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  1. Stan


  2. Nah, some of it I eat. But nowhere near the variety and volume that I should
  3. Luiz. Not having a great start to his Arsenal career...
  4. Just seen the Watford goal. Never change, Arsenal
  5. Liverpool will win the league this season.
  6. Saw Fati gets on the scoresheet again. He's gonna be some player.
  7. Stan


    Strong win for Spurs. @Pyfish do European games count?
  8. Come on, Dan. Let's not exaggerate here.
  9. Like the way Norwich play. Entertaining if nothing else.
  10. Said before the season started that Chelsea's transfer ban would be a blessing in disguise. Lampard being able to give plenty of time to the youth players and now they're coming good. Exciting times ahead for Chelsea...
  11. Sounds like we've been better in 2nd half but wasteful.
  12. Stan

    Peaky Blinders

    I think those 2 get it on.
  13. Stan

    The Holiday Thread

    Didn't know Brian swung that way.
  14. Stan


    Yeah. Sexy stuff.