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  1. Losing to this sack of spunk and missing out on topping the group possibly. Hilarious. Also, Fred is not a footballer. He makes Jordan Henderson look like Busquets.
  2. Cillessen is the second best keeper in the world
  3. Spain’s not third world mate.
  4. DeadLinesman

    Brian's 3D Modelling

    So basically, we’re looking at @Bluewolf desktop at home?
  5. They make T-shirt’s mate. Do keep up.
  6. @Toinho @Tommy @Devil-Dick Willie
  7. DeadLinesman

    Your mental image of other members

    My daughter is funnier than all of you. Just let that sink in.........
  8. DeadLinesman

    2018 Member of the Year - NOMINATIONS

    Nobody does to be honest
  9. DeadLinesman

    Alvaro Morata Transfer Listed

    When you’ve turned out worse than Lukaku in this United team, you must be fucking awful.
  10. DeadLinesman

    Off Topic

    Stealing jokes from a 5 year old.....