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  1. So why are we better when Kante isn’t in the side? Why is it we've only lost one league game all season when Kante isn't in the team? Is it perhaps we have better options when we approach games taking the initiative?
  2. We have several players who press well now. Our pressing as a unit has improved ten fold since the Conte era. Lampard is now asking our players to do more than that, particularly when we have the ball. Explain to me as to why when Kante is in the side, we are arguably worse based on results and metrics? Why do we have a 30% win ratio this season when Kante is in the team? You mentioned Fabinho, Henderson, and Milner, yet these are players who are much better than Kante on the ball. It seems like you are suggesting we should completely toss our manager's system in favor of tailoring to only Kante's needs, which is a system that has proven time and time again to be unsustainable. Kante isn't better than Jorginho as a holding midfielder, Kante isn't better than Kovacic as a technician, and Kante isn't better than Mount in our overall build up. Square peg in a round hole. Again, we have improved tremendously in our press as a unit. Only yourselves and City have done better than us in possession this season. You lot only slightly better. Compare that to the Conte Era and we are 6th and almost out possessed by Southampton.
  3. Or a team that needs its players to break down opposition that sit back
  4. And where are they now? That style of football isn’t sustainable
  5. Kante's best attributes are highlighted when we are off the ball. Since Sarri, we have seen far more of it. Now under Lampard, our play is much more direct compared to Sarri's and Kante's limitations in the final third hurt us when we are against sides that are hard to breakdown. Now Lampard wants to try him at DM when it isn't even his natural position. If Lampard wants a DM, he should buy a DM. I've mentioned more than once that Kante should be use sparingly. Particularly against elite opposition. MOTM has to be either Dave of Willian. Worked their bollocks off.
  6. No one is saying he's suddenly turned shit. We've gone from conservative football under Conte, where Kante shined, to progressive football under Sarri and Lampard, where Kante looks out of place.
  7. I'd see the back of Kante before Jorginho.
  8. Our best period of the season was when Kante wasn't even on the pitch, let alone playing as a DM. Needed that goal. Another game where I feel Mount's absence.
  9. Although a little irritated Lampard has yet again changed his centre back pairing, that was the same backline that got us victories against Everton and Liverpool. Think Lampard is draining every bit of juice left in Willian before he leaves.
  10. Cicero

    Racism in football

  11. Every club is guilty in tampering the market. Be it first hand or second hand. It's football and there is so much money in it now. PSG buy Neymar for nearly 200 million. Barca buy Coutinho for 130 million. Liverpool then in turn buy VVD for 75 million, now setting the standard of what an elite CB costs now.
  12. We've conceded more goals than Burnley & Palace with Tammy Abraham, who's scored 4 goals since November, leading the line and have statistically the worse keeper in Europe's top 5 leagues. Yet we are still the 3rd best club in the Prem.
  13. We are one defeat away from matching our 2015/16 total. A season where we finished 10th, yet we currently sit 3rd
  14. Martial skies it and the crowd noise cheers
  15. So they essentially can't be prosecuted, because it's outside the statute of limitations? Cheat and do everything to cover your trail that is long enough for 5 years.
  16. Kepa James---Christensen---Zouma---Alonso Jorginho Kovacic----Ruben CHO------------------------Pulisic Tammy
  17. I'd sell. Without a doubt. Being shoe horned in the side. Square peg, round hole, etc. Sell and get a proper DM because Kante isn't good enough there.
  18. That's that then. Final day will 100% decide it.
  19. The fact we are still third just goes to show how incredibly weak this league currently is.