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  1. I'm doing good mate thanks, my 3 year old was ill for like 2 days but she's fine now, fever gone ..for me just ache all over with slight temperature and mild headache, it's not stopping me doing anything (around the house) ..might aswell call getting full blow covid my booster shot should be immune for another 18mths or so now
  2. Hopefully the baby still has a lot of the mother's antibodies if breast fed, hope they both recover soon
  3. Day 3 - just a mild headache & muscle soreness, slight cough but feel like i'm getting over it now ..my 3yr old has just started with it
  4. It was tongue in cheek Stan ..as for covid it seems to be going ok, just feel like I've fell down the stairs and got a hangover but still managed to knock one out last night so all good
  5. There are some crazy bastards on here 4 sure ..didn't Bill Gate's mutter something about reducing the population with vaccines a few years ago? i recall something along them lines
  6. Hard to disagree with De Bruyne's dip in form, 7th was laughable, as was Messi taking the award to Barcalona and winning it in the first place ..like Gundogan last season, Silva got prolonged playing time through injury's to other players, he's took his chance to impress and now he's taken that place where De Bruyne normally plays
  7. Think Salah is just ahead of him at the minute but he's been our best player for sure
  8. I was just messing mate about that part ..covid feels worse at night, feel's like i've have 10 pints lol
  9. Think it's a bit of a grey area when he's already lost the ball ..anywhere else on the pitch it would of been a foul
  10. Best form he's been in at City, most he's played back to back games too as a starter
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