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  1. I don't get it but if they punch each other a lot ill enjoy it.
  2. Weird that all the dust has settled from the OpenAI debacle almost two weeks ago and we still don't know why the board tried to get rid of Altman. Weirdness galore. I would have liked it if they went over the MSFT instead of staying with the current company but they would have lost a really key person in the development process so I suppose its good they stuck where they were.
  3. Some good times have been witnessed on here. My personal recent favorite was the time Cannabis tried to organize some scammers to come meet him for drinks at a specific place during the WC in Russia. And the infamous "flamethrower" incident in Mafia Wars.
  4. I'd actually prefer a Hong Kong setting just to get some bay side missions.
  5. Really good. Best Kaiju movie I have watched in a long time. Glad they took the story back to its roots instead of that skippy movie that's coming out next year. I rate this above Shin Gojira and that is also very good if you haven't watched it and like these kinds of movies.
  6. I feel like if GTA did take a detour from the USA it should really go straight to Japan. I'd love some power driving across some of those places with an Asian backdrop and gang wars. Be funny to also see the protagonist get hunted by the Yakuza, etc. Drop some K-pop, J-funk and J-rock on the radio while we're at it.
  7. Back to Vice City ... nice. Might actually buy a GTA next year after eons.
  8. What am I watching here. That's two goals in quick succession.
  9. Two defenders not tracking the ball at the same time knowing that the goalkeeper is at the other post. Makes you appreciate how much work Ali does back there.
  10. The old ones are good but dated for their time. Have to say that they had some of the nicest online gaming experience though and it was quite fun.
  11. With MGS you're given the option to go all out or be ultra stealthy. What you choose really depends on how you want to play the game, my personal preference is stealth as it really does challenge you in some particular scenarios. The reason MGS3 ranks so high for me in the list is that you don't even need to kill the bosses and you can use CQC (close quarter combat) and a tranq-gun to take them all out. While this seems easy its far from it because that system requires you to master it throughout the game as you progress and some of the zones leave you scratching your head on how stealth should be used. It's really one of a kind and its closes comparison is probably Splinter Cell and Thief in some ways too. You get rewarded for being sneaky more so than being ultra combative which you can be. And yes you can sneak up and choke, tranq or kill someone in MGS.
  12. Didn't really take to that as much as the newer ones honestly but its a good game too.
  13. Mel81x

    Making Music

    I had someone come to an audition the other day with Paramore's - Decode as their song of choice. Now, putting aside the actual audition, the fact that this song is in Drop C# is so weird because when you tune your bass to that it becomes all noodly and has a very weird kind of spring vibe to the strings. You guys ever have any weird songs like this?
  14. The rules themselves are so ambiguous. What in the world constitutes a "specific tactical offense" and how do you quantify that in a game running real-time? Also, this whole talk about captains approaching refs only has never been enforced because the refs themselves don't want to dish out cards to stop it. Do it enough and the players will stop. The problem isn't just refereeing (which is the catalyst) but the fact that once order breaks down the refs just let it continue. Want some respect then start enforcing the rules better.
  15. Just let the tech from the WC do the job. Can't be any worse than the mediocre decision making that is going on now.
  16. I think the real kicker is that Kojima was really at the top of his game when the first three came out and then it divulged into something of a story mess when 4 came out and the subsequent ones are just a messy story with a lot of tangled webs. If I had to tell someone to play them in an order of fun/good I'd go with the following order Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake-Eater Metal Gear (Original) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
  17. Don't tempt them.
  18. Good games but as mentioned before Konami isn't ever really going to do anything in terms of upscaling with them. Still, fantastic series and I have played them all. If you like some sneaking and having a go at not using your lethal weapons at all these are the games for you. Snake Eater is still in my top 10 and for very good reason too, it really is that good.
  19. As someone who sees 40+ in the summer, unless you live in a place where the buildings/houses are very close to each other opening the doors in a linear alignment to create a draft just lets in more hot air vs cooling the place. We try not to use an AC and a fan more than works well for us but if you go from the temperatures in the northern hemisphere to a 40+ in summers that must be horrible.
  20. Not like we get too much of a seasonal switch over here but I have had it in some of the places I have lived in so here goes. Spring - I think the nice thing about spring is the fact that its pleasant weather. The sun is also very good during this season and its great for cycling or getting out of the house a lot. Summer - Beach time if you live at home. If you live inland over here just try and stay away from the afternoon sun but its rather hot even at night. Lots of travel, lots of catching up with friends. If you live in the north here you just dont get out of the house as it reach towards the upper 40s and sometimes tip that into the early 50s. Where I lived when I was younger getting out in the afternoon was criminal as in peak summer it would hit above 50C easily. Still, the skies are clear and the weather just screams head to the ocean. Autumn - Had it for two years and its easily one of my favorite seasons of the year. The trees turn, the weather starts to transition and I quite like it. The nights start to get a bit longer too and while its not harsh winter (we dont get that here really) its almost optimal weather imo. Winter - If you don't get snow and the rest of the temperature drop this can be really good. Family time mostly as everyone gets together over Xmas and the week before that so I get to see everyone once a year all together. Did a year in upstate new york and any fascination I had with snow just disappeared. I'll take single digit/negative temps sans snow.
  21. I do agree that the Mary Jane quests were a bit ... just unnecessary but I think the rest was more like the first. Is it a GOTY? Not really since, as you said, its more of S1 really. FF is certainly on my list as I have only heard good things about it and the fact that I haven't played an FF in a while just makes me want to try it more.
  22. I don't know if S2 was that much of a disappointment. I haven't played Starfield but BG3 easily wipes the floor with most things put out this year just because of the sheer randomness of all of it. I was very tempted to get FF XVI and maybe I'll do it earlier next year.
  23. If he wins this one I would like to request the admins to give him some special tag if its possible.
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