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  1. I know some places are home only on matchday over there, no idea what they’re called mind.
  2. Sky need to get back Spanish Football and get Italian Football. They can only dine out on Premier League Football for so long.
  3. For West Ham, you’re probably better off getting off at one of the stations either side of Stratford on the Central Line or straying into Hackney Wick.
  4. Smiley Culture

    Bolton Players Face Wage Delay

    Reeks of Orient 16/17. Fully expect senior players to down toole and for the second half of the season to have a playing squad made up of youth players.
  5. Smiley Culture

    Copa Libertadores 2019

    The Final is a one-off I believe, it’s due to be held in Santiago, Chile, not Santiago Bernabeu this time.
  6. Smiley Culture

    Copa Libertadores 2019

    Only a matter of days after the controversial and enthralling Final was won by River Plate 7,000 miles or so from where it should have been played, I thought we’d crack on with the 2019 competition, which starts again in January.
  7. So they’ve calculated this by the price of a season ticket? So that somewhat distorts the stats then because season tickets work out cheaper on average than a general sale ticket. It’s between £35-65 for a ticket in general sale for West Ham v Watford in ten days.
  8. Smiley Culture

    January Transfer Prediction Thread

    Jim White to self combust.
  9. If people around have claimed to have heard nothing, which is quite conceivable in a crowd of 40,000+, it’s essentially a battle of one man’s word vs another’s. Similar in a way to the Everton player (was it Mason Holgate or Brendan Galloway?) accusing a Liverpool player (Firmino, wasn’t it?) of using racist language. If that’s the case, I can’t help but think it won’t lead to much, potentially the bloke having his ticket confiscated for foul language, at most.
  10. Someone just give this thread the lethal injection and end it, do us all a favour. If a discussion is needed, those who are mods can do so in the mods section and can tell us peasents if changes are made.
  11. Fuck me, some proper wet wipes on here, including some “senior” figures.
  12. Smiley Culture

    Sunderland Till I Die - Netflix

    It follows Sunderland during the 17/18 season. Should make for a good watch given how abysmally run they were.
  13. Smiley Culture

    Sunderland Till I Die - Netflix

    Comes out this week. Should be a good watch.
  14. Just think it’s all a bit pointless really. Football is pointless, let’s be honest. It’s just some blokes kicking a bag of air around. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and would watch it every day but it is utterly pointless and nowhere near as serious as some people take it. Nobody dies, it doesn’t have a massive effect on life or the important things in life. Abusing a man for daring to have the propensity to kick a football around for another team is mental. It’s even more crazy that in 2018, we still have people out there who abuse people for having a different skin tone to them, especially in one of the most multicultural cities in the UK and at a venue where a black player is lauded as a hero for delivering a moment that will go down in history in that clubs shirt. Always find it strange when you watch a big game in the Premier League and you see a player going over to the touchline for a throw or corner and you see men in their 40’s or 50’s gesticulating and absolutely losing it. These blokes must have jobs, they must have families and mates, do they think they’ll not be noticed? Do they not have any self respect? I’d be so embarrassed if I were seen doing that. I also wouldn’t want to be associated with someone who acts like that because somebody plays football for a team that isn’t the one they support.
  15. Smiley Culture

    FA Cup 2018/19 Third Round Draw

    Would be very interested in the TV viewing figures for individual games that have been moved. I can’t imagine Preston North End vs Doncaster Rovers will have many more people watching it worldwide than people actually attending the game live. I’ve never liked the some games on Saturday and some on Sunday approach in the earlier rounds and this move is not much better. Was tempted with a game in London as I thought something like Palace v Grimsby would be a Saturday 3pm but will not bother now, will probably head over to Bishop’s Stortford v Kingstonian or some local non-league game instead.