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  1. When he does get banned I imagine we will move to a front two of Yoanne Wissa and Bryan Mbeumo with one of Schade, Lewis-Potter and Damsgaard pushing into to potentially make it a front 3. All 3 of the latter will definitely get more minutes off the bench imo. Our replacements for Ivan Toney when he eventually leaves us will likely already be at the club, so a change in style of play might be on the horizon to bring the best out of whoever that is. In terms of Toney’s value it is a worry but for me the only way this effects his value is if the ban runs into next season. Otherwise it’ll be the fact he only has two years left on his current deal that will bring his value down to around £50m.
  2. Only some of them, others he has denied so imagine its still going to be a lengthy process
  3. I feel like I'm going against the grain a bit with this series but I really liked the slow-paced nature of the invasion, it probably helps that I binged it rather than waiting for it to come out week by week so it never actually felt that slow. I liked that there was going to be at some point a coming together of characters but I expected it to be more than just the kids and the soldier. Mitsuki and Hinata's storyline was very standalone for me, really enjoyed it and it helped anchor the film and give the technical/high up dealing of the invasion some depth. Aneesha and Firas' storyline was great, really covered a wide range of emotions and to go from Firas trying to abandon the family to getting killed for them was a good journey/storyline. I'm not convinced he's dead though. Trevante's trip around Afghanistan and then to London was also really good, I thought they managed to use the small details in the characters lives in different storylines really well to build up and introduce the invasion as a whole. I think it's why I watched it so quickly, I wanted to see more of the Invasion and I think we'll see more battle in the second series but they didn't fall into the trap of doing 2 things that other shows or films have done for me; just chuck aliens and explosions at you without any real depth and also just rely on overly used intense/thriller type moments to build momentum without any real connection to the characters or the storyline. Paddy Holland is a really good actor because I still want to punch that cunt in the face, played the bully really well lol. I gravitated towards the kids the least but I think that's just because I wasn't that interested in a bullying storyline, they did all act really well though and Caspar's character and storyline became a lot better when they made the trip back to London and then linked up with Trevante. Only issue if there is one was the massive continuity issue, their school trip was definitely up north and then they were in London in an hour . Sorry there is a second issue, what a waste of Sam Neill
  4. I really liked series 2, thought it was a lot better than the first tbh. For me the first series peaked mid-season with that scene and then it just became a bit ordinary. Season 2 though had me hooked all the way through, I like how rather than turn it into a murder mystery, they use the murder to improve all of the stories that runs around it.
  5. Just finished watching Invasion on Apple TV. It's apparently had middle of the range reviews but I really enjoyed it, liked that it focus' more on the human aspect of an alien invasion rather than going all guns blazing straight off the bat. There were 4 main storylines that the series follows through and I only found one of them difficult to care about, the other 3 were well scripted, interesting and made the prospect of an alien invasion more interesting when you get to view it through different lenses.
  6. Considering United won everything throughout my childhood its difficult to be happy for them to win something, but here I am, glad Man Utd won this final Ten Haag is doing a terrific job and I hope the title challenge next season will be between 4 very good and determined sides.
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    Happy belated birthday @Spike!
  8. Really good to get a last minute goal, so much fight in this team. Now to have a 16 day gap between our next match thanks to the World Cup and FA Cup, and of course it’s against Fulham who have 2 games to stay sharp between
  9. Arsenal can have no complaints, a perfectly legal goal for Mbeumo was ruled out first half. If we take the lead that early, based on our record of rarely losing games where we take the lead first this season and what we’ve done to the likes of Liverpool, United, City and Brighton when that’s happened I would say Arsenal got off lightly in the grand scheme of things. They really didn’t test Raya today and I think if we get that first goal then the momentum carries us through on the chances we ended up missing. MOTD went in depth to show how our goal was offside yet the legal goal we scored wasn’t shown in the highlights and got a brief mention after an intense breakdown of the equaliser in the analysis. It’s that big club bias in the media that creates the narrative that Arsenal were fortunate not to win.
  10. Big draw to keep the unbeaten run going but it’s disappointing to come away from that with only a point. Much like we did against Liverpool we controlled the game with our defensive structure and caused problems on the counter, ultimately should have scored more than we did but we certainly didn’t create as much as we did against Liverpool. I think there will be a lot of noise around Arsenal and about flopping but they’ve been beaten by a new manager bounce and then just had a job done on them by a team who has done a job on so many top 6 sides this season. When Jesus comes back they’ll have a world class centre forward back to link everything up. We play in a way which beats up the defences of teams that press high, I’m not sure Arsenal will play many teams this season that will do the same. It’s always going to be a tough season for Arsenal to win the league, I don’t think they’re playing in a way that appears catastrophic, it’s just hard to maintain what they’ve done already this season. On a personal note it’s great to see Toney get on the scoresheet and dampen their day. Could have taken all 3 points, know he will be under their skins as he has been since last season. Today was a banana skin for us after how we lost earlier in the season, but I think we played well, imposed ourselves on the game and just left the pitch with the bigger mentality and that showed in the performance. Roerslev is fast becoming a first choice at RB whether Hickey is fit or not, Ben Mee is just so dominant and a back 3 that includes him and Pinnock just sweeps everything up. It’s going to be difficult to keep this run of form going but we’ve put ourselves in a strong position and have a style of play that counteracts the reactive nature of tactics used within the league.
  11. Tbh just an overly argumentative mood over nothing but I thought that post was admitting that I’m probably wrong
  12. @DeadLinesman have you read any interesting articles where he talks about the celebration and background of it?
  13. This was an argument fuelled by a lack of sleep and too much sugar, don’t doubt that I am lol
  14. Ive seen the celebration before, he clearly made a point of doing it to the Arsenal fans this time rather than just celebrating. Otherwise Saka woouldnt have done it back. Didn’t think this was gunna cause a discussion lol. He very clearly gave it large to the fans after scoring, then went onto lose the game. It happens, still embarrassing
  15. Just embarrassing to stare out fans after scoring, give it large and then lose the game. Not the end of the world but still embarrassing. Happened to us this season against Fulham
  16. He done his point to the head celebration when United took the lead, but he purposely walked towards a corner of Arsenal fans to do it as if to say to them that they are being imposed on again by United. Saka done the same celebration to the same corner when they took the lead and then of course United lost in the end.
  17. I’m not judging you now because I know you are a work in progress, but that is entirely the point I’ve been making, the first sign of some consistent success on the pitch and again we’re talking about United winning the league without any sort of evidence or long-term for to back it up. My overall point is that whilst you maybe a better team than under OGS or Mourinho you are still far away, much in the way they were, from being the United we saw under Ferguson. But this nostalgia of what Man Utd should look like means that short-term successes are consistently held up as if they are going to lead to major success, rather than what they actually are, a decent run of form that is pretty far away from the elite sides in the league.
  18. On a side note, that Rashford celebration was embarrassing all things considered wasn’t it
  19. This doesn’t really relate to any United fans on here, but there has been an arrogance from a lot of United fans, fan channels and whatever else over the last couple of weeks. There seems to be this notion at times that “United are back” or that they could be on their way to that. You see it from ex-pundits when they talk about the Man Utd way and the standards at the club. The fact is that the mammoth, all encompassing Man Utd team that managed to find points from nothing, could drive on and just out fight and outthink an opponent was not something that was directly related to the club or the culture of the club as a whole, but it was related specifically to Alex Ferguson and how he managed the team. Because he managed successfully for so long these standards became to be seen as something that is ingrained in the club, but the fact is they came to the club with him and left with him. There have been times the past few years under Mourinho, under Ole and now under ten haag where a bit of sustained success has created a hype around the club that United are back, United are in for the league, a manager is meeting the standards of the club. But those standards don’t exist and they were never top down. We saw it when Mourinho finished 2nd but 19 points behind City, when OGS secured a 3rd and 2nd place finish but they were 2 of the lowest points totals for those league finishes in something like 15-20 years with an odd exception. Little in that to suggest that United were back in for a title race but it didn’t stop a lot of fans/pundits to begin reminiscing about this mythical standard that exists at the club. Ultimately this departure from reality prevented a lot from seeing United were nowhere near long-term success and importantly, Man Utd have no great natural right to major silverware. This attitude has reared its head again after a string of good results under ETH, talks of United could be in for the title again…we’ve been here before. Ultimately they were there for the taking against Palace and have lost to the league leaders today, I think a lot of fans/pundits need to seperate their view of the club now versus what it was under Ferguson. That divine right Fergy created to win, to find goals and wins so late on in a game doesn’t exist anymore. Instead a humility is needed and a focus needs to be solely on what ETH is doing at the club, rather than trying to reconnect dots between ETH’s United and Fergy’s.
  20. also not enough on him being in plenty of useful positions and just not being passed to
  21. Talk of Haaland holding City back was stupid and premature wasnt it? 25 goals scored in just over half a season, incredible.
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