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  1. Smiley Culture

    Returning Isis fighters

    And you’re an expert on the prison service, are you? Don’t believe everything you’ve ever read, soft lad. But of course, your sweeping generalisations are always correct.
  2. Smiley Culture

    The Butterfly Effect

    If I handed have accepted a request on LinkedIn the other week from a complete stranger in Manchester, I wouldn’t have been offered a new job today and a pay increase of £4,000 p/a.
  3. Smiley Culture

    Returning Isis fighters

    Not shocked that you’re making yet another sweeping generalisation.
  4. From this summer. Top two in La Liga and both cup finalists. Awful.
  5. Smiley Culture

    Returning Isis fighters

    That’s life, all prisoners cost loads. And that last bit is just your opinion and you can’t say that will definitely happen.
  6. Smiley Culture

    Returning Isis fighters

    Let her come back, though don’t bother with a “rescue mission”, and arrest her upon arrival for joining a terrorist organisation. It’s genuinely that simple.
  7. Read that BBC article, does that St Johnstone player have any evidence of such accusations and does he think that there’s absolutely no science behind these pitches and some fella has just blagged absolutely everyone?
  8. Will sympathise with Sarri though somewhat, that Chelsea team is full of shithouses. I’d be more inclined to bomb out the players that have been at Chelsea 4+ years than a manager, they’ve done the same for the past two or three, maybe more, managers at Chelsea.
  9. Not having this Sarri fella, he looks lost on that touchline.
  10. Unpopular opinion, pitches with the black crumbs are the best out there. They play superbly.
  11. Montreal Impact Minnesota United Sporting KC
  12. LA Galaxy Away. If aids was a football shirt...
  13. What is it with lower leagues in Italy going bust numerous times and coming back again and again?
  14. Smiley Culture

    Militant Veganism

    Always a load of vegan warriors stood outside of some steakhouse in Leicester Square. There’s no need, really.
  15. Smiley Culture

    Storts' TF365 Forum Hierarchy 2019

    All a bit “snowflake” this, really. Extremely harsh bans handed out for something that was commonplace on the old board.