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  1. Harry

    Dickface Donald

    Phwoar. What a line of attack against an encumbent president in a reelection campaign.
  2. Harry

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Just checked in on the data for the worst time in a while.... I knew Brazil was bad but didn't realise they had a 50% positive test rate for all their accumulted cases. 3 million tests for 1.5 million confirmed cases is just terrible.
  3. Exactly. It is something that is attacked by one side and defended by another. But as someone not on either side I just think it's a bad idea to be forming large gatherings, and flagrantly violating lockdowns. It's totally understandable, but it had big downsides, obviously a risk it significantly increases the spread, but also just the impact on people watching on tv, who've been so good complying with lockdown rules... You see the biggest violation of those times ever, and it being supported by many politicians, and people saying there's no evidence protests worsened the spread, and you make a mental note that next lockdown you'll give yourself more slack not to comply. Not taking away from the cause, particularly in America where the injustice is palpable and major change is needed.
  4. Harry

    Benfica Linked With Mauricio Pochettino

    He will be.... Football is shell shocked from COVID right now but he would be high on every managerial shortlist that comes along. Suspect he will take his time to find his next role.
  5. Honestly I do think the protests should be blamed (in a proportionate way, based on actual evidence) for their contribution for spreading coronavirus. That is definitely an issue that is hard to discuss in a proper way, and should be kept in context. I totally support the cause, particularly in America, but we've got suburbs going back into lockdown due to a second wave, and that fucks livelihoods, and there will be a degree of that linked to those protests. It will be hard to get a picture of the extent to which the protests did contribute, as one side will be aiming to blame them entirely, and the other side will be inclined to downplay their involvement.
  6. Me tbh. I wanted Klopp to play our best team, not just the kids, so that means I wanted us to win... I definitely didn't want us to lose like that, and see Sterling score 2 and win a penalty against Joe. You're right it's not a big deal, and no doubt the players have had some big nights this week so it's understandable, but we really got spanked by an irksome team. Yeah that does grate a bit. No. But it's a position of the squad we should bring in new blood Still haven't seen you guys get through a really gritty encounter though.. win convincingly or lose narrowly... You play great football but without Vinnys grit you're a fair weather team.
  7. Harry

    Dickface Donald

    He was offered a second chance to provide a coherent answer to what he wants to do in his second term, and why he's running.
  8. Harry

    Dickface Donald

    Which could be the reason the defence community seems so United in attempting to play down the story... It could come out as common knowledge within defence circles and part of the reason relations with Russia were so poor before trump..... I'm just speculating. But it's definitely a weird and non unanimous response to be proclaiming that trump should be strung up over this
  9. Harry

    Dickface Donald

    The reaction to the New York Times sorry about trump being briefed on February about Russia paying bounties to the Taliban for the murders of US troops has been interesting. On one hand other journalists have been guarded. Confirming the intelligence behind the story in terms that there was evidence that Russia were doing it, but not touching the issue of whether trump knew and had not reacted to this. On the other hand Twitter has gone into overdrive, with some detractors suggesting this is ten times more the violation of his oaths as the Ukraine matter for which he was impeached.
  10. I think we have a lot of fixture congestion coming up, but this rivalry has a tendency to serve up good games. People could really use a good game right now
  11. Harry

    Members Pictures

    I see this photo and my first reaction is... You look like someone that would be left handed... Is that actually the case or am I just crazy?
  12. Harry

    Members Pictures

    I swear you just post these defunct "image not found" JPEGs to troll us all @Devil-Dick Willie
  13. Harry

    Dickface Donald

    Just imagine you asked someone at your work a question like this, and got this as your reply. What would you actually think about the mental faculties of that person?
  14. The man has a reputation to uphold. We understand.
  15. Been a bit numb to football since Covid hit tbh. I'm almost unprepared for something as momentous as this occurring at this present moment in time. I'm starting to feel it a bit more now.... Crushing all the social media and interviews it's starting to sink in a bit, but I've been mostly dumbfounded.