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  1. 6666

    US Military Buildup in Persian Gulf

    Yes. It's also not a surprise that Blair is quite anti-Corbyn as well. The government were walked like dogs into a bullshit war back then that managed to create even more problems (turns out people don't react too positively to seeing their homes bombed or their friends and family killed) and they'll most likely do it again if a war with Iran broke out. The issue with following the Americans into war is more of an issue with the British government in general bending over rather than a party specific issue. The Tories are in charge right now though so they should get the flack for fanning the flames trying to create support for the American agenda just like Blair still gets the flack, rightly so, for the Iraq war.
  2. Looks close to happening for £18m.
  3. 6666

    US Military Buildup in Persian Gulf

    Corbyn said we should wait for credible evidence and do more to ease tensions in the middle east. Tories have obviously lost their heads over it. You can bet your backside that if the US start a war with Iran that the Tories will 100% be behind that.
  4. In terms of the last 20 years, it's Luis Suarez. Overall, I'm sure most will say it's Dalglish but I'm not old enough to know how good he was.
  5. 6666

    US Military Buildup in Persian Gulf

    Always great when I suddenly remember that this clip exists.
  6. 6666

    Jack Butland - Linked with Chelsea

    Butland to Aston Villa reportedly done for £20m.
  7. 6666

    Things you use to think as a youngster?

    I used to think it was "I use to" instead of "I used to"...
  8. 6666

    US Military Buildup in Persian Gulf

    Looks like the US military is up to its old tricks.
  9. Need to win our first 2 games going into the next 2 against Liverpool and Tottenham. That could be an early disaster and early AFTV meltdown.
  10. 6666

    Annoyances that don't matter?

    Collective nouns being treated as singular in sports. Mainly talking about Twitter news. "Real Madrid signs Mendy", "Liverpool defeats Tottenham"... shut up.
  11. I love listening to David Icke. He weaves bollocks into sentences in a very clever way. It's mesmerising.
  12. 6666


    If anything other than competition affects the results then I consider that to be a negative affect on credibility. It might be how cricket has to be and that's unfortunate but the point still stands. Don't know if there's any sort of way to avoid games being abandoned, don't think I've ever seen a cricket match being played in a stadium with a roof on it.
  13. 6666


    The rain plays a significant part in determining points by making sure the games aren't even played. Whenever things aren't determined by teams competing against each other then it definitely does hurt the credibility of the competition.
  14. 6666


    These rained off games really make cricket look dumb. Sri Lanka have 2 points from 1 win and 2 extra points from 2 games they didn't play. Have no idea if they would've won or lost those games but it really hurts the credibility of the tournament.
  15. I don't think him being in China for a couple of years says much other than he was offered a shit load of money that he felt he would've been stupid to refuse. He improves what we have in the wide attacking areas as all we really have is Iwobi (who has some very good moments but his final ball needs a lot of work) and Reiss Nelson (who doesn't have much experience). Attacking from out wide seems to be Emery's main play which is somewhat annoying as it limits attacking midfielders that want to attack through the middle like Mikhitaryan and Ozil who have been less influential last season specifically because of Emery's style. If Carrasco is the answer or not, we'll have to see (if he joins) but I'm hoping that overall we have a more fluid and varied style of play.