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  1. Cicero

    FA Cup 5th Round Draw

    Hopefully Liverpool field their U18’s
  2. Because a 35 year old footballer has the same legs as a 25 year old footballer
  3. A 35 year old Ashley Cole
  4. Perez to Roma. Permanent move. Mental. Thought he was one of Barca’s better young players.
  5. I remember Torres skinning Lahm alive at LB
  6. I see you are drinking skim milk. Is that because you think you’re fat? Because you’re not. You could drink 2% if you wanted to.
  7. Cicero


  8. Cicero

    Wissam Ben Yedder - Man United Linked

    70 million for a 29 year old. Barca still being Barca
  9. Then we need to keep Giroud and Lampard needs to start utilising him. Ive honestly had it with Batshuayi and his limitations.
  10. Maldini’s prime was roughly 98-2002. Still onwards he was consistent at an elite level.
  11. Easy. Vote for the superior player. Maldini
  12. He’s better playing deeper. Long are the days of him being a box to box type player
  13. Cicero

    Kobe Bryant Dies in Helicopter Crash

    9 people. Just reported now. All perished.
  14. Cicero

    Kobe Bryant Dies in Helicopter Crash

    Heart breaking.