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  1. Good move for smaller teams who want to press high, can sub on 3-4 players with fresh legs at half time and go again.
  2. I was more just having a laugh mate but not always easy to portray that without the use of a billion emojis
  3. Swings and roundabouts. I grew up with the generation of Shay Given, Roy Keane, Robbie Keane, Damien Duff, Ian Harte....strangely as a kid I would always pretend I was Steve Staunton when playing footy even though you had those name to choose from Scotland have been poor for a long time and now you're finally getting that good crop of players coming through...Wales were so and so for a while and are now seeing out the glory days of Bale and Ramsay. Since the 2012 Euro's it's been a bit of a torrid time for Irish football, but we are in a bit of a redevelopment phase as Stephen Kenny has come in and completely reshaped the brand of football that is played whilst also offering international opportunities to a wider group of players creating more competition. He just needs some of the young talent to do well in Europe's top leagues for what he's trying to achieve to really be a success. Because at a base level now the players are all playing for the manager and have adapted to the style of play.
  4. Nothing against the in stadium celebrations or the actual interview, having enjoyed the shithousery of Neal Maupay I can enjoy it when it happens against us. But the fact that his goalscoring ability fell off a cliff for a period of 16 games prior, to go home, get it clipped together and post it on his socials....It's very Arsenal taking selfies after scoring a goal whilst simultaneously not being good enough to win anything and a little bit Crystal Palace having a goal of the month competition when they haven't scored a goal in that month
  5. I don't have a problem with Maddison getting stick off of our supporters and then giving it back after he scored....but he's just posted a clip of his post-match interview talking about giving one back to opposition fans, the goal and his celebration on TikTok. That's his first goal in 16 Premier League games...
  6. I get the feeling he may not necessarily end up being world class, but seeing Scotland have the likes of Robertson, Tierney, Gilmour, McGinn etc, Wales with Bale and Ramsay. Ireland have just been lagging behind with that sort of talent, the last player to really be anywhere near that level would have been Coleman and prior to him Keane. Essentially I've a lot of hope for the likes of Bazunu, Kelleher, Troy Parrott, Andrew Omobamidele. I don't think we're looking at players at the level of your Ramsay's and Bale's, but McGinn, Tierney would be nice rather than relying on mostly Championship level players.
  7. How do you keep the respect of the playing staff by bringing down Ferguson?
  8. I want to see more of Kelleher, someone so young playing as a backup keeper for you is great for Irish football. Unfortunately he's not had much game time which is to be expected with Allison there, and now he is behind Gavin Bazunu for the national team.
  9. I'm not for or against the fall of the Union (well, on the island of Britain anyway) but one thing that's interested me is how far right would Scottish politics go once you remove the barrier of the Conservative party. It opens up a space in Scotland for Scottish rightwing politicians to create a purely mainstream Scottish conservatism, where you can push Scottish independence/nationalism and right wing ideology at the same time.
  10. We have one in our stadium and you only ever hear positive things about it, great to see the staff were on the ball here too.
  11. You simply must not have watched enough Newcastle to see how poor his side were, I remember last season when we were in the Championship and played hem in the League Cup. They were terrible, no direction, style of play, pressing, nothing. Easy to play through
  12. I don’t think he’s terrible, though his end product was in the first half. What you have is a speedster that needs to learn how to play a final ball through, with his pace that should just be enough. Feel like he works for Wales cos they’re happy to sit and counter, you and Man Utd not so much
  13. How Dan James ever ended up at Man United I don’t know. Giggs’ seal of approval not worth much
  14. As good as some of the points Everton have gained so far, I feel like this game highlights how many middle of the road players Everton have. Players who have never been as good as maybe they hoped or players who are not duet at their peak or players past it.
  15. Imagine signing Sancho, Varane and Ronaldo in the same window and thinking more investment is needed
  16. Danny

    The Next Bond?

    Very good Witcher actually and I forgot that was him
  17. Danny

    The Next Bond?

    I liked that a lot, though I’ve only seen a few episodes of the first series for some reason. If I remember correctly he played more of an old school working class Londoner?
  18. Danny

    The Next Bond?

    I meant how he speaks rather than how he looks, cos I agree with you there, but as above not in a film like Bronson where he plays a geezer. But in something much closer to his own accent, he starts to speak as if he’s about to get overwhelmed by how cute a dog is. Its weird but his natural accent flow between a bit of a geezer and a camp yuppy, and when he plays people closer to that he floats between both accents and neither are applicable for Bond lol
  19. Danny

    The Next Bond?

    Slightly yeah...maybe feminine is the wrong word to use....but soft? Obviously not when you're talking about his roles in Bronson or Lawless. But his natural speaking voice is quite soft at times, quite gentile and the Bond role/accent aligns much closer to his natural speaking voice than when he's acting as a nutcase. Edit: Haha I said gentile instead of gentle which is an entirely different thing unrelated to the conversation
  20. Danny

    The Next Bond?

    Just doesn't seem like a Bond to me, mumbles a lot, I feel like his Bond would almost come across as a bit too feminine....the roles he's played where he may act in a similar way, playing Ronnie Kray or the spy in This Means War...when he acts in a calm manner to come across as a gentleman it just doesn't really seem like Bond to me. I think he would on the other hand make a great bad guy, as he's proven before with his roles in Batman or the Revenant playing absolute fucking psycho's.
  21. One of the co-commentators on Sky was like but is it a foul? Yes, he punched him in the face
  22. How on earth did VAR not give a penalty for Schmeichel punching Jansson in the face??? You go to kick the ball, miss it and hit the player it’s a foul. You go to punch the ball, miss it and hit the player it’s a foul. Will never understand the protection keepers get
  23. I think the sign on fee and wages paid to Ronaldo was probably the money they should have used for a DM
  24. Danny

    The Next Bond?

    Was talking about it after watching the film last night, I also had a look at a previous post of mine on here saying Tom Hardy would be a good casting decision....definitely don’t agree with that now. I think Idris Elba is the best option for the next Bond, hands down. Alongside that I would probably say Jamie Dornan could also be a good Bond. I’ve seen shouts for Henry Cavill and Henry Goulding but I think they’re a bit too clean cut, land too much on the side of the English gentleman and don’t really seem to have that rough underbelly that you want to see in Bond nowadays. Cillian Murphy would be a good shout and someone who I think is quite left field for the role but a very prominent actor is Christian Bale. I feel like Bale would either just immediately not look to be suited for the role or would completely make it his own, no inbetween.
  25. Thought it was a good film, feel like if you really love James Bond films then you’ll probably love this. Was overall a really good film and a great way to end Daniel Craig’s tenure as Bond.
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