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  1. But reality is it's a probability you could have erased. If City lose and you draw, imagine how much you'd be kicking yourself. Players have to just pull their socks up on this run and get on with it.
  2. Why such a second string line up? Surely chasing the goal difference down was important given a potential City draw on the last day. Best Villa can get is a draw.
  3. Cant believe he's started Fernandinho over Ake. His legs are gone, Pep playing with fire.
  4. Only watched part of the game due to having a family event I needed to attend. One thing that stands out for me whenever I see Chelsea is Pulisic has to be the most wasteful player ever, how many times does he drag shots wide from excellent positions!
  5. Conor Gallagher for me, the fact he's done it week in, week out for a mid table club shouldn't be overlooked. Awards shouldn't always go to league winners or top four side players.
  6. Cancelo has been incredible for City but won't get it due to the fact he's a full back.
  7. The Marbella one is even worse, they kinda try and make a comedy out of it in Amsterdam.
  8. Choose or die Netflix new release, basically a horror film. Movie revolves around a computer game that instructs its players to choose options that could result in someone's death. Terrible movie, mainly due to it clearly being shot in England with British actors putting on American accents, it also keeps showing long shots of the New York projects. Worth a watch just to see how bad it actually is. 4/10
  9. You want a medal? I didn't actually say he wouldn't sign for you, it was a possibility you would sign him.
  10. This..... Almost felt like Pep was saving him for the weekend as he felt Madrid were a spent force. Massive mistake, his influence on any game is huge.
  11. That's the first thing I said when I seen him for Liverpool, body shape and ball control are so much like Mahrez. Honestly this group of attacking players amassed by Klopp is incredible. The energy, skill and finishing ability of what you'd usually call wide men is different level.
  12. Schmeichel Neville Irwin Ferdinand Vidic Robson Keane Scholes Rooney Cantona Ronaldo Ronaldo in his early days on the right and Rooney from the left of the front three.
  13. Clearing the decks, that's three out of the door now that we're responsible for the recruitment of these overpaid muppets.
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