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  1. thank you. was nearly stuck with netherlands vs qatar
  2. After seeing the manager and team post match interviews it did feel like the message was not to lose rather than to win
  3. In the long run I think finishing second in this group is the best course to get further to the final...but you can't play tournament football hoping to finish 2nd.
  4. Expecting a low block and long balls from Wales, I really hope Mason Mount is dropped now. He offers the team nothing in general, has offered the team less than nothing in the last two games and is definitely a player who benefits from being a starter at a traditional top 4 club. I'd like to see: Kane Grealish - Foden - Sterling Henderson - Bellingham Shaw - Maguire - Stones - Trent Pickford Ultimately we just need a draw to go through and top the group so I'm not too confident we'll see a team that attacking, but I think it's time Foden and Trent both got game time. Less from Rice the better imo.
  5. Canelo threatening Messi because the Mexico shirt was on the floor in a changing room is up there as one of the most bizarre moments in football...there are ways to get over a loss in the World Cup and then there's that
  6. I would happily take France's defensive options over ours, granted we do have good right wing backs...but currently only one of them is available. I think Bellingham gets into their midfield, outside of that, I'd take their midfield options over ours. I think we have better attacking options but then they have Mbappe and we have no one like that. I'm taking Argentina's defence, midfield again bar Bellingham and I think the forward options are so and so between us but obviously they have Messi who is still a player who walks into top international teams at this age. Personally I see it like this. Brazil, France and Spain clear favourites and have stronger teams than us. Portugal, Netherlands and Argentina all have a better team than us. We are then imo in a group of outliers such as Uruguay, Belgium, Germany (shit now tbf), Senegal, Denmark, Croatia. We have an outside chance to win it and I would not deny that, but we are not favourites and we definitely do not have a good chance at winning the comp. If we do, based on the team we have and not the infrastructure the country has, it'd be a shock result. Especially imo when you have Brazil, France and Spain in it.
  7. Come on you kangaroo fuckers, would be great to see 'straya make it into the knock outs.
  8. I do try and defend Southgate at times because whilst he's limited I think people overrate how good the team can be...with that said I don't see why Trent doesn't get in the team ahead of Trippier as Trippier is a clearly more limited footballer.
  9. Mate there are about 6 nations ahead of England at this tournament and then there are about 4/5 nations that we are so and so with. Talk of us having a team that is good enough to win this comp is nonsense imo and if we were to do it then it would be a massive shock that is well above expectation.
  10. I like Foden and hope he can perform for England, but so far the fact is that when he plays for England, a side that doesn’t control possession, doesn’t have the same amount of support off the ball and doesn’t have the midfield behind him who can pass the ball through a line of defence, he has struggled. Until he can prove that he can do something for us, because whenever he plays for England he essentially plays like Mount, then he’ll get the game time everyone says he should get.
  11. Sky really finding the delusional fans today, first it was a Wales fan who thought Hennessy should have been a yellow, now its an England fan who thinks we should win the World Cup
  12. Who the fuck is the presenter? 10pm kick off is no excuse
  13. Don’t get this building from the back talk, we couldn’t play through them, we had no forward passes, the US were happy to let us have the ball at the halfway line and wait to hit us on the counter when we lose the ball as we push forward.
  14. I never said keep him on the bench, he should come off. I’d suggest if you’re not watching the ITV coverage then you should give it a rest as its the coverage I’m talking about.
  15. Wish Neville would give it a rest about Foden. Greatest talent we have etc etc, he has never done it for England, he has never looked a cut above for England, so he goes on the bench. Simple.
  16. Aside from us, fair play to the US, great game plan, grabbed a point, if they beat Iran they go through now which is the sort of control of destiny that you want. They didn’t actually create a lot of chances though which was surprising, especially second half, they need to be more incisive.
  17. I wouldnt be surprised if the xg is similar tbh. But we were properly shit, had no game-plan and at no point managed to get control of the game. Bellingham came off and we spent the rest of the game camped in our own half, he was our only midfield outlet providing forward passes.
  18. So do I, I just thought his passing in the final third has been wasteful
  19. Poor from Henderson but his impact on the teams pressing there was very needed
  20. Rice is not useful at all. He doesn’t want the ball passed to him, when he has it he doesn’t want to pass the ball forward, just sideways. Only seems confident when he can play an easy cross field ball.
  21. Yeah he’s been really good at providing relief in possession. Just need him to find a runner in the final third
  22. Kane’s passing has been atrocious and it’s really hurting us. Need more from him
  23. Jude is the only midfielder that has effected the final third and he’s come off?
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