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  1. Dr. Gonzo

    Alexis Sánchez - Internazionale or AS Roma?

    This lad is an absolute disgrace. £560k a week for fuck all. An absolute insult to every professional player that actually has to earn their wage, as well as to anyone with an actual job
  2. I think what happened with City has more to do with a stupid rule than VAR. My biggest issue with VAR is how they keep the flag down even if someone is obviously well offside. It’s unnecessary as fuck.
  3. I think Lampard will get the best out of him. They have different positions, but they've got a lot of similar attributes to how they played, good movement and making excellent runs in the box, an eye for a goal, an eye for good passes. Leicester did well to come back into the game after that frantic start. Chelsea could and should have been more clinical in the first half, particularly in the opening flurry - they could have done a Brendan Rodgers special and gotten two early goals and set them selves up for a nice time out just countering. It was ridiculous how dangerous they looked in that first 10 minutes. But playing at F1 pace took it's toll on the players and Rodgers also made tactical adjustments in the second half and Leicester were the better side in the second while Chelsea looked gassed. I think Chelsea are probably going to play well a lot this season, but they'll struggle for goals and they're a bit frail at the back. They'll be better at the back once Rudiger is back. Think it'll be a pretty tough season for them though if they want to keep pace with how they did last year. Leicester had a good away showing, I think, despite that early spell where they were just constantly under pressure and conceded. But they weathered that and saw their way back into the game. They might actually feel disappointed they didn't win it in the second half.
  4. It’s calms down a lot now after that furious first 10 minutes from Chelsea.
  5. That goal was a long time coming, at 6 minutes in. Chelsea have their foot on Leicester’s throat. Great goal from Mount. Justifying his selection over Barkley early on too.
  6. Leicester on the ropes, it’s been 2 minutes. What a start by Chelsea
  7. The ref is late because of traffic (lol, I assumed they show up hours ahead to avoid stuff like this), so he’s not going to be the ref and Chelsea and Leicester get someone who’s never reffed a premier league match. The actual ref is going to be the 4th official. Pretty shambolic to be late to your job on an internationally televised event for an industry making billions. Wonder if we’re in for some diabolical officiating
  8. Palace look so fucking dire. Newcastle also don’t look great, but at least they offer something going forward. Don’t see how Palace can fight for survival when they’re so toothless
  9. Dr. Gonzo

    Making Music

    I’m really impressed with the Katana 50 - I see why the entire Katana series comes so highly recommended. I basically spent all day fucking around with it. Playing at bedroom volumes, then going to my mate’s for jamming (it keeps up with a drummer in 50 watt mode with the stock speaker, seriously impressed with that) - tested out the software for hours too (which is cool, it’s like a stripped down version of the Boss GT-1000 software; but still plenty complex). I will say the stock presets are absolutely a steaming pile of shit and once I figured out the software I made my own 4 presets of common tones I like to use and quickly replaced them. That’s not a complaint though, it’s really rare on anything like this that I like the stock presets. They’re always shit in every product tbh It’s hard not to recommend the Katana to anyone looking for an amp tbh. Is it the best sounding amp? Nah, it’s not a valve amp and solid state hasn’t caught up yet (I think it will soon though). But does it sound great? Oh yeah, it most definitely sounds great. And because it’s made by Boss, pedal making legends, it takes pedals so fucking great. Which imo most solid state amps I’ve tries are a bit finicky with some pedals - so that’s nice to see. For the price it’s a seriously impressive unit. Like unbelievably impressive tbh, I wish these existed when I was a kid. And cheap combo amp usually sound bad because of shit circuitry or shit speakers, with the Katana you’re definitely not getting that. I’ve only got one complaint: there is no effects loop on the Katana 50 - if you’re getting the 100 that’s not an issue. But yeah, I see why these are so highly recommended. It really is a jack of all trades option for guitar players - a wide array of tones in an amp that can be used in a variety of ways. I’m seriously impressed with it, if you want an amp that can be used in a shitload of practical applications I think it’s the best option for the money. Because it’s seriously cheap for all it can do and how good it sounds (again, tonally it’s very similar to the GT-1000, but with less effects, amp models, and the software’s a bit limited... but it’s about a grand less dear). The only way I wouldn’t recommend it is if someone wants a super particular tone - like if I wanted a Marshall Plexi tone, I can get close with the Boss tone studio with lots of tweaking... but a Plexi or a Plexi clone will (obviously) be a better amp choice. Tl;dr - I’m seriously impressed with it, it’s not the best sounding amp I’ve ever used/owned... but it sounds great and is so versatile in so many ways. Even though it’s not perfect, I’d have to give it a 10/10 considering my fiancé paid just over $200USD for an amp that can do so much
  10. Personally when I’m lacking confidence I just have a quick wank and I feel much better. Tammy should try that
  11. That’s a stupid rule, not VAR’s fault. Although without VAR I doubt the rule would have been caught
  12. He’s probably a bit out of it on pain pills. 3 points, job done.
  13. Terrible mistake from Adrian there
  14. Makes up for it by scoring the harder chance