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  1. It's the best final possible isn't it
  2. Every games a bye now Spurs are out
  3. That happened to Mendy, he was cleared just like we will be again, most of these charges have already been cleared in court btw
  4. Yet you are happy to take our players and morally corrupt coach, if you manage to crawl over the line you owe it to City and Pep for teaching Arteta and allowing you to have our players
  5. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? ..you are a rapist, anyone can make things up, doesn't make it true
  6. The net spend is for the last 5 years, we are 10th in the Prem
  7. We haven't done anything but build a world class club on and off the pitch that now makes the most money in football, if people hate us for that good
  8. 10th highest net spend in England, are you saying we haven't spent enough so doing football wrong?
  9. As the original creator of the curse it doesn't work against City
  10. Arsenal look out on there feet, they need to get back on form fast
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