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  1. They still haven't found the nutter either.
  2. If anyone can do "cloud" gaming right its Microsoft. The rest of them will are light years behind them.
  3. Mel81x

    Andor (2022)

    Star Wars meets GoT. Nice.
  4. Mel81x

    The Boys

    Think they took a weird approach as they do with everything in this show about showing a narrative without using actual footage. And you're right its going to be calm now as they setup for the end.
  5. Mel81x

    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Finished it and I think Disney needs to take two years and a nice break before it touches a prime Star Wars character ever again. I get the point of S1 of this show, its to show us how Obi-Wan gets his powers back to full tilt and the internal struggle that he goes under as he watches everything he ran away from come back to haunt him. But, instead, we get a weird inter-galactic runaround show that at times I honestly felt was more Disney than Lucas-like. Kenobi was good in a lot of ways and his slow progression to finally becoming what he was is quite good. The only problem is that in such a short space you never really see him find out what he has to do to get his mojo back and I feel that the reason for that is my next point. Reva. This is why Disney needs to take 2 yrs and even then I feel like they'd fuck up the side-act of the main antagonist. They always seem to write these terribly weak aux roles and I find it odd considering you once had a Sith who said fuck all and imo is the best apprentice of the whole lot (Darth Maul if you're wondering). Waxed a Jedi-Master, took a wrong step and then Kenobi waxes him. That revolving door scene imo was one of the best in the entire Star Wars universe and nothing comes even close to it in terms of dealing with hurt and having to get your act together quick. Her redemption arc is also terribly confusing and I feel like Vader should have chopped her head off but I get why he didn't. Disney told him we need her for another season where we're going to turn her into a strong Jedi convert. Leia reminds of that kid from Stranger Things (the younger sister who is unnecessarily obnoxious). This has Disney sauce all over it. Her only saving grace is there are far more annoying characters in the universe that you just wonder when she's going to get off screen so the story can progress. Other than that its quite nice that they finally took someone that required more screen time to explain what they were doing in between Ep3 and 4. P.S. It sounds like I didn't like it but I did quite enjoy watching the show even if it was a bit short.
  6. Mel81x

    Making Music

    So I went and signed up back to school again to improve my picking technique and told the instructor that I play bass so he said to come back on Monday and pick a song to play that I thought would be good. In my eternal stupidity I picked an Ozzy track and this is my weekend bass homework. Also, I don't get the reason for the chorus part being written that way but who am I to mess with genius. Note: I am just glad I didn't tell him I like Maiden more than Ozzy.
  7. I always thought that opening riff was just a guitar till I realized that dirty punk Justin was up to no good and playing it on a bass and for merry measure he adds a delay too.
  8. Behind the scenes of Waymo’s worst automated truck crash | TechCrunch What's funny in this is that someone who was actually driving a truck caused the incident. Surprised Waymo isn't using that to state that their system is far better than a human-operated truck.
  9. Mel81x

    The Boys

    Today's episode was a bit of a slow burner for me but having said that there were some very interesting things that happened and I think the nightmares have bigger ramifications than just what they showed at the end of the episode.
  10. Great stuff if you like Classical Guitar (be warned its an hour long)
  11. Mel81x

    The Boys

    I like how over-the-top this show is compared to the literature. What's even more interesting is the casting, Homelander is someone you just want to punch in the face, but you know you can't because well he'd rip you a new one without even blinking. What's even more entertaining is how the side-acts like Ashley who has this weird internal control need and does things like pulling her hair out and then taking folks for a ride and randomly screaming just turns into a pussy cat with Homelander while Stan never lets things out and can talk down to Homelander like he's just another employee. Great casting.
  12. Mel81x

    Making Music

    Don't mic it just USB it and then record it. I am so tempted to hook the Macbook Pro to the interface and also add something to this that isn't metal or has a rock theme now haha. @Happy Blue I woke up and finished two cups of coffee reading through that haha. Oh and watch out for those micro delays which is why I don't use USB anymore but instead plug it into an audio interface and then record and use the USB to manage the device via the computer.
  13. Mel81x

    The Boys

    I feel like they could have added a bit more content to this week's episode but its nice where its all headed now.
  14. Mel81x

    The Worst Covers

    One of the comments in there sums this up - "Let this serve as an important lesson to everyone: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should."
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