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  1. For Chelsea? I'd add Kepa he has been excellent. Oh yeah and Cucurella said no one ever.
  2. Wanting to start Barbarians season 2, Fear of the Walking dead, Westworld season 4 but still debating with myself what should i watch.
  3. Sweet i was starting to think he was made of glass like Ben.
  4. So this isn't how a Saturday night should look like?
  5. Medievil (2022) 4/10 struggled to end it
  6. So 18 players signed from the summer window until the winter one plus two loans Zakaria and Joao. Really seems like Boelhy has no clue what he is doing, the money flexing is so 2003.
  7. He will probably get it and get a double over us
  8. We became Arsenal with long term injuries. Chilwell, James, Kante, Fofana all out. It is like i am just waiting every game to see who is out for 6 months.
  9. Sky are reporting we are in for Enyo Fernandez and that Benfica wants 102 million pounds Get the fuck out hahaha
  10. We have siged David Fofana from Molde, he is a striker from Ivory Coast. I can honestly say that i never heard of him, but at the age of 20 and hopefully a not too large fee is a win win.
  11. World of Warcraft on a private server
  12. Fofana can't be fit for an hour. Jesus Christ the lad is made of glass.
  13. Barbarians waiting for the new season Boys also waiting for the new season Thinking of staring to watch Fear of the Walking Dead but 7 fucking seasons.
  14. Currently in Germany and the weather was very nice as i've been told by the locals that it isn't as sunny or as warm on October/November. Anyhow off to Bosnia for a two week vacation booooom
  15. Shit almost booked it for my one year old
  16. True Blue

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    Haha i can relate we only have him and we have our hands full. I imagine it is double trouble with two, and seen your girls on FB they are adorable.
  17. True Blue

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    Yeah we are still working on the family Visa, i think by April latest they will be with me here for good. He is one and half mate
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