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  1. Cicero

    European Super League

    Fuck the Buck.
  2. Cicero

    Jose Mourinho Sacked

    Sarri is more tactically astute than AVB from my experience. Unlike AVB, Sarri can quickly identify areas in the team that do not fit his style and then tweaks it. After we beat Arsenal 3-2 at the Bridge, we never saw our midfield as open as we did. AVB arrogantly continued to play a high line with Terry and Ivanovic and a midfield pairing of Ramires and Meireles despite disaster after disaster.
  3. Cicero

    George Floyd Death & Aftermath/Protests

    2nd degree murder - Murder without intent 3rd degree murder - Murder without intent that was caused by an act that was considered dangerous 2nd degree manslaughter - Murder caused by negligence and without intent. The 2nd degree murder charge was the toughest to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. The fact the jury were able to convict him of that, by definition means he is also guilty of the lesser two charges.
  4. Cicero

    European Super League

    Think that's already become evident.
  5. Cicero

    George Floyd Death & Aftermath/Protests

    Protests and riots will still happen until police reform ultimately happens. They are poorly trained and are far too protected by their departments and unions. A recipe for disaster.
  6. Cicero

    David Alaba Joining Real Madrid

    Breaking: Signs 5 year deal with Real Madrid.
  7. Oh what the fuck? It's just the ESL then? League format?
  8. Cicero

    European Super League

    Still find it incredibly Mourinho notoriously found himself to get sacked in a league that lasted 48 hours.
  9. Cicero

    George Floyd Death & Aftermath/Protests

    Yes. They were trying to see which charge would stick, and since they managed to convict him with the charge that was the most difficult to prove beyond a reasonable, that automatically means he should be convicted of the other two charges.
  10. Cicero

    European Super League

    Wonder how many lawyers City will hire this time
  11. Cicero

    European Super League

    That would be a lot more funnier. But the joke is dead to be fair. Lost all punch when Bridge's former missus denied the allegations. Rather people continued on with Terry being a full kit wanker.
  12. Cicero

    European Super League

    The real funny thing about this rumor, is that Terry didn't even sleep with her.
  13. I applaud the work Tuchel has done so far, but the one thing that needs to be improved on next season is chance creation. My god that was awful.