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  1. People get the hump about the amount of times teams unnecessarily use an away shirt anyway, at least this would have some sensible reasoning behind it.
  2. Didn’t realise the figures were as high as they were, in all honesty, so that was the first surprise when I saw this on his twitter feed. I mean, it doesn’t affect me but I wouldn’t be bothered either if they said that they were actively going to avoid this issue from occurring, going forwards.
  3. Ranieri will be gone in the next few days. On Watford, where do they go from here? I mean, we all know they’ll repeat the vicious cycle that they’ve been on since the Pozzo’s bought them and someone else might get twenty games, if they’re lucky, but after a while, like now, you’ve got to ask what the point is and what the objective is? What is the purpose of Watford?
  4. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-body/drug-addiction-getting-help/ Good luck on your journey Stanley.
  5. Nah, they’re all culpable. Fuck the Premier League for allowing it and fuck the clubs for being the horrible twats they all are.
  6. When does protecting the integrity of a competition matter and when doesn’t it? It was the go to phrase when these two attempted to join the Super League but no one’s arsed it’s the League Cup or Premier League games the integrity was compromised by refusing to play games. Anyway, hope someone finds a way both teams can lose.
  7. Called Liverpool out at the time. Should have been a 3-0 walkover to Arsenal at the time. Naming a side like they did against Shrewsbury in the 3rd round was less risky than against Arsenal in a semi-final, even a League Cup one. My thoughts have been confirmed then. The Premier League, which is well beyond broken, is an absolute farce and this seasons a bit of a joke. The last couple of years have really been shit for football.
  8. Are we supposed to feel sorry for Chelsea being successful and having to play football games after last night’s weekly Tuchel moan?
  9. Delightful that lad with the phone is clearly raging.
  10. That Aaron is a massive, massive shithouse.
  11. I maybe worded it wrong but I think it’s make or break with the fans, the threat of relegation is an aside to that right now and while unlikely, you look appalling at times and there’s a chance, however, slim that you get sucked into it if Newcastle can manage to throw enough blood money around and some shit sticks between now and whenever the season eventually ends. I think another appointment like this, a short-term appointment with no real plan to it and more ambling along and finishing in positions that the fans think is beneath the squad they have and I think the pressure on Moshiri really ramps up, new stadium or not. The bloke comes across to me, a complete neutral, as that stereotypical “rich man with a toy to play with till he gets bored”. The constant changes and flitting between working with DoF’s and working with different DoF’s every year and the contrast in the appointments made at managerial level (Silva who’d had a good month at Watford, Ancelotti who’s a massive name, Allardyce to keep you up, Koeman who looked to be up and coming and Benitez, a fella championed for Newcastle not being complete shit but still being pretty shit) and their styles and philosophies just looks like the workings of an irrational, knee jerk buffoon without any discernible plan. More of the same and I don’t see how your fans don’t really turn on him, if many haven’t already. I like Dyche but he doesn’t suit the “Everton way” and the style that Everton fans want to see as the very basis of the club. Not many names on the SkyBet list scream that to me, either. An untested foreign manager is a risk but that doesn’t mean it can’t work. Those who’ve worked in the Premier League in recent years don’t really scream that sort of thing either.
  12. It’s a real make or break appointment for Everton, this one. If Newcastle can sign some players and actually pretend to be a semi-competent football team for long enough and Moshiri does a Moshiri again, they’re in genuine trouble this season, let alone next season. They need an appointment to get fans back on their side but appointing and inexperienced former player in Ferguson or Rooney isn’t the way to go to do that.
  13. The names in the bookies list are pretty shit. Rooney makes sense for Rooney but not for Everton. He gets out of Derby with his credibility sky high and no relegation on his CV but he shouldn’t be getting a Premier League job, even till the end of the end of the season, this quickly. Nuno’s more of the same as Benitez, then you’ve got the Martinez’s and Bilic’s who are only there because of their links to Everton.
  14. By daft faceless Twitter dickheads, most likely. Though they’re the dregs of society and their opinions should count as highly as Boris Johnson telling people to stay at home.
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