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  1. Devil-Dick Willie


    Meltzer and Alvarez were throwing around names for wrestler of the year. But this year it should be a fucking 100% slam dunk no brainer. Osprey has been never open weight champ and cruiser weight champ in NJPW all year, wrestled 5 5 star matches (the most of anyone this year) and been 'the guy' for the company that has produced every wrestler of the year since 2012. But of course the biased cunts are blathering on about 2 guys from a company that's had a weekly show for 4 months and less than a handful of ppvs. Cody with 1 great match and 2 great promos. Jericho with 0 5 star matches and some nice skills on the mic Jericho is the GOAT for me. But anyone but Osprey 1st Okada 2nd would be Phil's bald head
  2. Devil-Dick Willie


    Chrisy boy is still a great wrestler. But yeah he looks like shit. Omega was a star in NJPW. He had the greatest match off all time there as well.
  3. Devil-Dick Willie


    Hated that rhea and candy went over the 4 heels at war games. Made both champions and Io look like bellends. How do you fuck up 4 vs 2? Also meant Kais heel turn meant fuck all as it didn't cost them the big match.
  4. Devil-Dick Willie

    Werder Bremen Thread

    He's been a 7 year servant, and a very solid player. But time waits for no man, and he's slowing down.
  5. Devil-Dick Willie

    Werder Bremen Thread

    I was hoping we'd be looking to replace Theo Tbh.
  6. Devil-Dick Willie

    Most disappointing team of the season thus far?

    Wolves and Chelsea have pulled back any lost ground early.
  7. Devil-Dick Willie


    I'm mad I can't watch NXT anymore. That's AEWs fault. I wish I could watch the PPVs at the very least without spending stupid money on them.
  8. Devil-Dick Willie

    Climate Change

    I'd take all his fucking fingers off the way medieval kings took the hands off thieves. Then I'd burn him to death from the feet up. The rotten old cunt lining his pockets in his death bed while the working people of the world suffer.
  9. Devil-Dick Willie

    Climate Change

    It's so painful to watch the poor uneducated continue to vote for the party that oppresses them because the channel 10 and the news papers tell them it's in their bets interests. Labour: We're going to fix the system, housing costs will come down, medicare will improve, public education will improve, the evil corporations will be held accountable for their tax dodging and their exploitation of workers, we'll empower the unions to protect the working class and the laws regarding the environment will drastically change to protect our nation. All these things must change. Liberals: Australia is a fantastic country and we'll change nothing because it's already perfect. We'll continue to privatise hospitals, build roads and stadiums just to line the pockets of developers, protect the elite, slash full time jobs, cripple the unions, protect paedophiles, sell the nation to India and China and keep housing as a profit market commodity for the rich, rather than a thing young families can access. How good is Australia? Poor people. Fuck yeah go Australia!! Then education spending is slashed again, more hospitals are built with tax payer money, sold to fucked up private buyers then go down the shitter, and the dumb western sydney/QLD cunts wonder why they're renting, their kids are dumb, and why Johno got laid off.
  10. Devil-Dick Willie

    MMA & Combat Sports

    Fantastic. I would have pointed out the paradox but you're consistent. Can't argue with that!
  11. Devil-Dick Willie

    MMA & Combat Sports

    Are you a conor fan?
  12. Devil-Dick Willie

    MMA & Combat Sports

    How so?
  13. Devil-Dick Willie


    Cody is a weird one. Meltzer spoke about his ability before. He's a good wrestler, with some great psychology. But he often struggles to put the pieces together. His 5 star match with his brother this year is his only 5 star singles match, and when he was NJPW he stuck out as not as good as the rest of the bullet club boys such as Kenny, the Bucks and Marty Scurll. He seems to be doing better in AEW though