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  1. For Chelsea? I'd add Kepa he has been excellent. Oh yeah and Cucurella said no one ever.
  2. Wanting to start Barbarians season 2, Fear of the Walking dead, Westworld season 4 but still debating with myself what should i watch.
  3. Congrats to United for a deserved win and the trophy. Under Ten Hag they truly improved it is undoubtable. Only downside is that everything United wins and achieves the English media drags forever. It is a major trophy yes, but the "least" from the four available. Making everything bigger than it is, when we won the UCL it was less appreciated than this. However this is nothing against Manchester United, just the biased media. Toon fans had a Wembley day out, team didn't do so well but a great season for the regardless. Think with a bit more depth with signings in the summer Newcastle can again repeat a successful season.
  4. Haven't scored two goals in a game in this year, so basically in two minutes. Pathetic
  5. Looks wise perhaps teeth, i dislike women that smoke as well. However i am married and have a child my fucking dating days are over, fucking over.
  6. Sweet i was starting to think he was made of glass like Ben.
  7. Would be super cool if Newcastle did it, but their decline in form should worry the fans. However it is a final, one game anything can happen.
  8. Oh how many "friends" would contact me and "family". However i don't know i think i am too old to be changed by money as i wasn't rich growing up, however wasn't poor either.
  9. 2/7 on target, we also hit the crossbar Dortmund scored from their first serious chance. Incredible how we can't score to save our lives.
  10. With Milan's recent form and horrible scorelines this could be a very bad night for the Italian giants. Then again Spurs can do a Spursy
  11. We weren't bad in our last two games which both ended in a draw and i felt performance wise both should have been at least narrow wins. We are out of the League cup, the Fa cup and far from the top four. This is everything we have left please Dortmund Seriously though i expect a very tight and i could see another draw. Hoping for a win regardless.
  12. Call center support by far, it is terrible on the mind. I work in the German Post now which is physically difficult but not comparable to phone support.
  13. That looks very cool, last time i watched a season od F1 was in the 2003. Thinking of getting back to it, is it at least a little competitive nowdays?
  14. Even though it would be funny to see you rattled it won't happen, the media backlash would be too great and United don't want that in any case scenario. He will probably released and play in the lower leagues or abroad.
  15. Of course did i say sack him? It is my first impression of him, regardless of the results they were poor under the last days of TT as well.
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