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  1. Yeah just a controller, I’m playing it on a console though with super idiot mode turned on. If I had a PC that could handle the game (which tbh, idk if mine can or not - I doubt it though), I’d probably use a joystick like I did when I was a kid.
  2. On the new one I’ve crashed into every place I’ve ever lived. It’s kind of scary though how accurately they’ve made the world
  3. I’ve been playing MS Flight Simulator, I’ve always liked these games but been extra shit at them (especially the WW2 themed MS Combat Simulator, where I didn’t have to just worry about crashing but also people were trying to shoot me down). They're great fun, I usually start off shit, then get a bit more comfortable once I’m in the air… then I’ll forget something and somehow lose control of the plane and either scramble to save myself or end up crashing. It’s definitely cool that I can do this rather than attempt it in an actual airplane and kill myself on accident. These games have also definitely taught me that I shouldn’t fly an airplane.
  4. Lacks Fabinho, so it’s a downgrade on our current midfield tbh.
  5. Looks like Iraq are on the cusp of appointing Dick Advocaat
  6. Yeah exactly, it’s a terrible investment. And honestly it sounds like my boss (and the other investors who I don’t know). I like the idea of trying to get a raise out of this though Thank you! I think I’m going to use this to wiggle out of it.
  7. So my boss is sort of pressuring me to join him in an "investment opportunity" he's recently discovered - basically buying a 15% stake in a local restaurant here. And I'm not really comfortable with it at all, for a few reasons. Firstly, I'm not sure how ethical (idk if that's the right word to use, though) it is to have a business venture with my boss... I guess I should probably check my employment agreement to see if it says anything about that. Secondly, it all sounds a lot more "hands on" than any investment I've traditionally made... and I'm not sure how involved I can/want to be. Third, I don't really think a restaurant is that great of an investment - most new restaurants fail... And lastly, I feel awkward saying no because he's my boss. Honestly, the whole thing seems strange and somewhat inappropriate to me.
  8. That Fiorentina side was so brilliant to watch. Coolest fucking kits too.
  9. I've never really been into MMOs, but it'll be interesting to see how an Amazon game does. It's weird seeing companies like Amazon and Netflix try to branch out into gaming... but if it leads to better games (although, I've got serious doubts about Netflix making lots of good games) that's a good thing for gaming generally. Is it being harsh if I say the animations in the video's of New World look really really shit though? I know it's not a finished game and they'll likely change things... but those animations, to me at least, aren't a promising indicator of how much polish there is on this game.
  10. Dr. Gonzo

    Off Topic

    He's not even green, nor is he that incredible. Bad name.
  11. A few months ago and my answer to this question probably would have been "almost daily" - especially during a year of lockdown. I spent a lot of my extended free time drinking at home because of boredom tbh. In the past few months I've been drinking a lot less, not for any health reasons tbh. I think I've only drank 5 times in the last few months. But those 5 times I've drank, I've been binge drinking and consumed a fuckload of alcohol
  12. I had 3 cups of coffee in lieu of lunch today
  13. I think that first paragraph is very true. We see it a lot: Henderson, Stones, Shaw... even now at United on the other flank of the back 4 with AWB - players that have the "English tax" or whatever you want to call it that make big money moves... a lot of that price is put on their potential. And I think White has shown he's got a lot of potential... but that doesn't mean he's necessarily 100% ready to play like an expensive CB. So I think it's important that Arsenal fans are patient with him - because the media and fans of other clubs won't be if he's not immediately ready, and they'll be vocal as fuck about it.
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