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  1. Please expect a Hollywood movie on Ronaldo's move from United titled "Spartacus in Manchester"
  2. That guitar + bass riff. Yummy. Nice to see them cut a new album.
  3. It's a really nice story if you read the Mechner's blog post in the tweet. Crazy to imagine what it went on to do considering it flopped initially.
  4. If anyone gets a head injury, fake or not, they should be pulled out and inspected by the medical staff before being let back onto the field. How a ref gets to take the call or the player themselves is a joke in itself. You start doing a 5-minute minimum timeout and the fake injuries will stop with the added benefit that players get better attention for possible long-term issues. We may even see cases where players hit their own team-mates in the head just so they don't have to deal with them for 5 minutes so it's a win-win for everyone.
  5. In the late 70s,early 80s, Japan had a show called Starfleet where all the characters had this kind of a look to them. Granted this is much creepier but every time I saw that show it gave me a bit of the creeps.
  6. Lightyear stops production on €250,000 solar-powered EV | TechCrunch The irony in this is that they started with a price that automatically boxed out the segment of the population that you want solar in the hands of so you can actually see a change. Charging 250K for a device/vehicle/robot-assistant/spouse-replacement is not the way to ensure that energy consumption is controlled. I don't get why companies don't see this. Sure, make a 250K vehicle but if you make a 40K one with infrastructure options you'll get to being a billionaire faster.
  7. Partey looked like a bullet train on that defensive clearance. Covered ground so quickly.
  8. I remember him too. Used to collect Star Wars memorabilia for his missus. No idea what happened to him.
  9. Haaland is way ahead of the goal tally at this point in the season and Wolves aren't even making it challenging for him anymore.
  10. Game 87 - 21st minute Game 88 - 41st minute
  11. Lazy passing and we really could have gotten punished for it as well. In the end a draw is okay but this team could be doing better.
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