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  1. From a legal point of view, does "suspicion of rape" mean anything different from "accused of rape"?
  2. Would be a good player for any team outside the big 6. He needs to be more realistic with his wage demands though. Unless he's hoping Newcastle come in for him.
  3. I don't know why this isn't bigger news. It's insane.
  4. As for R. Kelly, he'll be in his 80s when he's out. Maybe earlier but he'll be an old man. 30 years is a long time in my opinion but I'm generally not a person that thinks long sentences for the sake of long sentences is a good way to go about things. The issue here really is him not going to prison after the first time he was caught in the 90s(00s?). Marrying a 15 year old and a sextape of him being with someone else underage should've been a bit of a clue I think... Could've saved a lot of trouble for everyone, including him, if he did some time back then.
  5. There are some that have the opinion that if you stop and think about something in order to try and make sure you're correct, that must me you don't care about something as you're being less emotional about it. Others are of the opinion that if you actually care about it, then you should try to be as correct as possible.
  6. Not sure if he's worth the money to be honest. Played okay at a team battling relegation. Good price for Leeds but surprised he's going for so much. I guess Ziyech is being dumped.
  7. If states still choose to have abortion clinics then sure, it's not a big deal but some states obviously will eliminate abortion as an option and that'd be a big deal.
  8. The argument against men that don't want to be forced into fatherhood is that they should've planned better, used a condom, pulled out, etc. And because they didn't, they're just gonna have to deal with being a parent. I guess that now applies to women that don't want to be forced into being a parent either....
  9. Don't really know why we're desperate to bring him in. It's not a priority position for us to fill. Personally wouldn't go above £40m. Can see us making another bid but don't think it'll be one that Leeds accept.
  10. Heavy links with Raphinha now as well. Don't know what we're gonna end up with but I wasn't expecting us to be this aggressive this window. Especially without Champions' League football. Makes me think someone must be leaving.... PLEASE DON'T LEAVE SAKA!!!
  11. The rhetoric and actions from politicians, the media, and people in general has exposed hypocrisy from the start.
  12. City yes. With Liverpool we have to see how your new setup works with Nunez. Spurs are Spurs. I'd say only Man City are guaranteed to finish top 4. The rest could be in or out, it wouldn't surprise me.
  13. Don't know much about him but I'm guessing Reiss Nelson and maybe Pepe are off.
  14. 6666


    As for Sasha, it'll be a great pick up for AEW. Someone with actual name value is what their Women's division has been missing. Kiera Hogan does hate her though so we'll see how that plays out.
  15. 6666


    Zero people who have followed wrestling since the Attitude Era or even the Ruthless Aggression Era will be surprised by Vince's antics. The man openly had the female wrestlers be sexual with him on screen on a regular basis. We also know why John Laurinitis had a job. Never seemed to offer anything good and only made things worse but he was Vince's fuck buddy. Also explains why Laurinitis used to look for wrestlers in lingerie magazines.
  16. Should be getting at least 11pts from our first 5 games.
  17. Zero chance a new manager is gonna come in right now. Only 2 England games until the World Cup against Italy and Germany. Not a situation where you can really make big changes.
  18. Footballers don't watch and analyse football like fans. They probably just listen to whatever pundits are saying. Which is why there are 6 Liverpool player in there...
  19. Does anyone actually know how good this guy is?
  20. Can't see who'd be willing to pay £17m. Maybe Bournemouth.
  21. 6666


    Cody has taken his obsession with Triple H too far.
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