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  1. Redcanuck

    First Goal - Season Two

    forgot again.
  2. Your wages are extremely low, players like Egan and O'Connell on 7 or 8 thousand a week. I think there are tea ladies at City, Chelsea and United on more than that. Have to think you will have a problem holding on to your best players when it is time to renew contracts.
  3. In fairness to Lindelof, he does play well for Sweden and looked a lot better at Benfica. I think the pace and the physicality of the Premier is too much fir him.
  4. Lindelof has had a terrible game. At fault for two goals and unluckily gave away a penalty for the other.
  5. Thats true enough, don't deserve the win. But it did seem to wake us up, one back still another ten minutes to get another
  6. That should stop this consirpacy nonsense of United and penalties.
  7. United starting to wake up a bit and put some pressure on Palace
  8. Must be a lot of players who just aren't match fit. The right sure is weak, can't remember which side Zaha attacks down, hope its the left. At least it shows how much we need a quality right winger.
  9. Judging on how many penalties have bee awarded so far this season, I would say at least as many as last year, all of them justified of course.
  10. Arsenal 2-0 West Ham Everton 2-0 West Brom Leeds 2-1 Fulham Man Utd 2-0 Crystal Palace Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool Leicester City 1-1 Burnley Newcastle 2-1 Brighton Southampton 0-2 Tottenham Aston Villa 1-1 Sheff Utd Wolves 0-2 Man City Are there results from last week somewhere?
  11. That seems really strange to me, multiple reports have been saying Real wont pay any part of his wages. Has Bale taken a cut in salary to get out of Madrid? Also is it £250k a week after taxes?
  12. Looks like this is happening. Would still like to know if Real are paying any of his wages and how much he is on.
  13. Hearing that Real want whoever takes Bale on loan to pay all of his salary, he's supposed to be on £600,000 a week or £350,000 after taxes. I can't see Spurs going for that and I certainly hope United dont.
  14. How does Bale' s salary fit into Spurs salary structure? Even if Real pay half his wages Spurs will have to pay him more than any other player.
  15. If Spurs are willing to agree to the buy back clause and the right to match any deal for Reguilon and United won't, then so be it. Would of liked him at United but only if the terms were right and his heart was in the move.