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  1. You and a lot of fans and this isnt related to the aforementioned stuff. The scripts seem so trite and simplistic in nature with a lot of stuff that just isn't helping. I think there were rumbling from the Marvel camp that they wanted to do less but do more quality and maybe Star Wars needs this treatment too. Yeah its a money raker but if you're pumping out shows for anything and everything you're basically throwing money away and quantity isn't necessarily translating to quality. Needs a hard reset imo and then a shift in stance to something a bit more familiar. I would avoid the Skywalker arc altogether and try and bring something else in.
  2. Mel81x


    India might actually lose this game if they dont get a move on. Edit: NVM they'll be okay.
  3. I caught up with the two episodes and its a very enjoyable watch. Love that they focus on a lot of actual exchanges between the characters with fight sequencing and the little trophy clause of no weapon usage keeps the fights a bit fresh.
  4. Mel81x


    Akeal Hosein with a bowling spell that rightfully puts him as MOTM. The man was on fire today.
  5. Apologies this may have been bigger than Doom. I'd say it was bigger.
  6. Its gotten rather drab with the gaming scene and if a Doom game was the highlight of a showcase then you didnt miss much honestly.
  7. Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga - 6/10 I can't really put my finger on it, but it felt drawn and really not as compelling as the last one. Considering who they cast and the fact that the storyline does lend itself to something very good it just felt like it labored to produce something very uninspiring.
  8. So, the way to keep Real Madrid out of competitions is to set the prize money to 20 million. Message received.
  9. One of the best things that came out of the showcase
  10. All I remember about him was watching him on TV when I was younger towards the end of his career at Liverpool. Couldn't have gauged much at the time considering I was more into watching goals and midfielders but I do hope he gets well soon. My dad really liked him at the time too.
  11. 100bn in funds were used in transactions to terrorist organization fronts like Hezbola,Taliban, usual suspects list and it was dismissed by the US courts but apparently a second review showed even more irregularities in the transactions. No one from the US side or the British owners have come forward with statements but it all looks a bit fishy. That's the short of it but theres a lot more being uncovered and how a whistleblower tried to call this out once but it was dismissed back when the claims were raised. I can't see them being our sponsor for long unless they get cleared of these allegations.
  12. Mel81x


    Im not overtly worried about anyone in this group really. We should get through and top the group too.
  13. yeah, they've chucked everything away I'm definitely going to go watch it. there are references to Aliens but I can't imagine they'll dwell too long on it.
  14. I'm not sure any of those are reboots, the originals are just continuations with timeline variance. The prometheus and covenant movies are prequels. Alien vs Predator is some hollywood cash grab and isn't a reboot in the true sense. Nostromo maybe but I wouldn't say its a reboot either. When I think of reboot, and I might be wrong here, I think of the original story/protagonist getting rewritten with a change in the storyline to effect a new way of telling the same story. Batman is a good example of this. With the Alien series I feel like they've always taken it in different directions and even with Ripley two timelines never intersect its more of a continuation.
  15. According to how the movie goes they've ditched all the stuff past Aliens and just stuck with the original Nostromo story with very close ties to the colony on LV. They've also totally discounted Ripley entirely and are going with a new storyline where the corporation is doing its usual stuff and things go haywire. The thing I like a lot about this is that it's gone back to corridor horror mixed with action which are the two elements from the first two films that did really well. Couple this with a guy who has a creative story telling with young people getting into fucked up situations and some gore I think we'll get an entertaining movie. Will it be the best Alien out there? Who knows but alteast we won't have all the drivel that's been part of the core franchise for a while now. When did they reboot Alien?
  16. Saw that it got some high praise so off to the queue it goes.
  17. The only ones who can help right now are UEFA and FIFA. Both those federations are so corrupt you're not going to see them implement anything worthwhile because of how much money they make from tournaments like the Champions League in terms of ads, tv space, etc. And even if they weren't the soulless vessels they are, you'd get some serious opposition from clubs around Europe questioning how they are going to just magically start to achieve parity when the clubs in question who have unbalanced the pyramid will have zero ground to cover to continue doing what they are doing.
  18. I just want it to be high octane action and some humans get f'ed so bad they don't need to make a sequel or continuation of any kind. Then tie it into another movie as canon later. The rest is irrelevant.
  19. Somewhere around the 8th minute I got tired of the drivel coming out of his mouth. I hope the lawyers you'll have aren't anywhere as clueless as this guy because if they are God help you'll. I do think you'll will win this though it's just stacked up against the way the laws of the country are but a good set of lawyers on the other side could just as well turn this over.
  20. A state-owned club has an issue with a democratically voted system of fiscal fairness. Colour me shocked.
  21. Might have to go give it a look when a demo comes out. EA's football game never really made me feel like I was playing a football game so heres hoping.
  22. Yep full set here and no problems ... yet.
  23. Zero worries from anyone on this really. They'll just pay the courts the fine and the amount because the amounts themselves are ridiculous and then he'll just go about his day like any other citizen. Spain truly has some weird fiscal irregularity laws.
  24. I wonder when the format changes whether we'll actually see this Madrid dominance considering how the group stages start to lay themselves out. But, you have to give it to them, they really own the Champions League. You have to put away at least 3 goals in the first half to put any kind of pressure on them and even then, a substitution can totally change their game.
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