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  1. Liverpool or City What a sickening choice. Talk about being caught between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.
  2. Rumours linking him to Manchester United. Not sure how valid they are but I would take on a free. Didn't want him a couple of years ago when they were quoting ridiculous money.
  3. I checked my picks from early weeks and I actually picked Monaco twice. I think that eliminates me. If not PSG Mbappe 17th minute
  4. Tottenham vs Burnley, 12.00 3-0 Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace 2-0 Leeds vs Brighton 1-2 Watford vs Leicester 1-2 West Ham vs Man City 0-2 Wolves vs Norwich 2-0 Everton vs Brentford, 16.30 2-0 Monday 16th May, 2022 Newcastle vs Arsenal, 20.00 1-2 Tuesday 17th May, 2022 Southampton vs Liverpool, 19.45 0-4 Thursday 19th May, 2022 Everton vs Crystal Palace, 19.45. 2-1 Aston Villa vs Burnley, 20.00 2-0 Chelsea vs Leicester, 20.00. 2-1
  5. I enjoyed the first 5 minutes of the game, after that not so much.
  6. Where's he play in your team? He's supposed to be central midfielder, but won't track back and seems more comfortable out wide on the left. But City already have plenty of wide players. He performed well at Juventus when he was played further up front and had no defensive responsibilities, but I don't think Pep will let him fget away with that. He's a luxury player and City can certainly afford to care one, but do you really want him roaming around free and have other players pick up the hard work he doesn't do?
  7. Have a feeling it's Leeds who will go down, with Watford and Norwich.
  8. Saturday 7th May, 2022 Brentford vs Southampton 1-2 Burnley vs Aston Villa 2-2 Chelsea vs Wolves 2-0 Crystal Palace vs Watford 2-0 Brighton vs Man Utd 1-3 Liverpool vs Tottenham 2-0 Sunday 8th May, 2022 Arsenal vs Leeds, 2-0 Leicester vs Everton, 1-1 Norwich vs West Ham 1-2 Man City vs Newcastle 3-1 Tuesday 10th May, 2022 Aston Villa vs Liverpool 1-3 Wednesday 11th May, 2022 Leeds vs Chelsea 0-2 Leicester vs Norwich 2-0 Watford vs Everton 2-2 Wolves vs Man City 0-2 Thursday 12th May, 2022 Tottenham vs Arsenal 1-1
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