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  1. IgnisExcubitor

    Liverpool Discussion

    I doubt whether we will see Ox in action this season. Gomez on the other hand would be involved in matches in the next month. On a side note, anyone else read the Swiss national team's press release on Shaqiri? Apparently, he is suffering from a sensitive problem. They haven't named the exact reason or cause, but have stated that he is suffering from 'pubic inflammation'. Might be an explanation as to why Klopp isn't using him.
  2. IgnisExcubitor

    Sacred Games

    Loosely translates to : Mark your calender. Something big is going to happen in 14 days. Most probably means trailer for season 2.
  3. IgnisExcubitor

    Love, Death & Robots (On Netflix)

    Just finished watching this and people of TF365 get on this one as soon as possible. Okay, so you have 18 adult animated episodes that are basically 5 to 19 minutes long, depending on the stories. So, it won't take a lot of your time, but I would advise against binge watching. Trust me, a break between episodes will allow you to absorb and think about the nice episodes and forget the ones you didn't like. It's not perfect. You will love certain episodes; like some; be meh about some and hate some. That entirely depends on you and your personal likes. And that's the beauty of this series. Also, it explores lots of themes and ideas set primarily in futuristic worlds. And the animation is gorgeous. You might have seen some stories in other movies or series before and here they are slightly changed(There's a Clooney less Gravity like episode). Some episodes might seem mash up of two movies(theres a Tremors+Starship Troopers bit). There are few faults. Or some episodes which could have been better with better writing or better endings. So, who should watch this? If you like Anime Sci-fi Stories with twist(fun or deep) Black Mirror Cats (yes, cats). WARNING though. There is loads of gore and graphic nudity. I only disliked 4 stories, but I would love to discuss the series with others.
  4. The team did well after a tough midweek fixture. Fulham didn't offer a lot. I won't blame Van Dijk, despite the header being a touch soft. The pitch had become a bit soggy by then and caused the ball to further slow down. Mane has been plain brilliant so far.
  5. IgnisExcubitor

    Christchurch Massacre

    Again nope. I haven't said that. Not here and not on the old forums. I know bollocks about Turkish politics to open my mouth on it. And secondly, it doesn't matter what the establishment/government does. Your establishment (Army and ISI) wants to burn our entire country down and hence explicitly breeds and nurtures terrorists for that. But I am pretty certain you won't support that, even if you are finding it hard to call some of them as terrorist. I wont support that Kurdish man and for me he is a terrorist, because he is targeting a specific group. It's really very simple, @Azeem.
  6. IgnisExcubitor

    Christchurch Massacre

    @Azeem A] I have never ever stated here or any other place that Turkey is the Pakistan of Europe. I hardly know anything about Turkey. I do admit to regularly stating that Pakistan is the epicentre of terrorism with it being involved in pretty much every terrorist attack. Dude, don't throw any lies. I have never said Turkey is the Pakistan of Europe. B] I don't know about this incident, but I firmly believe that the Kurdish man is a terrorist cause he was looking to kill a specific group of people. C] The people whom you refuse to call terrorist are killing civilians beyond armed forces — Pandits as in Hindus and even Muslims. You are trying to justify/condone etc one kind of murders because you see it as conflict. I don't. Simples.
  7. IgnisExcubitor

    Christchurch Massacre

    @Azeem still a big nope. Cause it's not just the armed forces that are being targeted. Regular people are also killed in Kashmir on a regular basis (and other states) by these very same terrorists simply for not towing the line or even wanting to work, study, etc. 300,000 Kashmiri Pandits weren't armed forces and were raped, murdered and pushed out that region and their homes, simply for being different. They were civilians, all of them. Even when the terrorist explicitly states his reasons, you choose to ignore them. That's fine by me.
  8. IgnisExcubitor

    Today I Had To Laugh At...

    I can see myself doing the exact same thing. Our lives revolves a little too much around TV and movies, mate.
  9. IgnisExcubitor

    Christchurch Massacre

    Let's not apply Imran Khan's terrorism policy here now, @Azeem, about good terrorist and bad terrorist (or acts that are understandable as a reaction to a conflict- which is what you're doing). Your theory could also be applied to the Christchurch terrorist who believed that he was in a conflict (he stated that in his manifesto). But that shouldn't be the issue. A terrorist is a terrorist. It's about a terrorist committing an act of terror. And by his own admission on the video, the Pulwama terrorist wanted to kill Hindus and establish Ghazwa-e-Hind. But even if he hadn't mentioned that, his act was unacceptable. Your post is no different than the people trying to blame multiculturalism for Christchurch. Let's not find or make excuses for horrible people to suit our narratives, please.
  10. I hope Fulham don't have one those inspired days. We should be winning this with ease. I hope to see Shaqiri. Don't really know what has happened to him, to be sidelined like this.
  11. IgnisExcubitor

    Christchurch Massacre

    And this is what UK's Independent wrote about the Pulwama terrorist (who massacred 49) trying to humanise him. On the video, before the attack the terrorist explicitly stated that he wanted to kill Hindus(used a derogatory term) and establish Ghazwa-e-Hind (google that). Media in India is overwhelmingly left and in some cases hard-left and vocal about it, and this is how they tried to humanise Burhan Wani another terrorist. And a reputed national paper even used a picture of his funeral as their twitter background photo, before taking it down after public outrage. My point is, papers or journalists depending their ideological leaning (Naxals are even romanticised- writers like Arundhati Roy called them Gandhians with Guns) OR just to get hits from people will try to do this. And it happens with all 'kinds' of terrorists. Media will also stir the pot by either vilifying a community or making excuses for people picking up arms or their kind of extremists.
  12. IgnisExcubitor

    Monchi to Arsenal...

    Wanted him at LFC in the past, but I am more than happy with Edwards now. As for his Roma job, you could argue that he had financial issues. He had to sell players, didn't he? Nobody saw Salah being such a huge hit. And to be fair, he got a shit load of money for Alisson, even though as a LFC fan I think the price was worth it.
  13. IgnisExcubitor

    Favourite kids shows

    Shows Superhuman Samurai Sybersquad (yes spelt with a S), The Wonder Years, Boy meets World, Small Wonder, Different Strokes, Home Improvement, Didi's Comedy Show, Fraggle Rock, Dinosaurs, Giant Robo, The Crystal Maze and Doogie Howser MD. Cartoons Swatkatz, Jonny Quest, The Mask, Scooby Doo, Whacky Races, Ducktales, Quack Pack, Talespin, Banana Man, Chip and Dales Rescue Rangers, Danger Mouse, Darkwing Duck, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Laboratory and The Justice Friends. Have probably missed a few. And yes, I did watch a lot of TV.
  14. IgnisExcubitor

    Guess the Movie

    New screens
  15. IgnisExcubitor

    Christchurch Massacre

    An Indian should be the last person you should tell that. Like most things, Naxals (or as we also call them Maoists) function and have adapted themselves to newer ways - from combat, attacks and literature. You can also add the concept of trying to turn impressionable minds towards their cause by hating the other side and even religions(Hinduism in this case) in ways similar to this. They engineer several such attacks here, but you will rarely hear about it. I can even name KCP, NSCN, and a whole host of predominantly left wing terrorists that exist in North East India. Extremism and this kind of monstrosity is not specific to any ideology. The sooner we accept that, instead of trying to build this as a problem specific to right wing, the better it will be for us.