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  1. They get to decide if they're okay with the length of a contract, the money they're paid, the club they play for, etc. That really doesn't sound like slavery. Football fans dream about being a footballer. Not sure if the same can be said about people dreaming about being slaves.
  2. Augsburg 0-1 Leverkusen Dortmund 3-1 Freiburg Union 1-1 Mainz Köln 1-3 Leipzig Frankfurt 1-1 Hertha BSC Bochum 2-2 Hoffenheim Gladbach 2-0 Schalke Stuttgart 1-0 Bremen Wolfsburg 0-1 Bayern
  3. Only seen him at the World Cup where he looked okay. It's a lot of money, will be interesting to see how he does. If these big deals don't work out for Chelsea... Funny.
  4. Not totally sold on this one. It's a short term fix and I expect we'll go in for either Rice or Caicedo in the summer. Partey & Xhaka have been incredible this season and the drop off from them to our backups is big. Solid players but nothing more. Don't know if Jorginho solves that. According to Chelsea fans he just doesn't have it anymore but if he can do an okay job when Partey is rested then he'll have been an okay purchase.
  5. 6666


    The Bloodline stuff at the end was beautifully done. It made sense and I think most people are on board. They messed up by not having the other wrestler in the final 2 be someone that people could've seen winning. After Rollins was eliminated, it was a lot of waiting until Cody winning was confirmed. Gunther is a beast though.
  6. People that easily get pissed off probably shouldn't be police officers. Or soldiers while we're at it. That should at least be obvious. If he fought back in any way they'd just kill him and say it was justified. That's how much power the police have in situations and also why they should be punished more harshly than murderers that aren't officers/soldiers.
  7. Caicedo has asked to leave because he has Chelsea & Arsenal as options. Brighton have told him to take time off until the transfer window shuts. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/64438574
  8. Not much between the teams and I don't think either team showed much of what they're capable of. Was expecting it to be easier for Man City looking at the line-ups but it was still a nice finish from Ake to win it for them.
  9. Haven't Foden & Cancelo been shit this season? Bernardo and Dias been average as well.
  10. Didn't expect Man City to go this strong...
  11. We also should remember that all the players in a team's squad probably weren't bought in the last 5 years. Overall squad cost would still probably have Man City on top. Then it's close between Man Utd & Chelsea.
  12. Leipzig 2-0 Stuttgart Freiburg 2-1 Augsburg Mainz 1-1 Bochum Hoffenheim 0-2 Gladbach Hertha BSC 2-2 Union Bremen 1-2 Wolfsburg Bayern 3-1 Frankfurt Schalke 0-2 Köln Leverkusen 2-3 Dortmund
  13. Preferred Season 2 to Season 1 but the plot armour the characters have is pretty insane.
  14. Finally started Atlanta. Only watched a couple of episodes so far but looks promising. Not an hour an episode like most shows now which is a plus.
  15. I meant separate columns. One for money spent and one for money received.
  16. Everton really must be kicking themselves for rejecting Chelsea's £50m+ deal for him. Didn't make sense for Chelsea to make the bid, didn't make sense for Everton to reject the bid.
  17. Our spending is now pretty normal for a top Premier League side (barring Man City & Chelsea) but we are a complete disaster at selling. We basically just let players go cheaply or on free transfers just to get rid of wages. Would've been interesting if they also gave numbers for money spent/made from transfers.
  18. Main points: - Transfer fees can be spread up to a limit of 5 years regardless of a contract length being longer. - Will come in during the summer and won't apply retrospectively. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/64383217
  19. In terms of getting a team out of the mud and focusing on the basics, Bielsa probably isn't the guy. In the summer maybe but what Everton need now is Sean Dyche. Better yet, get in his older brother, Sam Allar-Dyche.
  20. It happens less now than before VAR but that just makes it even more ridiculous when you see it. De Gea was embarrassing on Sunday pretending someone whacked his elbow with a steel pipe.
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