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  1. There's a pretty uncomfortable marriage between conservative elites and the Trump coalition of voters. I don't think those groups want the same things. Trump voters seem to just want "death" to democrats and to upend the status quo. Elites just want to deregulate and enable corporate pillaging. They don't want civil war and want to keep the status quo.
  2. He's a "give him time" managerial appointment. His standard approach of how things usually go for him would be "slow start, with a decent second half of the season. Massive improvement in second season and beyond". I'm torn here because I want Gerrard to have a great managerial career but think Ange will 100% flip the axis to Celtic in his second season.
  3. I'm wearing it most places I go. I look forward to it being voluntary though. Outdoors during summer is ridiculously dumb
  4. Same. Surprised me Arsenal didn't lock him down the moment his playing career ended, and put him on a succession plan... Arsenal lack spine. He would help.
  5. From the vaccine? Or do you actually have COVID?
  6. Because he's an enormous ego, would have high expectations of the role he would play, and doesn't seem like Pep's kind of player.
  7. Surely Pep wouldn't want Ronaldo. And would've signed Messi if they wanted a big player like this
  8. I think herd immunity might be unachievable with Delta though so I think the whole get vaccinated to protect your neighbour is a bit of a false narrative. I'm banking on us all getting COVID by the end of 2022 because it's just so infectious and the vaccines don't seem to do enough to crush transmission, only hospitalisation and death.
  9. In Australia we have a target. Get 80% of adults vaccinated and then there'll be no more lockdowns. From that perspective it is selfish not to get vaccinated as you're actively contributing to the ongoing deprival of freedoms to so many.
  10. Messi was propping Barca up and delaying the inevitable rebuild that's been required for a while. Hopefully now they will be closer to biting the bullet.
  11. Simone Biles withdraws from the women's team gymnastics on the day of the competition. Hope she's ok. Sounds like it may have all just been getting a bit much for her, with the GOAT expectations and all. Always hard to be on that level, and probably harder in a pandemic year when you're more isolated and harder to stay grounded.
  12. One thing Australia can offer is insight of how quickly the virus spreads from a single case. There's so little COVID out there that we trace the fuck out of it, and Below is a map of the current Melbourne outbreak. We'd had zero cases for a couple weeks, then had a pair of covid positive removalists come to pack up an apartment in Melbourne. They had the delta strain, and have COVID to 4 people in other apartments in the complex on the same floor. One of those guys went to the footy and gave it to 6 people in the bay of the stadium he was sitting in, 1 of those 6 went to the rugby the day after and it took off from there. We found the removalists cases on day 1 ( 3 days after they'd done the job), 10 new cases on day 2 and announced a lockdown with another 12 cases on day 3. That was all that was known about at the time we locked down, and yet in every case in yellow on the chart below was already positive by that point, just had not been found and contained. Today was the 7th day we've been locked down and announced 26 new cases, but 24 of them had been in quarantine for 100% of their infectious periods, so no risk to have spread it further... Current plan is to reopen in 4 days time provided all detected cases were in quarantine for their entire infectious periods. That's 3 lockdowns this year for Melbourne, which have been 5 days, 14 days and (fingers crossed) 11 respectively.
  13. Pretty devastating to Japan to be in such shit circumstances. They would be a great host of the Olympics in normal times.
  14. They should really call him Michael Sch2macher
  15. Yep Australia is pandemonium at the moment (winter) although I'm out of lockdown and my son has only done 2 weeks of homeschool this year. Sydney are in lockdown now and have taken a less risk averse approach, being reluctant to lock down, so now rather than a 10 day lockdown it looks to be 6+ weeks... The threat of imminent COVID spread might finally get us back around to letting people have the AZ vaccine which our medical association had turned their noses up at... But for now, we continue on our logic circuit...
  16. Denmark have been an amazing surprise this tournament. England are stronger and definitely capable of beating them, but the potential for overconfidence worries me.
  17. England have been good value in every game except Scotland imo.
  18. Honestly I feel I've been reading this thread and the most dominant comment I saw was "look at all this anti English sentiment"... I saw that comment more oftent Than actual posts that were anti English. There is undoubtedly some of the sentiment there and probably more than similar threads for France and Germany but it didn't strike me as everyone rooting for England to fail.
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