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  1. JoshBRFC


    It was amazingly done. What a pop. I just hope it’s not ruined. Zany needs to go and win something now.
  2. JoshBRFC


    Bivol or Smith will beat Beterbiev.
  3. Watched a lot on him over the years. Crazy… 30 years on the run.
  4. JoshBRFC


    Both as bad as each other. Things got said in the heat of the moment as he’s admitted it was wrong and apologised.
  5. JoshBRFC


    Is it really that big of a deal? Heat of the moment and he’s since apologised.
  6. JoshBRFC


    Shocked at how many people thought it would be a walkover for Eubank. Bloody casuals. I backed Smith KO only £5. Then £1 on 4,5 and 12.
  7. As good as they’ve looked on the eye, the most impressive thing from this Arsenal team is their determination and heart they continuously show. Brilliant to see.
  8. Pedri and Gavi. That is all. @Carnivore Chris Best young midfielders in the world.
  9. JoshBRFC


    Decent list there. If Fury wins I hope we finally get him vs AJ. Crawford vs Spence has to happen. It was so close to happening last year.
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