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  1. Fernando Santos really is a talent wrecking machine. Ronaldo doing nothing for 90 minutes doesn't help. We had to get rid of them before the world cup. With Ronaldo starting games we don't make it past the last 16. If he doesn't play, we can win the whole thing.
  2. Portugal France Brazil Spain England Belgium Argentina Netherlands Germany Denmark
  3. Leicester weren't trying in the last few goals there. He will go for sure.
  4. Only injury will stop him from breaking every Premier League record out there. I think he'll score 40 in the league alone which has never been done.
  5. Machado


    Only king I care for.
  6. Friday 16th September, 2022 Aston Villa 1-0 Southampton Nottm Forest 1-2 Fulham Saturday 17th September, 2022 Wolves 1-2 Man City Newcastle 3-0 Bournemouth Tottenham 2-0 Leicester Sunday 18th September ,2022 Brentford 1-2 Arsenal Everton 0-0 West Ham
  7. Braga continue their impressive run. Undefeated in all competitions so far.
  8. https://dubz.co/v/k8qh98 Cancelo. He is better than your favourite full back.
  9. Game went even better than expected. Could have scored 5 against them. On our way to a great season.
  10. I'm rarely confident in european matches but this one I don't think we're losing.
  11. Marseille though look like ligue 1 contenders and still undervalued by the bookies. They should want to win here after no points in round 1.
  12. They seem to be clicking now but still nowhere near last season's quality. Frankfurt might have been a freak result. Stadium will be full, should be a good atmosphere, hard for any side to win there but spurs are yet to lose a game this season. If any bet I would go both teams to score.
  13. Kings historically have a worse reputation and 2022 doesn't like white men in privileged positions. Must be tough to be a King these days
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