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  1. Yeah, what you're saying is absolutely true. It's why "trickle down economics"/supply side economics is generally ill advised - it doesn't actually stimulate the economy. Instead what you're saying is absolutely true, it gives extra money to the people who don't need to spend that money out of necessity and they're much more likely to save that money and not directly reinvest it back into the economy. I agree with you - if Labour doesn't win the next election it will be an astounding and almost unbelievable failure. For such a long time Tories have just been running the country into the ground - it's been over a decade of their mismanagement. They keep getting rewarded by voters for it, though, and Labour should be appalled that they've managed to somehow reduce themselves into a seemingly permanent opposition party.
  2. Shit like this is why I don't really have any respect for Justin Trudeau. Talks a big talk, but then is happy for Canada to be a second home for the children of the people running an awful government that in one breathe he's condemning. Because he's happy for Canada to be taking in rich people, regardless of the source of their money being wealth stolen from another country.
  3. If it was Russia, it sort of makes sense from an authoritarian ruler perspective. If he’s ousted, there’s no easy way for the oligarchs to return to printing money again. If it was the West, it’s sort of a strange message to send to Russia. I suppose it would let them know that they don’t care if Putin decides to turn off the taps in the winter. We’ll never know though.
  4. The Azov battalion was absorbed into the Ukraine military a while ago, the original leadership hasn’t been affiliated with them for a while. So not really like them at all. Yeah except US soldiers (not mercs) when attacked by a much larger force of Wagner mercs in Syria, they massacred the Wagner mercs at the Battle of Khasham. And the Ukraine war is proving that even outdated US equipment is proving to be effective for a smaller and less advanced military on paper.
  5. Milner was great for City and us though. He’s old and lost his legs now, but he was an important player for 2 very good teams. He’s got a completely different personality to Grealish as well.
  6. Now google the Wagner Group
  7. 1940. *edit* actually, no that's wrong. In 1940 it was £1 to $4 - which is much higher of a rate than it's been in my life. They may never have ever been equal before. Yeah, they've never been equal before. The closest was in 1984 when it was £1 to $1.07... just like it is today.
  8. On the one hand, I can understand why western Europe's put so much reliance on the US for defense. WW2 ended and the Cold War began - no European country was really quite in a position to properly defend itself from Russia. And honestly, seeing what the US (and NATO, but a lot of the heavy lifting has been done by the US) has been able to do to Russia by arming Ukraine to the teeth... I'd say Western Europe can look at that and quite comfortably say relying on the US for defense is a pretty sound decision. Russia's only gotten to experience a fraction of first hand experience seeing why the US doesn't provide it's citizens healthcare... and it's made the "might" of the Russian military look a lot less mighty in less than a year. I think it's pretty mental actually, they've managed to make NATO look like it has a purpose again after the end of the Cold War... and not too long after pretty prominent politicians had publicly questioned the purpose of NATO. And now it's pretty clear if Russia did want to start shit with a NATO country, they'd have to be prepared to get nukes otherwise they'd get humiliated on the battlefield. I still think it was most evident that Europe needed to do something about its energy dependence on Russia in 2014. Or even before that, when Russia rolled into Georgia. That was really all the evidence needed to show that Russia is a European power that has aims of expansion into the rest of Europe. But rather than actually address that, Europe remained reliant on Russia. A big problem, for Europe... but really everyone in the world.... is that there's a hell of a lot of issues with any of the big energy producers. None are really ideal to do business with. There's a tradeoff between maintaining dignity, morality, and standing up for "western ideals" and keeping energy affordable.
  9. I don't even know what you're referencing regardint the spec-ops gear shit but I think it's funny to paint what the federal government, who has jurisdiction over migrants in federal custody, to a governor telling people he's flying them one place... and then flying them elsewhere to score political points with the MAGA idiot crowd. Gotta say though, it's impressive how willing you are to fight a culture war for a country that you don't even live in.
  10. Yeah of course they don't want one, but if they keep offering up rubbish candidates as PM and don't like anyone they actually put up it's kind of hard to say we're a proper democracy without actually giving the people a chance at picking the next PM instead of a group of tory weirdos that can't help but find a candidate worse than the last.
  11. Trickle down economics is based around the premise that the ultra rich and the companies will pay workers more with the higher profits they receive, rather than just pocket the extra cash. History has shown that time and time again, this sort of "supply side" economics just gives the people in society who already have the most even more. And I'm sure @Inverted would know more than me - but I think companies have a statutory duty to look out for shareholders, not their workers. So big profits with low overhead trumps paying workers more because companies have more. There's reports that Tories are already putting in letters of no confidence with Truss. After 3 prime ministers that weren't elected, I think it's a bit rich that the tories want to pick yet another PM. Time for a general election if the tories think they've gotten it wrong, AGAIN, imo.
  12. I think there's no way we actually end up with him if Madrid, City, or Chelsea are genuinely interested.
  13. Dr. Gonzo

    Off Topic

    Not when I was a kid
  14. The pound taking a fucking beating has me thinking I should take a trip home soon and live like a king for a few weeks.
  15. I take solace in the fact that if Germany conceded 3 goals to us that means they aren't very good either.
  16. I think it’s already pretty violent and if the protests keep going it’s only going to get worse in that regard.
  17. I think he’s been pretty lucky setting up to be a defensive side that relies on set pieces, but he’s been figured out and it shows.
  18. Gareth Southgate is the first English manager to get relegated as a player, club manager, and international manager
  19. I'm surprised by the lack of Zidane in these XIs
  20. It means he's not a donkey like many other shithouse strikers, so it's praise to some extent
  21. Imo Drogba's the ultimate shithouse striker.
  22. Dr. Gonzo

    Andor (2022)

    I'm going to start this on Saturday probably. Looking forward to it - people who've watched the 3 episodes seem to all think it was very very good. Can't lie, I can't stop seeing "And/or" when I see the name, so I'm hoping my brain will eventually get passed that.
  23. Also asylum seekers aren’t illegal immigrants.
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