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  1. I think Rando deserves the award. Consistently excellent contributor. Also big shouts to Toinho, Mel, Bluewolf. And honorable mentions to so many great members that make this place good fun... John, Madlad, LFCMike, burning gold, Azeem, Machado, Josh, Dan, chaay, rebelCRS, Brian, gunnersaurus has really upped his game this year, the Mafia crew, I'm forgetting so many but there are more.
  2. I think he's still good enough to do good things with another premier league club.
  3. Harry

    Football memes

    He wasn't looking for a selfie he was trollin.
  4. Klopp has extended to 2024 on the same day that Gerrard has done the same at Rangers, also to 2024...?
  5. Harry

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    I suspect the true answer to this is quite an unpleasant one that the games been rigged to be such.
  6. Harry

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    A strong swing to the Tories after the last few years...!? What positions did labour take to the election?
  7. Perth Glory 1-1 Western Sydney Wanderers Birmingham 0-2 West Brom Hearts 1-0 St Johnstone Napoli 2-2 Parma Vitoria Setubal 1-0 Desportivo Aves  Hellas Verona 1-1 Torino Motherwell 1-2 Rangers Sivasspor 3-1 Fenerbahce AZ Alkmaar 2-2 Ajax Lyon 2-0 Rennes
  8. Harry

    President Trump

  9. Harry

    2020 Vision

    I'm looking forward to it. Just had a month of doing it full time (Paid parental leave from my work) as my wife went back to work and I thoroughly enjoyed it, to my surprise. Sometimes when other people look after your kids they take the easy option. Placate them with tv or other media. It pains me to see them not learning and doing more so when I have a day with both of them I plan it out... The work side will be a bit tough but it actually probably helps my career. My work are so strong on gender equity right now and looking for uptake amongst male managers of flexible work arrangements to support equal parenting... To them I'm embracing their policy and role modelling it to others leading by example.
  10. Harry

    2020 Vision

    Me neither. Maybe we can create a thread and do a mini book club thing
  11. Harry

    2020 Vision

    I'm dropping down from full time work to 4 days a week next year to support my kids as the wife goes back to work from maternity leave. Am really excited about having that free time to chart my own course with them so most of my goals will be about how I use that weekly Thursday to expose my kids to as many new skills and experiences as possible. Swimming lessons, socialisation, new hobbies. Getting out more and seeing things. Probably also a goal around re-establish a relationship with the wife after us both being in the baby vortex over the past year. Go on a few dates etc.
  12. Harry

    Football memes

    Could it be...?
  13. Harry

    Breaking News - General Chat

    I officially have a crush on the prime minister of Finland.