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  1. Congratulations to the Arsenal boys on TFF all decent. Anthony Taylor can fuck off and die, i am the last person to blame a ref for Chelsea's defeat but he absolutely buried Chelsea.
  2. Mostly when we are favorites we tend not to do well. We will have the full team ready for this as Kante should also return. Not too sure about Tomori being ready or match fit for this one. This is also third time's the charm for us, as we lost in 2002 and 2017 with the last one being very controversial. It would be an excellent way to cap a good first season with a trophy and a top four finish. My Team ------------------------------------Caballero-------------------------------------- Azpilicueta--------------------Zouma----------------------Tomori (Rudiger if not fit) ----------------------------Kovačić--------Kante------------------------------ James-------------------------------------------------------------------Alonso Willian------------------------Giroud----------------------------Pulisic--- I dislike 343 but we defend better with it without a doubt.
  3. Well after that penalty it's clear that either us or Leicester won't be in the Champions League this season. The decisions are shocking and there are so obvious, no one comes close to that amount of 13 this season.
  4. First off well played to West Ham they always step up against us a well deserved win. The first half for us was terrible we conceded twice from the same player from the same set piece, we were fortunate to go ahead. Just before half time Rudiger gifts a corner and a energy boost for West Ham in the second half. That just happened and we were a goal down, Antonio worked his ass off well played to him as well. Lampard was spot on with subs and we pressed well and created good chances, one counter and our shocking back three Christensen, Rudiger and Alonso showed us why we can't do much more than this with them in the back line. Kepa conceded three goals from four shot on target, he is super shaky at corners as he just hopes for the best rarely goes to grab the ball. I hated Courtois but he was far better in this department. Frank has to drop the CB's it was evident that they are tragic. One stat showed that only Zouma has 75% of aerial duels won while the rest have around 50% which means every second header is won by the opposition. Set pieces are now for awhile now officially our weak spot and everyone is using them to their benefit. We have Watford on Saturday if we fail to win we potentially drop to fifth and we could have been 3rd now and watching the rest.
  5. I was busy yesterday didn't have time to comment on the game. The first half was poor from us, James and Gilmour didn't look like they were in the game. Leicester had one good chance and so did we but wasn't a pretty half. In the second think we were the better team but just enough to win not more. Lampard made the right subs with Barkley and Kovacic and Azpilicueta tighten the right back. Happy to advance and keep the good run of results, we got United again can we lose for the 4th time?
  6. I am not defending this, but probably not the only one feeling this way in the UK. Burnley fans for example, however doubt this is the opinion of the majority.
  7. I would miss out on Havertz too expensive and we could look to invest money in a better option as out defense could use some investment.
  8. Someone pointed out we where gifted a win by City? City had two chances in the entire game, first free kick from Kevin that went in and a few minutes later Sterling hit the post. It was the only period we were pushed and looked like conceding. In the first half they had that header from Fernandinho and in the second we could have easily got another two and it wouldn't be harsh amazing what we managed not to score. We had 10 shots on target, don't recall anyone having this much against City in the recent years, while City amazed a total of two which one went in from the free kick. I would admit if we were outplayed or if City dominated, but this win was clear and fully deserved with the amount of chances we had we should have won by more.
  9. Fully deserved been the best team in the league by far. Members of TFF are all sound and good for them to experience a title win Enjoy it lads while it lasts
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