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  1. Always sit when I am at home, especially when I wake up in the morning and my brain is on autopilot and not focused to aim. But hey, I am sure I will be worried if the average person on twitter or on internet in general will say that's not manly for guys, I will take their valuable opinion into consideration.
  2. He thinks he is still 18 years old that can do these things and the club will keep finding excuses. He has to be sold, he is at an age where people are in their primes and are consistent or at least have the maturity and hunger to fight back at every obstacle. His mentality is so weak that he depends on purple patches for a few months once in a while to stay relevant. One of the most predictable wingers in the league, can't play upfront cause he is clueless (as he admitted), and he easily gets distracted, gives up and doesn't bother tracking back during games. He should leave as soon as possible, preferably together with Antony (and ETH if keep insisting on both of them).
  3. Technically you were saying that when he was great and about to hit his prime. Saying he was average at that time was way worse than saying Ospina was the 2nd best after Neuer. But anyway, I think I joined around 2010 or 2011, during the time Blake/Berserker joined so he could talk about Falklands and annoy the English members. I think him and Chris were the ones I interacted the most, then also when Cicero joined and was active in La Liga topics. Of course it was fun seeing his reactions in Fifa games. Hightlights of when I joined: I can't remember the names, but we had like 2-3 great Newcastle fans and their rages and reactions after every game were golden, saying the owners should die in a house fire while deepthroating chainsaws in every topic haha. Was Skarm the Trinidad and Tobago barca kid? Or that's another one? The one that said Messi and Iniesta would play for free because of the love of the club. Swifty calling DeadLinesman "DeadBoobyman" cause he thought he was Big Show. Wasn't Swifty also the one that thought Moaty (the Geordie guy) was Gazza because of their weird profile picture with the cigarettes? Kel saying we should field 11 players from the academy team into the first team. Oh god I miss her.
  4. There are so many players that need to get shipped it's unreal haha. The difficult task is to convince them to move there since some wanna stay in Europe and the others can just chill at United and get their good weekly wages. According to some sources, van de Beek will be out of the club in January so that's good, hopefully Martial and some others will follow. I totally agree with you about the scouting department and other departments within the club in general too. According to many sources, once Ineos/Ratcliffe will take over the football side of United, Jean-Claude Blanc will be appointed as CEO with Paul Mitchell as sporting director. I don't know how good the changes can be, however I believe it can't get worse than the current state of the club.
  5. These players need to be bullied, they have been way too spoiled for a long time. Once things don't go their way, they just give up, start swinging their arms like primadonnas. The manager has done too many mistakes as well. I don't understand why he is insisting on playing certain players. How can you keep having starters players like McTominay, Maguire, Martial that were never in your plans during summer and now they managed to survive like 2-3 managers and they get rewarded by having them in starting eleven. What was the point of signing these 4-5 players in the summer only to have them on the bench because "Ohhh Maguire and McTominay performed well against bottom-half teams and we managed to scrap lucky 1-0 wins, so let's keep Varane out until Maguire will face a good team like Liverpool and get spanked 7-0" so we can rotate them again. You don't reward players that had plenty of chances during previous managers and were part of the problem, they will fail you as well. Also if you reward players for good performances, how is Rashford still a starter? He should be the last option for the wings, behind Garnacho, Pellistri, Antony and that says a lot how bad he has been. You either have some hate-vendetta with certain players or someone else within the club is making the calls who should play or not which I don't think is the case. Or the manager is tired of all the issues with the club, the lack of people that can do some work behind the scenes to help the team and he just gave up, he just goes with the flow until the club will decide to sack him so he gets a good amount of money. Because for the owners, it's way better to sack a manager than a collection of players that will cost way more money. Martial has been injured so many times that he doesn't have legs to run anymore, I doubt there is a club that will try to buy him. I think paying and terminating his contract will be more beneficial for the club at this point.
  6. Putting Fernandes on the wing (and he has done it many times) should be a war crime and removal of coaching license. Also why he wanted to sign Mount so badly in the summer if he knew he had a certain amount of budget and could have gone for a center backlike Kim Min Jae who was strongly linked instead of making us relying on MagEvans? Mount started to have decent games and then he got bench because McT scored few goals and he instantly became a starter? If you plan to reward that stuff, drop Rashford instead of subbing everyone except him in every game. You cannot play Eriksen in those games and against these teams, he just simple doesn't have the legs for that. Horrendous set up of the team, and this team will never click simple because you permanently rotate the whole structure of it and the Players have no clue with who they gonna play with. Brilliant performance from Michael Abu Dhabi Oliver. Wonder if they plan to release the voice clip for that decision or they gonna do a useless public apology.
  7. At one point I could see some progress he was making, more positivity around the club but around February or something, it stopped, no progress in terms of getting the team better, playing better etc. There are few things he has done right, like trying to get rid of the deadwood which would take time. And it's United's fault giving big contracts to everyone that makes the other clubs hesitant to sign our deadwood when their wages are too high (like what happened when we tried to offload players to West Ham). You literally can't offload unwanted players like Maguire, Brandon Williams, Scott Mc., Martial, Sancho etc. with the contracts they have. Most of his signings are just all over the place. Players like Mount (while he can be a good player) were not needed at all. Onana is okay so far apart from the 2-3 mistakes, but what's the point getting a keeper that is good with his feet, but you don't have a team that can play around that style of keeper? He is lucky that the majority of the fanbase is more focused to Glazers and the negativity goes there so he is safe until that bubble will burst. But for me, the worst aren't the results so far, it's the dire style of football that reminds me of LvG's. Yes, control (????) the game, pass in defense 50 times, then once you are in midfield, the players can't make more than 4-5 passes without returning it back to defense. It's not enjoyable at all.
  8. Erik ten Hag's stubbornness makes me wanna agree and justify Sancho's behavior. EtH has been crap this season so far.
  9. Maybe the manager can learn about rotations, using subs and not going full strength on carabao and Pepsi twist Cups with the main squad nonstop. The fact we are in for the Spanish Fellaini is even more ridiculous.
  10. Hey come on, at least their players dont put club shirts on players that don't belong to their clubs.
  11. Terrible news since he is one of our best players this season, midfield doesn't function the same without him. Apparently we are close to get Marcel Sabitzer, I guess he will be competing with Fred for that Eriksen position.
  12. He is a slave working for Man City. He should go to Barca and work for free there.
  13. 99% of my posts in La Liga were about Barcelona and Messi so I could get a reaction from certain people. But I did like teams like Valencia and Athletic Bilbao back in the days.
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