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  1. Gotta say whoever originally made that really knew that it would piss off Kurds who see that to put their ethnicity in quotes.
  2. Linked with Chelsea: https://www.espn.com/soccer/soccer-transfers/story/4692841/chelsea-on-neymar-alert-as-psg-look-to-axe-222m-brazil-star Apparently PSG would be covering a large portion of his wages as well. Think it's a bit of a risk though, if it's true, because @Devilis spot on about his injury record. He's barely played in the league for the last few years with PSG... and if he leaves he won't be in the same situation where he's at a club that races away with the league while he's out injured.
  3. Dr. Gonzo

    Metal and Rock

    The new Municipal Waste album, Electric Brain, out today... I really like it. But I really like the band - they've put out a number of really quality albums... and they're also one of the best bands I've seen live. If you like thrash metal - I think it's worth listening to. Here's a single
  4. Richarlison was one of the few players Everton fans could count on to do something in matches for them that was positive. He's a good player and he's got a win-at-all costs mentality, which makes him an absolute twat to play against, but he's got the mentality to fight for his club. And he's performed pretty regularly for Brazil too. It's a big loss for Everton, but it's a huge signing for Spurs I think. He's a player that can come in for your two best players... and he can also play alongside them. So now you've got 4 very good players to compete for spots in that front 3 you have - I think that can only be a good thing for you. I don't really think you have anything to worry about. Terry Sheringham's thinking about things I think with a bit too much of an old school mentality - especially with this condensed season for the World Cup after an already pretty rigorous season with its own weird scheduling issues - you need depth to really contend. Now you've got exceptional attacking depth. Also it's all well and good having him remince about how Spurs did things in the old days that he maybe considers the golden years. But how many trophies did Spurs win then? I'm pretty sure the only thing he won at Spurs was player of the year - it seems a bit weird to tell someone like Conte, someone who's figured out how to win leagues many times, that he's doing it wrong and he should look to a period of time where Spurs won nothing.
  5. He's an absolute cunt, but if anyone doesn't think he's a good player they're idiots. Wilshire was saying he doesn't think he'd get into the current Arsenal side... he's ahead of some of those players already for Brazil though. He'll be a good signing for Spurs. He'll also make them a much cuntier side - which according to Mourinho they need.
  6. Game 1 - 26 Game 2 - 26
  7. He does everything from the point of view of a massive incel because he’s the king of the incels. I’ve only found there’s really 2 opinions on the guy: you think he’s an insufferable dickhead or you absolutely love him.
  8. Why's City selling good players to potentially a direct rival (because I think on paper you can be right up there with us or City)? I do think a back 4 will be good for Chelsea though.
  9. Probably for the best if the manager wasn't too keen on the player coming in. With FFP won't you have to be fairly cautious with your signings this summer? With limited funds it's probably better that all signings are players the manager feels 100% confident in. Otherwise it's just more wasted money for a player to come in and probably not fit in well... And if I'm honest, I very much thought signings Winks for Everton is essentially signing a player that on the face of it wouldn't be adding much to your midfield other than a bit of depth. But I think Everton fans would rather see better players come in that create depth by pushing current starters onto the bench and making them fight for a place back in the side. Dunno how possible that is considering the financial situation. But having someone who actually will let the people who understand football making the football decisions as an owner would probably be a big help if a new takeover is truly imminent.
  10. I think he's just trying to score easy points here. Gets to look like he's a champion of womens rights by making a dig at toxic masculinity & it's he gets to have a dig at Putin too, which is easy to do for any politician in the West to curry a bit of media favour. Plus being chummy with the media and making jokes has gotten him this far in his political career - I can't see him ever stopping, especially when he sees he's got an easy way to have a dig at some kind of political opponent. It's sort of the "special move" he's used throughout his career.
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