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  1. JoshBRFC

    Peaky Blinders

    Thoughts so far people?
  2. JoshBRFC


    I watched this on a second screen whilst watching UFC. It went as expected . Fun at times and credit to both, but lol.
  3. JoshBRFC


    This was brilliant last night, another good fight and card from Dazn.
  4. JoshBRFC


    Marquez - Pac was bad, but the worst for me I’ve seen and especially high profile is GGG - Canelo 1. 2 was also bad but the first was criminal. I feel bad for Jack, I have friends from Chorley who know him. But it will never ruin the sport for me, however I do understand why bad judges decisions would turn casuals off. Not saying you are, I just mean people tuning in to a fight for the first time and seeing that… I definitely don’t think it was corrupt, just poor judging. I had it a draw first watch when drunk then second watch had Jack by 2. There was only scorecard for me that needed punishment and he has been. Improvements are needed with judging, it’s tough as ultimately it’s subjective at times. Hopefully something good comes of that one poor judge in particular. There’s definitely less chance of corruption in the UK than America.
  5. What did people think of UFC London? Surprised no posts in here. @Devil-Dick Willie you enjoy it? I know likes of Paddy etc didn’t fight great fighters but I don’t blame him on 12 and 12 pay. Yes they’re all probably overhyped after that event but we have amazing fans in the UK. Aspinall despite being great, I can’t see him being ready for Francis but his call out would be a good fight. I watched Ariel Helwani’s podcast about fighter pay and it’s shocking what they’re paid. I don’t understand why it’s so shit? Criminal.
  6. Jesus. Top 2 no doubt but after that it’s insanely close. Whoever gets to the playoffs you simply cannot call it. If we make the playoffs I’ll be buzzing but we have played more games and look dogshit. I got my hopes up so badly earlier in the season. FML.
  7. Been on a few games this season and already booked Wembley tickets but free cancellation. Hahahaha. We won’t even make the playoffs now, from being 10+ points above 6th we’ve bottled it. It’s so annoying though as yes we have bottled it, but we’ve also been very unlucky and simply missed a finisher. Sheffield United was the worst, we dominated for 90+ minutes and missed so many sitters, then they score last touch of the game and it’s 1-0. This season has brought my passion back, the effort and improvements on last season have been amazing. I just worry as Brereton and other key players are out of contract. He’s only 22 and yes he’s been amazing but we saw it with Armstrong and look what he’s not done since leaving. The links with Sevilla I find shocking, but let’s see…… We not have Dack back and his class has been so clear despite poor form. If we don’t go up which I doubt we will, we need to seriously invest in the summer abs build around Dack. I’d be very shocked if we make the playoffs at this rate, which would be a massive failure given where we were not so long ago.
  8. Bottled this. I was @Lucas for the first half of the season then once he took over me chasing that southern cunt down I made too many errors. Im a man of my word and whoever wins send me your details and I’ll pay up. I’ll take it back next season though @The Palace Fan.
  9. They have and it is cool to see. It’s happened many times before and it will again as the structure to get to top is insanely hard but it works. It’s nothing new to see old karting rivals take that into F1. The class shows way before these guys get to one of the best cars in F1. They’ve been ahead of the pack and dominating teammates and others. Then you get newbs who always say “it’s the car”. Any driver would win in that car. Those who are true fans of the sport know that you only get to the pinnacle and in a great car after showing class all your life in several other cars and formats. Charles is a class act. Now he’s in front of several mainstream cameras more his class is evident off the track too. You don’t overtake a 4x World champion as the number one driver in your team without being a unique talented driver. From a bias POV I hope we see Russell doing the same. Only 2 races in but I’ve given up hope of an 8th title for the goat this year .
  10. Feel bad for Perez, but realistically what can be done? It’s swings and roundabouts and every scenario is the finest of margins. It’s one of those things. Unless I’m missing something.
  11. I must say. It’s very enjoyable watching a close duel at any time, whether it’s for the win or for a point finish. Just close racing. But it’s a different feeling when you’re not emotionally invested and cheering someone on. Thoroughly enjoyed Max and Charles race closely. I do hope I see Lewis challenging and then even Lando who I’d also be cheering on. But when it’s 2 drivers you’re not mega fussed who wins or loses, it’s a new feeling . I’m a fan of these new changes thus far anyway.
  12. It’s 2 races in. Your perspective is garbage. Given all the changes and also early in the season cars DNFing isn’t a shock. It’s the risks teams pay for playing with the cars. And they’re all still adjusting. I also don’t mind when we have a lot DNF. It shakes things up.
  13. Not read or been active recently buts what’s peoples opinions on why McLaren are so shit? I don’t think any of us expected that?
  14. Charles is a better all round driver than Max. He seems like a level headed guy too. Good to see him being given a car to challenge. He’s got Max’s number in these first 2 races anyway. Can’t begrudge Charles and Ferrari a title challenge. Max has the faster car here so be some effort if Charles gets the win, wouldn’t be shocked if Max gets the win. As I type. Pffft. Car clearly much quicker. Be fun if these 2 are at it like this all season. I hope Perez plays a part though as he was very unlucky today.
  15. JoshBRFC


    I never rated him as much as we were told to rate him to be honest. Not as like an all time top 5 anyway. Can’t wait to hear that glass shatter on Mania. No better sound…. Just… period.
  16. Think these cars need to self isolate. Whatever Red Bull had last week is catching on.
  17. Gotta feel for Perez. If someone was performance managing Latifi he’d be on a final written warning by now.
  18. Ffs. I’m the worst on the forum. It’s week 2 ffs. I love a competition, just not been logging on. Been so busy recently.
  19. JoshBRFC

    Tips & Bets 365

    Cashed out the latter - returns were 280.
  20. Happy for you @Bluebird Hewitt you don’t have anything to play for but safety is guaranteed now.
  21. See… that’s why I love you. The memories I had playing that. Name the time and place. I’ll bring the beers, you bring the sheep.
  22. JoshBRFC

    Members Pictures

    Anyway away from the seriousness of the post above - more silly cunt me.. spamming TF365 as per. Just your friendly forumgood Cunt. Just been browsing Imgur and came across this. Must have been the Euro final . He’s right isn’t he hahahaha
  23. Hand that legend status to me, now. I’ll take over the gaming section of this forum. Pfffft. On a serious - I’d recommend a modded console to anyone and I have contacts who do very very good models.
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