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  1. Coutinho is a very good player he just needs to play in a side that play to his strengths
  2. Crouch was only good against smaller nations, a good record but not a player to rely on when you needed people to step up.
  3. His goals on the opening day seem to sum him up, powerful and accurate finishes. Doesn’t get a lot of service but scores when provided. I’d just seen that he scored again today I feel like a club like Everton for example could probably use him as a plan b type striker, he’s getting on but he’s not a player who relies heavily on speed so could probably go for another few years. And in terms of England I only mention him because outside of Kane and Rashford we have no strikers. It would be a dark time for us if Ashley Barnes is who were relying on but as seen in the past the likes of Crouch, Carroll and Vassel getting caps a player like Barnes or even Glen Murray picking one up is not inconceivable 😂
  4. Plenty of keepers in the Championship can play it out from the back, Dan Bentley who we just sold to Bristol City for example is as good as anyone in this division at doing it and he’d probably be good enough to do it in the Prem. I don’t think it’s as hard as people think goalkeepers just need to be trained to do it
  5. For people who go to games it’s different and definitely not the same as an offside as you can still be awarded the goal
  6. Mate I’m tired 😂 Bruce Lee and Jet Li I know I know
  7. Nothing happened, literally nothing. The first hour could have been summed up in a ten minute scene... the Bruce Li scene was weird and I’m not sure what the point in it was? Just didn’t think it picked up until he met the little girl and even then it was a bit slow and lacking direction
  8. Don’t think he can represent them according to the always correct Wiki
  9. Just don’t see how the first hour or so is nothing other than boring and pointless
  10. Ashley Barnes getting clinical, if he carries this on for th he right fee he could be of use to a bigger club than Burnley Even an England cap as a potential plan b/c option
  11. Doesn’t sound like we were great at all, happy with the draw if that was the case. Heard we could have won it at the end but probs could have lost it first half
  12. It’s good, but that’s it for me.
  13. Danny

    The Athletic - UK Hiring Spree

    I think that's the aim but at the moment it's very top 6 centric. Currently there are articles on Utd's former goalkeeper coach Eric Steele around the SAF era, an article on Iwobi to Everton, a foreign Liverpool fan finally getting to see them play, John Stones, Eddie Nketiah to Leeds and how the process unfolded (Arsenal have a fairly unusual way of deciding loans), Lucas Moura, Tyrone Mings rise at Villa, the Ozil/Kolasinic issue, Emilliano Sala. Some articles outside of the big clubs but mostly dedicated towards them. They're meant to have a journalist for each club so I imagine their eventual game is to provide a "go to place" for detailed reports for each club
  14. Danny

    The Athletic - UK Hiring Spree

    Depends what you follow on there but I follow the Prem, Bundesliga and EFL. Seems to be around 4-5 articles a day on there, I imagine as the season picks up and as more of their writers serve notice periods they’ll produce more. It’s very much a work in progress and their Championship features are very much dedicated to a few clubs, Prem stuff is mostly top 6 at the moment but it’s still worth reading I think. I like match reports and things like that but I also like a lot of behind the scenes journalism and it seems they’re putting a fair bit into getting you interesting stories that aren’t match related
  15. Danny

    The Athletic - UK Hiring Spree

    Yeah that was a good read