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  1. Spike


    Burns just got a broken fucken arm courtesy of Starcy
  2. Spike


    Maybe but no matter what 10 wickets is a win!
  3. Spike


    The Sedins just retired, what can you expect from them? Probably more useful on the ice than some of the current players
  4. Spike


    All the more amusing is that he could have played for India as well.
  5. Anybody want to share their sports app creds so i can watch the Ashes :ph34r:

    1. football forum


      You can have mine if you want haha. The only problem is you'll need a VPN to watch it if you don't have one already.

    2. football forum


      @Mel81x I do have a VPN actually. Good ol' Nord.

    3. football forum


      @Spike hit me up in the DMs I can sort you out

  6. Spike


    If you’ve been out of the country in the last two weeks you have to quarantine for 14 days in QLD regardless of entry point.
  7. ? He looks 18 in that picture. He is just ugly, not old looking
  8. Spike


    my wife is investigating but I'm a mess right now I can't do anything
  9. Spike


    After weeks of stressing and planning and then finally grieving, I decided to go home BUT THEY FUCKED ME. I didn't even notice they changed my layover in Fiji TO OVER TWO FUCKING DAYS, I DON'T HAVE TWO FUCKING DAYS TO SPEND IN FIJI AND FOURTEEN IN QUARANTINE, I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO GET HOME FOR CHRISTMAS I went through a whole world of anxiety and stress to be fucked by something I (as well as my wife) didn't even notice they changed two weeks ago. WE GOT THESE TICKETS MONTHS AGO, we didnt' buy a ticket to arrive on the 10th, we bought it for the 8th
  10. Spike


    Ah guys you're making me all teary eyed, I really appreciate all the responses. Love you guys xo
  11. Spike


    Thanks, everyone. Right now I’m 45 staying and 55 going. I was always going to quarantine but grief does change everything. I have not seen friends or family for quite some time so that is my main impetus for going. I am very stressed right now and I feel no matter what I’m making the wrong decision. The two weeks will pass regardless of my choice, maybe I shoukd just go?
  12. Spike


    i feel let down and isolated by my home, there is no support for anyone, hundreds of people like me. i thought we were supposed to be the 'lucky county'? why is this hapening
  13. Spike


    I don't really open up a lot but I need help, any advice at all. I'm distraught On Monday I'm scheduled to fly into Australia and do a 14 day hotel quarantine. My plan was to see my grandmother for xmas but she passed away today. She passed away just two weeks shy of me finally seeing her. Two weeks and I could have said goodbye, but I can't and I never will now. I have to fly into the country and be alone for two straight weeks in a hotel I don't want to be in. I will miss my family, my wife, the funeral, everything. There are no exemptions. What do I do? Should I cancel and reschedule for another time? Should I wait and hope for the borders reopening? My wife is looking at tickets but at such short notice how can she get the bureaucracy and tickets? please anything will help
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