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  1. 6666


    One thing about AEW that's obvious is that their fans are extremely sensitive to any criticism.
  2. 6666

    Brexit Discussion

    Interesting tactic of trying to appeal to SJW types, that don't care about context, by going "OMG they're white men". Not sure she realises that sane people can see the tweet as well...
  3. Wenger's worst period as Arsenal manager was better.
  4. I was talking about our boring lot with our dead inside manager.
  5. This team has zero fucking personality in the league.
  6. Whoever the video refs have been this matchday need shooting.
  7. 6666

    Cristiano Ronaldo Rape Allegations

    He hasn't denied having sex with her as far as I know so how does a DNA match change things?
  8. 6666

    'Me Too' Movement

    It's an issue when all accusations get treated as being 100% legit and the whole movement decides to pile on to whoever's being accused without actually caring about the details. Also an issue when there's no perspective shown within people's reaction and they conflate smaller issues with more serious issues just so they can react to smaller issues as if they were more serious issues. Don't know what the solution really is, you can't really call out sections of the movement for not caring about credibility as you'll just be painted as someone who doesn't want women to come forward at all. If you comment on it, you either have to be 100% for everything the movement is doing or you'll be seen as someone who's 100% against everything the movement is doing. Most men know this and that's why most men don't bother even commenting on it. And the men that are desperate to be seen as 100% on board with everything will pretend that other men don't comment on it because they just hate women. They'd even be offended by this thread existing. Seems like someone already is.
  9. Great point for Man Utd and it keeps Ole in charge so, in reality, everyone wins.
  10. 6666

    Climate Change

    Point is, how much difference does targeting that single percent of the world's emissions actually make? That is the main point if we're talking about a global crisis. Australia can do better, the UK can do better. That doesn't really matter though. China's per capita stats look good simply because they have a billion people which makes their average look a lot nicer. Will targeting small percentages make that much difference?
  11. 6666

    Climate Change

    Per capita stats are a weird thing to go by in my opinion. Targeting Qatar for high co2 emissions per capita would mean targeting a small percentage of the overall co2 emissions. You're focusing more on the amount of people a country has rather than their emissions. The government can't come out and say "Our solution to making us more efficient is to vastly increase the population in the country. The per capita stats will look better.". It's not totally irrelevant when determining what each country should be aiming for but per capita stats can't be the main stat you base this off of. You also have to consider overall emissions and land mass and if certain countries have to do certain things that may result in high co2 emissions (manufacturing, oil refining, etc.) but other countries take advantage of meaning they're also partly responsible for those emissions. (All of which probably has China coming out not looking so bad). Then we get to a stage where no one wants to take responsibility and no real changes will be made which unfortunately makes all of these protests quite pointless.
  12. 6666

    Catalonia and Independence

    What type of policing is this? I thought they were cunts with how they were throwing people around in the independence vote but seeing a lot of videos of these bastards just enjoying themselves battering people. Regardless of if you agree with Catalan independence or not, the way the Spanish government and the way the Spanish police are dealing with the situation is fucking disgraceful.
  13. 6666

    Catalonia and Independence

    The Spanish police really are a bunch of bastards. Always super aggressive.
  14. Just saw the Tottenham equaliser. Disaster from Foster but it was definitely hand ball from Dele Alli. And Watford definitely should've had a penalty, Vertonghen quite obviously lifted his leg to trip Deulofeu. Whoever the video ref was had a mare and should not be in this position again. Can't claim he didn't see it clearly.
  15. The screen said "no goal" but apparently that was a mistake because the video ref said the goal was okay.