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  1. I know but I highly doubt Pep is going to want them to lose this one after what just transpired. I personally hope the players are a little shell-shocked but I doubt they'll be anything but ruthless on the weekend.
  2. Levy didn't buy any players in the summer you think hes going to pay for a stay in Manchester?
  3. Mel81x

    Away goals rule

    If its not broken don't fix it. Teams get two chances to redeem themselves and they think they can just blame the away goal rule because they didn't take them effectively?
  4. I can't see them selling him. He's not just a goal threat when he gets into groove, hes actually a player who will help the linkup from midfield to attack as well. Be silly for Spurs to let him go to anyone.
  5. I don't think this is an indication of what you'll do in the league. You gave up a chance in the first leg and actually won the second game. I doubt Spurs will come back with the same flair at the weekend so that should be a win for you'll and move you'll past one hurdle onto the next (United) which I doubt you'll will lose either.
  6. Congrats @Happy Blue you now have a the league ... again.
  7. Don’t think Porto were anything like they were last season when we beat them by with much more ease and the scoreline certainly doesn’t reflect how much pressure they actually started dishing out on us in the beginning of the match. It’s that first goal which disrupted the entire game because until then you had the feeling that they were going to score the first goal and put some pressure on us. Then it all went wrong and at one point it looked like the players had also given up as opposed to how they came out of the gate hurrying and pressuring us. Even our goalkeeper got so nervous he started clearing the ball out instead of trying to find another player.
  8. Doubt Van Dijk wins it so it will probably go to Sterling. He's improved a lot this season and become critical to the way City plays.
  9. Just saw the decision that denied City the goal and wow its so very close with Aguero coming back from an offside position.
  10. Another year passes another year where City get ousted from the CL.
  11. Haha. Though that happened when Bobby came on tbf.
  12. Yeah we are driving it home now. Poor defending to let Virgil put one in.