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  1. What I mean is you are the 4th biggest club in the country, everyone knows how big you are. But what I read just seemed like you were being presented a mysterious sleeping giant in the way that a Newcastle, Leeds or Sheffield Wednesday are portrayed lol
  2. Great news to see convictions, but also, just 3....feels like it was entire stadiums at one point
  3. I'm sure I read somewhere that the consortium view Everton as a "sleeping giant", but it came across as if only they would view Everton as a sleeping giant, and no one else would view them as a sleeping giant...and also...the 4th biggest club in the country
  4. Was just a reference to the slave trade
  5. Numbers released and it looks like the following is the preferred line-up and tbh it’s exactly what we need imo. Pickford Walker - Stones - Guehi - Shaw Trent - Rice - Bellingham Saka - Kane - Foden
  6. A match people will read too much into. 2nd of two games used to give players minutes, try out different positions and not necessarily play to our strengths. Let the drama ensue
  7. Can’t play Mainoo against teams that sit deep. He’s better in open play when teams press, not got the passing ability to break midfields down and then we rely too much on Foden who don’t forget plays in front of Rodri and KdB for City.
  8. Lets be honest if there was one city outside of London you’d expect to be associated it would be Liverpool lol
  9. Let’s be honest it’s fair value too, £68m in total. You’ve done the right thing, as a club that doesn’t have the backing of an entire state or the income of sides like Arsenal and United, you have done well to protect your assets and now you can reinvest should he leave. I actually can’t remember the last big player Palace sold, so you’ve done well really.
  10. Genuinely mental. A genocide is happening, Israel are willingly carrying out a genocide on men, women and children. And a lot of children.
  11. I think there’s a case to be made that Italy will have the strongest defence in the tournament, at least on paper, assuming they play with a back 5 that has Barella and Jorginho in front of it. Their front line leaves a bit to be desired but then they’ve not always needed a strong forward line to do well in tournaments.
  12. He might be exactly what you need, especially with your potential points deduction. But I can’t say I’ve ever been impressed with his teams. His Swansea side were a dull watch that looked to break the game up, his Forest side were the same whilst admittedly doing well on the counter, that is when they actually countered. But I think you need a long-term option and imo it isn’t him.
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