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  1. I really would be annoyed if Maitland-Niles left on a permanent deal. Can definitely see someone taking advantage of Arteta not being a big fan of his though. Same with Reiss Nelson.
  2. Good signing but with the amount of changes with Crystal Palace's squad, and a new manager, and a difficult start, you have to expect it to take a while before things start clicking. All of that has to be taken into consideration when judging Vieira.
  3. A quick look at the best division in the sport.
  4. 6666


    In other news, Cena has returned more goofier than ever. You can tell he's just doing this as a favour and it doesn't mean anything to him. Reigns/Balor would've been better.
  5. 6666


    The whole thing was pretty crappy to be honest. Wrestling shouldn't have so much hocus pocus nonsense. Undertaker teleporting was borderline but even he did a lot of cringe worthy magic tricks. Enjoyed all the early video promos from this version of Bray Wyatt but the Hawaiian shirt, deep south, cult leader was much better overall. The most messed up thing about this is them having Bliss basically replace him in his own gimmick and then letting him go.
  6. £100m is a bit crazy isn't it? Aston Villa should definitely accept that.
  7. 6666


    WWE have those guys. Vince is just looking for those one or two wrestlers that can "break out" into the mainstream. Doesn't seem to care that much about anything else. Everything else is repetition or some mad experimentation.
  8. 6666


    CM Punk and Daniel Bryan both reportedly joining AEW.
  9. Don't know much about the player. Is €25m + Lamela worth it?
  10. He provided big moments but he wasn't a consistent striker. Definitely not a "beast in front of goal". Was a very good striker on his day but I wouldn't go further than that. That goal in the Champions League final helped out his legacy a lot. Lucky for him the big money signing they bought in to replace him really struggled. Wouldn't put him ahead of Diego Costa to be honest and I hate Diego Costa.
  11. That's not true. Maybe if you're just looking at games against Arsenal...
  12. The 90s are back.
  13. Was easily our best central midfielder last season. Might not be saying much when Ceballos didn't have a great season and Partey was still settling in but it's still weird that we're trying to move on one of our better performers. Don't know anything about Lakonga but hoping he steps up.
  14. 6666


    Season 3 trailer was released last week. If you're not familiar with the show, then I'm telling you that you need to get familiar.
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