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  1. On less you collapse, you have already won it ..one week we are winning 8-0 and the other losing to shite like wolves & norwich, for what ever reason we are not playing like the last 2 seasons
  2. You are going to walk it this season if you stay focused
  3. We don't seem hungry for it this year 1-0 Wolves
  4. VAR should ref the match relaying instructions to the on field official
  5. What, when they could punch, dive and kick fuck out of each other ..they called it rugby football in the end mate, they left the plain old football for the puffs
  6. We could have one of them Domino pizza drones to hover around the ref with a TV screen or the ref could have a helmet with a flip down screen, or maybe have the ref on a segway with a screen on
  7. VAR has been shocking in the CL tonight too, need better staff pronto
  8. Happy Blue

    Eredivisie - Netherlands

    The owner should sell the stadium to Tesco's and put all the players on Ebay
  9. Few years back at our place, they bricked a family with 2 toddlers and hit one of them on the head cutting his head open, think he was about 3 or 4yrs old ...didnt one of there fans also attack a Lyon player while he had a toddler in his arms?
  10. As much as i hate them United don't chuck bricks at toddlers
  11. It's always nice to beat these vile cunts, the scummiest club in all the land!
  12. The mods are chill, don't worry about it ..plus it's more interesting than talk about united
  13. Do supermarkets not sell a good one?