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  1. Little man was born yesterday and he’s all mine in 8 weeks. Chocolate miniature smooth Dachsund.
  2. World Drivers' Champion: Max Verstappen World Constructors' Champion: Red Bull How many different drivers will win at least one race? Seven How many different constructors will score at least one podium? Seven Which driver will have the most retirements? Ocon Team-mate championship battles - which driver will score the most points from each team? Red Bull - Max Verstappen Ferrari - Charles Leclerc Mercedes - Lewis Hamilton Alpine - Pierre Gasly McLaren - Lando Norris Alfa Romeo - Valtteri Bottas Aston Martin - Fernando Alonso Haas - Nico Hulkenberg? Alpha Tauri - Yuki Tsunoda Williams - Alexander Albon
  3. @Dr. Gonzo and @Lucas both at United. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
  4. Result - Maidstone v Scunthorpe SCUNTHORPE (2) Number of Goals - Southampton v Grimsby 2-3 (3) Real Madrid v Barcelona - First Goal REAL MADRID (2) Napoli to win a 9th game in a row NO (4) Championship Goal Scorer - Saturday 4th Akpom (3) Result - Liverpool v Manchester United LIVERPOOL (3)
  5. Fury is wank, yet I’m still convinced he’s actually holding back…..
  6. Seriously. Stop telling people what to do. It was boring 18 months ago. It’s still boring now. That’s the last thing I have to say to you.
  7. They weren’t deleted, they were hidden because everything becomes a shit show as per fucking usual. A cup final thread derailed so much I can’t even be fucking arsed with it.
  8. This best describes @Carnivore Chris
  9. If he plays for us again, it will be a Cazztastrophe.
  10. Cazza Amor was fantastic though. Compelling viewing.
  11. DeadLinesman

    Off Topic

    Same shit, different day. Fuck off @Spike X
  12. DeadLinesman

    Off Topic

    Get a room you tarts.
  13. Have you been watching Love Island this year? It all went off in Cazza Amor!!!
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