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  1. Arm is in a natural position, looks like it touches close to his elbow which can’t be anymore in a natural position than it was in. Ball then hits his thigh and goes in. Never a handball, as far as I’m aware it has to be deliberate or an unatural position i.e. arms wailing around in the air.
  2. Also Christian Eriksen, what the fuck was that in the build up to the disallowed goal? They won’t get away with shit like that against Ajax
  3. That has to be one of the worst performances from a side to go through to the next round. But Spurs are in the semis so they won’t care.
  4. Danny

    QPR & Loftus Road

    Good gesture though the owners obviously after a bit of good publicity after the disasters they’ve had in charge recently. Would most likely expect a Grenfell charity as Loftus Road was where the charity game was played.
  5. Liverpool smashed Chelsea today but that second half Hazard was toying with Alexander-Arnold, nothing he could do Hazard is just that good on the ball
  6. Good to win but we’ve nothing to play for now
  7. Spurs need a new keeper in the Summer
  8. Danny


    Yeah I was worried for him as we've seen some dodgy scores recently, noticeably Lewis Ritson.
  9. Danny


    What a fight. Thought Fitzgerald deserved that, looked like Fowler underestimated him and blew himself out in the first few
  10. 2-0 Everton, West Ham been horrific. Pellegrini should be making changes before half time
  11. Maupay easy second behind Pukki, 20 goals and double the assists two on that list have. Not to mention he’s been involved in more than just assisting.
  12. Danny

    Teachers / School

    Didn’t do that well at school. Half deaf so had a lot of concentration issues in big classrooms at Primary and Secondary, lost interest by the end of it. Spent bits of year 11 bunking off and spent most of first year sixth form bunking off so left with one GCSE. Had I of consistently been in small classrooms I’d probably have done well as once I applied myself consistently I generally performed well in class, but as it was I’d not have done well in further education. Now it’s a different story and I’d do well in further education, but you’re bound to when you choose to do it for your careers sake.
  13. Bigot dislikes being called out for bigotry shocker
  14. Dortmund could never afford him, nor do they have room for him with Sancho there.