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  1. I believe somebody else on here said the same thing. I know I have heard it said he will end up at Chelsea before because of his friendship with CHO, but it could have been on another forum. No offense intended, my orginial point was that City and United fans say the same thing about his friendship with their younger players. I suspect Liverpool fans are saying something similar. Either Sancho is one hell of a friendly guy or or he tells everyone he will join them in the Premier.
  2. I don't know, it's just everytime his name is mentioned here, a Chelsea fan mentions he will end up at Chelsea.
  3. Looks like Mount is preferred to Barkley, picked the wrong one for my fantasy team. Think this will be a close game, have Chelsea to edge it, but expect Leicester to give them trouble. Won't be surprised if it ends up even.
  4. CITY fans say he is best mates with Sterling and he's going back to City. United fans say hes close to Rashford and Lingard and is coming to United. Should be the big transfer deal next summer and cost over £100m, expect whoever offers him and Dortmund the most money will get him.
  5. Porto out as well to Krasnodar from Russia.
  6. That's what I thought. £315,000 to a oil rich kingdom is ridiculous, should have added a couple of other zeroes at least.
  7. Hard to find fault with a 4-0 win, but until Martial scored I was worried we might lose. Two quick goals and the game was in the bag, but likely would have been different had Chelsea scored in the first hour. Wan Bissaka does look a good buy and Maquire did well considering he has only been in camp a few days. As for Chelsea, Mount looked impressive hope he keeps his place
  8. 3-0 totally against the run of play. Very happy about the scoreline but almost have to apologize to my Chelsea mate.
  9. Pulisic starts on the bench? Bit of a surprise to me. I am glad that Kante is not considered match fit and starts on the bench. I like United's line up, hopefully it's as full of pace as Ole thinks and Maquire and Wan Bissaka steady our defence.
  10. And they say there isn't a God.
  11. Michael Owen at the half saying Allison's injury is either his achilles or a torn calf. Hopefully it's not as bad as Owen thinks, whatever you think of your rivals you dont want to see that.
  12. Redcanuck

    Marcos Rojo - Everton?

    Please take him. If United get £25m for Rojo it will almost make the frustration of the last 6 years bearable.
  13. This is certainly a strange turn of events. Good think they didn't let Zouma go back to Everton, I guess Zouma will be the main beneficiary of this move.
  14. I think United and Dybala agreed on wages, I may be wrong mind you. Its the image rights and what the agent wanted that was the problem, though some reports say the agent fee was for the image rights.