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  1. If he keeps going the way he is its going to be a while before anyone breaks his record (Ronaldo's).
  2. Mel81x

    Gaming - General Chat

    I liked the Metroid Dread annoucement. Yeah its a 2D platformer but atleast they cared enough to give us something there after all the delays.
  3. I cant wait for the next round of games from this group now. I think the game against Portugal will be way more open for Germany versus how it was against France.
  4. Rafa in particular for me. Came on, started moving the ball faster and was involved a lot more.
  5. Portugal actually played some good football before that goal. Well done Ronaldo.
  6. And now Ronaldo will get his goal.
  7. How has Dias been booked there?
  8. Bernardo is lucky not to have gotten a card there.
  9. Mel81x

    Goal Difference Game - Euro 2021

    16/06 Finland v Russia 16/06 Turkey v Wales 16/06 Italy v Switzerland 17/06 Ukraine v North Macedonia 17/06 Denmark v Belgium 17/06 Netherlands v Austria 18/06 Sweden v Slovakia 18/06 Croatia v Czech Republic 18/06 England v Scotland 19/06 Hungary v France 19/06 Portugal v Germany 19/06 Spain v Poland
  10. When they look back at the game last night and the obvious missed chances they should really think twice about starting Morata. You want him maybe coming on to give some relief or as part of a rotation but Spain really don't need him to even play a game unless its a throw-away. They dont have that luxury anymore.
  11. Wednesday Turkey 0-1 Wales Italy 4-0 Switzerland Finland 1-2 Russia Thursday Denmark 0-3 Belgium Ukraine 2-1 North Macedonia Netherlands 3-1 Austria Friday Croatia 1-2 Czech Republic England 1-1 Scotland Sweden 2-0 Slovakia Saturday Spain 2-1 Poland Hungary 0-3 France Portugal 2-1 Germany