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  1. If this happens please kick the teams out of our league so I never have to watch a game of theirs again. Don’t pussy out.
  2. https://www.newsandstar.co.uk/sport/19241835.reasons-european-super-league-great-football/ Good article to be honest, opened my eyes a bit.
  3. Class acts Bayern and Dortmund rejecting the plans .
  4. JoshBRFC

    First Goal - Season Two

    Daaaaym I’m good. Wonder how far clear at the top I would be if the table started when I joined
  5. Football isn’t my favourite sport any more anyway, but this would finish me off I think. Stupid decision after decision.
  6. Good comeback from the 🐐 to get P2! Very happy for Lando, and gutted for Russell, his time will come.
  7. JoshBRFC

    First Goal - Season Two

    13 and 13
  8. JoshBRFC

    Turning 40

    Haha yes you are right. Thanks John!
  9. Nearly 30. How did that happen? :o

    1. football forum


      Suddenly you will be 40 and it will fly past, the older you get the faster it all goes... Happy Birthday by the way.. :hh:

    2. football forum


      Happy Birthday in advance.

    3. football forum


      Happy Birthday! 

  10. JoshBRFC


    Yeah they added it for online as a tactical change if you change formation. As like a one touch of a button changes tactics and formation. You’ll have to change your custom tactics before the game and for each style of play eg defensive/attacking make sure they’re the same formation if you don’t want to change.
  11. JoshBRFC


    Thoughts on the main event Triple threat? Hearing it was a classic?
  12. JoshBRFC


    Very predictable first night in terms of winners. 2nd night Predictions: Edge Rhea Ripley Wyatt KO Natalya and Tamina Sheamus Big E Last 2 guesses could go either way.
  13. JoshBRFC

    First Goal - Season Two

    15 and 15