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  1. Who’d you reckon it’ll be? Allegri still free but apparently going to Roma
  2. They were a tricky bastard of a team last year, but relied on parking the bus and hoping they got lucky on the counter. Like @Lucas said they need more goals
  3. Good signing for Atlético, imagine and him and Costa in their prime together
  4. Danny

    Most Iconic Movie/Show Scenes

    Only Fools and Horses
  5. Danny

    Jadon Sancho - Set to Stay at Dortmund

    How do you pay £80m for Maguire but refuse to meet Dortmund’s asking price for Sancho?
  6. Danny

    Jorginho - Chelsea

    It is a bit weird for people of dual nationality to make that choice...but you know he chose England cos of the quality of players coming through rather than anything else
  7. Ooooh you’re hard think you can just post in locked threads whenever you want?? Ooooh look at Mr. Posts Where Ever He Wants
  8. Danny

    Jorginho - Chelsea

    Rice overrated imo, works well in a team like West Ham but when the standards are higher and mores expected of him I think he’ll end up being more of a Maguire type caliber player
  9. Danny

    Jorginho - Chelsea

    Arteta has been more defensive but Arsenal do have a shit defence so it could just be a case of needs must
  10. Danny

    Jorginho - Chelsea

    Get the impression Jorginho and Kanté as well have been misused consistently for the past year, maybe more, at least that’s how it comes across from Chelsea fans. I feel like Arteta is a better man manager and has proven himself to be more astute than Lampard, if he wants Jorginho it’s probably for something specific. Plus Arteta’s side like to play it around the back more than others imo, and Jorginho would help push that play along
  11. Danny

    Jorginho - Chelsea

    Feel like he’d suit Arsenal more than Chelsea with Arteta there.
  12. Danny

    UK Politics & Brexit Discussion

    Again defunding the police means different things in different countries, generally mental health provisions are better in the UK than they are in the US. Police have less guns here. Also defunding the police does not mean get rid of the police altogether, it also doesn’t mean that there aren’t areas where the police do good work. I don’t want to come across as an expert cos clearly I’m not, but the police are used as the main tool to prevent crime. They do not prevent crime, they just put people through the criminal justice system which by and large does not reform criminals, just creates career criminals. Yet social workers and youth centres, charities have their funds cut when they are the people on the ground doing vital work. That is a valid argument for defunding the police right there, fund community policing, social work, adequate mental health provisions within communities, fund regeneration rather than gentrification. I was interested in getting into social care but the reviews I’ve been given from people 10-15+ years in are that it’s shot to pieces, stretched too far, too much pressure on one individual social worker. My sociology lecturer literally pursued a career in teaching because of it, and she had been teaching our class unpaid because she was being overworked and overstretched by the college. And she was much happier with that than her previous role. These are the people who are actually doing the work to prevent crime, prevent people taking the wrong steps in life, and there’s barely any funding.
  13. Oh yeah Toney seems to be the better player not denying that, I was just using Forss’ stats to show that he’s decent as people are less likely to know of him
  14. Tough test against Millwall, always a tough team to play against and I could be wrong but I believe they’ve made a decent signing or two this Summer If we want to prove ourselves as title contenders then we need to hit the ground running in the league Torn between us starting Forss or Toney, Toney is more of the complete striker and obviously cost us 9m. Forss on loan to Wimbledon last season scored 11 goals in 19 games, he’s already scored one in the league for us and once in the Carabao Cup. I’d lean towards starting Toney just because a striker of that quality always needs to start but Forss is starting to put in a shout to get more game time
  15. Danny

    UK Politics & Brexit Discussion

    To an electorate that were pushed to vote Brexit due to a lot of xenophobia and racism no doubt, but the idea is radical and new to the general public, you have to get the message out there and have the discussions as it goes. Defund the police is a good slogan, the message behind it is even better. This we have a great police force etc etc really does nothing for the conversation, because there are countless examples where the police force have discriminated against communities. Countless examples of how the police are used to only put people in prison, through the system and to ignore the root cause of crime. You’re just doing a number on yourself trying to defend them, of course there are good people in the police and at times they do good work, but as a whole the police force is used to discriminate against non-whites, against the working classes (how many stories do you need to hear about police treating normal football fans like animals) and against people with mental health issues. I realise Starmer probably won’t get voted in on those sorts of policies, well aware we live in a country that is racist, happy to live with class warfare, sexism, discrimination against people with mental health issues. I get that. Which was my point about Starmer to begin with, he represents all of that because he is the centrist to win back the working class racist demographic that stopped voting Labour and he represents it whilst pretending he supports change for black lives. There is no long game here, he wants in and he’s willing to throw BLM under the bus to get there