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  1. If I can’t comment on what I have seen in my life, I’ll just pick Ian Rush because he has the biggest number next to his name.
  2. The idea of an academy isn't buying players already playing professional football. But then again you criticise Barcelona for not using youth when Real Madrid stockpiles players and neglects them! Hypocrite, mate.
  3. Spike

    Real Madrid CF Discussion

    So Real Madrid have Marcelo, Reguilon, Hernandez, and now Ferland for the LB spot? Ridiculous. Real is stockpiling and neglecting young players.
  4. Spike


    Stop being a smartarse
  5. Wesley Snipes hit up my sister-in-law on Facebook because he has yellow fever.
  6. I've known several people to meltdown and damn Lampard to hell after he joined City.
  7. Spike

    Pitch Your Club

    England founded America, not Australia.
  8. Spike


    It it the v shaped collar around the jumper I am curious about. I’ve seen teams play that only one or two players have a jumper with the dyed collar, as opposed to all white https://www.thestatesman.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Ricky-Ponting.jpg
  9. Spike

    Pitch Your Club

    No Americans allowed.
  10. Spike


    Can someone please tell me some whites have the tipped v? No one has ever been able to answer.
  11. Spike


    Oooh, I can't wait to see how Sarri takes the best team in Italy and rolls over the competition with a 38-0-0 record and has Ronaldo smash Higuian's goal record @Berserker. Fucking bollocks, look at how he made a decent Napoli team compete, just imagine what he can do with theis Juve team. Because they can't figure out position he should play. If I recall correctly he is played like an attacking midfielder, but he is obviously a striker.
  12. Was it his job to score goals? Does he do anything else well but run very quickly?
  13. Spike

    Pitch Your Club

    Maybe a little more interesting. Brisbane FC, under Ange Postecoglu Brisbane were what everyone thought Barcelona was. 36 games undefeated, mate. 2011, 2012 @Toinho, 2014, grand finals were all comebacks at the death of the game. Most wins in A-League history. Not as popular as the Brisbane Broncos but maybe tied with unpopularity with the Brisbane Lions. It was Duth founded Hollandia-Innala FC (it is why the team wears oranje) @Panna King @Panflute until the 70s to which ethnic names for 'soccer' teams were disallowed. Somehow it exists as two clubs now, Hollandia-Innala still exists as Queensland Lions FC despite the fact that it became Brisbane Roar FC... confusing I know. Robbie Fowler manages the club for some reason.@LFCMadLad @LFCMike @Harry I'd watch them more often but they play when I need to start work. First match I ever went to was with a bloke I met on another now dead football forum. Good fella, I wish I still had his contact info. I didn't know they existed until I was already a teenager, knowing all about the English and European game before that. That is/was how irrelevant the sport is in some parts of the country! Shamefully so, that we disregard our own game! But it does fight with AFL, tennis, motorsports, cricket, league, and union (lol). We are all still very fond of our honorary Australian German player Thomas Broich! (who I am sure was rubbish in Germany!) @nudge @Tommy @Rucksackfranzose And Robbie Kruse started his career at the Roar (he is from Brisbane) but please, you can keep him in Germany! Matty McKay is our leading appearance maker, from Brisbane as well but he fucked off to Ranger @Rab but when he couldn't cop the Scottish game he fucked off to Asia for a paycheque and them came crawling back. And on a side note, there was a Skins TV show rip off based in Brisbane that I just remember. It was called 'Slide' check it out if you want to laugh at us. Also @Devil-Dick Willie get rooted, ya dog.