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  1. We all know Busquets is the goat and Barcelona is great!
  2. Apart from the James-Messi one, I think the rest is pretty accurate.
  3. One of the reasons I love coming on this forums frequently and just chilling and reading posts.
  4. Cant wait to see all the goals in the parks against his mates.
  5. HAHAHA, it's so sad reading that because it's so accurate. My tactics were literally butchering legs of enemy's key players and then using my fullbacks for longs balls. Poor Juanfran and Filipe Luis were averaging 40 long balls to Falcao per game and I had Turan and Diego Costa on the wings just to chase the long balls. Which team did you used on that mini tournament we did with TotalFootballForum guys, I can't remember... Wasn't it West Ham or Aston Villa?
  6. It was a nightmare to play against him. I was literally eating during the game against him cause he was playing with 8 defenders and 2 CM and was abusing FIFA's mechanics, full ultra defense, score a goal from a corner and then start passing the ball in defense. I had to do it...it was the ONLY way a weak side like Atletico Madrid could face Everton...
  7. Not a bad signing to be honest. Just 10 years too late.
  8. Hello mister. Such a nice game to watch, that's how a nice weekend should always start.
  9. Time to prove his worth at Stoke and the Premier League and keep playing for free.
  10. It's mostly because he started getting those kind of good performances this season and kinda at the end of last season. The national team didn't played many games lately anyway, and knowing how the national team operates, they don't wanna bench the current left back (who happens to be one of the oldest players of the team and the captain).
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