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  1. That's a massively overlooked point mate, if your Bellingham or any other target currently you're no doubt going to have second thoughts about signing for them. But then again if your gonna get a massive secret payment from Abu Dhabi maybe you'd take the risk Maybe you will get 10 properties over there or something mental.
  2. Yeah, that's the fella. Pretty creepy for kids he was.
  3. What did you expect them to say? They've obviously got to make a statement like that. Yeah, everyone knows you will no doubt fight it. May as well just wait and see rather than argue the same points round and round in this thread every day. You must be getting tired of it already.
  4. The Usual suspects - The greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
  5. So you're basically saying there is a chance you know you've broken the rules but it doesn't matter as your legal team will squash it and make it go away anyway. I'd imagine that would go down really well with the likes of Liverpool who've had a generationally good side for the last five years and only managed one league title for their troubles. If it's evident you've cheated and yet it's overturned again by your legal teams I think you might end up with other clubs pulling together against you. I really do think that could be the case. There are already strong rumours circulating Pep is going to walk away as he's had enough of having his named connected with it.
  6. I don't think I'd ever speak like you suggested and I didn't ever say or write ‘cuz we are da best n da biggest’ I'm aware we benefited from a period and success during a period football elevated beyond the game for the working man to the global monster it is today.
  7. I wonder why.... Because we are the biggest club in England, because we are the most marketable club in England and because we are the most know English football club wotld wide. Also we hit our mega success at just the right time. Are you expecting me to apologise for us being so marketable and rich because of sky's, interest in us??? Get a grip, get some perspective. If your just being a cunt, that's fine but if your trying to draw comparisons with City then don't bother, whatever way you try to paint it our financial growth was organic. Just so you know, if you look back on history United were the first English club to win the European Cup, we had the Busby babes (anniversary today god rest their souls ) and we also vad Georgie Best. We were the biggest before the great success, that's why half of London supported us. Sorry if that upsets your anti United agenda
  8. No, they are trying to stop you cleaning up the league and ruining it for everyone else. You won't see that though because your blinkered. Liverpool have just had their best side for 30 years and you denied them their period of success, they should hate you more than us.
  9. So what's your point. We made our money through popularity and the players we had, what's new. Thanks for enlightening me on how my football club became so popular and so rich. It had nothing to do with the fact we are the biggest club in England with the biggest fan base.
  10. Because you know full well you've broken the rules and your owners will more than likely mop up the situation as usual. Sportswashing, what's the point if clubs like yourself can bend the rules to suit. Your eliminating the competition with money. The Arabs are doing it in nearly all sports, its ruining all sports around the world.
  11. Mate, I hate City, I hate the fact you ducked out of your last charge sheet. I don't deny that fact. I just hope and pray what they have destroys you, I actually had respect for City fans before this money, but since you got it you've all changed. Its been as blatant as day you've broken rules since day one but the fans have blinkered themselves so much its embarrassing.
  12. Your youth team have been bought from across the world like the rest of your squad. They'd drop you like Haarland and De Bruyne the moment you were rightly relegated.
  13. No doubt find a loop hole.... Like Greenwood, your guilty but no doubt get away with it. That's why I think the rest of the clubs should make a stand and refuse to play you. Can't win a league if nobody is willing to play against you.
  14. News flash..... Our owners are scum, they haven't spent a penny of their whole money since buying the club. They didn't even spend their own money to buy it. That 1 Billion spent is only money we've generated, which marks the difference between our two clubs. Also I'd also like to point out, it's not only player transfers City haven't spent, you've spent multi millions on training facilities and improvements to your stadium...... They haven't spent anything on ours. Don't compare our two clubs, mines and absolute monster of a football club, yours is a fucking shite little plastic club cheating and blagging their way to success. I hope they relegate you down the the National league, its totally deserved. The rules were brought in because they know full well your bent. They've been waiting for this day for the last ten years.
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