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  1. Warren has overtaken Sanders in second place in real clear politics all polling national average, and overtaken Biden in betting markets as the most likely nominee... 🤔
  2. Harry

    President Trump

    I wouldn't credit him with strategic thinking on that level at all mate. What you've suggested could be a thinking of the people who put the A4 page in Trump's morning dossier but Trump's thinking will be much more simple... What would make him look good, powerful, important and ballsy, and dominate the news cycle? What headline sounds big and exciting? It's been proven time and again and validated by essentially all personal accounts from people that have no reason to obfuscate. Hilarious how much is wrong with that statement. Lifetime judicial appointments at a crucial time in partisan warfare make it worthwhile no matter the hypocrisy and brand damage sustained. They've already secured the supreme court majority for a generation thanks to trump. That locks in citizens united and partisan gerrymandering, puts abortion rollbacks on the table and provides a stable majority in a branch of government able to contain or curb any major Democrat policy reforms that could happen in the next 20 years.
  3. I don't see Arsenal being our first clean sheet of the season. Too much potency in attack. This could well be a draw given the outs we have.
  4. Harry

    The Student Loan Crisis

    Surely you can repay, you just haven't reached the point where repayment is compulsory and happens automatically...?
  5. Harry

    Sheep - Season 3 - Media and Entertainment

    I just guessed there was an inbetweener called Chris.
  6. Harry

    Members Pictures

    You're Stan
  7. Harry

    Members Pictures

    Lovely photo mate! Great family photo
  8. Harry

    Members Pictures

    Funny comment coming from you mate.
  9. Harry

    The Student Loan Crisis

    Yeah ultimately it's personal development, responsibility and accountability that's required. Even compulsory (or at least high uptake) national service would go a long way.
  10. Harry

    The Student Loan Crisis

    You know you can tick a single box on a form with your employer to get that annual repayment money taken out gradually as an extra 5% income tax? I found that much nicer than a single lump sum in June.
  11. Harry

    The Student Loan Crisis

    Yes it probably is. Ultimately 18 is quite a young age and many people are not ready or mature enough to jump straight into full time work. From that perspective any University degree which Foster's a much greater degree of independence than high school is valuable. But some people like the subject matter and the intellectual elitism of being a student and happily pursue a number of degrees. This is when it's problematic.
  12. Harry

    The Student Loan Crisis

    In our case it's money owed to the government, and it's paid back out of your pre tax income by increasing your marginal tax rate, and repayments only start once you're earning for than 45k... So it paid itself back over time without me ever having to do anything, and once it the debt reached zero it was like getting a 7.5% pay rise. Ultimately it's a user pays system but it's debt that is as low as governments own borrowings. I favour this over a free system as I think there needs to be some accountability on those who study to be prudent with their tertiary education.
  13. Harry

    The Student Loan Crisis

    I graduated in Australia with an engineering degree and a $40k College debt. In Australia this was a loan scheme from the government which was issued at the inflation interest rate of approx 2.5%. I paid it back in around 8 years of working. Since then the rate has gone up to around 4% and fees have gone up. But it's never been called a crisis here. The idea of writing all student debt sounds pretty outrageous imo. Some democrats have touted this and I wouldn't have regard for it.
  14. Harry

    Question a Member: Pyfish

    Has your username always been pyfish on this site? Outside of work and sleep what is the number one thing you spend the most time doing? Where do you most want to travel to? Your all time Top 5 musical artists
  15. I'm a bit concerned we still played so much of our front 3 after the taxing midweek match. Only origi got some extra minutes... It really feels like we only have one player outside of our first 11 that Klopp is prepared to use in our attack.