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  1. Devil-Dick Willie

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    I'm running once or twice a week plus doing home workouts with dumbells and resistance bands. It's a depressing life
  2. Devil-Dick Willie

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    She loves me
  3. Devil-Dick Willie

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    Hahahaha I have the 3rd best rig and the worst 2nd worst noggin if thats a clue!
  4. Devil-Dick Willie

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    In simpler times before the lockdown.
  5. Devil-Dick Willie


    I hate randy orton so much. Talented cunt who chooses to turn up about 5% of the time I don't know what big shagga dave said about the match, but fuck me it was 30 minutes of glacially paced 4/10 'action' and 2 men groaning.
  6. Devil-Dick Willie


    Edge vs Randy was a boring piece of shit This 4 minute brawl was way better, more exciting and 'dangerous' than that 30 minute snooze fest
  7. Devil-Dick Willie


    Palace fan and I each go 10/16 predictions correct.
  8. Devil-Dick Willie


    Firefly funhouse what a fucking match hahahahaha. You're right vince, it is good shit.
  9. Devil-Dick Willie


    I'm beating the palace fan 4-5 in predictions.
  10. Devil-Dick Willie


    Kabuki warriors vs Bliss and Cross. Mediocre, some shit work in the finish though. 2/5. Prediction correct Corbin vs Elias. Corbin is too big for Elias's best moves. Elias is too big for Corbins best spots. 2/5. Prediction correct Becky vs Shana. Match was good up til the finish. Shana should have won that for sure. 3/5 Prediction incorrect Ladder match. Good work, JOMO is a freak, always was. 3.5/5 prediction correct Rollins vs a hamster. KO and Rollins did what they could, but this match desperately needed a crowd. 3/5 Prediction correct Bryan vs Zayn. I was hoping Sami would wrestle. He didn't. I'm not even sure he can anymore. 1.5/5 Prediction incorrect Strowman vs Oldberg. What a piece of shit -5 stars out of 5 prediction incorrect. Undertaker vs Styles. This wasn't a match per say but it was entertaining. Prediction correct.
  11. Devil-Dick Willie


    But, Is AJ just dead now? Did his contract expire? WTF
  12. Devil-Dick Willie


    Which is a shame because Elias can go They fucked up Beckys entrance. Badly. How do you fuck it up? Have her theme playing when she rocks up in the truck, have her climb out, then cut to the shot of the ramp, and have her come down. Instead she arrives in complete silence, honks twice, then they cut to Shaynas entrance. I feel like Jim Cornette right now
  13. Devil-Dick Willie


    First match was shit. I honestly think Asuka doesn't give a SINGLE fuck anymore
  14. Devil-Dick Willie


    It's also been CRINGE as fuck
  15. Devil-Dick Willie


    Cesaro just won on the kick off show. Fuck me this is depressing already. this isn't mania, and it should never have gone ahead like this