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  1. Anybody that has someone apologise on their behalf isn't a legend.
  2. yeah they had to issue an apology, of course Evra didn't make the apology being the little bitch he is
  3. My word, Evra is talking absolute nonsense. Souness apologised to CP and gave them credit for playing so well but Evra said paraphrased 'teams only show up for ManUnited and United make them look good'.
  4. You know, I like Andros Townsend. Seems like the guy that put in a lot of hard work to get to the premier league and stay there.
  5. But it started last season after the team clinched the title. The break was short, so I don't necessarily buy that (it could be just that though). I just struggle to accept that one of the best defences in the world is this sloppy.
  6. That's too bad. Probably right decision to break down Daglish's team but the wrong bloke did it.
  7. What happened to the defensive cohesion? Is van Dijk already a spent force? Surely not.
  8. Chelsea's back four hasn't even played together yet!
  9. I'm no expert on the 90s Liverpool but didn't the team do a lot of silly things to itself? Letting McManaman leave for free, the silly 'Spice Boys' era, signing Diouf instead of Anelka, selling Owen for pennies, letting Fowller go to early, yadda yadda yadda Kinda like United now
  10. @The Palace Fan How do you feel about Zaha? Two goals but he was acting like a prick during the off-season.
  11. It was close range but his arm wasn't close to his body, but neither was he hanging his arm out to intentionally stop it. His arm was in the motion of running.
  12. Except we have evidence that doesn't happen, because everyone said that for Italian football when they changed the handball rules.