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  1. Devil-Dick Willie

    Will Everton get relegated?

    Pretty dire for any club who's below Newcastle
  2. Devil-Dick Willie

    Will Ronaldo break the highest international scorer record ?

    Needs to make a move to the Asian or Oceanic federations.
  3. Devil-Dick Willie

    Actors that you love/hate?

    I think he was a fantastic actor. What a slimy cunt though. "Mr Spacey, you've been accused of sexually harassing a 14 year old boy at a party, how do you respond?" "It's true, I am gay, I am a huge victim"
  4. Devil-Dick Willie


    Between the Phil's bald head HIAC finish, the 'sports personalities' on fox, the random athletes competing in the ring I think WWE is FAR more WCW than AEW
  5. Devil-Dick Willie

    Actors that you love/hate?

    Aged poorly
  6. Devil-Dick Willie

    Conspiracy Theories

    This one's a classic, but easy solved. Russian airbursting shells drives them suddenly from the tent and kills some, the cold kills the rest. Animals eat some bits.
  7. I think every great team has a midfielder who's no frills, makes tackles, distributes the ball and that's it. Busquets is one of the very best in this limited role, and it's when teams put flair players like Pogba in this position that trouble occurs. Real Madrids troubles have come with limited options to anchor the midfield. Nigel De Jong won city titles. Matuidi won PSG titles Motta won inter titles Van Bommel won AC Milan titles Luis Gustavo won Bayern titles. Kehl won Dortmund titles. Some of those players aren't world beaters. Just hard workers who knew their role.
  8. Devil-Dick Willie


    After falling flat last year as well, with the lesnar interruption ending Roman and Brauns HIAC match in a no contest. So so dumb but Vince loved it apparently.
  9. Devil-Dick Willie

    Arsenal Discussion

    Arsenal are in a bracket where they could have done better this decade for sure, had they been more adventurous in the transfer market or Wenger left earlier. ANd I'm sure a lot of you guys are thinking what if. What if Fabregas wasn't a dumb cunt, what if Van Persie stayed, what if Wenger moved on in 2014. What if Ozil gave 100% every time. But at the beginning of the decade Arsenal were in a similar position to now. Scrapping for top 4. You haven't changed. City and Liverpool have risen, United and Chelsea have dropped off. Things could be better for the Arsenal, but they could be far worse.
  10. Devil-Dick Willie

    MMA & Combat Sports

    GSP is the goat IMO. Beat everyone he ever faced, didn't get done for PEDs twice. Never hit and run anyone is his car, never got coked up. I think Khabib will be in the conversion later if he ever unifies belts or retires undefeated.
  11. Devil-Dick Willie

    MMA & Combat Sports

    Disagree that he's like conor. Stylebender is flamboyant and boyish rather than a messed up little prick. I agree Jones would tear him apart however.
  12. Devil-Dick Willie


    Last year I was fucking fuming when hell in a cell was a no contest because Brock got involved. This year was worse. Seth disqualified in a no rules pins only match. Seth disqualified for hitting Wyatt with a sledgehammer, after hitting him with chairs, ladders toolboxes and the like, but a hammer is a DQ? Fuck off. The 5 minutes of seth hitting finishers with no wrestling or any offence at all from Bray was dull as fuck too. Rubbish, absolute rubbish. Oh, and Roman Reigns sister Charlotte got her 10TH fucking championship because why the fuck not.
  13. Devil-Dick Willie


    You're right. WWE needs to be a wrestling show. Not the rock talking, a boxer, a 4 second match and an ugly fat guy with the charisma of a dry pumpkin
  14. Devil-Dick Willie

    MMA & Combat Sports

    Stop 'dimming his shine' bro!! If he's smart he will never fight Jon Jones. At least not while Jones is focused and fit. Adesanya is very tall for his weight class, which aides him in his strength of being hard to hit and counterpunching. Jones would negate that advantage and fuck him up big time.
  15. Devil-Dick Willie

    MMA & Combat Sports

    Stylebender is new champion.