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  1. JT and Ramos. Good to see JT getting the credit he deserves.

    Hip Hop/Rap

    Decent. My mate who's not even massively into rap showed me that Token and he's good. Yeah, i've just not been on the forums as much mate. Late 20's life crisis. This was always the best topic though
  3. Was a one horse race, imo. Fully deserved.

    Dating, Relationships and Marriage Thread

    Get out and about and see friends, not being a cunt here but even get back on the bike if that's what will help you move on. The times when i am on my own i've kept busy.. I went on a mad one the first couple of months with women... and pissed quite a few off because i don't want another relationship... and i've since calmed down the last month or 2 When i split with my girlfriend of 7 years back in July, i was devastated and at the low of the low for about 2 weeks. I slept in my car at one point for about 3 nights and when certain friends found out they went absolutely crazy at me, but i needed to be on my own and don't regret it. I was more gutted because i never wanted to be a weekend Dad... but soon learned and accepted that it's worse to stay together for the kids sake and now every few days when i see her it's the highlight of my week. You won't think it now, but in time you'll understand why you had to go through this bad time and look back and think it made the man you became. All the best mate, the main thing in your situation is being unemployed - you need something to get up each day for and something to motivate you, everything else will come naturally.

    Best underdog story in Champions League

    In terms of overall tournament Porto is easily the bigger underdog story. History remembers the winners and Porto winning it and their incredible season will live long in our memories. Apoel reaching the last 8 is great for them obviously but i'm much more impressed what Porto achieved. Couple more - Dortmund winning it in 1997. Beating Juve. Zidane, Vieri and Del Piero getting beat by Paul Lambert Deportivo coming back from 4-1 down against AC Milan to reach the Semi Final's in 2004. Dynamo Kiev and Shevchenko knocking out Real Madrid to make the Semi Final in 1999.


    They will the probably have the Trilogy fight. I hope not as the winner NEEDS to face Joshua. It would be arguably one of the biggest fights of all time.

    James Maddison - Man United

    United need a player like Maddison, desperately. How is Lingard still playing? He's a bottom half Premier League player, at best.

    2019 Newcomer of the Year - Nominations

    I cannot justify voting in this. We do seem to have some decent new posters though, and the common names in the posts above seem okay.

    2019 Member of the Year - Nominations

    People voting for Teso AND Happy Blue? Have i really missed that much? From wooden spoon's to being voted for as members of the year? In the little time i've been here this year @RandoEFC gets my vote along with @Dr. Gonzo But as Mr Pilkington said, he won last year, and Liverpool are walking to the title, and he's now staff. Life needs to stop sucking your dick!

    2019 Staff Member of the Year

    Bastard, best of a bad bunch.

    Hip Hop/Rap

    @Carnivore Chris what you saying Bro
  12. Got to let you win something, Grampy x
  13. Come on now... Swansea down to 10 men. Has the Championship table ever been this close?


    Clueless. Can I get a two time?