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  1. Machado

    Copa América 2019

    Struggling as much as Brian trying to get a blowie
  2. A good first chuckle of the day. It's mind boggling how this man fails to see how absurd and rude it is to make such a promise, even if it is a noble aspiration.
  3. Machado

    Things you use to think as a youngster?

    I used to believe that people died in order of age. Also that ATM machines gave you all the money you wanted, and that bank checks were free money...
  4. He won player of the tournament as well, and no other player won as many trophies as him this season. Should be Ballon D'Or contender
  5. The 2nd yellow should have been a red...
  6. These morons think they're playing for Man City lol.
  7. Let's be honest, what would this English defense do against Ronaldo? It's probably for the best
  8. The most random shit of all time.
  9. Depay is the Dutch Nani... frustrating as they get.
  10. Machado

    Eden Hazard Signs for Real Madrid

    Spain is probably a nicer place to live tbf. I know they're massive but I couldn't give a toss if it was me. Real Madrid's chances of winning the CL aren't great with their current squad (slightly improved with Hazard though). Their fans can be very toxic and are far from loyal, so I don't think Hazard will be appreciated there. It probably wasn't an option for him but I'd rather go most other top clubs.
  11. Machado

    Eden Hazard Signs for Real Madrid

    I wouldn't make the move. He's not past his prime but it's not like he's in time to go on and be a legend there. Is it the money? Hard to believe Chelsea couldn't match Madrid's wages.
  12. It's a bit like the confederations cup isn't it? Nice to win it but not a big deal if you don't.