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  1. Im always a sucker for scenes of people going berserk at 3am over the world cup, and these are no exception. See if you can pick the moment that the goal was scored
  2. Tuesday 29th November, 2022 Group A Ecuador 0 vs 1 Senegal, 15.00 Netherlands 3 vs 0 Qatar, 15.00 Group B Iran 0 vs 1 USA, 19.00 Wales 0 vs 1 England, 19.00 Wednesday 30th November, 2022 Group C Poland 1 vs 2 Argentina, 19.00 Saudi Arabia 1 vs 0 Mexico, 19.00 Group D Australia 0 vs 0 Denmark, 15.00 Tunisia 0 vs 2 France, 15.00 Thursday 1st December, 2022 Group E Costa Rica 0 vs 2 Germany, 19.00 Japan 1 vs 2 Spain, 19.00 Group F Canada 0 vs 1 Morocco, 15.00 Croatia 2 vs 2 Belgium, 15.00 Friday 2nd December, 2022 Group G Cameroon 0 vs 2 Brazil, 19.00 Serbia 0 vs 1 Switzerland, 19.00 Group H Ghana 0 vs 1 Uruguay, 15.00 South Korea 0 vs 2 Portugal, 15.00
  3. Friday 25th November, 2022 Group A Qatar 1-2 Senegal, 13.00 Netherlands 3-1 Ecuador, 16.00 Group B Wales 1-1 Iran, 10.00 England 2-0 USA, 19.00 Saturday 26th November, 2022 Group C Poland 1-1 Saudi Arabia, 13.00 Argentina 2-1 Mexico, 19.00 Group D Tunisia 0-0 Australia, 10.00 France 3-0 Denmark, 16.00 Sunday 27th November, 2022 Group E Japan 1-0 Costa Rica, 10.00 Spain 2-1 Germany, 19.00 Group F Belgium 1-0 Morocco, 13.00 Croatia 2-0 Canada, 16.00 Monday 28th November, 2022 Group G Cameroon 1-0 Serbia, 10.00 Brazil 2-0 Switzerland, 16.00 Group H South Korea 2-0 Ghana, 13.00 Portugal 2-1 Uruguay, 19.00
  4. What's the likely impact of reducing staff by 80-90%?
  5. I agree. I'd be open to them boosting tweets from paying customers AND public figures, but it's not right to use the blue tick as interchangeable, nor force the public figures to pay for making the massive contribution they do to Twitter that is why the users are there in the first place
  6. Group A - Netherlands, Senegal Group B - England, USA Group C - Argentina, Mexico Group D - France, Denmark Group E - Spain, Germany Group F - Belgium, Croatia Group G - Brazil, Cameroon Group H - Portugal South Korea Top Goalscorer Ronaldo Tournament Winners Portugal
  7. Sunday 20th November, 2022 Group A Qatar 0-1 Ecuador Monday 21st November, 2022 Group A Senegal 0-2 Netherlands Group B England 1-0 Iran USA 2-1 Wales Tuesday 22nd November, 2022 Group C Argentina 1-0 Saudi Arabia Mexico 1-0 Poland Group D Denmark 2-1 Tunisia France 4-0 Australia Wednesday 23rd November, 2022 Group E Germany 0-0 Japan Spain 3-0 Costa Rica Group F Morocco 1-2 Croatia Belgium 2-0 Canada Thursday 24th November, 2022 Group G Switzerland 0-1 Cameroon Brazil 2-0 Serbia Group H Uruguay 2-0 South Korea Portugal 2-2 Ghana
  8. Hard to be excited about the world cup that may hold as the greatest example of corruption in sports. From the moment this world cup was announced to be held in Qatar my love for the game first began to dim.
  9. It's been a great investment for me. The portable and non portable aspect is just amazing. There's some excellent games. Mario oddysey and 3d world, Zelda BOTW and Links awakening. Splatoon. Definitely a frustrating lack of depth though
  10. The bridge memes have been pretty top notch
  11. Harry

    Life highlights

    Ok, let's think. My kids are the first thing I think of. Every time I see them I'm proud. My high school final scores. I was crawling to the finish line, having given absolutely everything, and really was fucking proud of that result. Meeting my wife. Particularly the way it went down, which wasn't particularly special, but if I hadn't acted, it never would have become a thing. I stepped outside of my comfort zone in the spur of the moment (which was very uncharacteristic of me) and the payoff was huge. The puppy love phase with her was a definite life highlight. We had strict parents, and could barely ever get privacy. That really intensified the emotions, chaos and tomfoolery of that period.
  12. I just couldn't do jobs that burdened me with too much misery. Like caring for ICU patients or the elderly.
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