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  1. Howler from Hradecky. Slips as he goes to pass it. Muller scores into an empty net.
  2. Hull nearly equalise. Slater hits the bar with a deflected long-range effort.
  3. Unlucky and unfortunate own goal for Hull. Adebayo's shot smashes against the bar and Jones has no time to react for the rebound.
  4. Stan


    It's quite embarrassing on the NFL's part that he was still allowed to play.
  5. Stan


    Tua being allowed to play yesterday evening after what happened on Sunday is terrible, from the NFL's perspective let alone the player himself. Took a massive hit last night and almost looked like he went into seizure.
  6. It's gonna be a boring (and I mean coma-inducing boring) or some crazy scoreline like 8-5 because neither team can defend for shit.
  7. As a neutral, probably one of my favourite derbies. Genuinely can't remember a boring NLD. While sometimes the Manchester & Merseyside derbies, or Man Utd/Liverpool have thrown the odd borefest. Brighton/Crystal Palace always has some bite to it as well.
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