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  1. had the right hump this morning.
  2. Training day. American gangster I haven't seen Man on fire, will have to give that a watch when I'm back from Eygpt.
  3. Saturday 23rd October, 2021 Blackburn 1 vs 0 Reading Dundee Utd 2 vs 1 Motherwell Sassuolo 1 vs 1 Venezia, 17.00 Fluminense 2 vs 1 Flamengo, 23.00 Sunday 24th October, 2021 New York City 2 vs 0,DC United, 00.30 Barcelona 1 vs 3 Real Madrid, 15.15 Ajax 2 vs 1 PSV, 15.45 Zenit St Petersburg 1 vs 0 Spartak Moscow, 17.00 Inter Milan 1 vs 1 Juventus, 19.45 Marseille 1 vs 3 PSG, 20.00
  4. Ronaldo would thrive if we were attacking teams with venom but were so predictable at the moment so he's getting starved of service. Imagine how many he'd score for Liverpool or City, the type of movement around the box they make would open the door to him so many times during a game. United are playing so pedestrian teams are just sitting there laughing at us. Ronaldo himself had said we don't move the ball quick enough. He's right as, Rashford, Martial, Sancho, Fernandes.... All incredible tight space one touch footballers yet we don't play a fast tempo game. It's total madness.
  5. He will score goals if we create him chances, the problem we have is we don't create chances. I agree though his lack of mobility is a concern.
  6. Pretty much sums everything up that post. We're a mess. We signed Sancho because we needed a player for the right hand side and he's not had a single game out there. Instead he's played from the left which is a position we have Rashford and Martial covering. Donny doesn't get a game even though the midfield is the worst we've had in all my years supporting them. Varane is our only competent centre back despite us spending 150 million on three other over the last four years and Aaron Wan Bissaka is never top four quality at right back. Add to that we've got a fantastic shot stopper who stays rooted to his line and confuses the whole defence on every cross. Then you have Pogba, he's been a strutting peacock who hasn't strung more than three good games in a row since we broke the transfer record to sign him. The fact he was the man speaking to the media saying we need change is a major insult, I hope he doesn't sign a contract and goes for free because he's been a cancer to the club since his return. Which leaves Ole, clearly out of his depth, sorry to say it being a club legend but it's a fact.
  7. Fantastic footballer, don't take this the wrong way but I'm amazed one of the top clubs didn't go for him before your lot made made move. I'd seen him against United years previous and it was clear he was a top player. He was really good today but it was the introduction of Daka for me that changed the game, he got himself so involved and we lost our way once he was on the pitch.
  8. Not just that they seemed to care more about getting him out of sight than fighting to save his life. He was clearly dead though, I'd imagine it crushed his throat.
  9. I'm pretty certain it is, we've been crap for long enough now surely people can cut us some slack. Credit to Leicester today, I knew you go at us knowing we were weak. Easily should have had far more goals. De Gea was the man of the match for me.
  10. I wrote a post earlier in the week where I stated my feelings on watching United. I had feeling we'd get turned over today but I never imagined it would be so brutal, that could have been 6 or 7 and it was again clear this team are being sent our without a clear system or game plan. Too many of these players perform for their countries and previous clubs with World class performances. Well done Leicester, fully deserved. Totally at a loss what the board are thinking now, we could easily lose the next three and be on the verge of losing our Champions spot and also our place in the Champions league this season.
  11. It's the football we are displaying with the players we have at our disposal that's disappointing. It's just painful to watch at times. I think Ole will get until the end of the season but I'm not entirely sure he will get another if he doesn't win a trophy. Ronaldo could end up being his biggest issue as the season rolls on, if results continue as they are Ronaldo will continue with his tantrums and it will heap pressure on Ole. A defeat for either side and its a terrible start given our pre season ambitions. With Bailly and Lindelof being our only fit centre back pair I'd imagine Rodgers will be thinking of going all out.
  12. Worked with a few people who have had a really unhealthy obsession with porn. One guy would flood the work WhatsApp group with videos. After a few weeks it became apparent he was really specific with the content he shared with a similar theme each time.
  13. The key words here.. I would think. Who is to say there isn't a mirroring planet with life evolving the same way.
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