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  1. Thought Palace were good today but we just showed up when it mattered. Also that goal by Naby was superb. Pleased for him as he’s been a little lacklustre but he showed some class today.
  2. Clearly will always be his fault. The amount of support the owners have given him and the club is unreal. Lets not also forget that he did the same thing at Bayern as well so from observation its really all down to him and not the resources he has.
  3. I'd do it just because, as you said, its a hobby and if you can get paid for a hobby then nothing like it. Are they offering you percentages of sales on the stock images?
  4. Its also part of that little SNES mini Nintendo put out a few years back. Really nice box and came with some classics.
  5. In my books he's already one of the best captains Liverpool has had in a long time. He's a positive influence on everyone in that team and a role model on and off the pitch. Doesn't really matter if he beats Steven's record because he's done more than enough to cement himself as one of the best at the club.
  6. I can't see someone like him backing down from the fans being unhappy with him because let's be honest he's not at City for the fans, he wants another CL trophy and if City don't give that to him he'll move on. All these little accolades like league trophies and breaking goal records mean nothing to him as he's done them before in other leagues.
  7. Game 19 - 19th minute Game 20 - 5th minute
  8. I'll stick with Benfica please. Portuguese vacation continues. Could I ask if its possible to put the current team the player is with on the scores table?
  9. That makes sense considering its something that you'll will be getting into for data systems. I don't think you'll have a problem at all and if you have homework issues @nudge can help
  10. I've been waiting for a Castlevania to hit the Switch and this seemed like the best choice considering Prime isnt coming till who knows when. I don't know where you can play it maybe an emulator has it but if you ever get the time I'd try Super Metroid for a good challenge. It's old but its also very good.
  11. When I see semester courses setup that way it leans towards coding fundamentals in Sem 1 (you probably wont write as much code if at all) and then Sem 2 will be learning to use things like "flask", etc. I'd actually spend time on other sites to get a bit of understanding Python before going into Sem2. Python is super versatile and actually easy to understand once you get your head around the syntax. Have you programmed in any other language before?
  12. Disallowing that Taremi goal is clearly stupid. They'll ignore accidental hand balls in the box when its a defender but someone falling over with no body control touching a ball already headed towards the goal is a handball now? Porto should have won last night and that red card should definitely be contested.
  13. Nice to see Brugge not sitting back here and getting the equalizer. TBF to them they could really be ahead at the end of the first half.
  14. If we lose tonight I can already predict the word Istanbul as headlines tomorrow in the paper.
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