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  1. DeadLinesman

    Manchester United Discussion

    So De Ligt ends up at Juve for 70/80 and we’ll end up with Maguire for the same price. I hate football. I hate Woodward. I’m starting to hate Manchester United.
  2. DeadLinesman

    If you had the chance to

    Close second, I promise.
  3. DeadLinesman

    If you had the chance to

    I’ve met up with @Honking Antelope and @Rafa Beneathus. Both sound lads. I’d meet up with anyone because I’m a slut. If I had to choose one though? Well, he knows who he is.........
  4. DeadLinesman

    Not so hyped countries you want to visit

  5. DeadLinesman

    Not so hyped countries you want to visit

    Thank god I’ll be eating on the ship! Stavanger on Monday, Fläm Tuesday, Alesund Wednesday and final stop in Bergen on Friday. Can’t wait. Just the small drive to Southampton tomorrow 🙈
  6. DeadLinesman

    Not so hyped countries you want to visit

    I’m off to Norway tomorrow
  7. DeadLinesman

    The Conundrum - Is WWE Fake?

    I’d say I’m more embarrassed by the grown adults trying to make out people don’t know it’s choreographed. Completing the moves they do over and over again, 5 times a week, through injury. Yet they idolise fucking pansies that fall over at a light breeze or a brush of the shoulder. Get in the fucking sea.
  8. DeadLinesman

    Manchester United Discussion

    I think you should die. In a house fire.
  9. Oh David. Even I can’t defend you right now.
  10. DeadLinesman

    Sack Race 2018-19

    Solskjaer won’t be sacked or step down. Simply won’t happen.
  11. To be fair to him, he’s got to have 18 months to further clear out the utter dross and sign a few players. How we still have some of the low calibre players in this squad is fucking unbelievable after 4/5 years.
  12. Genuinely can’t remember it. Sad times.
  13. Not sure we’ve had a shot on target?
  14. Big games tend to involve bigger, better players. Have you seen Manchester United’s defenders over the last 5 years? World Cup aside, he literally doesn’t have a defence in front of him. He’s peppered by what you’d class as ‘lower level’ teams as well. He’s bound to have more mistakes in the locker when this exposed, and it’s deteriorated even further over the last few years. He’s the only player I wouldn’t begrudge a move to a bigger club.