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  1. Harry

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    An article from Melbourne I thought was interesting. https://www.smh.com.au/national/melbourne-uni-chief-says-victoria-must-address-difficult-ethical-questions-20200919-p55x82.html “The question everyone is skirting around here is what is the appetite in any country for disease and mortality associated with this virus,’’ he told The Sunday Age. “Every answer to that question is valid in one way or another. If you were to say we have no appetite whatsoever for any deaths from this virus, that is a perfectly reasonable position to take, but you have to take that position knowing the consequences. Professor Maskell says decision-makers must consider the role of quality-adjusted life year (QALY), a unit of measurement used by economists to predict and assess the impact of health policies. In simple terms, it assumes that a life near its end, whether because of disease or advanced age, is empirically different to a healthy life closer to its beginning. “We have to look at this as an overall picture. My personal view is there should be some form of sensible, public health, QALY-based analysis done and tough calls made. It boils down to a basic but very hard moral philosophy: What is the value of a 90-year-old’s life versus the value of the continuing livelihood and happiness of a 25-year-old?’’ he said. Professor Maskell arrived in Melbourne at the end of 2018 from the University of Cambridge to take over the running of Australia's top-ranked university. He spoke to The Sunday Age as part of a series of stories in which prominent Melburnians offer constructive ideas about Victoria's way forward. Each day throughout the pandemic, Premier Daniel Andrews has detailed COVID deaths recorded in the previous 24 hours, routinely describing as “tragic’’ the deaths of people in their 80s and 90s, including some who were in palliative care before they were infected. The Victorian government’s response to our second wave epidemic – broad suspension of commercial, educational and social activity to reduce the spread of the virus – stands in contrast to the approach being taken by European nations such as France, the UK, the Netherlands and Austria, where governments are resisting a return to lockdown despite facing substantially higher COVID case loads, and deaths, than we are. As French President Emmanuel Macron said last week: “We must adapt to the evolution of the virus, slow down its circulation as much as possible. But we must do it by allowing us to continue living: educating our children, taking care of other patients, treating other health matters, and having an economic and social life.’’ Why has Victoria taken such a different approach? Professor Maskell wonders whether we are a victim of our early success. “Australia dealt with it so efficiently at the start of the pandemic it became possible in people’s minds to eliminate the virus or keep it down at very low levels. If you look at Western Australia and South Australia and the Northern Territory, people would argue why can’t Victoria and NSW do that? “In other countries, either because they decided to do this, as in Sweden, or they were a shambles, as in the UK, they have got used to this virus being around and people dying from it. There is an experiential thing there, not just a national characteristic.
  2. Think there is a weirdness about this season though... Those players that really thrive on the crowds will be more muted. There will be less momentum swings and less strength in the home teams records compared to away records. There will also be more fatigue and potentially even more disruption. The question is whether we will snap to attention though and I think we will. But Chelsea are a better side so will likely find the net at some point
  3. I feel like short haired Mo is beast mode Mo tbh
  4. Harry

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    In Victoria the Murdoch press came out hard against our premier and against the idea of a lockdown. It's got plenty of wind and so many people now are more ropeable with the premier about the lockdown than they are about the death. We are horribly divided.
  5. Harry

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Below is a COVID trajectory comparison of my state (Melbourne/Victoria, in Australia) with key European countries including the UK, normalised for cases per million population. We are the green line. We implemented stage 3 restrictions from July 7 (most kids home from school). And stage 4 (total lockdown, no childcare, stay home 23 hours a day) on August 2nd. Note that the first waves look artificially low because the level of testing was way short of what was needed.
  6. Harry

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    In my opinion the CDC has been politicised and is being curbed by the trump presidency and by trump wanting to minimise the extent of COVID as an issue going into the election. Trump will want deaths and cases down and is suggesting a vaccine will be ready by Christmas. Like most things with Trump whoever refutes his lies becomes the enemy, even if it's a public servant providing accurate information to the public.
  7. Harry

    RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    If there was one issue that defined her, and made her most symbolic it was women's rights. Not as a crazed metoo advocate but as one of the smartest people in America who got shat on most of her career because of being a woman and a mother. So many women in particular would be rocked to the core by her passing.
  8. Harry

    RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    The great liberal lioness of the US Supreme Court has died at 87. Arguably one of the greatest figureheads of progressivism in the western world and the most unifying figure in democratic politics . R.I.P. This is devastating, and likely to be acrimonious given that trump will be the one to replace her, and it's an election year, which the Republicans used as an excuse in 2016 to deny the appointment of Obama's nominee Merrick Garland.
  9. Harry

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I feel for you guys if you're just starting out in second wave territory, and heading towards the cooler time of the year. In Melbourne our second wave was more severe than the first (our first wave was fuck all by global standards tho). And our second lockdown was harsher, and frankly a lot harder to endure because of the mentally fatigued state we were already in by the time it started, particularly for those trying to juggle homeschooling with full time work. I'm not sure every government will take the path is took of very harsh punitive lockdowns this time round. Rupert Murdoch appears not to agree with them, which counts for a fair bit.
  10. Agreed. Especially with Lovren leaving. Those three CBS have been very fluid compared to the ever present vvd.
  11. Harry

    saying G'day

    Definitely the best newcomer thread in a while hey? Welcome Cazza. I am from the locked down state. Victoria. Have done a bit of engineering work for the mining industry or West though, although not any time lately. What was your involvement in mining?
  12. Do any hyper X models come with Bluetooth connectivity though? For me it MUST be wireless. At the moment our childcare is shutdown and have 2 and 4 y.o running around I am constantly neefing to jump up and run out of to attend to some issue Midway through a meeting... The cord is tangling, ripping/bending out of the USB slot I can't take it any longer.
  13. Thinking about investing in a pair of these but a bit worried by the price tag. Would use the wireless function for gaming on my desktop pc, and the Bluetooth function for my work laptop for Skype meetings etc.
  14. Harry

    Dating, Relationships and Marriage Thread

    That's awesome to hear mate. Great to hear you're doing well in the work department as well
  15. Harry

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    D Well it's not all that different to the first lockdown. A few tweaks to the rules which I'd say is based on lessons learned from the first one and elsewhere. But that wasn't what I meant. It's just much harder for people to bear to do lockdown a second time. First time there was a sense of excitement, and everything was very new and different, and we were optimistic that we would shut down, knock this thing in the bud and then reopen. This time people were going in pessimistic, already at their wits end, in all times low states of physical and mental health, and devastated to be the only state being locked down and made out that we've done something wrong when really if you actually look at the detail our state did basically the same thing as Sydney and just got a worse result. If anything our premier actually led the way through the whole pandemic and drove the PM to shut down the first time against his own tendencies to want to protect the economy. And now he's being slayed in the press, his approval rating is through the floor, mutiny is brewing and we're tearing ourselves apart. I'm starting to think Sweden had the right of it tbh in adopting sustainable measures rather than asking people to do what isn't possible.