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Happy Blue

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  1. Happy Blue

    2019 - The Most Googled...

    Chicken, read down the page
  2. Happy Blue

    2019 - The Most Googled...

    I love it on pizza tbf ..pineapple, ham, mushroom
  3. Happy Blue

    2019 Member of the Year - Nominations

    @Bluewolf @nudge @Danny ..would of had @Dr. Gonzo but he won it last year and his teams taking the piss out of mine
  4. Happy Blue

    2019 - The Most Googled...

    I was going to say chicken ..you lot have filthy minds
  5. Happy Blue

    2019 - The Most Googled...

    That's not the only thing i'm good at eating
  6. Happy Blue

    Group C - Matchday 6 - Wednesday 11th December, 2019

    Jesus should be the number one striker at City now, should start every game he's fit
  7. Leicester are on fire ..i blame them damn monks! defiantly 1st or 2nd for Leicester this season
  8. Happy Blue

    How did you find us?

    Was invited by @DeadLinesman so blame him
  9. We have missed him for 4 years to be fair
  10. Looking at the score, united must of cheated?? ..the big fight is about to start
  11. It's United's cup final and the only game they play in Manchester all season so they get a bit excited
  12. If we don't win this by a few goals we should pack up for the season
  13. Jesus is far more dangerous at the moment, even if Aguero was fit, he'd be on the bench