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  1. Devil-Dick Willie

    First Goal

    41st 20th
  2. Devil-Dick Willie


    When Orton is good, he was very good. But he admits himself he's a lazy bastard, and when the crowd turned on him he'd give up rather than win them back. He's better suited to shorter 15ish minute matches where his limited moveset is minimized as a factor and his storytelling is better. Instead he wrestles 30 minute matches against his mates and makes a right meal of it. His matches against Rollins at mania and Harper at backlash? are good examples of what he's capable of when motivated.
  3. Devil-Dick Willie

    "Evident Bias" in Football Commentary

    Often more "Charge peanuts, get monkeys"
  4. Devil-Dick Willie

    "Evident Bias" in Football Commentary

    Correct. It's to do with genetic factors based on the capability and lifestyles of their ancestors, both recent and historic. Nothing at all to do with the fact their skin is dark. One is a genetic trait inherited because because of lifestyles requiring explosive energy systems, and the other is a genetic trait inherited because Africa is flat and equatorial.
  5. Devil-Dick Willie

    "Evident Bias" in Football Commentary

    Crossfit gyms are expensive, and very 'white centric' Overwhelmingly white clients. Usually middle class and higher to afford the $50+ per week plus memberships. Not at all saying it's intentionally restrictive for racial reasons. Then, once you're a well rounded athlete, training at a crossfit gym for years, it's also expensive as fuck to get your foot in the door, compete in the events to get ranked, and eventually qualify for regional and national events. AND THEN you need to get your own sponsors, because it just keeps getting more prohibitively priced as you go up. And to cap it all off, it pays fuck all for 90% of the people who do actually qualify for the crossfit games. Crossfit is closer to powerlifting or bodybuilding. An expensive as fuck hobby for the 99%, rather than an avenue to revenue.
  6. Devil-Dick Willie

    "Evident Bias" in Football Commentary

    There is so much wrong with that. You've ignored the HUGE socioeconomic barriers for crossfitters.
  7. Devil-Dick Willie

    "Evident Bias" in Football Commentary

    I study exercise science. A vast majority of the time black athletes have significantly more type 2 (fast twitch) muscle fibers than white athletes in the same sport. This means they're stronger and more powerful (and that power translates to short distance speed) A commentator wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't praise fast, strong players for their speed and strength, no matter their skin tone. The work ethic part of the study is interesting, but a 60/40 split is actually quite narrow and well within an acceptable range given the very small sample size. People who study actually real sciences often get frustrated by the social scientists, because biology doesn't give a fuck. People all around the world have overwhelming differences in physical attributes. And that's something to celebrate.
  8. Devil-Dick Willie

    Werder Bremen Thread

    30+ million euros for Milot. Hopefully from some complete dumb EPL team like Arsenal. Hopefully gets reinvested well and we can buy a player or 2 with a bit of quality.
  9. Devil-Dick Willie

    Wout Weghorst - Newcastle & Arsenal Linked

    I figured Bayern would dip in for him. Another Mandzukic
  10. Devil-Dick Willie


    I'd have almost ANY long term WWE wrestler ahead of Orton. Lazy cunt. My WWE Midcardrushmore 1. The miz 2. Dolph Ziggler 3. RVD 4. Rey Mysterio
  11. Devil-Dick Willie

    Thiago Alcantara - Leaving Bayern?

    Well if he played in the .... whatever the fuck the american 'soccer' league is called he'd just be bought back to Europe because they can't have good players for more than a season
  12. Devil-Dick Willie

    Thiago Alcantara - Leaving Bayern?

    But farmers would significantly improve the quality of the A-league. Farmers are industrious, hard working and need some level of coordination.
  13. Devil-Dick Willie

    Thiago Alcantara - Leaving Bayern?

    He needs to avoid the premier league then