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  1. Fusion

    Diego Maradona Dies Aged 60

    GOAT, rest in peace Diego.
  2. Not a bad signing to be honest. Just 10 years too late.
  3. Hello mister. Such a nice game to watch, that's how a nice weekend should always start.
  4. Time to prove his worth at Stoke and the Premier League and keep playing for free.
  5. It's mostly because he started getting those kind of good performances this season and kinda at the end of last season. The national team didn't played many games lately anyway, and knowing how the national team operates, they don't wanna bench the current left back (who happens to be one of the oldest players of the team and the captain).
  6. He is shit, never liked him anyway.
  7. Fusion

    Unpopular Football Opinions

    Those last pages were so entertaining, keep it up boys.
  8. Fusion

    Members You Miss

    ...or once Barcelona and Messi will become trash, I will become more active. I read a lot of posts here regularly but I am too lazy of posting...
  9. Fusion

    Members You Miss

    I love you too guys. From the top of my head, I miss 20Legend and his football knowledge, swifty, that Mexican/American (?) deluded Chelsea fan, and als-.... In all seriousness: My love, SirBalon Wez with his funny and chill posts There was 1 Everton poster with quality posts most times, Liam, I think? Also another Everton lad, ManBearPig, was making funny posts. I AM SURE I AM FORGETTING SOME QUALITY GEORDIES WE HAD BUT CAN'T REMEMBER THEIR NAMES AT THE MOMENT...
  10. He played like Obertan. Impressive performance from the young talent.
  11. I would say Figo is the best from this list, Baggio 2nd and probably Messi 3rd.
  12. Just wondering if Ajax has any plans to make one of those romantic messages to Ziyech.
  13. Will Chelsea also enjoy the future?