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  1. Champions: Liverpool 2nd, 3rd, 4th: 2nd United 3rd City 4th Chelsea 5th, 6th, 7th: 5th Leicester 6th Spurs 7th Arsenal Relegated: Norwich, Watford, Crystal Palace Top goalscorer: Harry Kane Most assists: Kevin De Bruyne Golden Glove: Dean Henderson
  2. The few City fans I've spoken to about this transfer aren't 100% sure he's better than what they currently have on the books. 100 million is a lot of money for a player that you don't generally need. Foden, De Bruyne, Mahrez, Sterling, Torres, Gundegon and Bernardo Silva.. Not like they are struggling for creative players, surely 100 million should be going directly on a striker.
  3. International superstar soccer in the arcade was the best football game of it's time. I remember actually making my way into Manchester town centre so I could play it in the arcade at Piccadilly bus station. They made the nets like they would have them in South America at the time, baggy as hell so when you scored the ball kept going with a load of net gathered round it. It was basically PES but a super charged arcade version.
  4. I doubt they are in for him but if it's a choice between 40-50 million in the bank or getting no money at all I think they'd have no choice. I don't even think Klopp could get the best out of Pogba myself, the guys head is so far up his own arse it's untrue.
  5. Was a season ticket holder during the period of Berbatov and to say he was frustrating was an understatement but one thing I will say, it was his style of play that didn't suit United. It wasn't his application, he never played for himself and he never hung on to the ball in situations a simple pass was needed. Plus he scored a fair few goals even though he didn't have the best of times.
  6. You know what, I've racked my brain and I can't think of a single United player that was as disliked whilst he was playing for the club than Paul Pogba. I post on here and a well known United forum and you could count on one hand the number of supporters that actually want him to stay. Most if not all just want the circus to pack up and leave town. It's been five years of how do we get the best out of Pogba. Well guess what, you can't, we've tried everything. We bought Fernandes and it was supposed to take the pressure of Paul, no longer was he seen as the sole provider of chances, the driver of the team. He could go back to being the calming influence he was at World cup 2018 for France, a nice two touch footballer who keeps things moving around the park and allows the forward players to do the business. Nope, he made a comeback from injury, looked a million dollars against Villa playing the two touch football we all imagined and then the following game reverted to type and started hanging on to the ball, losing it in key areas of the pitch.
  7. Who wasn't, the original Pro Evolution soccer games were amazing. I actually recently bought a PS2 just so I could play it again but some things should stay in the past. I remember it being light years ahead of FIFA for realism but now it just felt like you could only run in straight lines
  8. I'd piss my sides, honestly I dislike the guy so much I'd be more than happy for him to go to Liverpool.
  9. I know Firmino isn't you traditional number 9 but the team you have posted against the Liverpool front three can't be compared. Grealish isn't a known goalscorer, Sterling can be hot and cold and Foden is an attacking midfielder, there isn't enough goals in those three attacking players to carry them to the title this season. Two of Liverpool's front three are 20 plus goals a season men and Firmino chips in with a fair few when they are on form. Chelsea will improve, Liverpool will be back, United have strengthened and will improve. Leicester will improve as well. I hope you right and that's what he is planning, if he is planning that I doubt they will win the title.
  10. Really..... I know City score fun but that team won't win every week. No target man at all.
  11. Just done my evening run, chilled out, played a bit of Fifa and missus gone gym. Could just do a couple of cold bottles on Heineken. Good job I haven't got any in.....
  12. Wake up? What you have a beer for breakfast, the only time I tend to ever drink in the morning is when I go on a lads trip abroad and we're in the airport.
  13. 2-3 times a year, fair play to you that's good. Bet you suffer from bad hangovers then don't you?
  14. Currently on a bit of a health kick that includes knocking the drink on it's head for as long as I can resist really and it got me thinking about the last time I had a long period without touching a drop of alcohol. I'm currently on day 8 at the moment which is pretty good for me as I've always had a pretty relaxed attitude to drink in the sense I'd maybe have a drink on a Friday and Saturday and usually a few nights during the week. Friday and Saturday would usually be the main drinking nights where I'd drink a fair bit and the week nights were more relaxing evenings with a few glasses of wine. How often does everyone else drink and do people also have breaks here and there?
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