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  1. Joey cleared of wrong doing by the TF365 crown court
  2. Not saying they’re my friends mate 😂 you just run into all sorts throughout life, especially when you grow up in and around council housing
  3. Tbh mate I don’t know too much about it other than what his brother done. Not saying I would have done it mind, but yeah based on the people I’ve met throughout my lifetime if the opportunity arose to get a family member off of a serious crime they committed, I could quite confidently point out who I think would do it. I feel like I’m defending him now, I agree that him trying to get his brother off the hook was bad and having found out about it, it is ironic that he makes comments about racism. Got a bit too argumentative there 😂
  4. The state of the Swiss pitch here
  5. I think a lot of people would do that for a family member regardless of how right or wrong what they did was
  6. I don’t get the brother stuff, as much has a numpty Barton can be his brother carrying out a hate murder has nothing to do with him.
  7. Danny

    Will Everton get relegated?

    I don’t think Howe should leave for Everton, Bournemouth are in a better condition currently Everton’s DoF should have a list of replacements tbh
  8. You can abandon a game when a large group are nazi saluting though. If Bulgarian authorities can’t police the game then they shouldn’t be allowed to play in front of fans
  9. Ironically was part of the media’s targeting of Sterling
  10. I don’t think you do, once should be enough and it should be down to the ref/UEFA officials to abandon the game not the players.
  11. I was surprised Mings got in ahead of Gomez but otherwise I think Southgate’s picked a good team and they’ve done what they need to and tbh unlike other games we’ve not just gone 4-0 up because we have better players but because we’ve actually been playing well Its a shame about the racism it really is, UEFA need to take control and abandon the game, give us the 3 points and actually punish Bulgaria and the fans doing it. And then do the same for every game.
  12. Danny

    Will Everton get relegated?

    There’s 6 points between them and 7th place Burnley, I can’t see it at all tbh Everton are poor and haven’t really offered much for a long time but they’ll probably still finish somewhere around midtable. If anything it’ll give them the chance to sack Silva and get a decent manager in
  13. Danny


    I'm a fan, not their biggest but I like the music. Their Cher cover was quality, it's a bit of a double edged sword for me in that they sound a bit Oasisy because I love the sound but it's not new even though it is their version of it. I can't really listen to a full album of their but I like the big singles, Delete and In The Air for example
  14. Danny

    Leeds United Discussion

    Sounds familiar
  15. @DeadLinesman there’s been an earthquake