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  1. This really is anyone's game. Probably means a draw is the likely result.
  2. It really infuriates me that I'm not better at this game! Been playing for a week and still no first time guesses.... Honestly thought I'd get 1 in 4 first time
  3. Good skills tbh. I was smarter when I had to know my way around
  4. Definitely lost respect for Harry for the amount he's spoken out. Call me old fashioned but I think there's a limit to the cliched cries for maximum transparency that flow from the mainstream press, in general these days about every issue. It's just not always needed, and privacy should also be respected.
  5. I don't know if any others, but if there are any I'll definitely need to watch them with the kids. They loved this Encanto one and have watched it a bunch so far
  6. It might be easier to get 5 sane Republican votes for Hakeem Jeffries rather than 16 insane Republican votes for McCarthy.... Possibly if the dems swapped Jeffries with John Kasich or a Cheney type Republican.
  7. I had no idea that was allowed. What a terrible law. I'm sure it would be stamped out in most other countries but will have no hope in America
  8. Ages 7 and 4. The 7 year old is keen to watch it, but the 4 year old is playing the veto card at this point.
  9. Agree. They really use the lighting and special effects very well. It's not common for them to do a live show like this... I reckon they might have been testing the waters for doing an Encanto musical, as they did with the lion King, etc.... That'd have potential imo. It's got a great score, and the Latin flair makes it colourful, and fresh for the average viewer.
  10. I've wanted to watch this for a while but my kids have seen the first 5 minutes and deemed it too scary... Is there anything specifically scary in the movie or just the everyone's a skeleton aspect?
  11. Just watched ENCANTO LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL. Shocked how good it was. Must watch if you have kids that like Disney movies. https://www.disneyplus.com/movies/encanto-at-the-hollywood-bowl/7CUSfUjGHZW3?sharesource=Android
  12. Do you know why it's hotter on Venus than on Mercury despite Mercury being much closer to the sun?
  13. Harry

    Social Media

    Especially when he tweeted 4 days ago that he was in Romania
  14. It's really fucked. This will be big news throughout the country and play in the banks of the minds of many parents considering whether they'll take the family to a game, or consider it too dangerous.
  15. Yep. Exactly right mate. No doubt the executives were all hyped up on a promotional slide deck based around analogies to the FA cup at Wembley and AFL Grand final at the MCG. there's a great deal of fan concern about it. But only the clowns that ran on will know whether the decision to invade the pitch was spontaneous and based on anger about the flare seen coming towards them, or was a planned event they'd come up with earlier in relation to the protests... I hope the former.
  16. That doesn't justify anything, but it was a bad move
  17. What isn't shown beforehand is that immediately before that occurred the keeper picked up a flare that had been thrown onto the pitch and lobbed it back into the crowd.
  18. This is super shit. Does so much reputation damage for the code in Australia.
  19. Saturday 17th December, 2022 Croatia 0 vs 1 Morocco, 15.00 Sunday 18th December, 2022 Argentina 2 vs 1 France, 15.00
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