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  1. US government primed for another shut down because they've got stupid rules that don't force congress to do their fucking jobs and don't call for special elections if they can't form a budget.
  2. The BBC article on this is pretty disturbing tbh. Tortured at least 12 dogs to death, out of the 42 dogs he abused in the last year and a half before he was arrested - 39 died, filmed himself doing it and uploaded the videos to the internet. He also liked child porn. Sick bastard, most people who abuse animals are irreparably fucked in the head tbh. Hope he goes to prison for the rest of his life.
  3. Once I saw 2 homeless people fucking outside a Chinese restaurant.
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    I got that pretty recently on vinyl too!
  5. I sent mine to you?
  6. After last year being so negative, seeing us actually address the biggest fundamental problem we had with the squad (partially forced by us shifting on Fabinho, who looked like a spent force for much of the season, and Henderson, who looked a bit better but not by much) by fully rebuilding the midfield... and us get results despite things like going down a goal early, which was more often than not... a sign of almost surefire defeat last season, I'm more inclined to be pretty positive with the squad this season. If we look pretty decent now, once the squad gets more settled... I think we'll be looking pretty good. It's just a waiting game and hoping that players can settle in quickly, tbh. But seeing some actual creativity out of our midfield in the early days of the season is a HUGE upgrade over last season tbh.
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    Ladies feet

    @MUFC do you want to be the next pope now?
  8. Sounds like they're trying to implement some discord features to try to capture users on their app rather than have them on some other messaging app.
  9. The problem with that is you get one chance to make a first impression after building up hype for a follow up to a popular game. I loved Borderlands 2 and I probably should revisit Borderlands 3 at some point to give the game a fair shake. And tbh, I didn't think it was that bad at launch - it just didn't have anywhere near as much polish as Borderlands 2. And the bugs did hurt the impression it made on gamers when it launched. It's harder for people to return to a game they felt turned off by, so I always think it's better for developers to release something that's pretty solid at launch and if there are any serious bugs they've got to be addressed within weeks.
  10. I wouldn't count on it, unless the pressure really gets to them. They looked totally outclassed by Bayern Munich... and still scored 3 goals. European hangovers are typically more common when you see a side get a good win in Europe and then just shit themselves when they play someone they should probably beat domestically - I think they'll be keen to see Burnley as a place to get a feel good bounce-back result and performance. Burnley have been pretty poor so far, I think even a sputtering United can get a result there no problem. I'd love to be wrong though!
  11. We're bedding in basically a whole new midfield, I think given the circumstances struggling is expected but the squad is also strong enough to grow into games seemingly and often times having actual options on the bench to change things up has been a big difference between this season and last season. Once this midfield gets more settled with working with one another, I suspect we see a much more solid looking side over 90 minutes. Gotta say, I liked the look of Gravenberch on his full debut yesterday. He didn't have the greatest first half, but really came into it in the second half. And immediate impact with the assist for what ultimately was the decisive goal that gave us the lead. The new midfield's clearly not totally settled yet, but we've got new lads come in and show us a lot of what we've been missing from the midfield for years. There's clearly a lot of quality that's been brought in, now they just need to get used to being a part of Klopp's system and playing with all new teammates. I think the early signs are pretty good tbh. Look at it this way: by the nature of us suddenly having a basically all new midfield, the season's very much a season in transition. And we still look like we've got the quality to compete, even if we're suffering setbacks like conceding early goals. We haven't really played anyone that I'd call a pretty good side yet though... maybe Newcastle... and I think we came through that looking the better side over the 90 minutes - like @LFCMike says, we'll probably have an indication of how much we've improved away to Spurs, who have a new lease of life under that nice Australian fella, and Brighton - who are one of the most in form sides in the league, despite their own setback in Europe. We'd all obviously prefer we don't go down early in matches, but at least we're seeing the side be able to fight back when things don't go their way as we've got a lot of new players right in the heart of the pitch. And we're seeing the new players make early contributions that are an indication that they'll settle into the side just fine over time. For a transitional season, anything other than that is sort of a bonus. I didn't go into this expectations with anything other than hoping we regain top 4 and if we manage to go beyond that by winning anything... that's just a nice something extra. I hope we win everything we're competing for this season... but I'm not expecting a lot when we're competing against Man City domestically. They've had changes... they're still less in flux than us. And we're probably favourites for the Europa League - but if Sevilla get knocked down into it from the CL, regardless of how shit they are domestically, they're always going to be favourites for the Europa League while they're in it. It's like Real Madrid in the CL, rule them out at your own peril. Probably a similar squad, I wouldn't expect Virgil to start though.
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