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  1. Danny

    SirBalon's Knowing Men's Fashion Trends

    @SirBalonI have seen some shocking clothes in here but that Reiss Cuban shirt number, I’ve got my eye on one of those bad boys 😍😍
  2. Danny

    Your mental image of other members

    I wish I was still blonde
  3. He's generally been a decent mid-table sort of midfielder, massive love for West Ham obviously but also a big driving force in the dressing room. I imagine they're all working together so he can slowly fade out of the playing staff rather just be shafted, considering the cock ups they've had with the stadium they won't wanna drop a ball on this. I remember when he first burst onto the scene back when I supported West Ham haha.
  4. This reminds me of Graham Hunter talking about Ronaldo and Messi but in a nutshell Ronaldo needs Messi to compete but Messi doesn't need him. Ronaldo will go down as one of the greats, has been a phenomenal athlete and footballer in multiple countries but there's no reason for Messi to leave Barce and Spain for a division of lesser quality like Serie A.
  5. Danny

    NBA Discussion

    I was watching the Grizzlies vs Lakers the other day and fuck me everyone on the court was about 10ft tall, they just had to tiptoe to reach the basket. I did struggle to get into it.
  6. Why would he want to leave the best league in the world?
  7. Nothing to do with being above anyone, just to do with the fact I'm sleep deprived and found a bit of time to respond whilst having a shit. The offending "Lol" was just aimed at what looked to be your first response (saying people take racism too seriously in the UK) in a topic about Sterling being called a black cunt whilst playing a game of football in front of a grown man.
  8. Could have at least shared the tweet 😂 We don't need Maupay spending more time suspended
  9. Danny

    The Good Place

    Season 4 confirmed...one of the best things on Netflix.
  10. Danny


    Madness that Fury didn't win. The only way Wilder was winning that was through a KO and he couldn't find it.
  11. Danny

    Member Opinions 2018

    @The Palace Fan I feel like that isn't a compliment 😂
  12. Danny

    Euro 2020

    Tbh I'd bet a large amount of England supporters at Wembley come from outside of London