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  1. Spike

    Diego Maradona Dies Aged 60

    I was actually thinking about when he'd die the other day. Maudlin thought but it was relevant given his poor health and recent medical procedures.
  2. you're right but it's not unheard of people having complete mental episodes where they act unlike themselves.
  3. Spike


    Seriously though it is because Goldberg is one of the faces of the years WCW put WWF on the brink of annihilaiton. I think anyone that didn't jump ship before the acquisition or anyone that is largely considered to be associated with the WCW is a persona non grata. Look at Goldberg in 02/03, he was essentially a tool to raise HHH up higher, DDP was turned into a stalked, Booker T was made to look awful at WM19, Bagwell or whatever he called had one appearance, and some of the others whose contract was owned by Time-Warner instead of WCW refused to join WWF on a smaller pay so I imagine that infuriated McMahon even further, especially since they were people like Sting, and former WWF employees like Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. It was a clusterfuck, the ego of it all ruined the Invasion angle; which properly cooked and prepared would have been m o n e y.
  4. Spike


    It is because he kciked Bret Hart in the head and played football
  5. Spike

    Steven Gerrard - How's He Doing?

    Not to be a negative nancy but I put a lot of praise in the people running the club to get Gers back up to speed. Coming from several divisions down as a phoenix club isn't easy, even if it is a club like Rangers. Maybe not having six dozen bank loans to default on is a boon? @Rab would probably tell me I'm talking out my arse, but that is just my casual observations. Gerrard is probably their most talented head coach since rebirth, whether or not it is because the players buy into his personality or tactics doesn't matter because he has them winning.
  6. Predator is a bit much, that is a bit closer to rapist or paedo
  7. Well I figure that if people can't be arsed to type out 'Virgil van Dijk' and 'Trent Alexander-Arnold' why should I bother with typing out whole words?
  8. m fv ply on ech f th tp sx tms TTM: HK LVP: TAA CHL: KTE LEI: VDY SOH: JWP ETN: DCL
  9. Spike

    Players over 50

    I think we should make a thread about best under 20 players as well. My shout out is Jesse Lingard, kid just needs some time. Heh my boy J Lingz is the next big thing
  10. Spike

    Ghanaian News Presenter

    doesn't mean it isn't funny, what makes it not funny is the fact it isn't funny
  11. I don't know if I hear that one but I do 'yoooo, this XYZ is lit as fuck, dog' 'it's hella fire' fair to them having their own slang but I prefer mine! christ if you called someone a dog at a pub in australia you're liable to get into a punch up
  12. Coke dealers need customers too ya know
  13. From what I've heard from a few people is that English is very difficult because it's so irregular and us (meaning people like the British, Australians, New Zealanders) speak very differently to the more common American-English. It's one thing to understand 'Hello, how are you?' and 'g'day, howyer goan, mate'? or 'cheerio, luv' instead 'goodbye' for instance
  14. Biesla is an old man and is rumoured to be on the autism spectrum (heresay but possible when you observe his behaviour and long history of idiosyncrasies), two huge mountains for anyone to overcome when learning a new language. Imagine the difficulty navigating the social norms and eccentricities in a foreign language. Idioms, subtleties, slang, implications, are all very difficult things to wrap your head around. Really all he has done is cut out the guess work and miscommunication chances by having an assistant whose job is to know both languages inside and out. Really though. his English could be great, we don't know because he doesn't speak in public. Not everyone has can grasp foreign language easily, nor do many people pick it up fluently.
  15. Better in some footballer's account and getting spent than in some crooked bank in a tax haven