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  1. Danny

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    No but various experts were saying it was unlikely to be achieved without a vaccine, you have people dying in their hundreds daily in Italy and don’t suspect that herd immunity, which essentially meant do nothing and carry on, would somehow have a different approach here? They’ve been hiding behind the police state nonsense for a while now, “the good British public are mature enough to do this and that etc etc”, was also convenient that builders were suddenly considered essential workers...wonder what was at the forefront of that decision, £££. They were treating it like it was a common cold. Go out, shake their hands, drink their spit you’ll be fine. You have South Korea ripping the dick off the virus and then you watch our inept response.
  2. Danny

    Times When Your Club Blew It

    Same weekend a day before I believe
  3. Danny

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Experts at the time were all saying that herd immunity would only really work if there was a vaccine, the approach went against advice from WHO...it definitely wasn’t a people centred approach. The governments ignorance in light of what was happening in China and Italy particularly was astounding. I’m happy we have done a u-turn on that disaster of an approach but hardly thankful it’s taken the government this long.
  4. Danny

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Yeah I’ve got plenty of people on Facebook loving him, it’s amazing how far a persona can take you in this country I don’t see a rationale argument to suggest the handling of this pandemic has been anything but catastrophic, people are just viewing it as “oh well he’s just an ordinary bloke trying to do his best” but he is a. The PM (they’re eager to point this out when people moan about testing) and b. his best has been getting people killed at the expense of financial interests when successful and viable options have been underway elsewhere around the globe
  5. Danny

    Last movie you watched?

    The accents aren’t toned down they’re just not all Londoners
  6. Danny

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Boris is a massive cunt, his history of racism and classism is clear to see for anyone, his incompetence behind the Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe issue, his role in the windrush generation scandal and his handling of this pandemic, putting the economy over people’s lives with herd immunity...and whilst I don’t feel sorry for the position he has put himself and many people around the country in, only a proper wrongun would be wishing death on him and anyone at this point in time. Its possible to dislike someone and what they stand for and also not want them dead...ironically most people wanting him dead most likely don’t have a personal grievance against him. If it was a relative of the windrush generation for example you’d get it, but it’s mostly just either keyboard warriors or far left weirdos.
  7. Danny

    British Politics (non-Brexit)

    People just want to move on and as much as I don’t see how we benefit from being out of the EU another referendum won’t work. Just need to make the best out of a bad situation now.
  8. Danny


    He’s a professional boxer with public responsibilities and duties Josh. Obviously it was a joke but it was also a shit one that only really made light of domestic violence I don’t think people who are encouraged to knock several shades of shit out of each other should always be held to higher standards than most in society but the video was clearly in bad taste.
  9. Danny

    Coronavirus and Football

    Believe we’re going to be doing the same thing soon but nothing announced yet, how many clubs in the Champ have either taken wage cuts or furloughed their staff?
  10. Danny

    Are you missing Football?

    Conflicted, I miss football of course. Miss being able to go to Griffin Park and also looking forward to the new stadium....with that said, I don't want Griffin Park to go and also don't want the final games to be played behind closed doors but what can you do? It's the least important thing going on right now. We should be going into the internationals in the Summer and I love international football when there's a competition. Just can't beat it.
  11. Danny

    Rugby League

    Liking the look of the new stadium in Townsville...will have to put it on the bucketlist of things I'll wanna do when I finally end up back towards Aus/NZ.
  12. Danny

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    And even then to who? The social distancing is going to be extreme if we’re to avoid another peak. Businesses really need to focus on working from home, it’s highlighted so many that really could and should have this as an option but don’t.
  13. Danny

    Mental Health

    Not too bad tbh, I think having a routine helps a lot. There’s only so much you can do but waking up early, not eating in bed and instead I’m the kitchen/living room, doing bits of housework and getting some garden time in breaks up the day a bit The day is always shit if I wake up and spend half of it in bed because there’s nothing to do
  14. Also helped you support Leeds I think it’s probably quite forgettable to none Leeds because you only made the semis
  15. Danny

    Marvel Films

    Watching the films again as I’ve got so much time on my hands and my opinion on Guardians being the best film is further strengthened. Better soundtrack, better visuals, better storyline’s, better characters, better villains. So much more colour, great graphics...just the best. With that said Iron Man 1 was obviously very good and set the whole thing into motion, Iron Man 3 was better than 2 and up until this point (watching chronologically, on Guardians 2 now) the best 3 films are Guardians, Avengers and IM3.