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  1. So your statement is implicityly stating that Guyana and Suriname are a part of the Caribbean ergo cannot be a part of South-America, that is a logical fallacy because the two terms aren't mutually exclusive. To think that culturally 'Caribbean' doesn't excuse the indisputable fact that Suriname and Guyana aren't on the Caribbean plate but the South-American plate, it is obvious to anyone with a set of eyes that can read a map that Guyana and Suriname constitute a portion of the the land mass of South-America. This is a stupid argument and a few blogs by travel agencies that want the good PR that come with the term 'Caribbean' won't convicen me otherwise of geological fact. It is akin to arguing 'England and Scotland aren't a part of Europe because they are a part of the British Isles'.
  2. Godin has been bad for Inter.
  3. But there are twelve countries.
  4. Spike

    Breaking News - General Chat

    Just gonna throw this out there, using 'fascist' as a perjorative term is harmful to political discourse.
  5. Inter are rebuilding to win, not to sell. Possibke but unlikely, and very expensive.
  6. Spike

    MMA & Combat Sports

    It's textbook. Have UFC's biggest star return after a hiatus, feed him a veteran, make the star look strong, and rake in the money. Dana White could have emptied his entire bank-account into Cerrone's purse and it still would have been cheaper than McGregor losing.
  7. Spike

    MMA & Combat Sports

    Sod off with the ‘people hate McGregor’ nonsense, that doesn’t change the quality of the fight, which was piss.
  8. Spike

    MMA & Combat Sports

    Yeah, I saw all three of 'em, saw Cerrone stare right into McGregor's shoulder and beg for them to land onto his chin with zero resistance. Everyone dives when you dump a truckload of money in front of their house.
  9. Spike

    MMA & Combat Sports

    Fixed it for ya
  10. Spike

    MMA & Combat Sports

    If there was ever a fixed fight, that was it.
  11. Remember when the bird fucking shat in his mouth lmao
  12. Spike

    Off Topic

    I don't mind birthdays as long as a fuss isn't made about it.
  13. Spike

    What does a 'captain' do?

    To be fair 'shag teammate's ex-girlfriends' doesn't roll off the tongue very well.
  14. Spike

    Luke Shaw - Leicester City

    Typically shit players make lateral or downwards moves, they rarely move to better teams.