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  1. All hope is on how Reece James fairs in the premier league. The most avid watchers of our youth team during the FA Youth Cup and Youth CL dominance, all say James showed the most promise. Even ahead of CHO and Mount. And after watching his performances in the Championship, he has everything. Need him fit ASAP
  2. He's the biggest fraud in football. Much like Mikel, the fact we've kept him for so long is mind boggling. Azpilicueta also looks to be zero worry for the opposition. So many times I see teams giving him so much space when he's attacking with the ball, because he's zero threat. Our right side has been ineffective for years now. His only strength was his defensive attributes, but he's been run through the ground over the course of several years. Never sustained any long term injury, plays week in week out given the lack of competition. His legs are gone.
  3. Also, only Willian can come on with fresh legs and still be the worst player on the pitch for us.
  4. Fernando Torres is interesting. Obviously he lost his biggest asset in his pace when his hamstring had gone, but he still had that bit of quality. I think his ultimate demise was the 2nd half of the 2010/11 season. When we signed him, I thought he was incredible really. Those few months, will forever be a mystery to me. He did everything right apart from getting the ball in the back of the net, and it honestly felt like the universe was against him. That save from VDS in the CL summed up that half of the season for him. I believe that was the beginning of his loss in confidence. The start of the 2011/12 campaign, he was looked as the main man. He showed glimpses in quality, but that loss in pace really held him back from being as effective as he was. It was the open goal miss against United that did it. His head was gone, and so was his confidence in his ability. Couldn't do the simple things and it wasn't until Rafa came in where he really started to gain a little bit of that confidence back. It really is a sad story for Torres. I believe there was a quality footballer there even without his tremendous pace.
  5. We will create the majority of our chances this season by forcing the opposition to make mistakes. The intensity in our press is the biggest positive I've seen under Lampard. When our press dies down, that is when our chances dry up, as there is little creativity in the side. It's the very reason we saw little to no comebacks last year under Sarri. Always relying on Hazard to create something. So it makes it extra more frusturating that the chances we do create, we fail to convert. As it gives the fans' the feeling the game is already lost the moment our players tire down.
  6. From the Super Cup thread. Total collapse from us towards the end and were outrun. Feel like Europe this season will hinder our league form tremendously. We have players that do well in a one off game, it's over the length of a season that is a concern. As Spike mentioned, people need to grasp the fact that our team really isn't that good. When I stated that Lampard's goal would be 7th-5th, it's essentially based on the players we have at our disposal, along with other factors such as Hazard gone, transfer ban, and the lack of end product from our attackers. And even 7th-5th is being optimistic. Can see another 2016 season under Mourinho at this rate. Fatigue played a big part, but Lampard's inexperience in addressing our midfield after we lost control prevented us from securing 3 points, in my opinion. No idea why Barkley wasn't brought in early in the 2nd half, and allowing Maddison to run riot in the middle the entirety of the 2nd half, was very poor. I'll give Lampard the benefit of the doubt, but he's got to do better. We've spent so much throughout the years and the big question will always remain with us, and it's down right embarrassing. Who is going to score our goals? Zouma MOTM. Much better from him. Solid display. Azpilicueta and Willian need to permanently stay out of the starting XI. The latter fit right in with the players that played 120 minutes on Wednesday.
  7. Poor last 20 minutes from us. Couldn’t keep possession which allowed Leicester to take control. Giroud can’t get involved at it felt like playing with 10 men. Zouma a much better performance. Night and day difference on the ball vs United.
  8. Cicero


    The bloke that played Son of Sam was great
  9. The principal of VAR is sound. It’s the application that needs work
  10. So Laporte didn’t touch the ball with his hand?
  11. Wonder If Pep will go back being pissed at Aguero