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  1. Want to know what a waste of time is? Us winning a corner/set piece.
  2. Cicero

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    Tbf, I think following any religion is being brainwashed.
  3. He's still blatantly better than what we have. I'll forgive some of his passes given he's probably still rusty, but in two games now he's already improved us defensively. Speaking of which, our attacking players really let our defence down. Though that was our best defensive display all season.
  4. Lampard’s game management for me now a glaring weakness
  5. We don’t belong in the top 4
  6. Cicero

    Star Wars

    Do Stormtroopers have a group life insurance policy?
  7. And I’m back to despising Willian
  8. Kovacic finally given a rest
  9. It’s Liverpools year. That is two of the most shocking clear attempts at goal from Watford I’ve ever seen
  10. Cicero

    The Mandalorian [SPOILERS!]

    May not be going anywhere with the plot but the episodes are still enjoyable. Not concerned at all if this is supposed to carry on several seasons. A slow progressing story.
  11. Except both Cafu and Alves were phenomenal in the final third. That is blatantly missing from Wan-Bissaka's game.
  12. Liverpool are like that 2nd or 3rd season in FIFA where you just win every fucking game and its not even fun anymore.
  13. This is actually very difficult. I'd have to edge it to Dani Alves given how instrumental he was for Barca's dominance.
  14. Queue Everton’s inevitable roll over