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  1. Except I wrote about it earlier and said it before Confirmed that Stan never reads my posts.
  2. Spike

    26 Man Squads for Euro 2020

    Without Australia, no.
  3. How is that strange? You talk about Leicester like they are a club on the brink of folding. I don’t buy that at all, they would have had investment regardless of the league win, sure it helps significantly but they were well run before that and I think a long tenure in the PL was inevitable, they’ve just gone above and beyond expectations. They make smart investments but are able to do so because they have a wealth of money to invest, not just from selling players, but from TV deals, and their owner. I don’t think that takes away from their achievements but I can’t look at a team that has a billionaire owner and think they are a down and out underdog. Granted not all billionaire owners do a good job. I think it is marvelous what they have done and a breathe of life into the sport but I don’t look at Leicester and think ‘small time’ and haven’t for years. To me at least they have proven year in and year out they belong in the top four of England’s best. To be honest mate, I have them in a higher standard than Arsenal and Tottenham. I think all the staff and workers for every club ‘work hard’ but I think some are just better than others
  4. Half of their team cost over 20 or 30 million pounds. this isn't some cheap cobbled together shoe string budget team. they regularly hit the 100mil spent mark
  5. is he getting gangbanged in the dressing room?
  6. i like everton being a failure myself.
  7. oh behave mate, leicester aren't some poor club that has to beg for money on the street corner, they are owned by a billionaire family and earn tv revenue from the richest league in the world, they aren't a little club that struggles to pay the bills on time
  8. That's my reasoning. This means ten times more to them then it would to Chelsea fans. Not a sleight against Chelsea fans but the first win means more than winning it however many times Chelsea has won it in the last 10 years.
  9. Shame they can't virtually pay Aguero the 300,000 euro p/w he will be getting
  10. btw @Stan you are probably too drunk to remember but we did agree that if leicester wn you’d buy me the new football manager on steam cheers son
  11. then what is everton? besides a failure
  12. Have a pint of ale for me mate, sending my support to wherever the fuck leicester is, probably south of scotland