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  1. Been this praised? He's been under-praised if anything. He deserves more!


    I know mate. It's okay, i still love you.

    Work a.k.a the vent about your job thread

    Yes it's good. Got it open currently.


    What? Approximately 316 days. What? Aaaaand that's the bottom line. What?
  5. Messi, Busquets and Pique are the last of the Greatest Club side of all time. It's shite that they'll be gone in a few years

    Mobile Phones

    I was with them for a long time, about 8 years. Recently they haven't been great or shown me any love for such long service so i've left and i'm now with Vodafone. I had the Huawei for about 6 months and now i'm back with Iphone. I liked the android it's just personal preference really. Iphone 11 Pro.

    Work a.k.a the vent about your job thread

    I briefly touched on this in another topic. But i got asked by one of the MD's to go and run a shift in the Warehouse. My department is Lamination and i barely knew any of the guys in the warehouse or the process. So i had to learn on the job, And it was pretty good. Learning more about SAP and other systems that i use daily. And it was a compliment being asked so i was always going to say yes. Does anyone use SAP? Anyway... the reason i got asked was because there had recently been a managerial change down there with people re applying for their jobs. One of those ended up being external with old people not re applying. I actually showed this new guy round my department in his induction... anyway.... about a couple of weeks in to his new role in our company... there's talk of him not doing well and things aren't great.... and this article finds it's way to one of the MD's. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/abuser-put-relationship-course-avoids-17260564 So then it's Hence me being asked to take an interim role to steady the ship.

    Cashback Sites

    I'll give it a try.

    Peaky Blinders

    I think she will definitely cancel that resignation and she will help Tommy sort himself out.
  10. Times aren't always good. After all the high's and just how consistently good he's had that team playing over the last few years, it's such a joke how many people and 'experts' are saying it's time for him to move on. He's the man to turn this around. I don't think though that throwing money at it is the best idea either, and that won't happen either knowing how shrewd Spurs have proven to be. People act like he hasn't had a bean to spend and it's all down to that... it's not true. Ndombele, Sessegnon, Lo Celso were all good additions in the summer. And getting 20 million for Tripper is a steal on Spurs behalf. The summer before was poor, but it didn't affect him last season did it with how well they did? The year before Sanchez, Moura, Foyth etc. He has had money, i'm not sure what this myth is that he's never had money to spend. It was always going to be tricky this season to motivate them again after the high of last season and that Ajax game and that CL final.... ultimately ending in disappointment.


    You base that after a few hours?

    Cillian Murphy Appreciation Thread

    Fantastic actor, good to see him get the Worldwide appreciation that he deserves. I also like how popular an English TV series is Worldwide.


    That's my team on Ultimate team. Not bad to say i haven't spent a penny and it's early days.


    What do people think? It's okay to be fair. But maybe that's because it's still new. They really have dropped their standards though in recent years.