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  1. 6666


    Wrestling is a weird world.
  2. 6666

    NFL 2019/2020

    Don't know much about American football but what are people's opinions on the Washington Redskins deciding to change their name and logo? I get changing the name but the logo is great and I don't know what people's problem with it is.
  3. Weak from UEFA but it might mean Man Utd miss out on Champions' League which is a good thing.
  4. Tokyo 3-1 Urawa, 11.00 Hull 2-0 Luton Basaksehir 2-1 Kayserispor, 19.00 Arsenal 1-3 Man City, 19.45 LAFC 3-1 LA Galaxy, 03.30 Brisbane Roar 2-1 Adelaide, 10.30 Man Utd 2-0 Chelsea, 18.00 Besiktas 3-1 Fenerbahce, 19.00 Leganes 0-3 Real Madrid, 20.00 Roma 2-1 Inter, 20.45
  5. Chelsea 2-0 Norwich, 20.15 Arsenal 1-3 Liverpool, 20.15 Burnley 1-1 Wolves Man City 4-1 Bournemouth Newcastle 1-2 Tottenham Crystal Palace 0-2 Man Utd, 20.15 Everton 1-1 Aston Villa Leicester 2-2 Sheff Utd Southampton 1-0 Brighton, 20.15 West Ham 3-1 Watford, 20.00
  6. I'm actually interested in seeing what Solanke scoring 2 goals actually looks like.
  7. 6666

    First Goal

    45: 64th 46: 26th
  8. Shouldn't have lost that but not surprised that we did.
  9. Crazy that looking at replays is causing such a headache.
  10. Pickford is average. At best. Everton need to replace that mouthy cunt.
  11. 6666


    Haven't bought into Cody as a babyface ever. Should be a heel. Hopefully that's what they're heading towards. None of the main eventers stand out above the midcarders. They seem to be more concerned with elevating guys they're not gonna actually use because they don't want underneath guys to be seen as a joke. Orange Cassidy in a 50/50 match with Jericho, what is that gonna do? Cody is probably gonna go 50/50 with Sonny Kiss next week. It just brings these guys down. Lanch Archer now feels lost because they've now gotten Brian Cage who's gonna fall at the first hurdle against Moxley. If not then why give him some random old ECW belt to hold? Then you have Brodie Lee who was botched since his debut and Omega whose stock has plummeted since AEW began. The champion, Moxley, has never had a good title run and it's no different here. As for NXT, I don't like Keith Lee. Hope Kross takes his head off quick.
  12. 6666

    First Goal

    Is there an actual table for this? Can't find it anywhere. I'm just predicting and not knowing what the hell's going on.
  13. 6666

    Other News & General Chat

    What the fuck kind of police training are they doing over there?
  14. Kawasaki 1-1 Kashiwa, 11.00 Valladolid 1-4 Barcelona, 18.30 Fenerbahce 1-1 Sivasspor, 19.00 Basel 3-1 Young Boys, 19.30 Juventus 2-2 Atalanta, 20.45 Atlanta United 1-2 New York Red Bulls, 01.00 Swansea 0-1 Leeds, 13.30 Genoa 2-2 SPAL, 16.15 Krasnodar 2-0 Ural, 18.30 Sevilla 3-1 Mallorca, 21.00
  15. Brighton 0-4 Man City, 20.00 Liverpool 2-0 Burnley, 15.00 Norwich 1-2 West Ham, 12.30 Watford 1-1 Newcastle, 12.30 Sheff Utd 0-1 Chelsea, 17.30 Aston Villa 2-2 Crystal Palace, 14.15 Bournemouth 2-3 Leicester, 19.00 Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal, 16.30 Wolves 0-0 Everton, 12.00 Man Utd 2-0 Southampton
  16. 6666

    First Goal

    43: 31st 44: 10th
  17. 6666


    So Jericho shared NXT spoilers because NXT won the ratings the past couple of weeks and NXT still won... Wasn't even a great show. This ratings "war" might be fun but I don't know why people care that much. I guess people just want validation for watching the show they watch. Same way how Jericho wants validation for being seen as a big deal as he was never a top tier guy in WWE.
  18. Unfortunately Vardy is Vardy and keeps get away with being Vardy. Not getting punished for shithousery is one of his main assets. The cunt.
  19. 6666

    Other News & General Chat

    I already thought TikTok was the worst social media app to ever exist but this just underlines it.
  20. Vardy was falling down in one direction but decided to spin round with his leg in the air. That was an extra movement. Not saying he was trying to catch Mustafi's face but he knew Mustafi was there and his extra, studs first spin could be deemed as reckless. A red would've been harsh but the red for Nketiah was also harsh.
  21. By that logic, Vardy should've seen red as well for putting a couple of holes on the side of Mustafi's head.
  22. 6666

    Kanye West Running for POTUS in 2020

    I'd expect him to somehow blame Taylor Swift.
  23. Ruling the equaliser out would've been harsh but the red was also harsh in my opinion. Should've done better with our chances anyway.
  24. 6666

    Dickface Donald

    Just a bunch of pricks for no reason.
  25. 6666

    Other News & General Chat

    There are comedy sketches on TikTok as well to be fair. I know because there seems to be a TikTok ad before every other video on YouTube. Terribly unfunny ones. The endless amounts of cringe that comes out of that app is worse than the app being a way for China to spy on people.