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  1. Season 2 now underway. Thought season 1 was fantastic. The first time I’ve watched Jennifer Aniston and she’s not Rachel from Friends.
  2. Inter Sevilla Monterrey West Brom Chelsea RB Leipzig (Double Points) Arsenal Royal Union
  3. Saturday 25th September, 2021 Bournemouth 2-0Luton Dundee 1-5 Rangers Inter Milan 1-0 Atalanta, 17.00 Corinthians 3-2 Palmeiras, 23.00 Sunday 26th September, 2021 New York City 1-1 New York RB, 00.30 Hamburg 2-0 Nurnberg, 12.30 Man Utd Women 1-2 Chelsea Women, 12.30 Barcelona 2-0 Levante, 15.15 Rapid Vienna 2-1 Sturm Graz, 16.00 Lazio 2-2 Roma, 17.00
  4. He is my hero though! I was alive when he fucking played for us!!!!!
  5. rOnALdO yOu Are mY hErO cAN i hAvE yOuR sHiRt. No, and your dad’s a bellend for taking you to the game and writing that shite on cardboard.
  6. I hate football. West Ham being rewarded with a deflection for being utterly shit.
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