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  1. It’s never going to be 70%. I think that’s one of the more stupid rumours I heard.
  2. I’ve been sat in my car de-icing it now for 15 minutes and I’m fucking freezing. Think a Tesla is the next option. Remote control defrost from your bed and it stays locked.
  3. Too much stuff has gone on. Fiddys meltdown was fantastic when he was just threatening everyone . I also enjoyed being banned from the special member section by the United fan that refused to come over as a mod. Strange lad.
  4. Every player throws every manager under the bus. As much as we say how are they being set up etc, I’ll say the same thing time and time again. Where’s the fight? Where’s the effort? Again, these cunts will outlast another manager whilst being the number one reason we’re shite. Fuck them all.
  5. DeadLinesman


    Sorry mate, only just seen this. After JJ got injured and Kirk died, I’ve kinda switched off as my Vikes have no chance this season.
  6. @RandoEFCi take full responsibility for that 0 weekend before moving teams. Next year WE GO AGAIN. @Tommy commiserations…..
  7. Jesus Christ. Please tell me you can appeal this and take these cunts to court?
  8. Lolz. @LFCMadLadmy apologies. VAR has indeed ruined football.
  9. Norris and Hamilton in my predictions. FML
  10. Stan Posted Wednesday at 09:13 · IP Pole Position - Which driver will post the fastest lap in Q3? Verstappen Podium - Which drivers will finish the Grand Prix in the top three positions? 1. Verstappen 2. Hamilton 3. Norris Random Driver - Predict the finishing position of this week's random driver, Sergio Perez. 4th Bonus Question - Which driver will be the 'overachiever of the weekend'? This will be measured by comparing each driver's finishing position with their championship position before the race. E.G. Oscar Piastri sits 9th in the standings. If he finishes the race in 3rd he has "overachieved" by 6 places. I hope that makes sense. Ricciardo
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