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  1. all kick-offs 19.30 (BST) unless stated Tuesday 26th May, 2020 Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich, 17.30 Bayer Leverkusen vs Wolfsburg Eintracht Frankfurt vs Freiburg Werder Bremen vs Borussia Monchengladbach Wednesday 27th May, 2020 RB Leipzig vs Hertha Berlin, 17.30 Union Berlin vs Mainz Augsburg vs Paderborn Fortuna Dusseldorf vs Schalke Hoffenheim vs Koln
  2. Stan

    First Goal

    A new competition to be in place til the end of the season! Fairly simple rules as so: One game will be chosen by me with at least 3 days notice Games chosen will be from any competition around the world, usually with some significance or a game of high importance if possible Players will get 2 points if they get the correct minute the first goal in the game is scored in If it is a 0-0 draw and you predict 'No goal scored', you will also get 2 points. Players will get 1 point if they are up to 2 minutes out either way i.e. goal scored in 30th minute and predictions are for 28, 29, 31 and 32 minutes. The official goal-time will be taken from flashscores.com It goes without saying that the more often you predict in the competition for each game the more likely you are to finish top. PRIZES - At the end of the season, 1st place will receive a £20 voucher from a retailer of their choice; 2nd place will receive £10 voucher from retailer of their choice. This original post will be kept up to date with tables and chosen games in addition to posts made etc. All you have to do is post the minute for each game in which you think the first goal will be scored in - it really is that simple . You do not need to post which team, scorer or how the goal will be scored, just the minute! Completed games: Game 1 - (18/02/2020) Atletico Madrid vs Liverpool - First goal scored in 4th minute. Winner - @Rucksackfranzose who guessed 3rd minute. Game 2 - (25/02/2020) Chelsea vs Bayern Munich - First goal scored in 51st minute. Winner - @Eco who guessed 52nd minute Game 3 - (01/03/2020) Real Madrid vs Barcelona - First goal scored in 71st minute. No winner. Game 4 - (08/03/2020) Man Utd vs Man City - First goal scored in 30th minute. Winner - @tlr (30th min), @Storts/@Michael (29 & 28mins) Game 5 - (13/03/2020) Fulham vs Brentford - Game did not take place Game 6 - (11/04/2020) Slutsk vs Vitebsk - First goal scored in 31st minute. Winner - Stan Game 7 - (15/04/2020) Ferretti vs Sabanas - First goal scored in 24th minute. Winners - @Lucas (22nd min), @Dr. Gonzo & Stan (26th min) Game 8 - (19/04/2020) Taiwan Steel vs Taipower - First goal scored in 43rd minute. Winner - @Relling (44th min) Game 9 - (22/04/2020) Kuktosh vs Khujand - First goal scored in 42nd minute. Winner - @Azeem (41st minute) Game 10 (25/04/2020) Brest vs Soligorsk - First goal scored in 25th minute. Winners - @Faithcore, @Berserker (25th min),@Michael (23rd min) & @Dr. Gonzo (26th min) Game 11 (29/04/2020) BATE vs Slavia Mozyr - First goal scored in 12th minute. Winners - @nudge (12th min), @Mel81x (13th min) & @DeadLinesman (14th min) Game 12 (02/05/2020) D. Minsk vs Slutsk - First goal scored in 23rd minute. Winners - @Lucas (22nd min); Myself, @CaaC (John) (23rd min) & @Deco (24th min) Game 13 (05/05/2020) Ahal vs Energetik - First goal scored in 18th minute. Winners - @Tommy (18th min); @Mel81x, @londonerlilie (17th min) & @tlr (19th min) Game 14 (08/05/2020) Jeonbuk vs Suwon - First goal scored in 84th minute. No winner Game 15 (10/05/2020) Gangwon vs Seoul - First goal scored in 36th minute. No winner Game 16 (13/05/2020) Nebitci vs Ahal - First goal scored in 9th minute. Winners @IgnisExcubitor & @Rucksackfranzose; @Faithcore (11th min) & @Devil-Dick Willie and @Bluewolf (both 7th min) Game 17 (16/05/2020) Borussia Dortmund vs Schalke - First goal scored in 29th minute. Winners @Tommy (29th min) & @DeadLinesman (31st min) Game 18 (18/05/2020) Werder Bremen vs Bayer Leverkusen - First goal scored in 28th minute. Winner - @DeadLinesman (27th min) Game 19 (22/05/2020) Hertha Berlin vs Union Berlin - First goal scored in 51st minute. No winner. Game 20 (24/05/2020) Koln vs Fortuna Dusseldorf - First goal scored in 41st minute. No winner Game 21 (26/05/2020) Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich - First goals cored in 43rd minute. No winner. ---------------------------------- GAME 22 - DARMSTADT vs GREUTHER FURTH (17:30 (BST)) - FRIDAY 29th MAY 2020 GAME 23 - MAINZ vs HOFFENHEIM - SATURDAY 30th MAY 2020 Please also note that any predictions after kick-off will not be accepted. RANKINGS: 4 points: @Tommy 3 points: Stan, @tlr @Lucas, @Rucksackfranzose, @Faithcore, @Dr. Gonzo 2 points: @nudge @Michael @Berserker @Mel81x, @IgnisExcubitor, @DeadLinesman 1 point: @Eco @Storts @Relling @Azeem @Deco @CaaC (John) @londonerlilie, @Devil-Dick Willie, @Bluewolf
  3. Stan


    Yes I can definitely imagine that was your immediate and ongoing reaction
  4. Stan


    No, I already realise that but the result tonight means it's a free game now
  5. Stan


    Just realised @nudge had Leverkusen in this. Enjoyed Wolfsburg win even more now
  6. La Liga given green light to resume on 8th June...
  7. 2 clean sheets in a row as well must give the defence (and team) some confidence too.
  8. What a stupid corner to give away from Frankfurt. Not sure why they're all moaning about the ref stopping play. The guy has a head injury
  9. Sensational save just then from Schwolow.
  10. Leverkusen get a goal back. Clean sheet gone for Wolfsburg!
  11. 3-3 Franfurt equalise! What a game. You can thank me whenever you want @Michael. Leverkusen game was done so thought I'd switch to this when it went to 2-3!
  12. Stan

    First Goal

    Bold shout for a Bundesliga match! Since they resumed in January after their winter break (10 rounds of fixtures) there's only been five 0-0s in total...
  13. 4 for Wolfsburg!! Pongracic @nudge @Michael
  14. Very rarely has been this season! Edging closer to the relegation spots...
  15. Stan

    UK Politics & Brexit Discussion

    I heard 'fucked it' Totally valid points to be honest. No doubt you'd get absolute morons calling him a 'loony leftard' or some shite like that because of their blind faith to Tories/Johnson/Cummings.
  16. It's 3-0 to Wolfsburg! Steffen heads in from close range. Totally outjumps Wendell to head it in. He's tiny .
  17. 2-0 to Wolfsburg! Arnold's free-kick just outside the box is deflected and wrong-foots Hradecky.
  18. Excellent save from Hradecky. Point blank but got a strong hand to it to deny Steffen.
  19. Yep he finds himself in the right positions at the right time and has definitely saved a couple of goals from going in with last ditch clearances.
  20. Wolfsburg really taking the game to Leverkusen. Could have been 2 or 3 up. Tapsoba is the only defender coming out with any credit for Bayer.
  21. Ah okay, was hoping for some juicy stuff like you hooked up with him and he didn't call you back. Suppose your story will do
  22. What have I missed here Did he used to play for Bremen or something
  23. Stan

    First Goal

    Game 22 - 25th minute Game 23 - 20th minute
  24. Wolfsburg take the lead just before HT away at Leverkusen! Pongrasic with a nice glancing header from a free-kick.
  25. Stan

    First Goal

    Thanks. I think with so many leagues returning soon it allows for more variety as seasons are going to be crammed in to finish!