint himself during the 80s and was known to overstep the mark. It reminded me of Holyfield with Tyson. Evander just wasn't intimated and this went back to their younger years. I wasn't a big Schuey fan in fairness after he took Hill out in 1994. But I'm glad I watched this. The new generation can learn from his work ethic and the work ethic of his parents, similar to Lewi's dad who had to hold down 3 or 4 jobs to support his racing career. What was the most important part? They stated how Schuey's skin was always skin tight and glowing. We need more documentaries where they mention skin complexation and the athletic bodies of sportsman.
  8. https://www.planetf1.com/news/lewis-hamilton-max-verstappen-out-of-road/
  9. Watched 2 episodes of the USA version and that was enough for me. I found him to be utter OTT and unfunny. I really wanted it to be good because I loved Office Space.
  10. Does this include Series? I hated The Wire.
  11. MUFC


    No worries, we'll stop talking about the RB team.
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