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  1. IgnisExcubitor

    Generation 'Snowflake'

    We are going to see a generation of people who are going to spend a chunk of their lives identifying as queer/non-binary before realising that they aren’t, and were only doing it because it was deemed socially cool. It's important to raise awareness of alternate sexualities, but like you said that it needs to be done with older kids. Not at 4-5. I also think some of it is to do with 'woke' parents. Drowned in their obsession of likes and RTs they might actually be encouraging this behaviour to gain popularity amongst their friends, which is hugely different from supporting your kid.
  2. IgnisExcubitor

    Last movie you watched?

    Watched It Chapter 2.To add to what @Rick and @Viva la FCB said, there is too little of Pennywise in this movie. I the two scenes he has with other kids, he is absolutely brilliant. Especially the room of mirrors. But there is not enough of that. Overall, a very average flick. Continuing my Studio Ghibli marathon. Watched My Neighbour Totoro. An out and out kids movie with a simple plot, and yet as an adult I enjoyed every bit of it, because of the way it was told and the likeable characters (especially Mei). Also watched Howl's moving castle. Nice fairy tale told in a lovely manner. I am pretty sure these guys can make even paint drying on the wall seem imaginative and engrossing.
  3. IgnisExcubitor

    Best/Favourite character from any TV Show ever

    Speaking of Fargo, apart from Malvo I also liked Hanzee Dent. Not as scary as Malvo, but he was brilliant.
  4. Bobby is incredible. And it's down to his awareness. The sexy stuff is only brilliant and effective because of his awareness. I am not comparing him to the great Ronaldinho, but he is doing similar kind of stuff with the whole style and swag.
  5. Saturday 14th September, 2019 Brighton 0-1 Burnley Liverpool 3-0 Newcastle, 12.30 Man Utd 1-2 Leicester Norwich 1-4 Man City, 17.30 Sheff Utd 2-2 Southampton Tottenham 1-0 Crystal Palace Wolves 2-2 Chelsea Sunday 15th September, 2019 Bournemouth 2-0 Everton, 14.00 Watford 0-2 Arsenal, 16.30 Monday 16th September, 2019 Aston Villa 1-0 West Ham, 20.00
  6. IgnisExcubitor

    TF365 Memes

  7. IgnisExcubitor

    Question a Member: Toinho

    1) Have you eaten Camel and Croc? If yes, which tasted better? 2) Favourite past and present Indian cricketer? 3) Favourite past and present Aussie cricketer? 4) Do you miss Japan? 5) Angela White, Sunny Mckay or Gigi Allens. Choose one. (Carefully Google them if you don't know). 6) What is your real name? 7) Have you been to Waca? 8) Good Aussie bands that you would recommend others to listen to. 9) Have you ever had a crazy animal encounter in your country?
  8. IgnisExcubitor


    Anyone else watched Afghan's win over Bangladesh? Was an exciting match. I keep saying this, these have been a fabulous few weeks for Test cricket. A lot to do with bowler friendly pitches, and partly to do with good bowling and poor batting skills.
  9. IgnisExcubitor

    Last movie you watched?

    On a Studio Ghibli movie marathon of sorts. Watched Spirited Away. Beautiful and so captivating. The detailing not just in the drawings, but also in creating characters and story was incredible. Hard to take eyes off it. Also, watched Grave of the Fireflies. One of the best war (anti-war) movies out there. Almost cried.
  10. IgnisExcubitor

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    You are in for a treat. The first two seasons are brilliant. The third is good too, but the first two are perfection.
  11. IgnisExcubitor

    Space: the Final Frontier

    The orbiter will be up there for a year documenting important things. Still mighty proud of the effort. EDIT Just posted at the same time with you @nudge. The orbiter does a lot of work. Well, now on to the Sun.
  12. IgnisExcubitor

    Upcoming Movie Trailers

    You being an Anderson fan should check out his other movies. He is kinda like Anderson, minus the gorgeous sets. Hunt for wilderpeople and What we do in the shadows are brilliant flicks.
  13. IgnisExcubitor

    Space: the Final Frontier

    Apparently, the lander Vikram has crashed. Shame really. But it was the small part of the mission. The main one is the orbiter.
  14. IgnisExcubitor

    Liverpool Discussion

    Brilliant sequel this after their biscuit video. When James revealed his favourite movie .
  15. IgnisExcubitor

    Upcoming Movie Trailers

    Trailer looks good, as well. And quite an ensemble of actors.