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  1. Cicero

    Del Piero or Batistuta

    Fabio Borini
  2. Who was the last new member that didn't have anything to promte? John? 

    1. football forum


      if they stick around they can promote whatever they want...IF

  3. Cicero


    Knew it.
  4. Matt Law and Simon Philips reporting meeting to be held with Lampard and the club. Club identified Nagelsmann as #1 target. Romano reporting Tuchel also a potential replacement and that a German manager is likely.
  5. Aguero hasn't scored in the league for literally a year.
  6. Not if the transition we are seeing is regressing as a team. Liverpool saw continuous progression season after season. There's no real progression under Lampard and the more we give him time the worse we are looking and further down the table we are going. 2 points above Arsenal now, who the entire world were laughing at weeks ago. The only people who are Lampard in are the exact same people who wanted Sarri out mid January in his first season. Blind faith.
  7. The Klopp comparisons are a bit of a joke. Liverpool saw continuous progression under Klopp before they got to where they are now. We've gone backwards under Lampard after spending 250 million. There's no identity, understanding, or cohesion within the team. Just a bunch of individuals playing under some poor tactics. This isn't work experience. Lampard is clearly out of his depth.
  8. - 0 wins, 2 draws, and 4 defeats against the Top 6. - 9 points behind Leicester and 5 points off 4th having played an additional match. - Regressing by the game with no clear identity and signs of progression. I'd be shocked if Lampard survives the night.
  9. A #6 possibly, but Sarri made our midfield function as it is. Lampard's inexperience just really on display the past several games.
  10. Don't think Leicester will find any easier game to defend against.
  11. Managed to watch a glimpse of the game before heading out. Saw that superb tackle from Justin on CHO. There precisely lies the problem with Lampard and his tactics. Kovacic had the ball from one end, and CHO was in acres of space out wide. Instead of moving the ball quickly by playing it directly to CHO to catch Justin out of position, Kovacic lethargically played the ball to James, and then James played the ball to CHO. And while that was playing out, Justin had enough time to correct his position and hound CHO before he even got the ball. So easy to defend against.
  12. Cicero

    Show us your pets

    Might be getting a teddy bear (toy poodle/shih tzu/Bichon) mix. For my daughter's birthday. 8 weeks old upon pickup.
  13. Cicero

    Show us your pets

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    Brians' thicccc