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  1. Their squad value is now the 28th highest in the world, ahead of the likes of... Atalanta, Monaco, Vilarreal, Benfica, Ajax.
  2. Excelent start for him obviously. 17 minutes to get an assist. He's far from terrible but I've said it before, too good of a baller to play as a fullback anyway. I don't think I've seen a better playmaker as a fullback. The number of chances he creates with his carries and passes into the final third is mad.
  3. Good move for him. Phenomenal player who is underrated because he's a liAbiLiTy dEfEnsIvEly.
  4. Wish him well but not in a million years was he good enough for Benfica.
  5. Speed, technique, strength. Possibly the best full back I've seen in this league. Great signing.
  6. And the bun to hide the bald patch is fooling no one.
  7. This is the same guy flirting with Arsenal in social media? Even posted he's been watching their games.
  8. Pretty much retired about 5 years ago at 28 and people are debating who was better between him and Giggs. That's a joke.
  9. No doubt he would love to get the England job when he's done with clubs. Possibly even ahead of Portugal if given the choice.
  10. Not livid but not excited either. It's hard to play worse football than we did though so pretty much any change would be welcomed. The conversation in Portugal right now is more about his nationality rather than his tactics. Personally I couldn't care less. In my life time the country was more united around the national team when a Brazilian was in charge anyway.
  11. By signing that contract, he admitted that the big bad evil managers were right after all. In a span of 3 months he went from throwing a tantrum over sitting on the bench for a Premier League club, to accepting that his level is Al-Nassr now. Egg on his face.
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