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  1. ...Unless they start making it like the Eurovision song contest, it'll be because we won't be competing
  2. Far out it would shit me to be a Chelsea fan, and see that despite the ownership change the annual revolving door of the managers office stays the same.
  3. There's a lot to be said for creative licence in cooking. I love doing things different and seeing what the result will be.
  4. A legend that was loved by all
  5. That sounds like me with Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.... Awesome game, I just lost momentum playing games for a couple of weeks with a busy work period, then couldn't wrap my head back around where I was in the plot, so started playing Wonder instead. I've googled "Mario trippy"and been confused by the results... You're talking about Mario wonder? Or something unofficial?
  6. Do you really not get why MSNBC (and every other for-profit 24/7 news network) would hype up the challengers in a contested primary race?
  7. I think there is nuance to people's reactions to a casting decision like that based on what they perceive the motive/context to be. Did Disney pick this actress regardless of the colour of her skin, or did they pick her because of it? One side is happy with the decision as perceived to be aligning with their view of what racial equality looks like. The other side is angered because in some cases they are white supremicists but for others it will be because they don't believe a decision by a film company to hire an actress "because she was black" as opposed to "regardless of whether she was black or white" aligns with their view of what racial equality looks like. The issue at heart of that is less about whether or not people support racial equality but rather whether or not affirmative action is aligned with racial equality or not. But the discourse is so reductive, and uncivil that a genuine discussion of that issue never plays out.
  8. What's an entertainment company to do in this increasingly polarised world that's wading deeper and deeper into culture wars issues than ever before? Most likely they will continue to try to be as profitable as possible. A company like Disney wants to maximise the appeal of its products to as wide of an audience as possible, so it's strongly not in their interests to put off a big chunk of potential viewers by being unnecessarily polarising. However it suits politicians and partisan media to discuss, magnify and inflame any divides and get people more and more passionate angry or excited about it. And to a point it suits Disney if the plot/casting decision generates hype or attention and has more positive impact than negative on helping a film to achieve commercial success. But that will lead to them taking fairly safe positions like pro gun control, pro racial equality, etc. and any bigger risks if they are judged to have negatively impacted the films commercial impact are likely not to be repeated. Seriously, wokeness in the entertainment industry is a very minor issue. My biggest concerns are about how shit movies are these days. Movies seem to be engineered assemblies of moments and scenes based on focus group feedback of What Viewers Want with a story written afterwards to tie it all together. As opposed to a fluid story being turned into a film.
  9. I feel most penalties awarded to Raheem Sterling would mirror and mostly exceed this one. That's from Liverpool, city and England matches. Gerrard and Coutinho had worse. Ronaldo, Robben, Ashley Young, to name a few. It's obviously subjective what "worst dive" is but for me the worse ones are not only blatantly theatrical but also ones which are decisive in terms of the result, and those where there is next to no chance of scoring a goal. I.e. half a foot inside the box, near the byline, or like the Jota situation but where the player completely fluffs their first touch nearly out of play, leaving them with no chance to score. Jota is an idiot for not staying on his feet. I'm fairly confident he would have scored if he had.
  10. The bold describes the MO of many players since 2005. Yesterday's call is par for the course in that context, in terms of things that have been given as penalties for decades that I would not pay myself. And whilst there is VAR now, with there being clear contact between the elbow of the falling keeper and the ankle I think it's unrealistic to expect VAR to overturn that as being a clear and obvious error. It's a typical situation of "yeah there was contact then the player went down, therefore penalty". In most cases where you hear a commentator making that argument the call was soft, the attacking player could have stayed up, and the player has been in control of how much contact to draw. A shit penalty of course but among the worst of all time seems a stretch.
  11. Jota played it up but the keepers left elbow pretty clearly knocked Jota's right ankle as he ran past... I'd prefer to see that not be paid, basically in 100% of all situations when a player is just playing for contact, but there's no way you'd overturn it given the contact https://twitter.com/Ayanalysis/status/1741959882348142797?t=LPy9Ewu_uMGqE2hnuAuZPw&s=19
  12. I'm trying to think of players who's finishing was as terrible as Nunez who suddenly in their third season with a club became clinical a.f. My football brain has eroded with disuse, but I can't think of many.
  13. They've been short of what we hoped for. Diaz has more potential to become what we need than Nunez imo.
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