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  1. Fans at the game said the Stretford End at the end were supporting the players but there was no applauding of Ole as he went down the tunnel.
  2. They do take shots from bad angles, and their accuracy is atrocious. The first 15 minutes or so United had as many chances as Liverpool, but Liverpool scored on theirs, United couldn't even force a save from Allison.
  3. United's defending all over the field is just shocking. Seemed to start the game nervously just waiting for a disaster to happen.
  4. Friday 22nd October, 2021 Arsenal 2-1 Aston Villa, 20.00 Saturday 23rd October, 2021 Chelsea 3-0 Norwich, 12.30 Crystal Palace 2-1 Newcastle Everton 2-1 Watford Leeds 1-1 Wolves Southampton 1-0 Burnley Brighton vs Man City, 17.30 Sunday 24th October, 2021 Brentford 1-1 Leicester City, 14.00 West Ham 1-1 Tottenham, 14.00 Man Utd 1-1Liverpool, 16.30
  5. I liked Bruce due to his career at United, But in truth he was a terrible manager everywhere he managed. Getting Birmingham City promoted to the Premier twice was it for success as a manager.
  6. Great second half saved Ole for another few weeks.
  7. It's been time for a while now, but it won't be Bruce. Probably Conte or Zidane, but I would go for ten hag or maybe Rangnick. Brenden Rogers I think is the bookies favourite. But I fear they won't sack him unless we are out if everything by the end of November, which is certainly possible.
  8. Don't think he was fit, should have played Bailey instead.
  9. Surely this is the end for Ole? We will be mid table by the end of November if we don't stop the rot.
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