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  1. Danny

    Mobile Phones

    Christ are you OK? I think I’d cry if I spent that much on a phone lol After spending the last 4 years with an iPhone 5s I’ve just got the iPhone....wait for it.....6s. £30 upfront and about £25 a month, unlimited calls, texts and 8gb data on o2. Does all the other extra shit you need from a phone
  2. After seeing you against us I did think you could have a comeback on the cards, didn’t expect 3-3 mind
  3. Danny

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    I’ve accepted the result mate, unfortunately it is what it is and have to hope the Tories don’t make the country any worse Ive not defended Corbyn’s anti-semitism at any point, just pointed out that Johnson and the Tories racism, anti-semitism and islamophobia is far worse. Not to mention their horrific view of Grenfell, it’s victims and those who support them. But people have their reasons for choosing the Tories either way. I know you’re partly on a wind up which is why I’ll leave it there but the irony of you being a massive Islamophobe and referencing Corbyn’s toxicity through anti-semitism is irony of the finest order
  4. Danny

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    It is my opinion and I agree with you there. I’m not a Corbyn lover personally, his policies I like and I’ve been very wary of his Labour once I was made aware of the anti-semitism that became rife under his leadership...but in comparison to Johnson that’s it. Nobody is safe under the Tories, Johnson’s history of racism is frankly shocking and it’s of no surprise that England has voted him in as people will still stick by him as he plays to a colonial tune whereas England simply can’t stomach the the more socialist and anti-colonial views and policies of Corbyn. This country is well and truly fucked if Scotland leaves, Labour will have no chance.
  5. Danny

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    The thing with Corbyn is how can you genuinely say you could never vote for him and vote for Johnson? Whether people like Corbyn or not Johnson is catagorically more of a cunt. But that sums this country up because Corbyn has put off a lot of older Brexit supporting Labour voters, but he also attracted the youth vote last time around where Labour had a monumental increase. He just couldn’t sustain that this time around and the loss has been pretty shocking. There are a lot of good women that could be in the running for leadership and I look forward to change tbh, a less divisive Labour Party amongst its own voters is the only way they’ll beat the Tories in 5 years time.
  6. Danny

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    England really is done for, time for Scotland get out of this mess
  7. Danny

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    I just said he is more partial than the BBC, not that he is partial. BBC have constantly scrutinised Corbyn to a level that Johnson and co haven’t had
  8. Danny

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    I hope the BBC’s bias against Labour and for the Tories throughout Corbyn’s leadership is reviewed, its genuinely been shambolic from an organisation that is meant to be based on impartiality. The Russell Howard Hour does a better job on scrutinising Labour/Tories impartially and hes a fucking comedian
  9. Yeah this is also the hardest part of the season imo, if you can stay close until Christmas it’s all about gaining momentum afterwards Were also due to have 3 strikers join us in Jan, Marcus Forss back from his loan at Wimbledon where he’s scored 8 goals...Emiliano Marcondes who has so much ability but we’re yet to see it and new signing Halil Dervisoglu.
  10. Deserved win tonight, first 30 minutes we absolutely dominated. Honestly the things Said Benrahma and Mbeumo done to the Cardiff defence should be illegal. Pure filth, the assist for the first goal from Benrahma was top of the pops. Next 15 Cardiff pushed us but they really didn’t have much about them going forward, a lot of lumping it into the box but Jansson and Pinnock had them covered all night. Second half we came out quickly and got a deserved second, we went through a period where we just kept giving the ball away and Cardiff kept going at us and going at us but again they only really lump it in the box which by and large was dealt with. Their goal was an absolute screamer though. In previous years we’d probably have fucked that up and let them equalise but we’re picking points up early now where we’ve struggled to before. 10 points off of the automatics which isn’t bad for a January push but still probably unlikely. 2 points off Fulham in third and it’s just December, the season is looking good. With that said I think if you go down to 14th place they’re only 9 points off Fulham. Far too early to tell anything
  11. I’m not sure Kovac sounds that great...could be more of the same
  12. Danny

    2020 Vision

    Poonani tsunami am I right Stan?
  13. Off to Griffin Park tomorrow night, first time back in what must be nearly 3 years now...crazy. Tickets in the Ealing Road end, the terrace will be sorely missed. Need to make sure I get tickets in each of the other two stands New Road and Braemar Road, Braemar Road was where I first began supporting Brentford and prior to that I've a lot of fond memories as a young teenager giving dogs abuse to the likes of Dean Windass. Young kids calling complete strangers who could flatten you within seconds all sorts is what football's about. New Road I've witnessed us get thrashed by Millwall before our relegation to League 2 and also saw us lose to Boro in the play-off semi final so hopefully I can actually see us win for once there.
  14. Danny

    Bad internet

    The laptop is still a piece of shit but it works now I’m back home