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  1. People always talk a lot of shit about Immobile as if he has not scored 150+ goals for Lazio
  2. Spike

    Sergio Ramos to Leave Real Madrid

    I never understood why people always say he isn't that great at defending. What exactly was he bad at?
  3. why would you want to wear somebody's soiled jocks?
  4. Spike

    Sergio Ramos to Leave Real Madrid

    Stop pluralising singular entities, or are you actually Jamie Redknapp?
  5. Spike

    Sergio Ramos to Leave Real Madrid

    Hey there is already a thread Mr Mod!
  6. Late bloomer, only really started to shine close to 30. Absolute stud for Sassuolo and Lazio
  7. M'Bappe will run offside thirty times, and if Hummels with a top speed of 8km/ph can tackle him in full gallop, then Italy's oldies have no problem
  8. Any many of the others weren't. More than just four to a squad mate, this is a very new team for the most part.
  9. Most of these players weren't in the team then because they were too young.
  10. AC Milan adding another page to their failures as well
  11. I'd really like Italy if Bonucci didn't play for them. I cannot stand him in the slightest
  12. I wonder if Eczema will fuck another underage girl after this game.
  13. Germany haven't been that bad, nor have France been that good.
  14. Giroud > Benzema and you have a ELITE status
  15. uhh that was several seconds before his run, of course he isnt offside he hasn’t moved offside yet