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  1. Think he's also just coming back to the team so it might be just getting used to playing time again? He was rather invisible in the first half and I kind of forgot he was actually playing because you'd expect more from him.
  2. Fabinho put in a good shift today as did Henderson. Two of our best players on the pitch. Robertson just wasn't in it today and fair play to Kimmich because he was very good on that side of the pitch. I'm glad he's missing the second leg and hopefully we see a better performance from our fullbacks in the away leg.
  3. When I saw that Bobby might not be playing I was actually a bit more worried but I still think we can turn this game in our favour if we don't let that midfield operate which is highly likely considering we have both our wingbacks fit and we have options on the bench to cause their defence problems.
  4. Not too shabby that lineup actually. Much better than what I was thinking it would end up as. Keita has to come alive in this one for me.
  5. I think an Australian tournament would be rather nice honestly. They'll have better weather during that time of the year (correct me if im wrong) and they have the infrastructure as well.
  6. Mel81x

    Gaming - General Chat

    I think its a general trend in software development but it probably gets the most publicity in North America more than anywhere else. Then again most big IT firms are based out of there which then goes back to your point of capitalistic greed anyways haha.
  7. Smash and grab for City. They'll probably not need to worry about the second leg when they are done.
  8. Mel81x

    Militant Veganism

    I don't know if you'd want to be militant anything that just comes with a connotation that no one wants to hear. I remember watching a show on Netflix where they were funding cart food startups and there was a vegan popup that touched on the very same thing that @Eco stated which is the price and then the ease of access as well. Nine out of ten chances are you go to a popular restaurant and don't get the options you would imagine a vegan lifestyle would want and maybe if that gradually changed we'd start seeing it becoming more of the norm.
  9. Mel81x

    What are you playing?

    I'll try my best and offer good recommendations wherever I can. You have to realize when Bioware were strutting their stuff well I played all these on an Xbox and never really saw the PC side of things which I learned later was much better. The control scheme on the Xbox was comfortable enough that I never bothered going in any other direction. When you're done and if you want to take a walk on the wildside and you haven't already give Skyrim a run its definitely in your wheel-house since you like these kinds of games.
  10. Mel81x

    What are you playing?

    Yes it most definitely is which is why if you've played the original you're going to like it.
  11. Mel81x

    What are you playing?

    You should definitely play the sequel its more polished and has a more adaptive skill tree. I think you'll like it. P.S. I have never played KOTOR and ended up on the light side. The dark side just had way too much fun associated with it.
  12. Probably one of the best of all the ties at this stage of the competition. I hope Atletico can do it but this Juve side is very good.
  13. If you're going by just who they have then yes they have a much better lineup but we're playing at home and that always makes this team do the unthinkable especially when it comes to European games. I don't think they're going to make it easy on us at all and if we can stop their midfield we'll get a lot of joy on the night. I am just glad we got Gini back when we did and if you couple that with Fabinho then we have a good platform to feel better about. The real problem will be if they get past that mid-guard because our defensive center is nowhere close to what we started out with and if both Gomez and VVD were available we'd stand a better chance of not conceding on the night.