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  1. Easily the best one, and the one that shows passion in most games. But hey, at least we gonna keep passengers that will be dabbing and uploading selfies on instagram at half time.
  2. Nah, he lost the BarcaDNA when he went to Qatar to start earning money for the first time in his football career.
  3. Congrats to the Liverpool fans here, amazing performance from your team. Football won yesterday. Oh and Messi is shit.
  4. Fusion

    Your favourite player from each country

    England: Beckham France: Griezmann Italy: Di Natale Spain: de Gea Germany: Schweinsteiger Holland: van Nistelrooy Portugal: Luis Figo Czech Republic: Nedved Denmark: Schmeichel Sweden: Larsson Norway: Solskjaer Greece: Zagorakis Brazil: Kaka Argentina: Batistuta Chile: Alexis Sanchez Uruguay: Forlan Mexico: Borgetti Japan: Endo
  5. Fusion

    Your Favourite Team From These Countries

    Valencia FC Koln Manchester United Udinese River Plate
  6. Don't know what was better, seeing Di Maria's face after the game or Neymar's when he went down to the bench at around 85th minute and was ready to celebrate with his teammates and in the end they didn't qualified and he had a meltdown on social medias.
  7. Fusion

    Off Topic

    Do you miss my posts about Messi and Barcelona? I retired mate but I can come back if River Plate is looking for European players.
  8. I analyzed your games with others. It was the only way I could beat you. It was also the only game I used 8 defenders in FIFA, be proud mate.
  9. Still a long way before he can be better than Ospina.
  10. Trash management, divas as players, trashcan level background works and you have this 'team' at this stage now.