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  1. What is it with Liverpool players taking the piss? Sturridge, Nabby both severely unprofessional.
  2. I think the game was a classic 'this is why Fullkrug MUST start' kinda game. Lots of ball, lots of threats, not enough teeth. Very pretty but lacking cutting edge.
  3. Russia, China, bigger easter european clubs Prague, Zagreb, Shakhtar are all options. North Italy?
  4. Lord. Imagine the 3-0 not being enough. Gutting. Sorry Tommy that must hurt.
  5. You're right. Why can't you face 3 awful teams in a row in the knock outs (beating one without their star player only from a dodgy AF penalty in extra time) to be then comfortably beaten pillar to post by the other finalist until the guy who's rocking your shit gets injured and goes off, so you lose on pens. It'll definitely happen again.
  6. England supporters in a fugue state. Your squad isn't that good, positionally riddled with weak points, and you don't have a coach who can cover them. You're going home in the 1st or 2nd knock out round.
  7. Shortens list of policies freakishly foreshadows the challenges the nation would come to face over the next 4-7 years. It's mental.
  8. Imagine what a difference, and fuck it'd be HUGE, if Corbyn got 2-3 terms, and his policies (the list of which are tried and tested in other nations and are very successful) were implemented. But no, "HE'S A COMMUNIST, HE HATES MY CAR AND HATES JEWS".
  9. I don't get how people don't vote like this. Stop worrying about who has charisma Stop worrying about the mud other slides have slung Stop worrying about optics. Go to the websites of each party you're considering, look at their mission, and the individual policies and promises they're making, have a quick look at the local candidates too, then fucking vote based on whos policies benefit YOU and the nation the most. This is how awful governments get and stay in power. People too worried about white noise and feedback.
  10. He's washed at the top imo, go to Portugal, enjoy life.
  11. I don't think it going down to the last day is a saving grace. The best teams are still outrageously far ahead of the middle pack, and the gap is growing, because FFP slaps down any financial boosts that would close it.
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