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  1. Cicero

    Copa América 2019

    Was fucking shit mate. Couldn’t get involved and Colombia’s defense was a rock.
  2. Cicero

    Copa América 2019

    Pizarro as well. Guido was alright. Pizarro ruined all the momentum Argentina had at the start of the second. Lost the ball multiple times and didn’t get with the Rhythm. Didn’t cover the space for Colombia’s first and completely left Zapata unmarked for the 2nd.
  3. Cicero

    Copa América 2019

    Nothing on your boy Pizarro being at fault for both goals @José?
  4. Cicero

    Copa América 2019

    God what a dull game. Colombia far the better team.
  5. Cicero

    Copa América 2019

    Di Maria better put in a shift
  6. Feared Torres more than Suarez tbh
  7. Cicero

    Liverpool Discussion

    Barkley the new face of Chelsea according to Sky Sports. That’s pretty exciting
  8. Cicero

    Copa América 2019

    Should be a good game that. Venezuela are no mugs
  9. Cicero

    Jack Butland - Linked with Chelsea

    Christ someone please change the title
  10. Cicero

    Liverpool Discussion

    We’ll have him then
  11. I mean that a cure has been discovered ages ago, but they are keeping it a secret.
  12. Do you believe in that conspiracy theory?
  13. Cicero

    Are Corner Kicks Becoming Irrelevant?

    Might have something to do with 'traditional wingers' being a dying breed.
  14. Cicero

    Popular movies and series you never rated

    Movies: American Beauty (find it incredibly dull) The Big Lebowski (so dull I fell asleep) The Matrix (dumb) Series: Sons of Anarchy (can't take it seriously)