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  1. Azeem

    Mental Health

    I'm getting worked up a lot about things from pasts like family problems, failures etc these days. I know these things are so little and mean nothing but still i keep thinking about them.
  2. Azeem

    2019 - The Most Googled...

    For majority of the world population they are the internet !
  3. Azeem

    Your mental image of other members

    @Devil-Dick Willie watching the new Hobbit movie in Pakistan
  4. Azeem

    Sheep - Season 5 - Almost Oriental

    I'll send this right after i poor, shortly
  5. Azeem

    2020 Vision

    Get a proper job
  6. I was taking a dig at them infact i find Australians to be very brittle from the inside maybe that's why they pretend to be tough from the outside. Their Cricket players being an example, love to sledge but most of them can't handle it back. When there was that Australian shooter in Christchurch. When him being Australian was brought up in the discussion here, Spike and Toinho were being so touchy about it, things like these don't bother me at all cause I'm used to it so it was nice seeing them having that feel.
  7. Trump wants to get out of Afghanistan but it's that US needs a face saving, you can't just fight a war for 18 years and in the end just negotiate and come back. They need a diversion in the region, i bet the recent tensions in the Gulf was an attempt at it.
  8. Every country has some element of shit holeness in them we just have a reputation of it for some reason
  9. Pizza is just standard fast food here and since ketchup is with every other fast food burgers, fries, wings people started eating pizza with it also.
  10. Maybe has to do something with Nations League
  11. Not mayonnaise but ketchup with pizza is common here also
  12. Not really, some are considerably more than others.
  13. I was watching a similar video and a guy from Tanzania said ' Hakuna Matata Nobody says that
  14. Does everyone owns a bicycle in Netherlands ?
  15. Do English people have horrible teeth mostly ?