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  1. You know Carlo maybe its not such a good idea to bring up this particular fact when the team you lost to on that night was the local rival of the team you manage? I get the message being conveyed but I can't help but chuckle a little bit.
  2. Well done Arsenal. Deserved draw considering they were one man down. TBF to them they could even have won it.
  3. Saw him hobbling around when the ball went back to the half-way line? Either way you're right with your previous post, the ref did it earlier in the game should have done it here too.
  4. So many questions 1. Why hasn't Tammy hit the ground and taken it to the ref's attention? 2. Why didn't Chelsea put the ball out?
  5. You know on any other day this is bizarre but not tonight. With all the results we've just seen this could end up being another weird game that no one can predict.
  6. Newcastle level it at the very end to get a draw. Wow. And Villa has won their game after being down.
  7. Think Bournemouth will put those fears to rest with the next few games. They'll solidify their exit from top flight football unless they can come up with some miracle that keeps them up.
  8. Mel81x

    Show us your pets

    Yeah wouldn't worry at all. Looks like its something food related more than anything else going by what you said earlier. I'd watch them for another week and it will just go away. What are you feeding them btw?
  9. How has that penalty not been retaken? The goal keeper is literally up to the penalty spot before the shot is taken. Manchester City got robbed there.
  10. Stupid challenge on Laporte by Besic just sees a yellow for it too but stupid nonetheless.
  11. I think Werner is, as you said, the kind of player that would actually work well in our squad just because of the way he operates up front. He's not a real box-type striker and moves around a lot just like our front three do. Regressing Firmino may be something they would do but then you have to ask yourself how he'd operate back there and I don't know why but I think he works best up front being the one to hold the ball and run into little spaces affording time for the rest of the players the opportunity to start overloading the final third for more options. Still, this is Klopp and I doubt he'd make the request to go after Timo if he didn't have a plan to use him. Mino is also around and while it was a cheap investment he did show some promise in the cup game he played in. I think we'll see more of him next season with some cameos this season to get him sorted and I honestly think he's the one Klopp wants to play in the position you just talked about with relation to Firmino.
  12. Mel81x

    Show us your pets

    Dont mind at all. If I can help I will. The fact that they aren't sluggish or stressed means that they arent totally affected by it.
  13. Mel81x

    Show us your pets

    Give it some time fish tend to exhibit changes much faster when they get sick. Are they moving around mid-water or just staying to the bottom of the tank?
  14. Mel81x

    Show us your pets

    Your parrot eats better than most of my mates