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True Blue

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  1. True Blue

    Last movie you watched?

    Star Wars - Rise of Skywalker 7/10 Stuber 2/10 Public Enemies 6/10
  2. True Blue

    Coronavirus and Football

    A month wage from the top teams would cover the staff for months. It means nothing to them if they are on 50k-150k per week.
  3. True Blue

    Last movie you watched?

    Star Wars - Last Jedi 7/10
  4. True Blue

    What Are You Missing the Most?

    Family, friends and football
  5. True Blue

    Guess the Movie

    More clues please
  6. True Blue

    Guess the Movie

    Yes Sir
  7. True Blue

    Guess the Movie

    New clue
  8. True Blue

    Last movie you watched?

    Jumanji 2 - Next level 7/10 The invisible Man 6/10 The Wailing 6/10 RoboCop (2014) 6/10
  9. True Blue

    Walking Dead

    The finale will be delayed due to the coronavirus.
  10. True Blue

    Guess the Movie

    First clue
  11. True Blue

    Guess the Movie

    Saving private Ryan?
  12. True Blue

    Guess the Movie

    Hopefully this week Batard
  13. True Blue

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    137 in Bosnia at the moment, most of the cases where from a few cities where people gathered for company meetings. One person died who had several problems before Corona, and two recovered. The country has a police hour from 18pm until 5am. Public transport doesn't work, bit centers don't work and shops are closing at 16:30h. Everythings apart food shops and pharmacies is closed. I am working from home since yesterday.
  14. True Blue

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Never knew Brazil was this organised
  15. True Blue

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    After those pics you sure are. I though in my country people where idiots, but that beach changed my mind.