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  1. I bet he will go to Madrid, crazy prize for him right now, cant see us paying it tbh
  2. He's already met with City and wants to come here, why do you think he is on holiday with City officials?
  3. How can you be the best team in europe when you are only the 4th best team in England?? ..cup competition means nothing, Haaland knows City is the best team in the world right now and wants to come here like Hazard did, we was unwilling to pay the asking price & agent fee's, history might very well repeat itself but we are his preferred destination
  4. He's way to young to settle down, should be having the time of his life right now ..she will be trying to get that ring next for 50% of all his shit!
  5. His girlfriends not daft is she, bet her friends were like "secure that bag queen" ..his dad should of taught him better
  6. He looks a prick 4 sure!
  7. It's Aguero's old wig he stole off Nasri
  8. Giant spider over the pitch!!
  9. Bad miss by Kane, £10million off for that
  10. You're mum could do them numbers in THAT league!
  11. That City front 3 is tasty!
  12. He's no Phil Foden that's for sure ..especially if he signs for you
  13. Just because he came from City's famous academy like Giggs people think he's a world beater, he's not