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  1. That's a shame As iconic as Roma having Kappa (not a sponsor, I know) but I can't think of any other side that has had the same sponsor for decades as much as Inter and Pirelli.
  2. Stan

    DFB-Pokal 2020/21

    Trying to figure out if there has ever been a goal scored against Dortmund that was legit, or didn't have a [corrupt] referee to blame?
  3. Schalke 0-2 Mainz Gladbach 3-1 Leverkusen Hoffenheim 0-1 Wolfsburg Freiburg 1-2 RB Leipzig Frankfurt 2-1 Stuttgart Hertha Berlin 0-1 Augsburg Bayern 4-1 Borussia Dortmund Koln 1-1 Bremen Arminia Bielefeld 1-2 Union Berlin Arminia Bielefeld 1-1 Bremen
  4. @Mel81x @Rucksackfranzose @nudge @6666 @Tommy @SchalkeUK @Toinho @Bluewolf @Eco @nawoo Weekly reminder
  5. Saturday Spezia 1-0 Benevento Millwall 1-0 Blackburn Ross County 1-0 Kilmarnock Twente 2-1 Willem II Sunday Wellington Phoenix 2-3 Perth Glory Dundee Utd 1-2 Celtic Verona 0-2 AC Milan Atletico Madrid 1-0 Real Madrid Austria Vienna 1-2 Rapid Vienna Galatasaray 1-2 Sivasspor
  6. Stan

    Members Pictures

    With @Batard it's the other way round.
  7. You have a great way on twisting things to suit whatever it is in your mind. Anyway, have a good day and hopefully other people can have a discussion about this normally
  8. Stan

    Members Pictures

    What you've not heard about our @Viva la FCB isn't worth knowing. Make of that what you will.
  9. Stan

    Members Pictures

    I had no idea Neymar / @Viva la FCB frequented this place. We're massive.
  10. Stan

    Members Pictures

    This was years back. On a different site but pretty much all the same members. @ASF keeps a time line so he might be able to track back to the specific time and date a picture was posted though...
  11. I can't believe the guys obsession of thinking everyone is out for a bite, a troll or a wum. Beyond belief now. Trying to start a conversation about a topic that is quite prevalent and he's made it all about himself Not everyone or everything is anti-Liverpool on here so you really need to stop feeling so victimised. Sick of trying to explain that to people so far up their own arse when it comes to anything on here. Can't be arsed any more anyway. Insufferable. Maybe take a leaf out of how the other newbies have handled themselves on here since they joined the forum. A good example to follow for you @Scouse_Mouse. And yes. This is a staff member saying it before you point out the obvious.
  12. 4-1. Jesus taps in from Gundogan's shot. Assistant gives offside though. Could be overturned.