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  1. True Blue


    Some of the main characters to die and Thanos to be defeated. I wasn't very pleased with the last one, so i am not getting my hopes high.
  2. True Blue

    Last movie you watched?

    Employee of the Month (2006) 7.5/10 Enjoyed it more than i should have
  3. True Blue

    Left Midfield Vote!

    Because i am blackmailed
  4. Basically SirBalon said you were held to a draw against a Barcelona C, even tough you started your best eleven.
  5. Since i am from a poor third world country, is 30 pounds a lot for a ticket for the average worker in the UK?
  6. True Blue

    Chelsea Discussion

    I'm just playing baby, you know i love you
  7. Spurs earned their spot no doubt, even though it was against a Barcelona B Inter was pathetic, trailing for most of the game and to get just a draw at home to PSV. Deserved to go out really.
  8. True Blue

    Chelsea Discussion

    Are you saying i don't understand football you Spanish cunt?
  9. True Blue

    Rate Your Teams Summer Signings

    Jorginho - Hasn't impressed me with the sideway and backward passing, however Sarri rates him highly and the cunt can't be dropped. So far 5/10 and i am being generous. Arrizabalaga - Good start to a new league and a new team, i'd give Kepa 8/10 Green - Kovačić (loan) - Expected more to be honest, however not bad at all i'd give him 6.5/10.