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  1. Just drive home son! Big bags of body parts in the back, imagine how calm he'd needed to have been. That proves how crazy he must have been.
  2. 100% The situation with young lad from Loas is just insane.
  3. Anyone else watching this, tells the story of one of America's most notorious serial killers. It's really difficult viewing to be fair and I'm only on episode 4 as I just can't binge watch it as I don't think my brain could handle it.
  4. Bubble has to burst at some point with United, whilst we generate a lot of income there has to be a ceiling we can hit. I'd say we can't be far off it surely. We're not state funded so it's not a bottomless pit.
  5. He wasn't just an interim manager he was actually set to take on an important consultancy role within the club. They had to pay him off though, he was far too outspoken about the issues within the club so they must have paid him up and got him to sign something stopping him talking. He hasn't said a word since which is totally bizarre.
  6. I enjoyed the Planet of the apes movies.
  7. Still not sure if it's all part of an on going joke he's been running with for years on here. Saying that the world is full of strange individuals with all kinds of fetishisms. He obsession with bumping years old threads is another strange thing he does as well.
  8. Police finally got a grip of his laptop?
  9. When I was 18 I had a thing going with one of my best mates sister, she'd text me or ring me late after nights out and come round and stay till about 5am and then sneak out before anyone on the estate could clock her. It went on over a year with both accepting it wasn't ever gonna be anything serious. Worst thing was my mate used to get annoyed and would often ask her where she stayed and what she'd been up to in front of me. She'd put me in awful positions on purpose, I kinda think she wanted him to know. He'd of gone mad if he'd knew she was having loads of casual sex with me
  10. Forest and Bournemouth are bankers to go down for me, the other side will be one of Villa, Fulham, Brentford or Leeds. I know three of those four are playing well at the moment but we always see teams collapse after good starts and I expect it to be Fulham if I'm honest.
  11. Raul Jimenez was just on the verge of possibly making a big money move to a big club before that horrific injury. Once he got that injury they collapsed as an attacking force. They are literally toothless.
  12. Yes, clearly very proud of their royalty. Lovely people as well, so pleasant and friendly.
  13. We go to a local Thai restaurant and they literally built a shrine to the King inside the restaurant.
  14. So many traditions carried out throughout the whole 10 days. I kept commenting on what looked like a man with a snooker cue throughout the whole ceremony. Turns out it was a wand! Broken when her services have finally come to an end. I've got to admit I had a lump in my throat today, never seen myself as a Royalist but today I felt a real sense of pride for our nation. Not only were we saying goodbye to an incredible human being but we were also seeing the years of tradition and dedication to service from out military. The parade through the London streets will never be matched for me. RIP Queen Elizebeth ll
  15. Those crazy Royal traditions.
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