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  1. Machado


    That's great free content to be honest. You should try Ben Finegold as well, the king of dad jokes.
  2. Machado


    Ben "never play f6" Finegold?
  3. Machado

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Things are looking pretty grim over here. Several reports of medical staff describing hospitals as war zones, saying people are completely burned out working 100+ hours a week. We test more than most but we have the 2nd most new daily cases per capita in the world now.
  4. Machado

    If you could meet any famous person...

    I admire a lot of people dead or alive, but I'm not sure why I would want to meet them. I would "meet" Jennifer Lawrence though, definitely.
  5. Machado

    2021 Music

    Lets kick this off with a nice track of the first great album I've heard this year.
  6. Machado

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Well the country is closed again. Masses are allowed though, so let's pray for this to end
  7. Machado

    The Beatles Appreciation Thread

    They seemed to have loads of fun. Not sure if I'm most curious about the rooftop set or the studio stuff. It's crazy that they have 60 hours of unseen footage.
  8. Machado

    Your Favourite Movie of All Time?

    It might be Inglourious Basterds.
  9. Machado

    The Beatles Appreciation Thread

  10. Similar story here. I was too for almost 3 whole seasons. Started when I was 17 and quit when they made cuts to policing in the lowest tiers. The money was not bad and you could do more than one game each day. Sometimes three games a weekend. Kept some good and some bad memories like with everything in life. Met some good people along the way, and some of the weirdest folks I've come across to date. The worst that happened to me was probably having to get escorted by the police because one of the blokes I was with was having too much fun taunting the home fans. The job itself was most of the time not fun and quite mentally draining. The post-match shower was usually terrible even if the game went well. I really do believe we were all trying to shower away the guilt rather than the sweat, even knowing that mistakes during the game are inevitable I agree that people in general don't understand how difficult it is. You have to be focused all the time while being subject to abuse among other distractions, and it's guaranteed that you'll miss some obvious stuff that is easy to spot when you're watching from a distance. Fans disagree with each other all the time so no matter what you do as a referee, you'll be wrong and shit in someone's eyes. It got better with experience but it was still always somewhat of a relief to get a game as a linesman as what you have to do is just easier and there is less pressure on you. I don't regret getting into it at all though. Learned a whole lot about the game.
  11. I wouldn't call myself a patriot but this is a bit of a sinister sight.
  12. To the people over there this translates to "Keep going. But go home, we love you. By the way, keep going. But go home. Thanks!"
  13. Machado

    What are you listening to?

    Is this what heaven looks like?
  14. Machado

    Hip Hop/Rap

    MF Doom dead at 49.