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  1. The pass to Xhaka was fine, Xhaka wasn’t about to lose the ball, he just had to either play it first time or look where he was passing
  2. Danny


    There are no other football games though, if you want to play a decent football game you have to play FIFA, so it’s disappointing to chuck 40-50 quid on a game that has very clear faults in its gameplay
  3. Not even just first time, if he takes the touch then he just has to look up and pass it to the left of Wood instead of straight at him
  4. Watch any game Swansea play this season and you’re very likely to see a deserved red card that the ref hasn’t given. Their style of play is what it is but they don’t get nearly as punished for it as they should do cos refs just wanna let the game flow, but it’s impossible to flow when that’s not how Swansea play. Its frustrating as a promotion rival but all we can do is carry on as we are and pick up points where we can. One thing nearly every Championship fan can agree on though is if Swansea go up this will be one of the worst Premier League sides going. They do very little on the ball and would get punished big time for it up there.
  5. It comes down to style of play and that’s how they want Leno playing. Xhaka didn’t give the ball away cos he was under pressure, he gave the ball away cos the pass was pants
  6. Auba was the one deal I understand, he's carried Arsenal since joining and will probably score 20+ goals this season. The others though...
  7. It's confusing because it looks like they're trying to save money yet they signed Pepe for £80m and have now brought in Willian and David Luiz.
  8. Danny

    Inter Milan Thread

    They weren't with them long but the Arsenal/Sega partnership was the most iconic imo
  9. Arsenal heading for another midtable finish, makes you wonder what they'll do with Arteta in the Summer. I don't think he's got a pool of great players, a lot of average in there, but they need to recruit good players responsibly to start competing with the top 6 again.
  10. Imagine growing up watching your dad do that on tele, I'd never let him hear the end of it
  11. Danny


    Plus you have to buy it before finding out how shit it is
  12. Danny


    You are a proper denier of genuine criticism aren't you? Won't hear a bad word against Fifa or Eddie Hearn Personally I've no problems playing Fifa most years, last year's got a bit dodgy in places but was still a very enjoyable and playable game. 21 is just dogshite though, it's no coincidence that the same problems about this years version have constantly been brought up
  13. Bad mistake from Xhaka, don't see how the commentator can blame the keeper, he's following the style of play in which Arteta wants to play. Xhaka could have kicked it first time or hit it slightly behind him in a diagonal way to give the ball to someone else
  14. He doesn’t play on the right cos you have Silva and Mahrez but also doesn’t play in David Silva’s old position either