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  1. Stan


    Eh? Isn't that a contradiction
  2. Stan


    Wordle 220 4/6
  3. Burnley have no midweek commitments so will probably be fine putting rearranged games in midweek later in the season. I'm surprised we're not playing Norwich this weekend to help avoid the congestion. I think I remember reading that if we progress in Europe and the FA Cup, we only have 2 free midweek options later to fulfil the postponed games (Everton, Chelsea, Norwich, Burnley). So I think somewhere along the line we'll have to play 3 games in a week like Man Utd did last season. Or sacrifice Europa Conference League which I don't think we should do.
  4. Game got better in 2nd half. Blackburn deserved the win. Considering the aggression from both sides, ref did well. Gallagher took the goal well.
  5. Decent game between Blackburn and Middlesbrough. Clearly missing Brereton Diaz but Gallagher trying to fill in well. Quite feisty. 5 yellows in first half already.
  6. Ultimately, its a moot point in the grand scheme of things. Ultimately the fact Johnson was flagrantly and nonchalantly breaking the rules and denied doing so only a few weeks ago is the actual story. The timing of release of a story is only secondary.
  7. Oh fuck don't leave me with Norwich
  8. Stan


    we do what happened
  9. Stan


    The benefit of using a random differen first word I'd say...
  10. all kick-offs 15.00 (GMT) unless stated Saturday 29th January, 2022 Ross County vs Rangers, 12.30 Aston Villa Women vs Chelsea Women, 13.00 Fulham vs Blackpool Hull vs Swansea Celtic vs Dundee Utd Sunday 30th January, 2022 Sydney vs Central Coast Mariners, 05.05 Newcastle Jets vs Adelaide Utd, 07.45 Gent vs Antwerp Liverpool Women vs Lincoln City Women, 14.00 Cardiff vs Nottm Forest, 16.00 Please get ALL predictions in by SATURDAY 29th JANUARY - Topic will be LOCKED at 12.30pm (GMT)!! @Pyfish @Rucksackfranzose @Ploughendplonker @nudge @Tommy @CaaC (John) @Dr. Gonzo @Devil @Khan of TF365 @Eco @DeadLinesman @Viva la FCB @Mel81x @Reluctant Striker @SchalkeUK @Bluewolf @Foxc1 @Bluebird Hewitt @nawoo @Tzeentch @The Liquidator @Raja1991
  11. Come on mate, I think a lot of people will! But then that glass of wine (or two, or the bottle) finishes and then you begin to think who might take over... The positive out of all of this, mind, is that under Johnson a lot of the Tories seem to have shown their true colours. And Starmer/Labour have never been in a stronger position - they're in a good position while letting their opposition crumble off their own accord. That'll continue for the foreseeable, especially so the longer Johnson tries to hold out and save any amount of face.
  12. ahh right so 1 incident must mean Stan Hates Liverpool!!!!1111 Bloody hell.
  13. Good luck @Dan. I'm intrigued as to how this pans out!
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