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  1. Cicero

    Andrew Tate

    He is the cult leader that has created this new wave of individuals that label themselves as high value men when in reality they are misogynists incels who try to justify women not wanting them as certain biological characteristics when in reality they are just assholes to women. They're everywhere. The shit that comes out of their mouth is appalling.
  2. Looked decent in his debut despite the circumstances. I'd play him with Jackson and put Enzo back to partner Caicedo. Sterling left, Madueke right.
  3. Essentially what I expected. Walked into the oppositions hands and with this pragmatic set up, so any attacking impetus would be restricted. Only 14 goals in 15 matches in 2023 and we continue to solve this issue by fielding 6 defensive players. Kill the man but not the idea. Race to 40 points well and truly under way.
  4. Carbon copy Luton first half. Lopsided team with everything tunneled to the right hand side.
  5. Fucking hell its difficult to turn that down. Almost £65m for both Maatsen and Hall.
  6. Salah has been far and away the most productive winger in the PL for how many seasons though. This late in the window would be madness.
  7. Galatasaray could give United a fight for 2nd.
  8. That makes sense when Grealish and Foden continue to play for City.
  9. Disagree there. With the new stoppage time rules, new champions league format, and more international games all congested together, think the only way around these schedules now is to have a huge squad. I'm more concerned that the likes of Palmer, Mudryk, and Madueke hardly have any senior goals/starts to begin with and we are asking Poch to develop these lot to the standard that Sterling is now setting, with club targets to meet. It's asking a lot but out of everyone that was available he is the best choice.
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