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  1. Stop moaning @Dr. Gonzo you melt.
  2. He’s not our manager anymore.....
  3. DeadLinesman

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Just like Wales, I’m packing a huge quantity of meat.
  4. DeadLinesman

    First Goal

    17 8
  5. Shaw is more than capable when he puts his mind to it. Williams isn’t even a LB by trade, but looks decent in the position for a young kid who’s right footed. Like a young Denis Irwin. His attitude is first class as well.
  6. Young already gone. Smalling on loan and will be gone. Lingard is basically shop window material now. Jones has been banished mostly to the reserves. Bailly is decent squad rotation material. Rojo on loan and won’t be coming back. I’d say he’s dealing with it admirably. Needs to slide Hannibal Mjebri slowly into the squad next season.
  7. Mason Greenwood is going to be very special.
  8. DeadLinesman

    Python Programming

    Some form of genital wizardry.
  9. DeadLinesman

    Python Programming

    First time I’ve seen this thread. Very disappointed with the actual content.
  10. DeadLinesman

    First Goal

    53rd min
  11. DeadLinesman

    Thomas Robert - Newcastle

    Haha! We used to do this back in This Is Football 2002 when we were at uni. Runs up to strike the ball....ROOOBEEERRRTTTTTTTT!
  12. DeadLinesman


    Personally I’d have Chris Jericho up there.