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  1. Reminiscing about the days where we'd play great football, only get top 4, and then get criticised for not doing more. Those were the days.
  2. When I heard Joelinton scored, I was surprised. Then I saw the goal and it all made sense.
  3. 6666

    Kurt Cobain 'Unplugged' Guitar Up for Auction at $1m

    Clapton's popularity seems to be going downhill today...
  4. 6666

    First Goal - Season Two

    35: No goal 36: 26
  5. 6666

    Diego Maradona Dies Aged 60

    A legend that lived life to the fullest. RIP
  6. Wolfsburg 1-1 Bremen Dortmund 3-0 Köln Leipzig 2-0 Bielefeld Union 2-1 Frankfurt Augsburg 1-0 Freiburg Stuttgart 0-2 Bayern Gladbach 0-0 Schalke Leverkusen 1-0 Hertha BSC Mainz 2-2 Hoffenheim
  7. 6666


    Is it just me that thinks the Undertaker segment shouldn't have main evented? He's a legend but they need to present the current scene as being the most important thing. I guess it's not as bad as when they had Braun Strowman, the Universal Champion at the time, coming out and clapping his hands while chanting "Thank you Taker"...
  8. Leaving Arsenal out but including Man Utd... Tottenham: Son Heung-Min Liverpool: Salah Chelsea: Ziyech Leicester: Tielemans Southampton: Walcott Everton: Iwobi I'll do the three others in the "Big 6" who suck too much to be in the top 6. Arsenal: Ozil... (has to be someone not playing right now) or Leno. Man Utd: Rashford Man City: De Bruyne
  9. To be honest I think the issue isn't really the player but more the style that the managers he's had at Arsenal want to play. He didn't fit Emery's system and doesn't fit Arteta's system (which is similar to Emery's but probably more defensive). The talent is definitely there and despite popular belief, he has shown signs of it. With his price you'd obviously expect more than a few signs but we haven't really seen him in a system that suits him. Don't think it really suits anyone playing in our front three to be honest...
  10. Crystal Palace 2-1 Newcastle, 20.00 Brighton 1-3 Liverpool, 12.30 Everton 2-1 Leeds, 17.30 Man City 2-0 Burnley West Brom 1-0 Sheff Utd, 20.00 Arsenal 1-1 Wolves, 19.15 Chelsea 1-0 Tottenham, 16.30 Southampton 1-1 Man Utd, 14.15 Leicester 2-1 Fulham, 17.30 West Ham 1-0 Aston Villa, 20.00
  11. Fuck's sake. Tommy about to jump in front of me in another league.
  12. 6666


    Seen a photo of Tama Tonga without his beard. Looks too much like Kyle Walker. It's weird.
  13. Rotherham 1-2 Bournemouth Valencia 1-1 Atletico Madrid, 15.15 Benevento 0-4 Juventus, 17.00 Gremio 2-1 Flamengo, 21.00 Lazio 3-1 Udinese, 11.30 Lyon 2-0 Reims, 12.00 Feyenoord 2-1 Utrecht, 13.30 Fenerbahce 2-2 Besiktas, 16.00 Real Sociedad 2-1 Villarreal, 20.00 St Etienne 0-1 Lille, 20.00