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  1. Fusion

    Breaking News - General Chat

    I'm not from Athens, thanks for your concern tho, I appreciate it that I'm not forgotten here. But I have family members living there and everyone is fine.
  2. Fusion


    I started listening that type of music a lot since I played Hotline Miami back in 2012 which is full of those type of songs. My favourites are Pertubator, Jasper Byrne, Danger & Carpenter Brut. Some songs I like:
  3. More importantly, will Ajax's new bus have "Juve, enjoy the future like we do"?
  4. You think Barcelona will still go and try to get Neymar now? Will be interesting to see how Neymar, Suarez, Messi & Griezmann will all fit in the starting 11. I guess front 3 will be Neymar, Griezmann, Suarez and in midfield De Jong/add midfielder/in front of 2 midfielders Messi? Or Messi would be a good option from the bench.
  5. If Griezmann was Greek, he would have taken that 120m from Barcelona and sign for another club.
  6. Why does he has to terminate his contract? Can't Barcelona just pay his release clause to Atletico Madrid and sign him normally?
  7. Did he really said all that? Messi: “I didn't went to receive the medal because i didn’t wanted to be part of this corruption” and “this cup is set up for Brazil” Messi: "A yellow would have been enough for the both of us. But maybe I'm paying for what I said the last time [against VAR and the CONMEBOL]" Messi: "Brazil will be champion, there is no doubt, this Cup is rigged for Brazil, Peru have the team to dream, but i don't know if they will let them"
  8. Greedy cunt should take an example of those Barcelona lads and start playing for free. Doesn't even deserve half of it.
  9. Is he a winger or another Martial/Rashford that is a striker and is getting deployed in the wings? If it's the first, then its great because we don't have any natural wingers.
  10. Easily the best one, and the one that shows passion in most games. But hey, at least we gonna keep passengers that will be dabbing and uploading selfies on instagram at half time.
  11. Nah, he lost the BarcaDNA when he went to Qatar to start earning money for the first time in his football career.
  12. Congrats to the Liverpool fans here, amazing performance from your team. Football won yesterday. Oh and Messi is shit.