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  1. At Old Trafford. And United always seem to get results when Ole needs them most. I feel they'll take a point.
  2. He's pretty damn honest mate. Sometimes you've got to side with your team's cause, but he's still pretty frank compared to many managers.
  3. The thing about him is he's consistent. Even when he's not in the current form he's putting in a goal every other game and still right up there in the scorers list.
  4. We are so bloody lucky to have this little magician on our team.
  5. There is a very influential group of scientists here called OzSage who are still driving for covid to be mostly eliminated here and seem like ideological extremists to me. They were in favour of masking down to 2 years old, as is being done in some parts of the US.
  6. Its still mandatory to wear a mask in Melbourne, anywhere outside of your own property, regardless whether outdoors or indoors, with a $400 fine if you take it off. Recently the rules were relaxed to allow you to pull your mask down to take a sip of coffee whilst at a playground, as that had been prohibited. There is talk that this week they will relax it to allow you to lower your mask to consume alcohol. My bigger peeve is that schools will reopen next week and all kids in grade 3 and above are mandated to wear them in the classroom. It's strongly recommended for younger kids to wear them but not mandatory.
  7. Looking forward to seeing it at the cinema when I get out of lockdown, assuming it's still showing by that point.
  8. Also it gives a sense of fulfillment in the protestors.
  9. My thoughts as well. He's such an important player to our attack... I think Milner defensively is a good stand in but going forward he can't compete with Trent
  10. There's a pretty uncomfortable marriage between conservative elites and the Trump coalition of voters. I don't think those groups want the same things. Trump voters seem to just want "death" to democrats and to upend the status quo. Elites just want to deregulate and enable corporate pillaging. They don't want civil war and want to keep the status quo.
  11. He's a "give him time" managerial appointment. His standard approach of how things usually go for him would be "slow start, with a decent second half of the season. Massive improvement in second season and beyond". I'm torn here because I want Gerrard to have a great managerial career but think Ange will 100% flip the axis to Celtic in his second season.
  12. I'm wearing it most places I go. I look forward to it being voluntary though. Outdoors during summer is ridiculously dumb
  13. Same. Surprised me Arsenal didn't lock him down the moment his playing career ended, and put him on a succession plan... Arsenal lack spine. He would help.
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