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  1. Fair play McNeill, certainly has a big goal in him when it matters
  2. I think its harsh to give that as a penalty but honestly could go either way. But the ball from Gibbs-White, outside of the foot, so fucking good
  3. In fairness to Luton the way they’ve played it they will likely make a bit of money in the Summer from sales and get to re-invest and go again, obviously they will make good use of parachute payments too.
  4. Luton have only lost by more than one goal at home twice this season. 3-1 to Sheffield United and 5-1 today against us. I know its only Luton but that is an example of how we should be playing when most people are fit, back to what we done when Toney was banned.
  5. 2-0 up now, scrappy goal but I'll take it. Mbeumo hit the crossbar moments before with a lovely shot
  6. We've been the better team so far, Luton still trying to cause problems and in fairness they're not playing badly. But our defence has been strong and is matching them physically. Two pretty big chances for Keane Lewis-Potter, one that he sent wide that should have been on target at least, the second a well taken header that just went over. He's been taking up good positions and as I type this done well on the counter to get a shot off and win the corner. He's desperate for a goal or two to build confidence, hopefully he can get that today. Wissa's goal was beautiful, very well taken and just highlights the quality he has when playing in that central position. We are playing consistently to our skill level and finally have the pace and quality going forward to cut teams open.
  7. If Leeds come up I think they'll go back down, same for Saints. I think Leicester would have the best chance of staying up just because I think they have a decent amount of players there that know what the Premier League is about and that can play in it to a good level. Bit like Bournemouth when they came back up I felt the same. Ipswich could stay up just because of them being an unknown quantity in the way Sheffield United were a few years ago. For us it's difficult to predict injuries but losing Ivan Toney will not put us in a relegation battle, in fact for most of the season we were without him we were comfortably midtable with performances in some draws that suggested we should have been higher. Then the injuries came and we struggled heavily. I think in the Summer we will strengthen in midfield, centre back and at wing-back too so that we don't find ourselves in this position. We've made 7 different selections at left back this season alone. You lot I think will be fine, Glasner clearly knows what he's doing and tbh it is a massive coup that you've signed him. If you can keep your best players, or at least Olise/Eze, and carrying on making shrewd signings like Wharton then I don't see why you can't push for Conference League next season.
  8. Could you imagine Leverkusen beating Bayern to the league and Dortmund beating them to the Champions League in the same season? Would be crazy
  9. I think it'll be a repeat of last years final but there is also a strong chance that Coventry make the final and get walloped 29-0 by City,
  10. Ever since I had steak in San Sebastian anything I’ve had in England has just tasted like balls…at least we’ve got chicken
  11. That Palmer goal was sublime, you dont see anyone score goals like that these days. Joga Bonito
  12. Phenomenal achievement, some great players there playing under Alonso. I hope they can disrupt the Champions League next season, would be great to see them win it.
  13. Always going to happen at some point Arsenal dropping points, just lack that world class quality to decide difficult games consistently. Liverpool also struggling recently with a team that lacks squad balance. City to steam on now surely
  14. I think Jones is a bit unfair, he got injured against us when they beat us 4-1 and I think has only made 2 starts since being this game and Atalanta. Elliot and Tsimiskas though...spot on.
  15. Liverpool aren't out of the title race yet, but it is a massive loss. Perspective is funny because Klopp and co didn't really expect to be in a title race this season and in fact I think everyone thought City would run away with it. Despite the poor run of form to have won the League Cup and still be within 1-3 points of the title at this point isn't bad going, all things considered.
  16. Honestly I just think it's just being terrible at their job rather than a bias, wouldn't surprise me if they gave it to either team
  17. Lovely little VAR moment yesterday. 1.25 into the video, honestly do not see a foul at all, just a dive from McBurnie, denies Damsgaard of a lovely volley
  18. One of the worst calls of the season, just basic common sense needs to be applied. There's no way they'll bring in Tuchel, surely....
  19. There’s a lot wrong behind the scenes and there’s players who clearly don’t want to fight for the club. But I do question why we haven’t seen spells of good football at least. Eddie Howe done it with a leaser team, Iraola with Bournemouth, Frank with Brentford, de Zerbi at Brighton…smaller budgets, players who arent as good, yet they can get their teams to put in great performances even if theyre not always consistent. For me that has to go against him, he’s just given up on the team.
  20. You’d think the evidence that this is a rarity rather than regular occurrence would be enough
  21. A weird game today, two teams in the first half who couldnt get out of first gear. But glad we got the win in the end. Great to see Schade back, he really is good and immediately assists Onyeka who grabs his first goal for us. If we can just roll into these last games now with these players back then the focus can be on just playing free flowing football again rather than just trying to survive. Looking forward to seeing Schade, Toney and Mbeumo up top. Should have seen it a lot more this season and it would have shot us up the table a lot.
  22. Boring game so far, neither side creating anything of note. Final ball not there
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