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  1. I always thought it was ‘part of the parcel’ not ‘part in parcel’
  2. The only thing average about Grealish is his intelligence. He is a good player just not that good.
  3. I disagree. Bellingham cost over £25,000,000 for Dortmund, could you say that he would have cost that much of he were German playing in the 2.Bundesliga? Just the fact Bellingham is English would have drove the price up as the other interested parties would have been richer than the average German club. I think the record transfer of a teenage player that was actively playing in 2.Bundesliga moving to the Bundesliga was Nevan Subotic for around £4,000,000, granted that was quite some time ago but I think you get the point. Jadon Sancho, having never played professional football cost twice the amount of Subotic. It is smart by Dortmund really, spend a significant outlay on an unproven English player and then sell him back for £100,000,000 profit. Because let’s be honest, if it was Johannes Bellinghausen instead he would have joined Bayern for €500,000.
  4. Spike

    Off Topic

    I’m starting to look like a sicknote at work and I don’t like it. I’ve fucked my back twice and now I’m sick as a dog with a a cold/flu
  5. Calling Lewa a ‘proper number 9’ is like calling a McClaren a four door family car. The guy is an abnormality. What Bayern are missing is one the greatest players of all time, any sort of mediocrity following him leaving should be expected. Dozens of great centre-forwards wouldn’t do much to replace Lewa; Icardi for instance is a great scorer but isn’t 1/10 of Lewa. There really isn’t anything or anyone that can fix Bayern besides going through the growing pains of not having debatably (Gerd Muller) the greatest scorer in Bundesliga history. Just give it time, the team will adapt.
  6. But isn’t Bellingham pretty different from those two? When I think of City’s midfielders I think of players that could be a forward or a midfielder, but maybe that’s Guardiola.
  7. Spike


    Jo Koy is funny but there is only so much material one can get out of Filipino American cultural quirks
  8. Spike

    Off Topic

    They don’t even teach us that. They don’t even talk about the constitutional crisis or the Lang movement. People still think the Stolen Generation is nothing to be upset over
  9. Spike


    It ruins the fun for me, it's just a personal preference but I think it's a pretty lame wicket, perfectly fine in regards to the rules, that isn't what is a stickler for me. I just think it's really boring and anti-climatic.
  10. Spike


    You say it is minor but you know the feeling of just trying to have fun and someone ruining it. Like those kids that would throw tantrums and ruin it for everyone.
  11. Spike


    I’m about to be canceled.
  12. Spike


    Even when you are referencing a post of mine from earlier you still end up copying from Twitter. You need to get off that site.
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