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  1. DeadLinesman


    You’re better than this.
  2. DeadLinesman

    Coronavirus and Football

    Premier League footballers will always get targeted when their clubs use public money to fund the lowest paid staff. What else does he expect? I know it’s not the footballers fault persay, but the comparisons will always be there. Also, they should probably stop doing things like visiting mates or getting prostitutes over
  3. DeadLinesman

    Coronavirus and Football

    Hancock was asked a question. That’s why it came up you thick fuck. Footballers so full of themselves that they think the health secretary mentioned them at his press conference because they were actually on the fucking Agenda set. Bellend.
  4. DeadLinesman

    Sheep - Season 7 - All Things Retro

    Will get on it today 👍🏻
  5. DeadLinesman

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Why would the media expect to be told the PM’s current medical condition? Patient confidentiality extends to pretty much everyone you fucking morons. They’re all foaming at the mouth so much at these briefings that it’s becoming embarrassing.
  6. DeadLinesman

    First Goal

    71st. I do love Slutsk.
  7. DeadLinesman

    What Are You Doing While in Isolation?

    When @Dr. Gonzo said he was getting tonnes of pussy, I always thought he was on about Cosmo.
  8. DeadLinesman

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Pictures or it didn’t happen.
  9. DeadLinesman

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    One of my neighbours walks past the house at least 4 times a day. I’ve put a sign in the window reading ‘if you’re reading this for the 4th time, you’re doing it wrong’.
  10. DeadLinesman

    Coronavirus and Football

    This is the thing for me. You’ve seen how badly it’s gone for those clubs, and yet here they are doing the same, but passing it off like paying the 20% means they have morals. It’s disgraceful from every club doing this. Those amounts wouldn’t even dent the average weekly wage of some of the average squad players.
  11. DeadLinesman

    Are you missing Football?

    Already been said by Dan, but fuck next season. Just get this one finished and go from there. If we end up fucking off Qatar 2022 altogether, it will be an added bonus.
  12. DeadLinesman

    Coronavirus and Football

    Love how Twitter has gone into Meltdown with some fans defending them. ‘But they’re still getting 100%!!!’. Not the fucking point is it? Liverpool are using 80% of government money to fund the fucking tea ladies, kit men and other staff whilst a small drop in wages from the players could easily support those savings that they’ll apparently make. And its not just because it‘s Liverpool. If United do this, they’ll be a set of cunts too, along with every other team.
  13. DeadLinesman

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    They should all meet on the edge of a cliff and walk the fuck right off it.
  14. If you feel it’s needed for your own well being or mental health, no probs. Otherwise it’s water under the bridge by now. Although historically we’ve not seen eye to eye on everything, your part of the furniture and one of the few posters that follows the news in various leagues, with decent knowledgable input. All the best no matter what your decision 👍🏻