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  1. I'm not really buying Sterling as the clear stand out player at man City this season. Aguero and Bernardo have both been awesome also.
  2. Don't I know it. The two extra fixtures makes our run towards the end of the season harder than yours. They will be more likely to destroy Spurs 6-0 in an angry rage. Exactly this. Cities odds of winning the EPL just went up significantly.
  3. One of Ajax or Tottenham will play in the Champions league final. 😮
  4. Harry

    The Five Deeps Expedition

    Hahaha no definitely not I never even saw that movie. I was imagining underwater buildings on stilts with an airlock where you could swim up through the floor.
  5. I hope they can keep DeLigt mate. Start an era of sustained challenge in the Champions league final stages.
  6. Not sure patronising is the right word mate. No-one doubts their pedigree, but are both surprised and delighted to see them continually exceeding expectations and looking clearly the better team against much more expensive lineups... Reaching a level they haven't been for two decades.
  7. 😮😮 Imagine a Man City vs Liverpool Champions league final in a year where they fought for the EPL title right through to the final day. That would be pretty fucking epic.
  8. Harry

    The Five Deeps Expedition

    My dream as a child was to be the first person to start a new civilisation under the sea.... 😔
  9. Harry

    Game Of Thrones

    Catelyn. Maester Aemon. Maester Luwin.
  10. Harry

    Game Of Thrones

    I still don't see what particular significance the Tarly sword should have over any of the other Valyrian steel swords owned by the major families. John already has longclaw.
  11. Harry

    Game Of Thrones

    Yeah. I hated the greyjoy plotlines though so wasnt sorry to see that. The shortening of the dornish plot bugged me though. Book 4 just annoyed me in general tbh with it lacking in so many of the major characters. Interestingly GRRM said he most regrets the omission of lady stoneheart from the show. I thought that was among the dumber sub plots di didn't miss it at all. Do you recall if the plot of Sam taking heartsbane from Horn Hill occurred in the books..? I don't think it did and I'm interested why they've bothered to write it in... Is that the sword that becomes lightbringer? Will he use it himself? Will he give it to Mormont?
  12. Harry

    Game Of Thrones

    Did anyone else seriously question the overall plausibility of Theons episode 1 story line?