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  1. To me he's like Renato, so much potential shown and never truly lived up to it. But like you, I only watch the guy when there's CL matches on and don't really follow Serie A to give a better idea of what any club would get if he moved. That said, this guy was hot property at one point and he's also 28 so this might be his last chance to change the system around him and try to get better.
  2. I think Kotick's got something at Acti that no one really knows about and probably shouldn't either. Keep in mind this is the guy who pretty much started that whole "bro" culture out there and some stories are pretty horrid. I can't see him staying long there either and once the deal materializes he'll take his payout and move on. Rumor going around the mill is that he has another company off-shoot idea in the works but how that would work considering most of the folks that work on the famed IPs are all Acti-Blizz employees is all sketchy. I can't see Nintendo bending over backwards for Microsoft in this deal, Sony maybe considering they'd have to find a way to get CoD and whatever else Microsoft revives from their deal on their platforms but at some point it may be the other way around where M$ decides its best to let some things go. What is interesting to note in all of this is that this now has shone a light on another company that is seriously in need for an overhaul and that is "Ubisoft". I'd like one company and only one company to get them and that's Nintendo. What they could do for what they've done to destroy Prince of Persia could be undone with the right team behind the project. If Nintendo went after Konami in all of this and said we'll help and Konami accepted would also go a long way to balancing this weird scale that is being built in Microsoft's favor right now. While I like them as a company they aren't on the same level as Sony and Nintendo with original IPs and games.
  3. When you look at his history its muscle issues mostly, fatigue, hamstring, groin, etc. You'd have to start thinking if Klopp want's him to play that high-press whether that would aggravate everything but I think if the medical staff evaluate it and say its fine who's anyone to really say anything till he has an injury that keeps him out longer. Personally, if he can stay fitter than Thiago and Keita its an upgrade on the amount of time we get out of those two and he has the skill and talent to succeed if he does.
  4. Club Brugge v Royale Union Wurzburger Kickers v Freiburg II Marseille v Montpellier Hearts v Motherwell Cardiff v Nottingham Forest Meppen v Manheim Portsmouth v Charlton Valenciennes v Nancy
  5. Let me play as a Sith and I'll buy that one from the three. Make it happen Respawn.
  6. Game 79 - 11th minute Game 80 - 7th minute
  7. Mel81x


    Wordle 220 4/6* Not too shabby today
  8. https://kotaku.com/esl-faceit-esports-public-investment-fund-saudi-arabia-1848413393 And they went and bought FaceIt too. Its a smart acquisition as they'll make a lot of money in the process, maybe not at first but eventually it will even out. Its going to be interesting to see how many people jump ship now that the Saudi's are the ones backing it.
  9. Saturday 29th January, 2022 Ross County 0-2 Rangers, 12.30 Aston Villa Women 0-4 Chelsea Women, 13.00 Fulham 1-0 Blackpool Hull 0-2 Swansea Celtic 2-0 Dundee Utd Sunday 30th January, 2022 Sydney 2-1 Central Coast Mariners, 05.05 Newcastle Jets 2-0 Adelaide Utd, 07.45 Gent 1-1 Antwerp Liverpool Women 4-0 Lincoln City Women, 14.00 Cardiff 0-2 Nottm Forest, 16.00
  10. I doubt that will happen haha.
  11. What I want to know is, wtf is there to spend 20 odd of your money on when it comes to social media?
  12. RDR is definitely a hall of fame game. It's got a lot of good going about it that you don't truly get in the GTA games which have a hall of famer in there, in particular Vice City. When it comes to Metal Gear, I think Metal Gear Solid is a classic and I'd drop Snake Eater in the same category. It redefined stealth as a concept and its predecessor on the SNES/<that weird ROM machine> is also a game changer for the way people viewed that kind of game. Oddly enough Kojima himself has stated he didn't want it to be too easy where you were running and gunning which doesn't translate to the narrative of everything going on in the game. I think the first Solid game might be the only one in the entire series that is true action-paced and probably has the best villains/antagonists too, the rest are more off-shoots and the story gets harder to decipher than a ball of yarn at one point. As for Uncharted, I like the series but if you ask me honestly I prefer Lara Croft's reworked Tomb Raider from Crystal Dynamics more than I do Naughty Dog's adventure series.
  13. Mel81x


    Wordle 219 5/6* Was doozy today, I almost thought it was broken at one point.
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