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  1. Didn't watch the game but Haris Rauf defended 4 runs in the last over against England. In modern T20 that is something.
  2. He'll back hopefully, said he will be busy until the WC starts
  3. I have 130 followers, 3-4 blue checked. I'm unstoppable now
  4. Your opinion is like Victor Wanyama’s opinion of Paranormal Activity 3, it goes in the bin.
  5. Yeah something like that I saw it on twitter.
  6. George I was 53rd in line for the throne when he was chosen, because the 52 in front of him were Catholic.
  7. I'm waiting for the WC to create a poll on "It's coming home" so no one is allowed to steal my thread.
  8. Mankading back in the discussion. I don't understand the fuss about the rule, it's similar to baseball where you can rightfully throw the ball to one of the bases if the runner is too far from the base.
  9. Yeah but Egypt was brutal, hundreds were killed by live fire in minutes.
  10. Two French Kings died by smashing their heads in a door frame. Mughal Emperor Humayun died by slipping from a staircase after his foot got stuck in his robe.
  11. Iran will be the surprise package in England's group. Well not exactly surprise they equalled Portugal on points last time and their players play in Qatar a lot.
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