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  1. Redcanuck

    First Goal

    11th minute.
  2. Redcanuck

    First Goal

  3. Redcanuck

    First Goal

  4. Chelsea seem to still be a sleep, Bournemouth should have scored a couple already.
  5. Is Leicester going to drop into the race for Champions League positions?
  6. Redcanuck

    First Goal

  7. Redcanuck

    First Goal

    15th minute
  8. Hoping for a draw here, likely a low scoring one considering both teams trouble scoring lately. Is Abraham still out injured and not likely to play?
  9. That one is a shame, slightly offside, but still a great header by Giroud
  10. Great goal by Maguire and by the way I like referring today.
  11. They ruled that the player was offside when he recieved the pass from the corner, guess it doesn't matter which way he passes after that. I am getting tired of these offsides that you can't see with the naked eye. To me they are going against the spirit of the game.
  12. Surprised by the severity of the punishment, UEFA doesn't usually have the balls. No doubt in my mind they are quilty as charged. Hope the penalty stands through the appeals, in fact wish it was harsher and that along with PSG, they were thrown out of football. No country should be allowed to own a football club.
  13. For us older fans there's their opinion that West Ham won The 66 World Cup and a feeling they didn't treat Bobby Moore right. For me their dealings with Kia Joorabchian and the "third party" ownership with Tevez and Mascherano turned me sour on a club that was always noted for integrity. Through in the general distaste for their ownership and there is always something not to like.
  14. I dont think it's a foul either, but I remember the days when you could run keepers. Now days if you touch the keeper it's a foul, dont like it, but sometimes it favours you.