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  1. IgnisExcubitor

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    A much needed decline for Italy.
  2. IgnisExcubitor

    Last movie you watched?

    Watched the Invisible Man. A decent take on an old concept. Not great but not poor either. Just an average flick, which has its moments. Also watched The Gentlemen. Now this was a fine return to form for Guy Ritchie after the pile of shit that was Aladdin. This was an old-school Guy Ritchie flick. However, it takes a while to get going and the accents seem toned down, but when it gets going it is like a typical Guy Ritchie movie.
  3. IgnisExcubitor

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Yes. Even I read that online. Still, their handling the pandemic has been good so far.
  4. IgnisExcubitor

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    This the problem everywhere, unfortunately. @topic We have begun to see a spike here in India, thanks to people's continued stupidity. On aside note, nice explanation of a simple concept by a scientist who is currently working on Malaria and Tuberculosis.
  5. IgnisExcubitor


    Skull Island had great potential and a stellar cast and some interesting monsters. I just wish they had fleshed out the story a bit more though. And yes, the connection between Atlantis and Godzilla was interesting.
  6. IgnisExcubitor


    I haven't watched any Japanese Godzilla's movies. But of the ones from Hollywood, I enjoyed the original Godzilla (1998). It was campy, fun and had some interesting situations. The world was still new to the whole disaster porn movies with good special effects. So it worked. Fastforwad to 2014's Godzilla and it worked. Because of how it was made. There was sense of suspense to it, largely because how little of Godzilla they showed. The more recent flicks Godzilla King of Monsters and Kong Skull Islands were both steaming pile of shit. They didn't have that fun campy factor either to redeem themselves. I mean they even had huge enemies to take on Godzilla, but the movies were atrociously bad. Don't know how Godzilla Vs Kong is going to be. But since they are both suppose to be good guys, it won't be a surprise to see them team up rather than fighting each other. Also, it will have Julian Dennison in it, so that's a plus. On a side note if you are keen on watching monster flicks, then I would recommend Pacific Rim. The sequel was quite poor, but the first was a really good flick. I would also recommend Norwegian movie Troll Hunter, which is quite an entertaining monster flick.
  7. IgnisExcubitor

    Narcos: Mexico

    I totally missed the release of the second season. Weird there was no marketing for the second season.
  8. IgnisExcubitor

    Guess the Movie

    @CaaC (John) no That's correct.
  9. IgnisExcubitor

    Emoji Charades

    Yep, your turn.
  10. IgnisExcubitor

    Emoji Charades

    Film 🥋🐼
  11. IgnisExcubitor

    Emoji Charades

    The third emoji is not showing here. But imma gonna take a guess with the Lion emoji. Lionel Messi?
  12. IgnisExcubitor

    Guess the Movie

    Extremely easy.
  13. IgnisExcubitor

    Guess the Movie

    Liar liar.
  14. IgnisExcubitor

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    This is exactly what we are trying to do here, the tracing part - authorities are tracing each and every person that comes in contact with the infected person and urging them to isolate. Now under stricter law. I wish we had more testing, but I understand where the rationale for not doing that in such a hugely populated country. We are slowly ramping up the production of testing kits, before doing that. I think the government here wants people to fall sick in small numbers to save the hospitals from being overwhelmed. Thankfully both the government and private bodies are building temporary hospitals for the eventual tsunami of patients when the big spike happens.
  15. IgnisExcubitor

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I fear we will see similar numbers soon from other countries, including ours. Arseholes everywhere are still not taking this seriously. On a side note, Germany is doing something right. 0.9% of death reported.