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  1. Jota has quickly become a key player for us. Was all about him tonight.
  2. He's still instantly one of the best players in the PL imo. Tremendous player.
  3. We paid €17M for him only to loan him one season later, why? He was our best striker last season. Imagine loaning your best striker! No one from the club cares to explain. Another very dodgy Jorge Mendes deal. The man must have astonishing persuasion skills because he seems to effectevely own a handful of clubs and unfortunately Benfica are one of them. He was the league's best scorer while coming off the bench virtually half of the games he's played in. 24 goals and 13 assists in 47 games but he only started 26 of those games and never took a penalty or free kick. Not bad at all. Why wasn't he a regular starter if he was our best striker you may ask? Jimenez never started more than 2 games in a row for us... go figure. There must be a very good tactical reason Spurs fans can expect a hard working striker here that seems to always get his goal despite not being the most flashy of players.
  4. That made me chuckle a few times. Rio Ave bottled it.
  5. I really don't understand.
  6. Machado

    Among Us

    Neither do. People just voice chat on discord.
  7. Machado

    Among Us

    It's the same in my experience. Better controls hardly give you an advantage. Some might even play better on mobile if they're not used to asdw.
  8. Machado

    Among Us

    This has cross play. You can play on mobile vs pc. What would be a good time for everyone? Would be nice to get 10 people but 8 is good.
  9. Don't think he's the typical Guardiola type of centre back. He'll probably be the most impetuous defender they've had for a while and he's captain material.
  10. Machado

    Among Us

    Anyone up for some among us?
  11. Machado

    The Best Covers

  12. Machado

    2020 Music

    Mind blown. What a band.