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  1. Machado

    Portuguese Football

    For those not following this league, Benfica and Porto stand joint in the first place with 75 points, with 4 games to go. Benfica will win the league as it stands, as we have advantage in the head to head against Porto.
  2. Machado

    Portuguese Football

    Well if you consider it's Monday night and raining heavily, 52k is not a bad attendance. On the TV it looks more empty than it is because people fled from the seats near the pitch as there's no way to take cover there.
  3. Machado

    Portuguese Football

    Niice https://streamja.com/No2N
  4. Rivaldo and Nedved. I was too young to remember anything from them.
  5. Felix is no striker. Can be considered a forward but he's closer to a #10 than a #9. Similar to Messi in terms of positioning.
  6. We lost this one at home. Embarrassing to have conceded two while one man up. Frankfurt obviously deserve to go through. They didn't even create much today... to lose a game like this 2-0 is extremely annoying and ameteur-ish.
  7. We are fielding a defensive mid and a centre back that should be nowhere near starting. Old and been injured for too long this season. At this stage of the season every game matters. I don't want players coming back from injury, specially if we have better alternatives for the position.
  8. I disapprove of this impulse to place manager's performances in two shelves only. It seems that one must be either a success or a flop. There must be a middle ground to categorize a manager's job, with context being the key word. Personally I find it difficult to label not winning the CL as a failure.
  9. Ederson is good at many things that Pep finds important for a side of his, and also very solid in the goal, but you're right that he's rarely going to make that huge match winning save.
  10. Machado

    Game Of Thrones

    That's cool. I wish I got Stannis.