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  1. Happy Blue

    Off Topic

    Hope he pulls through mate
  2. Zero chance of Pep moving from City anytime soon, he love's it here
  3. Happy Blue

    Off Topic

    Thanks mate
  4. Happy Blue

    Off Topic

    Thanks mate
  5. Happy Blue

    Off Topic

    Thanks mate
  6. Happy Blue

    Off Topic

    Thanks mate, sorry you couldn't say goodbye properly, shite times indeed. we was able to have a 20min ceremony at Agecroft crematorium but no hand shakes etc ..wish it was a simple burial with the 3 songs my sisters had picked, proper depressing!
  7. Happy Blue

    Off Topic

    Thanks Stan
  8. Happy Blue

    Off Topic

    Sorry to read that mate, my mum died at the start of the month too, had the funeral last week
  9. Premier League rivals gang up on Manchester City with EIGHT of the top 10 joining forces to launch CAS bid to stop them from playing in the Champions League while appeal against two-year ban waits to be heard amid coronavirus lockdown 😆 what a bunch of cunts! ..innocent on tell PROVEN guilty not guilty on tell proven innocent
  10. Happy Blue

    Coronavirus and Football

    ALL player wages should be capped to 1k a week anyway, current wages are total madness!
  11. Happy Blue

    Coronavirus and Football

    We cant give anymore as we dont want to give UEFA any reason to try ban us longer
  12. Happy Blue

    Coronavirus and Football

    Tight cunt, that's like a £20 note to him
  13. Yeah right, it would be mocked like it will be now if Liverpool get it without winning it ..the only real fair solution here is pick the league up where we left off next March, no summer transfer window just have it on hold for 12mths
  14. Happy Blue

    Coronavirus and Football

    This thing is only just getting started, doubt there will anymore football this year never mind this summer when it's at it's peak
  15. Happy Blue

    VAR in the Premier League

    It's been run by a bunch of chimps mate, in the current state we are better off without ..would you not give it ago with decent staff? works great in the NFL