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  1. IgnisExcubitor

    Your most favourite Horror flicks.

    Nudge usually does this with other genres. Thought I might do one with Horror. So let's see your favourites. Might get to know about interesting flicks. Mine in no particular order: The Witch: Creepy little movie. Thoroughly enjoyable. Omen: Not so much scary, but a well told story. And has aged well. It Chapter One: Funny, scary and with a brilliant Pennywise. Candyman: Saw it as a kid, scared the shit out of me. Ring (English): I saw the English version first and thought it was a well made version. Conjuring: Had its share of scary moments (esp the dark staircase scene) and was well made. Trick N Treat: Anthologies are tough to make, but everything was tied up nicely in this. The Wailing: Could have been shorter by half an hour, but it was still quite entertaining. Tumbbad: Again less of a scary movie and more of a well told story of greed. Also, by the far the most beautifully shot horror movie I have ever seen. Highly recommended. I have probably missed some, and will add then later.
  2. IgnisExcubitor

    What is the strangest injury you have had?

    Peed in dark bushes while traveling and got bitten by something on my balls. Ended up with a rash on my balls and so went to the doc. Got an allergic reaction from the prescribed medicine and ended up having penile edema. It only lasted for a day (apparently steroids cures you within hours), but I have never been more scared in my life while looking at my thing. PS: Google penile edema at your own risk.
  3. IgnisExcubitor

    Generation 'Snowflake'

    That looks incredibly uncomfortable. Besides these idiots have clearly never been cuddled. It's not just about being wrapped in someone's arms. There is so much more to a cuddle. So, so much more.
  4. IgnisExcubitor

    Last movie you watched?

    Watched Official Secrets, and I am surprised that this movie is not talked about more. It's a well made flick. It's based on Katherine Gun who got in trouble for leaking the memo on Iraq war. Also watched Virus. An Indian flick on the Nipah virus outbreak in the south of the country. Had me on the edge. @Mel81x did you watch this?
  5. Sterling is a brave man trying to take on Gomez. @topic I have always deemed the 08-09 team to be the best, but I can say that this team is better than that. Also, in Fabinho we have finally replaced Mascherano, and dare I say the Brazilian is technically and creatively superior to the Argentine.
  6. IgnisExcubitor

    People worthy of the death sentence

    Coming from a country, where I saw what happens when you don't execute terrorists (there was a separate hijacking incident and terrorists were released in exchange for hostages because of public pressure and those terrorists then went on to mastermind 26/11, 9/11, Daniel Pearl murder, etc) I firmly believe in death penalty for convicted terrorists. I am proud of how we dealt with Kasab. Gave him a fair trial in all the levels of courts, where he was found guilty and then executed him. Secondly, I also support death penalty for child rapists.
  7. I expect Guardiola to use the same defensive tactics like last season. I also expect it to be a dull match. My only worry is Lovren, who will most probably start. He is due a howler.
  8. Friday 8th November, 2019 Norwich 2-0 Watford, 20.00 Saturday 9th November, 2019 Burnley 2-1 West Ham Chelsea 3-0 Crystal Palace, 12.30 Leicester 4-1 Arsenal, 17.30 Newcastle 0-1 Bournemouth Southampton 0-1Everton Tottenham 1-0 Sheff Utd Sunday 10th November, 2019 Liverpool 4-1 Man City, 16.30 Man Utd 1-0 Brighton, 14.00 Wolves 1-1 Aston Villa, 14.00
  9. IgnisExcubitor

    Rachel McAdams Appreciation Thread

    Yep. Same here. She was in a sitcom 'Happy Endings'. That series was like a poor man's Friends, but fairly decent. I enjoyed it. She has disappeared or is doing less flicks...unfortunately.
  10. IgnisExcubitor

    Halloween - Trick or Treat

    It's been on the up for the past few years but strictly in metros. It can be harmless fun for kids. However, when it's celebrated here its done more as a party, rather than kids going to other people's doors for candy (they will probably get confused looks). But this thing is mostly celebrated by young adults - who are probably looking for an excuse to have a party. Personally don't care about the thing. And you are right though about us already having too many festivals . I cannot seem to find it now, but I came across this Facebook post about a couple here forcibly taking their kids for trick or treating. Apparently, neither the kids or their confused neighbours in the residential complex were pleased . EDIT: On a sidenote, we already have a month long thing for the dead. Where we leave home cooked food on the roofs/windows for the crows to eat (depending on the date of the departed according to the Indian calender), believing that the souls of the dead family members visit us through them.
  11. Our midfield was awful today. We could really do with Ox staying fit and finding form. He really does offer more. Overall the team was poor, and to be honest Villa were up for it. Closed us down like crazy. Massive 3 points, and I hope today's result has somewhat deflated City.
  12. IgnisExcubitor

    Game Of Thrones

    Anyone else read/saw Weiss and Benioff's Austin Film Festival discussion panel? These two have to be the luckiest idiots on the planet. Didn't know what they were doing and were provided with million dollar budgets. Kept making errors and never got punished. No wonder the quality of the show nosedived once it went beyond the books.
  13. IgnisExcubitor

    Rachel McAdams Appreciation Thread

    I know the Most Wanted Man divides opinion, but it's a movie I liked and she played a very interesting part in it. Also, showed her comedy talent in Game Night, another underrated flick. Apart from.
  14. IgnisExcubitor


  15. Saturday 2nd November, 2019 Arsenal 2-1 Wolves Aston Villa 1-3 Liverpool Bournemouth 1-0 Man Utd, 12.30 Brighton 1-1 Norwich Man City 8-0 Southampton Sheff Utd 1-0 Burnley Watford 0-2 Chelsea, 17.30 West Ham 2-1 Newcastle Sunday 3rd November, 2019 Crystal Palace 1-2 Leicester, 14.00 Everton 1-1 Tottenham, 16.30