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  1. Dropped charges doesn't necessarily mean innocent.
  2. all kick-offs 14.00 GMT unless stated Saturday 4th February, 2023 Cremonese vs Lecce Roma vs Empoli, 17.00 Sassuolo vs Atalanta, 19.45 Sunday 5th February, 2023 Spezia vs Napoli, 11.30 Torino vs Udinese Fiorentina vs Bologna, 17.00 Inter Milan vs AC Milan, 19.45 Monday 6th February, 2023 Verona vs Lazio, 17.30 Monza vs Sampdoria, 19.45 Tuesday 7th February, 2023 Salernitana vs Juventus
  3. Yes. Yes he is. What month/year are you living in?
  4. all kick-offs 15.00 Saturday 4th February, 2023 Aston Villa vs Leicester Brentford vs Southampton Brighton vs Bournemouth Man Utd vs Crystal Palace Wolves vs Liverpool
  5. Kick-off 17.30 Live on Sky Sports VS Last 3 Meetings 19/02/2022 - West Ham 1-1 Newcastle 15/08/2021 - Newcastle 2-4 West Ham 17/04/2021 - Newcastle 3-2 West Ham Recent Form Newcastle - WWDWW West Ham - WWLWD
  6. Kick-off 12.30 Live on BT Sport VS Last 3 Meetings 22/05/2022 - Arsenal 5-1 Everton 06/12/2021 - Everton 2-1 Arsenal 23/04/2021 - Arsenal 0-1 Everton Recent Form Everton - LLLLD Arsenal - LWWWD
  7. Stan


    No I'm just being polite. You have a dirty mind.
  8. FFS @JoshBRFC getting there before me to get Casemiro. I thought others would have gone for Enzo, though.
  9. First half Valencia actually did okay. Didn't look like scoring but kept Real out. 2nd half Real just turned it up a gear really. No idea what Gabriel Paulista was thinking. Very stupid intentional kick out on Vinicius. Deserved the red.
  10. Stan


    Oh you definitely get one.
  11. Rudiger scores from a corner but Benzema looks to have pushed Musa in the face. Goal disallowed.
  12. This is speculation, but I wonder if the 'new evidence' is anything that the girlfriend had done to Greenwood at some point in the past. Whether to the same level or not who knows. But jn order to not have her own name tarnished, the prosecution have basically said she can drop the charges to avoid other charges being brought against her, and in doing so that particular evidence stays confidential? Just to add, in saying the above, it's not to say what Greenwood has done is in any way acceptable. It isn't, and no one in their right mind should be defending it. The above points don't excuse his behaviour and isn't meant to come across as such. I don't know fully how the legal system works, but it's just a thought as to why the case has pretty much collapsed.
  13. I thought if you weren't mentioned then you wouldn't get slapped...
  14. I think the point is that he shouldn't play for them again and United fans shouldn't be cheering him on.
  15. @Coma will you be watching Real Madrid vs Valencia?
  16. Stan


    You could say, he has more passion for it
  17. Cheers mate. The missus is now showing symptoms, the same as what I had on Tuesday
  18. Compared to Tuesday, yes. Generally, nope. Feel very drained, a bit light-headed and occasionally have laboured breathing after coughing. I think lack of sleep contributes to some of that.
  19. Yeah, agree, just think role play is a bit of a stretch.
  20. It begs the question of 'why?' then, surely? Why is the statement withdrawn. Considering there was a charge of coercive behaviour, it does look a bit dodgy. I think the role play thing is pure speculation. Role play doesn't lead to an arrest and criminal proceedings. It wouldn't get this far down the line if it was just that.
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