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  1. Stan

    The Butterfly Effect

    Or an L.
  2. Stan


  3. Sad to hear. Solid player. As Nudge said, good they've been able to track it as opposed to having to act after something bad happens. Hope he recovers.
  4. Will Grigg scores his first Sunderland goal since joining from Wigan.
  5. Quite a lot to do? He had no players round him and rushed the shot. Literally all he had to do was turn, have a quick look and place it in either corner of the net. He snatched at it and scuffed it wide. Very poor by his standads.
  6. Mane should do better there. Was onside, turned and shot wide.
  7. Liverpool fortunate there. Alisson and Matip giving away possession and nearly a goal.
  8. you know what I meant . Bayern fans constantly singing/chanting. After YNWA, it's dead silent and then Neuer gets the ball, and Liverpool fans get a bit excited that Bayern might make a mistake.
  9. Stan

    Returning Isis fighters

    The bint has been denied British citizenship/had her citizenship revoked. Happy days.
  10. Stan

    The Butterfly Effect

    I C what you've done there.