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  1. Your line up is fucking attrocious and not going to happen
  2. Wrestling

    The 2 problems I have with that are 1. Unlike you I can't believe for a second even vince would put Nicky over Asuka and 2. That's EXACTLY what they did with the mens rumble. Completey agree about Rousey, but she could have been in it and lost I guess.
  3. Wrestling

    My thoughts. SPOILERS 1. All the title matches were great. The Usos match was (predictably) the worst of a good bunch, but only 2 falls pulling the rug out and the talent of Ben and Gable pulled it through. All the results were predictable, but there is a reason for that, they were the right results. Sami, Kevin and Styles can't go wrong with that much tallent, Lesnar vs Kane and Stroman was everything it had to be, and while the Raw tag match was no classic, Seth and Cesaro are bulletproof. And the Narrative of Seth doing it all himself only to fall was perfect. 2. The mens rumble match was great. A few disapointing spots, and I hate that Roman was at the pointy end, but as said above the right man won and it was full of great spots and the return of the 619 3. The womans rumble was as ALMOST good as it possibly could be. The only downs were the women in the final 4, 3 and 2. And the missuse of Bayley No one wants the Bellas wrestling again, and no one believes they would win the rumble, so they were wastes of final 4 spots. If the last 4 was Sasha or Becky from the number 1 spot, Bayley, Asuka and nia, with maybe beth or Trish then we have a believable final 4. The two bellas, and Sahsa with Asuka was a bad for and Sasha getting eliminated when she did was a waste. No one wants a bella to win, and there's no way it would have been booked as so. If it had been Sasha and Asuka on the apron at the end I would have been on the edge of my seat, not just necking my beer booing Nicky waiting for Asuka to kick the ugly skank off.
  4. Australian A-League

    Gameiro was my science partner for 2 years. Funny guy, but a wanker.
  5. I picked the 3-1. I'm genius
  6. Australian A-League

    Best tackle I've seen since Muscat retired.
  7. Everyone who predicted Melbourne would beat Sydney this week @Toinho @Blue is retarded. @Asura And @Daedalus get a pass. A draw was probably doable.
  8. Wrestling

    Stone cold stunning vince and the Miz winning the title were good. Hardy getting beaten by Wyatt in 5 min was horrid. The rest was meh.
  9. Tim Cahill Rejoins Millwall

    Legendary wanker.
  10. A-League PL - Matchday 18

    Thursday, January 25th Melbourne City 2-0 Newcastle Jets Friday, January 26th Melbourne Victory 1-3 Sydney FC Saturday, January 27th Wellington Phoenix 2-1 Adelaide United Central Coast Mariners 3-1 Brisbane Roar Sunday, January 28th Perth Glory 0-2 Western Sydney Wanderers
  11. Who the fuck values rooney at $60m?
  12. Britannia

    Didn't finish the first episode. Nice landscapes, nice sets and costumes, 2d characters, mediocre script, every fucking man and his dog gets knocked out and wakes in a daze and whoever edited all the action and dialogue scenes into half a second shots needs to be stabbed and castrated.
  13. Cricket

    Breaking, India are shithouse away from home and Virat is a melt.
  14. Britannia

    Interesting. I heard principal filming was going to be in middle England but it never stopped raining, and some lad called Charlie kept stealing everyones cigarette butts and threataning to brexit the Italian actors.
  15. Britannia

    Comes on here monday night, will give it a watch. England is a shithole, don't blame them filming it in the beautiful mainland.