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  1. Cicero


    Michael playing with the chain when he got arrested at the very end of the 5th movie did it for me.
  2. Cicero


    Complete reboot and takes place 40 years after the 1st film. So glad to see they are going to ignore the abominations that came after, as well as the recently new remakes that were a new level of shit. Being a massive fan of the original, to which it is by far my all time favorite horror film, can safely say I will be watching the premier of this. A part of me wishes they would just let this series die, but considering this is a continuation after the masterpiece that was the original, just gets me more eager to watch it. "I met him 15 years ago. I was told there was nothing left. No reason, no, uh, conscience, no understanding and even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, of good or evil, right or wrong. I met this 6 year old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes, the devil's eyes. I spent 8 years trying to reach him and than another 7 trying to keep him locked up because I realized that what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply evil"
  3. A lot of our failed transfers come at a time where the club were yo-yo-ing the kind of football we want to play. Kepa however was a deal where Courtois really left us fucked, and clubs around Europe knew how desperate we were. That said, she is also responsible for negotiating the fee for: Oscar and Ramires for a combined total of 100 million. Hazard for an estimated 130-150 million. Sold a declining Matic for 50 million. And just recently negotiated a lower asking price for both Werner and Havertz.
  4. And the fact we managed to keep a hold of our spine all those years.
  5. Cicero


    It's not necessarily that they were bad, just that they continued to distance themselves from John Carpenter's original concept of Michael. They made him invincible and that whole cult thing we saw in the 5th and 6th movie destroyed the entire franchise.
  6. Cicero


    This reboot ignores everything after the original 1978 film. (Thank god) Basically, after Loomis shoots Michael over the balcony and Michael disappears, he's later arrested by law enforcement that find him and he's incarcerated at an insane asylum for 40 years. That's where the 2018 film picks off.
  7. Yeah that's Kepa hands down. No pun intended.
  8. Should be able to take a calculated risk here with rotation. Think this team is enough to secure 3 points. Mendy Dave---Zouma--Silva--Emerson Jorginho Havertz----Kovacic Ziyech------------------------------CHO Giroud
  9. Cicero

    Players over 50

    Football is very demanding. Top flight? Probably a GK if it were to ever happen
  10. The very same reason as our game at the bridge. Cowardice tactics instead of taking advantage of the situation.
  11. I’d be fuming if I were a Leicester fan.
  12. Unlucky Leads. 3 shots off the woodwork. Was always going to be more difficult against a ten man Arsenal side that’s just sitting deep. Arteta’s element really.
  13. Do they practice finishing in training?
  14. Aye Willian will likely play and likely have his usual performance of the season.
  15. Fucking moron. Deserved sending off
  16. Cicero

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Just finished. Mad how strong job security is for detectives in Boston during that time. Could get away with everything, There’s one thing that’s bothered me the entire time however. Why did we only hear specifics of Sean’s involvement in the murder from his uncle, his lawyer, and others who weren’t named Sean? Sean only said he went to buy diapers and got in the car and drove off....but that’s not exactly what happened? He conveniently left out his friend murdering mulligan, them driving off and then hiding the guns? Just seems incredibly sus and has me thinking Sean may not have been involved in the shooting, but was involved in the robbery of the firearm. Hard to buy into the wrong place wrong time theory. I don’t know: I just wish Sean was more open to what exactly happened vs hearing it from outside sources.
  17. The argument wasn’t that it wasn’t unsuccessful, rather that it’s unsustainable.
  18. Cicero


    Yeah it’s all counter attacking for 90% of my goals on career mode
  19. Cicero


    Tommy Doyle returns
  20. Christ how did we let this lot dish 3 past us