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  1. That was silly. It was clearly offside so why couldn't the VAR officials just say "that was offside Anthony"
  2. Morocco leading so a draw is not good enough for Belgium as it stands.
  3. I really need to get it downloaded and start a save but don't know where to go with it this time. I always do either Grimsby, Leeds or Sunderland and can never get into any other team I play with.
  4. Saturday 3rd December, 2022 Netherlands 3-0 USA, 15.00 Argentina 3-0 Australia, 19.00 Sunday 4th December, 2022 France 2-1 Poland, 15.00 England 3-0 Senegal, 19.00 Can I edit the post to add the others once confirmed? Monday 5th December, 2022 Spain/Japan/Costa Rica v Croatia/Morocco/Belgium, 15.00 Brazil vs South Korea/Uruguay/Ghana, 19.00 Tuesday 6th December, 2022 Croatia/Morocco/Belgium vs Japan/Costa Rica/Germany, 15.00 Portugal vs Switzerland/Cameroon/Serbia, 19.00
  5. @Beelzebub and @Viva la FCB are out! France lost to Tunisia who didn't qualify for the Round of 16.
  6. Because it was my doing in giving late results, I'll let you move to Netherlands
  7. Burton at home for us. Our third League One opposition so far.
  8. RESULTS Group Stage - Matchday 2 The second round of Group Stage fixtures are all done and dusted and here's what it means for all of us. No player has managed 2 wins in a row, but we do have 2 losses in a row (sorry @RandoEFC). As mentioned in the previous post, @Bluewolf and @Toinho drew so can choose to stick with their current teams or move to the opposition. @Beelzebub and @Viva la FCB faced off against each other with France beating Denmark so both are at France for their next game. Rando lost for the second time in a row with Saudi Arabia losing out to his new team, Poland. I'm on the move to Morocco after their win over Belgium, @CaaC (John) and @N U F C have the choice of Spain or Germany, @DeadLinesman stays with Brazil, and @Lucas and @Stan move to Portugal. Just one more round of fixtures and then it's the knockout stages - will we lose anybody before then?! Remember if your team loses to a team that doesn't progress from the group, you're out!
  9. @Toinho and @Bluewolf - I completely forgot your matches were today and I'm only just compiling the results. Please choose between Netherlands and Ecuador before kick off. If not, I'll keep you at Netherlands (Bluewolf) and Ecuador (Toinho) I'm writing the results post for everyone else now.
  10. I take it back, we now need someone to break the deadlock again.
  11. Hopefully it livens up a bit now. Brazil have definitely been underperforming and Switzerland did look the more likely to break the deadlock.
  12. Expecting a Brazil win but as with most other games in the tournament, it might not be that simple!
  13. Red card for the South Korea manager. Aggrieved at the fact no added time was added for the Ghana player being down during the initial run of added time and weren't given a chance to take their corner.
  14. 10 added minutes - time for South Korea to nab an equaliser.
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