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  1. Lovely from Mo saving Origi’s blushes there
  2. Hope Gini’s injury isn’t serious
  3. Oh good they’re fucking with the lines after he initially was on...
  4. Dr. Gonzo

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    Rees-Mogg May find himself less politically relevant soon, so that’s a silver lining.
  5. Dr. Gonzo

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    That’s not what fascism is...
  6. Nah he was probably our best player that season, it was more than a few months. And he’s been barely in the side because of injuries while the side has gotten better, so it’s hard to say what his actual level is at this point - because he’s not going to play regularly and get into form with us at this point. He was basically out for a whole season 2 years ago. And in and out of the first team squad with injury most of last year. Seems strange to judge his actual level of talent while he’s not played - we can say he’s not as good as the other midfielders that get in ahead of him. Doesn’t mean he’s as shit as he was for us before Klopp came in though - a number of players I thought were a bit of a waste of space improved when the man who signed them finally fucked off. And he’s one of them. At this point he’s a squad player (who managed to make sure we didn’t get a loss this season at Old Trafford, mind you) that’s just got a few short months left with the side. Regardless of whether or not you rate him, let’s just wish him well and hope he leaves us with a league winners medal.
  7. Dr. Gonzo

    Off Topic

    I'm a week late to this, but yeah I've broken my arm before. That doesn't really sound like the sort of pain I felt with my arm though - because your right, it really was a more constant pain until it was in a cast.
  8. I like(d) Lallana - in the early days of Klopp, he was one of our better players. Had that season where he was like a man possessed. Injuries have really derailed his career, which is a shame. Hope he goes on to have a good rest of his career after he leaves us.
  9. Dr. Gonzo

    [VOTE] Team of the 21st Century - RB - Final

    Cafu for me, it's close though. But regardless of Alves's trophy haul, as an individual player I think I'd go with Cafu.
  10. I'm so happy he's extended his contract. He's put in so many good performances for us since signing. He spent a whole season out at left back and was one of the better left backs in the league - which was incredible. Then he moved back to midfield and went back to being great in the midfield.
  11. Set up to defend and hit us on the counter, scored early and has us attacking all match... still ended up not winning and indeed almost losing that match right at the end. DoMiNaTiOn Everton just need to defend deep. United have a lot of pace, they don't have a lot of creativity - attacks will break down and then they can be countered on themselves.
  12. Yeah Rando, don't forget about the extra dominating 1-1 draw against us