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  1. Mel81x

    Making Music

    I have never played for long on a Jackson but I am seriously considering trying them out. I remember being younger and seeing them do all kinds of crazy designs, especially the Flying V but I think that would be too much for me right now haha.
  2. This game is over and I think Barcelona are going to score even more.
  3. Mel81x

    The Photography Thread

    I liked the final results in the scanner. Seemed to be under-exposed a bit with the bright light shots but then it seemed totally fine with the more closer ones. His coffee videos and takes on different types of coffee are very good imo. The amount of detail he goes into and how he explains the brewing/prep process are what I like the most about his videos.
  4. We've reached Pep's exam point now and I think they have the squad to perform well but it all depends on the draw. Glad they put Real out but tbh Real were never really going to go very far in this competition.
  5. Ohhhh Lyon may have a case here. Nvm they dont.
  6. If you make Sergio Ramos look like he needs to shit but cant stop watching you have my respect.
  7. The way Juventus are playing now and the fact that Lyon look a bit tired is worrying for the french team.
  8. Didn't check but I was under the impression he was out for City for a long spell. Even if he wasn't those assist stats are ridiculous as well as the ability to influence decisions.
  9. Shame that goalkeepers don't get some kind of singular recognition because Dean Henderson has been superb this year. But yeah I think KDB and TAA will clinch the two spots. If you wan't to see a stat site that compares KDB to Mane with infographics the link is below. https://one-versus-one.com/en/compare-players/Kevin-de-Bruyne-vs-Sadio-Mane While Mane does score more he's nowhere close in assists nor is he close in key passes either. Makes you wonder what would have been had City been able to keep KDB fit all season.