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  1. Happy Blue

    Harry Maguire - The Manchester Clubs

    He's the English Otamendi, decent but flawed, wouldn't pay more than 30million ..De Ligt would be a much better option
  2. Sterling should win it, best player in the world this season playing in the strongest league, Messi only plays a handful of hard games a season ...defenders can not win it, that's just silly!
  3. Not bad but still got a lot to learn, below is how a master of his craft does it
  4. Manchester City take UEFA to Court of Arbitration for Sport Although no charges have been brought against Manchester City, City have struck first Manchester City have asked the Court of Arbitration for Sport to throw out the financial fair play case that has been brought against them by European football's governing body UEFA The surprise move represents a pre-emptive strike as the FFP case has not yet even been heard by the relevant body at UEFA, the adjudicatory chamber of its Club Financial Control Board. Last month, the head of the CFCB's investigatory arm Yves Leterme decided the Premier League Champions and domestic quad winners do have a case to answer and it is understood that he has recommended they be banned from European club competition for at least a season. There was never any doubt that City would have appealed against any such sanction at CAS but the club have now decided they are not going to wait for that. In a statement, sport's highest court said: "The Court of Arbitration for Sport has registered an appeal filed by Manchester City Football Club against the Union of European Football Associations. "The appeal is filed against decisions taken by the Investigatory Chamber of the UEFA Club Financial Control Body regarding MCFC's alleged non-compliance with UEFA's Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations. "An arbitration procedure will now be initiated and will involve an exchange of written submissions between the parties while a panel of CAS arbitrators is convened to hear the appeal. "Once the panel has been formally constituted, it will issue a procedural calendar. It is not possible to say at this time when the arbitral award for this matter will be issued."
  5. Could he one day reach the level of Vincent Kompany? ..long way to go for the lad yet before he can rub shoulders with that kind of company
  6. Happy Blue

    Manchester City Discussion

    Maybe ..or City gets in his blood and stays for 20+ years ..if he goes in 2 id be happy with Klopp though
  7. Happy Blue

    Manchester City Discussion

    Pep Guardiola believes Manchester City is “the perfect place to work” and has reassured the club’s supporters that he is going nowhere. The Spaniard has led City to back-to-back Premier League titles, and also won the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup in a remarkable season for Pep’s men. Guardiola is contracted until June 2021 after signing a two-year extension last summer and he intends to see out that deal. “There’s no better place in the world to play and do your job as a manager than in England,” Guardiola told the club’s official website. “I can compare it to Spain and Germany. I haven’t been to other countries, but they would be quite similar. If I go to Italy it would be quite similar to Spain. “In other places fans boo you if you don’t win but here it’s always supportive. It’s like I am in a blue shirt and I am one of you. “I remember in the first year it was difficult. After the defeat to Monaco in the Champions League and we were not doing well in the Premier League, the people still supported you. “The important thing is the club followed our idea. Normally at most clubs if you win that is perfect and if you lose that is not good. Here it doesn’t happen, that is one of the reasons why I decide to come here. “I didn’t win a title in the first year and people still supported us. I will never forget that. “You can work calmly. It’s the ideal. It’s the perfect place to work. I don’t know at other clubs in England but I especially feel it here. “That’s why I am happy to reward their confidence with my players for the next two seasons.”
  8. Happy Blue

    laptop help

    Go for it, might be other players on here we don't know about ..or new members might play ...i'm thinking about doing a thread for machine gun owners but think that just be me
  9. Happy Blue

    Liverpool Discussion

    Would be an absolute outrage if Sterling does not win it tbh
  10. Happy Blue

    Leroy Sane to Bayern?

    Sane is not for sale, he will sign a contract extension in the next few weeks ..Bayern's public tapping up has failed ..plus like you said, Munich dont have 150 million anyway so..
  11. Happy Blue

    Liverpool Discussion

    Congrats @Dr. Gonzo @LFCMadLad @Mel81x @LFCMike @Rick @Harry @Burning Gold @UNORTHODOX ....would of been a travesty if Liverpool finished empty handed this season
  12. Best place for a merc like that, if Spurs bung him 10k he'd score an own goal and do a little dance!
  13. Nice curtain raiser for the boxing at 10pm