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  1. Was about to say I wish Aubameyang would get himself more into the game so I can get a few more FPL points and then he gets a yellow card. Why did I captain him?
  2. 1-0 Lacazette did well for that goal. Like the commentary on BT said, Pieters needed to do a lot better there in the Burnley defence
  3. Pyfish

    One Club Men

    Just had a scan through this list and there's some decent names on there: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_one-club_men_in_association_football
  4. Pyfish

    One Club Men

    Don’t think you can be a one man club if you move to another club even if it’s after 10 or so years. Will mean nothing to any of you but Grimsby had John McDermott. He made 754 appearances for us and only ever played for us. One of only 17 players to make more than 600 appearances for a single club in English football (although that fact is from Wikipedia).
  5. Agree with this. He acted very entitled but I would hope he's a little more grounded now. I certainly wouldn't begrudge him a job at another club to see what he can do.
  6. Wolves are definitely a tricky one to get a judge on. They'll certainly make it difficult for United. It'll be a close one!
  7. Can only see an Arsenal win and hoping to see Pepe a bit more in this one.
  8. Pyfish


    Andy Murray and Jamie Murray to face each other in the next round of the doubles at the Cincinnati Masters. Should be an interesting watch.
  9. Pyfish

    Vintage and Classic Football Shirts

    Definitely adding it to the collection when I can.
  10. Pyfish

    Vintage and Classic Football Shirts

    Ooooh I like that!
  11. Pyfish

    If TF365 had entrance songs like in WWE...

    From 20 seconds in, and then mixed into where it proper kicks in. Solely for the pyros and lighting.
  12. Pyfish

    EFL Clubs in Crisis

    Another game called off for Bury... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49356357
  13. He’s now left by mutual agreement. I was looking forward to playing Macclesfield in the Carabao Cup second round and absolutely ripping into him.
  14. Pyfish

    Players You'd Forgotten Existed

    That Lambert one reminds me of Dean Ashton's one cap for England.