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  1. making 70% buildings accessible would add nothing significant to game experience anyway
  2. Texas has got enough petitions to put secession as an option for the primary elections next year It's happening
  3. U.S making similar calls but it is likely a) Just rhetoric b) Not workable. Most of these 'settlers' are dual nationals. They hold nationalities of US, Belgium etc they don't need a visa.
  4. Israel is now moving from political Zionism to Messianic Zionism. If people were following news from Israel prior to all this they may know huge protests were going on against Nethanyahu. Nethanyahu is leading a coalition govt of very right wing Kahanist-Messianic groups of Israel. What is Kahanist ? Watch video below One of the primary goals of Kahanism is to bring about the coming of the Jewish Messiah. Early Zionist leaders were mostly secular they faced opposition from Orthodox Jewish circles who opposed creation of Israel bcz they believed a Jewish state cannot be established until the Messiah comes. Watch from 17:50 Early Zionist leaders pleaded with them that we can't wait forever let's have a Jewish state first and then you can work for coming of the Messiah. Some Orthodox groups agreed but others oppose to this day as in the video above. But as one can sense it was just a ruse to get them on their side as Israel was run by secular leaning, political Zionist groups who kept Kahanist leaning groups at bay. But that started to change in 90s with the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin who was viewed to be giving Palestinians too much concessions. Since 2000s Nethanyahu has been gaining gradual power. Now the Kahanist-Messianic groups believe the time of Messiah is near and they can't waste time anymore. Some things need to be sorted like a final solution to Palestinian issue and rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. Nethanyahu in 1991 The end goal of Messianic Zionism is not just solution to Palestine but returning all those places where Jews have ever lived from near to distant past. Weekly publication of Kahanist groups called for annexing south of Lebanon in recent edition. The red heifer whose sacrifice is needed inorder to mix its ashes with water for purification before building of the Jewish Temple, as a prerequisite for coming of Messiah, were bread and sent from Texas to Israel in Sept 2022. Out of the total five only one needs to be in perfect shape for the ceremony planned in April 2024. The Evangelicals in US also support this because they also believe the temple needs to be rebuilt in order for Jesus to return that's why they are supporting the Kahanists in all this. What happens to Jews after that in their view is another story. imo what happens in the region next will be determined by which elements prevail in the policy making circles of US and Israel. Those who view it religious ideologically vs those who view it secular strategically.
  5. I always pronounce pre-marital in my head like Anthony Martial
  6. That 2012 game against Czech Republic was all Ronaldo. Vividly remember watching it he should've gone a hatrick.
  7. When was the last Euros where Spain Italy didn't play each other ? Portugal Czech Republic another common fixture
  8. Expecting it to be 7/10
  9. – Most centuries in 4th innings of Tests in history (5) – Only player to score a Test ton in each Test nation – One of the highest Test century conversion rate of over 50% – Three times he was informed of a death of his relative ( including mother and brother) while he was batting 50+ – Known for erratic behavior and even pulled a knife at a batting coach – Known for being rigid as a captain and there was an attempted mutiny against him during CT 2009 which failed bcz one of the mutineer snitched.
  10. Only thing I like about winter is more clothing options.
  11. Pakistan. Leaving out the governmental aspects – The culture of finding connections, and sweet talk to get anything done or expedite it. – Peer pressure to get somethings done in life by certain age marriage, kids, house etc but It is reducing with time. – Shahid Afridi. He's ruining Shaheen also – Pathetic cinema choice. Bollywood is disproportionately mostly shit and has destroyed the cinematic taste of people. Again changing with time but I would dub mature cinema from the world and make people forcefully watch it. Civilizing those primitive savages. – Pollution. Smog has become a big issue in recent years like if we were manufacturing like China it would make sense but wtf ? Though it is a problem in the whole region. – Lack of thick forests and low biodiversity for a decent sized country. Even pesky little Estonia has more animals than us.
  12. I see Judaism as a class indicator in America (at least in upper echelons of society) not some strict ethno-religious group. Marry into one or convert and you are part of the club like Trump's daughter did.
  13. Chile suddenly went shit after winning back to back Copa Americas
  14. What's with erratic hairstyles and right wing politicians ?
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