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  1. Stan

    First Goal - Season Two

    No problem
  2. Stan

    First Goal - Season Two

    That was an error where it says Game 2 there. That should have said game 3 for which my 29th minute prediction was for. Game 2 was Southampton vs Brentford. The list of games are in the spoiler on original post, that gets updated after each game My 11th minute prediction is for the game tomorrow evening.
  3. Stan

    First Goal - Season Two

    We're on game 4...
  4. 'Spend £50 at Sports Direct, keep your receipt and you get a test half price'.
  5. Brentford through on penalties against West Brom. Diangana the only one to miss.
  6. Mata puts Utd 1 up. Tough on Luton as they'd matched United up to now.
  7. Penalty to Man Utd as Williams is brought down. No doubt about it.
  8. All teams have to play equal games otherwise it's unfair.
  9. Good game at West Brom. 4 goals shared in the 2nd half. 15 mins left.
  10. Happy for the season to be cancelled and to be crowned winners again. All for it!
  11. Moyes & 2 West Ham players have tested positive. Left the stadium as they were informed pre-match. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54258226