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  1. Oh he's aware. If you go through his twitter posts its just a long list of comments made which probably started out as a just for kicks but its morphed into what it is now. Plus, we as a society have to realize now that it doesn't take much to type garbage like that and push it out on the internet with zero consequences so it just reinforces whatever you post without much else. Even if someone points it out its like pouring water over a ducks back.
  2. I was talking being complacent about the defending but when you mention the goal scoring threat you're right. Its also weird how the same midfield that was chasing so well in the first half seem to be getting outdone by a more energetic Leicester midfield now. They are teaming up on Kante and should have another goal at this point and I am not talking about the Madisson miss but the chances he has fluffed to get Vardy on-side too. I don't think Willian is really a threat of any kind personally and while Pedro has been very good hes not going to give you a full game of pressing and pushing.
  3. Leicester deserve that. Chelsea have been complacent.
  4. Pedro is a man possessed today. He's even making Kante's work-rate look second best.
  5. Vardy should have done better there.
  6. Its going to be a long day for Leicester if Chelsea keep this up.
  7. Mel81x

    Making Music

    when the time comes I am just going to step into a store and see if I can play with one before I finally make a decision but I have heard so many good things about these amps its probably going to do well.
  8. Mel81x


    I liked it too. I'd say one thing. When providing statistics and tactical analysis its always better to also put formations and player names and positions as well or do a heads-to-head section and talk about the matchups for the day. Then use that to run it into how the historical tactics vs whats going to happen now works. I only bring that point up to allow people to skim first then read and it allows for organization of content as well. Keep up the good work I'll be reading your stuff. Also, you might want to get some feedback from other members of the forum who watch the Championship too, they'd be able to help build tactical viewpoints that could be added to later games that you analyze.
  9. Mel81x

    Making Music

    Once you've had time to figure it all out let me know how it is as I am in the market for an amp for my guitars and I was considering a Katana 100.
  10. Didn't think we were particularly good yesterday but job done and Mane is going to prove to be the star of the first half of the season for me. He is on form and is definitely our most important attack person out of the three right now. Hopefully the break now allows the team to recuperate.
  11. Yeah I dont think this is as straightforward for United as Wolves have actually been quite good lately. Think it will end in a Wolves victory but United will score.
  12. Mel81x

    Making Music

    I am guessing the fiance pre-tested it before giving it you haha.
  13. Are Spurs still without a lot of first team players due to injuries? If so, think City will run them over. They certainly can't come out with a team that doesn't have Eriksen in the lineup because if the Villa game is anything to go by they'll get mauled by this City side who seem confident when running the game in the final third.
  14. Mel81x

    Making Music

    There's only one reply to this post. Tasty.
  15. Our match is a bit of an odd one now since we've got not one but two injured goalkeepers. Still think we'll win here though.