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  1. I think every Premier League club that was there at the founding of the PL is guilty of their part in making English football the swamp that it is today tbh
  2. A lot of Turks seem pretty pissed off at their own government's slow reaction.
  3. Alexi Lalas dumbs down the game every time he opens his fucking mouth to talk about it. I can't wait for the day the US stops thinking he's some expert at football just because he managed to make it to the Serie A when that was the top league.
  4. I don't think he's actually an Arsenal fan... also David Dein's not been with Arsenal since 2007
  5. Imagine how rich you’d all be if you started charging rent for letting us live in your heads.
  6. In my experience that's not the case, and the few clients I know that have been caught have ended up getting absolutely fucked by their actions.
  7. You know cooking the books is not an acceptable business practice right? You're basically alleging that every company in the UK, from small family owned business to massive business, are all committing fraud on a massive scale like City.
  8. Is it out? I'll probably buy that for my wife - she loves Harry Potter
  9. Sadly, I don't think there's a quick end. Modern warfare is only really "quick" when one side has a massive advantage over the other (like Azerbaijan against Armenia). Ukraine has the advantage of getting access to better weapons tech, Russia's got a manpower advantage & isn't worrying about things like war crimes in intentionally targeting civilians to weaken the resolve of the Ukrainian people. I think it will drag on for at least another year, maybe two, and for Ukraine's sake, I hope the tanks & fighter jets that may come in the future are enough to turn the tide and get the Russians out of Ukraine. And when I say Ukraine, I mean all of Ukraine - but if peace can be established without Crimea, maybe it should be considered. Because I think the worst thing for Ukraine is for this to be a war of attrition. I think Russia can win a war of attrition. There's also the issue of the international community needing to give Putin an offramp so he can sell a peace deal as a victory for Russia - because he's an authoritarian and that's what authoritarians do when they don't really win a war but need to call for peace. The facade of being a strongman and a military genius is a big part of his authoritarian propaganda. So there's a fine line that needs to be trod on carefully where the international community shouldn't be appeasing an expansionist authoritarian, but also need to give Putin the ability to sell it as a "win" for Russia despite what was supposed to be a short blitz with a new government put in Ukraine now taking over a year and looking like a tough stalemate of sorts.
  10. It just goes to show that the US can't really trust the executive branch with classified material, tbh. The Bush administration was accused of having classified information stored on private email servers with shit security. Hillary Clinton & the buttery males scandal was the same sort of thing. Now we're seeing Obama era documents pop up at Biden's house & Trump with the boxes of classified shit, Pence now having documents.
  11. Apparently there's one in South America now
  12. Apparently with premier league rules this can't be appealed to CAS if any judgment comes against them.
  13. Yes, relegate them and ban Pep from entering England for 50 years!
  14. 3 isn’t much more than 2, 5 isn’t much more than 3 when 2 years have been sides that have only won it once & probably won’t for a very long time again
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