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  1. IgnisExcubitor

    Mafia Wars Voting (Day 7 Voting Open)

    Voting for 6666
  2. Rando voting for John, knowing that he could be the jester looks strange. Anyways, I am going to be travelling for few hours and hence won't have access to internet. So putting in my vote. No other options apart from 6666.
  3. IgnisExcubitor

    The Dark Knight

    I remember stepping out after watching this movie and telling all my friends that this is the Godfather of superhero movies. Ledger put in a great performance, but that wasn't the only thing that made this movie special. I doubt anyone deciphered the twists that came in this movie. And the sacrifice in the end. It was all brilliant. Add to that the perfect soundtrack that suited the tense and the action parts. This movie was not just about big action scenes between the good and the bad guys. The closest any super hero movie comes to this is Captain America Civil War.
  4. I am currently confused. Not voting for John. He is a jester like character. If he really is the cleaner who can be lynched, then he has played a blinder. 6666 voting for John has just confused me just a bit. If he is the shadow, then this doesn't make any sense. I will go with the majority in the end, cause WE MUST VOTE TODAY.
  5. I am slightly concerned by 6666 voting for John. If 6666 is a member of the shadow, then this doesn't make any sense, considering I strongly believe John is the cleaner who is taking orders from shadow person/s. I am just going to hold my vote for a while.
  6. You are right in the first part but wrong on the second. The Cleaner or the person ordering the cleaner probably took Berserker out because that's his best step. He probably believes one of Berserker and Rando are cops. Taking out cops makes his position stronger in the game. I was, and still am, opposed no-lynching because we still have the numbers and we need to make it count. Otherwise the shadows will take us out one by one. I still think John is either the cleaner or knows how the shadows function. But there is a danger taking him out. What if he has jester like powers. We need to find the person who is ordering the cleaner to kill. On a side note, the cleaner was a threat to the mafia as well. What if that was Machado's big move, if he suspected that it was Bluewolf. This is just a theory, and Machado didn't pay me to make him look like a pro 4D chess player making a great move.
  7. IgnisExcubitor

    President Trump

    Listen to her interview with the journalist regarding the pay rise. For a politician whose whole persona is created around being non-corrupt and doing the correct thing without any favours, to then stating 'well give us a pay rise or we become corrupt' is a terrible argument. Even she herself looked slightly embarrassed as she stuttered with that answer. There is nothing wrong in going to the border or highlighting that situation. My point was never that. My point was the cringe worthy photoshoot. It screams about making it all about herself. Regarding homeland security. I know even some Republicans were against it. I never stated that it's indispensable. But in today's climate asking the agency that protects your country to reform is better than to shout it to shut down. Of course, we can disagree on that. Now for the last part which even @Dr. Gonzo highlighted. All fine in creating an actual left base in Democrats which largely had centre-right candidates in Hillary or even Obama. But there is a way to achieve that, and that should not be by demonising others, which you have to admit these four regularly do. People do the same with them, and its just as equally unacceptable. But they are doing nothing to calm down the rhetoric. A man attacked an ICE branch. He was driven by the rhetoric peddled out by these four, just as a rightwing extremist is driven by Trump's rhetoric. Both Trump and the squad conduct themselves in confrontational manner which has ruined the discourse- which was already lowered by the media. And it continues to go downhill. They both incite their supporters to hate the other side or even people who slightly differ in their thinking. The likes of Sanders and Gabbard are also progressive candidates with progressive policies. Look how they present their ideas or even criticise the wrong without lowering the quality of debate or inciting their supporters.
  8. Would serve him right. We should've lynched one of them, till we have the numbers. The cop is impotent. It's 2 here. I am off to sleep. Please form a consensus on lynching the right person, if you lot are discussing things.
  9. Just look at the previous page. He was the first to deduce that it was Berserker. Yeah, I know that Madonna song is fairly straight forward clue, but still. And then his posts. He is most probably the cleaner.
  10. JOHN IS THE CLEANER. FUCKING LYNCH HIM. The only issue is does his role work like Jesters, considering he is pretty much advertising himself. Does he want us to lynch him to win?
  11. John is the cleaner. He knows. He is told, he does the job. Now who that person is important to find. I told you cunts to vote. But no, let's wait.
  12. IgnisExcubitor

    President Trump

    @Inverted I have lost the number of times AOC has played the sexist/racist card. I remember this one guy who asked her question on Amazon policy and she called him sexist for simply asking her question. Indirectly implied Pelosi was racist, before climbing down seeing people getting angry on her. No one is denying they face racist and sexist remarks from Trump and the alt right, and even some conservatives. But they, especially AOC, use those cards when confronted with legitimate questions and even ordinary people. AOC has done some fine policy work against lobbies. But otherwise she comes across as problematic, or hypocritical and at times unnecessarily confrontational. Her recent interaction with Thomas Homan was an absolute car crash. Her work in destroying the Amazon deal was daft. When she defended the payrise, stating that it will stop politicians from accepting bribe was shocking. Let's not even speak about those cringe worthy staged photos of her at the border. Lastly, no normal citizen of any country is going to vote against erasure of borders or removal of border security. Neither will they support illegal immigration. No normal citizen will want an agency like Homeland security abolished. You must fight to make the process less inhuman-which is absolutely necessary. But her (or their) stands and staged outrages are immature at times and not in tune with average citizens - a majority of whom are not on Twitter to cheer them. Which is why they are Trump's best assets.
  13. IgnisExcubitor


    It's a classic alright. I remember searching for this song for days once. I didn't know the name. But the tutorials did make some interesting songs popular, as you say. Back then, when YouTube was still for the independent creators and amateurs. People simply attached obscure music to their notepad tutorials.
  14. IgnisExcubitor


    The famous YouTube anthem wasn't half bad. It was electronic but it wasn't retrowave. I am speaking of 009 Soundsystem Dreamscape.