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  1. Azeem

    Your mental image of other members

    @Devil-Dick Willie
  2. Shonan 3-1 Shimizu Sturm Graz 1-2 Rapid Vienna Fiorentina 2-1 Torino Rennes 0-3 Monaco Porto 3-0 Braga Hibernian 0-2 Rangers Feyenoord 2-0 Twente Istanbul Basaksehir 2-3 Galatasaray Gremio 2-2 Palmeiras Real Sociedad 0-1 Real Madrid
  3. Azeem

    Space: The Final Frontier

    I hope there aren't some kind of humans there too
  4. Azeem

    Cuties (2020) Netflix Film Sparks Controversy

    That's like teaching kids to not to swear by saying whoever the fuck will swear will get detention
  5. Azeem

    Cuties (2020) Netflix Film Sparks Controversy

    Like if you want to address child sexual exploitation you can do that without explicitly showing child sexuality itself. And I'm thinking they must have done these things in auditions and rehearsals as well before putting on the screen. Ewww
  6. Azeem

    The Joke Thread

    Reported for misogynistic speech
  7. Azeem

    Cuties (2020) Netflix Film Sparks Controversy

    Loved how they changed the show description from ' joins girls twerking group ' to free spirited dance group
  8. Why there wasn't much reaction when Gotze and Lewandowski moved from Dortmund to Bayern ? Like they're rivals don't see that in Germany like other countries where fans go crazy
  9. Apart from Germany whom Portugal have played against competitively quite a times over the years 2006, 2008, 2012, 2014 and the Euros next year, he does has a goal due against them But not really his fault for the others mentioned, Portugal hasn't played enough or at all against these teams competitively.