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  1. Well done Ukraine. Ridiculous football from us once again. Had to run out of luck sooner or later. I still hope we make it to the Euro, but with a different manager.
  2. Machado

    How to Improve VAR?

    Is this the future of VAR? https://streamable.com/fstmt
  3. I'm not too young. Just laughed it off to be honest. No big deal for me.
  4. There's always the one isn't there. Personally I can't say I've ever seen anyone cry over the NT, or even get more than moderately upset over a defeat.
  5. I like Henderson but that's poor.
  6. It did not look like a fun moment for at least one of them.
  7. Same, I just love the football. Not one bit of patriotism here. Qualifiers are boring though. I watch Portugal but nothing else.
  8. Not offside. They've shown it with the pretty lines.
  9. Machado

    Campeonato Brasileiro - Brazil

    Flamengo win 8 in a row, their all time record in Serie A. Most wins in a row by any side is 11. Everything is looking very good for Flamengo. Excellent position to win the league now.
  10. Machado


    They probably will, and for good reason. To steal your money
  11. Machado

    Unpopular football opinions

    Brian having a mare and caught lying again. One of the worst humans of all time. Up there with 6ix9ine and Hitler.
  12. Machado


    Did MDMA three times, all in new year's rev, yea every times my cheeks hurt the day after for smiling so much. I was talking to tourists in Lisbon like they were my childhood buddies... good times.
  13. Machado


    I'm curious about the high but the comedown seems a bit shit which is probably why I haven't done it yet. At 25 I can't be arsed to cope with hangovers let alone meth comedowns.