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  1. Tbh just an overly argumentative mood over nothing but I thought that post was admitting that I’m probably wrong
  2. @DeadLinesman have you read any interesting articles where he talks about the celebration and background of it?
  3. This was an argument fuelled by a lack of sleep and too much sugar, don’t doubt that I am lol
  4. Ive seen the celebration before, he clearly made a point of doing it to the Arsenal fans this time rather than just celebrating. Otherwise Saka woouldnt have done it back. Didn’t think this was gunna cause a discussion lol. He very clearly gave it large to the fans after scoring, then went onto lose the game. It happens, still embarrassing
  5. Just embarrassing to stare out fans after scoring, give it large and then lose the game. Not the end of the world but still embarrassing. Happened to us this season against Fulham
  6. He done his point to the head celebration when United took the lead, but he purposely walked towards a corner of Arsenal fans to do it as if to say to them that they are being imposed on again by United. Saka done the same celebration to the same corner when they took the lead and then of course United lost in the end.
  7. I’m not judging you now because I know you are a work in progress, but that is entirely the point I’ve been making, the first sign of some consistent success on the pitch and again we’re talking about United winning the league without any sort of evidence or long-term for to back it up. My overall point is that whilst you maybe a better team than under OGS or Mourinho you are still far away, much in the way they were, from being the United we saw under Ferguson. But this nostalgia of what Man Utd should look like means that short-term successes are consistently held up as if they are going to lead to major success, rather than what they actually are, a decent run of form that is pretty far away from the elite sides in the league.
  8. On a side note, that Rashford celebration was embarrassing all things considered wasn’t it
  9. This doesn’t really relate to any United fans on here, but there has been an arrogance from a lot of United fans, fan channels and whatever else over the last couple of weeks. There seems to be this notion at times that “United are back” or that they could be on their way to that. You see it from ex-pundits when they talk about the Man Utd way and the standards at the club. The fact is that the mammoth, all encompassing Man Utd team that managed to find points from nothing, could drive on and just out fight and outthink an opponent was not something that was directly related to the club or the culture of the club as a whole, but it was related specifically to Alex Ferguson and how he managed the team. Because he managed successfully for so long these standards became to be seen as something that is ingrained in the club, but the fact is they came to the club with him and left with him. There have been times the past few years under Mourinho, under Ole and now under ten haag where a bit of sustained success has created a hype around the club that United are back, United are in for the league, a manager is meeting the standards of the club. But those standards don’t exist and they were never top down. We saw it when Mourinho finished 2nd but 19 points behind City, when OGS secured a 3rd and 2nd place finish but they were 2 of the lowest points totals for those league finishes in something like 15-20 years with an odd exception. Little in that to suggest that United were back in for a title race but it didn’t stop a lot of fans/pundits to begin reminiscing about this mythical standard that exists at the club. Ultimately this departure from reality prevented a lot from seeing United were nowhere near long-term success and importantly, Man Utd have no great natural right to major silverware. This attitude has reared its head again after a string of good results under ETH, talks of United could be in for the title again…we’ve been here before. Ultimately they were there for the taking against Palace and have lost to the league leaders today, I think a lot of fans/pundits need to seperate their view of the club now versus what it was under Ferguson. That divine right Fergy created to win, to find goals and wins so late on in a game doesn’t exist anymore. Instead a humility is needed and a focus needs to be solely on what ETH is doing at the club, rather than trying to reconnect dots between ETH’s United and Fergy’s.
  10. also not enough on him being in plenty of useful positions and just not being passed to
  11. Talk of Haaland holding City back was stupid and premature wasnt it? 25 goals scored in just over half a season, incredible.
  12. Danny


    Yeah, and in general I am of the opinion that we shouldn’t hold boxers to certain standards when at the same time we’re asking them to mentally prepare to fight for their life. But I think a mixture of his age and the fact that no one really seemed bothered by it is what makes it worse.
  13. Teams who use data to find undervalued players like us and Brighton will continue to be the teams who compete with the big money spenders outside of the top 4. Fortunately for us there aren’t many of them knocking about
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