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  1. Had that penalty been given who knows what the outcome would've been. Arsenal took their foot off the gas this second half.
  2. All goes back to my point this time last year when many thought Mourinho would lead them to the title after their bright start. This type of football is not sustainable. What does Levy do? Take a sideways step in manager replacement.
  3. Holberg should be fined for his effort in tracking back during the goal. Totally unacceptable.
  4. That is essentially 100% Arteta’s team. No excuses now, if there are still any.
  5. What he say? All I heard was him blaming the execution from his players if anything. I personally felt the set up directly led to those poor performances.
  6. @carefreeluke Interested to hear your thoughts on the set up. I know you and I were the most vocal during Conte's second stint and his cowardice.
  7. I sensed we’d lineup that way given our next run of fixtures are relatively “easier”. Tuchel probably thought a point here would set things up nicely. A win, even better. I knew he’d set up to not lose. Issue is, if I knew Tuchel would set up this way, then Pep undoubtedly did as well. And it showed. Pinned everyone with their press. Execution was poor considering Alonso, Kovacic, Azpilicueta and everyone under the sun had stinkers, but the underlying issue was the set up. Tuchel now saying he was happy with the performance before the goal, which in truth is very, very annoying. He should know this type of game management has a long lasting affect on the players, which has been the demise of Mourinho and Conte. I’ll gladly accept where we are with Liverpool, City, Spurs and Arsenal out the way, but our next run of games are where we struggled next season. It’s time to see if we really have improved on the matter.
  8. This was exactly the same performance against City at the bridge the 2017/18 season.
  9. Called it. Was my biggest worry coming into this. Saw a level of cowardice shades of Conte’s 2nd spell. Very reactive from Tuchel today and is getting me slightly worried. Far, far too much respect to City who I thought were brilliant. Some very poor performances from us but the underlying issue is the set up. Interested to hear Tuchel’s post match presser.
  10. Needs a thread. 3 episodes in already and its fantastic.
  11. Talk of him getting another year extension. Would love it.
  12. I think Tuchel will go prime Mourinho here with a "We cannot lose" mindset. With none of our attackers, bar Lukaku, really up to speed, think we will favor a midfield heavy team considering Kante, Kovacic, and Jorginho have been excellent. A win here could set things up nicely for us given our easy run of fixtures coming up. Mendy Christensen Silva Rudiger Azpilicueta Kante Jorginho Kovacic Alonso Lukaku Havertz
  13. A league challenge and a trophy should be the bare minimum given their investment. A close finish and a league cup would’ve been progress.
  14. Pressure will gradually increase for Ole/United to win a trophy.
  15. Did it the hard way. Kepa becoming somewhat of a PK hero.
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