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  1. I always liked Ian St. John, but Rush was probably their greatest striker.
  2. Would love to see him come to United, but I suspect Barcelona is a done deal. De ligt and his agent are just trying to get a little more money. Would love to be wrong though. Just hope we will know for sure after the Nations League final.
  3. Would rather it had been Derby.
  4. Thanks, managed to find a stream.
  5. Has reddit stopped streaming games trying to find one for the United/Wolves game.
  6. Not our day so far, hit the woodwork twice and De Gea looked bad on their goal.
  7. Stories now that the American owned clubs in the Premier have asked the Premier League to join Uefa's financial investigation into City. I read in the Mail that Palace was one of the teams pushing for the investigation. Their owners Josh Harris and David Blitzer – who own the New Jersey Devils in the NHL and Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA – invested in English football on the understanding that it would be as heavily regulated as the major sports in the US. Where would Palace owners get the idea that English football was going to be as heavily regulated as US sports?
  8. Don't think anybody is surprised by the accusations, the opinion of other team's supportors has always been that City "cooked the books" when it came to its sponsorship deals. That much of their sponsorships were disguised to hide direct investment from Shiekh Mansour.
  9. Unbelievable, checking my old heart here, but man I feel 20 years younger, just like 99. I am bias of course, but looked a penalty to me, but than again I don't give a shit if it was or wasn't. Were through to the next round and that's all that matters.
  10. Perhaps, Ranieri may not be as ambition or as marketable as he once was, but I expect Rogers career path like Ranieri's will also be on the downside once his tenure at Leicester is over.
  11. Wonder if Rogers has followed Ranieri's career since he was at Leicester? Doesn't seem it was a stepping stone back to a big job for Claudio.
  12. Hard to resist the temptation since United are playing much better and I am enjoying watching them again for the first time since Fergie's last game. Throw in that we would have to pay at least £50m for Poch, which could be better spent on adding needed players and it makes it hard not to jump on the Ole bandwagon. However, I will resist that temptation for now. Lets see how Ole deals with the injury crisis United face at this moment. One thing it has shown is that there aren't qualified replacements when the starters go down. The starters are getting tired and it is making them susceptible to injuries. If Ole navigates his way through this and finishes top four he will most likely get the job. I would wait til the end of season, United need to finish top four and continue to do well in the FA cup. United also need to hire a DOF first, since I feel he needs to have a say in the next permanent manager.
  13. Very good result considering the injuries and Rashford being a passenger. Great defending from United, Mane and Salah were absolutely quiet and De Gea had nothing to do. Has to be a blow to Liverpool's title hopes at least psychologically if they can't beat United under those circumstances.
  14. Everything is denied til it happens. There is something going on, even if it is only major sponsorship or buying a percentage of the club.