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  1. Curtis Jones is only on £7,500-a-week?
  2. They can buy whoever they want, they just can't register them.
  3. I would absolutely love it if DeJong tells Barcelona to fuck off, and the Kounde, Raphinha, & Lewandowski deals fall through. De Jong already rejected a wage decrease too.
  4. Only German media outlets are claiming De Ligt prefers a move to Bayern. Juve's correspondent Alfredo Pedulla stated this was never reported to him, only that De Ligt prefers a move to the Premier League. DiMarzio is also backing up Pedulla's statement and Tier 1 English reporter Ben Jacobs as well. What it looks like from the outside in is Bayern using everything in their means to put pressure on De Ligt waiting out for them because they can't out bid us.
  5. It's different when only Bayern media sources are claiming this when Tier 1 Italian sources in Pedulla and DiMarzio are saying the opposite. And I mentioned a while back we just aren't a pull for top players considering the way we've been run.
  6. Pedulla and DiMarzio both claiming we are still his main preference as he wants to play in PL.
  7. De Ligt I still think we will get over the line vs Raphinha.
  8. Seems people on social media are convinced on who it was. Accused usually means a charged is being brought. Think they are only bringing in said footballer for questioning.
  9. Think you either have to meet the valuation or move on. Juve don't accept player swaps after the Pjanic/Arthur situation.
  10. The Bear A young, talented and highly acclaimed executive chef comes back home to take over his brother’s failing Chicago restaurant after his brother tragically kills himself. Fantastic.
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