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  1. Mel81x

    What are you listening to?

  2. Mel81x

    Things Everyone Has Done But You

    Don't really know, never tried it but I want to. When I was younger I remember seeing an ad for it in a store but never got around to actually trying the stuff. Maybe someone on here has tried it and can shed some light on it. From what I hear you can even mix it with hot water and drink it.
  3. Mel81x

    Things Everyone Has Done But You

    Oh I know I prefer that taste to Nutella. Nutella is a little too sweet imo and has this weird after taste. I tried it when I was younger and it just never stuck. Whenever I also think of stuff that I have never tried this comes to mind. I am sure people on here have tried it. I do like Marmite and I hear this has an acquired taste
  4. Mel81x

    Things Everyone Has Done But You

    I have tried the former years ago and have to say it was goddamn delicious and I personally can't stand Nutella myself what a disgusting taste.
  5. Mel81x

    Gaming - General Chat

    https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/06/ataris-new-vcs-isnt-a-console-but-it-isnt-quite-a-computer-either/?comments=1 Putting everything aside and its probably untimely demise due to what they are selling it as, that joystick oh my that joystick.
  6. Mel81x

    Gaming - General Chat

    I agree. I think its a bit clunky overall but Post Season 1 they really did some great stuff to it. Shame they killed it off but if RARE wants to revive it for the Switch I would not think thats a bad thing.
  7. Mel81x

    Gaming - General Chat

    One of the nice things about Nintendo and M$ doing work together is the distant hope that RARE puts Killer Instinct on the Switch even if its a dated version.
  8. Mel81x

    Sheep - Season 2 - Football

    I expect the most aces to come from this question.
  9. Well clubs could say that they are hampering their ability to compete and use that as a cause but then again they'd just find someone new to reinvent the old problems again.
  10. Putting aside all the nonsense surrounding PSG cant clubs like Ajax stop dealing with scum like Raiola? I'd imagine you take him out of the picture and there is a chance for growth and perhaps holding onto more players?
  11. Mel81x

    Paperwork and database for a mechanic/garage

    Yeah theres loads of benefits going down that route. You don't even need to do any special VBA coding as most stuff is really just intrinsic Excel functionality. You can even generate invoices in Word and run it that way too. I do this for a living, building custom solutions for clients, but even I tell them at times that they should stagger their progression into the online space until they have an actual need for it.
  12. Mel81x

    Gaming - General Chat

    Think the first and the third are very good the middle one is good too just not as good as the first which was super for the time.
  13. Mel81x

    Forbes Top 100 Rankings for Highest Paid Athletes

    Paul Pogba I get on that list and the others too because of their status and in some cases inflated contracts but I don't see how Alexis is on there? I figured Bale would be above him honestly.
  14. Mel81x


    https://kotaku.com/in-japan-dominos-new-pizza-has-over-two-pounds-of-chee-1835441795 Only in Japan
  15. Mel81x

    Paperwork and database for a mechanic/garage

    If this is a startup style business with plans to go long-term stick with Excel. Don't both doing monthly payments even if the cloud is gorgeous and glittery its a pointless expense versus getting a Microsoft Office - Home User subscription which has added benefits like email setup, One drive for storing Excel sheets and even the ability to edit them from your phone directly, etc. I don't think I'd ever be comfortable with trying to go for a ready-made solution at that start of a business venture until I crossed a certain threshold and wanted to get more automation into my business. Example, booking gets sent to queue, lines up jobs, customer is notified about job status, mechanic has tool to update status and pricing, etc etc. Managing your business in Excel is sometimes looked a bit down upon but let me tell you that Excel is far from a shabby tool and can offer some easy solutions with a reasonable amount of time spent for calculating your monthly expenditure in your business, running projections, etc and this can all come from various workbooks hot-linked to each other too.