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  1. Don't underestimate how weak we are defensively at this point mate. In no game are we assured of 3 points.
  2. I really love this result. Leicester are fucking legends. No offence to Chelsea, it's just so great to see a club do what Leicester have done in the last decade. I wish them every success and more.
  3. Harry

    Last movie you watched?

    Moana Gosh that movie makes me happy. 10/10
  4. Damnit, my laughing woke up the wife! 🤣
  5. Harry

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Interesting tactic from Ohio on driving uptake of vaccination. Will surely get some sceptics out to the vaccination centres.
  6. Nah root against Chelsea. There's room for Liverpool and Leicester in the top 4.
  7. Harry

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    They aren't lying mate. What you claim as lies is mostly cherry picked examples or imperfections in the systems dressed up with a motive of conspiracy. In actual fact any tallied data at a national level on any issue or cause is imperfect as fuck. I would have more respect for an argument that took all the government data as fact but then argued still we should not lock down, and yes should let a fuck ton of people die, and yes it will cull the aging population, and leave a significant portion of people with lifelong physical impacts but it's better than bankrupting the government and racking up debt your children will be paying off until they retire. That you fundamentally believe more in an "only the strong survive" mentality than a "leave no man behind" one.
  8. Harry

    What Would Put You Off Dating Someone?

    The first thing that came to mind was the female Trump supporter stereotype. Authoritarian sympathisers. The type vulnerabile to misinformation and pseudoscience, and ignorant and overconfident enough to state their opinions as fact. But I'd generalise that to people with extreme political views whether on left or right.
  9. Harry

    Homeless Willies Dick Finds a Home (in his new flat mate)

    Well done mate.
  10. Harry


    I think it would be weird to date an identical twin, that's for sure. Like, you'd just sound so fake saying "nah, I'm not even slightly attracted to your sister".
  11. Harry


    In my experience the fog started to ease around 12 weeks and get really better around 6 months. I'm sure your kids are blowing your away even now but it will ramp up fast mate.
  12. Harry

    Biggest Ever Meltdown on TalkFootball365?

    I think SirBalon was the most mysterious
  13. Harry

    Most Iconic Movie/Show Scenes

    I don't really know where to start with the godfather. Sonny getting killed at the tollbooth? The horses head? Sonny beating the shit out of Carlo? Or the classic day of my daughter's wedding?
  14. Harry

    Evil Companies and Corporations

    Health and medicine is about as socialised as it gets in a capitalist economy. But some countries also use defence production or national security laws to nationalise key services to takeover in emergencies such as this.
  15. Harry

    Evil Companies and Corporations

    I would expect they are working round the clock through covid in manufacturing with the demand skyrocketing. Probably paying their people more money to do extra hours and possibly even trying to bring more manufacturing capacity on line or build another factory. This would increase their cost of production and require them to charge more for the product for the same profit. (But then they'll exploit that and Jack up prices further than that).