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  1. Basically. They are the club that breaks through in international news cycles, of and it started with Beckham, but they've had other great players too
  2. I googled the list of state capitals, and felt Boston was the one with best recognition. But Atlanta would've been my second or third choice using that same logic
  3. This question really highlighted how shit most of the state capitals are. Basic formula is: Name a city from a given state. Whatever city you think of is almost certainly NOT the state capital. Instead pick some third tier city you probably haven't heard of
  4. I saw that question as do I go cowboys or patriots. Assumed more people would have heard of the pats due to all their recent success.
  5. I'd need to win more than $1m for it to really change me tbh. Otherwise it would just go straight onto the mortgage and I'd keep working as if it never happened other than maybe taking a solid holiday.
  6. Hi Brian, Nice to see you. Glad to hear you've had some positive developments on the work front and are still so close and connected to football. Also glad to hear your mental health is good. All the best with your endeavours.
  7. Working my way through Cunk on Earth, and finding it thoroughly amusing.
  8. Pretty easy to get most states, but fun to then try to guess the neighbouring states.
  9. Yes I care, to some degree. Usually enough to be paying attention to who wins, and to watch some highlights in the evening after I get home from work. And to watch the halftime show and then usually go down a YouTube rabbit hole of watching previous great halftime shows from years gone by like Prince and Springsteen. I don't care that much. Nowhere near the level of world cup, winter or summer olympics, or the AFL Grand final, but I still care.
  10. Harry


    Such a costly error.
  11. This really is anyone's game. Probably means a draw is the likely result.
  12. It really infuriates me that I'm not better at this game! Been playing for a week and still no first time guesses.... Honestly thought I'd get 1 in 4 first time
  13. Good skills tbh. I was smarter when I had to know my way around
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