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  1. Ten permanent managers since 2017 at Barnet. Lucky to not get relegated last season and it looks to have been a continuation of the same thing this season despite the change of manager. The National League is incredibly tough, though. I know that’s the general feeling of the league most years but this year especially it looks the toughest it has done for some time. You’re probably only two or three bad appointments away from the bottom of that league, which really shows the standard of those in the league.
  2. And that’s a story in itself. Three wins in the final fifteen games. Obviously something was wrong at that club for that collapse. Since then, they’ve won 12 of about 50 league games. They’ve had six permanent managers in just over four years. They’ve had over eighty permanent signings in the chairman’s tenure. There’s obviously clear issues at that club and regardless of their size as a club, it’s a poison chalice as was Leeds under Cellino, who had their moments towards the top but there’s a big difference between flirting with the play-offs and actually getting over the line. I just think for a Steve Cooper or Chris Wilder who spent the summer being linked with Premier League clubs or genuine top Championship clubs who are stably run, to turn to Forest for what is likely to be a short stay, is a bad move.
  3. 7th permanent manager in four years and over 80 permanent signings in that time. You don’t need a degree in astrophysics to see that the common denominator in all of this is the ownership and what exactly would make you think you had the necessary tools and support from the current ownership to succeed? I’m sure someone will take the job, people always take these jobs, however, there’s little to actually suggest that Nottingham Forest have what it takes to get promoted. Leeds were a basket case under Cellino, so many did what you said and went for the fanciful pipe dream of promotion. It was only once Cellino was gone that they looked like genuine contenders.
  4. I know people say it every time a club with a crap owner decides to change manager but, honestly, why would you go there? I’m not saying it’s career suicide but given they’re looking for their 7th permanent manager in a shade over four years and have had something daft like 80+ different players in that time, too, I just don’t get why you’d put yourself through that even for a decent pay off.
  5. Not really bothered by how good the games are year to year as I think they’re great regardless and buy them anyway. I don’t really get strung up on minor details, so I’ll get this at Christmas as per every year. Never really done it but Barcelona with their finances could be a good save.
  6. Trailer released and so has the release date. 9th November.
  7. The European Super League clubs. Swept under the carpet really now fans are back in stadiums and they were never really punished properly.
  8. Has there been any arrests or court cases here for those found racially abusing England players at the Euros? Not taking any blame off the Hungarians but we have our issues with this too. It’s actually mad that it’s 2021 and racism is as rife as it is.
  9. Most people I know and work with, tbh. Spoke to one bloke at work today who said England were boring. Proper weird people about.
  10. Monkey chants confirmed. More for UEFA to sweep under the carpet.
  11. Pretty comfortable now. The Hungarian fans losing their heads now cups and flares thrown on the pitch. Get through this next twenty without any injuries, cards or aggro from the crowd and it’s job done.
  12. Sterling. 1-0. Well worked. Hungarians throw cups at him. Charming fuckers, these lot.
  13. Very much a typical England qualifier, this. Patient play so far and quite conservative in defending but it’s early in the season, so it’s not going to be fluid.
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