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  1. Andre Gray? Fuck me has he fallen down to the Championship? Used to be a guaranteed a decent amount of goals
  2. Interesting you’re still after Adams, read that their management/board are a bit bemused you’re still going after being told no
  3. I thought you couldn’t give a penalty and a red card? Or is that just for goalkeepers?
  4. So what can Dyche realistically do to prove he’s better than just staving off relegation? He’s kept Burnley up and had a top half finish/made a Europa League spot and he’s got one of the lowest wage bills and money spent in transfers. He’s clearly overachiever imo, if you look at West Ham and the money they’ve spent on players like Anderson and Haller do you not think he’d be able to eventually have them knocking around the Europa League spots consistently?
  5. Jason McAteer blaming the loss and dressing room on Pogba, who has been out injured and not long had surgery. The obsession continues
  6. Yeah Everton is a stretch, now they have Ancelotti anyway, but after Silva really hasn’t done more than Dyche
  7. Yeah considering the money you’re trying to spend I wouldn’t want Dyche personally, but with that said West Ham have money to spend and he’d probably be able to make them fairly competitive considering how shit they have been
  8. Allardyce has managed bigger clubs than Burnley in fairness. And we all know where his limit is. Dyche could still surprise with a bigger budget Not saying I’d want to see him at my club mind 😂 Just think with the shit the likes of Newcastle, Everton and West Ham go through Dyche wouldn’t be that bad
  9. It’s hoofball yeah but Dyche comes across as more calculated than you’re giving him credit for
  10. What’d we think? My calculations were that he’s spent £130m the last 5 years, £90m less than Eddie Howe and their league positions are very similar...Dyches football maybe shit to watch but it’s efficient.
  11. Big wins for Bournemouth and Villa
  12. Don’t see why Liverpool won’t win this one tbh. Wolves are a tough opponent but then so are the teams above them
  13. People I’ve spoken to about supporting Millwall tell me it’s a different environment nowadays, spoke to a fella who’s mum made him go to Arsenal cos of Millwall racism as a kid. Now takes his some there because of the change. But with those old school fans the shame is that unless someone’s banned, you’ve just gotta wait for them to die out and hope their kids grow to know that that though process is wrong
  14. Danny

    What does a 'captain' do?

    Has sex with team mates wives