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  1. How many losses in a row at home now? Fuck off Stan. Don’t care. It’s staying. I’ll be licking my own wounds in 3 hours.
  2. DeadLinesman

    Your Favourite Fast-Food Items

    I think you need to check your camera for Glaucoma mate.
  3. What the fuck is going on.
  4. Joke doesn't work dude, I’m getting a vasectomy. Try again next time.
  5. DeadLinesman


    Pretty much the entire industry as there no other decent game out there?
  6. Poor from Leno and Xhaka. Everyone wanting to play Pepball. The pass was on first time, but he takes it further towards Wood. Just dumb.
  7. At least 3-0 Citeh. He’ll set up to counter and we’ll get absolutely savaged.
  8. This. Might as well have Lingard in the conversation 😂
  9. DeadLinesman

    Inter Milan Thread

    United and Sharp for me. 18 years we had them.
  10. DeadLinesman

    Your Favourite Fast-Food Items

    Love me Spam Fritter every now and again from the chippie.