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  1. Should teams be allowed to score if they don't have at least 50% possession ..a simple check with VAR would determine if a team had done enough work to be awarded a goal or not
  2. We have come back from 16pts behind before
  3. Happy Blue

    Isco - Premier League Bound?

    Life long City fan, mad respect for the kid, hope he get's his dream move eventually
  4. Happy Blue


    I see people are getting banned ..money sent, no need for thanks but please respect my homophobic rights for another 12mths, Thank You, kiss kiss
  5. This remind's me of the time we came back from being 14pts behind
  6. You tell lies like a cheap Japaneses watch
  7. You are ALL making thing's up, John has to take his dick out to count to eleven
  8. THIS stage Ffs! ..not the last few matches
  9. We came back from being 13pts behind at this stage to beat United ..anything can happen yet
  10. I'd take him as Aguero's replacement tbh
  11. Happy Blue

    I am back

    There's other forum's?
  12. Maybe ..but some of the wheels might fall off Liverpool's team bus by then too going up the M56 leaving you with 10 injured players