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  1. Harry

    Trivia Thread

    This was a good guess too. Huge songbook and hugely influential. Maybe the Beatles biggest rival for the greatest of all time.
  2. Harry

    Trivia Thread

    Correct! A forgotten giant of the 20th century. http://www.waynesthisandthat.com/elvisbing.html
  3. Harry

    Trivia Thread

    No. One of his forebears. Probably the giant of the entertainment industry (music and film) in the first half of the century. A legend but no. His 3 chords could only be arranged to form so many songs. Not a rock artist.
  4. Harry

    Trivia Thread

    No. No but genre wise you're moving in the right direction. This person was a major influence on Sinatra.
  5. Harry

    Trivia Thread

    Elvis was in second place with 85 top 30 hits. This artist had 383.
  6. Harry

    Trivia Thread

    Great guess but no. This person predates elvis and for the most part predates the billboard charts which were introduced in the mid 50's. Elvis had 85 top 30 hits
  7. Harry

    Trivia Thread

    No Solo No. Not a country artist. This person predates all those listed thus far
  8. Harry

    Trivia Thread

    She's right up there. But no.
  9. Harry

    Trivia Thread

    Getting closer. They had approx 60 hits and 24 number ones.
  10. Harry

    Trivia Thread

    No. He was more of a cult artist. Only 1 song of his ever charted at all.
  11. Harry

    Trivia Thread

    No, but he is towards the top, with approx 40 hits. He's a fair way behind the big boys though.
  12. More CL finals played, more CL matches won overall.
  13. Harry

    Trivia Thread

    Nope. This is one of the all time greats.
  14. It shocks me liverpool fans aren't more pessimistic about this game. I'm pretty sure we'll lose or maybe scrape a draw. We have no defense, and we're playing one of the best attacks in Europe who've only dropped 3 points in the league since late November. Just because it's Europe people think we'll pull something out of our ass but worth noting Bayern have a great record against us and are a side with even more pedigree in the competition.
  15. Harry

    Trivia Thread

    Negatory. I've edited the question.