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  1. Aye, we know how you feel about cannabis but this thread is about Harry Kane
  2. 1. George Best - Not only was he the best on the planet but he personified a different character of the sport. He was larger than life. 2. Michel Platini - Eclipsed by Zidane as France's legend but he scored an unreal amount of goals for a midfielder. 3. Enzo Francescoli - Similar to Platini in the mould of the midfielder than can do anything. 4. Johan Cryuff - He is football. 5. Paul Gascoigne - An entire generation of English can't be wrong.
  3. It was definitely shown at AC Milan. He couldn't cop being the main man in a two-CB defensive unit. Watch his highlights (lowlights rather) at Milan and you'll be thoroughly entertained. Probably nonense, but I've heard from the grapevine he is overly serious and incredibly arrogant, which is apparently what soured the relationship between Alves, Juve, and himself.
  4. Spike

    Notre Dame on Fire

    btw the crown of thorns was kept in the spire
  5. Spike

    Notre Dame on Fire

    A millenium not century, you scouse prick
  6. Spike

    Notre Dame on Fire

    Morons! It isn’t it being a cathedral, or a religious icon. It is a near nine hundred year old piece of art. A testament to genius and determination of those that designed and built it with bare hands, no electricity! Some of us can’t even put together an ikea flst pack without fucking up. I’m sure the people laughing now wouldn’t make jokes of the Hagia Sophia, Vaishno Devi, or Western Wall’s destruction,
  7. Spike

    Notre Dame on Fire

    Man, a lot of jokes and 'laughing emojis' on Facebook right now. grating my nerves. Maybe I'm overly sentimental about history but this is a disaster!
  8. Spike

    Notre Dame on Fire

    I really hate this reality.
  9. Spike

    Off Topic

    I wouod have it called ‘passion’
  10. Spike

    Foreign Support

    Other the last few weeks I’ve been to a local Chicago Fire game and a supporters club for Chelsea. The Fire game was brilliant, the weather was atrocious, and the fans were passionate.It was fun and had a real sense of community. No complaints except for the weather. Yesterday I went to a pub for the Chelsea game. It was a bit overwhelming and I don’t know if I liked it. It was a bunch of foreigners singing songs and cheering for a team that can’t hear them, and for a city and culture that is on the other side of the planet. Don’t get me wrong, I like Chelsea and all but I’m not pretending to be a hardcore native supporter. Those people can do what they like, of course they can but it still felt kinda odd at the same time. I respect their passion, but they should bring it to the Fire games. I swear I even saw a shirt with a skull that was a little too close to the headhunters insignia.
  11. First half was free game on fouling Hazard. SMH. Both teams were good today, Liverpool were luckier with their finishing.
  12. Spike

    Racism in football

    You say this as if the UK hasn't always been multicultural. Welsh, Scottish, Irish, English, there was cultural issues for time immemoriam... Normans, Anglo-Saxons, Pictish, Caledonian, Cornish, Bretons, Celts, Romans, and so forth. Cultural clashes have existed long before different colours made it easy to identify. I garuantee you that if all the people non-indigenous to the Isles vanished one day, it wouldn't be long before all the nasty hatred reserved for 'Pakis' was redirected at something else, Catholics, Protestants, northerners, Irish, Scots, etc. Racism is just a funnel that people use to funnel the blame, hatred, and evil into; it's very easily redirected into something else. People like to believe that time and progress is linear, you say 'this day and age' as if we are meant to be more enlightened as a species than 500 years ago. Well we aren't, we just manifest our evil differently.
  13. I hate how players swarm the referee and scream. Doesn't happen in any other sport like it does in soccerball.
  14. Because the alternatove for Alonso is Emerson