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  1. First pick locked down.
  2. DeadLinesman


    Die of AIDS.
  3. DeadLinesman

    Trivia Thread

    Get fucked.
  4. DeadLinesman

    Forgotten footballers

    It’s sad when you look at a picture of multimillionaires and you’re not one of them
  5. DeadLinesman

    Famous People From Your School

    But they’re not AFL players?
  6. DeadLinesman

    Daniil Kvyat fanboy thread

  7. DeadLinesman

    FA Cup 2018/19 - Semi-Final Draw

    It’ll only be decent without Citeh.
  8. DeadLinesman

    MMA & Combat Sports

    I’d have to agree. Masvidal was just far too seasoned. I think he breezed into it thinking it would be a walkover. Definitely Mas vs Edwards after that post fight clash. Can see him losing some money after that attack as well. You can’t just go in windmilling people because they tell you to shut up ffs.
  9. DeadLinesman

    MMA & Combat Sports

    That last sentence Imagine him meeting Yoel Romero at 185? He’s getting battered by a gate keeper at 170.
  10. DeadLinesman

    MMA & Combat Sports

    Till hype train well and truly over. He’s finished at 170.
  11. DeadLinesman

    Rugby Union

  12. DeadLinesman

    FA Cup Quarter-Final Match Chat - 16-17th March, 2019

    Well played Mr Marriner. Well played.
  13. And that’s the difference between boring shite negative football and having a go. I can handle losing 2-0 as we hit the woodwork several times and tested Leno throughout. We definitely had the more clear cut chances, but it just wasn’t our day. Any other day we could have won that 0-3. Penalty decision was soft as fuck, but after midweek, no real complaints. Karma.
  14. Better form than you mate