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  1. That was given because it’s Messi. It can be the only explanation.
  2. Petr Cech had a depressed skull fracture. The head gear protected his skull. This has nothing to do with heading a ball. Your brain will ricochet within your skull whether you wear a helmet or not.
  3. Tuesday Ecuador 1-1 Senegal Netherlands 5-0 Qatar Iran 1-1 USA Wales 0-2 England Wednesday Poland 1-3 Argentina Saudi Arabia 1-0 Mexico Australia 1-2 Denmark Tunisia 0-3 France Thursday Costa Rica 0-2 Germany Japan 0-2 Spain Canada 2-1 Morocco Croatia 2-1 Belgium Friday Cameroon 0-2 Brazil Serbia 1-0 Switzerland Ghana 0-1 Uruguay South Korea 1-2 Portugal
  4. Watching my dog get put down was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. Until I watched this match.
  5. He’s not been supported at all to be fair to the bloke.
  6. This game needs Rashford. Absolutely nobody is running at the opposition.
  7. Walked off the pitch at half time. He should fucking stay there.
  8. Imagine these cunts against a decent team. It’ll be a slaughter.
  9. Oh no. I lost…….. Mwuhahahahahahahahahaha
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