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  1. He played like Obertan. Impressive performance from the young talent.
  2. I would say Figo is the best from this list, Baggio 2nd and probably Messi 3rd.
  3. Just wondering if Ajax has any plans to make one of those romantic messages to Ziyech.
  4. Will Chelsea also enjoy the future?
  5. Dunno what's funnier. Evra that has never been a top player (including 2007-2008) or that Filipe Luis was never a top player. I think 2nd is funnier. It's fine tho, we have world class Ospina sitting as the #2 top goalkeeper.
  6. Fusion

    Merconorte vs Mercosur

    I missclicked, I am innocent.
  7. Easy choice. Godin. No one will remember Puyol in 10 years if he had Godin's hair.
  8. Because trashbins tier footballers like him, Lingard and most of the current players are why this team is in this situation. And don't come with the "oh he gave it his all, he was a professional". He literally survived 8-9 years by offering nothing and being an Anderson on the flanks, stealing a spot and then people complain why the team is bad when the team is filled with those kind of players.
  9. Fusion

    James Maddison - Man United

    I would pay them above 100m if that means we gonna get rid of Lingard.
  10. Fusion

    Ballon D'Or 2019

    Change nationality.
  11. Fusion

    Teso Dos Bichos

    Not the first time he is doing it. He will return soon.
  12. Fusion

    Teso Dos Bichos

    I like Teso more now. Thanks for the topic.
  13. Fusion

    How did you find us?

    Please! <3 I mostly use my phone for browsing here cause it has an internal dark mode for all the websites. Too much white is killing my eyes haha.