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  1. If this doesn’t get sorted this Summer then Everton are up for relegation again imo
  2. Waited for him to sign for Bayern and done the week of mourning before putting this out lol
  3. I do feel sorry for her in fairness, absolutely nothing in common with any of the lads but has to do the rounds. Twice now she’s chosen someone who essentially said no to her lol. With that said she is probably the only “dancer” that has gone on LI that can actually dance
  4. Danica should work in recruitment jaysus
  5. It’s taken a while for some solid transfer news but this is what we needed. Goals keep you up in this division and if we get ten goals+ out of Toney, Wissa, Mbeumo and Lewis-Potter each then providing we dont suffer a Leeds style defensive collapse next season shouldn’t be as difficult. Still got some more transfers to go mind.
  6. Broja’s goal tally at Southampton was questionable, surprised you’re not setting him up for another loan
  7. Ekin-Su. Top tier. Proper shithouse. Ten out of ten. Jacques…comes across as very manipulative there. The big swing of emotions and essentially saying she should respect him for throwing his toys out the pram.
  8. Ben Ryan, former Rugby Union player and famed Fiji Rugby 7s coach has taken up a role as our Director of Elite Performance. If his success in Rugby translates well into this role then we are not fucking about.
  9. 3 kids in I don’t believe she can stand the sight of you anymore
  10. Ronaldo just contradicted what OGS wanted tactically from your team. And then highlights every problem your team had. I don’t think you would have been in the title race mind, or anywhere near it, as I do think the league positions OGS secured were overrated in terms of where he was taking the squad. But you were making consistent improvements underneath him and I don’t see why you could have improved by a couple more points to stay at the top of the top 4 battle. The less said about Greenwood the better, but you did seem to have good options with him, Sancho, Rashford etc.
  11. I think if you didn’t sign Ronaldo he’d still be your manager.
  12. I think top 3 is comfortably City/Liverpool and then Spurs. 4th will be a good battle between United, Arsenal and Chelsea.
  13. Worth noting that Brighton have one of the smartest owners in the league so I don't think structurally it will be as massive a blow to them as some will think. But them losing Bissouma and Cucurella does bode well for everyone in midtable.
  14. Media or Twitter? But yeah it's a mental thing to start slagging clubs off for
  15. Listened to Nedum Onuoha talking about the Aguero goal recently and the weird shouts of corruption at the time, think maybe Rooney said something recently? Onuoha speaks really well and comes across as pretty intelligent.
  16. Levy would just join in for pure amusement with no intention of buying, like an F1 driver go-karting.
  17. Doesn't just sound like something you'd exploit, it sounds like bedroom roleplay for Daniel Levy.
  18. Peoples views on abortion will be their own and that’s fine, but you are a backwards cunt if you purposely decide to ban abortions and force women who want or need them into back ally jobs. If a woman isn’t free to do what she wants with her own body, be that an abortion, then she simply isn’t free. Mental stuff.
  19. It's such a mad story. If ever you were to list all of the attributes to create a generational midfielder you would literally be re-creating Paul Pogba, yet for some reason there's something missing that means he can't put them altogether. He's got the physicality to win the ball back without even really putting in a tackle, you will struggle to find a more technically gifted footballer and he's capable of some absolutely outrageous passes/shots. But then he'll get dispossessed far too easily or just drift out of a game. It goes back to when he was at Juve and United were signing him in the first place, he seemed to gather a lot of hype based off of a highlights reel of long range, almost effortless strikes. But away from that you would never have considered him the most integral man, or at least one of the most in that Juve side. I'm just not sure he can carry a team consistently which is why he done well at Juve because you don't carry players like Pirlo, Vidal and Marchisio and then at France you don't carry N'golo Kante, Mbappe etc. If they are at their best then he can be at his best. This Juve midfield now? I'm not so sure this will work out, I guess we'll have to see how they operate in the Summer.
  20. Would be surprised if a solely attacking midfielder made it
  21. His ambitions will be to play regular football in a competitive environment somewhere that makes him and his family happy. There is no reason why that can't be us, hence why we are still in the negotiations.
  22. I imagine the bulk of our transfer dealings will be based on this transfer. Keeping Eriksen not only decides the way in which we will play but it opens us up to a caliber of player we may not otherwise be able to persuade to join us. Tactically Eriksen became a stalwart in the left sides central mid position, dictating the play from deep and bagging some goals and assists. We didn’t really play with anyone in that position prior to that as our midfield mostly consisted of Norgaard, Janelt and Baptiste/Onyeka/Jensen. Once Eriksen came in he gave Jensen more freedom to play as we were a lot better at retaining possession, Jensen isn’t that physically commanding and so more ball time meant more freedom for him to play to his technical strengths. If we lose Eriksen then I imagine his game time becomes dramatically reduced, if we keep Eriksen then he may well sign a new contract to help keep up the Danish community in the dressing room.
  23. United apparently in the lead to sign him. He is exactly the midfielder they don’t have and is 10x better than anything they have in centre mid so it would be a good move. He would make good tactical sense for them as he could play a similar role with Ronaldo that he did with Toney.
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