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  1. Voting this post as the worst for newcomers since the bald cunt went bersekf.
  2. Spike

    Chinese Super League

    There isn't time to spell check on the shitter, my friend.
  3. Spike

    Chinese Super League

    You say that as if de Laurinitis didn’t see $$$ for an aging player that hadn’t been playing well. Sometimes moving on, is the the selfless thing to do for a player
  4. He may be a dumb cunt but he might be a good father as well. Can't judge him there, can't say I'd do the same!
  5. Just rumours, though very possible. Honestly would be best for Icardi if he divorced her!
  6. Spike

    Chinese Super League

    Weird, and only for about €20mill as well
  7. Fucking hell Don't use languages that aren't one's forte.
  8. Spike

    Biggest one season wonders?

    Outside of strikers, you have Cristopher Kramer that somehow started and won the World Cup; despite being concussed to fuck. Also Güiza did fuck all except for one year during which he was pichichi winner and on the Euros.
  9. Spike

    Biggest one season wonders?

    Chelsea. I don’t even know what third rate, third world leagues the other teams belong to.
  10. Spike

    Pablo Sarabia

    A dynamic wing pairing of Sarabia and Ruebn Garcia got me through many a dark day
  11. Looks like Handanovc is the new skipper. A much better representative really
  12. Vancouver is a great option. A team can expand into the Chinese market without actually going there.
  13. We make two. I also don’t care about forum drama