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  1. Devil-Dick Willie

    Health and Fitness

    You need more carbs.
  2. Devil-Dick Willie

    MMA & Combat Sports

    He likely could at 185.
  3. That's cool mate, you can enjoy your team being in the most competitive league in the world, the Championship, while I will enjoy mine being in one of the highest quality leagues in the world. Kane would fit right in the Bundesliga. God knows he doesn't speak a word of English.
  4. Devil-Dick Willie

    Looking For A Scottish Club To Support

    "Hello. I really like the song 'yes sir, I can boogie' and was looking to join the hype around Scottish football" Jokes on you there is no hype around Scottish football. It's shite as always.
  5. AKA, a shit night out for Lewandowski.
  6. Devil-Dick Willie

    First Goal - Season Two

    32 29
  7. Devil-Dick Willie

    CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers 2022

    Who even cares what happens in this group. Not like they'll produce a world cup winner.
  8. Devil-Dick Willie

    Phil Foden vs Mason Mount

    Lingard at age 40 at united "talented youngster" Goes to West Ham
  9. Because they're a team, and you have to trust your teammates and the managers system or the whole fucking thing collapses? Of course the fucking England/Chelski fan doesn't understand teamwork. "You just put the 11 best players on the pitch and pray to god right?"
  10. Devil-Dick Willie

    Australians Only Thread

    ABC is run by the sitting party. AKA the libs. And as Spike just said, that 62 vs 26 has nothing to do with anyones personality. At all. If news reporting was just an unbias telling of current events you think the smirking greasy coal fondling rapist protector would be 62%? The guy who was in Hawaii for the bushfires? Fuck you're naïve.
  11. He certainly doesn't block it purposely. But It's still a pen for mine.
  12. You're a professional musician the same way that online COD gamers are professional soldiers and slags on instagram are professional models.
  13. Devil-Dick Willie

    Phil Foden vs Mason Mount

    A right forward/midfielder vs a center mid. Lame. Who would I take? Mount, but only because Bremen need a midfielder over a forward. As for who gets the nod in the England first 11, I think it depends on how England want to set up. In a 3 at the back system, with a loaded midfield I think Mount is an easy choice. But Foden has to battle Sancho for the spot. I also think in a system like this Grealish would get my nod over Sterling. But in a 4-5-1 I'd not play mount, Foden or Grealish unless he went through the middle. -----------------------------------T rex------------------------------------- -----Walker------------------Stones----------------Cokehead-- TAA--------------Hendo------------Mount------------------Shaw -------------Foden---------------------------Grealish------------------- ----------------------------------Kane----------------------------------------- --------------------------------------T-rex------------------------------------- Tripper------------Stones----------Cokehead--------------Shaw ---------------------Hendo--------------Rice-------------------------------- Sancho------------------------????------------------------------Sterling ------------------------------------Kane------------------------------------------ Shame Gomez is injured, because you're going to have Stones, Maguire and Dier as your CB options, and thats a fucking dire list. Stones is better with a good defender next to him. The other 2 are just 50 shades of shite. Maddison, Mount or Grealish could play through the middle, but perhaps none of them should. Perhaps there is another....
  14. Devil-Dick Willie


    If I were Sundar I'd hit Siraj in the cock 4 times. How fucking dare he back away?
  15. Devil-Dick Willie

    Members Pictures

    Nice to meet you too Mr/Miss/Mrs Whiskey. I have a feeling we'll get along just fine.