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  1. Lingard's brilliant, and a likeable guy. Gets a lot of stick, but he just always plays the game with a smile on his face and off the pitch he's been through a lot.
  2. FFS why did i have to be a stubborn cunt and keep Kane in my FPL team over Suiuiuiboy.
  3. RIP. So many legendary characters from this TV show. Without doubt the greatest comedy of all time.
  4. I will name those in my time... for example - I could say Ali as my favourite boxer, but he's not from my lifetime so i can't 'support' him. F1 - McLaren as a kid, always been my favourite team. Then individuals - Mika Hakkinen was my first favourite driver. Then/now Lewis. Also Norris/Russell/Danny Ric. Tennis - The most gracious sportsman to ever glide across our screens... the goat. Roger Federer. Boxing - Ricky Hatton was my first favourite boxer. Now it's probably AJ. MMA - Jon Jones. Snooker - One of the most naturally talented sportsmen this country has produced, Ronnie O'Sullivan.
  5. Does anyone still use streams? Not used any in years but i want to try and get some football on at work. PM me if so...
  6. Top 3 have opened up a gap now and Mr Palace's early lead is getting smaller by the week.
  7. I think when people say they feel sorry for them, I'm pretty certain it's aimed at the fans and not the the board and owners . Do people think Rooney will stay? I do, he's nothing to lose really.
  8. I saw one of these people the other day. We were at a standstill at the traffic lights and i just burst out laughing at him. His reaction didn't look great, but then again i could only see his eyes.
  9. To answer the OP. I have never ever liked a Burnley player.
  10. Those type of memes are so funny. Almost Dad joke bad but still funny.
  11. RIP. What a goal scoring record he had.
  12. Naaaah, you'll cut ties sooner than that. Shame really as you could build a decent team around players like ASM and Wilson.
  13. That triggered a random but good memory... of being on Holiday around that period and me and my Dad got friendly with a City family. Die hard fans they were, me and my Dad ended up cheering on City with them to win a really important game. I think it was a playoff final.
  14. Never really got into Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. I keep saying i will but i've pre judged both franchises from watching bits of them.
  15. Can imagine! First time I’ve done it in my new job, been here a year. Best actually get some work done… doing routings for sage.
  16. Done worse overtime before. Got cleaners in stripping the floor in the cleanroom so someone had to come in and be a point of contact for 12 hours.
  17. Had a dozen bottles of Peroni last night and surprisingly feel good this morning. Still yet to taste a better lager.
  18. Godfather. Goodfellas is a classic, but Godfather is the best of its kind and probably the most influential film ever made. Some crazy stories behind what was happening with the real mafia when Godfather was made, including the Mafia giving the films producers a strict set of rules that they adhered to. Joe Columbo the head of the Columbo family told them the term Cosa Nostra wasn't to be used.
  19. Started Loki last night, absolutely brilliant. Hiddleston is a class act. I'm only 2 episodes in and i'm already liking the chemistry between him and Owen Wilson.
  20. Surely its only a matter of time before Bruce's job becomes untenable. If he does go, who would you want in? Eddie Howe?
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