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  1. Harry

    US Military Buildup in Persian Gulf

    Hard to see a way any meaningful military action could be sold to the american people who are quite passionately against another foreign conflict by last reports I'd read. Especially one that was instigated largely by America.
  2. Harry

    Sheep - Season 2 - Football

    These South american club questions! Cursing that I should have gone with stans club.
  3. Harry

    Sheep - Season 2 - Football

    Why the hell would you go so low percentage by throwing a year or a version on the end of it?! 🤣
  4. Harry

    Members Pictures

    Congratulations mate! That's big news! Have you visited the little one yet or is there geography/distance between you and her?
  5. Harry

    Sheep - Season 2 - Football

    I think the Portuguese league has been ranked ahead of France in the pre PSG era.
  6. Harry

    US Military Buildup in Persian Gulf

    It really was so weird that from the moment Trump was elected suddenly Iran was shit again and North Korea was great.
  7. Harry

    US Military Buildup in Persian Gulf

    The challenge any country has is to ensure it functions in a manner consistent with its strategic intent. Military types can be unpredictable and there is always some possibility some in key operational roles may overstep their bounds.
  8. Supposedly an uber eats person on a motorcycle will drive in with the match ball each game.
  9. I haven't paid close attention to the red bull project. Having now looked into it a bit I'm not sure I see the likelihood of their global soccer Empire causing a spike in energy drink sales. There are maybe some different aspects at play in the criticisms... Multi club projects are one aspect which definitely I can see being anti competitive and don't like. An FMCG company buying teams and slapping their brand into the written name of the club is another quite different thing. Football is not F1. It's much more fan driven. Also there's a dislike of clubs with no history. An Australian soccer league launched here 15ish years ago and I still don't have that true heart feeling about my local club because it takes time to build that genuine passion. Maybe even two generations of parents infecting their kids with greater passion than they had themselves. So anew club effectively springing up out of nowhere and advancing beyond its station is bound to be disliked by everyone.
  10. Without doubt his desirability as an agent would be affected by bigger clubs publically refusing to deal with him. But most clubs are greedy hogs who'd climb over each other to secure the best players so not many would do it. And PSG definitely wouldn't
  11. Harry

    Round 08: France

    Come on Danny R!
  12. Others may enjoy this. 6 uncut minutes of klopp. His first six minutes as a Champions league winning manager.
  13. Harry

    Forbes Top 100 Rankings for Highest Paid Athletes

    Surprised Messi would top Ronaldo in an endorsements list.
  14. You're out late wandering the dark alleys of Amsterdam at 2am. You see Mino Raiola on his own walking the other way... What do you do? Snog, Marry, Avoid? But seriously, ignore, or push him into the canal?
  15. They were strong in those positions last year too tbh. The soulless oil/oligarch clubs have all struggled to win the Champions league despite being two or three of the five strongest clubs in Europe for the last 15 years. Only Chelsea have succeeded, and only once. I'm not sure the favorites tag counts for much with clubs with a great squad on paper but no Champions league HERITAGE.