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  1. Redcanuck

    First Goal

    15th 21st
  2. Redcanuck

    First Goal

    Alright I am on the scoreboard. Only took 40 games.
  3. Come on Wesr Ham, make it a very good day.
  4. Happy with the result, helps our attempt at top 4, but it sure looked like Everton were going to throw it away.
  5. Redcanuck

    First Goal

    Game 39 13th minute Game 40 16th minute
  6. Redcanuck

    First Goal

    Game 37 18 minute Game 38 32nd minute
  7. Congratulations to Liverpool. They have a had a great season. Worthy champions Hoped I would never live to see them win the premier, I still remember all the titles from the 70's and 80's My hat's off to them
  8. I think so as well. Looks like we have a better chance of catching Leicester than Chelsea.
  9. Pulling for a City win. Needed if United are going to catch Chelsea.
  10. Redcanuck

    First Goal

    Game 35: 26th minute Game 36: 16th minute
  11. Redcanuck

    First Goal

    Missed the Fulham game. 7th minute for the Merseyside Derby.
  12. Redcanuck

    First Goal

    Game 31 8th minute Game 32 72nd minute
  13. Redcanuck

    First Goal

    14th game 29 18th fame 30
  14. Redcanuck

    First Goal

    16th minute
  15. Redcanuck

    First Goal

    3 minutes off, first time I have been anywhere near. Don't I get honourable mention at least?