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  1. Devil-Dick Willie

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Nouri is my choice.
  2. Devil-Dick Willie

    Werder Bremen Thread

    @nudge Fun game. If we were to replace Kohfeldt tomorrow, BUT it had to be Dutt, Skrypnyk or Nouri, who would you pick? Or would you keep Kohfeldt?
  3. Devil-Dick Willie

    First Goal - Season Two

  4. Michael may have just earned Blakes respect. Good to see the kids playing nicely together. 

    1. football forum


      The staff fucking locked the thread as i was typing, i'm just searching for some names on the Ukrainian telephone guide as we speak.

  5. Devil-Dick Willie

    Gonzalo Higuain Signs For Inter Miami

    Ah I see Higuain has found his level
  6. I have more hope for Havertz for finding his form SOMEWHERE. Maybe not at chelsea.
  7. Devil-Dick Willie

    Werder Bremen Thread

    I can't blame the team in the formation that was played for what happened there.
  8. He is ridiculously good looking.
  9. Stop laughing and start listening boys and girls Chelsea had a top 4 attack, with a good midfield and a shit defense and keeper. You spent all the wrong money in all the wrong places. Could have kept Willian and bought EITHER Zyech or Kai, not both and definitely never Timo "worlds most useless cunt" Werner. Should have done more business deeper down the pitch that pick up a free tranny and a decent LB.
  10. Devil-Dick Willie


    G1 climax off to a flier. Some crazy good first round matches! And what a wrestler Zack Sabre Jnr is. Holy Emperor taichi off to a winning start too
  11. FK has a hard on for Japanese women apparently. How you you start Osako, Sargant, Selke, and then Chong and Klassen and expect to defend? You're playing 5 attackers!!
  12. WTF was that lineup and formation? Fuck me useless cunt Florian is.
  13. Werner thrives off breathing room. That's why he batters Augsburg and the guns are silent against top 6 sides. If liverpool play 2 at the back like they can sometimes he'll get away with his pace... but his finishing is balls. Could score 3, or 0. I'm sure Klopp knows this however