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  1. Fusion

    Teso Dos Bichos

    Not the first time he is doing it. He will return soon.
  2. Fusion

    Teso Dos Bichos

    I like Teso more now. Thanks for the topic.
  3. Fusion

    How did you find us?

    Please! <3 I mostly use my phone for browsing here cause it has an internal dark mode for all the websites. Too much white is killing my eyes haha.
  4. Fusion

    How did you find us?

    I already have enough cancer with the white background, dont make it grow bigger with the green text.
  5. Fusion

    Creating a football club?

    Wait, that "guy" was you?
  6. Fusion

    Creating a football club?

    Yeah, this one.
  7. Fusion

    Creating a football club?

    HalewoodToffee yeah, thanks Stan! I don't think it was Freshmn (unless I am confusing his name, I think one of his names was Nick? and he was around 15), it was the other one from Trinidad and Tobago that was saying he was going to Camp Nou every 2 weeks or something and he was posting pictures from Google. So accurate about SirBalon.
  8. Fusion

    Creating a football club?

    Yes it is possible and I can give you a list of people that are experts in specific positions to run a club. 20Legend - Goalkeeper coach Brian - Will be working together with 20Legend and bringing world class players like Ospina in the club Teso - For motivating the players and predicting 3-1 results before every game *Forgot the name*, the Trinidad and Tobago kid - For transferring the BarcaDNA to the players and making them play for free *Forgot the name*, the Everton guy - For scouting Jelavic level strikers and rejecting Suarez level strikers NUFC - So there will be always a guy that can set the houses on fire in case the players won't perform well Berserker - For dealing with South American people and putting them into their places Cicero - Manager Panna King - For judging the manager at every game SirBalon - President
  9. He probably will wanna earn some money for once before retiring. I think he should join a new club.
  10. Fusion

    Racism in football

    Hope they get fucked in the ass in real life by real apes as a form of respect and appreciation.
  11. Fusion

    Eric Cantona UEFA Speech

    I love how focused Ronaldo and Messi were during Eric's speech.
  12. Fusion

    Are you romantic?

    I hope you didn't missed his interactions with the Newcastle fans and the females we had back then.
  13. That's basically how the club operates nowadays unfortunately. "Shitty results>finish barely in top 6> (if fans angry) sign a well-known footballer so the staff can avoid the backslash from the fans and make them temporary happy and excited>repeat same stuff next season" Sometimes I wonder what I want tho. Like I love when Manchester United is winning games especially with good performances but I know there is a small chance that can be consistent and not once in a while performance. I do really think more bad results are needed for the club like finishing outside of top 10 etc, so there will be a bigger reaction for big changes to be made. As long as those bad/average results will be going in a non-stop loop, we will have the same recycle recipe of "Shitty results>finish barely in top 6> (if fans angry) sign a well-known footballer so the staff can avoid the backslash from the fans>repeat same stuff next season".
  14. Fusion

    Are you romantic?

    I am as romantic with ladies as @Berserker was when he joined TFF.
  15. Fusion

    Chris Smalling - Joins Roma on Loan

    Same, I think he is more reliable than most of the defenders we have and that's the sad part, cause he isn't even that good. But he isn't the worst. Jones done nothing in those 8 years he has been at the club apart from being permanent injured and making weird faces during games. Bailey is getting injured every 2 games, Rojo is not good either.