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  1. You think they would address this problem before trying to force people into electric vehicles wouldn't you i'm all for solar energy and the latest developments and breakthroughs in solar technology include longer-lasting solar cells, solar cells that you can print onto flexible surfaces, solar panels that track the sun from east to west throughout the day, and solar power plants that work at night are very promising
  2. Do you know electric cars are no cleaner than running my V6? the extra electricity that needs to be made to power these things is probably currently worse
  3. Klaus Schwab is the devil, enslavement of the human race is the goal through naturally accruing climate change
  4. They have tried discrediting her and many other climate experts, nothing we do will change the climate that much, its a natural cycle of heating and cooling caused by our star which infact is about to go into a solar minimum so things are going to get colder down here soon enough
  5. Net zero will change nothing - oh, apart from the total control over the worlds population
  6. Not a single team at this world cup that would give Man City a game
  7. Southgate is holding this talented generation of English players back, sooner he is sacked the better
  8. Foden is England's best player and should start every game
  9. Tuesday 29th November, 2022 Group A Ecuador 2-1 Senegal, 15.00 Netherlands 2-0 Qatar, 15.00 Group B Iran 1-2 USA, 19.00 Wales 1-3 England, 19.00 Wednesday 30th November, 2022 Group C Poland 1-2 Argentina, 19.00 Saudi Arabia 0-2 Mexico, 19.00 Group D Australia 1-1 Denmark, 15.00 Tunisia 0-2 France, 15.00 Thursday 1st December, 2022 Group E Costa Rica 0-2 Germany, 19.00 Japan 0-2 Spain, 19.00 Group F Canada 0-0 Morocco, 15.00 Croatia 1-2 Belgium, 15.00 Friday 2nd December, 2022 Group G Cameroon 0-2 Brazil, 19.00 Serbia 1-1 Switzerland, 19.00 Group H Ghana 1-3 Uruguay, 15.00 South Korea 0-2 Portugal, 15.00
  10. He normally plays with good footballers so he doesn't know what to do with Belgium
  11. More chance of Norway winning this world cup tbf
  12. Manchester City are delighted to announce Pep Guardiola has signed a new two-year contract Guardiola: From a football perspective, this was a one-second decision! His latest deal means he will remain at the Etihad until the summer of 2025. Guardiola’s time at City is one laden with success. He has so far won 11 major trophies, including four of the last five Premier League titles. Across all competitions, he has won 271 of the 374 matches he has overseen, giving him a remarkable win percentage of 72.4%. City have scored 921 goals during that period, at an average of 2.46 goals per game. Indeed, his 374 games in charge means is second only to Les McDowall - who managed 587 between 1950 – 1963 - on City’s list of longest-serving post-war managers. Confirming the news, Club Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak said: “I am delighted that Pep’s journey with Manchester City Football Club will continue. He has already contributed so much to the success and fabric of this organisation, and it’s exciting to think what might be possible given the energy, hunger and ambition that he clearly still has. “Under his very special leadership our first team has accomplished so much, whilst continuously playing, and constantly evolving, a City style of football that is admired the world over. Like every City fan, I am looking forward to what lies ahead.” And Guardiola spoke of his delight at remaining City manager until the summer of 2025. “I am so pleased to be staying at Manchester City for another two years,” he said.
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