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  1. True Blue

    Brian's Player Graph's - Requests Open

    More like Jason Fatham
  2. True Blue

    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    That is actually a popular opinion. Always preferred PES over it, however did play FIFA for a few years. It it so unrealistic especially if you play with the top teams.
  3. True Blue

    TF365 Film Club

    No Marvel? It is a super hero movie for fuck sake. Did you expect an emotional roller coaster with a movie based on comic characters
  4. Pique and Nesta what a battle
  5. True Blue

    Coppa Italia 2019/20

    Scored a brace, still early days but i knew he would be perfect for Italian football. Has all the qualities to succeed. I wonder what would happened if he wasn't buddies with Pogba and he came back to Chelsea.
  6. I reckoned it was three since it was a straight red, if it was two yellow's he would just sit out the Sheffield game. They will certainly miss him in all three games.
  7. He should have stayed at Charlton for the rest of the season where he did so well. Now he has to adapt to a brand new team.
  8. Isn't he banned for three games? He should miss Sheffield, Chelsea and the Cherries.
  9. Think they can manage to get results there, they have a decent squad hardly a relegation one. Still the Premier League will kill you off if you don't perform, bigger sides have went down in the recent years.
  10. City found form that is for sure, won nine in ten losing only to Wolves. Think even tough the point difference could be even 17 points City can easily win most of the remaining games. However i just don't see how Liverpool can lose 5-6 games until the end of the season. The season is not done until it's done, and the title is not won until it is official i am certain that both Klopp and Pep know that.
  11. Against Burnley should have had at least a hat trick with the 100% chances. Saying this he is still very good for our system of play. His hold up play is excellent, and works for the team. I think we should have a different striker as a back up/ competition so we can change the system if needed.
  12. True Blue

    Last movie you watched?

    Parasite (2019) 6/10
  13. True Blue

    Best Console Of All Time

    Torn between PS1 and PS2 as both had amazing games, which compared to the new generation games don't focus on graphics but amazing story line.
  14. He wasn't even that bad at Chelsea, he arrived in our worst season for decades. Obviously we forced Courtois and he had little chance to make an impact. I was certain he would make it at Bournemouth, hopefully he does at Milan.
  15. Lost 9, drew one and won against us in the last 11? He might get the sack if this continues.