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  1. United are crying out for at least three defenders more than are for Sancho. Lindelof is the latest Pepsi competition winner to win a contract at United after Rojo, Smalling and Jones, Fosu-Mensah sounds like a rare debilitating disease, Maguire has cold sweats walking past Greek yogurt in Waitrose and Shaw is 85% custard.
  2. Koln are down. Gisdol is a firefighter who helps teams stay up, his record beyond that is woeful and the recruitment has been a joke.
  3. Right, was that supposed to be a dig or something?
  4. Smiley Culture

    The Bookmakers

    Just Brentford (v Huddersfield) for me today.
  5. Congratulations to Bayern Munich for winning the 2020/21 Bundesliga season.
  6. Smiley Culture

    Unpopular Football Opinions

    Exactly this.
  7. Smiley Culture

    2020/2021 Kits

    Take it that it was Friday afternoon and the lads at Errea wanted an early finish when it come to doing the Third Kit.
  8. Smiley Culture

    Dimitrios Limnios - to Koln

    Still need another option, I feel.
  9. Smiley Culture

    Dimitrios Limnios - to Koln

    Surely a replacement for the already gone Riise and the hardly ever plays because he’s made of cheap toilet roll Clemens on the right?
  10. Smiley Culture

    Macclesfield Town Wound Up In Court

    This winding up order outdates the pandemic by some way. Macclesfield have spent much of the last couple of years, coincidentally a similar time period to their owner arriving, fighting off winding up orders, as Southend have been as well for the past ten years.
  11. Reckon you can get something from Saturday? Was looking from a betting angle and Salford’s price seems quite big all things considered.
  12. Smiley Culture

    Macclesfield Town Wound Up In Court

    It’s not their place to bail out clubs. Nor should it ever be. Macclesfield is yet another club with an owner who wasn’t fit to run a bath, let alone a football club yet has passed due diligence tests to end up running a football club.
  13. How many jimmies will United rustle the first time they win a penalty is a better question.
  14. Smiley Culture

    Macclesfield Town Wound Up In Court

    Felt like an air of inevitability around this. Southend to go next. They owe £494,000.
  15. Breaking news. Devastating.