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  1. Between Sterling and van Dijk. Leaning more towards van Dijk.
  2. 6666

    Notre Dame on Fire

    Interesting that people that make jokes about people dying are bent out of shape about jokes being made about a building...
  3. If Liverpool and Tottenham both get into the final then the media will be unbearable. Media darlings derby in the final.
  4. Brilliant game. Terrible outcome. Away goals rule really is a disaster.
  5. It really is an antiquated and dumb rule but it does cause a lot of exciting confusion...
  6. Man City, you complete prats. Need to score three now. And not concede anymore. Not gonna happen. Tottenham really are better as a team without Kane.
  7. Watched the second half and Ajax definitely looked the better side. VAR got the major decisions right. Would love to see this Ajax team go all the way.
  8. Defend and counter seems to be the plan which you can understand. Phil Jones at RB might not go too well though Messi is in the mood.
  9. The US, Israel & Saudi Arabia vs. Russia, Iran & China. Will be an interesting watch.
  10. Drogba's a better striker than Giroud but the comparison is a fairer one than comparing Drogba to Henry which used to be made a lot.
  11. Took a look at the FA's betting rules to see if there's any sort of confusion but it seems quite clear cut. Being involved in football in any way prohibits you from betting on anything football related anywhere in the world. I'm assuming these weren't massive bets and were just small bets, here and there, for a bit of fun so I don't think the punishment will be anything big.
  12. It's more the comment about "not having cojones", which he obviously just said as a bit of fun, that made it seem like he's being a massive bellend. Things definitely haven't gone his way against us since making that comment so overall it's more a case of being able to make fun of him for being a bellend...
  13. Basically, he's Giroud... And that's not necessarily a dig at Drogba, it's just to highlight how underrated Giroud has been. (And works better in the current Chelsea team than Higuain)
  14. You can have a go but saying certain things will obviously make you look stupid. Making a comment where you're seemingly making fun, looking down on a club and suggesting they don't have what it takes to go anywhere automatically results in people having the easy comeback of reminding him that he's not really in a position to look down or make fun and that he himself, as a footballer, hasn't gotten anywhere with his "let me whack them" style of play. If it was simply a case of analysis then it's whatever but he gave the interview in an "I'm better than them" attitude which was the main issue.