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  1. I think it comes from seeing Italians get wound the fuck up about their food purity when people do shit that's different to the "standards"
  2. I think it'll take a couple of decades, but yeah I think people in the US and UK will look at this point in history and say "what the fuck was that?" It's either that or society has devolved even further and the world will be more fucking bizarre than we can possibly fathom.
  3. It's real. So is Hulk Hogan endorsing Trump at the RNC
  4. Depends whether you like or dislike Everton lol
  5. It's the second most watched Star Wars show lol - I'm pretty sure all the idiots who review bombed it have actually ended up stoking the show's popularity. People knew the reviews were mostly bullshit, so they'd have to give the show a shot. And because it starts off with a bang and is actually a pretty good show in a basically untapped Star Wars setting... it's turned out to be quite a popular show. Seems like most everyone who genuinely likes Star Wars also seem to genuinely like the show.
  6. He's a dumb cunt just inventing something for United fans to be pissed off at Scousers about. Everton fans wanted to keep him, they get to keep him and I think they're quite happy about keeping him like you say. Rather than just be happy United have signed a highly rated promising & young CB, he knows anger gets him more engagement so he's just inventing something for people to be pissed off about because that'll keep his social media engagement high. So rather than accepting it's a scenario where both Everton and Man Utd fans might be happy about something, he's just being a cunt to keep his social media engagement up. A good thing to do is just block accounts you see that do this and deny them the attention they need in order to get sponsors for their stream. It's just a grift for people who don't have any real skills to try to make money by being a "football influencer" - fuck 'em. Transfer windows are fucking annoying because journalists just make shit up 90% of the time and you get random people on the internet talking about players they've never seen play like they're some kind of international football expert, when really they're just some dickhead on the internet.
  7. Yeah, the price doesn't seem realistic and I don't know if Milan can afford to pay a realistic price... unless Dortmund have some kind of financial issues I'm not aware of.
  8. Yeah Pelosi apparently said she's concerned if Biden doesn't pull out, it's likely they lose the house. Polling indicates that with Biden staying or pulling out, at the moment they're likely to lose the presidency anyways. But Biden not being in the race seems to increase the likelihood of democrat turnout to the point where they can likely keep the house.
  9. I feel the opposite. Could do with more sport on TV and less other shite.
  10. It’s actually a weird choice because he’s basically a mini-Trump like DeSantis, but with less of a personality that gives off “ew wtf is wrong with him.” Typically, candidates pick a running mate that cover for their weaknesses (Obama was criticised for inexperience & foreign policy - picked Biden to make up for that; Trump used to not poll that great with the religious right so he picked a zealot in Pence to bring them on board, etc). Trump’s not really done that. He mostly appeals to the base. Maybe the thought is a guy who came from poverty to becoming a senator and writing a bestselling book that got a movie adaptation is a story that might pull middle American swing voters. For me, a guy coming from poverty and then becoming a prominent politician in the party that makes life as tough as possible for the working class just makes me think he’s a cunt.
  11. Meanwhile Schumer and Jeffries seem to be pushing for him to step out of the race. I think Biden's going to be pushed out in the coming days.
  12. There's idiots who think that Trump is working behind the scenes with JFK Jr. - even though JFK Jr. has been dead for 25 years (just googled it and today's the 25th anniversary, weirdly). I think if he kicks the bucket a few of them will do some mental gymnastics to convince themselves he's not really dead and is guiding some other politician behind the scenes. That's the weirdo q anon idiots - which aren't the entirety of his base, but they do make up a decent portion.
  13. The guy is an absolute dickhead. 99% of the policy he supports is basically the worst possible position a politician can have on any given issue.
  14. Nah he’ll never be our manager I’m pretty sure.
  15. Lmao please not Fat Frank. I think Beheaddie Howe's probably the best of that bunch, but Potter'd be the easiest to hire from the FA's perspective.
  16. Wholeheartedly disagree tbh and I think it's a joke Walker somehow made the team of the tournament, he was easily our biggest weakness at the back - I think the only City player for England that had a good tournament was Stones honestly. He and Rodri were really the only City players that actually turned up for the tournament.
  17. The Taliban is here to stay, but I'm not sure the Western world should be having normal diplomatic relations with them. If the West is concerned with China dominating their rare earth minerals like lithium, have an ally like Pakistan or the UAE get in on competing with China for resources and have US/EU funding for these deals to give those allies the kind of financial weight to compete with China. That way the west isn't abandoning economic interests, helps strengthen an ally in this sensitive part of the world, yet not have to be directly involved with a terror state's government. The US, EU, UK, etc. aren't Afghanistan's neighbors, they don't have any real interest or reason in Afghanistan other than those lithium mines honestly. But countries like Pakistan are US allies, the UAE is a US ally too. Pakistan's a neighboring country and the UAE's close enough to the region (although its technically not the Middle East when you're talking about Afghanistan) and close enough culturally for them to have a vested interest - and their alliances and relations with the West are important enough to where I think they'd be happy enough to be mediators for western economic interests so long as they get their cut. Is stoning someone more unjust than an indiscriminate bombing campaign or the collective punishment of a people due to threats of terrorism? I say this as someone who has absolutely 0 love for the Taliban: I'm not sure their human rights violations come anywhere near Israel's. The Taliban will kill you for things like: you're the wrong flavour of Muslim and too Shia to be allowed to live or because you're the wrong type of ethnicity that's historically been living on that land for 1000s of years - but never in quite the same scope and scale of how Israel's gone about fighting their wars. Capitol punishment by stoning is objectively a terrible thing. Bombing refugee camps and hospitals, imo, is also objectively terrible... and honestly, I think it's much worse. Beheading someone for being Shia, Persian/Tajik, like the Taliban do, is backwards and obviously wrong. So is collective punishment of a population due to the actions of a terror group hiding within them. And again, the scope and scale of the human rights abuses, when you compare them, are so much more deadly. As for why the western world won't ever cut ties with Israel... it's not hard to see why. Israel would never have been established without the West - Israeli zionists needed western support in order to form their nation. And ultimately the reason of "why is Israel in what used to be called Palestine" is because of centuries of human rights violations against the Jewish people by Europeans culminating in the Holocaust resulting in world powers being in support of a nation the Jewish people could call home - and decades of the Israeli zionist movement (which I believe originated in the UK) having the opportunity to push for their goal with the biggest players on the world stage in the immediate aftermath of the second world war. The West is uniquely culpable for the state of the Israel-Palestine conflict, I don't think it's something they can ever wash their hands of - nor should they. There are other instances in Middle Eastern history where the West has caused significant damage to people... lasting generations - and then washed their hands clean of their mistakes and crimes; it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and millions are still reeling from the aftermath decades later. Imho the West and the more powerful Arab nations have the most responsibility to bring about peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Because god knows if left to their own devices, they'll keep this war waging for eternity.
  18. If advanced German tactics involve telling one of Europe's best strikers to sit around in the centre of the pitch and hardly fuckin' move, then I single handedly blame the Bundesliga for how bad England was in this tournament and we must send the SAS to rescue him from this farmers league
  19. Best chance we've got of convincing Klopp to join is by telling him this: "English refs can't officiate your matches if you manage England." But given he's said he wants to take a break because the pressure has been intense... I'm not sure there's a job in English football that comes with quite as much media scrutiny as the England manager. It's worth a shot seeing if he'll take the job though. He rejected the US job a few days ago according to ESPN I think.
  20. I'd also really like to know why exactly he was hardly ever in the box and why he basically was playing as a midfielder. Was he told to do that by Southgate? Was he just having a hard time moving from midfield to the box like normal because of his back issue & subsequently got that knock in the tournament? Or was he just... dropping deep because he felt like dropping deep? I don't think Kane should be dropped, especially with a new manager coming in. He's still obviously a very good striker. Joint top scorer in the tournament too despite playing very, very, very poorly. But his position as a nailed on starter I think should be something any new manager evaluates. What I'm hoping for is a new manager that builds the team around Bellingham but also finds a way to get Foden firing on all cylinders rather than being generally useless for England. The question is... how does it get done when it appears Kane, Foden, and Bellingham seem to naturally all want to occupy the same area on the pitch? Someone like Watkins might be the way to get more out of players like Foden and Bellingham. Someone like Toney, who's not as good as Kane, but took his very limited opportunities to be a menace in the box with just a short amount of time on the pitch also seemed to make us look more threatening in moments where being threatening was important. Can Kane fit into an England team that's more focused on Bellingham and Foden? Was it a matter of tactics or a lack of tactical instruction that caused the way they all played in the tournament? I think these are big questions for the new manager to come out and why things like that shit tournament that replaced international friendlies for UEFA teams will be a big part of figuring out how England will look ahead of any actual tournaments in the future. Having said all of that, I'm sure the next England manager is going to be thinking "how do I build a team that gets the most out of Bellingham, Foden, and Kane?" and Kane's likely going to be a big part of this England side for a while. But imo, I don't think he shouldn't be under scrutiny just because of how he performs at his club. I think the new manager who comes in really needs to dissect why exactly our typical starting attack was largely ineffective and why big players like Bellingham, Foden, and Kane put in such disappointing performances - even if big moments of individual class from Bellingham and Kane turned to be decisive in one of the most shit England performances of the tournament. I don't think any player is too big to be dropped in the name of putting out a side that can compete while actually playing football that isn't painful to watch.
  21. I think Southgate deserves credit for taking England on runs that we couldn't have imagined when he took over as manager. Expectations for England were so low when he came in - the national team were an embarrassment. He took us to 2 finals and a World Cup semi-final after things like the Iceland debacle. I hated his brand of football, especially with this current squad at Euro 2024 - but let's be real, only Spain and Germany were truly looking to play football and I don't think Southgate was wrong in his belief that you don't need great tactics to go far in international football and that it really is about the moments of magic from big players. I just think Spain have proven if you've got that along with a style of play and an identity, rather than reacting after you've been scored on, you may just have enough to go on and win something in a way that'll have you remembered. But I think he deserves a lot of credit for removing the toxicity from the England squad that was clearly there when the "golden generation" (who I think were a much better starting XI than anything Southgate's been able to put together, but nowadays we have a lot more quality all around) kept failing. And for where he ended up finishing in big tournaments. We used to be a country where at best you'd think we'd get to the quarter finals and that's probably about it. He took us to wanting more and to actually truly dreaming of winning. We even got to a final in a country that isn't England. but I hated his brand of football and now that we've got the aspiration and belief to go win something, I think it's absolutely the right time to go with a manager that's going to have England playing more on the front foot with the very strong squad we have. I honestly think the time to replace him was probably after the sad loss to Italy, but that probably would have been very harsh considering he'd taken us to our first final since 1966 and we'd only lost on penalties. I think despite the dogshit football, he can leave with his head held high. He restored pride back into the national team and got England fans seriously dreaming for the first time since Southgate missed that penalty in the Euros. It's a shame he could never get over the line - but I think he's done a good job in laying the groundwork for a better manager to come in and try to do better. And honestly, given his record in club football... I think it's fair to say he surpassed everyone's expectations of him by a long distance.
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