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  1. Azeem


    Forgotten Golds Balto, A Bugs Life, Spirit the Stallions of Cimarron, Chicken Run, Anastasia, Road to El Dorado Of the recent times movies that were enjoyable but not up there with the rest Flushed away, Open Season, Rio
  2. Azeem


    Rango should be on that list, it features a unique style of animation and it was enjoyable
  3. Azeem

    Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

    What a start to 2020, first a potential third world war and now a global threatening virus. This is going to be an eventful decade
  4. Azeem

    Last movie you watched?

    The Game of Their Lives - Documentary movie about the US team that beat England at the 1950 World Cup 8/10 Journey to Mecca - Another documentary movie this one about Ibn e Batuta's travels 8/10 Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show - Ending to the cartoon series, loved it they were one of my favorite shows growing up 10/10
  5. Azeem

    Asian Football

    Saudi Arabia and South Korea in the final of AFC U23s, both also qualified for the Olympics. Australia and Uzbekistan to play for the third Olympic squad. Hopefully it's Uzbekistan.
  6. Azeem

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    More then 100 Yemeni soldiers dead in a missile attack by houthis Iranian backed militia.
  7. Did thought about them but South American qualifier format is tough, Africa will again have the playoffs round this time to decide the final places so i can see the likes of Burkina Faso managing a tight pass into the finals. If Iran goes out in the first round which is not too impossible that place will be up there for either Jordan, Syria or Iraq. Thailand is good but them qualifying will be a real surprise !
  8. Instead of opening a new thread, every time there is a debutante at the WC last time it was Panama. This time around i think it will be the likes of Burkina Faso, Jordan, Syria qualify for the first time can't see any new team coming from any other confederation.
  9. Draw for second round will be on 21st January. 10 groups of four, ten group winners advancing to the third play-offs round.
  10. Azeem

    Your mental image of other members

    @Devil-Dick Willie
  11. Azeem

    Your Dream Job

    Something I'll do it for free Be a ball boy at the Fifa world cup
  12. Azeem

    President Trump

  13. Azeem

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    ^ Seems unlikely that many dead and many more injured can't be kept quiet for long