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  1. Other games that made an immediate impression on me in the first level. Mario 64 - Castle and grounds. Donkey Kong country - credits and first level, jungle hijinks. Zelda breath of the wild - exiting the cave. Metal gear solid - the immediate tension and tone of the game Tonyhawk - insta hooked by the concept and execution.
  2. Golden Eye - Dam. Perfect link to the classic opening scene from the movie, ending with bond bungee jumping off the dam wall.
  3. Harry

    Merry Christmas All

    Maaaate! Great to see you! Hope you and all others here have a great Christmas!
  4. I honestly think mandates are fucked, especially now the vaccine seems to do so little to prevent infection for Omicron (but still plenty to prevent severe covid). This means a vaccinated person can get it almost as easily as an unvaccinated. So not so much the "community protection net" that we thought it was when we made the original mandates But what to make of those at my work who haven't got the jab? They're professional engineers. If they look at the kookery and see a legitimate cause to refuse vaccination I can hardly trust their critical thinking skills or decision making on any more important matter.
  5. I'm not a big watcher of this sort but caught wind of some of the controversy today. Wondering do you guys think Masi makes a different decision on things in the event Hamilton does decide to pit? Or was he dammed if he did and dammed if he didn't?
  6. Not sure I'll watch this tbh.
  7. Just started watching episode 1 and just loving it so far. A bit blown away by the length of episodes. Typical Peter Jackson excess... 6 parts could have worked better . Trailer for anyone not familiar with it: https://youtu.be/Auta2lagtw4
  8. We seem to have got the response wrong in many countries, urging measures that couldn't be afforded which have run a risk of having more impact than the virus itself would have. E.g. Schools shutdown in Uganda for 77 weeks since April 2020, with reports more than a third may never return to school once they do reopen.
  9. Harry


    At the moment, but if Queensland adopt the NSW rule for internationals in January would that be better?
  10. Harry


    Currently Vic and NSW dont require 14 day hotel quarantine for (fully vaccinated) internationals. Only 72 hour home quarantine. This is because VIC and NSW have 1000+ cases a day but Queensland have zero so there are different risk appetites. Currently those from Vic and NSW (and international) cannot travel to Queensland without 14 day quarantine. On December 17 QLD will open up to NSW and Vic requiring no quarantine, just a negative test on entry. (because they will reach a threshold of 80%vaxxed by that date, and so be more protected), For this reason it makes a lot more sense for me to visit Qld from Vic after Dec 17 rather than before. I think there's a chance that on Dec 17 or within a few weeks of that qld would adopt the same position as Vic & NSW for internationals, reducing quarantine from 14 days hotel to 3 days home. What do you think about going in January? I reckon there's a fair chance delaying by a few weeks might give you 14 days back that you can spend with your family.
  11. Mate c'mon, nobody would hope that. At all. Badly maimed by Wolves...? Maybe, sure. But definitely no harm to befall you from covid.
  12. Harry


    Sorry to hear of your grandma's death and horrible situation you're in. Your predicament is exactly what I rage about - the continued shut out from overseas and the ridiculous 14 day quarantine, and the human impact of it What state are you flying into? Last I heard Victoria and NSW no longer required 14 days for fully vaccinated travelers. Is there a way you could fly in there and then transfer to your destination bypassing the quarantine? Anyway, based on your situation, if it were me, no chance I still go to Australia, and do a 14 day quarantine in solitary confinement. I just think that's a recipe for self destruction and I probably wouldn't even do it if my grandma was still alive. See if you can change your flight, go there with your partner, and hopefully if it's a couple more months into the future Australia won't be making you quarantine.
  13. We are too eager to believe the dumbest stuff said about that group though.
  14. At the end of the day the thing United have needed most for about a decade now is someone capable of developing a strategy, and capable of making good decisions. Ideally someone who might be continuous and be around longer than a manager. Hard to ignore that this is a positive step
  15. That does suck but this is someone with a huge commercial stake in things, so not exactly an unbiased source
  16. Messi had a top 5 in the world club season and won Copa America, finishing with 9 goals +assists and player of the tournament. It wasn't just that Argentina win its that he carried then to it. Jorginho was third, for being influential in the Italian Euro win and champions league win. Not sure he had a top 5 season overall, but those big things sway the voting.... Not the vote I'd go for but it was fair enough imo. Anyway at least Australia's journalist voted for Lewandowski. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-11-30/lionel-messi-wins-seventh-ballon-dor-sam-kerr-third-womens-award/100660406
  17. The Simpsons nailed us so well in this clip https://youtu.be/4JQK4bH0J-o
  18. Some Australian states gave infected persons the option to quarantine in a hospital, to reduce the chance of infecting their family. Is that what you mean? I can tell you for a fact the two biggest cities are basically reopen and sending everyone back to the office. But Australia and New Zealand previously required all international Arrivals to quarantine in a hotel for 2 weeks before letting them out into the country at large.
  19. This will be a short term measure. Just a bit of a "breaks on whilst we learn more" which is a symptom of the current time. It won't last. No government could sell "Delta endemicity but covid zero lockdown for Omicron".
  20. I hope the data behind this variant amounts to a bit of a false alarm. I don't fancy the idea of borders being closed again
  21. We can at least make Futurama jokes, about Lurrrr, the ruler of Omicron Perseii 8
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