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  1. We need Pogba. Not sure where he’s disappeared to tonight.
  2. Fucks sake. Cunt shouldn’t even be on the pitch.
  3. Never going to happen. Literally thousands of tonnes of soil down underneath due to the drainage issues. The brick work really doesn’t help though.
  4. Paul Ince could have done it to be fair.
  5. DeadLinesman

    NFL 2018/19

    Viking’s are on all the time mate! Join me on our quest for a Super Bowl. Just like Warrington, it’s always our year
  6. DeadLinesman

    NFL 2018/19

    Did I call you stupid? Plus if you know American Football history, the first games were played under Association Football rules. It was then changed to Rugby Union, then butchered into what is today’s modern game by the colleges. And no, that’s not from Wikipedia. I’m a massive fan of both American Football and Rugby (in league form anyway). Lets chill the fuck out with the insults as well.
  7. DeadLinesman

    NFL 2018/19

    That’s like saying Tennis is the real version of Ping Pong. Completely and utterly different sports.
  8. DeadLinesman

    Rugby League

    Great start for Warrington last night, although Leeds simply didn’t turn up. Austin quietly went about his business and looked sharp. J Clarke looks a decent addition going forward but it was the usual suspect in Ratch and D Clarke that impressed me the most.
  9. DeadLinesman


    It’s just not cricket........
  10. DeadLinesman

    Stuff about this site - And your posting history

    Fucking cheeky cunt.
  11. DeadLinesman

    Rugby League

    Everyone has bellends. I’ve seen fighting at Wigan and Leeds in the stadium, St. Helens on the way home through Parr, and especially at Hull. Usually the ‘younger’ generation who can’t handle a shandy. Anyone who throws a coin need to be euthanised.
  12. DeadLinesman

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    It’s excellent mate. Very tense in the middle episodes.
  13. DeadLinesman

    Rugby League

    As much as it will kill everyone, Super League needs a Warrington/Castleford/Hull GF win. Wigan are simply an awful club and Saints/Leeds hold the monopoly with them. I know Saints/Wigan fans that would rather see each other win it other than Warrington. That’s just fucking bizarre, like it’s this little boys club that they don’t want anyone else joining. Hilarious to see Wigan talking about a salary cap with the Widdop signing. Conveniently forgetting that they actually broke it to save the shot storm of relegation. Absolutely fucking despise them.