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  1. Boys behave this move won't happen. Kante's personality would struggle in that dressing room, also stated that he is happy at the club. Also the highest paid and wins trophies on a regular basis. Obviously Real is the peak of any players career, but i just don't see it happening.
  2. Hasn't traveled so unfortunately not.
  3. True Blue

    Do you ever delay going to the loo?

    Nice well at least if the pay is decent the rest is okay.
  4. True Blue

    Do you ever delay going to the loo?

    What is your job?
  5. True Blue

    Do you ever delay going to the loo?

    That's a bit strict
  6. Why is he left out? I mean he is in shit form for ages, but better than most on the pitch to be fair.
  7. True Blue

    Last movie you watched?

    Den of Thieves (2018) 7/10
  8. True Blue

    Billy Gilmour - Chelsea

    Obviously talented but against Grimsby looked very weak in duels. Has a stature of an teenage girl, but obviously a teenager himself
  9. Both goals by Rashford and Mane shouldn't have stood the later didn't obviously. Shearer said on sky that not once the ref's approached the VAR screen to review the situation this season. Why is there the option for it at all?
  10. Think we did enough to win, created some great chances against a well organised Newcastle defense and Dubravka was very good as well. Three points and a clean sheet was enough for me, as we allowed Newcastle nothing. Few fast counters but not a single shot on target for the 90 minutes. Shame Tammy didn't get at least one to keep his run going. Ajax next as we look to improve on our UCL group chances. It will be a very difficult game and any kind of result point there would be good for us.
  11. True Blue

    Euro 2020 Qualifiers - Group J - Matchdays 7 & 8

    Haha why would it be? Don't we will mate our mentality under pressure is so bad, and i think the teams that we could potentially draw are all pretty much better than us.
  12. More shocked that Kessie is 22
  13. True Blue

    Serie B & Below

    Love the Seria B, apart from the lower English leagues the most fun to follow.
  14. True Blue

    Olivier Giroud - Moving to MLS?

    Think he will definitely leave in January, he doesn't play and it seems Michy has the edge over him at Chelsea. Still a very good striker he would suit the Seria A perfectly.