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  1. True that, and that would be really not a good idea since Ten Hag is trying to make a really strong, positive and united team that fans can back the players under most circumstances while getting rid of players that could cause negativity to the squad, be it by themselves or giving reasons to the press to start spouting negative stuff (Ronaldo, Pogba, Lingard etc)
  2. I read that they are even together with his 'gf', typical abusive relationship if it's true. But doesn't that also mean that the club can now release his contract?
  3. Terrible news since he is one of our best players this season, midfield doesn't function the same without him. Apparently we are close to get Marcel Sabitzer, I guess he will be competing with Fred for that Eriksen position.
  4. Nice offside, I think I will need to read the football rules these days, apparently I learn something new every game.
  5. He is a slave working for Man City. He should go to Barca and work for free there.
  6. Seriously, they are not even funny at this point. Take Roy Keane for example, such a miserable cunt that tries too hard to have opinions. No wonder 99% of these players failed miserably as managers with their non-existent managerial knowledge and dinosaur tactics that they only get hired to spout shit on TV. Then you have Paul Scholes, the guy that couldn't even make a sentence with more than 3 words throughout his 20-years career but nowadays he has opinion about everything. And their excuse to stay relevant "ye in our days we were a winning team, the players now are soft.". These are the same clowns that were defending their friend Ole even at his worst games and licking Ronaldo's butthole.
  7. The result was fair considering that Arsenal was easily the better team most of the game. The absence of Casemiro was so obvious that McTominay was just standing as a cone in the midfield in the whole game with terrible positioning and non-existence distribution. Eriksen can't do all that running as much as he tried since almost in every game, after 60-70 minutes, he is out of stamina. Antony, while he is helping with the defensive duties, he doesn't offer much in the attack because everyone figured out he is limited and predictable of what he will do, I know it's his first season in a new league and all that so hopefully with the return of Sancho (and hopefully he did some good progress), there will be more competition in that position. It's a shame that Wan-Bissaka is such a great athlete and can pull some decent tackles but his football knowledge is similar to my mom's and she never watched a football game, and his position is atrocious. I guess there is a reason Dalot is so far ahead of him. As for Weghorst, we got what we paid for, not bad at linking up with players but don't expect anything else. It's so obvious that Rashford has too much freedom from Ten Hag to produce stuff on his own, be it shooting whenever he can, dribble and all that (even tho he loses the ball a lot of times), but he is the only one that is capable of doing something like that in the team right now. Garnacho should have been brought earlier since he, together with Rashford, are the only ones from the attacking options, that can produce something out of nowhere. The team definitely needs players and the top 2 priorities are a striker that won't go missing after being out of form or injured (hello Martial) and a central midfielder, then we can focus on depth for the bench. Also nothing wrong with the celebration, no need to invent fantasy stories. Edit: Also these ex United players must be the most miserable bunch of people, people like Roy Keane and Scholes are a cancer for the club since the day they retired.
  8. 99% of my posts in La Liga were about Barcelona and Messi so I could get a reaction from certain people. But I did like teams like Valencia and Athletic Bilbao back in the days.
  9. To be honest, I can imagine at every bad result, Berserker is gonna be waiting outside the stadium with a machete.
  10. Love coming here and reading these kind of posts to be honest, they make me laugh.
  11. Glad he finally found a club with ambitions that he was looking for months.
  12. Once Griezmann can't have space to make some plays, France barely creates anything. They depend too much on him.
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