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  1. Pyfish

    Old technology memories

    I miss my click wheel iPod. Yes, it was annoying carrying my phone and my iPod around but I loved JUST having music on a device.
  2. Pyfish

    Peru Primera Division Adopt a Team

    Just been reading up on them and the October tradition of swapping the teams colours to purple and white is interesting!
  3. Pyfish

    British-Irish dialect quiz

    Mine was spot on. Grimsby with a little hint of the North East which I've obviously picked up from being at Uni in Sunderland.
  4. Pyfish

    Peru Primera Division Adopt a Team

    Oooh can I have one? Just been looking at the results from the weekend. Is it normal to have all those red cards?
  5. Pyfish

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    That reminds me, I need to watch it. I only got 2 episodes in before I started moving house! What do you not like about it? I really enjoyed it.
  6. Pyfish

    Team Support Request

    Thanks @Rab
  7. Another hard-fought victory for Grimsby today. Makes it 4 wins in our last 4 and only 7 points off the playoffs now, We looked like a decent team this afternoon and Ludvig Ohman, our Swedish defender, is looking like an absolute bargain buy.
  8. Pyfish

    Which player did you first love watching

    Torres in a Liverpool shirt ignited my love for the Premier League but in the flesh I'd say it was Michael Reddy when he played for Grimsby. He was a fantastic player for us and scored some decent goals. Always had my attention when he went on a run!
  9. Pyfish

    Tommy Robinson

    https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/tommy-robinson-video-drugs-cocaine-islam-far-right-israel-palestine-edl-a8776991.html Lovely bloke.
  10. Sunderland are the draw specialists!
  11. Pyfish


  12. Pyfish

    Sunderland Sign Will Grigg

    13 draws this season. It's chances like that one that we need to be putting away. Grigg has been hyped up too much; just needs to relax and be allowed to do his thing now.
  13. Pyfish

    Breaking News - General Chat

    Keeping up with the latest in the Libby Squire case this week. Crazy how somebody can just disappear like that! https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/libby-squire-missing-cctv-show-last-known-movements-of-student-before-disappearance-a4065126.html
  14. Pyfish

    What are you listening to?

    I think she describes it as 'space country' which amalgamates different genres.