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  1. Spike

    Australians Only Thread

    classic from them, reporting on an old incident with a former PM to obfuscate the current scenario. Not really, I'm from South-west QLD
  2. Spike

    Australians Only Thread

    In other news I received a parcel today from my uncle, a birthday-cum-Chrissy present. It perfectly embodies my nature as a big dicked Queenslander, where the bananas are yellow, the toads are big, the inter-state rugby trophies plentiful. I knew the answer before I even unwrapped the parcel, a psychic message travelled my fingers and into my brain, I knew it was rugby supporter clothes, how could it not be? A package travelling across the globe from central Queensland not having anything related to rugby in it? Nonsense. A Maroons flanno, and a pair of shorts adorned with copious cane toads perfectly representative of our abundant and superior sugar cane crops. Refrain your chubs boys, it's gonna get tight downstairs.
  3. Spike

    Australians Only Thread

    who is reporting on that?
  4. Spike

    Australians Only Thread

    I was just addressing the media quiet, even from sources that aren't Murdoch or Fairfax aren't reporting the identity. Is this really so surprising? Scunto is the school prefect that would hide hazing in the dorms so he doesn't get in trouble with the headmaster, despite the fact ol' Johno the Ginger on a scholarship is getting pissed on in the showers by the union team. Nothing about the man is sincere, not his support of the Cronulla Sharks (since when the fuck do rich kids from the eastern Suburbs support a damn South Sydney team?), not his 'have a go, get a go', and not his $200,000 empathy classes, the bloke doesn't hold a hose so why would he hold someone accountable for a heinous crime? The guy is completely representative of all the nastiness you find in upper class private school Australian old boys, a class of people that do not get enough media coverage or shit on enough. Granted he didn't go to a private school, but the one he did go to only has a Sailing Team and thinks it's a pat on the back that in the past wo gs graduated from their classes. There will be no ICAC for this cover up, just like there was no investigation into the National's Corruptio, Berejiklian's corruption, the Sports Rorts, pork barrelling the vaccine, and so forth, Eddie Maguire gets a more thorough rinsing and he is only a club president in a sport half of the country cares about
  5. Spike

    Australians Only Thread

    also if the minimum wage were higher, penalty rates protected, and workers given more rights, maybe people wouldnt find the dole so appealing. imagine working a shit go nowhere job for the same cash as the dole over a month.people always say ‘there are so many jobs!’ but never take into account hours, casual, availability, transport, etc.
  6. Spike

    Australians Only Thread

    also the indue card can suck a dick, think about it like this Aboriginals have been fighting for self determination for 200 years, if they are unlucky enough to need welfare we’ve gone back in time to controlling what they can and cant spend money on. imagine being a single mum living in a fishing town and going to the markets to get a fresh barramundi for the kids only for the indue card to tell you to get fucked because the local markets dont have eftpos government officials dont have to use indue for their pension, yet they can spend it on whatever they want, and sont pretend like they dont spend it on durries and grog
  7. Spike

    Australians Only Thread

    if my boy albo doesn’t get elected who the fuck will? dunno how they can spin his story negatively, grew up with a single mum on housing and welfare, dad ditched him, he can play the Namibian consulate card because his aforementioned dad is italian, supports and is a member of the most working class rugby team in sydney, has mad taste in music, starting out washing dishes on casual and penalty rates, goes out and pays for groceries for bushfire victims, fights so old people dont die in poverty, what do people want? he is probably the most down to earth aussie battler you could ask for
  8. Spike

    Australians Only Thread

    it is to prevent a biased judge/jury, if the guy’s name is run through the mud for six months before the trial, the judge can throw out the case due to it being influenced via the media, that is why child rapist pell is a free man, his lawyers drummed up a case he wasn’t ‘given a fair go’. if anything the fact we dont ‘officially’ know who it is right now, could be a good thing ps fuck the nationals, they get off light @Devil-Dick Willie @Harry @Toinho
  9. doubt it will happen, too difficult to aim for a moving target with moving parts. the risk/reward is too low, may as well get a shot on target
  10. That was the concern in Italy when they changed their handball rule, thankfully it didn’t happen.
  11. Clubs can’t be having their multi-million investments going around digging in with hard tackles and getting injured. It is as simple as that.
  12. Spike

    Australians Only Thread

    anyone surprised? libs have been raping australians since menzies
  13. didnt say he made the right choice, now did I? just that the ref made a call on their own prerogative, whether or not that tickles your ballsack doesnt mean anything to me, out of all the people on the planet, explayers too, only have your nuts up your arse about this
  14. missing from two yards is mor exciting than missing from 2 metres, just a pinch closer