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  1. The talent and passion this man has is great to see. What a star he’s going to be.
  2. JoshBRFC


    Chicken Dinner for 2.
  3. I strongly disagree. And I’m sure more people here will agree with you than they do me. But ah well
  4. What a race. Ocon handled that brilliantly leading for that amount of time. Lewis getting a podium from last comes as no shock to anyone which says something in itself. Only he could have done that. Alonso rolling back the years and stopping Lewis from winning the race, at 40 years of age.
  5. Alonso brilliant defending. Nice little battle between the best 2 drivers in F1.
  6. Wouldn’t begrudge a Seb win here. Be good to see him and Lewis share a podium.
  7. Lewis last… because of bad luck nothing to do with poor driving. Swings and roundabouts. If anyone can come back and get a win from there it’s him.
  8. JoshBRFC

    Members Pictures

    Bring on hair of the dog and a fancy meal and drinks paid for by work. Hope everyone’s having a good weekend
  9. First off does C stand for Cunt? If so… Brentford Dan isn’t worth it mate. As per most most of my posts tonight, the silly is followed by the serious. And I strongly recommend being selfish and thinking about you 2. Fuck anyone else… do what your heart and head tells you mate. You only live once… get her on her own and and do something. Whether it’s a meal, drinks or just a chat. Don’t act desperate but find that alone moment to be honest with her. Don’t be looking back in weeks or months down the line thinking what if. Go for it man. As much as a good place this forum Is, If you’ve said all that to us strangers, you need to say it to her. Don’t wait for a degree or anyone or any situation, if you can type it out now then find a moment and tell her. Good luck
  10. I can’t tell if you’re singing to us all or telling us a life experience. Either way…. I love it
  11. The websites a bit crap. Can anyone give me a crash course in how this works? eg in comparison to FPL? Also I know @The Palace Fan is the main man behind this… but to keep interest alive does anyone fancy chucking something in to keep interest alive. Send a respected member eg @Stan even a quid or 2 each and pay top 2 or something? Not about the money just the incentive to keep the interest alive.
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