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  1. Dr. Gonzo

    Making Music

    If you end up getting one I might get one just so we can share presets
  2. Dr. Gonzo

    Making Music

    Yeah just make sure when you run it through the fx return, you've got the cab sim turned off because otherwise it sounds really shite (first time I encountered that I actually laughed at how shit it sounded). But yeah, I really like modelers - even though some valve purists really fucking hate them because "they're not real amps, it's not the same!" Yeah, it's not the same... but they've come really close. And they allow people to have shitloads of amps, effects, and cabinets... but it all fits in one unit. It's just so convenient - from messing around with it on your bedroom to actually gigging, which is why so many artists nowadays don't even tour with a traditional full rig (although many do). Fucking hell that's like twice the price of a Helix here Honestly, for a bedroom player that PodGo is pretty ideal. It's got limitations, but they're not really serious limitations that someone just wanting good tone around their house is really going to need to worry about. And it's not like my Mooer GE200, or the GE150, or the other Helix Stomp, or the smaller Headrush boards... where they sound great, but you don't have the flexibility of having more than 3 switches. And the expression pedal on the PodGo is actually usable unlike the one I've got on my Mooer which just feels like they put it there to say "look, it comes with an expression pedal too."
  3. https://www.ed.nl/psv/scouts-van-liverpool-bekijken-psv-middenvelder-ibrahim-sangare~ab35f04c/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialsharing_web&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Ft.co%2F he plays in midfield for PSV. That's all I know other than this Dutch paper's linked us with him with a journo that's supposedly reputable with PSV news.
  4. Spare a thought for @Teso dos Bichos - the man who insisted that he would go onto become the greatest right back England has ever seen.
  5. I think Ings would have been a top striker with us (and with anyone else tbh) if he could just stay healthy - but he just can't. It's gotta be depressing for him, being talented enough to be a very good player in the league but having his body constantly letting him down.
  6. I think they're going to end up getting fences put up in England if they carry on at this rate. So yeah, they've gone too far. Forest doing it for not even getting promoted was fucking stupid. Everton doing it for not getting relegated was stupid (but funny). With all the coked up morons attending matches noses full of beak and funneling more into their nostrils over the course of a match... I think sooner or later we're going to see something that makes the Billy Sharp incident look pretty mild.
  7. I don't really believe that independent media stuff because it's attributing Putin's escalation of the situation in Ukraine to Biden. The Ukraine situation appears to have been Putin believing that the US and West would simply appease Russia and allow them to hold Donbas. Let's not forget Ukraine-Russia tensions have been high since 2014 when Russia first invaded their country and annexed part of it. They've got a huge supply of grains - the vast majority of their food production goes towards grains - but they've also found issues with getting the food they're used to due to sanctions. Russia relied on food imports for: fruit and vegetables, pork and pig fat, pig offal, cheese, milk, yogurt, cream, butter, eggs, beef, chicken, fish, "prepared food" (idk wtf this is lol), and nuts. There have been reports of supermarkets in Russia barely having any stock of various food items post-sanction... and that's not surprising. They're going to have to adjust their domestic agriculture economy to not just be primarily focused on grain exports. The Ukraine war was Russia's gamble that the world would put global economic health ahead of the West wanting to defend it's ideals of democracy and that Russia's condemnation would be more moderated, like the international fingerwagging at the United States after the Iraq invasion. And I don't believe Putin expected a strong and united international response to his invasion because... well the first one got some fingerwagging but nobody really did anything. And nobody really gave a shit about Russian war crimes in Syria either. He had quite a few years of things just working out for him on the international stage that it led to a serious miscalculation on his part. And I think he's seriously fucked Russia over in the process, by making them a pariah state. It's weird too, Ukraine could not have joined NATO for a while - because of the active conflict on their borders. Even if they fully conceded Crimea to Russia, there's a period of time between a conflict before a country can join NATO. So they could not have applied. Meanwhile if his fear was Ukraine would join the EU... that's an economic pact and not a military pact - so he can't really claim that Russia was under any serious threat from that other than Ukraine would likely see itself get much richer. So by Putin invading, he's motivated Europe and NATO to want Ukraine & motivated neighboring countries to want to join NATO. And ironically, if Putin had listened to Biden... this escalation that has fucked Russia in the arse could have been avoided. Pro-Russian types like to point to the guy who came before Zelensky being pro-Russia and how he was forced out... so it must have been the west who did it. But that ignores the domestic pressure Zelensky's predecessor faced that doesn't seem to be caused by anything other than a domestic population frustrated with a corrupt government that put Russia's interests before it's own. It wasn't an Iran situation where democracy was removed - it was a democracy deciding it's internal leadership. Russia is the one that wanted to remove the democracy.
  8. I don't think Russia's high military spending means they've got a bigger economy than is being reported - it's just that the military spending is high despite the lack of spending in other sectors of their economy. Natural gas and oil sales and their military is how they project power in Europe. They've also now got to go back to a time when there was little international investment in Russia, due to now being the most sanctioned nation on the planet, after getting a taste of what a globalised economy can do for their population. So they're suffering a huge shock to their economy right now that is unlikely to get better any time soon. China's growing it's military with it's economy, because it has to - they want to be the eastern answer to the US, and unlike Russia but like the US, they're actually a superpower. The US projects it's power through it's economic might and having the strongest military - China has to do the same thing. All countries, especially the superpowers, are playing the long game to win. I think China wants to be the dominant nation on the country like the US has been for decades - but I think they'd like to reach that point through economic dominance rather than military dominance. But they'll need a big military to back their economic weight because... well... if the world responded to economic power alone, the US wouldn't have such a massive military budget. China's got an advantage in long term strategy as they've given Xi power for life basically, while the US is absolutely dogshit at implementing policies long term.
  9. Yeah for sure. You were so close to having the success we've managed to secure this season in a domestic double. It's disappointing to lose, but it's an achievement to make two finals. Makes me wonder though how much better Chelsea could have been had they spent the Lukaku money on a player or two that'd fit Tuchel's system better. Because I think him coming in sort of created an imbalance in the squad. You've certainly got players that have an excellent mentality to play for a club that wants to compete for trophies, and I think Tuchel's system generally is very good - I just think some players don't really fit the system all that well and that ends up hurting your chances a bit. Especially when you've got to compete with sides like City and us in this era where Pep and Klopp have set a really high standard that clubs need to meet to truly contend for trophies.
  10. Dr. Gonzo

    Making Music

    Yeah that was on my list too under the Line 6 stuff, wasn't it? I think that's a good option. I've got the Mooer GE200 which is even more basic & I like it just fine. I think for most guitarists something like the PodGo would be fine, even outside the bedroom... I know people who gig with their PodGo. If you wanted the more advanced routing and higher processing power of a Helix, there's also the HX stomp which is around the price of the PodGo I believe. I thought about getting one of them at some point in time during the pandemic... but I decided as long as my Mooer is working I'll keep using that when I want to use a modeler. But between the two, I think I would personally lean towards the PodGo because I don't use all that many effects, I like that it has a full sized expression pedal (the one on my Mooer is an absolute fucking joke mate, it's meant for someone that's got the feet of a fucking baby) and lots of switches. So what it lacks in processing power compared to the PodGo... it does make up for in being more practicable and to make certain changes a lot quicker than the smallest Helix. I think you'd be very happy with it. And if you end up getting one (or any modeler) - I'll send you some IR files so you've got some nice cab sims to play around with ; the ones that come with any modeler nowadays I think are all gonna be pretty decent... but they can require a lot of tweaking and messing around with to get right and if you're like me... you don't know all that much about micing up a cabinet that much, so the settings can be pretty fucking confusing. Loading in your own IR files takes a lot of that work out and gets you some high quality cab tones for you to mess about with the amp sims. But if you're using that cabinet (and why wouldn't you), I think just plugging that into the FX return of your 5150 or into an amp powerhead and turning off the cab sim would also work out pretty fucking nicely for you. I've just seen that the price of all of this shit has gone up so much since the last time I've looked
  11. I doubt City don't get a result, it's unlikely we win the league - but it's very cool that we are still technically in the race until the last day.
  12. In news of actual radical politics in the US, Gini Thomas - wife of Supreme Court Justice - has been exposed as having pressured AZ election officials to illegally overturn the election, according to her emails. It can’t be good having the wife of an unelected official holding his position for life, who ultimately interprets Americas laws, being implicated in illegally trying to subvert democracy.
  13. Dr. Gonzo

    Making Music

    That’s a nice cab with nice speakers… I’d be inclined to keep that if it was me. Yeah you really can’t go wrong with a Helix. I think Line 6 gets a lot of shit because they sort of pioneered amp modeling and back in the day it was pretty shit. And the old Line 6 spiders didn’t use regular guitar speakers so some people really hated them too. Imo they always made great effects models though, even if the amps were not always the best. I think it’s stupid though to hate them for trying to pioneer new tech in the guitar world… because they’ve very clearly come a long way. And they were always constantly improving (and they still are, the Helix gets updates all the time) They make tons of great gear and the Helix stuff competes well against some of those top tier options like Kemper/AxeFx according to reviews. And it’s so easy to use compared to every other modeler I’ve ever tried.
  14. Regardless of whether we win or lose, I hope Origi gets a last goal at Anfield to say goodbye.
  15. It’s weird too, when I was a kid all the adults in my family would say things like “don’t believe everything you see on the internet.” It’s good advice. Now I feel like every time I have to talk to my uncle I have to tell him “don’t believe everything you see on the internet.”
  16. Congrats to @RandoEFC & @Whiskey for staying up though!
  17. Whoever cooks City's prematch meal, make sure you put as much of this in it as you can:
  18. Gotta do some quick editing and turn that 3 into a 17
  19. Dr. Gonzo

    Making Music

    What cab do you have right now? Is it the Peavey one? If so, that thing's well made... just those Sheffield speakers are not that great. Putting some vintage 30s in that will go a long way to making it sound good - I think that's probably a much cheaper option than the Hesu cabs. Having said that... Hesu cabs are fucking nice. If you go with a pedalboard or modelers, rather than a full on clean amp... maybe look into getting yourself a decent power-amp. For bedroom playing I'd probably go with some sort of Class D solid state (cos valves are great... but they sound best when things are fucking loud) - with a pedalboard you'd probably want one or two preamp pedals. With a modeler, you'd just go straight into the power amp, then have that go to your cab... just make sure you turn the modeler's cab sim off! You could also just get a modeler going into studio monitor speakers or headphones too - but with that you'd want the cab sim turned on (and if you go that route, the PreSonus Eris are some good cheap speakers that'll sound great). If it were me, I'd go the modeler route because modern day modelers are pretty incredible in terms of sounding good and having convenience. I do love valve amps and there's something about playing through them that is just... nice. But they sound best at volumes that are going to piss people off if you're at home If you do look into modelers, there's a lot to consider - I've owned a few so I can give you my thoughts on some. There's the TOP TIER shit: Kemper, AxeFx, Neural DSP Cortex I can't comment on any of these because I've never owned or tried them. But Kemper and AxeFX are used by touring artists for even big bands now... so my guess would be they're really good. And they better be, because the price for them is absolutely outrageous Line6 Helix Line: I had a Helix LT before some dickhead stole it. Fantastic sounds and it had a wonderful UI compared to a lot of other modelers. The LT is something like 500 quid cheaper than the full one, which is why I went with that There's the HX Stomp and HX Stomp XL - these are much smaller units with almost as much functionality and processing power as the full sized one and Line6 PodGo: This is like a very stripped down Helix - it's got a lot less processing power, but it's a lot cheaper - and with more switches (which is nice imo - I'd use switches more with my Mooer if I had more than 3 ) than the full sized and a bit cheaper than the HX Stomp If you don't use too many effects - which I don't, most of the time... I think this could be a good option. Mooer's GE line The 300/300 Lite are really good competitors to the Helix line - a lot of processing power and a lot of features All the models from 150-300 have EXCELLENT amp modeling and a good number of amps. Most of the EFX sims are really good... some of them are a bit shit Cab models are the same - some are brilliant, some aren't This doesn't matter so much if you're planning on using it mostly with an actual cabinet cos you'll have the cab sim turned off Mooer does after-market updates, but not as often (or as well) as Line6 does The editting software is ugly... but it's also really easy to use These things are just generally easy as fuck to use - software or no software Headrush Series I like that all of these models have the same processing power and software No computer editing - it's all done with the touchscreen or with your feet If you don't like fucking around tweaking parameters on a computer, this can be a plus - I know some people don't For me, I'm in the camp that believes it's a lot quicker to make the edits on the computer Excellent amp models (limited selection, but they do a great job) - I don't like the way the EFX sound on it though Boss GT-1000 Series These have the best EFX modeling of all the models - which isn't surprising cos... it's Boss Limited amp choice, but some of them are really good The biggest con though is they all sound best with Boss's cab sims & they don't play that nicely with 3rd party IR (cab sim) files - whereas other modelers generally sound much better when you load in other cab sims... I thought it was weird and that's why I ended up returning it There's other brands out there like Zoom, Joyo, Hotone that all have their own modelers out - I hear they're close to Mooers in terms of sound/quality... and the Hotone ones look pretty interesting to me. I'd probably never get a Zoom product because I've had some bad experiences with them. For bedroom playing, I'd probably be looking at the Helix stuff or the Mooers. They're easy to use and sound good. The top of the line stuff is probably the best, but it's also insanely expensive and it all looks very complicated... too complicated for me One cool thing about modelers is you can have them run into your computer as an interface, or use them with headphones and speakers & get that mic'd up recorded amp sort of tone... or you can have them run into a power amp or your amp's FX loop's return to have them go through a cabinet to give you that in the room with the amp tone.
  20. I just don't understand how people don't hear something that seems like it's inflammatory and almost unbelievable (for example: the claim that US politicians want a one party state) without looking into it and looking into what was actually said. It takes google and the ability to sift through some links to get a full picture of what actually happened or what was actually said. If a source is breaking up quotes in a certain way and then putting it's own opinion in... without giving the full quote or full context of what happened... when you can see the full text/get a better picture... you should be able to see when political editorialisation is happening to cause division and sow extremism. It is scary, but fascinating, how information manipulation and misinformation can be so effective.
  21. So he's never espoused the white replacement theory... he's just going on TV and showing clips that have been edited short to claim that one party wants to... replace whites. It's the fucking white replacement theory. He might be trying to disguise it... but look at what he's saying - he's not disguising it very well. He's getting criticism because he's gone on TV with a neo-Nazi conspiracy theory days before a neo-Nazi has murdered people using the same neo-Nazi conspiracy theory in his manifesto. Seems fair to me a prominent mouthpiece of white supremacy gets criticism when something they've been saying gets cited by a white supremacist murderer. Idk what you're talking about regarding Pelosi wanting a "one party state" - she commented she wanted a return to republican values before American politics got so polarised and cited old republican policies that were a part of the party platform even during the Bush era. That's not wanting a one party state, that's wanting the extremists of America's right wing to not be so prominent in the republican party. For all this fearmongering about Americas radical left... it's really not that many people that are truly left wing in US politics. Bernie Sanders, that one woman who has the same initials as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Angus King, and a handful (and I really do mean a handful, like 3-5) members of the house of representative. Most of the democratic party in the UK would likely closely ideologically align with tories & Blaire era labour (which was very tory-esque). There's a handful of fringe left-wing weirdos calling themselves Antifa... and most people don't really like them because they see them as disruptive and violent. I think that's a hell of a lot different than the most watched political news channel in a country's most popular show spouting off neo-Nazi bullshit. And if US conservatives want to distance themselves from white supremacy - they should take more steps to condemn it, rather than promote it on their largest media arm. Otherwise they will get criticised for it. And it'll be fair.
  22. Dr. Gonzo

    Making Music

    For a bedroom amp, the Katana’s probably one of the best around. I had one… I wasn’t too keen on he high gain tones tbh but it’s personal preference isn’t it? If you can try one before buying, that’s always ideal. Also the software in those amps hooked up to a computer is where you can really get the most out of that thing. For bedroom guitarists going digital there’s lots of great options from the little practice amps like the Katana/Spark/the little yellow Yamahas I can’t remember the name of. There’s those digital modelers you can hook up to speakers or headphones like my Mooer, also with amps & effects. And then there’s plug-ins, which imo the best ones of those are the best digital tones I’ve heard. Thanks for the band recommendation, I’ll check them out!
  23. Dr. Gonzo

    Star Wars

    If "only" a sith deals in absolutes... and that's a pretty absolute statement... is Obi-Wan a Sith lord?
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