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  1. I love how we still put out a highlights video for an abandoned game that was 0-0. Some of the tackles show you how bad it was though!
  2. Yeah abandoned due to the weather. It was literally flooding on the pitch because it's been starved of moisture for so long!
  3. We've won, drawn and lost one so far in the league so difficult to really say where we are in terms of whether we'll manage to get a decent result. A last minute goal at the weekend proves we are happy to play till the final whistle but I'd hope we get it wrapped up a lot sooner tonight if we are to win.
  4. A nice 3-0 win to get you started ain't bad!
  5. There will always be some midweek scenarios thrown in but don't worry I always tend to give a couple of days notice.
  6. Saturday 20th August, 2022 Tottenham 2-0 Wolves, 12.30 Crystal Palace 1-1 Aston Villa Everton 0-2 Nottm Forest Fulham 0-1 Brentford Leicester 2-1 Southampton Bournemouth 0-4 Arsenal, 17.30 Sunday 21st August, 2022 Leeds 0-2 Chelsea, 14.00 West Ham 2-0 Brighton, 14.00 Newcastle 1-1 Man City, 16.30 Monday 22nd August, 2022 Man Utd 0-4 Liverpool, 20.00
  7. Saturday 20th August, 2022 Preston 1-1 Watford Monaco 1-1 Lens, 16.00 Sassuolo 1-0 Lecce, 19.45 Porto 1-0 Sporting Lisbon, 20.30 New York RB 2-0 Cincinnati, 23.00 Sunday 21st August, 2022 Minnesota 1-1 Austin FC, 01.00 Celtic 3-1 Hearts, 15.00 Atletico Madrid 2-1 Villarreal, 18.30 Atalanta 1-2 AC Milan, 19.45 Santos 1-1 Sao Paulo, 22.00
  8. RESULTS I forgot that I was away for the week so apologies for the delay in results. Let's get us up to date! Just to make it easier, if your team drew any of the matches since the last update, you'll have automatically stayed with them as nobody has posted or sent messages to tell me they want to move. We start with the matches played on Friday 5th August, and go all the way through to yesterdays fixtures. Let's hope we can keep up with it! 26 games to catch up on - eek. @Toinho - Started with Crystal Palace and lost 2-0 to Arsenal but then followed that up with a win with Arsenal. @nudge - After 3 games without a win, they finally picked up their first win of the season with a second win coming straight after! @Mel81x - A move to Sandhausen for Mel as they lost with Dusseldorf, before moving again to Karlsruher @Bluewolf - Not a great start to the new season with a 2-0 loss with Villa to Bournemouth, before losing 4-0 with the Cherries against Manchester City. @Lucas - A 1-0 defeat to Chelsea meant a move to London, before a 2-2 draw at the weekend means they can choose between Chelsea or Tottenham @CaaC (John) & @RandoEFC - Leeds were victorious over Wolves so Rando joined John in West Yorkshire, but a 2-2 draw at the weekend means they can split off if one chooses Southampton and one chooses Leeds. @Stan - Started the new season with a 2-0 win over Forest with Newcastle, before a 0-0 draw with Brighton so it's Newcastle or Brighton @Pyfish - Lost to Walsall with Newport, before winning in the EFL Cup to stay with Walsall, before a draw back in the league, where I've decided to stay with Walsall @Tommy & @Viva la FCB - Regensburg and Nurnberg drew 0-0 so both stayed with their own teams but then both moved to new clubs after losing their next games! @Coma - 2 wins for Darmstadt in a row means a run of form is starting and a climb up the table @Rucksackfranzose - Kaiserslautern beat St Pauli so it was a change of team, before they lost to Paderborn @Aladdin - A good start to the season as Osasuna beat Sevilla 2-1. @Dr. Gonzo - Lazio were the starter team and won 2-1 despite both teams having a man sent off @DeadLinesman - The only remaining player not to have played their first game - it is tonight! Here are the results in full - the table is a little squished so put your reading glasses on... So with all but one of our players now in action, here's how the table looks! And finally, here are the next set of fixtures And breathe. I'm not doing that many games at once again
  9. Sa for Wolves and Henderson for Forest both getting me good points at the minute. Wish I'd played my bench boost just so I could have 2 keepers on! Still time for Henderson to concede though.
  10. Forest doing a good job of keeping themselves in it. That goal, if it stood, would have been massive, especially considering it was Brennan Johnson who had it in the back of the net.
  11. RESULTS A slight delay for the results here so my apologies but here they are! The highest goal swing comes from the Swansea v Blackburn game with a potential for a 6 point swing. Sunderland and Sheffield Wednesday also produce a 4 goal swing, with 2 games resulting in 0 points due to draws. And here is what everybody predicted: A couple of games were everyone against one with the lone player losing out on both occasions Table @Rucksackfranzose leads with 3 points, @Stan and @CaaC (John) collect a single point whilst the remainder of the players are all on minus with myself and @Lucas on -1, @nudge on -3. and @DeadLinesman and @Aladdin on -5 points. For some reason the alphabetical table doesn't work. Fixtures Norwich v Huddersfield Solihull Moors v York Fiorentina v Twente Sevilla v Valladolid Crystal Palace v Aston Villa Wolfsburg v Schalke Bristol City v Cardiff Aalborg v Brondby
  12. West Ham goal ruled out due to Antonio pushing a Forest player to the ground in the buildup.
  13. RESULTS Sorry once again for the delay but here are the results from the first set of scenarios! We have a healthy number of people participating in the first round which is great to see, with there being a nice range of scores too. All but 2 players were confident that Sterling would not have a scoring start for Chelsea in the Premier League and they were correct earning 3 points each. 3 players backed Tottenham to be the league leaders after the first round of games, and all but 4 chose Real Madrid to be Super Cup winners. TABLE @Coma tops the league after the first round with 18 points with @The Liquidator (15 points) and @JoshBRFC (13 points) completing the top three. @CaaC (John) also bagged 13 points whilst there was a 5 way tie for the next places with @Viva la FCB, @Stan, @RandoEFC, @Lucas and @Dan all getting 12 points. @nudge sits in 10th place, whilst myself and @Michael are in 11th and 12th with a return of only 7 points. Low scores for @Tommy, @Rucksackfranzose and @Bluewolf with 5 points but @Dr. Gonzo was the lowest of the bunch with only 2 points. SCENARIOS The next set of scenarios start on Tuesday Result - Rangers v PSV RANGERS (2) / DRAW (3) / PSV (1) Both Teams to Score - Sheffield United v Sunderland YES (3) / NO (2) Number of Goals - Norwich v Milwall 0 (2) / 1-2 (1) / 3+ (3) Red Cards in PL on Saturday 0 (4) / 1 (5) / 2+ (6) Rodrigo to score for Leeds v Chelsea YES (2) / NO (2) Manchester United to lose 3rd PL game in a row YES (2) / NO (5)
  14. This should be a good one. Looking forward to seeing who scores Forest's first goal back in the Premier League. Odds are on it being Lingard of course!
  15. I went for Jesus and knew it was a risk but glad it paid off.
  16. Lampard looking very likely to be the first if Everton don't pick up points in their next few league games.
  17. Results coming soon and then we can do the next round. I've been away this week!
  18. Last minute winner for us! A dire first half where it could have easily been a cricket score for Rochdale.
  19. 4-0 win for us! 3 goals coming off the back of free kicks.
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