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  1. Maybe. But all roads lead to Arteta’s poor man management and the club’s lack of decisiveness in the transfer market.
  2. I dont think that was a penalty but I’ll take it. Also Bryan Mbeumo walked off injured, another to add to the list.
  3. Again, your club fucked up by being cheap and not making the transfer early in the Summer, your manager then fucked up and created a terrible atmosphere for both keepers. It’s not exactly rocket science as to why Raya has struggled, your leadership have been clueless with regards to the keeper position and the players are now suffering for it.
  4. There is plenty of evidence as they have both played in the same league for the last two seasons. Raya is better than Ramsdale. The problem you have is either get rid of Ramsdale or don’t keep Raya, but bringing him into the club, no pre-season behind him and immediately creating uncertainty about his long-term future with Arteta’s poor man management is not the way to get a keeper performing. Get shot of Ramsdale, focus on Raya, he is the superior keeper.
  5. Your boy looks to be playing in midfield when we drop deep but playing as a third striker when we press. Would like to see what position he takes up in possession.
  6. Honestly this injury crisis just keeps getting more fucking annoying. It looks like we’re playing a back 5 that will consistent of a midfielder playing left centre back, a right back playing at left back and an attacking midfielder at right back. Some publications have us as playing a back four but I can’t see it against Brighton, especially with the players that we have out. If we get anything from this game I’ll be really happy, but Brighton should be looking to win this one.
  7. Danny

    GTA VI

    If you like the game thats fair enough, I know a lot of people do. I just feel like with the increasing map sizes they create multiple characters and stories that feel like theyre there to fill the game up rather than provide something that is as ground breaking as their earlier efforts, or like you say Red Dead.
  8. Today was the first day that I woke up before 8am so far this Winter, first time I’ve woken up and its pitch black. The benefits of being a student/working evenings.
  9. I’m not surprised the goalkeeping issue at Arsenal is causing problems. For Raya he has joined a club that he has had no pre-season at, gone straight in with every media outlet questioning him and much like Ramsdale has had very little public support from Arteta. I think it’s clear as day that Raya is the better keeper, and I think he needs continued period in goal to make up for the lack of Summer integration, but Arteta needs to make a choice publicly. I think it is possible to have two keepers, it’s been done in Spain for a long time, but you have to make it clear that there is a keeper for the domestic Cups and a keeper for the league and Champions League. Even there they had a clear system.
  10. Danny

    GTA VI

    I just think the last two games have lacked the character and that previous titles have had and the need for everything to be gigantic is almost a turn off for me as the game then becomes about trying to fill up a world with characters for the sake of it. The best two games were for me without a doubt San Andreas and Vice City, both came out relatively quickly and both created a sense of nostalgia and great storylines before you fully got into them. I’m sure the graphics will be great and I’m sure they’ll create a massive world to play in but for me the storylines have been a bit dull in comparison to them since. Which is annoying because Red Dead Redemption was phenomenal and well above the two GTA’s they’ve released.
  11. Danny

    GTA VI

    I for one am really glad that they released a trailer for a game that they won’t release for another two years. It really makes their lack of development over the last decade something to be excited by. The game was at its peak when it was almost year by year, idea by idea, who knows what you get next. The last two games have been difficult to really get into and they made the game so vast that it lost the character of previous versions like San Andreas and Vice City.
  12. I really don’t like or dislike Liverpool, but I can definitely get behind seeing more Trent edge of the box goals and bringing back the early 2000s arms out wide, knee slide celebrations. Almost Beckham-esque
  13. Yeah I’m not sold on Raphinha, he’s a good player, a squad player at best really, but the £50m they spent was desperate.
  14. That Felix finish was exquisite, really good counter from Barce
  15. The one thing you can always count on is for Sky to make a meal out of small issues. City have played most of the season without Grealish, De Bruyne and Stones. Of course they are not going to look like the team they were from January on last season. I imagine once all three are back and playing regularly they step up a gear and blow the competition out of the water. Tottenham have played well today and against Villa also with a massively depleted squad with various fringe players playing out of position. They are not really being exposed badly by anyone, they are not really playing in a way that is unsustainable, they are just playing in a way that is distinctive and that has secured them a lot of points this season. When they get their players back they will go back to playing very well and picking up lots of points to go along with it.
  16. Good result for Spurs and for Ange. A lot of nonsense since their injuries about his playing style and being too attacking, classic media narrative with little substance behind it.
  17. Danny


    Haha, formerly of Souths
  18. Danny


    thats why its so effective, American’s think theyre trying to stop a scrum
  19. Honestly after that game where you should have put 3 past Fulham, I thought you’d be fine. Without the ban you’d be 2 points behind us and Frank is getting a lot of plaudits this season. Granted we have a massive injury list and we could be higher this season, you’d still be floating with us, West Ham and Brighton who are all doing well. I’ve always rated Dyche and I’m glad he’s getting a chance at a club where he will get greater recognition, it’s just a shame he doesn’t have the money to spend that your previous managers did.
  20. Watched the Real game yesterday, they looked like they lacked depth up front at the beginning of the season and in fairness they still do with Joselu. But Brahim Diaz played really well and is a really good wide addition for them, was a lovely combo with Kroos to take the lead against a packed out defence. Bellingham seemed infuriated all first half, thought he was gunna get himself sent off. It is such a cheat code that Madrid can be without Tchouameni, Camavinga and Modric and then still stick Kroos in at the base of midfield to dominate play. They’d be so much more dangerous if they had a better option up front than Joselu.
  21. I think it’s also the case that you’re a lot better than you were last season and the season before. Dyche has made you difficult to play against and has done to Doucoure what Moyes done to Fellaini. I think as we progress into the new year yourselves, Wolves and Bournemouth will push up towards mid table.
  22. We could meet Scotland in the quarters!
  23. You are completely right, I read it wrong. Still, could have done with France being on the otherside of the draw lol
  24. Assuming England make the quarter finals, there will be another like fixture against France
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