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  1. Sevilla only lost 2 of their last 27 games. One was against Bayern in extra time and the other was last week when they were down to 10 men. If we were to learn anything from last season's champions league, it was to improve defensive structure and organisation. Too many clubs walked through our midfield and our defensive line was all over the place. That is the main area we needed to improve and we saw it executed well last night. We've scored 13 goals in 5 PL games. Scoring goals isn't an issue so I will forgive our attack last night. As of now, it's about finding balance. Either we look great up top and suffer defensively, or we look great defensively but look meek up top. Also, it is imperative the club keeps Silva healthy.
  2. Much better 2nd half. Disciplined and organised performance. James and Chilwell were on another level. It was important to get the defensive structure down tonight and it worked. Sevilla were contempt on being Spain circa 2012 with their possession game and we dealt with them well once they got to our third. Attack certainly still needs gel. But it was a good disciplined performance. Lampard has learned from last season. First 0-0 under Lampard as well.
  3. Thankfully with all that possession, Sevilla are hardly threatening us. I love Mount, but this is genuinely getting ridiculous. Is it that surprising we have looked toothless up top? Playing a CM at left wing and having to sacrifice Pulisic playing on his weaker side.
  4. What do you expect? We have a CM at left wing and Pulisic on his weaker side
  5. How embarrassing. Imagine being Christensen, or Rudiger, or Zouma. Entering the prime of your career, and a 36 year old has to come in and teach you how to defend. Now Kepa. Our technical director, has to come out of retirement and be an option as a GK given how poor Kepa is. Christ almighty.
  6. The Kepa situation got so bad, Cech has officially came out of retirement and is registered as a GK. Our technical director.
  7. Cech is a registered player on our shortlist xD

  8. Other than Mount at RW, good team. Ziyech still needs match sharpness and too early to start him in a game like this. I just hope Lampard has drilled it into Jorginho/Kante one needs to stay back during our press....
  9. Looks like Mendy may make this (thank god) and Dave will be starting confirmed. We should be making a more pragmatic approach in these games given the disconnect between defence and midfield. Kante needs to sit in front of the defence but it isn't his game at all.
  10. But @Gunnersauraus told me the officials all meet after games and take off points on each other or what not?
  11. It just keeps getting worse and worse. There's a point where Kepa can actually grab the ball but he completely forgets the situation he's in.
  12. Willy James---Silva---Zouma--Chilwell Kante Havertz----Kovacic CHO----------------------Pulisic Werner
  13. If Big Virg hadn't been offside he would've won his team a penalty and Pickford would've been sent off. Only has himself to blame really.