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  1. Machado

    Metal and Rock

    You need to check that guy's channel. He's getting away with murder with some of the mash ups.
  2. Machado

    Metal and Rock

  3. Machado

    I am back

    And so the drama begins.
  4. Machado

    Unpopular Music Opinions

    Oasis’s popularity makes sense only when put in the background of the mediocrity that was mid 90's British music. Britpop as a cultural movement sucked for various reasons but mostly because the music was bad.
  5. Machado

    Unpopular Music Opinions

    I've explored the Kinks quite a bit and I'll give you one thing - they never seemed to revert to nonsense lyrics. Ray Davies is as good of a songwriter as any. At the onset The Beatles were highly motivated to be commercial and to make as much money as possible. Songs about girls in love were plentiful as they knew the young teen girls loved them. Once they got over that phase they had much better lyrics, diversity and they left bands like The Kinks and The Beach Boys behind. When it comes to versatility it's hard to argue against the Beatles. Also, The Kinks had no good singers (might be unpopular).
  6. Machado

    Unpopular Music Opinions

    Kayne brought new elements to a creatively burned out era of hip hop, pretty much keeping the genre interesting and letting it evolve from the trite gangster posturing. I find that contempt for his contributions is colored by people's opinions about him as person.
  7. Machado

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    "My bad" doesn't work when you killed a lot of innocent people.
  8. Nice. Goals like that should happen more often whenever he's playing in the middle.
  9. Machado

    FA Cup Third Round Matches - 4-6th January, 2020

    Leeds can play some nice footy.
  10. Won 3 categories on the golden globes. Best comedy/musical, best supporting actor (Brad Pitt), and best screenplay.
  11. Machado

    Julian Weigl to Benfica

    He seems very happy to be here. Let's hope he's a good addition. I'm not sure he can play in the Europe League? That'd be great.
  12. Machado

    Adama Traore - Wolves to Man City?

    Traore and Real Madrid/Barcelona in the same sentence. I couldn't believe my eyes.