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  1. I also can't collapse the thread stats but would really like to be able to.
  2. Tbh I think it's a weird signing, because I'd have thought you'd have more of a need for an out and out striker and you've got lots of players that play in the same position as Grealish, as you said. I think if you sign him, he's probably starting regularly though and you're probably going to be going into the season set up with a false nine more often than not.
  3. I think he's going to Citeh for sure, but that's pretty fucking funny
  4. Dr. Gonzo

    Making Music

    @Mel81x... after fucking around on Amplitube (their JCM800 model, if that helps - but I think any gainy Marshall sound should get close tbh) last night trying to recreate it - I sort of found myself having the same problem. I'm either giving it too much gain and/or treble... or I've not got enough gain and/or treble. So I dialed in a tone that sounded close-ish and rolled off a bit of gain and presence & put an overdrive sim with the gain almost all the way down (let's say at like .1 gain), the level I had about 3/4ths of the way to fully turned up, and the tone I had at about 1 or 2 oclock... that was much closer than trying to get the sound from just the amp... ...but it still wasn't quite right
  5. I only recently learned Iran has a basketball team by hearing the news that the US team absolutely destroyed them - was surprised to learn they even have a team. Would have thought more people that tall and athletic in Iran would probably go into volleyball or football... but I guess not.
  6. I’m surprised they even have a hockey team
  7. Saturday 7th August, 2021 Dundee Utd 1-3 Rangers Zenit 3-0 Krasnodar Lyon 2-1 Brest Leicester City 2-4 Man City Sunday 8th August, 2021 Toronto 1-1 New York City FC Fulham 2-0 Middlesbrough Metz 1-2 Lille RB Salzburg 3-1 Austria Vienna FC Porto 4-0 Belenenses
  8. My biggest hobby is fucking around on the guitar trying to be less shite at it.
  9. Dr. Gonzo

    Making Music

    I'm not home right now so I can't try to tones-chase it until I get back but... I know what amp was used for that album. It was a Marshall Plexi - so if you've got anything that kind of emulates that tone... that would probably work. Jake E. Lee used a JCM800 live, so anything along those lines would also probably get you along the same lines. I don't know how the amp was EQ'd though - to my ears it doesn't sound like that 80s "max out all the dials of your Plexi" tone that so many bands used... if I had to guess, the treble's set the highest of the 3 band EQ (do Plexi's have a presence, if so that's probably high too... and if treble's not set the highest, that's probably maxed out). I think it's boosted with an overdrive... I also think there's some phaser effect (at least at some parts). That's probably not too helpful for dialing the tone in, but I hope at least some of it was helpful.
  10. Dr. Gonzo

    Making Music

    Yeah - I tried unplugging everything and loading up, this made it crash extra quick (a project would open for about a half second... then the program would crash). I'd have more time between opening a project if I had the interface attached - which made me think it might be working for a few minutes, but it would crash. The corrupted project wasn't a complete lost cause in trying to salvage, I managed to salvage my very first take on guitar (lol) and a couple of takes on the bass... so I'm not starting from complete scratch anymore. I think Reaper is super unintuitive... but I do appreciate that the DAW is using way less processing power than Cakewalk did. So now it's a matter of slowly learning the workflow. People say Reaper is very user-friendly once you learn your way around it and there's a but if customising that can be done to personalise workflow... so I'll have to learn generally how it all works then probably delve into that to give it a layout that makes sense to my pebble smooth brain. On the plus side, there's an absolute insane amount of Reaper tutorials on YouTube compared to Cakewalk.
  11. Wait do I have to submit them in a picture? Or can I just type it out like a normal person?
  12. Oh… I didn’t know that, I’m sorry to hear that. It’s a truly awful disease, I don’t know anyone with it but I also passionately hate it
  13. Can I also have Leverkusen please?
  14. Dr. Gonzo

    Making Music

    @Mel81x just got home and went to load up my project on Cakewalk to fuck around with it... FUCKING FILE CORRUPTED Looked around on the internet for any way to sort of salvage any version of my song... learned this happens to lots of people and you should save multiple versions of a project. Sort of resigned myself to just starting the fucking song over, so I open a new project on Cakewalk... and the bloody DAW crashes. I try again... it crashes again. I try again... it crashes again. I restart my PC... I try again, it stays open for about 3 minutes and then in the middle of recording... IT FUCKING CRASHES AGAIN. So I'm fucking Cakewalk off and going back to Reaper... honestly, not to happy about it because I actually found I really liked Cakewalk and I felt like an absolute moron using Reaper because I didn't know how to do anything. But going back to Reaper, I will say that now that I'm a bit more familiar with DAWs generally, I'm way less confused. I'm honestly fucking furious though that I basically have to start from scratch. I guess there's a lesson to be learned about the possibility of files getting corrupted and how I can save multiple versions of a project to prevent that. But I cannot put into words how fucking annoyed I am.
  15. I read he'd had some sort of recovery from the disease - he even finished a tour of Europe around the end of 2018 with his new band. So while he did lose use of his legs for a period of time (which has to be terrible for anyone, but if you're a drummer and you get joy from playing drums... that's a seriously debilitating illness) - but I guess I really don't know how his health was in the last 2-3 years. Gotta assume that, because he's passed away, it must not have been going well. Although, I'm not gonna lie when I heard he died in his sleep at home in Iowa... I did think "shit, it might have been an opioid overdose" but that's just me making stereotypes about the US's midwest... and I completely forgot about his illness.
  16. Awful news - I loved Slipknot's first couple of albums... and they're probably a big part of the reason why I like metal so much tbh. And he was an absolutely immense drummer, I remember being surprised as fuck that they sacked him because imo he was by far the most talented member of the band. Rest in Power Joey
  17. It does seem like the Ox is sort of being groomed to play in the Firmino role. But I'm not sure how much we can rely on him even as a backup option with all of his injury problems.
  18. Yeah that's a serious signing that addresses one of the areas on the pitch they needed addressing. AWB Slabhead Varane Shaw is a pretty solid back 4 on paper - maybe AWB's the weak link there but he's still young and they spent a lot on him for his potential, and I think with Shaw there's a decent example of why it might be good to stick with a player you've spent a lot of money on for the potential. After a few seasons of steady improvement for Solskjaer... I think this season is where there's the most pressure for him to deliver results immediately. They've had a big summer and made two very good signings in Sancho and Varane - I'm not saying they should be nailed on title winners, because City's squad still makes them favourites in almost every regard imo, but they should be looking to have a more serious title challenge and at least a long run in the CL. Dunno if they've got the depth in the squad to do both of those and go on at least one good domestic cup run, but the CL and the league are the more serious things they should be going for on day one of the season. Obviously if they suffer some sort of horrible injury crisis, expectation should be scaled back (although that didn't really happen with us other than amongst Liverpool fans) - but they should be looking to actually challenge City domestically and to go further in the CL than they've been able to now.
  19. If the Wirral were a person, it wouldn't be ugly... but it wouldn't be beautiful either - if that makes sense.
  20. Yeah, I'm attaching them. Shame embedding doesn't work because that's way fucking easier (also I hate these emojis and I want the old ones back)
  21. Carlos Queiroz is now being linked with the Iraq job. Personally, I hope he doesn't take it. I think he can turn Iraq into contenders because I think he could take any decent Asian team and make them incredibly tough to beat.
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