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  1. Does the six second rule apply to keepers still?
  2. Eh? Unless he’s scoring 2, that ain’t going ahead
  3. Where’s Firmino’s yellow card? Inconsistency again.
  4. I’d say I like watching quality football, but this has almost been smash and grab stuff second half. It’s like United in the 90’s with the jamminess tbf.
  5. Played Jota. Just completely fucking ignore Traore, you spunk trumpet.
  6. How is it a foul for a player to stand their ground? Keepers far too protected.
  7. DeadLinesman

    Bruno Fernandes - Midfielder Linked With Man Utd

    We paid for £37m for Mata in 2013. Were now arguing about £20m more 7 years later.
  8. I hear Dendoncker. I think Clive.
  9. Off his shoulder. You just can’t buy luck like this.
  10. DeadLinesman

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    We’re already being burned to the ground. Pass the petrol.
  11. DeadLinesman

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    Think Liverpool need a mid winter break to Wuhan.