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  1. JoshBRFC


    Looking forward to the final of the UK Championships today, Ronnie v Ding. Ding always plays well here and Ronnie is looking for a record extending 8th title and 22nd major.
  2. I called the loss but still gutted. We go on a great run then lose to the bottom of the league. This league is so frustrating.
  3. How we’ve played recently, we need to be beating bottom of the league. But I just know they will take points off us.
  4. Really like Gareth, met him a few times, he to the same school as me. But this was long overdue they were so bad.
  5. Can’t really remember when I joined. Late 2000’s I think. Before that I’d been posting on other forums with @Redcanuck and others. We’ve all stood the test of time
  6. JoshBRFC


  7. Marvels. Shite. They’re trying to make a new female version of Tony Stark. The singing language had me cringing in the cinema so bad. 4.2/10.
  8. I’ve just bought the new cod and also played warzone recently. I just can’t get into it.
  9. Finally. I hope more effort is put into the actual game and not the online.
  10. Don’t okay against the CPU much, more meant hard to master. I’ve been playing online Ultimate Team.
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