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  1. Our scouting network is hideous. The Glazers believe that signing a big time Charlie for top dollar every 2 years will sell some shirts, merch and sponsors rolling in. And they’ve been proven right so far. I’ve said it time and time again. As long as the club services their other debts and pays them dividends, they couldn’t give a shiny shite about winning.
  2. Ethan Laird was keeping Brandon Williams out of the RB position in the youth teams. Why Fosuh-Mensah is being played ahead of Laird at RB is beyond me. I’d genuinely rather have Smalling and Jones at CB than Maguire and Lindelof. The fact Solksjaer will inevitably turn to Bailly horrifies me. Said to a mate last night, Sancho is the least of our concerns right now. He wouldn’t make a difference in a team that can’t string 4 passes together and defends like Sunday league.
  3. DeadLinesman

    Werder Bremen Thread

    2 losses in one day
  4. Too many day trippers and happy go lucky bellends. The problem is that call them out, people say you’re spoilt and go on and on about Bolton and Bury. Stay quiet and you don’t care about your club. Liverpool we’re lucky that at the time, they weren’t a commercial juggernaut that Hicks and Gillet could cream, otherwise they’d be in the same predicament as us right now.
  5. Anyone else hear Evra casually slipping it in on Sky about Zaha banging Moyes’ daughter
  6. Personally, I think it was a message to the board. That right side is absolutely championship level with James and Fosuh-Mensah. Matters very little though. No further money will be spent till next summer. They’ve got their CL qualification and that’s all that matters to the sponsors and corporate.
  7. I’d bin them off for your U23s at the moment.
  8. AWB has regressed if anything. No consistency whatsoever. But having Fosuh-Mensah start a league game today tells you all you need to know about this club. We’re an absolute shambles. I’d genuinely take relegation if it meant hitting the reset button.
  9. It’ll never happen the same way. It’ll always recycle with Chelsea and Liverpool. Will languish forever until those fucking Glazer cunts die. Every last one of them.
  10. He’s fucking shite. That whole back 4 need binning off. Cunts.