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  1. Yea but one of the posts had a youtube link and the other one had a picture. Maybe it's that.
  2. Hello Edit: Ah I can actually post in this topic.
  3. Machado

    Metal and Rock

    So Slash is an English man... I am mind blown.
  4. "Imagine" played at every opening. I wonder if anyone who's singed it ever meant it. Maybe I'm too cynical but "imagine there's no countries" doesn't make sense in the context.
  5. Not a huge loss for Man United but would be a massive signing for PSG. He does need the right context and good players around him, but he's brilliant if in his comfort zone.
  6. Like the suit. Congrats Stan.
  7. Has the world ever cared less about the Olympics? No media hype whatsoever. Will try to tune in for some of the swimming and track races.
  8. Thought Mendes was done with Wolves now that Nuno left. Guess he'll call the shots for a little longer. Have fun Spurs...
  9. One can say it's still a tactical failure, but it wasn't intentional to give the ball away, if we're to believe his words in the post-match. I agree that scoring early wasn't good for England. The possession and chances created would probably have been more even if no one scored until later in the game.
  10. Donnarumma Meunier - Pepe - Bonucci - Spinazzola Rice - Jorginho Chiesa - Pogba - Pedri Harry Kane
  11. Chiesa the most fun player to watch. Jorginho, Pedri, Bonucci, Rice, Phillips, Harry Kane deserve a shout. Didn't make it far but Pogba and Pepe played almost perfect tournaments individually.
  12. Taking a penalty in a final is more about confidence and maturity than ability. Sure some players will have a better shot than others, but I don't believe scoring 100 out of 100 penalties in training means a whole lot.
  13. I'm not proud to say I've been sleeping on Jorginho and Chiesa.
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