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  1. That's largely due to timezone and weather differences, the people running the Premier League are no different to the people running La Liga.
  2. Oh well Blue you outsmarted me there mate you bloody genius
  3. Yes it is. Sorry Liverpool the team who spent the game trying to attack should have played an open game? The boring nature of the second half more than the game tbh was entirely down to Bayern.
  4. Christ almighty what are these horrific BT adverts for the Prem
  5. Yeah, boring. Liverpool were nullified and Bayern played like a lower league side who were on their big day out in the Cup. Didn't venture past the half way line. Silly because Liverpool have the advantage with away goals.
  6. Pretty mindnumbing game so far. Bayern completely parked the bus.
  7. £4m for Grigg wasn't it? Amazing how clubs spunk money up the wall even in League 1.
  8. Danny

    Returning Isis fighters

    Let's revoke citizenship of our prisons whilst we're at it. No thought for the child she's carrying who is innocent in all of this.
  9. Danny

    Returning Isis fighters

    No one's got a problem with Everton...
  10. This is genuinely one of the most refreshing matches in this competition for years.
  11. Who the fuck calls people a funny tinge? Mental