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  1. I used to dream of that as a kid. For so many years and I’d still love a charmander now... or a more common animal a meowth hahaha but choosing a pokemon is too easy. Almost deserves its own thread. From a gaming nerd off the top of my head and after a dozen pints I’d have to say this legendary pet. or DK. Love a Monkey

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Has anyone broke lockdown? Like secretly? I bet you have. I have... not bad. Just curious ha! I’ve gone to a private snooker room a few time with one friend. That’s in a lockup storage style building in an industrial estate away from the world. I’m in there with the owner, his best customer and he’s only allowed himself and his best mate go. And every time it’s been thoroughly cleaned before and after we all go. I just feel naughty and want to tell someone . And the person I’ve been with we have been more than safe. Distanced etc. Is that even that bad?! Judge meh. More chance of getting something when I’ve gone Asda when i go a few times a week. I tried online shopping once early into the lockdown and because everyone was using it.. after about 3 years I got a call saying we’ve substituted your eggs for a set of ladders. . No thanks. Other than that I’ve behaved. A lot of walks... avoided people and situations etc.

    Dating, Relationships and Marriage Thread

    Only just seen this not been on last few months can’t remember seeing anything on social media but congrats to you and Mrs. I may have seen but done too much drinking in lockdown. Don’t want to go back to work. Furlough FTW. Another child who has more hair than their father when they’re a day old. Haha kids are the best! What’s your trick mate? Juggling a wife and kids and still shagging having more haha my best mate(also bald) has 3 girls 9, 6 and 2 I couldnt do that me hahaha 4 women. Now I’ve Split with the ex, if I meet someone I would never rush but one more be enough for me. MAX 2 more if I have another girl. Typed out a soppy essay but pussied out and saved it. I’ve been lurking in the shadows on here for the last 2/3 years. Whilst going through a lot. I’ll post in here and any mental health thread when ready. Need to get a lot off my chest! Seeing a lot of people’s posts on here in that time has inspired me to offload. Weird knowing I’ve known some of you ugly cunts for a decade?! Someone with power and respect(forum arse kisser) needs to organise a meet up next year! Ha

    The Sopranos

    Yeah It remains in the top 3 for me. And no mate, not watched power. My mates watch it I just haven’t got into it to be honest. ps that’s the 5th time you’ve asked me from the last 5 times we’ve spoke you on commission or what ye cyyyunt

    Mobile Phones

    Thanks @Bluewolf I’ll give it a look.

    Mobile Phones

    Cracked my screen on my IPhone 11 at a petrol station. It fell out of my shorts pockets. I don’t have insurance, as I’ve never ever damaged a phone in my life. Typical. Any ideas people? It’s not bad and I can still see the screen it’s just cracked at the top left and top right. Curious as if any of you can recommend anything or websites or easy cheaper fixes.

    White Lines

    Aye. And she played Meredith Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy.

    The Sopranos

    Yeah they’ve pushed it back to March 2021 now. That movie coming out was one of the reasons I decided to watch it again. That and it’s just fucking awesome... like I need an excuse!

    White Lines

    Anybody watched this? Recently released on Netflix and seemed quite popular. its an easy watch and I enjoyed it. I expect more series of it.

    The Sopranos

    Started re watching this during lockdown for the first tine in over 10 years, at least. Currently near the end of Season 2. Forgot how much of a classic it really is... forgot so much of it! Greatest TV series of all time? Easily top 5, I’d say. And James Gandolfini... has there been a better performance in TV history than him as Tony Soprano?

    Guess the Movie


    Lewis Hamilton Chat

    Tommy Tommy Tommy... nothing changes I see. Still any excuse to hate Hamilton. You’re not the only one though.

    Call of Duty

    What console do you play on?

    Arctic Monkeys

    Their debut is a classic. After that i only liked a few songs on each album.

    Your Top 10 Video Games?

    In no order as i'm as indecisive as @Bluebird Hewitt I choose the series rather than just 1 when picking games and films. Call of Duty: Black Ops. One of the most complete and greatest shooting games of all time and eaaaassily the best Call of Duty game. I have usually preferred Battlefield when it comes to shooting games but this tops my list. I also got to 4th in the world on Zombies at one point. After playing for for around 12 hours. Goldeneye 007. This is on the list for what it meant for my childhood and love of gaming. An all time classic, i'd love to play an official remastered version. I recently played it when i bought an N64 but it wasn't the same. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and San Andreas. I have completed every GTA game and these 2 are my favourite. All te GTA games are just next level in terms of what you can do, and usually revolutionary and record breaking in their respective eras.I really like 5 and people still play it today online, but i wasn't interested in the Online play. I completed the game which i'd have just after these 2 in terms of favourite. Assassins Creed games.(1-4 in particular) I still play these games today, and i am mastering (again) the Ezio trilogy collection of games. My favourite of these games are the first 4 games.They're still enjoyable after that, and i've completed them all other than the 2 newest games. Such fun enjoyable games with great stories and the detail is amazing. Super Mario 64. Played this recently and still enjoyable. So many hours spent on this as a kid, and another definitive game in history. I love all the Mario games but this is the best. Super Smash Bros. Melee. When i first got my Gamecube this game came with it, and myyyyyy god what a game. All the Smash Bro games are great but this is the best nd most fun i had playing one of them. I really do need to play Smash Bro Ultimate the most recent one i just don't have the console for it Prince of Persia: Sands of time series. These were out before the Assassins Creed games were made, and i enjoyed them for similar reasons. So many hours played and hidden locations and puzzles and riddles and tricky encounters. One of those games like AC where you have to really think. It's not just plain simple fighting. The games in particular were Sands of time and Warrior Within. Street fighter 2 Turbo. I can't remember why this was different from street fighter 2 but this game in particular i have very very very good memories of. One of the first games i played religiously with my old man when i was a young kid. Such fun times. And it's still played competitively to this day. Timeless. Only 8 for there now, but technically more than 8, as i've grouped a few selections. I'm also hangry and can't think any longer! Dinner time.