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  1. Danny

    Access to your wages prior to payday

    Waiting a month is a ball ache, I miss weekly pay
  2. Yeah I’ve not watched loads of him so I couldn’t say, he’s had a good half a season or so and built a good reputation with Wales hence United probably signing him off of Giggs’ recommendation. But my question about whether he’ll be good enough is just based on what we’ve done with players. Scott Hogan and Jota for example, both had a good couple of 6 months in the Championship with us and were bought by their clubs for big money under the pretense they could keep their form up. But neither could because we sold before their performances could drop back to their more consistent levels which weren’t as good. Seeing Dan James suddenly burst onto the scene like that and get a big move off of it just raises alarm bells. He might be great, I don’t know. Just speculating, obviously people who’ve watched him more consistently will know better.
  3. He scored 5 goals last season... Will be interesting to see how he gets on, is a speed merchant and by all accounts only started playing really well from January onwards (around the time he spanked us). Obviously Giggs has had a word with someone at Old Trafford to make this happen. Be interesting to see if he’ll turn out good or was just bought off of the back of a good spell that won’t last.
  4. Danny

    Next UK Prime Minister

    Mate their racism time and time again is exposed because they know it exists so they throw tantrums when you keep bringing it up claiming you can’t say nuffin no more because they just don’t care about it. Theyre happy for racism to exist because they’ve got a cushty ride from it. They’re happy living in a society that discriminates and will come up with some warped logic as to why that’s OK. Farage, Johnson...whoever else. They thrive off of racism and xenophobia because that’s their supportbase. Brexit voters are very likely to hold racist/xenophobic views, we know the sames true for Tories an all. As long as they don’t come out and say anything that would break party rules/the law then they’re happy to keep the sound bites coming.
  5. Man City need a world class centre back not Harry Maguire. He’s probably more solid than United’s defenders so I can see why they’d go for him
  6. Danny

    If you had the chance to

    Back off bitch he’s mine And I got to sleep in until the early afternoon the next day and still felt like shit
  7. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed
  8. Dani Alves has more assists than any other play to Messi...most likely years of watching Kieran Gibbs, Nacho Monreal, Stephen Lichsteiner and Hector Bellerin play has led @6666 to believe the position in general is overrated
  9. Danny

    Next UK Prime Minister

    So Boris Johnson going down the hard Leave Means Leave route of saying not only will we not pay the EU £39b but he will use that money not to help those on benefits or should be on benefits, not to help those using food banks, not even as previous mayor of London using it to provide financial support to kids on inner cities and estates who will grow into a life of crime or substance abuse, not to support women suffering domestic abuse, assault or rape, not to support the NHS, not to improve mental health treatment on the NHS...but to give people on £50k+ a nice fat tax cut, because they really need it. Stay classy Boris.
  10. Going price for a quality right back in this division
  11. There was plenty to write about England fans over the week, booing Van Dijk isn’t one of them
  12. Danny

    Eden Hazard Signs for Real Madrid

    Real Madrid are the biggest club in world football, if they want you you will go.
  13. He didn’t get booed because he’s black, he got booed because he’s one of Liverpool’s best players and a lot of England fans support smaller clubs who want an awayday at Anfield so they can sing Sign On to the home supporters.
  14. How’s many keepers are actually at their best for a 20 year stint though?
  15. John Cleese said all of that whilst living in his new home in the Caribbean. Maybe John can connect the dots between him living there and the levels of immigration he doesn’t like in London.