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  1. Do us a favour palace! Good side, home game, make it tough for them.
  2. I agree. There is not much upside to us with this game. We can either meet expectations and win, or fall short of expectations and drop 1 or 3 points and have United fans rubbing their hands together with glee. To actually exceed expectations we'd need to win by 10... In big games like this it can bring the best out of a struggling side and temporarily snap them out of their funk...
  3. Central Coast Mariners 1-1 Newcastle Jets, 09.30 Newport 2-1 Scunthorpe Rotherham 0-1 Oxford St Mirren 2-1 St Johnstone Atletico Madrid 2-1 Valencia Metz 2-1 Nantes, 19.00 Melbourne City 1-1 Adelaide, 06.00 Alaves 1-1 Celta Vigo, 11.00 Philadelphia 2-2 New York Red Bulls, 20.00 Flamengo 2-1 Fluminense, 23.00
  4. Harry

    Sheep - Season 4 - Misc

    Sent. I'm intrigued by the hand grenade. Spicy!
  5. Its funny because it's accurate
  6. Fair point. The other thing I wonder about Is whether the size of a problem is relative to ones frame of reference? I.e In a country where racism is a known issue and is expected by everyone and therefore noone bats an eye is the problem actually less of an issue to that society than it would be in a society where there is less rampant racism but where people expect better and therefore take it incredibly seriously and get very worked up about it? There is a strong sense of revulsion towards Bulgaria pervading through out all media write-ups about today's game which is a good thing from a zero tolerance perspective but it also seems like there's lack of understanding of Bulgaria as a place and that many factors contribute to why things are a certain way there that are different to more first world westernised countries.
  7. That seems extreme. I didn't see the game so not sure how clear and obvious it was and I abhor racism but I think there are still a huge number of countries that do not sync up with western values on racism yet and will take time to get there. Immediate forfeiture of games would be a pretty heavy handed way of achieving an outcome and may even drive the undecideds in the wrong direction.
  8. Coming out before the game with concerns of racism surely only increased the issue...? "Whatever you do you better not come out with anything racist or we'll get really upset and maybe abandon the game giving you the three points?"
  9. Harry

    Jorginho - Chelsea

    Because we couldn't rule out that it shouldn't be a thread. 😁 To be fair I'm just yanking his chain Johnny's doin a good job creating some talking points during a dull international break...
  10. Harry

    Question a Member: JoshBRFC

    Is your name really Josh? What's your favourite cuisine? What's the single tastiest thing you have ever eaten? If you could only eat one food every day forever what would it be? Are you a foodie? Can you tell I'm hungry right now? If you could choose between England winning a euro or England making and losing a world cup final which would it be? Did you or do you play football? If so what position did you play? If you could own any car at all for you to drive on a daily basis what make/model/year would it be? If you could reverse brexit and totally wipe everyone's memories that it ever happened would you do it?
  11. Harry

    Question a Member: JoshBRFC

    Tell us the story of how you came up with your username? 😜
  12. Harry

    Rick and Morty

    Only 5 episodes coming out though. A fair way short of what people were hoping... Still though better to release a few chapters every year rather than wait 10 years for the perfect new book like those game of thrones fans....
  13. Harry

    Rick and Morty

    That's a good vid.
  14. Harry

    Jorginho - Chelsea

    It can't be ruled out. Does something which can't be ruled out constitute a rumour/gossip? That may be a low bar. Elvis could be doing karaoke right on the moon as JFK and the Lindberg baby look on.... I can't rule that out.
  15. Harry

    Will Everton get relegated?

    If so it would be one of the most outrageous failures in the premier league era. If this is intended to be a jinx thread then it's got the logic of the premise the wrong way around. The better title would be "will Everton totally and completely avoid relegation?"