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  1. Cicero

    The Holiday Thread

    Owns a football club His Missus is the GK for the women's national team. Good life insurance payout after he faked his death. I'm sure he is well set up.
  2. Cicero


    I signed Mbappe and Dybala and both didn’t really hit the ground running until the next season. They had like combined 90+ goals
  3. Cicero


    Give him a few months or a season. Typically some players start off slow then just turn unbeatable. Game time changes things.
  4. Cicero


    How are you using him?
  5. Cicero

    Star Wars

    Can you just let me hope please
  6. Cicero

    Star Wars

    Think he was the one that first released the Rise of Skywalker script. Been watching him since.
  7. Cicero

    Star Wars

  8. Cicero

    Star Wars

    Jon Favreau really is the new hope to saving this main story franchise. Hopefully he and Lucas can make drastic changes. First piece of good news is that they're rumored to changing Rey's character. A complete reboot and removing the 'chosen one' title away from her. Lucas and Favreau also intend on utilising Anakin more. Thank goodness for that.
  9. Not really. I’d say Duff is more of an idol here than Robben. His injuries fucked us constantly. Particularly the 2006/07 season when we practically played with no width all season.
  10. Hence why I disagree with the season continuing.
  11. Cicero

    President Trump

    You're not black if you don't vote for me. Biden is a legend.
  12. Eh? I just told you Kante's brother and father both died of a heart attack and Kante had heart complications several years ago. Until it is absolutely safe to do so, going out to training will only increase Kante's exposure to a virus that could potentially kill him. How is that not a real excuse?
  13. So, just to be clear, you think Kante shouldn’t have the option?
  14. For the record, Kante’s family has a history of heart issues. Kante also had a health scare several years back.