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  1. Isn't Rashford out? looks like he's in good form at the moment
  2. Laporte, Phillips & Stones out Ederson Walker - Akanji - Dias - Cancelo De Bruyne - Rodrigo - Gundogan Bernardo - Haaland - Foden BENCH:- Ortega, Ake, Gomez, Mahrez, Grealish, Alvarez, Palmer +kids
  3. I've been spoiled lol, compared to most the other players we have he's not shown me he belongs with them yet. no doubt he's very talented but just average performances for us so far
  4. I never really rated Milner when he was at City, he wasn't shit just average and like Jack he never broke into the first 11, mostly used when players needed resting. think his best moments at City was his boring james milner xmass video's
  5. I think Grealish is massively over hyped like James Milner was at one point, just an average player probably not good enough to play for us. not really seen much of Jude, i only watch City games and the world cup etc so not seen much of hum
  6. Do you think he's worth £130million of the Kings pounds? ..Bernardo Silva is probably worth £80million for a comparison
  7. Grealish isnt worth anywhere near £100million, i get the feeling there is an English player tax on Jude too sadly.
  8. I havent seen much of him tbh to say. i was suprised when Pep started playing Bernardo deeper in CM too but Pep must think Jude would fit our system or he could adapt to it (if we bid for him)
  9. We are definitely interested, we wanted him when we bought Haaland but Dortmund wanted to keep him a season longer. Gundogan is getting old and out of contract this summer, we going to need a replacement for him soon and Bernardo could get his move to Barca this summer meaning we need 2 players that can play in the middle
  10. You would think so as we don't need to play him every game and run him into the ground like other clubs would
  11. Stick Haaland in that league and he'd score 9 a game
  12. Yep, pubs league dont count plus they didnt know what a foul was back then too
  13. They put 5 players around him and got spanked by De Bruyne & Foden and Haaland got an assist so they didn't fully stop him
  14. Was a nice triangle with a fancy finish, training ground move they do
  15. I thought he'd average a goal a game looking at what he's done everywhere else, he's nearly doing 2 goals a game and he's not really fully up to speed with how we play yet
  16. Another record for Haaland, first player ever to score in his first 4 away games
  17. Really hope not because that's boring mate, you going to get it together at some point
  18. These have only conceded 4 goals before today, backing off was inviting him to shoot
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