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  1. He is actually 30. Horrible racist jokes aside, he just isn't an intelligent player. He is a physical beast but that is it.
  2. Why is it different? Because you say so? It's fandom being vocal, whether it be about the team, the people, the whatever, fans aren't infallible. It may not apply to Arsenal, but it does apply to other teams. Fans say stupid shit, do stupid things, and are stupid sometimes. Of course they are allowed to express themselves but they have to accept some forms of expression carry repercussions. It's just a fact of life, for all walks. Wanna be a hooligan? You gotta accept that you might get arrested, banned, or bashed sometimes.
  3. It goes both ways. Fans can criticise but so can the be criticised. I don't see anyone defending neo-Nazi Lazio ultras? I don't see anyone allowing Lazio fans to place photographs on Anne Frank on AS Roma's allotted seating?
  4. Chelsea Discussion

    That isn't midfield!
  5. I don't disagree that there are different levels of fandom but I don't believe that gives anyone the right to act superior. You really do have to appreciate that it is a very English phenomenon to have a club for just about every locale in the country. While you might find it bizarre for a person to be from somewhere like Portsmouth to be supporting Liverpool, you have to also appreciate that for a person from a place like Manila the sport is so underdeveloped that it is easier to have eaccess to the Premier League. You probably for also don't understamd how pervasive the Premier League is in other countries. For years it has been easier to watch the PL than local leagues in countries like the USA and Australia, you might think that it is a bad thing and to a degree it is but it has created interest in the sport which has bridged over into interest in the local leagues. To put things into perspective, I knew Chelsea existed before Brisbane's team. Growing up football was just as foreign as baseball or hockey.
  6. Must make the Asian fans that pay thousands of dollars to travel to watch games the real fans then. Money doesn't make a fan. Elitism concerning fandom is top tier cringe. I don't give a toss if the fellow sitting next to me is a plastic, new fan, or a die hard; as long as they aren't up in my business or a fair-weather that is driving up ticket prices, what others do is no concern of mine. To be so obsessed over what other people are, if the 'true fans' is pathetic; their is no grand arbiter of fandom.
  7. You have to imagine that the starting Brazil lineup for the Wold Cup has some sort of combination of Firminio, Coutinho, and Neymar.
  8. Off Topic

    I am unsure. I feel my strengths lie in history and English but I'm getting ahead of myself. I have to get the job first, enroll in the program, and begin studying!
  9. Off Topic

    The tragedy of those children if they knew their teacher was a sleaze
  10. If we were to look at the empirical evidence. 100% of the people Mourinho has eye-gouged have died. Quite simply put, a murderer!
  11. Off Topic

    What do you teach? And what years?
  12. Off Topic

    So after having a night long existential crisis I think I've decided what I want to do. I'm going to back to Starbucks and use their college achievement plan to study teaching and English or history. @SirBalon And @Toinho you are a teacher correct, or were you just one of those 'teachers' that does English to foreigners.
  13. Gerard Piqué - The Voice

    Just because he 'talks' doesn't mean he 'says' anything.