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  1. Spike

    The Pandemic. Racism & Prejudice

    My missus just told me the majority if attacks aren’t against Chinese ethnics. Age old ‘arr rook same’.
  2. I'm sure a lot of you have read about some sad scenes occuring across the globe in our western countries. Racism acts, verbal and physical against people of east and south-east asian heritage. It's an absolute mental thing to see, people I know indulging in this hateful rhetoric whether they realise it or not. Reports out of Oz spin stories of racial statements spraypainted on public property, people being spat at, verbal abuse, but thankfully nothing resembling an ol' fashioned American lynching. It isn't even limited to those of the Orient, stories I've heard detial hospital workers suffering exactly the same. As a bloke married to a woman that you could consider of the Orient, I can't help but it take it a little personal. What have these people come to? Was the hatred already there, or is it borne of fear? Absolutely mental, I don't have much of a soapbox to stand on but I reckon out of all the platforms I use, at least you lot would understand.
  3. Spike

    Recommend an Album

    You like contemporary pop music by the looks of things. For you I'd recomend the pop music of yesteryear that has stood the test of time; or even the alternative scenes that had pop elements. Have a crack at 'Hounds of Love' by Kate Bush, 'So' by Peter Gabriel, 'Tim' by The Replacement, and 'Crazyrythms' by The Feelies.
  4. Spike

    Recommend an Album

    What do ye usually listen to?
  5. Spike

    Times When Your Club Blew It

    Signing Fernando Torres in January over signing Sergio Aguero in the summer window. Thanks, Carlo! It is almost if the club had to pay a four year penance for winning the double in 09/10. Not keeping Arjen Robben happy. Sacking Jose Mourinho the first time. Rehiring Jose Mourinho. Not keeping Diego Costa happy. Sacking Conte and letting Sarri make the club look smalltime by voluntarily leaving. Letting Drogba leave in 2012 in hope of letting Torres 'flourish'. Letting Ballack leave in 2010 and leaving the team with a decrepit midfield. (though he did have a broken leg thanks to the vacant mind of Kevin Prince-Boateng) Letting Lampard and Terry leave when they obviously had some petrol left to burn Burning Azpilicueta's candle wick from both ends. Going for problem-attitude Courtois and selling our universally beloved Petr Cech to Arsenal. Not so much the club but Rooney winning the PFA POTY award instead of Drogba in 09/10. What a bizarre choice, Drogba scored more goals, won more trophies, and he wasn't taking penalties like Rooney. The pom had a great season, you can't deny that but Drogba trumped him. Care to add some more or debate? @Cicero @True Blue @Bluewolf @carefreeluke
  6. A man would have had a bask brannvin to knock the hangover out of him.
  7. Spike

    Recommend an Album

    I thought this would be a fun way of sharing eachother's music in this time of social distancing. It could be something you think a person is interested in, or it could be something you just listened to. I'll start with @Dr. Gonzo, I recommend 'Angel Dust' by Faith No More. Curious to see a metalhead's view of a sometimes alternative-funk metal, always weird Faith No More. If you don't have Spotify or another streaming service, usually one can find a playlist on Youtube.
  8. @nudge I think I should get points for the cocktail question.
  9. Spike

    Your Canine Image Of Other Members

    looks more like a welsh corgi mental little ankle biters
  10. Spike

    Your Canine Image Of Other Members

    I am more of a dignified blue heeler if I so say so myself
  11. Spike

    First Goal

  12. Spike

    What Are You Currently Reading?

    Blood Meridian
  13. Only because he received financing from the Scmidtd&Bauer Co.
  14. When in doubt, just pick the most common names in Germany.
  15. Spike

    Who Am I ?

    Charlemagne is as French as he is german, he is neither because he was a Frank which was a germanic people which intermingled with the celtic gauls to make what we now know as the french, but not the southern french because they are basque and occitan. isn’t anthropology and history grand? but then again the nationalistic concept of a german has only existed since otto bismarck yadda yadda yadda