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  1. Belgium is known as the cockpit of Europe because of the number of decisive military battles fought over there.
  2. The guy who made that tweet about the earthquake relates it to the planetary movements and effects of moon. I do believe some pseudosciences that don't fit in the scientific method have some merits about them.
  3. He also predicted China, Pakistan in coming days
  4. The F-22 has made its first air-to-air kill.... a balloon
  5. Some % of drainage of public money happens everywhere whether you call it corruption, lobbying, kickbacks etc that is inevitable. Most of them are average rank officials taking their cut, they should be held accountable but death penalty is too far. I'm talking about those who stash millions of nefarious money in assests.
  6. Corrupt people who do corruption beyond a threshold. There is a certain limit of improving life standards you can bring with wealth after that it only makes you a Machiavellian psycho with insatiable power. Such people are dangerous to functioning of whole countries.
  7. Farmers and engineers are the backbone of everything. Rest are just to guide what they build.
  8. Universe 25 was an experiment on a rat colony which was given abundant food and water. The population density of rats increased leading to violence. The majority females became aggressive to protect themselves from the violence not caring about the young ones and the majority males developed abnormal habits. The study is seminal in studying urban human population behaviours.
  9. Israel attacks military faculties in Iran. Only two confirmed though rest of the stuff on media seems fake
  10. Age on sign up? 16 Age now? 24 Kids when you signed up? No How many kids now? None Married then? No Married now? No The first member you liked and respected? SirBalon, nudge, Bluewolf, Stan Your favourite member now? None Where did you live when you first signed up (parents, friends etc..)? Parents Where you at now? Rent Life goals then? Getting admission in a good university Life goals now? Move abroad for some job Member you most disliked then? None Member you dislike now? None Forum highlight in your time on the forum? 2018 World Cup Biggest world event that happened in the year that you signed up? There was a school shooting here just two days after I joined Country you live on sign up? Country live now? Pakistan
  11. Bale is the most inspiring.
  12. When is the Netflix series on this coming out ?
  13. Reverse cowgirl and doggystyle are the same position in space.
  14. I think absolute veto power is a farce. Sure if some county is the major contributer in some particular sector they should have veto in that field like largest economy having veto in economics affairs but veto anything is stupid.
  15. I would like to make my own park where there will be every kinds of tigers even those extinct. Bengal, Tasmanian, Siberian, Caspian and Javan
  16. That is insane amount of money to think of it.
  17. Operation Dropshot was a 1949 Dept of Defense plan to drop 300 nuclear and 30,000 conventional weapons on Soviet Union by 1957, but never executed due to other side also getting nukes. When Kennedy was briefed on the plan he was like wtf and reportedly said " we call ourselves a human race "
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