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  1. Went to bed instead of watching this, looks like i made a good call
  2. Liverpool join the elite, well done ...winning it 3 years running was a bit of a stretch tbf ..congrats to all the Liverpool fans on here, the 1st one is the best so enjoy it!
  3. I cant be offended because i just don't give a fuck
  4. The funny thing with this race bullshit is everyman on earth has African DNA where man first originated from, we all black inside
  5. He's joking yeah bloody dingbat!
  6. If you ask the Spanish it means the same thing
  7. Yeah, short term memory then
  8. Sour grapes from the expat
  9. 1-0 world class Foden @DeadLinesman
  10. You could be right, might just be an image thing ..makes no other sense
  11. Why bring the teams out separate when they are going to be humping each others legs for 90minutes?
  12. Where you going to hear that?? ..only one City fan on here and i don't even like football