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  1. I think its a good shout honestly because he's not slowed down and is a good person to have on the pitch as well. The other option is to stat with Gini and take him off and put Milner on as well. As said earlier in the chain though, no one knows what kind of system Klopp will employ but I think he'll want to give the players a chance to get back into the swing of things so maybe giving the players he wants to play CL football isn't such a bad thing then take them off in the second half and introduce subs.
  2. Mel81x

    What are you listening to?

  3. City have something to prove here and their current form isn't what they want either. They'll win this one.
  4. The biggest issue with this fixture isn't even their home ground its how lazy we suddenly get at the start of second halves this season. When we're up we turn off and just let other teams get into rhythm and that's been one of the undoings of the season for me. If the midfield can stay focused for the full 90 we'll run riot at their home ground otherwise it will be like every other season where we concede from our own mistakes.
  5. Central Coast Mariners 2-1 Newcastle Jets Newport 2-0 Scunthorpe Rotherham 2-2 Oxford St Mirren 2-1 St Johnstone Atletico Madrid 2-1 Valencia Metz 0-1 Nantes Melbourne City 2-1 Adelaide Alaves 0-2 Celta Vigo Philadelphia 0-1 New York Red Bulls Flamengo 3-1 Fluminense
  6. Mel81x

    40 Most Valuable Vinyl Records

    Give it a decade it will flip again haha. Doesn't tarnish the worth of those albums on the press but this is how music ownership or rentals generally work. I wish I had stock in a vinyl player company theres some hipsters dropping mad money into that business.
  7. Mel81x

    AFC World Cup Qualifiers

    That Thai lead didn't last too long. The UAE are tied now. Edit: Just saw the Thai squad. Chanathip is not playing?
  8. Mel81x


    The posse will probably be with Fleetwood come the 19th but until then I hope we get a win.
  9. Mel81x

    AFC World Cup Qualifiers

    Haha no lies about the discussion part. I honestly think people think Asia is some walkover and sometimes I think if more Asian countries did well at the WC then the entire AFC would get some recognition because I doubt anyone gave Japan any credit even when they almost put Belgium in their place and the only saving grace in that match was a 94th minute goal to progress from the Round of 18. Japan would have done better than Belgium at the WC but that's just my opinion.
  10. Mel81x

    AFC World Cup Qualifiers

    Can't actually say with this current Japanese crop. They've got some stellar forward movement and I always want them to do well but Mexico have more to offer across the board. I rate Inui as one of Asia's best winger/midfielder even higher than I did when Shinji Kagawa started out because he makes things look so simple when he gets them to work right but ... hes past 30 and not the pace-maker he always was. Iran on the other hand I'd say could give Mexico a run for their money. They play like they've got nothing to lose and have a habit of turning good teams on their heads very quickly with their counter-attack.
  11. Mel81x

    Liverpool Discussion

    Quite possibly. I saw it as a joke on Twitter so I had to go look and lo-and-behold.
  12. Mel81x

    Liverpool Discussion

    https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11661/11835616/manchester-united-vs-liverpool-who-makes-danny-mills-combined-xi LOFL
  13. Mel81x

    Will Everton get relegated?

    I'd prefer they degraded to below 10th for over a decade so we can spank them twice every year personally but I see your point about relegation and it does sound equally tasty. (talking about United)
  14. Mel81x

    Will Everton get relegated?

    Too early to say really. I mean if you think about it from a sheer points differential then you have this. Any one of those teams is a candidate for relegation really. They are in such poor form it would be hard to say that a team sitting on 6 points is surely getting relegated.