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  1. Have to admit I chuckled at Pogba's celebration. Herrera is a very nice player in his day. He'd up there with the best if he was always this good.
  2. You have to wonder why Alonso is a defender.
  3. Machado

    Trivia Thread

    Moçambique of course, former Portuguese colony.
  4. So we made several changes to our line up, fielded 6 academy players and still won in Turkey... totally unexpected to be honest but I'll take it. Sporting Lisbon losing the home leg to Villarreal probably puts them out of the competition. Very poor effort by them considering the situation Villarreal find themselves in domestically. They hadn't won in 10 games and are just 2 points above last placed Huesca. I can see Keizer getting sacked if they lose to Braga this Sunday.
  5. Machado

    Your club team of the decade!

    Oblak Semedo - Garay - David Luiz - Coentrão Matic - Witsel Enzo Perez - Aimar - Di Maria Cardozo Have to say, out of the line ups posted so far, Bayern's stands out for me.
  6. What a disgrace Mings is. Stepped on Zlatan's face last season and got a 5 game ban for it. Did this today to Nelson Oliveira... Looking at the depth of those wounds, I doubt his face will ever be the same even with plastic surgery.
  7. That Gomes's goal reminded me of his Benfica days. He's got a good medium-range shot in him and is a goal threat if playing close to the box. Didn't see that from him for a long time. He's gone backwards in the field to a defensive role since joining Barcelona so it's no surprise.
  8. Machado

    President Trump

    Hey look, Trump fixed Global Warming
  9. Cannabis' sense of humour is somewhat watered down these days...
  10. Don't wanna kick up a storm but this thread that should have been very serious is now in very deep waters... thank @Cannabis for opening the floodgates.
  11. Machado

    Oscars 2019

    Not even one of the better ones IMO. Not trying to be anti PC but come on.
  12. £15M is a drop in the ocean in today's market... Had to be done
  13. Nice back and forth we got here gents. Is Higuain really a fat piece of shit or will DDW have egg on his face? Stay tuned and find out soon.