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  1. I guess you wouldn’t have seen it but there was a bronze beast that streaked during the State of Origin a while back, check out the vids, guy looks like a tanning bed victim
  2. I just heard the Anfieldrap for the first time and I realised I’ve always meant to be a Liverpool fan,
  3. Bizarre that a manager would be interfering so much with cardio, as if Bayern wouldn't have a fitness coach on a million euro p/a anyway
  4. Katanas trivialise anything that isn’t resist to slash or bleed. Moonveil katana + magic for support is op
  5. Moonveil katana +9 will fix most bosses
  6. Remind me to never hang around you so I can preserve my virginity
  7. Sounds like you could have been fooled with straight people as well
  8. We aren’t talking about that, we are talking about it being transmitted via sex and the assumption that there is a higher chance when it is male homosexual sex, which simply isn’t true because a monogamous couple would never catch it. You know what I’m talking about, no need to undermine it when there is so much misinformation already,
  9. Those were my thoughts, but they will instead buy an injury prone Frenchman. That has been the rumour for years for some reason
  10. Sevilla always ‘cash in’ and replace them with someone just as good for peanuts.
  11. You're not wrong. I typically try a few times but if I'm hard filtered I have to look up tips and tricks. Some other 'hard' bosses I simply bodied in one try. The Spectral Void or whatever it is called got crushed in one attempt.
  12. This is simply not true and a gross misunderstanding of the disease.
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