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  1. Good evening ladies & gents! The next season of the Premier League is only just round the corner - 23 days to go in fact. Please confirm your interest of participating in the upcoming season's edition of the 2019/20 Premier League Prediction League by posting below. Don't forget, there's a prize on offer for the winner! Similar to the World Prediction League and the Bundesliga Prediction League - £25 for each! Rules & guidelines can be found HERE
  2. Stan

    2019 MLS Match Chat

    Knew this technique was shit from the start
  3. Stan

    Is It Wrong To Listen to R Kelly?

    I'd say so, yes. I felt the same when the stuff about Ian Watkins (lead singer of Lostprophets) came out. What he did was just fucking sick and disgusting. I felt like I couldn't listen to them at all any more even though they'd played such a huge part of my adolescence as it was the kind of music I loved at the time and still do. But since what he did was publicised, I've not listened to a second of their songs at all. It's kind of unfair and bad on the rest of the band who were totally innocent, but just can't bring myself round to listening and consequently enjoying what I'm listening to. Having said that, I feel conflicted because I still love MJ's songs. Maybe it's to do with the above (& R-Kelly) being found guilty and MJ not so? It was all allegations about MJ but in the end he was never found guilty if I remember correctly?
  4. Not sure it's luck, as such? He's clearly meant it.
  5. Stan


    Back for Father's Day got my dad tickets for a Lord"s Tour and went today. Great time at an iconic ground. Even learnt a few things which I had no idea about Lord's. So much history here and had the same feelings of when I visited Old Trafford few years back. Even got a quick glimpse of Jonny Bairstow. He popped in casually in his Ferrari as you do. Barely said hello to us
  6. Stan

    Liga MX

    So apparently they play professional football in Mexico and do things like this
  7. Will take up the role from June 2nd when his suspension for betting finishes. Will be on a 3-year deal.
  8. Zidane comes across as a right arsehole sometimes.
  9. Stan

    Off Topic

    Back when @CaaC (John) and @Bluewolf used to play football...
  10. Fuck it, there's only 75 days until next season starts
  11. I've recently started watching Black Mirror on Netflix and am a bit addicted to it. Likewise with Broadchurch as new series is out. Suits, Celebs Go Dating, Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge & This Is Us also on the watchlist currently.
  12. Stan

    Black Mirror

    Finally got round to watching all 3 new ones. Miley Cyrus one (Rachel, Jack & Ashley Too) was decent but ended up predictable. Didn't think there was any use in the police chase towards the end. Think I was just perhaps bored by that point Smithereens was better. Thought they could have got better coppers though. Minor point, mind. Another episode that depicts the real world in terms of us all being warped by our phones. We're all guilty of it - watching the world go by as our eyes are glued to a 6-inch piece of technology. Striking Vipers started off a bit slow then got interesting quite quickly. Scary to think we're probably not that far away from shit like that happening when it comes to virtual reality. Made me laugh when Karl was saying he fucked a polar bear though
  13. Stan

    2019/2020 Kits

    Real Madrid third: Inter home: Roma home: Galatasaray home: Flamengo home: Watford home: Barcelona home: Atletico Madrid home:
  14. Stan

    Space: the Final Frontier

    I watched it up to the famous Armstrong quote and it was all footage of the landing and communications between the astronauts and Houston.
  15. Stan

    Space: the Final Frontier

    Anyone watching the Moon Landing Live programme on Channel 4?
  16. Seems a decent bit of business here by Villa. £15m cheap. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48961186
  17. For Leicester: Greats: Jamie Vardy - A perennial achiever and star player for us. Can't see this season being any different. Only needs 20 more Premier League goals to reach 100 which is phenomenal considering he's only been in the Premier League for 4 seasons. If he doesn't get it this season, next season for sure (if injuries are avoided). We struggled at times whenever he's not playing which just emphasises his importance to the team. Having Tielemans and Perez as well as Maddison now in our midfield should help his cause. Flops: Wes Morgan - I feel really bad for saying this but perhaps this is the season where we'll realise (if it hasn't been realised before) that his time at this level is ending. At the start of last season it was probably seen as well given he got 2 red cards in as many games I think but he did improve and it was like it was back to his usual self. This season though will just become more difficult to probably even get in to the side ahead of Maguire, Benkovic, Evans (who was superb last season and exceeded expectations), and perhaps Soyuncu. Leftfield Surprises: James Justin - Signed from Luton for approx £7.5m which is hefty for a League One player but could go one of 2 ways - could turn out to be a bargain over the next few years or could turn out to be a flop and in the above section in a few seasons time. But having seen what he's capable of at some points last season and hearing reviews from Luton fans who would have watched him continually, as well as seeing him today in a friendly, he seems like a very able back-up to Ricardo Pereira at RB. Gives us a lot of versatility as well as if Pereira needs to play higher up the pitch, we have a player who hopefully can slot in fairly comfortably in his place. Will do picks for the rest of Premier League later.
  18. Stan

    Round 11: Germany

    Excellent. Hopefully add some intrigue to the weekend.
  19. Stan

    Wilfried Zaha - Arsenal Apparently Bid £70m

    I'd rather have Richarlison than Zaha to be honest.
  20. Stan

    Zlatan Ibrahimović

    I've loved some stuff that Ibra has done over the years but I'm getting proper bored of him these days.
  21. Stan

    2019/2020 Kits

    That 3rd shirt is really nice. Reminds me of the Matrix.
  22. @Happy Blue future replacement for Kompany and/or Otamendi I presume as they're getting on a bit