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  1. Why were Liverpool allowed to make subs on 4 different occasions? Thought it was 3 separate times only?
  2. Yes. A guard of honour for a few seconds is very risky compared to 90mins playing and being in contact with the other team you're giving a guard of honour too...
  3. Ferrari these days remind me of how Barcelona are these days. Absolute giant in the respective game they play but awfully run.
  4. Apologies, thought it was a done deal.
  5. So not absolutely nothing then Man City have been devastating on the break. It's not been as even as you make it out. Was hardly a 'dodgy' penalty either. Seen much worse given.
  6. Not sure it will considering Werder are fighting for survival. Still some pressure on them.
  7. 3-0 Foden. Just about to say he's had a quieter than usual game but he's finished that well past Alisson. Quality quick pass from De Bruyne too.
  8. I think Thiago Alcantara as well.