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  1. Riquelme was slow as fuck and didn't put in a defensive shift, but I don't know that he had no work ethic... he was constantly trying to get involved in the attacking side of things and get on the ball. Perhaps if Bayern had someone like that linking the midfield and attack today, things might have gone a bit different for them. Liverpool > Spurs > Dusseldorf > Dortmund > Dusseldorf > Liverpool Simple
  2. Players that deliberately go into challenges looking to injure other players are worse imo. Biting people is weird, but it's not quite the same as trying to derail another professional's career for an indeterminate amount of time.
  3. It's bound to happen if you're career is really built on one good world cup showing and 13 goals in his second season at Real Madrid (https://www.whoscored.com/Players/71182/History/James-Rodríguez) isn't going to do a lot to convince people he's not as class as he looked in 2014. There might still be a good player somewhere inside him (like after Mutu went to Fiorentina and all of a sudden was a good player again), but I think he's demonstrated a questionable work ethic and attitude. Nothing he showed today demonstrated he's fit to play for either Bayern Munich or Real Madrid - anonymous. Although there's also the possibility that... he just had a poor match. Happens to everyone lol.
  4. Probably means he's got no work ethic at all - Rafa's got no time for players like that... and that makes sense given what I've just seen from him. He was essentially up to nothing all night.
  5. All he really did was waste corners for Bayern Munich. If we can expect more of this in the second leg, then I'm happy Mueller tried to decapitate that poor lad he tried to decapitate to get himself suspended.
  6. I'm not surprised either, but for different reasoning. We've got Bayern fans on here telling us they're worried about their leaky defense coming to a place we haven't lost in a long time - and again that whole "general rule" about European two legged ties, win the home leg - keep the away leg tight. This was the away leg for them, they've been leaking goals, the smart thing for them to do to progress further is to set themselves up conservatively to stifle our attacks.
  7. Yes he was, but lots of good players have been shit at Real and then move away from that weird club and go back to being class.
  8. So question for Bayern fans (and people that watch the Bundesliga more) - is James always that shite?
  9. I think you're right, but I also think that Bayern set themselves up deep to stop us getting a good rhythm going in our attack, as @Inverted mentioned. We could have thrown more caution to the wind, but we were worried about those wingers punishing our mistakes and leaving Lewa with more space to work with. Bayern could have been more open and adventurous, but again that'd leave our front 3 with more time and space to punish them. I don't think that's anything out of the ordinary in the first leg of a big European night. Those away goals are precious, we didn't want to concede any of them. Despite lacking goals, I thought it was a fairly entertaining match - especially that first half, where I thought both sides managed to somehow look both good and shit at the same time. The way it played out, both sides have their hands forced now and the next match is almost guaranteed to be more open.
  10. I remember some truly shite matches before away goals were a thing
  11. It's not the end of the world, but it's not a good result for us. The general rule in European 2 legged ties is win your home games, keep the away legs tight. Here we didn't win the home leg, so we can't go away to Munich and set up shop for 90 minutes.
  12. I think it may be time for us to bring on our secret weapon, the powercube. *edit* but it looks like Milner and Origi are actually coming on. I think Firmino's coming off for Origi, he had a good first half but he's gone quiet.
  13. It's almost 1PM. I'm at work... watching on my second screen I'm a good multitasker.