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  1. Which is still utter bollocks. But hey ho, played for the scousers so he obviously knows eveythiiiiiiiing about Eriksen and Manchester United and football in general. If Liverpool had randomly snapped him as back up, he’d be wanking all over Walton Breck Road. Not really surprised though as he’s spouting it on TalkShite.
  2. Don’t want him because Danny Murphy said he’s shit on Talksport.
  3. I think Fred or McTominay could do a very decent job behind a midfield or De Jong/Eriksen/Bruno
  4. Six year deal. Will fill the quota like Delph for a few seasons I suppose.
  5. Don’t even. How they can pay themselves dividends when absolutely no money is put in by themselves is absolutely fucking scandalous. Was listening to a good piece on the UWS podcast with Jim O’Neil. Was really interesting listening to a financer talk about the takeover, how they operate and how much money they’ve basically stolen from the club. Should never have been allowed to happen.
  6. Probably got his Champions League 22/23 tattoo already
  7. It would never have got to this stage if De Jong was flat out saying no. Even you know that! Having read the quotes, I think Barsa are posturing so they can blame the player. “We had to sell him because he wouldn’t take a pay cut”. What an awful club they are.
  8. DeadLinesman


    99.9% bellend. Krygios is the common denominator in all the incidents. Utterly entitled cunt that thinks he’s ‘entertaining’ but ultimately it’s boring as fuck. One day he’ll get his head caved in.
  9. Apparently Barsa have said he’s not for sale. What the fuck is going on
  10. And now De Jong isn’t coming. Jesus fucking Christ. The circus continues under totally new management. We are a joke.
  11. Apparently Ronaldo wants out. Great news tbh. Doesn’t fit the new system, 500k a week and means we can move on quicker.
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