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  1. He wasn't good enough for Bayern when he left, but there was hope that he'd improve quickly. He's not that talented really. He's good at keeping the ball and world class at using his body to bully even the likes of Yaya Toure, but his passing is frustrating and his shooting is average.
  2. Portuguese Football

    Number one problem is by far the lack of support for local clubs. Comfortably 85% of the country support the same 3 clubs. The average attendence of two mid table clubs is League Two standard. The lowest attendence in the league this season is a shocking 942 and the highest between two clubs that are not the "big three" is only 20k. A fair distribution of TV rights would be a start in giving smaller clubs a better chance of competing and at the same time maybe gather more support amongst the new generations. Problem number two is everything being about Benfica, even moreso if we are in a successful run. It's very loathsome. I guarantee you, if you ask 10 non-Benfica fans which club they hate the most, 9 will answer Benfica. According to our rivals, when we win any title it's because we've bribed the refs, etc. A similar phenomenon can be found in Spain, specially amongst Real Madrid and Barcelona fans. Although fans of all of the three clubs are very spoiled and bitter, the other two don't have it as bad against them really. We've got roughly 55% of the country's support, so naturally everyone else will try to put us down. IMHO there's not even a real rivalry between Sporting Lisbon and Porto but the match is still considered a classic only because both are big clubs. Games involving Benfica are far more heated and hate filled. Problem number three is the standard of living in the country. Not many people can afford to attend games. The "big three" can fill their stadiums a handful of times during a season, but only because they've got massive, massive following. They'd suffer a lot if people started supporting other clubs in mass. There are not enough match going fans. Problem number four is the mentality of the average football fan and consequently, of the media. Newspapers and TV football "debates" don't dedicate much time to actual football, whilst dissecting everything that happens outside the pitch and during the week.... Who said what, who is the ref for X game, is X job on the line, what did the president of X club say, and every sensationalism you can think of. This is getting worse with time as well.
  3. Breaking News - General Chat

    Wow 4.7 !!!!!!!!!!!1
  4. It has good potential but people like Troopz can't quite hold my attention. Know what I'm saying blood?
  5. Portuguese Football

    Just saying that there are way better products out there and I'd rather stick to them. Curiosity alright, I get that I suppose, but I wouldn't be curious to know how shit tastes.
  6. They didn't really expect to beat Liverpool in 2 games but they also didn't expect to concede 5 at home. I'm not sure they'll lose confidence, depends on what happens in the 2nd leg. Maybe they'll take another 5, who knows
  7. Another wonderful result for Portuguese football.
  8. Your Club's All Time XI

    This line up is a bit ridiculous because I know we've had a ton of better players in almost every position, but this is only from what I've seen. Most are still playing as well because the best players we've had in this century are from recent seasons. Oblak Semedo - Garay - Jardel - Grimaldo Matic Simão - Aimar - Rui Costa - Di Maria Jonas
  9. Your Club's Worst XI

    Coates is one of Sporting Lisbon's best center backs of this century. That's how easy it is over here.
  10. Neymar Jr. Discussion

    How is he tied with Cavani at 28 goals? Both in Europe's top 5 goalscorers. That's insane. They're probably scoring 90% of all of PSG's goals.
  11. Portuguese Football

    Why would anyone want to watch the Portuguese league? Not even the "classics" are worth watching. There's maybe 3 or 4 good games in a whole domestic season.
  12. Hip Hop/Rap

  13. Not been watching much of Porto but I know they've got a nice balance between strenght and technical quality. It's very tough to beat them at home, that I can tell you. In the new stadium (since 2003) their home record is one of the most impressive in Europe. They've only got 14 losses in 226 league games and for the Champions League they've lost 20 in 105 home games.