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  1. Pyfish


    @HawayTheLads, @londonerlilie and @Eco... I shouldn’t laugh but not a great start to life in non league for you three. Harrogate’s next game is against Barnoldswick but I can’t find any fixtures for them so I’ll count Boreham Wood as their next fixture.
  2. Pyfish

    Today I Had To Laugh At...

    Found this far too amusing haha.
  3. Pyfish


    I kinda want them to lose to Harrogate first as Harrogate's next fixture is... And then they play Hartlepool again in a couple of weeks if they survive that and Boreham Wood.
  4. Pyfish


    He messaged me earlier and asked if I could give him a new team as it wasn't fair that he had little chance of getting back into league football
  5. Pyfish

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    Interesting to see how it all breaks down with total votes v seats.
  6. Pyfish

    Breaking News - General Chat

    A break from the important news... Caroline Flack has been arrested and charged with assault. Cool.
  7. Signed a new deal https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50780855
  8. Klopp's signed a new deal until 2024. Good news! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50780855
  9. Pyfish

    Sheep - Season 5 - Almost Oriental

    I am so looking forward to the results.
  10. You'd like to think that Liverpool wouldn't balls up on this one but it's this kind of game where they are likely to unexpectedly drop points.
  11. Pyfish

    Sheep - Season 5 - Almost Oriental

    I don't think I truly understand the rules but hey I've submitted anyway.
  12. Pyfish

    The Apprentice

    The interviewers all seemed to really like Carina so I reckon she's got a good chance. I like Scarlett too though. I don't mind who wins but I'd have liked to have seen Pamela in the final if she had had a better business.
  13. Pyfish

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    Silver lining is that in my constituency and in Leeds on the whole, it's still very much Labour. Not that it'll make any difference.
  14. Pyfish

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    Just an overwhelming sense of shame and disappointment everywhere this morning. This isn’t right.