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  1. Being a great footballer does not mean you can put your willy in your sister under any circumstance.
  2. Mane obviously wasn’t getting the same dollar so fucked off.
  3. Does it have a pulse? Yes? YOU’RE IN MY TOP 3
  4. DeadLinesman


    The one and only?
  5. DeadLinesman


    Mate, my four year old plays tennis. It’s £18 a month.
  6. Gotta love Twitter and Reddit for the Fiat 500 brigade overly touchy lasses. Ekin has called both Jay and Davide twats, arseholes, told them to fuck off etc, been a dick, but she’s “a strong independent woman”. Jacques told Paige to fuck off and “oMg rEd FlAg hEs sUch A gAsLigHtEr”. Every fucking year I swear. Remember that year a lad got kicked off for saying punt in the cunt, then a lass actually called someone a cunt but there was apparently no issue? Fuck off.
  7. DeadLinesman


    ServeBot Isner is boring as fuck.
  8. I just don’t think Pep fancies him. Then again with him fucking Sterling off, you’ll probably be right.
  9. They’ll do anything to get paid tbf. Look at Robinho. Didn’t even know there were two clubs in Manchester
  10. He wants to play, not sit on the bench like Grealish.
  11. Slippery slope to a top 6/8 playoff system like in Rugby League. Another money grab.
  12. And yet they didn’t. And not a single person under oath has come forward to willingly provide evidence to the contrary on any of the points. Strange that…….I mean several Republicans even tweeted diagrams of the The Beast to prove he could get to the steering wheel. Only he wasn’t even in that fucking car
  13. Ekin tonight though in that white outfit. Jesus Christ.
  14. Andrew won’t jump. As I said weeks ago, Tasha will jump at Casa Amor. Guaranfuckingteed.
  15. Anywho…… Can’t stand Tasha anymore. Absolute snake.
  16. I’ve got 3 kids and I’m off upstairs to shag the wife. Thanks for your concern
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