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    So... I got a weird early birthday present from my sister which was a vinyl (a Nirvana one at that). I started scouring this thread for options and noticed @Spike mentioned Technics which I really have my heart set on. It's second hand and working up to around the cost of a brand new AT LP120. Anything in particular you'd recommend I look out for with something that is used? It's been vetted by the vinyl store folks but I really want someone's opinion from a user's perspective. Would I be better off getting the new AT or should I go with the Technics, which I have had experience with back in the early 2000s due to someone in college listening to house music vinyls. Picture for reference
  2. Ragnarok or the first one in this new series?
  3. Was that at Google? Some developer said that the AI on the network started making its own decisions. I suppose this is why the big tech firms are nerfing their AI although some things inevitably slip through the cracks the way the engine is designed.
  4. I mean the world of sports science has changed drastically in the last decade and continues to do so. A guy like Ronaldo 10-15 years ago burns out by early 30s and isn't running at prime fitness (maybe not solely due to his own fault). But now, they've got sports medicine to keep you ticking at optimal output for a longer time than before so I suppose the fallout from that is that players want a longer career since they can play longer and perhaps even at a sustained level in some cases. At the club level it may be a whole different story to the NT level but the aforementioned changes in the sport will bring this kind of behavior up.
  5. My problem with this squad isn't the refreshing but they just look deflated. You'd normally be able to back them up to mount a comeback but everytime you see a team score they just lose all control of the game and even if they've been good up until that point it all regresses very quickly. I can't imagine its because of poor skill or any attribute because the same players can do the wonderful when they want its just about consistency. We'll have to wait to the summer to see what FSG have in store but I do think this squad needs refreshing in key areas just not a wholesale get rid kind of refresh.
  6. Two for the price of one. You really can't lose as a supporter this year.
  7. What's more comical is the person in second place right now. What a wonderfully entertaining season of football this has been.
  8. Put aside all the rest of his character, is this like a real retirement or a Messi-esque retirement? You know, I said it but I didn't really mean it but .... if they call me back I'll go.
  9. Galileo AI · Copilot for interface design (usegalileo.ai) Very cool and saw a tech demo which was actually very neat too. Now all those yuppies claiming to be UX experts will have to work a bit harder to come up with some new term that they can market. Also, could an admin please change the title of this thread to Chat GPT & Friends. Seems like there's a new AI usage popping up every weekend and its not necessarily all Chat GPT
  10. EU seeks input on making tech companies pay for ISPs’ network upgrades | Ars Technica So let me understand this right, the EU wants Google, etc. to pay for network upgrades to telcos and the telcos who continue to charge customers can take that money + the money this would potentially push into their coffers to do what exactly? Is there really such a big burden on the network upgrade vs the cost to the consumer out there? Genuinely curious to hear from the EU folks on here.
  11. A lot was left to be desired from so many players on our side yesterday. Harvey came on and I think he was either nervous or just had no positional awareness because his passing was absolutely horrendous. Our midfield kept getting cut open consistently and we were honestly lucky that they didn't score because we saw what happened when Real did the same thing. I also don't completely understand how this defense turned into what it turned into because they all showed glimpses yesterday that they are very good at defending but its at key moments that they lose focus and allow mistakes to happen.
  12. Technically with almost all our starters ready to play you'd imagine we'd win this but I am not so sure its going to be that easy.
  13. How many of the Switch owners on here actually game more with it docked than not?
  14. US DOJ Preps Antitrust Suit to Block Adobe’s $20 Billion Figma Deal - Bloomberg Apparently the DOJ is also looking into the Microsoft acquisition of Activision as well because it could be deemed as anti-trust for the amount paid. I honestly can't see how. The Adobe one, however, was a huge slap in the face of the design industry because they came along and tried to shut down an avenue completely. I wonder how many designers have now paid into the Adobe ecosystem only to realize that Figma might not be a part of the deal anymore.
  15. ChatGPT-style search represents a 10x cost increase for Google, Microsoft | Ars Technica Maybe I am reading this all wrong but this seems to be a non-issue really. After all, they have so many billions that they can afford to lose a few while they learn of ways to monetize this. What does strike me as odd now is who was funding OpenAI's run before Microsoft. Maybe all those layoffs were to offset run costs? Doesn't make sense really. Plus, Azure is a far more stable environment that is battle-hardened due to it being public and being out for a while. Satya really was a visionary back in the early 2000s.
  16. Mel81x


    I'd totally sing along if she did a rendition of "Old Macdonald Had a Farm".
  17. Valve lured 40,000 Dota cheaters into a trap before banning them in one day | PC Gamer 40k users banned for cheating. I like this. Dota has been relatively clean over the years and the way they caught them is the right thing to do.
  18. I don't think team believes it has a chance here forget the fans. When they won the league there was a sense that even if they were two goals down they believed they were capable of a comeback. Now, two goals in and they get deflated. If Real score first in the return leg they'll run riot on the defense.
  19. An away game with a 3 goal deficit. I'm not sure this team can make a comeback. They'll score a goal or two for sure but so with Real.
  20. Yeah this has turned from something positive for Liverpool into a riot. What a turnaround by Real.
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