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  1. Stan

    Work/Jobs Thread

    If you're already having these doubts then until you get more info about it or get convinced by whoever, I'd steer clear. I'm sure there's no obligation to do it so you shouldn't feel bad if you decline. The current employment agreement is probably the least of your worries in terms of making your decision. Probably just some declaration of interest thing to fill out. Agree with @Rab. It's something you'd need to be fully sure of doing (and you don't sound like you are!) but while you're contemplating that anyway, always good to take care of yourself and protect yourself. And if that means avoiding investments that don't sound too worthwhile, so be it!
  2. The date has changed It's now 11th August at 8pm (BST) to make it closer to the season.
  3. I very much enjoyed Faye's egg on her face. Went in all guns blazing thinking Teddy had shagged the whole of Casa Amor. Told it was a kiss in a game then face drops like thunder. Will enjoy her apology to Teddy if she ever does.
  4. Fulham Sheff Utd West Brom Bournemouth Blackburn Cardiff Bristol City Middlesbrough Swansea Barnsley Millwall Stoke QPR Reading Preston Luton Coventry Forest Hull Huddersfield Birmingham Derby Blackpool Peterborough I'd be very surprised if the top 4 aren't the top 4. It could be any order and is actually quite difficult to separate them. Would love Bristol City to do well for obvious reasons. Reckon they'll just miss out on play-offs. Can imagine someone like Luton or QPR starting the season strong and then falling off due to lack of squad depth or just other teams getting their shit together.
  5. Not liking why Rab is suddenly so angry.
  6. Not liking why nudge is suddenly so angry
  7. Liking the new emoji options.
  8. Court have ruled that Juve, Barca and Real cannot be pursued for punishment by UEFA.
  9. I don't like these questions. Can you redo them? Benson agrees.
  10. I could have mentioned a lot of late 90s/early 00s Serie A teams. That whole era for Italian club football was just on another level. I'd love for Football Italia to be brought back in some way but can't see it ever happening.
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