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  1. 8 points clear. 6 games left. We've been here before haven't we but the shoe is on the other foot. City looked desperately tired at Wembley on Saturday night and given Pep is a bit of a crazy manager at times I still don't think he will go full strength tonight given the cup final on Sunday. If they win which I expect then that's the last nail in the coffin for me, it's officially over.
  2. Devil

    European Super League

    City were part of the party don't you worry, they may not need to money involved but they were willing to throw their history in the bin so that they didn't get left behind. No club comes out of this well, we've all retreated with our tails between our legs and now it's a rescue exercise. Not for me, Liverpool fans might be taken in by that silly video but I wouldn't if it was one of the Glazers, all I see is a man with some serious egg on his face in that video. There needs to be a full review of clubs owners and what they are allowed to do with our clubs now, strict rules need bringing into place that protect and respect the traditions of our game. No break away leagues, respect for the UEFA competitions because these are what our game has been built on, if teams can't generate enough finance from their respective leagues then they will need to suck it up and cut back. Madrid, Barca, Inter and so on might need this to survive but that's not our problem. We have a league and pyramid that is the best in the world and that should never be broken. Only way forward now for the six clubs is to make changes, Woodward gone at United, brilliant, how on earth could he sit on a UEFA panel for United after this, even worse how could he face the fourteen other chairman from the Premier League. Correct decision made, move him out and then put the club up for sale because what you had hoped and dreamed of from our football club is now impossible to create. Bye Bye Glazers!! Don't let the fucking door hit on the way out!!!!!
  3. Devil

    Your Mental Image of Other Members

    Yeah I've just read it all.
  4. Devil

    Your Mental Image of Other Members

    What's happened with Unique?
  5. Devil

    European Super League

    To be fair the Premier League split of the early 90's isn't really like this. Fair enough it was a new structure which had it's roots based around the sole purpose of generating money but it still included relegation and promotion and the chance for any club within the pyramid to make it to the promised land to earn the mega bucks. Prime examples Swindon & Blackpool, small clubs. This is a closed shop event for a 15 clubs with only a handful of clubs across Europe having anywhere near enough chance to make the grade and compete against them. If this does go ahead where does it leave Bayern Munich and Dortmund? They'd be competing for the Champions league with a declining interest globally.
  6. Devil

    European Super League

    Spurs - American owned Arsenal - American owned United n- American owned City - Saudi owned Chelsea - Russian owned Liverpool - American owned All in it for the money, zero interest in what people think or care about.
  7. Devil

    European Super League

    Fucking hell, there goes the Europa league!!! PSG get the Champions league? I actually refuse to believe they aren't involved, they will be sat back letting the 12 clubs get a kicking whilst knowing they were going to take up a spot. Of all the clubs involved it makes more sense to them.
  8. Devil

    European Super League

    Klopp has already openly spoken against it. The poor bastard has to be the first manager to face the media tonight as well, god knows what he's going to say. I actually think Klopp could be the type that would morally walk away from a job to prove his point.
  9. Devil

    European Super League

    That's the first football associated person to come out and show it support. There has to be more, these money men couldn't have got this off the ground without some sort of encouragement that this could be possible.
  10. Devil

    European Super League

    Disgusting, owners who have never been talking to the media have opened their mouths today. Disgusts me that we've had near 20 years of the Glazers and no communication and today they want to talk. These owners need removing for the good of the game, they are the reason the game is dying. Cup competitions are dying, small clubs are dying. Greed at the top of the tree is destroying everything. That's huge, you've basically got to write off your international career to play in this tournament.
  11. Devil

    European Super League

    Depends what kind of wages they'd be getting though, let's not forget we've had players effectively calling time on their respected football careers over in China. The big thing for me would be the International teams refusing to call up anyone involved, that would do some damage because I doubt a player would want to miss out on the chance to represent their respective countries in a World cup.
  12. Leeds should do the decent thing and boycott the game.
  13. Brilliant point. No point at all really is there.
  14. Devil

    European Super League

    Starting to get the feeling the clubs are wanting the domestic leagues to kick them out now. I don't see how you can run the two leagues side by side given the commitment to the ESL you will need. How do you motivate yourself against Fulham (No disrespect to them, nice club) when you know you've got Madrid on the Tuesday and then Barca the following Wednesday. The Premier League will be devalued the same way the FA Cup has, weak teams etc...
  15. Devil

    Jose Mourinho Sacked

    He's money mad mate. Also there has to be some sort of support towards getting this Tournament off the ground, all we're hearing is people against it at the moment but surely someone has to come out and say they were for it. As for Jose and the sacking, I don't expect him to get another top job now. His name is huge but so is the salary and the reputation, this has happened at every club bar Porto.