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  1. Azeem


    Amir not in the 15-man squad but picked for Eng series along with Asif. Changes can be made to the squad after that series
  2. With the amount of money concentrated in the top clubs its really no grey area left for them. They are supposed to win trophies
  3. For the likes of Pep who splashes $$$ as much as he likes to lose the Champions League at this stage against Poch who doesn't has the privileges he has is definitely a failure
  4. Pèle stole Garrincha's legacy
  5. That's why i always add to avoid this
  6. Add me in the team that has a player named Wolfgang
  7. PITA ? Is it necessary to have an acronym for everything what's next JFC
  8. Azeem

    What Are You Currently Reading?

    " Confessions of an Economic Hitman " How the IMF/World Bank suck the blood out of country's around the world
  9. That extra 1% is for the secret section of the forum only for the elite members which you aren't sadly
  10. Azeem


    Speaking of falling behind in dreams, when ever I'm running or being chased by someone who wants to harm me i just can't run
  11. Azeem


  12. Azeem

    Powerful Pictures

    Saana capital of Yemen before it was destroyed
  13. Azeem

    The Five Deeps Expedition

    Or in other words you wanted to shag ariel