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  1. Good, fuck Barca and I love Gini I’d rather keep him for another year.
  2. Tbf Werner looked miles better than Havertz. He wasn’t up to much, but he was really the biggest threat Chelsea posed for the most part. But I agree with you, it’s weird they spent so much to bolster their attack. Their defense was rubbish last season. And today their midfield was pretty crap. It’s still early days in the season, obviously... but if he doesn’t improve massively on last season I bet Well Fed Frank gets the chop from Roman, regardless of being a club legend
  3. Dr. Gonzo


    Your brain is training you to be a practical survivor
  4. Pretty stupid tactics tbh, to not really attack a defense with a makeshift CB.
  5. Felt pretty concerned about going into this with a DM at CB... but here's a look at the contents of Fabinho's pockets after the match.
  6. Seems like a training match now almost
  7. Finally done something productive this match though
  8. Whoever was responsible for bringing Kepa to Chelsea should probably be banned from having a job at a football club
  9. Sorry, I can’t help it right now