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  1. And since both the Afcon and Asian Cup have been expanded to 24 teams it means now even a shorter pool of possible host countries. Don't know about Africa but in Asua it's gonna be Gulf countries, Australia and East Asian ones hosting it almost all the time.
  2. Azeem

    Tell Me Something Good

    Send them half of your first pay as a token of appreciation
  3. Azeem

    Dickface Donald

    Lol Russia is doing to America in Afghanistan what America did to Russians in Afghanistan in the 80s
  4. Azeem

    Plans After COVID-19?

    Go to Wuhan
  5. Azeem

    "Evident Bias" in Football Commentary

    It is generally accepted that what a person said or wrote in his latter life is considered as his/her final stance even if it contradicts what was said earlier and never refuted directly
  6. Will they have an Afcon in 2023 as well cause it's going to be only a month or two after the WC
  7. African Nations League is the way
  8. Azeem

    Foreign Music

    Khailash Kher is my favourite Indian singer, haven't seen any of his new work but i have almost all of his old ones on my playlist
  9. Azeem

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    Americans officials are there to finalise the plan to annex one third of West Bank and the Jordan Valley but there is a disagreement between Nethanyahu & the opposition leader Grantz over the timing of it
  10. Azeem

    Other News & General Chat

    Yeah tik tok is cancer
  11. Azeem

    Off Topic

    I learned a new word today bonhomie
  12. Azeem

    Foreign Music

    I listen to a lot of Arabic music as it's foreign for me and some songs i like from movies
  13. Azeem

    Off Topic

    I'm scarred of ladders not of heights