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  1. Nice goal by Sessegnon. First goal for the club too.
  2. I was just laughing about that too.
  3. I hope they are right because any more slips and it gets really ugly for him and more importantly, the club.
  4. Jesus was due a hat-trick at some point. He's come around really well and is scoring all kinds of goals.
  5. While I understand that and the fact that they are below teams that they should be trouncing they could have asked someone else to do the job and I hope this is a temporary appointment. They have the team to do the job they just need the right person and are we saying that Gattuso is going to suddenly galvanize their league form?
  6. Robbo: "Do they want to see this on their TVs in 2019. Its Black and White!" LOFL
  7. I think its absurd that they sacked him after their performance last night and the fact that they are now in the elimination stages of the CL. Then they go and do this? Are they purposely trying to sabotage the one competition they are good in?
  8. Jesus is having a good run of games. Granted he didn't score in the last match but hes come alive lately and has his team up now.
  9. Mel81x

    Erling Haaland - Man United/Arsenal

    I'd take Minamino over Hwang in an instant. He's a fast-paced midfielder and i think he'd offer a superb slot-in for anyone playing as an attacking player in our team. Over the two legs we played them he was the biggest problem because he seems to find the space to push the ball into attackers with ease and that is something our wingers could really benefit from as well. I don't know where Haaland will end up but I think he's a great prospect for the future and I am really surprised Bayern aren't looking at him more seriously.
  10. Mel81x

    Sheep - Season 5 - Almost Oriental

    Thanks for giving me the liberty to up the stakes haha. Don't worry I'll keep them far more easier than what we have if I do introduce the Ronin round. The last time we had two rounds with a plus and a minus factor it really did turn things around.
  11. Mel81x

    Sheep - Season 5 - Almost Oriental

    Im very surprised a lot of people went with Chuck honestly. Then again he is very popular on the internet.
  12. Mel81x

    Sheep - Season 5 - Almost Oriental

    The competition is strong in this one. I'll wait to hear from others and introduce a Ronin round as the final round. More details once we have more people on-board.
  13. Mel81x

    Sheep - Season 5 - Almost Oriental

    So, since this is the last round and the last game for the year I wanted to ask if people want a fairly easier round or stay with the complexity we have. I'll give everyone till tomorrow to let me know.
  14. Mel81x

    Sheep - Season 5 - Almost Oriental

    Haha you'll came in last and I had the notes all collated together. Apologies, thank goodness it didn't change anything in the end.
  15. Mel81x

    Sheep - Season 5 - Almost Oriental

    Sorry had you down as Azeem.