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  1. you dont give pens against the mighty penchester united love you phillip
  2. Not seen the highlights, assume VAR would have picked up the offside as the lino didn't raise his flag
  3. Sky Sports analysis is truly horrendous. Just angry old men trying not to swear
  4. Dele plays like someone who’s returning from a traumatic leg break
  5. Dele Alli....how can a professional footballer be afraid of heading the ball? Two very weak goals conceded now
  6. Bailey looking good, Villa will look so much better when Buendia returns
  7. I think a few more on here did but there were a couple that had us down for relegation. The best thing for us, and the worst thing in this regard, is that our best midfielder Josh Dasilva is yet to start a game. Hopefully he gets past his hip injury and we can see his driving runs in the second half of the campaign.
  8. Yeah he definitely had some poor crosses today, but there were a couple including the Jimenez header that were good. Overall a greater output than a lot of wingers in the league, I think Adama is held to higher standards than the average winger.
  9. I do feel for Adama, the commentator said people focus on what he can’t do rather than what he can. And today he was what seemed a few inches away from an assist and a screamer of a goal.
  10. We are a fucking unit. Dominated the first half, shut Wolves out in the second. Deserved win, big second half performance down to ten men.
  11. Shandon Baptiste what the fuck was that. Must have forgotten he was already on a yellow, put us under a stupid amount of pressure now to see the game out. Id have trusted us to do a job and knick a goal late on, but now Wolves will stretch the game and make it hard for us.
  12. There were people who thought Toney couldn’t cut it in this league, hilarious. Big difference between us and Wolves so far is how far we’re willing to go to defend. Wolves have had possession in dangerous areas, good chances, but it’s the extra mileage we’re getting out of our defending that has kept us with a clean sheet so far. Midfielders reading where a defender needs to press and covering the position the defender vacates, throwing bodies in front of a passing lane with another body to cover. We’ve just been a much better defensive unit and its allowed us to get into a position to pick up a 2-0 lead.
  13. Terrible defending from Marcal, there were two corners there and on both Marcal had his arms wrapped around Toney trying to spear him to the ground lol. Lovely pen from Toney, ice in his veins. This second goal that’s being disallowed, a handball even though his arm was down by his side? This rule is so confusing
  14. I think that was mostly from people that don't understand a. what xg is and how it's used and b. that one full season of football is still too small a sample size to be making judgements about his teams inability to finish even though the chances are getting created regularly. I think this season they'll do a lot better than last.
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