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  1. Machado

    Juventus Sack Sarri

    Pirlo managing some of those players is hilarious. Bonucci, Buffon, Chiellini, Ronaldo... I can't imagine Ronaldo sitting there taking Pirlo's tactics seriously. Maybe the board's strategy is mimicking what Zidane did with Real Madrid all those years ago. Tactically all over the place but with all the freedom in the world, their world class players can shine and do something funny in a knock out competition. They need better players to do that though, I find their squad overrated.
  2. Machado

    Powerful Pictures

    Not sure there's a thread for interesting pictures but how about these ice shards on Lake Michigan.
  3. Barcelona looking shaky. Almost the 3-2. Napoli will get into the 2nd half believing they can still do something here.
  4. I'm surprised at how Chelsea have held their own so far. They've not defended that badly for their standards and have shown ability to pull out a dangerous attack every now and then. Playing with no pressure certainly helps but still.
  5. Hard to believe Lyon finished 7th with this midfield trio @...Dan They were quality tonight.
  6. Bayern probably fear a few things about the way Man City play but I doubt speed is one of them. Either way I agree Man City are the best team in this and the favorites but Lionel Messi is still in the competition and Atalanta are dangerous underdogs with a once in a life time opportunity.
  7. @ESPNFC Cristiano Ronaldo has now broken the record for the most goals scored in a single season for Juventus (36). A record which stood for 95 years!
  8. Juventus look poor but Ronaldo with a stunner to make this tie exciting.
  9. The media have been saying there's a golden generation in Portuguese football for maybe 5 years now, and maybe there is but the prospect of it stops being exciting as soon as they play together because it's always appalling as fuck. We won the Euro playing extremely defensive, boring footy. Trincao is gifted all around. Can pass, shoot, cross, dribble with quality. I think he's similar to Mahrez but not as fast and maybe smarter or just more prudent in the way he plays.
  10. Machado

    Other News & General Chat

    4 Palliative Canadians approved for end of life psilocybin therapy through section 56(1) ; First legal medical exemptions for psilocybin in Canada since 1970’s Four Canadians battling incurable cancer have been approved by the Minister of Health, Patty Hajdu, to use psilocybin therapy in the treatment of their end-of-life distress. These 4 patients mark the first publicly-known individuals to receive a legal exemption from the Canadian Drugs and Substances Act to access psychedelic therapy, and the first known patients to legally use psilocybin since the compound became illegal in Canada in 1974. The decision comes after over 100 days of waiting for a response. https://therapsil.ca/4-palliative-canadians-approved-for-end-of-life-psilocybin-therapy-through-section-561-first-legal-medical-exemptions-for-psilocybin-in-canada-since-1970s/
  11. Most overrated goalie of all time.