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  1. Devil-Dick Willie


    Yeah it's a very odd look isn't it Possible favorites for world tag league this year though.
  2. I was banned for 2 days? Did anyone else have this problem? 

    1. football forum


      bruz you got banned for dis a respect

    2. football forum

      Devil-Dick Willie

      I doubt it considering theres no announcement or extra warning points or anything. Bruz, I didn't do nuffin. Don't fuck in my house pls. 

    3. football forum


      the soft cock mods can't handle the ausgods

  3. Devil-Dick Willie

    First Goal - Season Two

    Well I was banned from the forum for some reason.
  4. Devil-Dick Willie

    Group E - Matchday 4 - Tuesday 24th November, 2020

    Everytime werner skies a sitter, or misses a 1 on 1 the commentator says "He doesn't do that often" Except he does it every game and always has.
  5. Devil-Dick Willie

    First Goal - Season Two

    21st for both
  6. At least it wasn't 45 minutes after full time. Thank heavens for small mercies.
  7. Yuck. 1-0. In some United fashion too.
  8. Penandez, who has SO much practice, takes a fucking minging penalty
  9. Player with his arm tight to his body, 2 yards from the ball and turning away. This wont be overturned.
  10. You can hear the ref say that he thinks he's got the ball before the man with his toe. I don't think he got the ball at all.
  11. The best 1-1 in our collection this season. But we need to collect 3 pts here and there.
  12. Devil-Dick Willie


    His match with Lesnar, he wanted to do certain spots, but Lesnar is lesnar. If he doesn't like you he won't put you over, win or loss. Lesnars best matches are with people he likes/wants to work with. Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Fin Balor, Daniel Bryan, Mysterio. Then look at the effort he puts in against Strowman, Reigns or Kofi Ambrose wanted a hardcore match for the ages, he got "I'll call it in the ring" Then infinite suplexes. Not true he's mediocre as fuck tbh. His best match ever was against Ishii, and it was a match that was brawling/chairs. His best WWE singles match was a no DQ against McIntyre. They guy needs props.
  13. Devil-Dick Willie


    I am learning I am bad at algebraic factorizing, and algebraic multiplication.