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  1. True Blue

    Metal and Rock

    To revive this topic
  2. Basically it will be like this, City wins it and Sterling gets it. Liverpool wins it and Van Dijk gets it.
  3. Don't expect any favors from Everton, they are usually top class against us but bend over for almost every other top six side.
  4. Have to win all our games including at OT to stand a chance to make it to the top four. Also we have the least games to play which doesn't help.
  5. La Masia not providing enough talents?
  6. Well if the owners are pleased with shields after spending so much, so am i
  7. True Blue

    Last movie you watched?

    You sure don't, even tough memory fades with age...
  8. Fully expect Frankfurt to go all out, their second goal opened up their chances. I still think Benfica have a very good result to progress but it won't be easy.
  9. True Blue

    Last movie you watched?

    Hahah i once said it for fuck sake Dad , can't even remember in which movie. I enjoy movies like Anchorman or Step Brothers they can't be more immature than that
  10. True Blue

    Last movie you watched?

    Shazam! (2019) I liked it much brighter than the usual dark DC theme. 7.5/10
  11. Think we will field the best 11 apart from Rudiger who is out for a week or two. Should go for the win and not wait for Slavia to go all out and score first.