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  1. Did he sign a seven year deal? I thought they were limiting deals to 5 years to stop Chelsea fudging the numbers on the PSR and FPL
  2. Dint know why Fullkrug didn't start had him my fantasy team until I saw the starting line up.
  3. Disappointed that the Premier is losing young talent, but at least Chelsea didn't get him.
  4. Sunday 23rd June, 2024 Group A Switzerland 1-2 Germany, 20.00 Scotland 2-2 Hungary, 20.00 Monday 24th June, 2024 Group B Croatia 0-2 Italy, 20.00 Albania 0-2 Spain, 20.00 Tuesday 25th June, 2024 Group C England 2-0 Slovenia, 20.00 Denmark 2-1 Serbia, 20.00 Group D Netherlands 2-1 Austria, 17.00 France 3-0 Poland, 17.00 Wednesday 26th June, 2024 Group E Ukraine 1-2 Belgium, 17.00 Slovakia 1-1 Romania, 17.00 Group F Czech Republic 1-1 Turkey, 20.00 Georgia 0-2 Portugal, 20.00
  5. Would be nice to know why they think he is impeding the keeper? The keeper sees the shot, knows where the ball is going, because he moves in that direction. i don't believe it's his eyeline which is impacted here. Maybe they feel the Dutch attacker prevented the keeper from reaching the ball? Highly subjective anyway.
  6. It was a poor performance but Denmark is a decent team and in the group stages its a positive result. Beat Slovenia which they should and England wins the group.
  7. Gallagher will play higher up the pitch, so hopefully England will be more offensive, but I would have liked to see Palmer come on for TAA instead.
  8. England need to pick it up, Denmark has been the better team since Kane scored.
  9. I think they thought they had managed the game better, took off an attacker and brought on a defensive midfielder. Give up two scrappy goals a couple minutes later. Harsh on Albania but at least I am still alive in the Last Man Standing.
  10. Wednesday 19th June, 2024 Group A Germany 3-1 Hungary, 17.00 Scotland 1-2 Switzerland, 20.00 Group B Croatia 2-0 Albania, 14.00 Thursday 20th June, 2024 Group B Spain 2-1 Italy, 20.00 Group C Slovenia 1-1 Serbia, 14.00 Denmark 1-2 England, 17.00 Friday 21st June, 2024 Group D Poland 1-2 Austria, 17.00 Netherlands 1-2 France, 20.00 Group E Slovakia 1-1 Ukraine, 14.00 Saturday 22nd June, 2024 Group E Belgium 2-0 Romania, 20.00 Georgia 1-2 Czech Republic, 14.00 Turkey 1-2 Portugal
  11. Not the most reassuring performance , but its a win. Have to agree that's the end of TAA in midfield, Gallagher or Manoo to start against Denmark. They need to get Palmer in there somehow as well. There was talk of Shaw being available for some action in the second game a few days ago. Not sure he's fit enough though.
  12. England started well but have been poor since they scored. At least TAA got me a clean sheet.
  13. Expected more from Italy. Beat supposedly the weakest team in the tournament 2-1 and Albania could have tied it up near the end. As good as Spain looked against Croatia, Italy better play a lot better next game if they hope to get a positive result against Spain.
  14. Lewandowski will miss the first game at least with a torn bicep. Swiderski shoumd be back to full training Wednesday or Thursday,.
  15. Surprised that Poland beat Turkey, I had Poland to struggle and finish last in their group, while believing Turkey were a dark horse at the Euros. Poland suffered injuries to strikers Karol Swiderski and Robert Lewandowski while losing Milik last game so depending on how bad the injuries today where, they could be in trouble with no strikers.
  16. Friday 14th June, 2024 Group A Germany 2-0 Scotland, 20.00 Saturday 15th June, 2024 Group A Hungary 1-1 Switzerland, 14.00 Group B Spain 2-1 Croatia, 17.00 Italy 2-0 Albania, 20.00 Sunday 16th June, 2024 Group C Slovenia 1-2 Denmark, 17.00 Serbia 0-3 England, 20.00 Group D Poland 0-3 Netherlands, 14.00 Monday 17th June, 2024 Group E Romania 1-1 Ukraine, 14.00 Belgium 0-2 Slovakia, 17.00 Group D Austria 0-3 France, 20.00 Tuesday 18th June, 2024 Turkey2-1 Georgia, 14. Portugal 3-0 Czech Republic, 20.00
  17. Group A Germany, Switzerland, Hungary Group B Spain, Italy, Croatia Group C England, Denmark, Serbia Group D France, Netherlands, Austria Group E Belgium, Ukraine, Romania Group F Portugal, Turkey, Czechia Top goal scorer Mbappe Winner France
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