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  1. DeadLinesman


    Beat Ipswich 2-1, upto 4th. Manager quits. Fuck you Bristol Rovers.
  2. DeadLinesman

    Mobile Phones

    I use it for work as well. Lots of gadgets, gizmos for measuring on site. I know there’s cheaper alternatives but I’m a slave to iOS and prefer it over android (tried the galaxy, hated it). Blatantly could have had the cheaper XR at £750 but I’m stupid and wanted the better, larger screen with more storage. I upgraded from the 6plus that I’d had for over 5 years so they always last me a fair while.
  3. DeadLinesman

    Mobile Phones

    I always purchase the phone, works out so much cheaper. Forked out £1200 on the Xs Max 256gb about 6 months ago. A 3 year contract would have cost a fortune, somewhere in the region of £2500, whereas I’m on o2 with a £15 unlimited contract that rolls over month by month. Make a saving of about £600 over the 3 years and won’t need an upgrade till at least year 5.
  4. Southampton just not at the races today and looking very poor.
  5. DeadLinesman

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    I genuinely think it’s a 50/50. However, not voting because of a leader, particularly when you’re a staunch supporter is damning in the extreme.
  6. DeadLinesman

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    I hate to say I told you so. Not you or anyone specifically. Just that from reading various outlets and social media, there seemed to be 2 definitive themes of those that ended up voting conservative. That of Brexit and anyone but Corbyn.
  7. You do though tbf. You’re not any shitter than United, Arsenal or Tottenham.
  8. One fucking job Leicester. You’ve got one fucking job.
  9. DeadLinesman

    Star Wars

    Imagine asking Darth Vader for your wages......
  10. Performance of champions elect. Grind out the results when you’re not playing well. Liverpool of old would have dropped points in this kind of fixture when it’s not going so well. Not this exact fixture obvs as the aggregate of the last 3 games at Anfield is 18-1
  11. All the luck in the world. Fuck off.
  12. How have none of these errors led to a goal at either end? Suicidal by VVD.
  13. Fuck me, how has that not gone in.
  14. Liverpool definitely off their game, Watford couldn’t finish off Adriana Chechik. You’re winning the league boys.