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  1. Dr. Gonzo

    Star Wars

    I couldn't even finish Rogue One tbh. Got maybe about 1/3rd of the way in and then decided to stop watching and play guitar instead.
  2. Dr. Gonzo

    Star Wars

    I've heard good things about Solo, but so far I've hated everything Star Wars that Disney has put out.
  3. Boooooooo. The film is good imo. It's not going to get into the nitty gritty most dirty bits of Freddy Mercury's life. It's a nice little overview of him and Queen's rise to fame through the Live Aid performance, it's an entertaining film.
  4. Dr. Gonzo

    President Trump

    Apparently Mueller is now not only investigating the Russia links, but as he can investigate evidence of any crime he picks up he's now investigating the foreign influence on the administration from 3 Middle Eastern countries: Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Israel. This is bound to piss off a lot of people.
  5. Dr. Gonzo

    Suso Returning to Liverpool?

    I have no recollection of Sandro ever playing, so that's probably accurate.
  6. Dr. Gonzo

    Metal and Rock

    I've just seen that Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel are going on tour soon and coming around my parts, so I was pretty excited for that. And then I go on reddit to see that Cannibal Corpse's lead guitarist was arrested recently for burning his house down, breaking into his neighbors house, and attacking a cop with a knife - he's facing up to 30 years if he's convicted. So I imagine he won't be joining them on this tour. But I hope they manage to get a good replacement in because I'd like to have a good death metal night.
  7. Dr. Gonzo

    Suso Returning to Liverpool?

    Aspas was a striker and Riera had one season where he was pretty good before utterly falling off.
  8. I think Woodward should be gone because of how much he’s wasted for no progress at all. Best player he’s signed so far has been Fellaini.But with the money spent under Mourinho it’s hard to say he hasn’t been very well backed. Only Pep has been better backed in terms of finances. He’s spent so much and then he complains about the quality of the players and the lack of potential - but who’s the one who signed Lukaku? Who’s the one who signed Porgba? Who signed Alexis? Why do the players look unmotivated so frequently? Why is the football so negative? United enjoyed sustained success for decades with stability in the manager role. A great manager who took his time to implement a winning philosophy and mentality to his players, constantly adapted his tactics as football changed, and once his side hit its stride routinely made great signings with the financial strength being the dominant side in the beginning of the TV era kicked in. The long term project didn’t work with Moyes because he didn’t raise his tactics at all - sort of a one trick pony with him. So why back him for a long time? And since then it’s just been short term fixes. And LvG didn’t pan out. And with Mourinho I don’t know what the plan is other than Mourinho ball and spending money. If the plan is he’s meant to be the man to mold Man Utd for the future as a long term project... my question is, has he ever done that? He’s had a very successful career, no doubt - but since his Porto it’s been him at one of the top contending sides in their league and he’s been expected to deliver short term success. And he usually has been a short term success. But my point is, here’s a manager that’s been always with a well backed contender, but with United he’s been well backed but not with a contender. And yeah you finished in 2nd last season, but nobody really was competing with City - they just ran away with it. He’s never really built a team for the long term, though. It makes me wonder if it’s in his wheelhouse. Because the best players at United now, imo, were there before he got there. This is an expensive rebuild United are attempting. Do they have the right man for the job? I think they have the right man to take an already great side across the finish line. But is he the man to take a good side to a great side, then cross the finishing line?
  9. I don't think Phil Jones knows what he's trying to achieve most of the time.
  10. Won't the next CL game be in February? Both Gomez and Matip should be back by then. We're fortunate in a sense that these injuries aren't soft-tissue injuries.
  11. Not just injured, he inevitably gets a cold or a flu that keeps him out for a match or two, twice a season. Got the immune system of a 12 year old from the 1400s.
  12. Probably one of the reasons we signed him tbh. Yep, at least out of the senior players. But we let Ragnar Klavan move on because of Nathanial Phillips, so I imagine he's 5th choice.
  13. Dr. Gonzo

    Liverpool Discussion

    At least we've got Fabinho, who's played there before for Monaco and Brazil. And the best English fullback, James Milner.
  14. Dr. Gonzo

    Liverpool Discussion

    Yeah hopefully the knock to Trent’s foot doesn’t mean he’ll miss time