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  1. True Blue

    Chelsea Discussion

    Well the massive overhaul won't happen, but if we get rid of dead wood and aging player 30+ i can could be pleased enough.
  2. True Blue

    Chelsea Discussion

    I can't survive that long
  3. True Blue

    Guess the Movie

    I'll go for Cicero
  4. Obviously i am not being serious, i won't cut Luke i will stab him. Azpilicueta is playing his worse season for the club, however i can name 15+ players in this squad that had worse seasons than him. He is my favorite player but when doesn't play well i wouldn't say otherwise. All these cunts were shit this season.
  5. They will heal up with the millions they made over their careers.
  6. I will cut your face Luke
  7. True Blue

    Militant Veganism

    Don't mind people being vegans but if i am in a restaurant eating a steak, i don't want you approaching me and preaching me what i should or not do.
  8. I was done with Sarri a long time a go. He said he would need a few months to see his system and it is February we have the worst team under Roman. When he subbed Zappacosta for Azpilicueta he was genuinely taking the piss. I swear he did it on purpose to piss me off. We are in a relegation battle form in the 2019, how is this not enough for the cunt to be sacked? I was never the one to be a fan of managers being sacked but he is doing this on purpose. Stubborn even tough it is clear that this just isn't working.
  9. True Blue

    Chelsea Discussion

    4-3-3 - check Same eleven always - check Going a goal down - check Sarri ball doesn't exist - check Pedro for Willian - check Barkley for Mateo - check 10 minutes to go right back for a right back? - check I wouldn't mind him if he actually tried to change things around. Same fucking boring predictable system that we always play. Not even sure how we didn't crumble much earlier in the season. We will of course defeat Malmo get to the last 16, while getting mauled against City. With our recent performances just hand them the trophy focus our energy on being the team with most possession without doing anything with it. If Roman and the board think that Sarri will lead us to the future than that future is grey. He should have been sacked the moment he conceded 10 in two games, at this level this is unacceptable. With him we have no chance in hell to win the Europa League which is full of teams that will actually want to play football.
  10. True Blue

    Declan Rice

    He represented Ireland already, he shouldn't be allowed to switch his national team. I would force a rule that you can only play for your birth country, and yes i know Declan is born in England. The origin rules make things complicated with players switching national sides as they see a better chance.
  11. The only competition that could save our season, even with a shit performance i can see us advance. 3-1 Chelsea
  12. True Blue

    MMA & Combat Sports

    Shame for Cain his injuries and his recovery took too long and he never returned. He basically injured himself in his opening half a minute. What a monster he was in his prime. Ngannou completely recovered after Stipe schooled him with two easy wins on a bounce.
  13. True Blue

    Chelsea Discussion

    No clue mate, perhaps the type of Icardi who is a proven goalscorer. Won't happen tough.
  14. True Blue

    Chelsea Discussion

    I will fucking end you
  15. True Blue

    Chelsea Discussion

    Strikers: Keep Gonzalo and bring a high profile striker in the summer, with Giroud moving on. Wingers: We have Willian and Pedro who can't start anymore. We have Eden who is gone, Odoi who will also be on the exit. Pulišić is the new addition and will probably be a starter. If we don't sell our stars we could use Pulišić, Hazard with Odoi and a new winger as rotation. Pedro and Willian should exit this summer. Midfield: Keep Kante, Ampadu, Ruben and sell Barkley, Jorginho, Drinkwater with perhaps even keep Kovačić on a permanent deal. We would perhaps need another addition if we keep the named four. Defense: Keep Rudiger, Luiz for cover, Christensen if he wants to stay, and Cahill is gone. We need to invest in this department as we will be left with little and no cover. From the full backs i'd keep Zappa and Emerson for cover, Azpi as a starter and Alonso to be sold. Keepers: Kepa as starter, and i'd keep Willy for cover. Saying this i think we will have 5-6 in and 5-6 out with nothing much changing from this team.