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  1. Managers who thrive in little to no pressure environments is another tale entirely.
  2. Literally every Brighton fan I've spoken to on other forums say differently. Caicedo was the player for them. Losing him was what pissed them the most off given how influential he was. IIRC Enzo controlled the tempo for Argentina, with De Paul and MacAllister doing the donkey work which took a heavy burden off of Messi as a result. He's being used as a box to box here which I will continue to say is a ineffective way to use him. You are going to find it difficult to convince any Chelsea fan that its the players lack of quality vs the mismanagement of the manager, considering we endured Lampard and he had us convinced Kante, Rudiger, Chilwell, and Christensen were average to the point we wanted to sell them. All 4 became mainstays in our European Cup win a few months later.
  3. I just don't buy that. At all. Brighton fans will tell you Caicedo was 2x the player MacAllister was and the latter is looking unbeatable under Klopp. Ran circles around Caicedo who's looked average since he's come here. Enzo is the most technically gifted player we have on the ball and he's being asked to be a box to box midfielder, running up and down the pitch vs someone who controls the tempo of the game. Something he does/did for Argentina and Benfica. From watching our midfield this entire season its clear that these players are mis profiled and mismanaged by a man who favors runners and chaotic scrap football. Which is no surprise why Gallagher is the only one benefiting.
  4. The "hate" is towards a manager who has taken a player that has average technical ability and made him the mainstay of the team and undroppable. I don't blame Gallagher as he is who he is. Gallagher however isn't making his case as to why he deservers his alleged £150kpw contract extension. Needed to put those away yesterday. Needed to. A more technical player dinks Kehller or rounds him.
  5. It's 100% offsides. Funny thing is the exact same type of goal was denied 2 years ago when James was obstructed by a Liverpool player that was offsides. In the ELC final.
  6. Thought he would've adapted or improved from his time off of football, but he is still the same reactive, conceding, and tactically poor manager that he always was. Was giving him the benefit of the doubt with his history of developing young players, but 8 months in the only one he's "improved" is a technically average Conor Gallagher who he's seemingly built the entire team around. No surprise the best chances came to Gallagher who fluffed them. There is a decent squad in this team, maybe missing 2-3 senior/established players and finishers.
  7. How I felt about the last seasons of Money Heist. The Berlin flashbacks for me I skipped to begin with, so a whole series about him? No thanks.
  8. Glad I am not the only one that appreciated that rule. Made the competition all the more prestigious imo.
  9. So he's essentially on £800kpw + royalties he receives from images rights. Not bad.
  10. Rudiger esq performances from Disasi these past couple match weeks. 2 points off 7th.
  11. Only use Netflix nowadays for their documentaries. I wouldn't dare watch any Netflix original series/films with the cookie cutter plot they constantly recycle. Stranger Things and Squid Games. That's it.
  12. It's funny how the mens team is all about the future or building for the future, the project, the project, the project, etc, etc, whereas the womens team is is straight to business. Transfers that fit immediate needs and they just appointed that Lyon manager to replace Emma Hayes, where in the women's football world is like replacing Klopp with Pep.
  13. Yeah good film. Didn't know he was the first athlete in history to receive royalties off of his branded products. His mother always knew he'd ascend to greatness.
  14. $98 billion aid for Ukraine and Israel yet the majority of Americans can't afford homes, health care, or have salaries that can keep up with this inflation. God Bless America.
  15. Best performance of the season
  16. Incredible actor in his own right and responsible in help making the first two Rocky films into cinematic masterpieces. RIP Champ.
  17. Any manager that makes the excuse regarding the Klopp/Liverpool comparison will get sacked in a matter of weeks.
  18. Bunch of gaywads in Germany amiright @Tommy?
  19. Lampard said the same thing. Dead man walking.
  20. Boehly stepped down from day-to-day operations back in November of 2022 despite the media's weird obsession to include him in virtually everything. The co-directors Winstanley and Stewart have been in charge since with the backing of Eghbali (Clearlake founder). Ownership want a model/operation method similar to Red Bull, as they believe it to be sustainable. Which is true in essence, but this is the Premier League, and the directors are bringing in far too many inexperienced players all at once which reflects on the pitch. Some of the players, like Mudryk and Madueke, I refuse to believe any analytics showed them having world class potential. They look like mid table/bottom half footballers and they are the ones called upon when Sterling is being Sterling. I still believe, squad wise, we should be where United and Spurs are. This is where I have little sympathy for Poch as we are now 7 months in and this group still looks like they were handpicked yesterday and asked to play together.
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