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  1. Brutal reckless tackle by Robinson, not much argument about the red.
  2. Have to agree with everyone else, that was a poor game, other than about 5 minutes to start the second half Arsenal didn't get out of second gear.
  3. I think it has to do with the mental health of a large percentage of the population. Being in lockdown is having a negative influence on people's sanity and football gives many of us an outlet. Without out it I don't know where I would be mentally.
  4. Spurs will have to wake up now 1-1. What the game needed.
  5. There doesn't seem to be one set of rules. I understand the FA and Premier have slightly different rules but they just seem to be making it up as they go along. I don't think Villa and maybe even City can have anymore games postponed without it causing harm to their season. No team can end up playing three games in a week and not drop points. Spurs got a bye in the League Cup when Leyton Orient had to forfeit. It was odd though because Leyton's situation didn't sound any different than the Premier clubs who have gotten postponements
  6. Villa have asked that their game against Everton on Sunday to be postponed. Going to be hard to make up all their postponed games, if this one is postponed that will make 3. Southampton's cup game against Shrewsbury is supposed to be back on for Tuesday, if so Leeds/Southampton on Wednesday will be postponed. Getting difficult to plan my fantasy team.
  7. That was tough game. They got sucked in to allowing Burnley to control the tempo. Well done to grind out the win. Big three points, and no suspensions for Maguire and Fernandes. Job done just.
  8. Maguire has a goal called off., might not be our day.
  9. Its a foul by Shaw but Brady is awfully lucky, because that was a red for denying a goal scoring opportunity.
  10. Redcanuck

    First Goal - Season Two

    41 18
  11. Redcanuck

    FA Cup 2020/21 - 4th & 5th Round Draw

    You have to admire Chelsea's luck with FA cup draws the last 15 years or so.
  12. The visit was approved by the FA. Not sure why, it does seem strange under the current circumstances. Now they are claiming that there was no permissions from the FA, so it will be investigated after all.