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  1. Smiley Culture

    Looking For A Scottish Club To Support

    East Fife or Raith the obvious choices based on locality.
  2. Smiley Culture

    SPFL Matchday - 2020/21

    A shame that either club had to win it.
  3. Hope West Brom win. Nothing really against Newcastle but it’ll open it up a bit more and not be a few crap teams bumbling about trying to avoid one relegation place, instead of possibly two, should West Brom win.
  4. If I hadn’t the experience with FI and wasn’t aware of current issues, the platform looks good and you’d be tempted to chuck some money in. Knowing what I do, there’s no way I will be because they’ll probably change it again in a couple of months.
  5. Borderline criminal what FI have been doing for months on end. I’ll be amazed if they don’t end up being looked into for fraud.
  6. Smiley Culture

    Phil Foden vs Mason Mount

    Ultimately, this. They’re players with different roles so it’s not as easy as a comparison between say Ederson and Allison, for example.
  7. Smiley Culture

    The Circle

    I’m not overly keen on the idea but I will probably watch it. I think someone is pretending to be Peter Andre as well.
  8. Smiley Culture

    Sheff Weds Hire Darren Moore As Manager

    Fans celebrating win, shocker.
  9. Smiley Culture

    The "Next" Golden Generation

    For me, England are looking good. Unpopular amongst the mouth breathing pint throwing, social media LAD’s who hound Southgate now, but that’s fine with me. Sadly, I think Southgate is under pressure and he will, most likely, be under more scrutiny after the Euros due to the draw we face. If England finish top of Group D - They face the runner up of Group F, which is made up of France, Germany, Hungary and Portugal. Not exactly the easiest draw. You’d probably expect it to be Portugal or Germany right now and both aren’t particularly easy games. If they got through that, they’d play the winners of Group E, which is Spain, Sweden, Slovakia or Poland, or one of the third placed teams in the QF. If England finish as runners up in Group D - We’d then face the runner up of Group E, Spain, Sweden, Poland or Slovakia, in the round of 16. On paper, you’d fancy Spain to win that group surely, so any of Sweden, Poland or Slovakia shouldn’t prove to be too much for England. In the QF though, we’d then meet the winner of Group F, France, Germany, Portugal or Hungary, or one of the third placed teams from Groups A/B/C. It’s a bit of a throwback to the 2018 World Cup and is very similar to what route to take out of that group we had then. Obviously, I’m guessing and predicting the groups outcomes and we’d need to see how they play out but England look to have tough games out of the group and Southgate will, likely, come under pressure if we go out. That said, I think we’ll do alright. The group we have isn’t the Belgium, Tunisia, Panama we had in 2018 and Croatia, Czech Republic and Scotland will be tougher but I think we get out of the group in the top two.
  10. Smiley Culture

    Sheff Weds Hire Darren Moore As Manager

    Given their last three seasons has seen them loan Ellery Balcombe, Matt Smith, Tyreece John-Jules, Josh Sims, Jacob Ramsey, Seny Dieng, Ben Sheaf, Malik Wilks, Herbie Kane and Paul Downing, I think they’ll be rightfully confident they can do so again. The plus for Sheffield Wednesday appears to be that many of their current players are out of contract in the summer, so a chance to build his own team, however, they’ll almost certainly cut their budget.
  11. Smiley Culture

    Sheff Weds Hire Darren Moore As Manager

    Or maybe that’s there model? They’ve made roughly £3m from the sales of two players, albeit key ones. I’m not sure why that would particularly make you leave a club. They’ve also made use of the loan market for the last few years, so there’s no suggestion that they’re going to be any worse next season, when they’ll most likely bring in another crop of young players on loan.
  12. If you’d have stuck £10 on Burnley to beat Liverpool and then put all your winnings on Brighton to beat them and then did the same process for their games against Man City, Everton and Chelsea, you’d have just under £41,000.
  13. Smiley Culture

    The Circle

    There’s a celebrity one first, which will be shit. But it’s back. American one on Netflix wasn’t bad mind.
  14. Smiley Culture

    Coventry City Returning to Ricoh Arena

    Fingers crossed Wasps go bust.
  15. Punditry is, largely, in the “dark ages”. Where football has evolved and bought into the use of data, punditry is very much your “stats don’t tell you how good a player is” or whatever the quote is used in the Moneyball film or from a Harry Redknapp type. Punditry and ex-players, on the whole, are that old guard that still believe what they want to or what they think their eyes are telling them. Whereas, through the advent of social media in particular, there are plenty of people nowadays who aren’t “football people”, who haven’t bounced around clubs trying to forge a career, who use data to form far better and far truer opinions than these alleged “experts”. I couldn’t think of many things I’d like to do less than watch the pre or post game stuff on TV or listen to Talksport driving to or from work, because the level of quality is lower than a snakes belly.