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  1. 6666


    WWE have those guys. Vince is just looking for those one or two wrestlers that can "break out" into the mainstream. Doesn't seem to care that much about anything else. Everything else is repetition or some mad experimentation.
  2. 6666


    CM Punk and Daniel Bryan both reportedly joining AEW.
  3. He provided big moments but he wasn't a consistent striker. Definitely not a "beast in front of goal". Was a very good striker on his day but I wouldn't go further than that. That goal in the Champions League final helped out his legacy a lot. Lucky for him the big money signing they bought in to replace him really struggled. Wouldn't put him ahead of Diego Costa to be honest and I hate Diego Costa.
  4. That's not true. Maybe if you're just looking at games against Arsenal...
  5. The 90s are back.
  6. Was easily our best central midfielder last season. Might not be saying much when Ceballos didn't have a great season and Partey was still settling in but it's still weird that we're trying to move on one of our better performers. Don't know anything about Lakonga but hoping he steps up.
  7. 6666


    Season 3 trailer was released last week. If you're not familiar with the show, then I'm telling you that you need to get familiar.
  8. Don't know much about him but look forward to seeing what he can bring. Probably means Xhaka's exit could be finalised soon (which would be stupid from us). A central attacking midfielder now please.
  9. Interesting video on the subject. Didn't know the people that own Man City, now own Troyes as well. Will be interesting to see how much they invest into the team. Will it be anywhere near the Man City/PSG level? Or will it be similar to Jim Ratcliffe with Nice?
  10. Maybe Lucas is right and I've just not seen enough of him but I don't see him as a big signing for us. Just an expensive one. Either way, we didn't need another central defender. Is he special enough to be a player that we couldn't pass up on even when other areas need strengthening more?
  11. Chiellini. The man has been one of the best defenders in the world for a long time and he showed all of that and all his experience and his leadership abilities in the tournament.
  12. Regardless of how dumb those fans were, I'm not sure risking a police officer losing patience and shooting a fucker makes things any better. It was fans being pissed up, drunk pricks and they may have deserved getting dragged away but there was nothing that suggested that armed police needed to be there. Having a justifiable reason to be pissed off at something doesn't mean you should take it to 100. Bad enough when you see that shit on social media. Perspective is still important.
  13. He's one of England's most talented young players and he also played well in this tournament. A penalty being saved by a giant doesn't change that. Ward-Prowse wouldn't have done anything, wouldn't have even played a second.
  14. The team did the country proud but the fans embarrassed the country throughout the knockout stages when they started to see that England were doing well. This was pretty much a home tournament and what it proved is that England shouldn't be trusted with an international tournament for a while.
  15. Donnarumma Kjaer Maguire Chiellini Trippier Shaw K. Phillips Jorginho Chiesa Sterling Lukaku Don't think anyone on the right really stood out, not many options there.
  16. These types of drunk, nationalist, hooligans really are a fucking embarrassment.
  17. I genuinely don't have a problem with younger players taking the penalties. If they were the best takers, then they were the best takers. It just didn't work out for us. More credit to Donnarumma than criticism towards anyone in my opinion.
  18. Well, Saka crying nearly broke me. All that pressure on a young lad.
  19. Jenas on one channel, Dixon on the other. Fuck me, the standard is low.
  20. Perfect game so far. And yes, Kane is a massive diver but it's against Italy so it's fair.
  21. As long as AC Milan have players that can run beyond him and play off of him, they'll get a lot out of him. Has brilliant link up play and that is his best asset.
  22. 6666


    One problem for AEW is that they can't push all of these guys at the same time. Christian already feels like a nothing signing and Brian Cage must want out. WWE creating an unsettled roster for AEW just like their own.
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