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  1. I agree with @Stan agreeing with me. This is first and foremost a referee competence issue. Mike Riley was a man who as a referee, at best, was shite and controversial (and I won’t even comment on what I think a worse case view of him would be). Having someone like that in charge of all referees in England means that we will have officials that are shite and controversial. And it’s no coincidence we’ve only got one decent standard ref in Michael Oliver, and that every week there at least 1-2 (but often many more) moments of absolute contention in what the officials have done in any given match. The shite rolls downhill and Mike Riley’s the turd rolling down the hill. I also agree that VAR’s current interpretation often defies common sense and isn’t being used the way I’d have imagined it was intended. But I’m not sure if it’s really fixable at this moment and I’d absolutely advocate binning it off at least until we’ve got a few more than 1 decent referee. But I wouldn’t shed a tear if VAR went away forever. Good idea, but clearly humanity is far too stupid to figure out how to make it work with football right now - and there’s bigger issues for us to focus our brainpower on than video review in football.
  2. Tbf it must be so annoying when he’s trying to explain “this avoids injury” meanwhile everyone talks about other sides having an advantage. Meanwhile those clubs that have no European football and few international players get an actual massive advantage and this season especially. Idk why he specifically blamed Chris Wilder, must have been something said between the two that seriously pissed Klopp off. Either way, I can’t blame Klopp for being annoyed. Getting robbed by a referee and then having to look at and speak to Des Kelly is absurd. I’d have sent my assistant out to not answer any questions about anything
  3. I just wish Leeds were a dirtier team, I want to see some anti-Everton violence
  4. I’d be delighted if they fucked VAR off forever
  5. This starts at the top. Mike Riley should be sacked, he never should have been given the job in the first place considering how shit of a referee he was. But if you want officials in England to be better, we can’t have the guy who is their boss be one of the worst refs of our lifetimes. He should never have been hired, but he needs to be out of a job ASAP
  6. That’s a foul in the same way that I’m the pope. I’m not the pope
  7. The officials in England should be shot into the sun
  8. If all the players to have injured during an injury crisis... the guy who can play pretty much anywhere is a bad player to have out.
  9. Dr. Gonzo

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    Considering Netanyahu said we should remember the guys name... it’s not hard to guess which country is responsible
  10. If we were in Italy, we’d be calling him Diogol or some shite like that What a signing
  11. If I was a attacker in the prem I’d ask for my boots to be pitch green. Might as well fuck with these shite officials
  12. If Salah cuts his toenails pre-match the VAR cunt rules that in
  13. Dr. Gonzo

    Kurt Cobain 'Unplugged' Guitar Up for Auction at $1m

    Clapton’s got a long history of saying/doing stupid things. I probably wouldn’t like him if I met him and sat down to talk with him about anything other than guitar tbh. Absolute legend on guitar though. And those 50s Strats are “holy grail” guitars.
  14. Dr. Gonzo

    Hip Hop/Rap

    pretty fucking good