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  1. Kante, Emerson, and Kovacic still out for us.
  2. Paul Pogba's attitude has long been the first aspect of his game questioned by his critics, and his old boss knows all about why. Mourinho reportedly told Pogba during a 2-2 draw with Southampton: "You don't play. You don't respect players and supporters. And you kill the mentality of the good honest people around you. Interesting. Thoughts @Teso dos Bichos?
  3. I’ll entertain this rumor. We don’t need another CAM. Should only consider 100 million and Casemiro
  4. Heard Ducking Daft is the new looney tunes character. Bald as well
  5. @Stan can’t stand xG as much as @Teso dos Bichos can’t stand Marcos Alonso enjoying life
  6. Cicero

    Jorginho - Chelsea

    I have never seen us play out from the back and retain the ball as well as we had under Sarri, Jorginho being the main component. (Hilarious to hear the Kante and Jorginho need to switch places argument finally die) When you look back at why we’ve done so poorly in Europe this past half a decade, it’s down to being incapable of getting out of a press from elite opposition. We surrendered possession and the attacking chances we did get came from scraps/set pieces. The very reason why we haven’t got past the round of 16 since 2014. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it always, I will genuinely question ones footballing knowledge if they don’t understand Jorginho’s value.
  7. Cicero

    Last movie you watched?

    Don't think they needed to because we all know murder is wrong. Speak for yourself, but I left the film knowing fully well that Arthur had finally turned turned mad. We knew what he was doing was wrong. Being sympathetic with him however shouldn’t be an error on the films writers. I actually found it brilliant writing that they made us sympathise with him.
  8. What about the missed 2008 CL final pk? Or the 2012 CL semi final?
  9. Genuinely shows the poor standard of defending in Spain
  10. Cicero

    Jorginho - Chelsea

    Sarri’s Napoli was a direct team as well. We were too until after the Arsenal game where we left so many holes, leaving Sarri to implement a more slow tempo game. Even Fabregas said Sarri told the attacking players to not make any runs after the Arsenal game.
  11. He’s gone the moment Ruben is fit
  12. Cicero

    Chelsea Discussion

    Kante, Christensen, James, and now Kovacic injured during the international break. Honestly become a joke. One player returns, two more get injured.
  13. Messi would’ve too if he snorted a line before every match