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  1. Mel81x

    What are you listening to?

    Apparently theres a whole album with covers even stuff from Van Halen. Quite a good listen if you want to see musicians playing from home and just recording for fun.
  2. Mel81x

    If they made a biopic about you...

    Aziz Ansari in all probability.
  3. Dont make me go run that Voodoo Thread again.
  4. Mel81x

    Making Music

    Its not as far fetched to see Mandolin players on this side of the globe and some parts of the Mediterranean considering how important the music is to that style. Country probably not as a big of a deal either but I can't be a 100% sure. Its coming at the end of the month based on how the orders with this vendor with last time but I am very curious to see how I take to it and what I actually learn. Its an upside-down bass tuning so that has me terribly curious. As for the TCE news that is stellar news. They make some great gear and if it turns a bit more affordable I cant see that as a bad thing at all.
  5. Mel81x

    Toughest Music Genre To Produce

    Coke Studio Pakistan is a terrible guilty pleasure of mine. Some of the work those people do is outstanding and your rock scene is superb as well.
  6. Mel81x

    Toughest Music Genre To Produce

    For me, there are really only two genres that are super demanding not only on the musicians but also on the producers when it comes to mastering and tracking. These are. Classical Music Orchestra Jazz Orchestra (personal experience has taught me this) There is something almost vicious about these two genres because they demand absolute perfection when it comes to sound mastering and instrument usage. The amount of energy and time spent on making sure an instrument sounds just right and the length and work that is put into reproduction of those sounds in the sonic-scape is terribly hard and its why these musicians spend more time practicing and less time playing just so that the producer isn't wasting studio time with them when it comes time to record. This is not to say that other genres don't have their own level of complexities to overcome whether its rap, pop, rock, metal, etc the list can go on. Its why so many producers hail certain records as true pieces of art because they visualize so much more than just instrument layers and sound engineering. The real double-edged sword in Production these days is how accessible the technology has become to the masses and why we see such a split down the center for how musicians go about producing their own content for distribution. We think it sounds right but you put it in the hands of a sound-engineer/producer and they really can work wonders with an existing track.
  7. Mel81x

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Finally got around to watching WandaVision and its weird overall. You really hope they drop something by Ep 2 but then they just go back to what they were showing before. Hopefully it picks up soonish.
  8. Saturday 23rd January, 2021 Aberdeen 2-0 Motherwell ADO Den Haag 2-1 FC Emmen, 15.30 Cheltenham 0-6 Man City, 17.30 Real Sociedad 1-1 Real Betis, 17.30 Monaco 1-1 Marseille, 20.00 Sunday 24th January, 2021 Brentford 1-3 Leicester, 14.30 Man Utd 1-2 Liverpool, 17.00 Internacional 1-0 Gremio, 19.00 Atletico Madrid 2-0 Valencia, 20.00 St Etienne 1-2 Lyon, 20.00
  9. After seeing us draw with United yesterday you really do have to wonder how Klopp is going to solve this defensive issue other than hoping players come back sooner than expected. I cant see the club moving on Sokratis even if he does bring the factor of being an actual defender vs the makeshift system we're running with now. As for the match it was really the same thing we've been watching unfold for the last few games and nothing has truly changed. I thought Curtis needed to come on a bit earlier and Shaq starting surprised me but he really did quite well. If we don't find some attacking form soon it wont matter if we bring in a defender or get more defenders back from injury because it seems like new problems are emerging and I don't think they are all related to our defensive troubles.
  10. Mel81x

    First Goal - Season Two

    Game 63: 17th minute Game 64: 39th minute
  11. Mel81x

    First Goal - Season Two

    Game 61 - 14th minute Game 62 - 21st minute
  12. Fulham should be scoring there. The ball was worked so well.