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  1. Mel81x

    Photographic Sport | Sport in pictures

    José Mourinho reacts after the Hammers score another goal. West Ham beat Manchester United by a two-goal margin in a league game for the first time since October 1982, when the score was also 3-1. Manchester City’s Sergio Agüero reacts as Manchester City beat Brighton 2-0 to move to the top of the table. Agüero has scored 15 goals in his past 11 Premier League appearances at the Etihad. Alexandre Lacazette fires home to help Arsenal to a 4-2 win over Tottenham at the Emirates stadium. Tottenham have dropped more points from winning positions in Premier League games against Arsenal – 40 – than any side has against another in the competition’s history.
  2. Mel81x

    Artificial Intelligence

    Rudolf the Robotic Reindeer.
  3. Mel81x

    Liverpool Discussion

    I'll say it now. We just can't catch a break and on a weekend where we're meeting a team I really want us to trash just because the media outburst post that will be priceless.
  4. Mel81x

    Liverpool Discussion

    On a night when the striking line wasn't doing well, in the past, you'd expect a loss or a draw. But yesterday, credit where its due because Matip was also very good. Some of the interceptions and the presence of mind to push the ball upfield was very what you'd expect from him and he delivered. I think we can all say the biggest influence there is VVD and how he commands the back line. Couple that with Alisson and you've got a great combination that works very well together. Once Gomez is back we will have enough rotational ability at the back to give rest to our key players should they need it too. Having Dejan back is definitely a plus in this period.
  5. Id like either Porto or Dortmund. Something about the latter makes for an interesting duel both at home and away.
  6. Our goalkeeper ... boss mode on. Oh and Dries Mertens, This is Anfield.
  7. Mel81x

    Science & Environment

    Since we're on the topic of bacteria and all things icky. https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/12/whats-eating-this-400-year-old-painting-a-whole-ecosystem-of-microbes/ "A new study describes the complex ecosystems of bacteria and fungi that live and feast on a 17th-century painting—and how other species of bacteria may one day help art conservators fight back."
  8. Maybe Hendo had a better practice session but I am not complaining about it as having him in the middle means we'll be pushing harder for the ball in situations where we lose it. He might not be the best at distribution or pushing past midfielders in the final third, but you can't fault him for making everyone put in the effort.
  9. Nice to see we aren't holding anything back. Full attacking setup but I wonder why Keita was not put in ahead of Hendo.
  10. European night. Anfield. I've seen strange things happen on these nights and I am fully expecting another one of those memorable ones again. As for Mertens, I wouldn't put too much stock in it. They have a genuine chance of progression and he's just trying to say there's nothing special that the opponent has over them.
  11. Mel81x

    Artificial Intelligence

    Dammit, swallowed my whole post :(. Anyways the short of it is this, China is not doing this just for furthering science but also to get a better stronghold on that part of the sea which has been worrysome. What will be fascinating is all the engineers will learn about building structures and maintaining them in hard to build places. Couple that with a learning AI that can adapt itself to those conditions and this just adds one more good thing to take into space when and if colonization ever becomes a reality.