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  1. Not really a beer fan, but usually open. Unless i am smashed and that hasn't happened in awhile as well.
  2. I don't see Qatar getting anything out of this group and to be completely smashed by every side. Then again i fully expect refs to be as corrupted as FIFA and give them absolutely everything to "promote" football in Qatar and help them advance. 0-2 Ecuador win
  3. True Blue

    The Witcher

    I don't really see the outrage, Henry is one of my favourite actors and he really lives the role as he is a fan of the particular character. Still he obviously dislikes where the show is going and probably with Man of Steel 2 on the horizon and probably several other projects he decided to move onto new projects. As for Liam he as Henry is just too handsome for the role but i guess they need a big name to keep the interest going. Looking forward to see what Liam brings to the role.
  4. Been told by Germans that my German is impressive for the 10 months i've been here. I don't particulary agree as i just think they rate it better from the other foreigners that are here for ages and learnt nothing.
  5. Currently in Germany and the weather was very nice as i've been told by the locals that it isn't as sunny or as warm on October/November. Anyhow off to Bosnia for a two week vacation booooom
  6. Shit almost booked it for my one year old
  7. Mad to play the starting 11 as we already qualified top. Ben will surely be out for months, so again our two starting wingbacks injured nice.
  8. True Blue

    Members Pictures

    Haha i can relate we only have him and we have our hands full. I imagine it is double trouble with two, and seen your girls on FB they are adorable.
  9. True Blue

    Members Pictures

    Oh he is trust me
  10. True Blue

    Members Pictures

    Yeah we are still working on the family Visa, i think by April latest they will be with me here for good. He is one and half mate
  11. Fair to say i was baiting but good Lord
  12. Oh most definitely I am grateful to see us win it all, i can die at peace even if we don't win a Audi Cup until the end of my days. However i do unedrstand what you mean by the dominance. Let us wait and see, time will tell how things will unfold for us, personally i am not too worried.
  13. I know mate i was just joking. I don't think we actually ever had a era League wise, five league titles in what Romans 1' years? However we won a lot of different trophies but we never dominated the League liem for example United under Fergie. Think City might just be able to do that in the league under Pep. In the last decade they won 5 and looking so to do it again this season no discrediting Arsenal's chances but i don't think they have the depth for such a long season.
  14. Finished She Hulk as it had a cameo from my fav comic hero Daredevil. It wasn't a masterpiece but Jesus did people overreact how shit it was. It was funny and ok to watch noting more, i have watched far worse Marvel and DC projects.
  15. Jungle Cruise (2022) classic Rok movie 6/10 Rob Roy (1995) 5/10 I am without a doubt ceratin that i haven't watched a good movie with Liam Neeson
  16. True Blue

    Members Pictures

    Usually when we take pictures or take him anywhere he looks mad, but overall he is a very happy baby and laughs a lot. On most of his pictures though he looks like a villain.
  17. True Blue

    Members Pictures

    My wife and my baby boy visiting me in Germany
  18. He will definitely be given untl the end of the season regardless how it ends. We won't drop to managers in a season. He doesn't look like a stupid manager and i am sure he can learn from his mistakes.
  19. I am i am a sucker for World Cup not so much for the Euros. However i do understand why as this WC is fixed hosting, the organisation used basically slave workers to complete everything and they are loaded.
  20. Fully expect Broja to be given the 90 minutes, in point context we need a point to earn top spot. Just can't see Dinamo winnign at the Bridge.
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