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  1. Mel81x

    TF365 Top 10...

    Give me an hour and I'll get you a list.
  2. Mel81x

    First Goal

    Phew just in time.
  3. Mel81x

    First Goal

    G20: 17th Minute G21: 11th minute
  4. Mel81x

    Making Music

    Getting paid in booze is like a free buffet. Its fun the first two times till you realize its the same regurgitated nonsense and you want no more of it.
  5. Mel81x

    TENET - Next Christopher Nolan movie

    So they basically stop events to change them by being in the right place so that the inversion happens? I like the idea just not sure how its all supposed to tie together.
  6. Mel81x

    Gaming - General Chat

    I like the discussion around this. Sometimes you'll play a game to challenge yourself and its not like there arent a myriad of other games to choose from. It's why some people don't touch Bloodborne or Souls or NiOh or Sekiro, the difficulty just overwhelms them or they rage quit. Having said all that Ghost of Tsushima is a day one purchase for me now.
  7. Mel81x

    Making Music

    Putting aside Spotify and Apple Music even venues dick you on prices (not that thats new) and then the haggling process starts. I hate haggling I wish they'd just put up how much they are offering and people go from there.
  8. Mel81x

    Your Top 10 Video Games?

    I seem to remember that you had to also think very differently when driving them because you're so used to driving cars a particular way but that game turns that on its head too. It is not an easy game by an stretch of the imagination. I also remember playing F-Zero and thinking what a PITA it was to play when it first came out and the GC version was very good as well. Shame they never did something for the Switch.
  9. Mel81x

    Your Top 10 Video Games?

    Diablo 2 has a very special place in the list of games I played. I couldn't understand what the fascination was at first but then I just kept playing it and it grew on me. So many many hours spent here.
  10. Mel81x

    Your Top 10 Video Games?

    What a superb trip down memory lane.
  11. Mel81x

    Jig-Saw Game

    Wasn't too bad but then again I didn't 'concentrate' too much on the lady
  12. Mel81x

    Jig-Saw Game

    Thanks for reminding me about the pause button. Sometimes I'll fire it up while im thinking of a solution at work and then i'll forget the game midway through haha. As for fat-fingers I wouldn't be worried there either its just a matter of practice and consistency.
  13. Mel81x

    Gaming - General Chat

    https://www.reddit.com/r/Doom/comments/gnjlo7/latest_information_on_update_1_anticheat/ Even if you don't play PC games this is slowly becoming a massive problem across anything competitive or online-based. Companies, in their tryst with cheating, are justifying ways to run anti-cheat software along with the game during online sessions. Now, the reports always say this doesnt affect consoles but then I ask how long before even that statement becomes obsolete? It's not like you can't hack a console and its not like they can't cheat there as well. Shame really as I like Doom Eternal and before this May 14th patch I was seriously considering a second run with the difficulty all the way up as well. The good news is that Bethesda is removing Denuvo, the bad news is that a lot of folks who installed it with Denuvo on there won't really know if its gone or if it still around somewhere. Ring-0 is not for software that is not from the OS provider, PERIOD. And if something does require that level of access then the OS provider needs to be involved along with a security team chosen by the international community (this sounds like a joke but its not). The last thing you want is for some lazy security programmer pushed by the boss on a deadline to introduce a hole and then forget stealing data from your machine they can do far far worse.