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  1. Machado

    Liverpool Discussion

    Indeed. It was an event whenever Chelsea conceded a goal back then. Going off topic but Carvalho is probably my favourite center back ever. Rare for a center back to play with such elegance. Tough tackling but with the just the right amount of aggressiveness. His relaxed body language and seemingly weak physique I think caught attackers off guard which worked as an advantage for him.
  2. About time we had some good old forum drama.

    1. Rucksackfranzose
    2. Berserker


      It's like a breath of fresh air.

      Also @Rucksackfranzose


  3. In early Klopp days, the predictable outcome of playing a side like Napoli at home would have been a 3-2 or something. Signs of improvement for sure. Their defensive record this season is great and worthy of a title winning, mature side. They're still as good to watch but with less unpredictability at the back.
  4. So it's unfortunate that people like Hitchens entertain the notion of a fourth Reich, which he clearly does, when Germany doesn't rule the EU alone and it's only power derives from it's economy. Hitchens seems to project his own nationalism onto the Germans and adopts the Nazi POV as if there is something in the genes of the Germans that makes their sole purpose to rule Europe and conquer to the East. After all, every bit of history we need to know about Germany are the 12 years of the Third Reich.
  5. One can argue that Germany has been the opinion leader in the EU, but the formal power of Germany as well as of other big countries in the EU, is actually disproportionally low. The EU has a population of around 505 million, contributions of around €17 billion and there are 751 seats in the European Parliament. Germany has a population of 81 million (~16%), pays contributions of €26 billion (~22%), but has only 96 seats (~13%). So Germany's means of influencing EU politics are actually smaller than any "share" Germany would expect to have in the EU. One thing Germany does however, and this is the crux of it, is actively engaging in EU politics and as usual, people who do things make an impact . The notion of Germany being disproportionally or especially powerful mostly comes from the lack of activity shown by other countries in EU politics. It's up to them to change that. Now now... depending on your personal views this can be regarded as leadership or domination - as it's usually advertised by far right politicians and particularly imperialism lovers. So again, the problem is not that Germany has a lot of power, it is that other large EU countries failed to take action or to show leadership. This is very true for the deadbeat UK who just chose to leave, and to lesser extent France.
  6. Go back to your country... oops, this is your country. Err.. but you like the EU, so go back to Spain! I mean not "back" because you were born here, but still, go there!
  7. Machado

    Sunderland Till I Die - Netflix

    @Harvsky won't be missing this one I'm sure.
  8. Machado

    Your Music Highlights of 2018

    Hip-hop: Daytona by Pusha T is a very special album. No one came close to him this year. Childish Gambino blowing up and the rise of Joyner Lucas are a breath of fresh air and something to look forward to next year. Rock: For Out Of Five probably the tune of the year in the genre but no big album releases IMO. I've enjoyed the comeback of 90's bands like Alice in Chains and Smashing Pumpkins with some decent stuff to show the world. Jack White's album was good too. It depends on your taste really. The Struts have become somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine this year but I still cringe at some of their stuff.
  9. Machado

    Alvaro Morata Transfer Listed

    Calling Ozil a flop is pushing it isn't it?
  10. Congratz to River Plate and their biggest supporter @Berserker
  11. Machado

    Right Midfield Vote!

    Salah obviously, followed by Mbappe and Sterling a comfortable third for me.
  12. Machado

    Left Midfield Vote!

    Will think about this one. Son was great all year and had a good world cup but so did Hazard. Then there's Coutinho of course.
  13. Seems to be the case of the Chelsea staff guy trying to being funny and piss Pep off. Pep did went on to congratulate the rest of them so I'm not sure he did anything wrong there. "Chelsea staff in victory" probably a better suited description to that video.
  14. Machado

    Off Topic

    Hey in my part of the world my cousin's sons aren't my nephews, unless my cousin banged my sister I suppose.