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  1. Germany helping Spain out, Spain should just go with the loss though...
  2. I don't like it's likely but Germany and Spain could both go out!
  3. Japanese fans asking the same questions as everyone else. Why is the Japanese manager leaving a lot of his most talented players on the bench? Minamino, Tomiyasu, and Mitoma not starting is just weird. Hope they can pull off a miracle though.
  4. Don't know if it's too harsh to have a go at Lukaku and his first touch but he could've easily won this for Belgium.
  5. None of that had any relevance to the tournament taking place there. Political journalists don't somehow think "wait there's a World Cup on, let's stop talking about politics". If a subject has been extensively covered, it naturally gets less and less attention through time regardless if there's a sport going on. That's reality. No one has cared about Qatari politics more than now. And they'll stop caring after it finishes. Not because "sports washing" worked (because that makes no sense as there was next to no discussion about Qatari politics beforehand) but because everyone's already said everything they're gonna say and because without the World Cup there's less attention on Qatar. Don't know what part you can honestly disagree with. Just accept the terrible Guardian article you read or the moronic MSNBC story you saw was incorrect.
  6. Going by your logic everyone would've forgotten about apartheid if they did, and if they were insane enough to believe that then I'm sure they were gutted... Reality of course is that it wouldn't have worked like that.
  7. Great second half. Credit to Saudi for continuing to try even after their chance was gone. Maybe they just wanted to ruin it for Mexico after Mexico ruined it for them.
  8. The crowd are definitely much better when Saudi Arabia are playing. Good game but no big chances.
  9. Australia will be happy about that. Denmark haven't really created any good chances.
  10. You're sounding very American right now. I hear they still don't view Indians as Asians...
  11. Japan fucked themselves over by not getting anything from Costa Rica. Would have loved to seen that kit in the knockout stages. And I'll be honest, wasn't thinking of Australia as an Asian team but from a football perspective, I guess they are an AFC side. A draw definitely isn't impossible so I wouldn't say it's unlikely but Denmark winning is still more likely. The Danish team is boring as hell compared to their team at the Euros so hopefully Australia can hang on. Would be good to have all the federations represented in the knockout stage.
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