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  2. Literally nothing to age as I said "as of this second" ya muppet
  3. Saints run out of gas here, Cavani has turned the game upside down
  4. This game screams Chillwell getting burnt up by Son or Bergwijn
  5. Yeah true, Cavani has really lit things up though. Another crack papered over by Ole
  6. Without Cavani United would be limping out of this game
  7. United been largely outplayed here, only reason they've had a go so far has been because of Southampton making mistakes that they weren't really pressured into. United still got the quality to make a comeback but as a team they've struggled. Cavani making a difference already....did Dea Gea go off due to injury? Disheartening for him if not
  8. As of this second he has Saints in 3rd place, managed to turn their season around last season after that demolition they received from Leicester and managed to secure a similar points total to Pochettino, will most likely achieve the same as or more than Koeman did....which begs the question, how long do we think he stays at Southampton and where's the next possible job in the Premier League? Not forgetting either that he's previously secured a second place finish in the Bundesliga for RB Leipzig. The play overall that his team produces is generally outstanding, very attacking, high work rate, easy to watch. I think if United were going to move away from a big name coach like Poch then he could be a good option, United are used to watching Southampton outplay them.
  9. Ward-Prowse from a dead ball situation is really good ain't he? In ways reminds me of James Milner who for years had a very underrated cross/set piece on him
  10. Whenever I watch Brighton Maupay seems to be playing alongside one or two centre forwards in a front two or three and I don’t think that gets the best out of him When he played for us he was the striker, with Benrahma, Watkins and Canos alongside him. The chances went through him and he scored a shedload, for me unless Brighton try to anchor that forward line more centrally around him rather than him and someone else I don’t think they’re going to get the goals he’s capable of
  11. Danny


    Think he’s steamrolled through a lot of opponents but not been made to box, showed enough tonight imo to say that he can outbox someone like Joyce in periods, just needs to get his head down. Rarely worked Joyce’s body for example
  12. They've been up for a while yeah but I don't think the club as a whole can really spend much, for whatever reason. Even the first season they came up, they went back down and only spent a bit on Andre Gray and Barton
  13. No but I think in Burnleys case lack of money is a good enough excuse not to spend. Pretty sure they’re one of the few clubs not owned by a stupidly rich owner (could be wrong)
  14. Mate they spend far less than most in this league, Dyche has been working miracles up to this point
  15. Broadcasters are joining forces to manufacture West Ham winning the league?