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  1. He likes using his first name on the back of his shirt - with Iran & at Zenit. I dunno about when he was at Sepahan or Ruben Kazan, but I suspect it was the same. But in Europe with Zenit on the back of his kit they put Serdar instead of Sardar & I’ve never understood why. When he plays with Iran it’s Sardar, which is how his names pronounced.
  2. Aren't they in danger though? I think they're prime candidates for relegation. And I think part of the reason they're in danger is they appointed a man they thought would make them a bit better, but from everything I can see... he's just made things worse & gotten sacked.
  3. They're not totally skint - but I suppose part of the problem is the owner's got other clubs he's got an interest in and works for... like his dad's club Udinese. Also depending on what their previous managers contracts are... I suspect a lot of Watford's resources have gone to paying off sacked managers. But I do feel they've sort of got the Udinese approach to football (which tbh is fairly common in Italian football) - managers come and go but really what they care most about is bringing in young and talented players to eventually sell off to bigger and richer clubs. Which from a business perspective, fair enough, that's a good business model for them. Especially when their desperate gambles of chopping and changing managers to survive in the league pays off - because then they get the insane TV money too. From a football perspective, it's got to be a bit weird for Watford fans. Because sure, these 6 or 7 years are probably the best years of Watford's history (or at least recent history) - but also I'm not sure I'd be too convinced this model is going to pull them forward as a club. I'd imagine they'd want to look at clubs like Palace as a model - clubs that aren't the richest but still have aspirations to be better than a side than one you'd expect to be stuck in relegation dogfights. I think part of the reason there's no in-depth analysis on Watford other than "they change managers a lot" is because that seems to be the most common theme with Watford. And I think because they chop and change managers so much, they always feel like the same sort of side regardless of who's in charge. Probably because managers rarely ever get a chance to make their mark on a side. I dunno, I've never really liked how some Italian clubs are so quick to change managers... and Watford kind of have that approach but on crack.
  4. I'm very glad to hear he's joining a club that plays pretty football. Should be good for him assuming he can adapt to the Bundesliga. And what's good for him should theoretically be good for the national team if he does adapt. And he's already so very important for the Iran team - there's a lot of debate amongst Iran fans over who's better: him or Taremi... and I think both are really really good, but imo Azmoun's the best player our national team has right now. And now that he's playing in a bigger league than Russia's (no offense to Russia), maybe he'll get a bit more recognition from Iran fans that seem to think if you don't play in Western Europe than you are complete dogshit. Anyway, here's a hype video: I wonder if they'll spell his name right on the back of his kit in Germany or if they'll do what they did when Russia played in Europe and put "Serdar" on the back of his shirt instead of Sardar. Cos I hate that
  5. It's not luck, but it's also not progressing the club further either. This, so much this. Never mind saying "they could be challenging the top six in another couple of years" - they finished 11th one season but never ever looked like a side that anybody would expect can realistically crack the top half of the table. It seems the extent of their ambition is just survival & the primary way they achieve that is by relying on the so-called "honeymoon period" of appointing new managers. And while it's worked for them to an extent - this is their best period in modern history, I think this season makes it appear that it's maybe not sustainable at all. I've just looked at their managerial appointment history and this season they sacked the manager with their highest ever win percentage in their history as a football club (12% higher than their next most-winning manager) and replaced them with Ranieri... who is joint-last place in terms of win percentage as a Watford manager in their history as a football club (excluding caretaker managers, because Hayden Mullins has never won a match as a caretaker for them in his 2 stints). Even though Burnley are rooted to the bottom of the table, I think what they've done in the league in recent history with Dyche is far more impressive than Watford's approach to desperately try to survive. Agree with @Devil-Dick Williethough - I'd love the Watford job. Yeah, the board probably has unreasonable expectations of survival with that squad and yeah, I'll probably get sacked in a few weeks after I can't get the shit players to be any less shit than they've been all season... but it's just easy money. And if you do a halfway decent job, you probably get poached away to a better club and have the Watford fans call you a snake despite the fact the club would show you no loyalty at all if you hadn't done the job you'd done.
  6. That left back who played in goal against Cameroon produced some good saves
  7. I think you should still play the first one. It's one of the best games I've ever played, it's absolutely brilliant. It's not as massive as RDR2, but it's got a great story with several really really memorable missions. But like @Bluebird Hewittsaid - you don't really need to have played the first one, although they definitely make lots of nods to the first game and do a shitload of forshadowing John Marston's story in RDR1 (which I guess is to be expected because it's a prequel thats written way after the first one, which is a beloved game). They don't give Oscars to video games, but RDR1 should have been given Best Motion Picture the year it came out despite being a video game.
  8. I think massive pile of shite is harsh. I thought it was a very good game, but they've clearly gone out of their way to make things a bit more tedious and drag the game out for much longer. But yeah, RDR1 is arguably one of the best games of all time. I still massively enjoyed the sequel - even though I think it has some of the issues many massive modern open world games have. MGS: The Phantom Pain was fucking shite imo... and I normally love MGS games, even though I think the stories are mostly incomprehensible and I have no idea what's really going on... I usually have a lot of fun playing them. But the Phantom Pain was just shite. Uncharted 4 I never played... but I don't really like the Uncharted series that much. I think they're very pretty games, but I just can't stand the main character you play as Last of Us 2 I also never played but I absolutely loved the first one... I think that one's a masterpiece. The sequel is nowhere near as popular as the first one, but I think it's really tough to follow up a game like Last of Us with a sequel that's going to please everyone. But I can't really comment on that one and Uncharted 4. So out of those 4, I'd go with RDR2.
  9. I know video games often have colour blind settings because some games had made it impossible for colourblind people to figure out what they were looking. - I wonder if TVs could have a similar setting to help colour blind people be able to keep track of the who's on what team when they watch football. Because looking at that picture of how a colourblind person would see things... I imagine that is just so infuriatingly frustrating. If 8% of the population is colourblind, that probably means more players than we realise also probably struggle with the same thing - which is something I'd never really thought about. Shame there's probably no fix for players who are in the shoes of the viewer where they can't tell which kit is an opponent or teammate at an immediate glance.
  10. The amount of money they're asking for after spending almost $8 In more serious news, is this Ukraine-Russia stuff going to boil over in the way some headlines make it seem it's going to boil over?
  11. I'll be happy when he's gone for sure, I will probably drink a few beers in celebration. But yeah you're right, I don't have much optimism about the political atmosphere in the UK (and honestly in most places around the world).
  12. We replaced Kabak (who is a pretty shit player tbh) with Kounate though. Phillips is our 5th choice CB now… like he was last season… Meanwhile last season we lost all 4 starting CBs to injury, then for a chunk of a season lost the midfielders we were using as cover at the back - this season we’ve seen fans of other clubs lamenting their injury crisis while still having players I’ve heard of available to play in positions like CB… and asking the league for postponements
  13. I think Boris is just a symptom of the disease of American style political rhetoric flowing into the UK. Now that we’ve had a PM like Johnson, the floodgates are opened and I think there’s no turning back. Like with the US and Trump’s political rise - the ultra-conservatives there (because I think most democrats are actually very conservative) have fully embraced Trumpism… I suspect Boris and Farage style politicians are here to stay with the Tories and we’ll probably see politicians like them for the rest of our lives. I think it’s a byproduct of the media treating partisan politics like it’s the same as supporting a football side. Tribalism and divisive politics makes them money and people like Boris tap into that.
  14. Is LOST good? I’ve never seen it
  15. But should Jota have been sent off? Nah, yellow card maybe. But definitely shouldn’t have been a pen. But Silva robbed Spurs of a goal and probably should have gotten a second yellow. But honestly, I don’t blame the players for cheating when the referees are so bad despite having video technology to help them out. I don’t think there’s any fixing these refs, sadly. They’re all inept. I think @RondónEFConce asked why they use referees for VAR and not a bunch of fat sweaty nerds who know the laws of football like the back of their hands.
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