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  1. @Happy Blue future replacement for Kompany and/or Otamendi I presume as they're getting on a bit
  2. TOTTENHAM VS LIVERPOOL VS VENUE - Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid Kick-off at 8pm (BST) Routes to the final Tottenham 2nd in group stage Borussia Dortmund - 4-0 on aggregate Man City - 4-4 on away goals Ajax - 3-3 on away goals Liverpool 2nd in group stage Bayern Munich - 3-1 on aggregate Porto - 6-1 on aggregate Barcelona - 4-3 on aggregate
  3. Stan

    2019/2020 Kits

    How it looks and what it supports are mutually exclusive.
  4. Stan

    2019/2020 Kits

    Real Madrid third: Inter home: Roma home: Galatasaray home: Flamengo home: Watford home: Barcelona home: Atletico Madrid home:
  5. I've recently started watching Black Mirror on Netflix and am a bit addicted to it. Likewise with Broadchurch as new series is out. Suits, Celebs Go Dating, Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge & This Is Us also on the watchlist currently.
  6. Stan

    Today I Had To Laugh At...

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-48348431 Female squash players given a vibrator as a competition prize in Spain
  7. Stan

    2019/2020 Kits

    The sponsor ruins it with it being a different shade of red to the vertical stripes. But yeah, a poor standard there.
  8. Can't remember the last England squad that had so much experience across it. In with a really good chance of winning this I think... Everyone in bold has played 10+ games in a top-5 European league. Others have played 25+ Championship games. Some players there have played for top 6 sides (in UK) or played in European competition, too, which is great (aware some have been called up for England Nations League squad though).
  9. Hosted by Italy (and some matches in San Marino) Group A Italy Spain Poland Belgium Group B Germany Denmark Serbia Austria Group C England France Romania Greece Group winners qualify automatically for semi-finals Best runner-up across 3 groups qualifies for semi-finals
  10. VS Wembley Stadium, London Routes to the Final Man City 7-0 Rotherham Man City 5-0 Burnley Newport 1-4 Man City Swansea 2-3 Man City Man City 1-0 Brighton Woking 0-2 Watford Newcastle 0-2 Watford QPR 0-1 Watford Watford 2-1 Crystal Palace Watford 3-2 Wolves (after extra time)
  11. Stan

    Tales of Bradford, Feat. Grandma Towler

    WTF is this. You really are a very random individual
  12. Wasn't gonna be long before he was linked with a move away. Aside from Wilson, he's probably been Bournemouth's best player this season.
  13. CHELSEA VS ARSENAL VS VENUE - BAKU, Azerbaijan Routes to the Final Chelsea 1st in group stage Malmo - 5-1 on aggregate Dynamo Kiev - 8-0 on aggregate Slavia Prague - 5-3 on aggregate Eintracht Frankfurt - 2-2 aggregate; 4-3 on penalties Arsenal 1st in group stage BATE Borisov - 3-1 on aggregate Rennes - 4-3 on aggregate Napoli - 3-0 on aggregate Valencia - 7-3 on aggregate
  14. You're getting old mate. The memory is going
  15. Stan

    La Liga Santander Table

    Goes to show how much they relied on Ronaldo. Worries me Barcelona might take a similar turn when Messi retires.
  16. We're sending 2 different XIs to Rotherham and Stoke on 27th July.
  17. Stan

    La Liga Santander Table

    What a season for Getafe. Absolutely outstanding to come as high as that, above the likes of Sevilla, Espanyol & Bilbao. And totally opposite for Celta Vigo given the talents in their squad. 17th is absolutely terrible by their standards. Girona's collapse in the 2nd half of the season really fucked them up. Not good for the City Group that own them (If they still do?)
  18. Welcome to the forum @Satan!
  19. Stan


    Nah it's not them. That's from The Shining. But The Kill is based on that film and there's loads of twins dancing towards the end of the video as well as 'twins' shadowing the band's movements.
  20. Stan


    They're not always identical though? I used to date a twin, thankfully not identical. Her and her sister were poles apart in personality as well though. RED RUM. Also, @Tommy I'm guessing you don't like 30STM's video The Kill
  21. Stan