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  1. Dr. Gonzo

    Joey Barton at Fleetwood Town

    Probably would lead to some hilarious training ground brawls. I imagine it would just have ended up more like Barton's time at Rangers though, almost immediately sacked.
  2. Last year we seemed miles ahead of you over the two legs. This year... I think a 5 goal deficit in aggregate score is so fucking harsh on you. Unlike last year when we went away to you, you actually took the match to us in the first half of this match. Not many great chances, but still you'd had 13 or 14 shots to our 0... up until first goal. And at Anfield, you're just unlucky that none of Morega's 4 or 5 chances went in. That lad's finishing is shite btw. At least it was against us, he wasted so many chances. The second half was a different story, momentum was well with us at that point. To the point where you pulling one back didn't even matter to the lads, they were determined for more goals after you scored. I agree we were the best team over the 2 legs again... but I don't think you've done as bad as the big scoreline difference suggests.
  3. Dr. Gonzo

    Joey Barton at Fleetwood Town

    Racially aggravated? Aren't they both white?
  4. Dr. Gonzo

    Picture to Words

    @Bluewolf poor Blondie - good story though, and well done on not killing the dog and still making us feel bad for the doggo
  5. Any good pictures of Pep and/or Arteta looking distraught after the match?
  6. I don't think so. He's still their talisman. The fact their players seem to go up a gear (or down a gear) when Kane is back is a man management issue for Poch to sort out. But Kane's quality and I don't think Spurs would be better off in the long run if they sold him.
  7. I'm also happy that this ends the fucking quadruple talk. You want to know why normal football clubs don't prattle on about the possibility of winning a quadruple? Because it's insane.
  8. Please oh please let this damage City's confidence irreparably
  9. I love box-to-box Hendo. And I'm not one of those gimps that doesn't rate Henderson just because when he plays in the number 6 role he's pretty conservative... because he's literally playing as a holding midfielder, so you'd expect him to. But he's just so good in a box to box role.
  10. 1-0 up at halftime away from home with a 2-0 cushion from the last leg... without ever needing to change gears from first. Can't be upset about that. We'd need to lose this 4-1 to fuck this up now.
  11. I think we're probably through now. Bet Porto fans wish Marega was a better finisher. His wastefulness cost them in the first leg, but especially in this leg - they had 14 shots on goal before we had ours (which led to our goal). Pretty ridiculous tbh.
  12. We're not hanging onto the ball well. Midfield playing pretty poorly imo.