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  1. It tends to change season on season but I do prefer the red socks!
  2. Triple post - don't care. It's a beauty.
  3. Official annoucement - including the cardboard box!
  4. Grimsby shirt will be announced today after all the teasing yesterday. It got leaked by some absolute spanners on Twitter last night but it was a shit photo on top of a cardboard box. I'll wait until the official release...
  5. This is nice from Norwich.
  6. Grimsby sign Anthony Glennon from Burnley on a 2 year deal. Really rated this guy when he was on loan with us a couple of seasons ago and he definitely put in the work so delighted that we've got him back.
  7. Do not like their rebrand at all! Wasn't keen on their old badge but this is awful.
  8. I do like that Palace one! Grimsby are teasing our new kit right now. First new shirt sponsor in around 20 years - we've swapped 'Youngs' for 'myenergi' - I really hope it's a good kit!
  9. Yeah really happy with that one. Was in the National League Team of the Year too so that makes it even better we've grabbed him on a free. He's got Championship and League One experience too. Played for Blackpool and Bury previously.
  10. Pyfish


    Kyrgios being a tool again I see. Moaning about the smallest of things, moaning that people are 'there to bait him' and then spitting in the direction of spectators. He's a child.
  11. Really happy with our transfer window so far and still plenty more to come! Niall Maher from Halifax, Danilo Orsi from Harrogate and Stephen Wearne from Sunderland have all signed for us on frees whilst we've also managed to keep hold of some of our key players that got us promoted (bar Ben Fox who's gone to Northampton) which isn't like us at all - it's a sign of the direction we're going in as a club under our new owners, and I love it. Still no Fabregas...
  12. Grimsby's bonkers rumour is that Cesc Fabregas is signing for us because his girlfriend has links to the area. And now our official Twitter are doing this...
  13. Henderson signing for Forest on loan - confirmed by Sky Sports.
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