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  1. I thought it was Almiron, but I think that was wrong because of the confusion of that goalmouth scramble.
  2. Yeah I saw that before the match - you've got a ridiculous number of draws. That dogshite defending you've been putting up with for the past few years is really hurting you this season.
  3. Oh it was Mike Jones? He was awful, but I thought he'd retired? But holy shit, he was in the league for a while after that goal and I feel like there's no way that should have been the case. Mental to think someone like Clattenburg's in China while Mike Jones is (or was recently) in our league.
  4. Whoever that referee was, I sincerely hope his career's been ruined (it's probably not, he's probably still refereeing premier league matches tbh). Fucking hate that stupid twat, deserves to be shot out of a canon into a wall. Yet we Scousers are the ones with the thieving reputation
  5. I think if you're an Arsenal fan and you've had questions about the character and mentality of your squad, seeing your side come back level twice while being a man down has got to be an encouraging sign. Obviously, it's not as great as if Arteta could immediately turn all of Arsenal's problems around and solve them immediately - but that's unrealistic. It's baby steps, but baby steps in the right direction.
  6. I'll watch international football when it's the only football on. But I'm not going to pretend that I really enjoy it - I only really enjoy it if it's England/Iran doing well in a tournament. Otherwise, I just think it's irritating and I'd prefer to watch Liverpool play instead. Get in Bellerin!!!
  7. Chelsea back in front! I don't think Arsenal will get relegated (granted, I never thought Leeds would get relegated though) - but they're now just 6 points ahead of the drop zone with a rookie manager.
  8. Yeah, it really doesn't. If anything, Chelsea look the more tired - weirdly. Seems strange that Lampard's sides don't seem to have as much focus on set pieces as you think they would. He's a man who had some of the best days in his career under Mourinho - you'd think he knows just how important set pieces really are.
  9. Yeah my comment about Mustafi and the quality of international football was tongue in cheek as fuck mate International football's never going to match the quality of club football imo, just because it's simply not logistically possible for international sides to ever be as well drilled as the best European or South American sides. International sides spend a few days together and then go back to their clubs - at the clubs these players are training week in week out, they know their teammates runs down to a tee, they understand how to move as a squad because they get trained on it week in week out. It's why really conservative tactics tend to work really well in international football - it's hard to get well organised and playing expansive football when you've got a limited amount of time. It's easy to be well organised and stay compact and play park the bus type shite.
  10. I'd sympathise… but I've seen a fucking beach ball score on us.
  11. Florent Malouda did impressive stuff at Chelsea and Lyon - it's not like he rode the bench to glory like Mustafi did. I feel like a more apt comparison would be Djimi Traore or Salif Diao (quite possibly one of the worst LFC players I've ever seen) winning the CL. But I'd still rather have Djimi Traore in a defense than Mustafi. Chelsea look leggy now imo. Which probably means they're about to score, given how the matches have gone today.
  12. Mustafi & Phil Jones in the same defense. I must see it. Solksjaer, make it happen.

    1. football forum

      Viva la FCB

      Mustafi doesnt get enough credit for Germany's world cup victory. If he didnt get injured Löw would have kept starting him.

  13. I figured as much - hard to say there could have been a genuine attempt at the ball there with Luiz really unable to get to the ball without going through the back of Tammy. I actually feel a bit bad for Luiz, because what's he supposed to do there? Just let Tammy score? Can understand why he felt the need to make a challenge. Although I guess in hindsight you can say being a goal down is better than being a goal AND a man down. I'm glad Arsenal have equalised though - looking at the table, they're not far away from the relegation zone. And while they got a bit of a new manager bump and are playing a bit better than they did under Emery... I still think they've got a lot of big issues in that squad. Would like them to pick up a few more points so they're not a few results away from actually being in the relegation zone with a novice manager. I feel for Arteta in the summer. He's got a big job on his hands getting rid of deadwood and bringing some life back into this Arsenal squad.
  14. I find it hard to blame him for today's. In fact, to me it feels like the ref's fucked up - aren't there double jeopardy rules to prevent a player from being sent off when they've committed a foul in the box? Or is that only when it's a genuine attempt at getting the ball... and because of where Tammy's body was positioned... there's no real way for Luiz to genuinely go after the ball there without going through Abraham. Watch the clip of his sending off today, it's actually hilarious. Just a Mustafi moment with that backpass and Luiz tries to cover for his idiot teammate... and after the foul you see Mustafi attempt to clear the ball. Straight into Luiz's head