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  1. Love Liverpol fans having a go at Atkinson. Many United fans see him as a Liverpool fan. He's given more yellow cards and and red cards to teams facing Liverpool and Liverpool have not lost in a game he has worked since 2015.
  2. That's the way it used to be, but the changed the rule. Any handball in the build up to the goal, waives the goal off. Not really a fan of the new rule but it is what it is.
  3. It hit his hand shouldn't count. Good call.
  4. To be on honest I thought it was a foul. Bit of a dive and he may have already lost the ball, but he was kicked.
  5. Quite a young bench United have today, Greenwood, Gomes, Chong and Tunazbe plus Jones and Fred. I know we have injuries, but you would think with all the money we spend, we would have more depth.
  6. I have often wondered why United get so many injuries. It seems to be going on for a decade or so. The times we used Carrick at CB or Jones or one of the Brazilian twins as a midfielder, not to mention Young as a fullback. Either our training methods are wrong or the pitch they play on or train on is inadequate.
  7. Thanks, so it should come down to who is in better form, providing neither has a knock. You seem to belive that it is Christensen.
  8. Add Wan Bissaka being doubtful and this will be awfully tough for United to get a result. Expect most United fans would settle for a point if it was on offer before kickoff.
  9. Most sites are saying Rudiger and Zouma. Does the left footed right footed balance come into play here?
  10. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/chelsea/9295242/Chelseas-rebuilding-grows-with-78m-Eden-Hazard-signing.html Just repeating what the stories where at the time Here's one that says his agent John Bico demanded £6million. Google John Bico it seems he was the agent for all the Hazards and Edin replaced him after he joined Chelsea, it is said that Bico negotiated with United, City and Chelsea. He played all three teams against each other to get the best deal for Hazard and for himself. Now Bico dosent seem to be straightest character out there, but there are enough stories in all the papers that identify him as Hazard's agent when he made the move to Chelsea.
  11. That was the story at the time of Hazard's transfer to Chelsea. That Chelsea paid 6 or 7 million to his agent and United wouldn't. I have no idea if it's true but United fans have always believed it. First I have heard he didn't have an agent , which in these times seems odd. As for Maguire, he fills a desperate need, sure it's massively over priced but what with the English premium, the United premium and Leicester having us over a barrel, it is what it is. Beside the money only would have gone into the owners pockets.
  12. Beginning to look like it's not our day. Couple bad calls, missed penalty, not looking good.
  13. You may be right about Lukaku agent fee, I am not sure. United have missed out of players over the years because they wouldn't pay the agent fees, Hazard is said to be one. Maybe they grew tired of losing out and decided to pay ridiculously high agent fees. To me agent fees in general are a major problem in football. If a agent picks up millions of pounds each time he transfers a player somewhere, there will be a threat of players moving every two or three years and thats not good for the fans. Are you saying Chelsea should sell CHO if he signs a new contract? I thought he was one for your future.
  14. I believe somebody else on here said the same thing. I know I have heard it said he will end up at Chelsea before because of his friendship with CHO, but it could have been on another forum. No offense intended, my orginial point was that City and United fans say the same thing about his friendship with their younger players. I suspect Liverpool fans are saying something similar. Either Sancho is one hell of a friendly guy or or he tells everyone he will join them in the Premier.
  15. I don't know, it's just everytime his name is mentioned here, a Chelsea fan mentions he will end up at Chelsea.