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  1. Chelsea Discussion

    Willian is a must for me. Been in good form as of late.
  2. Overhyped from scoring a couple deflected goals in the Euros
  3. Chelsea Discussion

    I wouldn't rule out that possibility. Luiz against Atletico in 2014 was one of his best ever performances under us. Reasons Messi has yet to score against us was always having two men everywhere he went. (Lampard+Ballack/Essien/Ramires) Cahill starts, the tie is already over. I'd even throw Emerson ahead of Alonso. Giroud----Hazard Willian Emerson--------------Luiz----Kante--------------Moses Rudiger---Christensen----Azpilicueta Courtois
  4. Strange Coutinho isn't playing when he's cup tied against us
  5. Chelsea Discussion

    tbf Luiz wasn't even fit. Had to come on for an injured Silva
  6. Chelsea Discussion

    Luiz in midfield on an occasion like this could work. Lad loves a big game
  7. Behave, I know you love it. That DT video on Sanchez was quite possibly the greatest thing ever posted on a forum in existence
  8. Wish Caballero was 10 years younger. Great back up keeper
  9. Confidence is really what the team needs. Especially with Barca, United, and City to come in the space of 12 days. Giroud involved in all 4 goals
  10. Odoi for Willian Sterling for Zappacosta Chalobah for Rudiger
  11. Yeah take out Willian for Odoi at half. Giroud's hold up and link up play is exactly what Conte was looking for.
  12. He usually does against bottom table/lower league clubs