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  1. Its clinically proven that as long as you wash your hands with soap and then water at any reasonable temperature it doesn’t really matter.
  2. Having known you 15 years mate, I know that already. I mean, I love being proven wrong for the right reasons and will always hold my hands up,and will admit when I am wrong, but the fact that so many people instantly think killing people and an assassination is fake…. Is mental . I laugh because it’s bizarre how stupid society is nowadays.
  3. I have family in Scotland and as bitter as they are about England… at least they are united I am so excited for tomorrow but I fucking hate a large portion of our entitled, stupid, racist, arrogant fans. Abuse Southgate, and those who missed penalties in the last final. The way the country has treated Southgate prior to the last game has been criminal. Our team hardly needs anyone to manage them, but typical English culture just loves someone to blame. I’ve gained so much respect for Southgate for how he has handled himself. I want us to win so bad, but at the same time I hate a large % of my own nation as I know I’m surrounded by entitled arrogant racist cunts.
  4. Two people are dead but yeah it’s fake. Fucking idiots.
  5. I thought this forum was more intelligent than “this was staged” responses. Damn… come on people. Ffs. I know I don’t post long essays as often as most of you as a need to prove my intelligence, but Jesus fucking Christ. Sort your heads out.
  6. My only pre tournament bet was the £100 on Spain. Absolute steal at that price. I knew they’d be the team of the tournament. I do however want that bet to now lose, so I will probably cash out with a few hundred quid gained.
  7. Tuesday 9th July, 2024 Spain 2-0 France, 20.00 Wednesday 10th July, 2024 Netherlands 0-2 England 20:00
  8. Stalled after they wrote Rick out
  9. Friday 5th July, 2024 Spain 1-1Germany, 17.00 Portugal 1-1 France, 20.00 Saturday 6th July, 2024 England 3-0 Switzerland, 17.00 Netherlands 1-1 Turkey, 20.00
  10. After that dream of a debut for him, i was surprised he wasn't given more time. In todays market, 6 million for a graduate of La Masia is a pretty good deal.
  11. JoshBRFC


    Secured my tickets for Wembley when they came on sale last Friday. Should be a good en, good card!
  12. Spain continue to look the best team of the tournament.
  13. Jokers. The lot of them. I used to live minutes away from where they're all from. Taking it with a pinch of salt as i honestly don't care, but not hearing good stuff from people i know who know of them and their associates.
  14. Saturday 29th June, 2024 Switzerland 1 vs 0 Italy, 17.00 Germany 1 vs 1 Denmark, 20.00 Sunday 30th June, 2024 England 2 vs 0 Slovakia, 17.00 Spain 2 vs 0 Georgia, 20.00 Monday 1st July, 2024 France 1 vs 1 Belgium, 17.00 Portugal 0 v 0 Slovenia, 20.00 Tuesday 2nd July, 2024 Romania 1 vs 2 Netherlands, 17.00 Austria 1 vs 1 Turkey, 20.00
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