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  1. JoshBRFC


    It was amazingly done. What a pop. I just hope it’s not ruined. Zany needs to go and win something now.
  2. JoshBRFC


    Bivol or Smith will beat Beterbiev.
  3. Watched a lot on him over the years. Crazy… 30 years on the run.
  4. JoshBRFC


    Both as bad as each other. Things got said in the heat of the moment as he’s admitted it was wrong and apologised.
  5. JoshBRFC


    Is it really that big of a deal? Heat of the moment and he’s since apologised.
  6. JoshBRFC


    Shocked at how many people thought it would be a walkover for Eubank. Bloody casuals. I backed Smith KO only £5. Then £1 on 4,5 and 12.
  7. As good as they’ve looked on the eye, the most impressive thing from this Arsenal team is their determination and heart they continuously show. Brilliant to see.
  8. Pedri and Gavi. That is all. @Carnivore Chris Best young midfielders in the world.
  9. JoshBRFC


    Decent list there. If Fury wins I hope we finally get him vs AJ. Crawford vs Spence has to happen. It was so close to happening last year.
  10. JoshBRFC


    Deserved the win. I hope we see a first time winner, eg Lisowski.
  11. In all seriousness none of them compared to Tugay. Not even Joking, man smoked 20 a day and still made every other Midfielder look like Pogba
  12. Bale. Giggs was a great but Bale was more naturally talented than Bale was. I will get slated but it’s true. Giggs was better than Scholes don’t her me wrong, regards United greats, but in terms of Welsh greats, Bale was better. More naturally talented carried Wales much better than Giggs ever did. Also massively under appreciated by the Madrid fans. But they’re the worst fans in football so that’s no surprise.
  13. The Cartels in Mexico and the power they have had for the last few decades outweigh anything from the Mafia in my opinion. I think a lot of it is the rural side of things and the fact it allows them to hide out a lot better. No cameras everywhere like there is in New York, for example - where the 5 families are concerned. That escape typifies the power he and Sinaloa cartel have had. In 2015 ffs not the 70’s when the mafia were at their peak when technology was non existent.
  14. There are disputes within the Sinaloa Cartel, that started once El Chapo was arrested. It’s crazy to think that El Mayo has never been arrested. After all these years he’s never slipped up and always remained one step ahead.
  15. Chaos in Mexico due to the capture of El Chapo’s son - Ovidio Guzman, one of the more prominent figures of the Sinaloa Cartel. He was captured previously in 2019 before the President ordered his release.
  16. Ooohh I’ve got the league leader on the ropes currently. Shocking how bad missing the draft affected me earlier in the season. I’ve had a bit of a comeback in the last 2 months. You’ve got the special card in Haaland pending though
  17. JoshBRFC


    He’d have won a few less but still be at the top and world number one imo. This is the man who hit 2 9 darters in the same game.
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