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  1. And thanks of course to @Mel81x for another stellar season of Sheep!
  2. Congrats @Lucas!
  3. How did I miss Skype
  4. I love when this happens
  5. Stan


    May 21, 2022 97 | Avg. Guesses: 7.8 = 5 #globle Cape Verde
  6. Stan


    Wordle 336 2/6
  7. What's this about a food poisoning outbreak again?!
  8. Indeed. We've been crying out for a left footed right winger since Mahrez left.
  9. He'll go to somewhere bigger surely. Deserves European football with his talent.
  10. And we get Houssem Aouar when Tielemans leaves. Everyone does win!
  11. Final Reminder @Ploughendplonker @Dr. Gonzo @Devil @DeadLinesman @Mel81x @Reluctant Striker @SchalkeUK @Bluewolf @Raja1991
  12. Thought he was very good when we played them in ECL last month. Actually reminded me of Ndidi - a very dominating presence, physical, ball-winner and decent on the ball. Did get caught behind the play on a few occasions due to poor positioning but you could tell he had a good amount of talent. We were linked with him recently, as were Newcastle. I can imagine if Oxlade-Chamberlain is going, and Milner not getting any younger, he'd be a good acquisition for you. He'd carry the defensive responsibilities while others around/infront of him do the creative work...
  13. There'll be a house-warming if @MUFC can go a year without mentioning any innuendo or fantasising about ladies feet... Knew you wouldn't let us down
  14. House move complete! Let the fun times begin...
  15. Stan

    Black Mirror

    Awesome. Always fun to watch. Or get really engrossed in some.
  16. Agree with that - I hope there are ways or strategies to co-ordinate together from club to fan groups and vice-versa. I'd rather have solutions trialled as opposed to banning it outright. I feel like the latter will happen before the former based on events of the last few days.
  17. Wow, sounds like this wasn't expected. Wanted to go in different directions?
  18. I absolutely love all the emotion of it too - the mass euphoria in football at a time of pure relief is something that can rarely be matched in life. Difficult because I don't want that taken away but I also don't want the safety of players/managers from any club be jeopardised.
  19. I'll only play if @Michael is given a handicap.
  20. Everton's superb fightback over Palace sealed safety for them with a game to spare, which looked unlikely just a few weeks back. It's now down to Burnley and Leeds. Burnley's vastly superior GD over Leeds benefits them massively. -18 compared to -38... Next matches: Burnley vs Newcastle Brentford vs Leeds Burnley just need to match Leeds' result and they will be safe. Leeds have to win and hope Burnley draw/lose, or draw and hope Burnley lose.
  21. So it's now down to 4 teams in the final matches - all 4 have qualified for Europe, but the competitions they are to play in still are to be decided. Chelsea confirmed CL football and a likely 3rd-place finish. Next matches: Norwich vs Tottenham Arsenal vs Everton Crystal Palace vs Man Utd Brighton vs West Ham Tottenham just need to beat Norwich to finish top 4 ahead of north London rivals, Arsenal. A draw will be enough too unless Arsenal go on a goal-scoring rampage over Everton. Arsenal need to win and hope Spurs lose in order to get top 4. Man Utd can win and secure EL football. A draw is only enough if West Ham don't win. West Ham must win to get Europa League football, and hope Man Utd draw or lose. If they win and Man Utd lose, the latter will play in the Europa Conference League.
  22. The final GW is upon us! @Lucas in pole position! 3 point lead plus the benefit of 43 points for @LFCMike to overturn... Wooden spoon will be going to @Pyfish... Final fixtures: @Storts vs Stan @The Palace Fan vs @Devil Average vs @LFCMike @Lucas vs @Pyfish @Spike vs @JoshBRFC @Tommy vs @Batard
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