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  1. Spike

    Australians Only Thread

    I give it ten weeks before a mining magnate anihilates it to scounge a couple of kilograms of medicore pig iron.
  2. Spike

    Thiago Alcantara - Leaving Bayern?

    Unless of course that is the sort of signing that keeps Liverpool above the competition and winning multiple leagues in a row.
  3. Spike

    2020/2021 Kits

    These are great kits. Chelsea should always be blue and white, occasionally accented by either red or yellow.
  4. Spike

    2020/2021 Kits

    I really hate that Chelsea top, I really hate it. The top doesn't even have kitsch appeal like the Inter or Dortmund shirts. It's just damn boring and ugly
  5. Spike

    2020/2021 Kits

    You guys will be wearing that Inter top in five years because it'll be trendy
  6. Spike

    First Goal

    26 62
  7. Spike

    Left vs. Right

    You can thank Democratic candidate for the Presidential eleciton; Joe Biden for the difference in incarceration rate and length of setence between poweder cocaine and crack cocaine. God Bless Ronald Reagan and the War on Drugs.
  8. Spike

    "Evident Bias" in Football Commentary

    You're 100% right but what people get caught up in is the correlation between skin colour and physical attributes. I'm no geneticist but I'm positive the genes that control melanin production are different that influence muscular make-up. Correlation isn't causation, black people might have more type 2 fibres but that isn't because of their skin colour. But what people do is make assumptions based on that information. At the end of the day the semantics rule the world, black people have more type 2 fibres than average but that isn't because of their skin colour... fuck me it's a touchy thing to word properly It's not like a person gets stronger when they tan ffs
  9. Spike

    "Evident Bias" in Football Commentary

    You missed that boat by a few hours.
  10. Spike

    Leroy Sané - Bayern Deal Almost Complete

    and so continues bayernwinslol. Here is to another eight in a row.
  11. Spike

    "Evident Bias" in Football Commentary

    Uruguay and Argentoma are the same. Fantastic forwards and creative players, failing that resrot to murderball.
  12. Spike

    "Evident Bias" in Football Commentary

    Genius play by the CIA to undermine Guevara's message by putting him on a t-shirt after putting him in a body bag.
  13. Spike

    "Evident Bias" in Football Commentary

    It's all good,i'm just giving you a hard time
  14. Spike

    "Evident Bias" in Football Commentary

    Just because you know doesn't mean the reader does. It's not the reader's job to 'read something in certain way' this isn't ficiton, it is the writer's job to write in a manner that disseminates the salient points clearly without room for misinterpretation.