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  1. Cicero


    Just to add on to this. Scream 2022 is by no means a bad film. It's enjoyable at the very least, and its definitely reviewed higher for this newer generation vs those that appreciate all the reasons the first film was brilliant in the first place (which I think is the point of the film's satire). The reason why Scream (1996) was so brilliant and successful was that it had the ability to satirize without turning into a comedy. Scream 2022 tried to do the same thing, which I appreciate, but it wasn't executed well and the big killer reveal was very disappointing after all the build up during the film (Billy Loomis flashbacks, murders on those related to the victims of the first film, big party at Stu Macher's house). I think what also needs to be addressed is that it is likely impossible to peak Billy Loomis and Stu Macher as killers, which is why I personally only stick with the original. (The second film can fuck itself for killing Randy).
  2. Juve still being investigated for some financial dealings.
  3. She is so painfully unathletic. Just like her pops.
  4. The son is a little shitehouse.
  5. A shame for football Thiago Silva wasted his prime years in France. At least he has a European cup.
  6. Was always evident at best he’s a squad player. Still loads of room to grow. Ziyech is a moments player. Needs a team built around him but this can be said about all of our attackers. Different profiles.
  7. CHO MOTM for me. Did very well to impose himself despite being isolated the entire game. Ziyech had Mount and Azpilicueta for support. 4-0 & 8 goals for, 0 against whilst against Spurs this season.
  8. All that huffing and puffing yet nothing to show for it. Again. Very much performing like a mid table side despite a 250 million pound attack. Playing to Lukaku’s strengths and he’s still poor.
  9. Lukaku starts it’ll be another turgid performance. We are on par with Burnley and our football becomes so dire to watch. What amazes me is how little we’ve seen our CL winning front three together this season. Werner/Havertz/Mount
  10. That’s a disappointing approach from Palace. No progressive play at all just very contempt to keep the ball in their half.
  11. Yeah the 2003 one is arguably the best reboot of any horror franchise imo. Heard negative things about this one during the test screening and production demanded changes. This was supposed to be in theaters but they inevitably sold it to Netflix as production feared they wouldn’t break even…Bad sign. I also read some spoilers online and I can see why the test screening was so negative.
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