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  1. Expecting a win here really, especially after the Arsenal defeat and performance put in.
  2. Knowing this forum I half expected the twist to be one of the babies instead
  3. That doesn't surprise me, just weird from a personal perspective that someone would still go ahead with it after knowing the families don't want it out there as essentially true crime porn.
  4. Apparently the families involved didn’t want this to be made. Quite a weird thing to do from Netflix tbh
  5. £25m was also the premium price (give or take £5m) for top quality Championship talent, so you can't say to Bellingham he will be an England international and Champions League participant within 3 years and also tell Birmingham that he isn't worth the going rate for a high level Championship talent.
  6. It's funny looking at Grealish's career, he has a career total of 44 goals in 296 games. For a winger it's quite a paltry return, his runs to the byline for Villa did look good and some of the goals he scored seemed spectacular at times but I can't help but feel he's been massively overhyped. What I would say is that when Jude Bellingham and Jack Grealish at 19 years of age are night and day, Bellingham seems genuinely world class, not many 19 year olds will dominate a midfield like Jude did against Germany, even if Germany were shit.
  7. I think that had Maguire not have stepped up there then that leaves their midfielder in space with time to turn and the opportunity to play the ball through, in which case he'd have been making a video about how he should have stepped up because they had enough cover behind. I didn't think Maguire had a good game but I don't think that's an example of that, I also think if you're look at that move specifically then you have to question why Rice was so easily by passed by the ball and Sule.
  8. Personally think the choice should be Phillips or Rice, and for me it's Phillips all day, then we let Bellingham off the lead a bit more
  9. England rage over.. Really don't think this is the big result that people are making it out to be, we know this team has fight in it as we've reached a semi-final and a final before, don't know why it needs to be proven again. But at least there's something for Southgate and the team to learn from. The Mason Mount and Kai Havertz goals were really good, even if Havertz was afforded the freedom of Wembley to hit it, but all 4 other goals were calamitous in their own ways. The way I view the team at the upcoming World Cup: Must starts: Kane, Sterling, Bellingham, Phillips, Saka, Stones, Pickford. Decent/average but need to do better or at risk of fading out of games: Foden, Grealish, Rice, James, Dier, Mount, Shaw Keep out of the first eleven: Pope, Maguire, Walker.
  10. 3-3. Two shit teams scored a lot of goals against shit defences
  11. James was better when Saka came on but for a lot of that game he was just giving the ball away. Rice much the same, he had a decent last ten, few slide tackles here and there, but he spent most of the game losing the ball and struggling to win tackles.
  12. Would be a mistake to view this as a good result, we’ve conceded 3 times against a terrible Germany side and other than a stand out performance from Bellingham and a run of goals, we were pretty poor throughout. James, Rice, Shaw and Foden all pretty forgettable/undercooked and both Pope and Maguire were dogshit. This team needs a lot of work to get back to its previous levels (work that shouldn’t involve Harry Maguire), let alone improving beyond what we’ve already achieved.
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