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  1. Dr. Gonzo

    Harry Kane Wants to Leave Tottenham?!

    Only sides I think can afford him would be City & Chelsea. And I can't see Levy selling to Chelsea unless he's getting an absolutely outrageous fee from them (which, tbf... he could extract that from them). I think he'd be more inclined to sell to City between the two, though.
  2. I think we've got to keep Fabinho in the midfield. Our midfield looking good again is in large part due to his presence there. Hopefully Davies or Kabak will be fit to play against Burnley because I've got much less faith in Williams putting in a decent performance than I do with Nat Phillips. But I think of any of the CBs we might have available to play for the remaining matches this season... I'm not confident in any possible pairing not being an absolute liability for us. None are top flight standard imo, so Burnley and Palace have every chance in the world to win either match.
  3. I think it'd be absolutely hilarious if we finish top 4 this season given the way we've played for over half a season... so I'm just hoping it happens.
  4. Which club losing is better for us? Chelsea, hopefully?
  5. Sure, it's a step up in stature. But is it the best career move in the middle of a successful project with Leicester? As for the bolded bit. The margins are so thin in this league, especially when nobody really has the depth to compete with the quality of City in the event of an injury crisis other than Chelsea. Tottenham have a good squad, I don't deny that - but there are a few clubs in the league that have good squads that can reasonably compete for CL places. If I were him, I'd value the stability of being a part of a project where the club is seeing success under his tenure as manager. Rather than taking a step into a massive unknown trying to build Spurs back to the level they were at (which at this point, Leicester are much closer to being at than Spurs are). There's also the whole Rodgers being dogshite in Europe issue - he's still learning on the job. Spurs are ambitious, will they (Levy and the fans) tolerate him losing his mind in Europe to focus on improvement in the league? I'm not sure after the regression of Mourinho that Spurs will have the patience for a man learning about managing in Europe on the job once Spurs are able to get back into the CL. He's got a good thing going at Leicester and has afforded himself a lot of goodwill at that club. I think it would take some serious financial incentive to get him to move away from the club, as well as getting some sort of commitment from Levy that Spurs would be big spenders in the transfer market.
  6. I don’t think a few bad seasons makes them a bad club. But is it a step up at this point? It might lead to higher pay but… there’s a lot of work needed, imo, to get this Spurs club back to the level it was at under Poch. Leicester are a club thats backed well by the owners and is on an upward trajectory under Rodgers. Whereas Spurs sacked Poch after pissing him off by refusing to back him the way he asked to be backed after they made it to a CL final. I can understand why Spurs might want Rodgers… but I can understand why Rodgers might reject them.
  7. Pretty massive turnaround from when he first started playing regularly.
  8. Even if it’s a terrible decision, VARs made so many of them against us it’s high time we start getting some bullshit go our way. First LFC keeper to ever score in a professional match!
  9. Yeah like that penalty given against us outside the box
  10. They show an angle from behind the goal and it looks very much like he’s being impeded. WHAT A WAY TO GET A WINNER THOUGH
  11. holy shit I can’t wait until we have actual CBs again, these two are so bad
  12. Oooh Firmino that was so fucking close
  13. Rhys Williams is so shit I actually think less of Kane and Cavani for being kept quiet by him