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  1. Notice how predictable we become the moment CHO is off and Pedro comes on. The right side in turn becomes useless. Pedro with his continuing recycling to the midfield + Dave's atrocious crossing.
  2. Burnley are an embarrassment but we are equally embarrassing. We embarrassingly rewarded them for playing embarrassingly. I'd say our predictability in the final third that 2nd half was equally as bad as our defending. This team and current crop deserve nothing. But yet again, the blame will ultimately land on Sarri.
  3. I'm having a meltdown on Christensen losing his runner. I mentioned Zonal marking before I saw the replay of Christensen losing his runner....
  4. It was clear each had a runner to mark. Christensen in school boy fashion kept his eyes on the ball, completely losing his runner who was in open space to head the ball far post.
  5. Ridiculous going into halftime level. Hopefully CHO's injury isn't serious.
  6. Christensen completely lost his runner and ended up marking himself. School boy defending
  7. Enough with THE ZONAL MARKING
  8. Just a much better attitude and energy on display. This is what happens when you remove players that demoralise the team from the starting XI
  9. I've given a lot of stick to our board, but we sold Matic at the right time. Looks hopeless now. United honestly need a Jorginho type player atm. Arthur would of been perfect. There is a massive lack of quality in the middle of the pitch.
  10. I don't know if Pogba is being mismanaged or purposely not listening to the manager. It's obvious he works best behind the striker. So why does he insist on playing so deep all the time? He doesn't have the discipline or positional sense to do it. Either Ole is telling him to drop in deeper, or Pogba purposely does it because he feels that Matic/Fred can't lead a transition properly.
  11. A win tonight and a City win Wednesday could make our situation with United Sunday work in our favor. We need to win every game and hope Spurs/Arsenal slip up somewhere.
  12. As others have mentioned, we would have to see City picking off Hazard, VVD, Kane, etc. Too much financial strength from across the top 6 for that to happen.