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  1. It’s the board of the SFA that should be sacked, not necessarily McLeish. Twelve games and he’s gone seems wildly premature. In his twelve games they’ve been to South America and were beaten by Peru and Mexico, lost to two of the World Cup semi-finalists in Portugal and Belgium and lost to Israel and Kazakhstan, with the Kazakh lose not being anywhere near as bad as mad out. They’ve also qualified for a play-off place for the Euros next year, achieving that with some good results. Not really sure where Scotland go from here. It appears to me that they have delusions of grandeur that they’re a better nation than they are and they expect to be winning more games than they do and qualifying for more tournaments than they do.
  2. Van Dijk or Sterling. End of debate.
  3. Smiley Culture

    2019/2020 Kits

    Leicester home, Away and third kit.
  4. Smiley Culture

    QPR & Loftus Road

    Would expect a lot of votes for something related to Stan Bowles in all honesty. A legend at the club who’s suffering from Alzheimer’s and they do a lot for charity and had a friendly against Bournemouth last summer as a Benefit Match with a percentage of the gate receipts going to Alzheimer’s charities.
  5. Smiley Culture

    Copa America 2019

    Both had pretty poor World Cup’s and I was wondering whether their results and recent form was considered in compiling these odds or whether it was largely reputational.
  6. Smiley Culture

    2019/2020 Kits

    Liverpool’s home is nice, United’s just doesn’t look the right shade of red.
  7. Smiley Culture

    Footballers You Wish You Could Have Seen...

    England’s 1966 team The Dutch “Total Football” team of the 70’s. Liverpool of the 80’s. The Hungary side of the 50’s. Manchester United circa 1968.
  8. Smiley Culture

    Copa America 2019

    Brazil and Argentina the favourites for this according to SkyBet. Is this accurate?
  9. Wolves v Brighton and Cardiff v Liverpool this weekend. You wouldn’t expect either to win this weekend, in all honesty.
  10. Leeds would take more away than Russia, Iran and China.
  11. I just don’t get how you get to 32 years-old without knowing what a Nazi salute is and having some sort of knowledge of Germany and the Wars. Even the thickest and naughtiest kids in school knew that, it just comes across as another terrible excuse in what has been an embarrassing sequence of events for Hennessey.
  12. Smiley Culture

    Everton Discussion

    Do you lot have a clause on Gomes’ loan to make it permanent? If not, do you reckon you’ll try and get him anyway?
  13. Smiley Culture

    Foreign Support

    It doesn’t really bother me. If someone from a completely different continent and time zone wants to get up early or stay up late, depending on where they are in the World, to watch Premier League Football, fair play to them. That’s a greater level of determination and passion than I would have if I decided to choose to support a MLS side, for example. There’s probably groups and clubs like it in the UK where U.K. based fans of European clubs meet up and watch games.
  14. Smiley Culture

    Football Index

    Seen the announcement last night @...Dan? Looks like a good one during what is likely to be a quiet summer match wise, as the Copa America doesn’t earn PB. ——— Sold Dujon Sterling for an 8.6% profit. Coventry’s season is done and I can’t see him making much of a noise throughout the summer till towards July time, when Chelsea will send him on loan or include him in a few friendlies, so I may well re-visit him.