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  1. I personally don't get the 'hate' for CHO by some of our fanbase. He's deserved some criticism but this is now two games on the bounce he's performed well. This is his opportunity to cement that LW spot so all we can do is support him.
  2. I know he is the arse of every joke at the moment, but Scholes is spot on here. I remember the criticism I was getting by certain members last season when we had that very poor spell under Lampard. I stated that I would rather drop points but play a style of football that looks sustainable vs fluking 3 points. The former gives evidence that at the very least the manager knows what he wants
  3. Cicero

    The Next Bond?

    Idris Elba would be a great option.
  4. Really do wonder how this game would've panned out had Bruno smashed in that earlier chance.
  5. Conte would be a short term fix and will inevitably have a falling out. (Also I don’t think the United players would be open to yet another conservative manager). Zidane would be interesting but a risk.
  6. Gary Neville - “You don’t have to be a high pressing team to win the league. Chelsea won the Champions league without being a high pressing team”. Top pressing teams since Tuchel arrived. 1. Man City 2. Bayern 3. Liverpool 4. Chelsea
  7. Gotta applaud Gary Neville for mentioning all the problems at United that the manager should be sorting out but stopping short of criticizing Solskjaer.
  8. Also interesting Ole/United spend two years to get Sancho only to not play him.
  9. I got dizzy from the amount of triangles Liverpool created from the sheer ease of it. Curious to hear Rio’s thoughts the delusional mug.
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