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  1. This ref is a bit skewed. Two times now he's given cards when they really aren't necessary.
  2. Japan is trying to rush this game when they really need to be holding onto the ball instead of turning it over everytime they make some progress.
  3. Easy goal for Morata in the end. Japan should be clearing better.
  4. TBF neither team deserved to go through but Belgium need to take a very hard look at themselves. Get rid of Martinez and rebuild.
  5. He could have an open goal tonight and still miss. It's just not his day.
  6. Croatia need to be a bit more decisive in their crosses. They are getting so many opportunities to put this game to bed and the crossing has been very poor.
  7. Considering how most of their greats go back home when their time in Europe is done I can see this happening.
  8. Wonder if going to penalties and playing hard defensively is the answer here because if you try and take on this French side you'll get undone. Stranger things have happened in this WC.
  9. Good game by Morocco today they are just cementing their spot.
  10. Game 65 - 14th minute Game 66 - 11th minute
  11. On a more serious note, whats the expectancy at home? That you'll will win and go through or is this something folks don't really care about?
  12. Think the Qataris are on vacation already. They've been shit and if they get a win today I'd be shocked.
  13. Isn't it beneficial to top your group so you get paired with a potential easier match in the knockout stages? I'd be going for a win nonetheless because it builds momentum and keeps you in form.
  14. Denmark are going to throw everything at this and I think they'll win today. I'd love the Aussies to win this but I can't see that happening.
  15. He's moving at such a pace its almost inevitable that it will look like a foul even when its not.
  16. Imagine being a country like Brazil and having to rely on someone like Richarlison to lead your line when you have a more mobile striker like Jesus on your bench. Baffles the mind.
  17. New from Metallica. Has a very Motorhead sound with the guitars (I kept thinking Ace of Spades when I heard it) and James sounds a million miles away. I will say that when it got closer to the end it started to sound like some of the recording work on Kill Em' All and that had a truly trashier Metallica which I like.
  18. Mel81x


    Write the music. Get a team to make a movie. Might actually work. I didn't care much for the song its got a bit of a Scorpions riff run in it and feels more orchestral than what I am used to hearing from them.
  19. Game 63 - 3rd minute Game 64 - 8th minute
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