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  1. We had a few relegations the Kinky era was some of the best years for me, travelling around seeing the smaller old grounds and fighting our way back up, i really would love it if the FA kick us down the leagues to start from the bottom again. after the first few titles and completing football last season i am rather bored with football now tbh, it's like when you can buy more or less anything you want you don't appreciate things the same because you can just go get it instead of having to work hard for it, if our owners left tomorrow i'd probably start enjoy the game again. i tried supporting Oldham but it just didn't feel right, felt like a fake fan supporting someone else is just not going to work for me. CTID is in my dna
  2. Are the other teams not doing better than they would without us? look at Girona. they get top young players sent to them and able to use our scouting network etc. it's bad that they lose there top players but is this not what happens anyway in football when a Madrid, Munich etc comes calling? and i don't see many of these players progressing to City, most of our Academy players will fall short too ..you could argue the case that when a club gets to Girona level we should sell up and set them free, think UEFA are working on only allowing one club in the group to compete in the CL so our hand might be forced anyway
  3. It's different sure, i get your point that we own these clubs to some degree. is this a good or bad thing? i'm undecided. what are your arguments against it?
  4. Teams in the City group are our feeder clubs https://www.cityfootballgroup.com/our-clubs/ scroll down and you will see Troyes
  5. Sparkling and filtered tap water
  6. Happy Blue


    100%. Froch would stick it on him too if he says that shit to his face John Fury is still running from Micky Theo lol
  7. Man City making football great again one transfer at a time
  8. They already trying to stop feeder clubs playing in the CL or something like that i read somewhere
  9. Pep wants him, enough said. or do you know something Pep doesn't?
  10. That's rich coming from an Everton fan who are confirmed cheats ..he worked his way up through the feeder clubs, props to the kid
  11. Savio turned down Arsenal in 2022 Savio actually turned down the chance to join Arsenal during his time in Brazil, opting to join CFG side Troyes instead as he held aspirations to one day play for Pep Guardiola’s side. “I knew that Troyes was the City Group and I thought that by working I could one day reach Manchester City,” he said in an interview with Spanish newspaper Sport last year.
  12. Liverpool was the team i was worried about because we are not winning at your place but a draw will do now. if we win our games of course we could be top by Saturday for a few hours. think we will spank Arsenal, we seem to have there number but still a lot of games to play, plenty more twists and turns ..watch us lose to Brentford tonight now
  13. Happy Blue


    Fury out with a photo shopped cut hopefully the big bang can step in and save the card
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