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  1. Cicero

    Chelsea Discussion

    That is 100% down to not having a director of football. No vision or identity.
  2. One of the worst Bayern sides I have seen for a while
  3. Cicero

    Love, Death & Robots (On Netflix)

    Looks mental
  4. Cicero

    The Butterfly Effect

    What are some crazy instances you know of where an insignificant event led to a bigger outcome? Here's a couple: Hitler was spared by a British soldier in WW1 If the Buffalo Bills didn't do so poorly the season before they drafted OJ Simpson, the Kardashians would be working as Sales associates at a local retail shop.
  5. Pedro and Willian are both 30+. Hazard likely to leave. Seems as though it is equal opportunity so it only leaves me to believe CHO really dislikes Sarri.
  6. CHO genuinely expects to start over Gnabry and Coman?
  7. Cicero

    Chelsea Discussion

    Who would you get rid?
  8. Cicero

    Chelsea Discussion

    I'd like him to stay, but it's come to a point where if Sarri gets sacked, but Willian, Alonso, Zappacosta, Drinkwater, Pedro, Luiz, etc go with him. Then I'll press that button right now. Team needs a massive overhaul more than anything.
  9. Cicero

    Guess the Movie

    Someone else go. Last night's substitution of Dave for Zappacosta when we are 0-2 down still has me feeling rather ill.
  10. He has genuinely been awful this season. Truly. This whole month has been unacceptable in terms of performances and attitude. Sarri will get sacked. A new manager will come in. And the same thing will continue so long we don't have a massive overhaul.
  11. Cicero

    Chelsea Discussion

    I'm inclined to believe he will be gone if we lose to Spurs Wednesday. Final nail on the coffin however if we get knocked out of Europa.
  12. Cicero

    Unpopular football opinions

    One of the most important skills in football, is to be able to receive the ball. Creating space for ones self and for others.