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  1. Central Coast Mariners vs Newcastle Jets 2-0 Newport vs Scunthorpe 0-0 Rotherham vs Oxford 1-1 St Mirren vs St Johnstone 2-0 Atletico Madrid vs Valencia 1-0 Metz vs Nantes 2-2 Melbourne City vs Adelaide, 3-0 Alaves vs Celta Vigo, 1-3 Philadelphia vs New York Red Bulls 1-1 Flamengo vs Fluminense, 3-2
  2. Spike

    Racism in football

    I can't say I'm ever surprised that former Communist eastern-European countries with homogenic populations are racist. They can barely stand eachother, let alone people that actually look different. It is actually quite amusing to witness a Croat and Serb violently argue over their mutual shared history and cultures through the lens of ethnic biases. Watch them put aside differences when an Albanian or Bosnian enters the fray. Nothing unites like mutual hated!
  3. Spike

    Will Everton get relegated?

    He has almost spent his entire life at Bournemouth as a player and manager. I can't imagine 'boyhood club' really stands much of a chance against that.
  4. To be fair, that’d make it a fair playing ground for him.
  5. Who gives a fuck about Messi? This is the Ronaldo thread you numpty
  6. No Italy, England, Germany, France, or Brazil, it seems. Not to take anything away from his achievements, scoring is still scoring but there is a lot of mediocrity on that list. Though I do suppose Portugal has never really had an elite squad as well.
  7. I wouldn't say that is unexpected at all knowing Sassuolo
  8. Neither is Devil Dick Willie.
  9. Spike

    Where have all the Captains gone?

    What makes people say that X is a good leader anyway? Because he is wearing an armband? A leader or dominate personality will be just that regardless of an armband; and no, I do not think the likes of Roy Keane being an angry cunt makes him a good leader.
  10. No 16 year old has self-awareness
  11. Spike

    Homegrown Only

    For Burnley fans, a stronger case for Brexit has never been made.
  12. Generic professional commentary consisting of gossip, cliches, and banal insight. Supporters that commentate the game to their friends/wife/child, usually guilty of the previous crimes. Overpriced beer and food. People that just toss their rubbish wherever they please despite the plethora of waste bins. 'Fans' that leave early to 'beat traffic'. Fairweathers that jack up the ticket price due to demand. Fans that think all sports and supporter group should generate a similar atmosphere. I'd rather creativity and a unique atmosphere but I understand it isn't always possible, something just happen organically and I believe they have to. An atmosphere/buzz/culture can't be forced. Angry pricks with a chip on their shoulder. Getting wound up isn't passion or atmosphere, it's just being an emotional cunt. Colours being too similar.
  13. Saw the Hispanic doppelganger of Sandro Wagner today waiting tables. A shame as well, he's probably equally talented.
  14. Spike

    Homegrown Only

    WTF I support Burnley now
  15. Variety is the spice of life, afterall.