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  1. Still a long way before he can be better than Ospina.
  2. Trash management, divas as players, trashcan level background works and you have this 'team' at this stage now.
  3. Yeah mate, blood brother..... To be honest, I didn't liked him years ago because I was judging him too much on what he was doing with the diving festival events per game and all that stuff. However in last years, I started admiring him on what he does on the pitch, he has been one of the best players on his position/role, if not the best. A player that you knew, in a season, he would be one of the top performers of the team. That being said, I think he is still a perfect replacement for Fellaini.
  4. At this point, you can't even decide who is more childish between those 2.
  5. Bailly is probably the only one that was good (and de Gea) so far. Pereira and Shaw were ok. Rashford is terrible as a striker today, he will do better in the wings imo.
  6. He won't struggle to find a top team, he is the second best goalkeeper in the world after all. Oh wait...
  7. Interesting, we should try swapping Darmian+Jones for Messi.
  8. Actually, this quote was taken from the previous website, TotalFootballForums, not posted by me, but it was ridiculous as you said. Surprised no one remembers it anymore. 😕
  9. He was nothing special, Henry had just pace.
  10. Good thing we have a female team now to watch for the new season.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJ8Ac-LeIfw SAF's message.
  12. As long as you take Fellaini too for free, you can have Martial.
  13. EPL - Manchester United LIGUE 1 - Bordeaux SERIE A - Udinese LA LIGA - Valencia BUNDESLIGA - Koln (RIP)