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  1. This must be why we wanted Lisandro Martinez as a left back instead of a centre back...
  2. Wow... I knew they still needed to sort a lot out but I didn't expect them to be this bad.
  3. Jesus will get the headlines but really happy with how good Martinelli has been in the two games. Only downside was Ramsdale for the goals conceded.
  4. I actually didn't know there was a financial incentive involved in going after Rushdie. I was wondering why anyone would still care about a controversy from so long ago. Obviously that might've been an irrelevant factor though. Could be someone suffering from extreme tribalism when it comes to their group. Learning not to live in an echo chamber that's placed inside a bubble is probably the most important thing a person can learn.
  5. GK: Schmeichel RB: Walker CB: Ferdinand CB: Terry LB: A. Cole RM: Ronaldo CM: Vieira CM: Gerrard LM: Giggs SS: Bergkamp CF: Henry
  6. 6666


    You can see why Triple H likes him though. Pretty much a carbon copy.
  7. I don't care about these January 6th trials, to me it's whatever. I just want the orange man to reveal what's in the documents before they off him Epstein style.
  8. Don't know what their articles are like but the podcast is very good in my opinion. When it comes to articles, most journalists just have to meet requirements a lot of the time.
  9. Vieira was more box-to-box and Pirlo was more of a deep lying playmaker. Same with Xabi Alonso. So I went with Makelele.
  10. Freiburg 1-3 Dortmund Leverkusen 2-0 Augsburg Leipzig 2-0 Köln Hoffenheim 1-0 Bochum Hertha BSC 1-2 Frankfurt Bremen 2-2 Stuttgart Schalke 0-1 Gladbach Mainz 1-1 Union Bayern 3-0 Wolfsburg
  11. Saturday 13th August, 2022 Aston Villa 1-1 Everton, 12.30 Arsenal 2-1 Leicester Brighton 1-0 Newcastle Man City 4-0 Bournemouth Southampton 1-0 Leeds Wolves 1-1 Fulham Brentford 1-2 Man Utd, 17.30 Sunday 14th August, 2022 Nottm Forest 1-2 West Ham, 14.00 Chelsea 0-1 Tottenham, 16.30 Monday 15th August, 2022 Liverpool 2-0 Crystal Palace, 20.00
  12. Watch him still get into the World Cup squad.
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