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  1. Against the same club as well. How weird is that.
  2. Machado

    2019 Member of the Year - Nominations

    @Dr. Gonzo @Harry @Mel81x @RandoEFC If only 3 are accepted, leave Gonzo out as he's already won it last year. No need to excessively spoil him...
  3. Machado

    Best losing performance you have seen?

    Japan vs Belgium - World Cup '18 comes to mind.
  4. What is it with Leicester anyway? Don't think it's normal to be punching above their weight in this manner twice in five years now. Do they just want it more than other clubs of their status? I don't know. It's inspiring but also sad that they'd perhaps be actual contenders again if Liverpool weren't on their way to having one of the best seasons of all time in English football. Still, these must be exciting times for Leicester fans.
  5. Odd that there's no activity here. Suarez' goal must be one of the best ever scored. https://streamvi.com/watch.php?video=1575751468 The finish is disgusting by itself but the set up is at least as good as peak Barça. @Carnivore Chris @SirBalon
  6. Thought Man United were supposed to be shit? Two very good wins in a row to be fair.
  7. Squawka Football@Squawka Liverpool have lost just 7 of their last 100 Premier League games under Jürgen Klopp, fewer than any other ever-present team in the division. Ffs.
  8. What a goal. Started that run in the edge of his own box.
  9. Mane is the best attacker in the world right now as far as I'm concerned. He's reached a level of consistency that puts him a level above most. Complete attacker these days whose assists are even more jaw dropping than his goals. He's second only to Messi right now imo.
  10. Machado


    I used to be annoyingly sceptical but I think some ghost stories can be interesting. Not that I believe in them but it's a bit like with magic tricks - they're interesting if you can't explain what is going on.
  11. Machado

    Album of the Decade

    My top 3: Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork Tame Impala - Lonerism Tyler, the Creator - Scum Fuck Flower Boy
  12. Machado

    Ballon D'Or 2019

    It doesn't seem personal. I think Sarri respects him and would be happy to play him if he was at his best, but Ronaldo doesn't produce the same anymore so Sarri needs to do what's best for Juventus which is dealing with the reality - one that Ronaldo might not like. Ronaldo should get less and less game time and substituting him off will occur more often which will make him furious like he was last time. Should be his last season at the highest level for his own sake. Don't think he wants to be remembered for having played at an embarrassingly low level.
  13. Machado

    Ballon D'Or 2019

    Just checked it and she actually wrote it in Portuguese, so that's instagram's translation which is bad enough by itself and just adds to the cringe. Ronaldo will be nowhere near next year's Ballon D'Or race so she won't have to worry about it anymore. There is an obvious decline in his ability to impact a game and this season he's already been like a ghost on the field many times. Hard to watch to be honest.