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  1. Something to be said about just seeing the game out in full control, considering we’ve lost 2 midfielders this match alone. Long season to go and all that.
  2. Pogba’s a horrible bastard. Looks like a serious injury. The ethical thing for United to do now is let us score 10 more and then sign Solksjaer to a 10 year contract
  3. Honestly Neville and Carra both need to rethink their best combined XIs
  4. This might be the best first half I can ever remember at Old Trafford
  5. Oh no I don’t want to lose the #1 Manc hater in the world for any amount of time, let alone against United
  6. That’s not that surprising, Mane worked his arse off against Atletico & he’s on the bench, not totally left out like Fabinho
  7. Fabinho not being in the squad at all is probably due to fitness rather than overthinking
  8. I switched to this at 2-2 and I did not think I would be treated to some absolutely hilariously inept defending by Everton. But I appreciate it, that was brilliant
  9. They’ve uturned and said it’s alright if Newcastle fans want to dress up like Arabs if they want
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