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  1. I'd guess he doesn't have a leg to stand on...
  2. Stan

    Off Topic

    BUT YOU'RE A TORY FROM THE SOUTH! P.S Good read and promising to see, specifically employer engagement as always been a fan of developing your own staff as much as hiring good 'ready-made' individuals.
  3. Stan

    2019/2020 Kits

    I like both. Austria still stands out for me.
  4. Stan

    Ryan Fraser - Liverpool

    Yeah had a stellar season in 18/19. Only 2 assists this season though...
  5. Stan

    Team of the 21st Century - Nominations

    Waiting for Teso to come in with Pogba
  6. Stan

    2019/2020 Kits

    That is fucking beautiful.
  7. Stan

    Team of the 21st Century - Nominations

    Added mine in red as agree with ones you've put forward as well.
  8. Stan

    Team of the 21st Century - Nominations

    Oh I've misread that in your post then
  9. Stan

    Team of the 21st Century - Nominations

    Well then it's not fit for this topic then . Can't just make your own rules after @RandoEFC has set out the parameters for a Team of the Century... Have you seen them play? If so, it's not pointless and you can put forward as a nomination. I'm sure you can think of players in 80s/90s/early 00s anyway and it's not that restrictive.
  10. Stan

    Team of the 21st Century - Nominations

    Err we're only doing up to and slightly after 2000??
  11. Stan

    Team of the 21st Century - Nominations

    Will do this properly later but players like Cafu, Roberto Carlos, Bergkamp, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Baggio, Del Piero, Maldini, Batistuta, Gazza, Shearer, Vieira, Schmeichel, Beckham should be included in some respect. To name a few, anyway
  12. Stan


  13. Stan

    England National Team Discussion

    Begs the question if there's someone leaking info from inside SGP...