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  1. Redcanuck

    Chelsea Discussion

    Perhaps by default. You only have to beat out Arsenal.
  2. Great second half comeback, but what does it prove. It shows the players can play great football when they want to. But who did they do it for, the club, Mourinho or themselves. Too little to late I think.
  3. https://youtu.be/CtGxusvUT3k Back in the day On Monday Night Football (NFL), when the outcome was no longer in doubt Dandy Don Meredith used to sing this song. Appropo for Mourinho?
  4. Not too many top managers hanging about , might have to poach somebody. Pochettino or Simeone maybe, but may have to go with a caretaker manager for a while if we are to belive the report in the Mirror that he will be sacked after tomorrow's game regardless of the result.
  5. Mourinho always has an agenda in what he says and does. I have wondered a couple of times with his line up selections and the formations he has chosen if he was sendimg a message to Woodward. I dont think he wants to get fired because who else in football will hire him other than the Portuguese National team, but he can't deal with not getting his own way. Scholes has always been more independent that Neville or Giggs . Hard to tell if Neville and Giggs believe what they say or if they are just repeating what United officially say. Churchill could have been talking about Pogba when he said a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. I cant figure him out, if you could get him playing at his full potential on a consistent basis, you would really have something special. Not sure how this one turns out, if United get a new manager and Pogba is still not happy, then what?
  6. Genders are like bread, there are only enough(2) to make a sandwich.
  7. Maybe? They certain play like a team whose manager has lost the dressing room. It also looks like the rifts between Mourinho and certain players and Mourinho and the Board is unrepairable.
  8. Redcanuck

    FIFA To Introduce Loan Deal Limits

    Fifa plans to limit the number of players a club can loan out each season to prevent teams stockpiling talent. Football's governing body had proposed a maximum of six loans per club. FIFA has not come to an agreement with Clubs, league's or players yet, but this could have a serious impact on some clubs in the Premier.
  9. This is a horrid game to watch, not worth getting up on Sunday morning for. If every a game needed a goal this it. Still you watch, Chelsea will get a 90 minute winner, jammy ***** that they are.
  10. Always thought attendance figures were on tickets sold not bodies in the seats. I believe that is how they come up with attendance in North American sports.
  11. Should he have been what Ali is now? I saw Morrison play a couple times and saw some extended highlights while he was a teenager, but not really enough to judge him. I can only say what people who watched him day in and day out thought. People who saw Morrison play as teenager on a regular basis, would say that he should be much better than what Ali is now. In terms of pure talent he was probably the best prospect United had since Best, better than Scholes and Giggs. He outshone everyone he played with and against when he was under 18, he glided by everyone, could score with either foot and was real game changer. Everyone knows his story, so there is no need to repeat it here, but the truth is if he was not so talented he would have been out football by the time he was 16. He lacked the maturity, the self discipline, and the common sense to realise that he could have the world at his feet if he made the necessary sacrifices.
  12. Very nasty tackle, no surprise it has taken so long to recover. Shaw has taken flak from United fans, myself included for not working hard and not being committed to training, perhaps if we have know that he was close to losing his leg we would have cut him some slack. Obviously Shaw has worked hard in off season to get into shape and it shows in his play this season. He has just been named United's player of the month, hope his good performances continue and he nails down the starter spot for both United and England.
  13. Great second half comeback from Watford. Both goals from free headers in the box from set plays. Seems typical from Spurs, not to take anything away from Watford, but Spurs have to win these types of games if they are going to win the title. Ps. What is wrong with Eriksen? He he playing to deep and is Moura picking up the fantasy points that used to belong to Eriksen?
  14. Just seen the highlights of the United game. Terrible run up on the penalty by Pogba, just pick a spot and smash the ball. Rashford's red, kick out by Bardsley and Rashford reacts rashly. No movement of the head to indicate a headbutt, but he did stick his head in Bardsley's face and kind of massaged his face with his head. Soft red for me but those are the rules these days. Thought there should have been another United penalty when Lukaku was barged into when he was around the keeper and about to slot it home. Game being shown here at 9pm so will get to watch then.
  15. Nice worked free kick, Cardiff tie it up.