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  1. Hard to know with this one. A draw seems pretty likely but jose would love to be the one to inflict that first league defeat.
  2. I'm the happiest about our defence than i have been since we had Finnan, Carra, Hypia, Riise. I'd love to see Gomez and TAA lock down their starting 11 spots for us for years to come.
  3. Caac is the only one i realised was a newcomer. Thought Marc and Amg had been here longer than that
  4. Harry

    Funniest Series You've Seen?

    Current shows I'm really enjoying... Rick and Morty Entourage Californicatiion Brooklyn Nine Nine
  5. Harry

    Centre Back Vote!

    Refer fifa ballon dor leaked rumored top 3. 1. Modric 2. Mbappe 3. Varane
  6. Harry

    Alex Teixera Linked With Liverpool

    He wanted to join is back then but fees couldn’t be agreed. Then he went to China.... Not sure I could ever have strong feelings for a player who chose that route.
  7. It does set a bad example for young children I agree.
  8. Harry

    Centre Back Vote!

    You can only vote for 1? I'd give VVD my second vote if i get one... First i had to go for Varane. Was a top 3 player in the world this year so can't be overlooked...
  9. This was a Liverpool result tbh.... it normally follows up with dropping points to a relegation threatened side in the next game....
  10. Harry

    Game of the Year - 2018 Edition

    Super Mario Odyssey ad Splatoon 2 have been my two favourite games of the year, and two of my top 10 games of all time. Can’t believe how much there is to Odyssey beyond the Bowser defeat. I’d estimate a full 24 hours more playing time after that if you’re on my level of ability. Splatoon 2 is just an unbelievably cool multiplayer format like nothing I ever played before. Addictive as hell. Not too hard to start out as a n00b, but not too forgiving that it doesnt reward you being a pro. I cant recommend this one highly enough.
  11. Harry

    Game of the Year - 2018 Edition

    I haven’t played CS since Source. Amazing game. I hope its not all Dust 2 still though I got well and truly sick of that map as it was the only one anyone seemed to play!
  12. Harry

    Game of the Year - 2018 Edition

    Wow. You work a full time job mate? Gaming can be a good way to de-stress. I dont really have a good gaming getaway spot. Switch is good as I can just play it in my lap in the living room whilst others do other things. A semi-social way of being anti social! What were the remakes and classic you played on Switch? You mean the classic NES games that came with the Nintendo Online subscription?
  13. Harry

    What are Your Fears ?

    It would be hard o give a shit about snakes in Europe. But in Aus any snake you see is 99% likely to be in the top 10 most deadly. I’d rather not step on one.