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  1. So you think it's an injustice that the people of the UK aren't armed to the teeth? You'd take their stable, 0.2 gun deaths per 100k country and dump 25m more guns into it?
  2. Democrats and Republicans both have establishment figures which have the ear of big money. Republicans bend towards tax cuts for corporations. Democrats slow walk stuff, winning the left wing vote but slow walking the economic side of things. Mental health issues increasing in prevalence might explain why gun deaths are trending up. But they don't explain why America has 50 times the rate of gun deaths as the UK. Both parties offer more in rhetoric than substance on the front of globalisation. They both act sympathetic to the idea of American jobs and will make some noisy announcements to placate their base but both understand inevitability, and conservatives are stern believers in markets and that government should stay out of that sort of shit. The two party system is worse in America than elsewhere imo.
  3. I think De Santis will only have a chance if Trump is indicted tbh. If Trump contests the primary hell be hard to beat and if he loses he'll make De Santis his worst enemy and end up tearing him apart all the way through. Can't see dems winning with Biden. Maybe klobuchar would make a contest of it. Or some other senator.
  4. It's still sinking in. 13 states will imminently have banned abortion from the moment of fertilisation. The only exception common to all states is to save the life of the mother. If a 12 year old is raped by her grandpa... 9 of 13 states say carry to term. If a baby is diagnosed with a lethal birth defect and is guaranteed to die in birth. 12 of 13 states say Carry. To. Term. What a nightmare for the mental health of the parents.
  5. Are you aware of what's actually happening now though? The states shown below are implementing bans on abortion. Not curtailments. For example Texas, which previously legislated a 6 week limit on abortion now has a law coming in 30 days that will outright ban all abortions from the moment of fertilisation with the only exception being to save the life of the mother.... Rape and incest are not sufficient grounds for an abortion.
  6. So you view that the likely outcome, and the reason for all this passion from the conservative side is to prevent abortions between 24 and 39 weeks and that's all this is about? You expect the US states to land sensible laws that put them in the middle of the pack on a global scale?
  7. I'm pretty sure this is false. Can you provide some supporting evidence? How does the US law compare to Canada or Australia?
  8. Our keeper was being a knob through most of the shootout
  9. The main reason this is being televised is to prepare the public for charges being laid.
  10. Australia have a resilience that can see them play better than the sum of their parts. They still don't take their chances but they can be harder to beat than they should be otherwise.
  11. I hope he stays one more year. I can't begrudge him a new playing experience though if he does decide to leave. Playing careers are short, and the chance to try a few different experiences is understandable
  12. What was interesting for me was that Real Madrid played the entire competition like underdogs. They are less detestable when they are playing in this fashion.
  13. Absolutely did not think this was a worst performance from him. By far Luis Diaz was our weakest attacker, but overall Madrid closed us down in the final third 20% quicker than we were used to and it really broke up our ability to play little one two's inside the box and reduced the quality of our chances.
  14. Can't complain. Alot of chances. Much more than Madrid. But you need to take those chances to win. Madrid defended very well. So quick to challenge on our players around the box.
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