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  1. Heavy rotation, run them ragged! Ederson Danilo - Otamendi - Stones - Zinchenko De Bruyne - Fernandinho - Silva Mahrez - Jesus - Sane BENCH:- Muric, Walker, Laporte, Delph, Bernardo, Sterling, Aguero
  2. How can it not be Sterling?? ..what a season he has had and can still win a domestic quad (on less the last few weeks turns to shit ) ..Pep has improved him so much
  3. But Spurs lost another important player last night, they cant bring 8 fresh players into the team like we can and they will be travelling half of tomorrow too ..no excuse for us not to hammer them, if we don't win in them condition's then we don't deserve the title tbh, they got one more days rest for a 12.30 kick off on the Saturday
  4. Happy Blue

    Away goals rule

    Keep it as it is
  5. Don't think Gundogan will play, it will be Fernandinho in the middle, Sane should start though
  6. Main thing going for Saturday is we can rotate all the defence and most the attacking players while Spurs don't have that luxury ..surprised they didn't stay in Manchester so they going to be travelling back up half of tomorrow for a dinner kickoff on Saturday
  7. It's not over yet ..we should of gone through in the CL but here we are
  8. Correct, the video refs should make the call then relay the decision to the ref like in rugby league
  9. If it was or wasn't don't matter ..the reason we went out was because of the way Pep approached the 1st leg and the way Laporte gave them 2 away goals in the 2nd, that's why we went out
  10. It's always huge when we win it ..but they all count
  11. Laporte made 2 huge fuck ups that led to goal's, i blame him ...and the ref for the handball goal
  12. We have the shield too so worst case we have 2 bits of silverware
  13. It is what it is, we have had the rub of the green in other competitions so we cant complain and we still got a cup final to play and a title to win