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  1. Hate watching pens no matter who’s involved.
  2. DeadLinesman


  3. Arsenal please squire.
  4. Seriously though, Chelsea weren’t at the races, neither were we I felt, but another team could have possibly had our pants down. Still too lightweight in midfield. Chelsea go 1-0 and could have been a different game altogether. Not counting the chickens just yet. 4-0 severely flatters us.
  5. Most memberships just allow you first dibs on the tickets before general sale don’t they? I remember that dependant on the amount of tickets bought that year, you’ve a better chance for the bigger games? That loyalty should reward you compared to average Joe that only wants to see the big games.
  6. Liverpool’s support and ticket demand fluctuates like anyone else. Had a chat with my boss recently, he’s been a season ticket holder since the mid 70’s and he said you could easily get tickets in the late 90’s up until the last 2/3 years when they’ve become gold dust again. Think clubs always cap season tickets as it looks good from a commercial point of view when there’s a list. Same at Old Trafford. I had my season ticket, then membership up until about 2012 when the kids came along. Tickets again like goldust for the derby, Liverpool and Arsenal etc, but everything else they’ve been going on general sale since 2014.
  7. DeadLinesman

    New member

    @Wiregooner told you this place was full of geriatric bellends. Me included.
  8. DeadLinesman

    Cultural Shocks

    Decent to go in if you don’t like kids running around and want to watch the football.
  9. DeadLinesman

    Cultural Shocks

    A lot of ‘proper’ pubs that are old fashioned still don’t serve food. It’s a boozer.