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  1. How has VAR been in the Liverpool games so far?
  2. But it shows it hit the Spurs players arm first, would of been harsh to give a penalty but should of been play on ..hows VAR been in Liverpool games so far?
  3. Is shoulder hand ball now?? ..not looked at the rules in a long time ..real question, it used to be fine!
  4. A thread to talk about all the wrong's done by VAR in the Premier League this season, i will start with the last two City games ..i have to hold my hand up and say i was all for VAR ..correct score's i thought, no more offside goal's, no more diving etc etc ..great! ..but the reality is very different using the last two City games as an example Last week Sterling was ruled offside for at worse being level and yesterday VAR should of called a clear penalty in the first half missed by the ref and then at the end of the game we had this VAR call hand ball Laporte and goal ruled out, you can see it was shoulder Laporte and handball Spurs player ..VAR staff have all the images to get the call's right but somehow over the two City games the VAR staff have got it very wrong!
  5. Now this paints a different picture ..off the shoulder of Laporte, handball Spurs player ..what should the call have been?? ..i think we need better VAR staff, they have the images but still manage to get the call wrong
  6. You probably would of won if Ali & Son had played .. just shit in front of goal in the 2nd half after such a good start, hopefully this kicks them into gear
  7. Was just a lovers tiff, they made up at the end of the game, now they besties again
  8. Yeah, we wasted so many chances today
  9. Not on about that, we had a clear pen not given in the 1st half
  10. So that's the first 2pts robbed (with the pen) will be keeping notes!
  11. GET THE FUCK IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL ...City trolling! Now the ref trolling Can we just have the pen we should of had instead ..VAR done us wrong 2 weeks running!
  12. This could be the 1pt that has them finish above you
  13. Out of subs, Zinc coming off with a hammy ..good, he's running it off