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  1. Thanks anyway but I will pass, I don't follow the other leagues outside of England that closely enough to be competitive.
  2. I would take Goretzka, doubt it will happen though. He's too vital of a player for Bayern, can't see them letting him go.
  3. Haaland's father played a grand total of 38 games with City, he played twice that with Leeds, Forest and Bryne. The kid was born in Leeds and played for Bryne, his father's first club. He probably supported a few clubs as a kid. Doubt there's a greater attachment to City by him or his father than there is to other top clubs. With both his father and his scum of an agent looking for big pay days, he is going where the money is and unfortunately in another 3 years it will all start again and will start anew another 3 or 4 years after that. So you can pay out a few hundred million and rent him for about 3 years if you want.
  4. Thanks from running this, a lot of work. Runner up, I feel like England.
  5. I think England wins this, while Italy looked the better team in the group stages, England has looked better in the knockout rounds. Austria were unlucky not to win in regulation time and Spain dominated Italy for most of the game. They were the better team against Belgium, but that was with no Hazard and a beat up De Bruyne . Other than about a 20 minute period in the first half against Denmark, I think things have been pretty comfortable for England in the knockout rounds. England is the more fresher of the two, their games have not been as tough and they have rotated more. Italy's midfield may well control possession, but England's speedy attackers will catch them on the counter and get behind the two old Italian warhorse CB 's. The only worry I have is in goal, the Italians have the edge and It's not past Pickford to make a mistake.
  6. There was contact, it may have been minimal , but in today's game, the players feel contact and they go down. That unfortunately is the modern game.
  7. I think Schmichel will suffer a few boos in the season ahead for his flippant comment about football coming ho e.
  8. In today's game, its a penalty. You feel contact you go down. There was contact however minimal and VAR is never going to over rule it.
  9. I never thought of Trippier as being defensively capable, but compared to Grealish I guess so.
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