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    Fuck I want one
  2. Anyone had any shit beers lately? I've had some... but they're all repeats of stuff we've already reviewed.
  3. And this is coming from a man who'd fucking know
  4. I mean, out of the United fans on here... the ones from the UK that love United seem to be the most outspoken critics of him and his actions. I assume it was more to do with judicial economy than anything else as to why his charges have been dropped (not worth the time and hassle going to trial against a millionaire when there's other cases that are going to be easier to prosecute for them), rather than any legitimate sense of justice. I think if he wasn't a millionaire footballer, they'd probably have been less worried about the fight he'd put up against prosecutors.
  5. I wouldn't say that's not a plan. I think very clearly Forest's plan has been: bring in a high volume of players that have looked the part in the league at surviving relegation or better. Is it the best use of money? Probably not. Is it sustainable? No, no way in hell. Do I think they think it's a sustainable strategy? I doubt they do. But for them, the goal this season especially is just to survive. And signing players like Ayew, who was believed to be joining other relegation battling sides, keeps their direct competition from being able to use a player that maybe would have helped them - even if they flop. And the more expensive of those signings I think are players that are either: very sellable assets for Forest if they go down or players they'll be relying on to try to get promoted ASAP. It's easy to dislike a club coming up and spending a shitload while generally looking not that great of a side. But from their perspective, they've been out in the wilderness for a while... were promoted with a squad that was not sustainable in the prem (because of how they were relying on loans for that side that was promoted) and have a wealthy owner and now access to that TV money. I don't really begrudge them for spending so hard in desperation to try to just try to survive. And imo if they succeed in staying up for a few seasons, I think we'll likely see their transfer strategy shift rapidly. But they are definitely acting like a kid who's cheating in FM but still can't get the best players to come to his side despite cheating, and that is weird.
  6. I actually think you'd be in the minority of the fanbase in thinking he's just going to be able to keep playing for United without getting loads of flak. This isn't the NFL where rapists, wifebeaters, and murderers are forgiven so easily - I think if he plays for United again there's going to be significant fan backlash from United fans. And opposition fans will be happy to give him as much shit as they can. Anyone who heard the audio and saw the pictures is going to have a hard time ignoring that. The fact he's innocent in the eyes of the law doesn't change what people have seen and heard. And I think a good portion of English football fans are disturbed that he's likely just getting off because the victim is refusing to testify for whatever reason.
  7. That wouldn't be in character, I want my @DeadLinesman angry and indignant and telling people to die in house fires.
  8. This makes me want to re-watch The X-Files.
  9. I don’t think the club can release him without a legal battle, it would have been different if charges stuck and he was convicted. I think now they’ll either have to freeze him out and hope someone is willing to take him… or have the uncomfortable choice of whether to integrate him back into the side.
  10. Idk if that’s the same as the one in the US tbh, the logos are completely different
  11. I think this war (not even with confidence in Putin) still got support of higher than 60% of Russians that were willing to answer polls. We're not seeing too many people risk jail (or worse) taking to the streets to demand any change, like China before Xi removed covid restrictions or in Iran where people are just fed up with authoritarian rule. He has enough public support to where there's no civil unrest. People might be unhappy with how Russia has changed in a year, but they're not unhappy enough to demand things go to what they used to be. He's been bordering on desperation the longer this conflict lasts, but all of his calls for ceasefire have remained consistent & unacceptable to Ukraine. They've already threatened nuclear weapons usage more times than any country ever really should and it's not been taken too seriously because at the end of the day Putin won't be able to play Czar if he dooms the world to nuclear holocaust. There's a reason none of these superpowers pick fights with anyone that can seriously hit them back. Although I think in our lifetimes we'll probably end up with world leaders that are too stupid to understand the concept of MAD. But while I think Putin is delusional and a dickhead, I don't think he's as stupid as he's made himself to look in the last year. By the same token, it's why the West hasn't directly aided Ukraine more than funds/arming their military. The US knows if they put boots on the ground in Ukraine, it makes us that much closer to nuclear wear. I think it's too simplistic to say it was just "one" of Putin's closest allies "stole" - I think it's several oligarchs were in on stealing from Russia and lying about the quality and strenght of what they were providing to Russia's military. And Russia's a kleptocracy, with Putin taking the biggest slices of theft from Russia for himself. I wouldn't be surprised if we learn one of the biggest oligarchs defrauding Putin's military was Putin itself. Let's be honest, Russia's got a ridiculous number of those private mercenary armies and Russia wouldn't be leaning on them so heavily if the leadership had full faith and confidence in the way they've prepared the Russian military. The ordinary military are just meat for the grinder. I also think Putin knows his biggest threat is all of the oligarchs that have either: 1) spoken up against the war; 2.) are pissed off they're basically trapped in either Russia or Dubai, with shitloads of what they've looted from Russia frozen in the West. But that's also why he's become much more of a recluse and why so many oligarchs have been arrested or thrown from windows in Russia. Putin's rule is safe as long as Russians largely support the war, remain too afraid to protest, and oligarchs decide that they like living life even without access to their loot, more than they like life inside a gulag or as a mess on the pavement. And for as long as Putin is safe, I don't think he's feeling too much stress about agreeing to a ceasefire or peace treaty that isn't along the lines of the one sided bullshit he's already proposed. And tbh, I think China is watching Ukraine pretty closely. China has it's own issues with corruption that could plague it's military. Russia's got a far more battle proven military than China. And Ukraine is doing an astounding job giving the Russian military hell, without having allies come in and directly fight alongside them - just benefitting from western nations throwing weapons at them. I think if China tries this with Taiwan, the US has a treaty where they will be actively involved. And it's a sea invasion we're talking about, that's even more logistically difficult than a land invasion of a neighboring country. I'm not so sure a largely untested military will want to directly fight against the US, not just US weaponry, considering what a much shittier army has done with a fraction of the US military might behind it.
  12. Age on sign up? I think I was 16 or 17 when I signed up on the first forum. Age now? 34 Kids when you signed up? 0 How many kids now? 0 Married then? Nope Married now? Yes The first member you liked and respected? Probably @LFCMike or @DeadLinesman or @Toinho Your favourite member now? I don't wanna make anyone feel bad by naming anyone else. But also @Tommy, @LFCMike, @DeadLinesman, & @Toinho Where did you live when you first signed up (parents, friends etc..)? With my parents Where you at now? At my own place... in a different fucking country Life goals then? Getting as high as I possibly could Life goals now? I want to move to a house I actually like Member you most disliked then? Idk, it takes a lot to get me to truly dislike you over the internet. Was Voice of Reason on the old forum? Or Weird World? Those are good shouts. The dickhead blueshite who said racist (yet also so ignorant it wasn't even accurate) shit to me is also worth a shout. Member you dislike now? lol no comment Forum highlight in your time on the forum? When a bunch of Americans pretending to be Italian decided to download lots of gay porn to their computers so they could send it to @Spike to call him gay. Biggest world event that happened in the year that you signed up? I dunno Your football teams league position the year of your sign up? It was somewhere at the end of Houllier's time, I think? So not great, but not terrible. Their position now? Fuck off with this question Country you live on sign up? England Country live now? USA
  13. Makes sense either way you slice it. Resting players is good because, let's be honest, I think it was basically nailed on United would go through after the first leg even if they rested players. It gives key players a break, gives fringe players a shot to show they've got what it takes to do more... we all know the benefits of resting players. And on the other hand, I can see why Ten Hag would want to put a strong side out and keep it strong for the whole remainder of the semis. It sends a psychological message, that United's playing today not just to make it to a final - but to convincingly win a final. I think the first trophy a manager wins at a club is always a bit important. United are a club that should be expected to win trophies and he'll be wanting those players to know he's expecting them to deliver, not just today and not just tomorrow. It also sends a psychological message to Forest, tbh. Too weak of a side and you give them enough hope to maybe have the confidence to pull off a big upset. A strong side coming out probably has them feeling dead and buried before a whistle is blown. Tbh, I'd lean towards not resting players if it was me. First season at a club and you're in a semi-final... you've got to press on that and go all out for winning your first trophy in that first season. It sets a tone and success breeds success, even if it's only temporary. And with players like Casemiro in the squad, who know that winning is difficult but addictive, you want that sort of belief and attitude to spread to other players in the squad.
  14. At least he didn't call them cars. Independent contractors aren't slaves either And I'm not sure they fall under a typical independent contractor relationship either. Either way, you can't say people paid millions have a life that is in any way, shape, or form, like slavery.
  15. I dunno if you can say you did that quietly fumbled around the whole window making as much noise as you could and then paid an absolute shitload.
  16. Dr. Gonzo

    Metal and Rock

    A sad day for metal: Ozzy Osbourne retires from touring due to mounting health issues.
  17. The Onion's most famous headline is one that pops up a lot... https://www.theonion.com/no-way-to-prevent-this-says-only-nation-where-this-r-1850024424 "'No way to prevent this' says only nation where this happens regularly."
  18. So far there's been no indication that Russia is willing to concede Donbass, let alone Crimea, will ever be recognised as Ukraine again by them. So I don't think that's a likely scenario at all, unless Putin is suddenly out of power - but short of someone protecting him putting a bullet in his head, I don't think the likelihood of Putin not being in power is very high. Ukraine's got no incentive to negotiate with a Russia unwilling to recognize all Ukranian territories as Ukrainian (including Crimea). Nor should the rest of the world encourage them to appease Russia in this way. We know appeasement of expansionist authoritarians does not dissuade them. I'm not even sure why Ukraine would trust any peace treaty signed by Russia, considering Russia tore up the 1994 agreement that gave USSR nuclear weapons stored in Ukraine back to Russia. And I'm sure everyone involved in that from Ukraine's perspective is really regretting that agreement now. If Russia is desperate enough to use nuclear weapons, it means they're desperate and stupid enough to kill us all. Because we all know how the world will respond to those nuclear launches. But I don't think Russia will launch nuclear weapons for the same reason the US and Russia don't invade countries with nuclear weapons - it guarantees their own demise.
  19. Was it? I think he's one of those very overrated players that would probably all of a sudden have some of the shine suddenly come off them when he's no longer at Real Madrid. Seems like he bought into his own hype too, thinking he could get extra than what was agreed based off his name and what club he plays for.
  20. I think it's strange that Kenwright many years ago was able to get the media and so many, even amongst Everton fans, to buy into the "little old Everton" mindset regarding the club. In reality Everton are one of the biggest clubs in the country & years of mediocrity were sort of left unquestioned by the media due to Kenwright's success in shifting expectations and downgrading the club's ambitions as other clubs used the influx of TV money each year to keep pressing on.
  21. A few days ago I heard there were concrete links with Phillips and Galatasaray - I wonder if this latest injury changes our plans to sell him.
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