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  1. For Chelsea? I'd add Kepa he has been excellent. Oh yeah and Cucurella said no one ever.
  2. Wanting to start Barbarians season 2, Fear of the Walking dead, Westworld season 4 but still debating with myself what should i watch.
  3. Sweet i was starting to think he was made of glass like Ben.
  4. Even though it would be funny to see you rattled it won't happen, the media backlash would be too great and United don't want that in any case scenario. He will probably released and play in the lower leagues or abroad.
  5. Goddamit not this shit again
  6. They will pay a fine and get banned for a season to make transfer you read it here first
  7. We could be next after Boelhy's killing spree. However the lenghty contracts made us bend the rules etc.
  8. So this isn't how a Saturday night should look like?
  9. Medievil (2022) 4/10 struggled to end it
  10. Oh not familiar with all that then really.
  11. Of course not but for such a high profile case surely he can't buy his way out?
  12. Why so Phillip isn't he "not guilty" or am i missing something?
  13. So 18 players signed from the summer window until the winter one plus two loans Zakaria and Joao. Really seems like Boelhy has no clue what he is doing, the money flexing is so 2003.
  14. He will probably get it and get a double over us
  15. Ah yes that is an excellent loan, we get him potentially back to form and Atletico keeps him without an option to buy.
  16. Still rumoured not sure how he would do in the English league
  17. We became Arsenal with long term injuries. Chilwell, James, Kante, Fofana all out. It is like i am just waiting every game to see who is out for 6 months.
  18. I predicted him getting 20-25 goals in all competitions. Guess my predicitions suck ass
  19. Sky are reporting we are in for Enyo Fernandez and that Benfica wants 102 million pounds Get the fuck out hahaha
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