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  1. Big victory for Morocco. Predicted to finish last and yet they go on and top the group. First time they finish outside the group stages since 86'. Mental really considering their coach was only appointed in August.
  2. That and the Uruguay one are two of the most shocking penalties I’ve seen in a good while.
  3. Man Messi’s extreme decline of his pace is saddening.
  4. USA are pretty meek up front. Relying on a bloke that’s relegated two clubs is poor.
  5. Same with Roman's first season, Boehly's first ends trophy less. City again. The actual fuck?
  6. The fact Andrea Agnelli stepped down is pretty damning considering his family have ran Juventus since the early 1920s.
  7. Common ground will be reached, but Mount needs to come to terms and accept his role. Reece James was given 250Kpw because he's an elite RB and we suffer without him. Some are now begging for Mount to be out of the XI.
  8. So when was it that if you touch Vinicius its a foul?
  9. Nothing screams masculinity and I'm not compensating for anything, than challenging someone to a fight when you are a professional fighter. Twat.
  10. Surprised Anthony Taylor didn't Anthony Taylor it.
  11. Close to bringing in Arsen Zakharyan from Dynamo Mosco. Pulisic replacement I'd imagine. Highly rated this lad. More signings like this please as we found the most success with this approach.
  12. Because I suppose it is blasphemy for opinions to change. Jesus wept. England have a decent squad on paper but when fans are crying out for player X, Y, or Z to be on the pitch or for Southgate to play a more progressive game against some of the best teams in the world, I firmly believe England don't have the midfield capable. Tyler Adams and Yunus Musah ran circles around Declan Rice.
  13. Personally, I’d rather the club break the bank for Enzo so he can partner Mount in midfield, whilst we bring in an actual DM to sit beneath them. For the DM, my biggest worry is the club have identified Rice to be “that guy”, which leaves me incredibly worried for the future if this is the best our data/recruitment guru’s have to offer.
  14. I’m in the opinion Declan Rice is neither a holding midfielder or defensive midfielder. At least not one you’d expect to compete against at the best midfields in the world. For all of Jorginho’s faults, having Rice replace him would be a terrible move. More box to box imo and it’s no surprise a lot of Englands struggles come from Rice being a lone DM as a factor.
  15. We spend 100m for Declan Rice whilst ignoring a far superior footballer in Enzo Fernandez then what the fuck is the actual point in bringing all these ‘data gurus’ for us to only behave the same as we have under Roman? Filth of a goal he scored and such a technical player.
  16. Tbh I don’t rate this England squad and I understand why Southgate both plays a back 5 and favors certain players over others.
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