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  1. The classic Neves goal. Does he ever score from inside the box?
  2. Decent goal that. Some nice passing and better finish.
  3. Many brilliant moments to come when Félix and Costa get going I think.
  4. Morata and Felix have zero chemistry don't you think? Soo much better with Costa.
  5. Completely unrelated but what a picture this is.
  6. Atletico will win the league. Barcelona are the new Real Madrid. They can't fix things simply by signing all the top players. They looked so rough tonight. The new signings aren't adapted yet and won't be with such a limited manager. I thought Rafinha was good.
  7. Machado

    One Club Men

    No one mentioned Messi yet? Don't think he's going anywhere.
  8. Machado

    The Bookmakers

    Atletico and Vitesse. Make a double.
  9. You know it's a good time to be alive when Tarantino is trending on twitter. Going to watch this one tomorrow I think.
  10. Those guys are insanely good!
  11. Congratulations Liverpool. Chelsea have shown to be better than they looked against Manchester United. Would be good for the league if they always played this well.
  12. Chelsea have done very well today no matter what happens.
  13. Was it even VAR checked? Didn't seem like a penalty.