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  1. Chelsea gonna pitch invade in week 20 next season when they hit 38 points.
  2. Honestly I'm not exactly Van Wilder. When single I never go looking for a root, have 0 dating apps or profiles and mostly keep to myself. Root 0-3 people per year kinda guy just by bumping into nice people or meeting someone on one of my 6 nights out per year. This month has been a wilder one because I'm post break up so I'm being more social, and fucking whoevers keen so long as they aren't unattractive to me.
  3. Congrats Frankfurt, likable club, deserve a spot like this Listening to the Scottish co commentator say "he's not even made contact with the head there" after the superkick from Lundstram and Rode's face is bleeding made me want Frankfurt to win even more.
  4. I know it's anecdotal, but based on my gay/bi friends you could have fooled me Even the ones in relationships are in open relationships, one of them is even in an open relationship with a couple! So not only does he have 2 partners but he still has to fuck other people too! Greedy cunt. But then by my standards all young people are promiscuous. I've fucked 3 people since my breakup a couple of months ago, 2 of them I wasn't really even interested in but did because I could. And I feel a bit empty because of it. Meanwhile my party girl housemate fucks 3 dudes a week, most of them she doesn't even like much.
  5. Here in NSW we have a special laws for king hits that cause death. The issue was that a murder charge requires premeditated thought or intent to kill, and to commit manslaughter the offence needs to be dangerous enough that you can foresee a death. So you'd end up with an assault with mitigating from drugs or alcohol. So now if you punch a poor bastard in his unprotected head and he dies, you're proper fucked with no protection for being drunk.
  6. The Gerrard wankfest would cause me to go into hiding for months if Liverpool win, especially if they knock off Real like they should too. For my own sanity I hope City get what they need.
  7. Home game I guess is the reason, but yeah, there's no guarantees that it means much.
  8. No one cares and no one cares. The extra couple of mil the club gets for finishing 12th instead of 13th doesn't go to the players and who cares about top 10? They'll probably be 1 foot out the door, away to a hostile hungry home team and home crowd.
  9. I think Burnley are the most likely to get a favor tbh. WTF do you have to play for? Burnley will be home in front of a crowd right up for it.
  10. It is a major health factor, it's just not as deadly as it used to be. And the risk group is the same as the risk group for almost every disease. Poor people and elderly people are most at risk.
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