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  1. That's us out of the race for top 4. Can't be dropping points like that. Hope we hit another good run soon.
  2. 6666


    He has talent but he keeps falling out with people.
  3. 6666


    Reigns looks like a serious star and carries himself as a serious star. Same with Lesnar. Wrestlers that actually look like they can fuck you up have a more immediate mainstream appeal.
  4. 6666


    Walter is now Gunther. I know they want to own the rights to everyone's name and they probably can't with Walter as he had that before WWE and it's his real name but come on... He's an amazing big man, arguably the best in the world but Gunther isn't a name to take seriously.
  5. Started really well but didn't capitalise. After Liverpool scored, it was difficult. As for the keeper discussion, Lloris overall has been an underrated keeper but in the past few seasons he's been just okay. In terms of right now, Ramsdale is better. Lloris probably wouldn't make it ahead of Leno on to our bench.
  6. No real balance in midfield without Xhaka or Partey in the XI. Very forward thinking midfield which is the last thing you want against Liverpool. The bench is extremely weak. Should've been awarded the first leg as a 3-0 win and with last week's draw that should've been enough for us to get through. Unfortunately with Liverpool's cheating, they'll probably get through.
  7. Overall you've under performed this season and are 15th in the league. Teams aren't gonna follow your example unless they have to. Maybe they should be forced to go about things the way Leeds have but if another option is available then teams are gonna take that option.
  8. The reason matches are getting postponed is because of players not being available. Covid or not, that was the case. Wouldn't make any type of logical sense to say a certain type of injury counts but others don't. Not having players available is not having players available. I'm not saying I agree with the rule but if you're gonna say play unavailability is the issue then this type of thing will naturally happen. Personally I'd much rather they said, if you're not able to put a team out then you forfeit the match.
  9. Someone send a link to a good YouTube conspiracy documentary about covid. I wanna see what creative and intriguing ideas they've got.
  10. He's a great player either way and has been a key part of a lot more wins than losses but maybe this isn't a time to mention that...
  11. That's not true at all though is it? It might be cheating to get money from gambling but it doesn't affect the game at all whereas taking sports enhancing drugs would. Should be punished if he was in on something dodgy but let's not pretend he did anything to gain an advantage in the game. If anything, it'd be a case of making it more difficult for Arsenal going forward with an extra booking to his name.
  12. Frankfurt 3-1 Bielefeld Leverkusen 2-0 Augsburg Gladbach 1-0 Union Freiburg 2-1 Stuttgart Hoffenheim 2-3 Dortmund Fürth 1-1 Mainz Bochum 0-1 Köln Leipzig 2-0 Wolfsburg Hertha BSC 1-3 Bayern
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