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  1. Dr. Gonzo

    Hong Kong

    It’s also why China is pissed off at the UK for offering them a pathway in. That’s a lot of highly educated and wealthy people that China wants to be able to control and that the UK would like to have as part of its economy in a post-Brexit world. It’s a big financial hub, but if the people that make it a financial hub all leave Hong Kong... it sort of makes China’s expansion and control of Hong Kong moot. I fully support this decision from the UK government though. It’s the right thing to do.
  2. Dr. Gonzo

    Making Music

    I respect anyone that can sight-read tbh. I can read music, but not as good as when I was a kid by a long shot.
  3. Dr. Gonzo

    Thiago Alcantara - Leaving Bayern?

    Apparently he wants to join us and we want him, but the fee with Bayern hasn’t been negotiated and I think we’re expected to be very tight with money.
  4. I don’t really understand what happened to Spurs and why they look so shite now. But they look shite, so I think Everton walk away from this with 3 points
  5. They’re both good, but I prefer Gomez. He had a terrible match tonight mind you.
  6. Communist VAR giveth just as it taketh
  7. Definitely not the same levels of concentration going forward to what we’d normally expect to see either tbh. We started bright, but that’s about it.
  8. It’s never nice to lose like this, but we aren’t playing for anything so it’s not THAT big of a deal. Seems like we stopped caring as much after the penalty and I don’t blame them it’s been a long season.
  9. I’m not moaning? I’m just commenting on the shit performance. I’m not particularly fussed about the result, we’re not competing against City anymore. It’s still not nice to have us look this shit.
  10. Embarrassing to let that cunt score twice
  11. Bloody communist VAR trying to seize the means of production
  12. And they laughed at my suggestion we make them give Andy Lonergan the guard of honour.
  13. My god this is horrible. Thank god the title race wasn’t closer
  14. Aw the little cunts scored. At least this match doesn’t actually mean anything