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  1. Mostly computer at work and laptop at home as hate viewing forums on mobile.
  2. Pyfish


    "Best Manager in the World"
  3. You'll love the away day with their bloody air raid siren every time there's a corner...
  4. United were looking like the better team but surely this has messed it up for them now.
  5. Can’t see United getting a win but Barca didn’t look themselves in the first leg so we shall see!
  6. As much as it pains me to say it, Lincoln have been impressive all season. Still really can't stand Danny Cowley. There's something about him that just makes me want to shake him or punch him.
  7. In Sunderland for Good Friday so going along to the Sunderland v Doncaster game. The first I've managed to get along to since Sunderland were in the Premier League.
  8. Pyfish

    Picture to Words

    I really liked it @Bluewolf!
  9. Pyfish


    Calling @MUFC ...
  10. Saw a United fan on Twitter moaning that the reason they lost was because of Rashford not hitting any shots on target, but neither did Lukaku who he came on for. Idiot.
  11. Interesting at the top and bottom which is nice!
  12. Pyfish

    Off Topic

    Well that's me even more scared of bees now!
  13. Barcelona have never beaten United at Old Trafford. There's a nice stat for you. I expect them to change that tonight.
  14. Having seen it again, I wouldn't have been surprised if it was given a red but like others have said it's a yellow at least.