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  1. Grimsby 2-0 up at the minute. Great to see one of our loan signings on the scoresheet and setting up the other goal as well.
  2. Yes! I took his points off but then didn't put it on the graphic!
  3. RESULTS @Stan remains with West Ham after they beat Derby in the FA Cup. Stan has now hit the 400 point mark overall across all iterations of Gloryhunter so far. Bayern decided they were bored of draws and picked up a win so 3 points for @nudge. With Lucas abandoning them, @CaaC (John) and @RandoEFC stayed with Porto who won their game and pick up 3 points. It wasn't a bad move for @Lucas though as his move to Manchester United earnt him 3 points too. It was another win for RB Leipzig too which is music to the ears of @Beelzebub and @Mel81x as they build even more momentum. And it was a win for @Toinho with Real Madrid. The misery continues at the bottom of the table as @Rucksackfranzose loses again, this time with Torino, so now moves to Fiorentina. After choosing to stick with Lens, @DeadLinesman is on the move after Lens lost to Nice. And here are the next lot of fixtures for us all:
  4. If we can beat Luton in the replay, our game is televised. Hallelujah. It's ITV4 but I'll take it.
  5. I do think some of the other teams in Ligue 1 are overshadowed by PSG because of the talent they have but it's by no means a Farmers League.
  6. Saturday 4th February, 2023 Perth Glory 1-1 Newcastle Jets, 11.30 Norwich 0-1 Burnley, 12.30 Aberdeen 1-1 Motherwell Elche 1-2 Villarreal, 15.15 Troyes 0-2 Lyon, 18.00 Sunday 5th February, 2023 Magdeburg 1-0 Karlsruhe, 12.30 Feyenoord 0-1 PSV, 13.30 Galatasaray 1-1 Trabzonspor, 16.00 Inter Milan 2-1 AC Milan, 19.45 Barcelona 2-1 Sevilla, 20.00
  7. We're expected to announce Cheltenham's George Lloyd on loan soon. Rumoured to be in for Andrew Dallas from Solihull too - up against Hartlepool for his signature.
  8. WEEKEND RESULTS Another RB Leipzig win means 3 points for @Beelzebub and @Mel81x. Welcome back to @Viva la FCB who hasn't had a match in an awfully long time in this game and returns with a win for Darmstadt; who are the team with the highest amount of points in this season of Gloryhunter so far (42 from 18 games and still unbeaten). It was also a winning return for @Tommy as Holstein Kiel beat Greuther Furth. Bayern drew for the 4th time in a row across all competitions - will @nudge stay in Munich or move to Frankfurt? It was a draw for @Rucksackfranzose too as Empoli drew with Torino and has chosen to move to Torino. Gillingham also drew so I've decided to take a risk and move to Swindon because they're higher in the table. @DeadLinesman and Lens join the draw brigade as they drew with Troyes. Real Madrid also drew so @Toinho has a choice to make as well (the Atletico result that I missed has been added to your tally). I hope @Lucas, @CaaC (John) and @RandoEFC didn't unpack their bags at Sporting as they are leaving them once again, this time to Porto. @Coma is on the move as they move to Dortmund after Leverkusen failed to beat them. @Bluewolf moves to Brighton after their third loss with Liverpool this season. TABLE FIXTURES Transfer window closes tomorrow evening!
  9. I'm sure we have a thread somewhere for this but I cannot find it so please merge with it if we do have one! This from the Feyernoord keeper is great.
  10. I also get caught up on the war ones. The ones with advertising in I'm best at with it being my field of work! 2393 is my new high score. Getting there.
  11. Played it once, realised I'm rubbish. 820 is my highscore
  12. Exactly what I said a little bit earlier. They had that 5-4 loss over Grimsby in the play offs last year and have had a few similar results lately. They have focused a lot of money on attack but not defending.
  13. Exactly what I said a little bit earlier. They had that 5-4 loss over Grimsby in the play offs last year and have had a few similar results lately. They have focused a lot of money on attack but not defending.
  14. Red card for Sheffield United for an off the ball incident.
  15. Wrexham's defence just isn't as strong as their attack. They always seem to be involved in high scoring games and this is why.
  16. A lot of fancy play by Sheffield United in this match v Wrexham. 1-0 up at the moment.
  17. You'd think they would go for somebody with experience after it didn't work out with Toure.
  18. Finished 2-2 in our game. Replay at home a week on Tuesday!
  19. Luton take the lead. No, wait, Grimsby equalise! 2-2 now.
  20. 1-1 for us now as Luton got themselves a penalty. Happy with our performance so far considering we couldn't fill our bench and we're short of strikers.
  21. I've had a nightmare this week haven't I I'll add it onto the next set of results.
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