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  1. Something Ratcliffe said that I really liked was the fact they will be looking to play a certain brand of football from top to bottom and whatever manager comes in he will have to play that way. This will also reflect in transfers so that we never end up with a manager having to deal with a group of players not suitable to the system ever again. We're miles off at the moment, but at least there is now something in place to hopefully bring us back.
  2. That's the thing, I don't think we can offer more than counter attack football. That was Ole's best method for getting victories. As for ETH, he is praying 5th gets Champions league, that's the only way in for us now. We ain't getting top 4.
  3. Where has he said its for the stadium? He talked about regeneration of the area. Manchester United aren't responsible for the roads and areas around the stadium, the council are responsible for these areas. So a conversation should be had about a contribution. The club are responsible for the land they own.
  4. Are we sure he's not talking about investment in the area around the new stadium? Aside from that everyone is overlooking the fact Manchester City and West Ham both sit in stadiums built using tax payers money. I suppose it's any stick to beat United with though. Just becoming a bit boring really.
  5. Where has it been confirmed he's looking for a government handout?
  6. If Spurs can come up with a legitimate way of funding a new stadium then Manchester United won't struggle. People just love a story about United and they run away with it. Imagine how much money we could generate by selling the naming rights to our stadium, it would be insane. Also the NFL could look to bring itself to the North of England as well as London. There are loads of possibilities.
  7. His early stuff with Guy Ritchie was excellent, he played the cockney wide boy so well.
  8. Didn't enjoy it Nudge, I get you should take these movies how they come but I kind of lost sight of whether he was good or bad in the end as he was just killing everyone. When he walked up to the special forces outside the tower block and just joined in their conversation on how to get in the building I'd had enough. It was beyond ridiculous.
  9. Statham seems to churn out shite constantly. I went to see the Beekeeper a few weeks back. It was absolutely pathetic.
  10. Honestly I think he's fantastic, he talks well, he clearly coaches well. I look forward to his next step after Wolves, he could have a brilliant career ahead of him.
  11. Griselda Thought it was absolutely excellent.
  12. Devil

    Tap Water

    40 Bottles for less than £4 in Costco. I have piles of them in my garage.
  13. So sitting to pee is actually the norm to some people?? That's blown my mind really, I didn't realise men did that through choice. Obviously if you are already sat on the toilet fair enough but taking a seat to pee has never ever crossed my mind. That said I get the whole it's cleaner idea, no splashes anywhere etc..
  14. Devil

    The Cringe Topic

    Remember the queues when they reopened during Covid. I know they make a lot of money but I didnt realise people enjoyed it so much, I always felt it was convenience thing rather actually loving it.
  15. Klopp is one of thee best, I've no doubt about it but what chance has he got against a bottomless pit. I take my hat off to him for actually pushing them as well has he has done. From top to bottom City have brought in the best in every department. What can you do when they can rebuild and write off players without the worry of balancing the books. That's without taking into account Pep and his own brilliance.
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