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  1. Really need to get back to winning ways. We're slipping into the same run of form we always seem to around this time of the season. Our squad have shown they have the teamwork and the determination to overcome hurdles so hopefully this one will be another one of those. Orient haven't done too badly since getting promoted and they've managed to bag a few wins. Joe Widdowson and Craig Cray making returns to Blundell Park too.
  2. Pyfish

    On This Day...

    Weird to think of Messi making a debut.
  3. De Gea a doubt for the game but I think Romero is a decent keeper so that won't be a problem for them. Liverpool's weakness would be expecting United to be as crap as they have been. I can't see it being a walk over but Liverpool should and will win but hey, this is football.
  4. Pyfish

    The Circle

    Is anyone as good as Alex/Kate was last year?
  5. Pyfish

    Cashback Sites

    Damn right. Should see the look on their face when I whip out the gift card
  6. Pyfish

    The Circle

    Unfortunately not. Missed the opening night and then missed the day after etc etc so I think it's too late for me to catch up now!
  7. Pyfish

    Will Everton get relegated?

    9/1 to get relegated with Sky Bet currently but I'm with everyone else, it's far too early to even suggest any of the teams are going to get relegated. We've seen teams start the season incredibly well before and still get relegated, so the opposite is possible with Everton too.
  8. Pyfish

    40 Most Valuable Vinyl Records

    I've got the Abbey Road one on my wall in my home studio. Looking to add to my collection
  9. Pyfish

    Cashback Sites

    I like that you can create cashback links to send to friends/family too so if you're recommending a product, you can send them a link and if they buy it, you get the cashback.
  10. I get what he is trying to say. At least he has a brain when it comes to racism... Can just picture him headbutting the Bulgaria fans or something.
  11. Is it just me or is this a super weird thing to say.?
  12. Pyfish


    You don't want to be floating around Serbia if they lose in their next Europa League match... it's a real threat.
  13. Pyfish


    Next Fixtures @Cicero takes on @Bluewolf, @Teso dos Bichos and @Fairy In Boots - will they all end up at the same club? LFCMadLad 19/10 Blackburn v Huddersfield Championship Pyfish 19/10 Brentford v Millwall Championship Rucksackfranzose 19/10 Crewe v Swindon League Two Smiley Culture, Dan, Mel81x & Tommy 19/10 Fleetwood v Burton League One CaaC (John) 19/10 Leicester v Burnley Premier League Batard 19/10 Northampton v Salford League Two Deadlinesman 19/10 Port Vale v Stevenage League Two Eco 19/10 Rotherham v Oxford League One Stick with Azeem 19/10 Stoke v Fulham Championship Londonerlilie 19/10 Walsall v Cheltenham League Two Cicero v Bluewolf, Teso dos Bichos & Fairy in Boots 19/10 Wimbledon v Portsmouth League One Toinho & nudge 19/10 Wolves v Southampton Premier League Storts 20/10 Accrington v Ipswich League One Stan 20/10 Manchester United v Liverpool Premier League RandoEFC & Dr. Gonzo 21/10 Sheffield United v Arsenal Premier League
  14. Pyfish


    That was so bloody long winded
  15. Pyfish