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  1. The English; all about inclusivity until the fellow at the football game isn't from the same town. A fellow can immigrate from Botswana and be English, but can't be from London and support Newcastle. Dearie, me.
  2. Spike

    NFL 2018/19

    Wrong. The answer is the Bears.
  3. English people are so weird. There couldn't be more than a tens of thousands of Jews in the UK and yet all this Antisemitism.
  4. 1. How do they know it was an English Chelsea supporter? 2. Utter retardation considering the owner is Jewish ethnically. But it was the fans, not the club...
  5. Could be good for minimising stunts like Chelsea->Vittesse and allowing players more English players to develope. Of course, the Perfidious Anglo won't be happy about it because it has the word 'draft'.
  6. Spike

    Chelsea Discussion

    If Jorginho is useless when he has possession, I guess so was Xavi for Barcelona. What a weird idea, he is the metronome.
  7. Spike

    Romelu Lukaku's Size

    He looks like he forgot to shred after bulking. If he were a target man, it would be great; but he ain’t that chief.
  8. That’s what I figured. I’m sure it also depends on labour laws in the UK, which I am in no way familiar with. I can sympathise with his employer as this is a poisoned chalice situation. Though they definitely went for the jugular. Surely there is are labour arbitrators that prevent termination ‘till proven guilty’? personally, the man has reaped what he has sown but I do hope for belief in humanity or was ‘Manxc cunt’ as that makes one less racist.
  9. Don’t think he should’ve lost his job but losing his ticket is fine. Wouldn’t it be wrongful termination seeing as he wasn’t working?
  10. Owning things is antagonistic now. What is this dude a bolshevik!?
  11. Read about the Chelsea Headhunters. I think there was a documentary floating around about an investigative journalist 'entering' the group. Well, you know the club isnt' based on racism, just a lot of the fans.
  12. Is it priviledge and racism, or an utter disregard for dignity and journalistic integrity writing whatever controversy gets the most attention? I think there is a difference between the Daily Stormer and these rags, because the former has integrity concerning it’s own abhorrent views while the papers you noted just print whatever sensationalist nonsense helps their bottom line. I