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  1. 6666


    I never liked Braun to be honest. He was like a bad comic book villain at first which unfortunately got over, then Vince got bored and did what he does with every monster, comedy. He's not as smart or entertaining as Kane or Big Show to make that work either. Reckless in the ring as well, was hilarious when Lesnar rocked him and told him to calm down.
  2. 6666


    Dark Side Of The Ring returned for a second season. Difficult watch especially if you were a fan of either Benoit or Eddie Guerrero.
  3. 6666


    Most things seem to be available.
  4. 6666


    A good mix of match types, no bad matches, the first Elimination Chamber and a lot of nostalgia. Basically just remember it fondly from when I was younger.
  5. 6666


    Time for a Survivor Series 2002 re-watch.
  6. 6666

    Coronavirus and Football

    To be honest I don't think people taking a paycut should be something that should be expected. If they do it, it's a generous gesture but they're not really doing anything wrong be not doing it. It's a shit situation all round.
  7. 6666

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    This is a video from over a month ago:
  8. 6666

    Eurovision Song Contest 2020

    It seems some good has come from the coronavirus.
  9. 6666


    Biggest event of the year in the WWE Performance Center. No special entrances, no pyro, no theatrics, no crazy audience, no one reacting to anything. A shame. Feel especially sorry for Drew McIntyre, was finally going to get crowned. That happening in front of no audience is unfortunate. Edge back at WrestleMania as well. No one to shit on Reigns vs. Goldberg. What's the point? Just delay it.
  10. 6666

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Unfortunately stumbled across the Hindutva cure for coronavirus... smearing yourself in cow shit and drinking cow piss is apparently the way to go.
  11. 6666

    Coronavirus and Football

    I'm assuming the leagues will carry on from where they left off even if there's a massive gap in middle. That's probably the only way to do it without having so many questions needing answering.
  12. 6666

    Coronavirus and Football

    Not gonna lie, I also got a craving to watch post apocalyptic films and zombie films recently. For the sake of preparation...
  13. 6666

    Coronavirus and Football

    Always has to be one of the good guys. Hope they've caught it early and he recovers from it quickly.
  14. Agree 100%. It's bad enough when non-club accounts are so obsessed with "bantz" but it's cringeworthy when it's official club accounts. Once in a while isn't too bad but the ones you mentioned are constantly at it.
  15. I would've agreed with you lot but Haaland was pretty much asking for it. Posted a picture prematch saying "My city, not yours" when referring to Paris. Not really an innocent kid being picked on. More a case of a cocky kid being brought down a few pegs.