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  1. Bit unrealistic but good, Arthur is proper skinny in it and yet this massive gangster lol
  2. My family are Portuguese so this makes the England result a lot easier to take. No doubt at some point I will have to watch Portugal bum us though
  3. We will get absolutely battered by these two
  4. The answer to your question is Cristiano Ronaldo
  5. Danny

    England Squad - Euro 2020

    What I wanna see vs Czech Republic: Pickford Trippier - Stones - Maguire/Mings - Chilwell Bellingham - Phillips Sancho - Foden - Grealish Calvert-Lewin Trippier had a better game at left back than Walker or James did at right back, need to get Bellingham, Sancho and Grealish involved and we need an actual centre forward not Rashford or an injured Kane
  6. So Southgate was mainly just going for a point, disappointing we had no urgency to go for a win but slightly encouraging that it should mean he understands what our team should look like from an attacking perspective. Shame though that he doesn’t believe in the team enough to beat Scotland, especially seeing as they had about one very clear cut chance on goal and everything else was either dealt with by the defence or they fluffed their shot completely. Rice and Phillips is not a midfield partnership for weaker sides, it works against teams like Croatia because of how deep Modric played. Phillips was essentially an advanced defensive midfielder and it shut down their midfield and helped us win possession high up the pitch. Scotland didn’t play like that though and so Phillips was essentially useless because of that, but he was trying to pass the ball forward which Rice failed to do and changes should have been made to take Rice off and play Phillips at DM. Sterling was very poor today and it must make you wonder what you have to do to get on the pitch if you’re Jason Sancho or Bukayo Saka, because he should have been subbed off. Foden didn’t do a lot but he had moments of bright sparks and that was more than Sterling. Mount too, very poor and I think maybe wanting him to start deep next to a defensive mid is a pipe dream if he can’t get into the game against Scotland. Very good midfield Scotland have mind and I don’t wanna play that down, but you need your midfielders to control the game and that is what we’ve all expected from Mount and haven’t seen it. I would like to see Bellingham play alongside Phillips at DM, with one of Foden or Mount advanced. I don’t necessarily mind if Sterling starts the next game but we need to sling him off if he’s not up to scratch. What was blindingly obvious is that Kane isn’t fit, made zero runs to the ball, was constantly dispossessed or had his passes intercepted. We can’t carry him, needs to be benched and get Calvert-Lewin on up front instead of Rashford. Overall I want to see more from Southgate, you can say there is logic in going for the win as if we just draw our next game we finish top of the table. Maybe this is good tournament management, maybe he’ll prove that later on, but very underwhelming to watch him settle for a draw in a game where we had no creativity on the pitch.
  7. But fair play to Scotland, some big defensive performances there and they’ll definitely have a chance against Croatia
  8. Honestly so bad, imagine that against Italy or Portugal. Get mullered. Persisting with Kane when he’s clearly unfit, all he done was walked, got tackled and misplaced passes. Yet he’s kept on until the final quarter of the game. Foden subbed off even though Sterling was poor? Get Sancho on as well. Rice not urgent enough with the ball and only passed sideways, Phillips too high up the pitch to affect the game. Wing backs barely attacked the game, Mount poor too. Grealish wasn’t great, difficult to come into a game like that and effect it but all he done was draw free kicks. Of course we all knew this team is not a favourite to win the competition but to see us shoot ourselves in the foot against a Scotland side that couldn’t score a goal for love nor money is bad.
  9. Southgate has fucked this, structurally we are woeful and he’s not making any real changes to the structure
  10. No idea why were still persisting with Phillips in an advanced position. Need Kane off too
  11. Mount has been poor for most of it but is the only midfielder who takes the ball and turns, Phillips just passed back to the defence/Rice
  12. England slow and laboured, need to get rid of Rice or Phillips. Phillips useless in the advanced position. Sterling and Kane both been poor, laboured dribbling and passing. Need Kane more than anyone to step up
  13. Dykes is a dirty cunt isn’t he, pure and simple kneed Shaw in the thigh.
  14. Stuck on the Met line with Scottish and England fans coming into London for their big day out....on a hangover. Live life love life