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  1. I think your maybe underestimating Biden here. I would suggest almost every other Democrat who was running could easily have been Hillary Clinton 2.0 in that election. Imo Kamala Harris loses Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. Pete B loses lots of Latino and African Americans and other socially conservative democrats. Definitely loses Georgia and Arizona, Pennsylvania. Bernie loses many economically conservative voters. Amy K maybe competitive but not a very likeable presidential candidate. Probably doesn't turn out the African American vote as well as Biden. Loses Georgia, maybe Arizona. Cory Booker was maybe the best general election candidate they had, but he just didn't stand out enough.
  2. Harry

    Members Pictures

    You're 39? Look well younger than me mate
  3. Harry


    Yeah I have a 2 and 5 year old and my hatred of the lockdown was more for my kids than myself. The final kindergarten (preschool) year was 50% remote learning which is not entirely possible when the learning is socialisation and group play. And the 2 year old has known lockdown half her life, and I think gets a lot more scared of strangers than I reckon would be the case in a precovid world.
  4. There really does need to be a new term than Conservative for the Trump party now. They really don't espouse any conservative policies other than maybe hating on cancel culture.
  5. Harry


    No doubt it would've been a hard time to be doing the new mum thing this last year. A lot of mothers groups here were postponed due to covid, which is pretty shit considering how beneficial they are to most new families. How old is your child(ren)?
  6. Harry

    Members Pictures

    Who are Mark and Vicky? All these names I don't know
  7. Harry

    Members Pictures

    He doesn't know? My wife doesn't really know either and I don't really want her to. Not sure why.
  8. Harry

    Last movie you watched?

    I don't like musicals but I don't hate them either, but would've said I don't like rap music at all. So was dubious as fuck going in. But this had me from the first verse of the opening sequence, where the storytelling in the song lyrics itself was just next level to anything I'd heard in a long time. And being a true story focused on a period of history I was interested in added a layer to the enjoyment. My advice would be watch the opening 15 minutes (or even just 5) and see if it grabs you, and if not then don't continue.
  9. Harry

    Last movie you watched?

    My wife just twisted me into watching Hamilton on Disney plus. It was... legitimately one of the most amazing and best things I've ever seen! I cannot believe how good it is honestly. Floored. Lin Manuel Miranda is a unique talent.
  10. Does the UK understand the non-corruption contributing factors why they didn't secure the 2018 cup? I hope they have learnt from them, can position themselves better and can go on to win this vote.
  11. Harry

    Australians Only Thread

    Revisions to Christian porter's Wikipedia page in last few days removing reference to him attending a debate tournament in Sydney in 1988... 👀
  12. Harry

    Australians Only Thread

    Didn't realise you hailed from that far north @Spike
  13. Harry

    Australians Only Thread

    ABC and SMH. Articles of Turnbull's statements and friends of the woman taking a direction towards the need for an independent inquiry, and calling for the accused to step forward and speak publically to the accusations
  14. Harry

    Australians Only Thread

    The woman went to NSW police in February of last year but the investigation stopped in June when she took her own life.... Malcolm Turnbull: "We don’t know for sure that she took her own life, we know for sure that she’s dead. And there needs to be an inquest"
  15. Harry

    Australians Only Thread

    Except scomo has declined to read the evidence presented by the complainant or stand down the minister subject to any inquiry, and said the AFP are handling it when the AFP have no remit to investigate rape. It's a matter for the NSW state police, but conviction is not gonna happen given the key witness is deceased. So this guy will go on unimpeded. He could have committed murder and still scomo would leave him to serve in office until the day he was arrested.