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  1. I won't concede we're favorites until the gap is more than 20 points
  2. Think Arsenal really needed a different manager than Arteta tbh... Someone who brought more mentality less philosophy.
  3. You coulda just mentioned CONMEBOL countries mate
  4. I was not in favour of cutting short Brendan Rodgers tenure at the time. It was media driven hype and I felt he was still capable of taking us forwards. That said I loved Klopp from Dortmund and was happy to have him as our manager, so whilst I wasn't happy with the sacking my mood improved once it became clear Klopp was being brought i as his replacement.
  5. That said the goals per game stats between him and Adrian would be an interesting side by side comparison.
  6. Let's not forget the December red card, where we conceded the moment he went off, and then the league goals conceded during his suspension.
  7. 🤣 Same. Except I feel they will drop points the moment I tip them to win convincingly! And in my case that's not the effect I'm hoping for
  8. Will be interested to see how we go here after the United game...? Do we remain meek, unassuming and just as focused on the next fixture as before? Or does the confidence surge coming off the United fixture show up in a swagger? Either way I think we should be capable of winning the game, but the manner of it will be interesting.
  9. Harry

    The Royal Family

    His comments were basically a nonsense rant. He really does come across as even more of a fuckwit than I realised. He couldn't give a fuck at all about the crown or the royals so why say anything?
  10. Harry

    Member World Cup 2020

  11. Wow. I thought this would be a terrible round for me..
  12. Harry

    Member World Cup 2020

    This is in FIFA?
  13. Harry

    Member World Cup 2020

  14. Honestly for me this was our decision making from de gea and similar enough to when keepers flail at a corner. I thought he should have been doing more to make sure he got something on it. Trying to catch it is risky in that situation. This moment had done of the worst surrounding of a referee I remember seeing in quite a while. 2010 Chelsea would have been proud. Definitely better than previous games. A welcome change. Fair play to Ole for having a decent crack albeit with limited tools available at his disposal. Though I do wish Firminos goal had counted and that De Gea didn't get a fingertip to that cracking left foot strike from Hendo to make it a more convincing 3 or 4 nil. Still, in a week where we play United and City played palace it's excellent to have come out of that two points further ahead.
  15. Interesting rumour, particularly given the below other rumour.