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  1. Dr. Gonzo

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    Nah he screens us, remember. But seriously, yeah I think he's posted himself on here a few times and I think I reckon I remember what he looks like.
  2. Dr. Gonzo

    Take Your Pick

    Easy A for me, tbh. I'm not a big fighter, I never have been, I hear a scream and see 3 men brandishing weapons... if I get involved I'm probably just going to die alongside her. Obviously I wouldn't know that option B would keep me alive... albeit in a wheelchair. But even so, having spent what I consider a lengthy period in hospital due to a drink driver hitting me while I was on a motorcycle... I've got no interest in being in hospital ever again. And that's even without thinking about being in a wheelchair. So yeah, I'd feel guilty I couldn't have saved this woman's life... but I don't think I'd really think twice about picking A.
  3. It’s true though that talksport types though control public perception to a large degree
  4. Tbf though most of us LIverpool fans have had to deal with people saying "hurr durr injuries are normal" while we moan about losing literally any player that comes anywhere near to filling the void at CB it seems about. So we've probably become more abraisive than normal while dealing with the rest of youse because you all hate us.
  5. Usually I agree with you on these things... but I think I'm the opposite. I think Phillips is our best CB left, based of what's been shown of the academy products/new signings (granted, one of the new lads hasn't played at all, and I suspect he's probably the most competent CB out of all of them based on experience. I think Kabak & Phillips are both good at the same things and bad at the same things. I think Phillips is just a bit better.
  6. But are clubs that aren't suffering from injuries at a higher rate juicing up? Worth looking into tbh.
  7. Dr. Gonzo

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    @CaaC (John) is now just going to end up screening all of the nudes that are sent via PM on here
  8. @Stan doesn’t have an agenda Don’t be a WUM mate
  9. The number of injuries in a condensed season caused by a global pandemic
  10. I mean if you can make us look good again so I can have some last season nostalgia, sign me the fuck up pal
  11. We beat a Sheffield United that's competing with Derby for "worst premier league team in history" We've got a CB that was playing in Bundesliga 2 last season, he'll probably be playing alongside a CB that was (and maybe is) on his way to Bundesliga 2 next season, and a player who's never played any higher than the Championship that maybe might be starting alongside one of those other CBs I mentioned. That is, quite literally, a second tier backline, granted it'll have two of the league's best attacking fullbacks on either side of it... probably exposing the fuck out of both of these defenders desperately trying to prove they're top flight quality. And we're probably not going to have our first choice keeper. And our second choice, a kid, is also out injured - so you will get Adrian in goal most likely. And Adrian fills me with about as much confidence as... something that takes away pretty much all confidence entirely. It would take being pretty shit to wake us up from looking dead as fuck, imo.
  12. I'd have to say Palace are the most affected actually, because we started our recent rubbish run of form... by thrashing Palace 7-0. No way that happens to them in normal circumstances.
  13. I imagine they calculated that by most days with "strongest XI" missing? I'm not sure though - other than raw numbers, which can be a bit useful and also not useful depending on how you use it... I'm not sure how you can determine "who's been affected the most" - there's a lot of different factors that would go into determining that. I think it's just incredible that we've had so many long term injuries to the same position, that even players that don't play in that position normally and were filling in... were getting hurt. Even the lad we signed from the Championship to just make up the numbers got hurt before he's even played a game Are they counting him in the numbers? Somehow I doubt it, but maybe. But I doubt it - some pundits forgot we'd signed him recently, which made for funny on-air viewing when his injury was mentioned. I am obviously biased as fuck, but it's hard for me to say that a side that's been basically deprived of it's first choice defense and first choice midfield... pretty much all season long... isn't the most affected. At the same time, I think there's a decent argument for Crystal Palace as the most affected side. Because they've had an absolutely ridiculous injury crisis... with a much smaller squad. At least we've got enough midfielders to play our best midfielders in defense and paper over some cracks. I have also wondered whether playing senior midfielders in the defense, while making our midfield much weaker, was the better tactical decision than just going back to the Liverpool of pre-Virgil times... where we just accepted that we were absolute shit at defending. Maybe because players are older and there's a bit more wear and tear and we can't play that aggressively in this condensed season. But yeah, if I were to say which two sides were most affected by injuries this season - I'd have to say us or Palace.
  14. If I don't want to watch two boring cunts talk for 11 minutes, is there another way I can get this information?