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  1. Devil-Dick Willie

    Should Spurs Cash In On Harry Kane?

    Yes. Massively overrated , almost bald and he can barely fucking speak. In a years time he'll look like a cancer kid and only communicate via hand signals.
  2. Devil-Dick Willie

    Notre Dame on Fire

    That's what I get for not watching disney
  3. Devil-Dick Willie

    Notre Dame on Fire

    Does your hunch move from one land to another and avoid bacon?
  4. Devil-Dick Willie

    Marching on if I May make up for last time...

    I know like, 3 japanese words. They're all from memes. I'm in a top floor apartment, I have no basement! I did watch DBZ as a kid tho
  5. Devil-Dick Willie

    Marching on if I May make up for last time...

    Yo listen up, here's the story About a little guy that lives in a blue world And all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue Like him, inside and outside Blue his club with a blue little trikot And a blue stadium And everything is blue for him And himself and everybody around 'Cause he ain't got wins this season... RIP Schalke UK Also, yeah I just clean missed a week. Forgive me senpai Last time on Dragonball z Stuttgart and Nurnberg split a boring result and everyone else lost because they suck This weeks results Leverkusen defeated Stuttgart. Man they suck, but having gone a man down at least it wasn't embarrassing Augsburg WON A GAME!!! 3-1. This means they are more than 6 points (or 2 steps if you will...) from hell. Thus they are removed from our calculations for the moment Monchengladbach were glad to munch up Hannover Nurnberg and Schalke split the biscuit. Which leaves our table looking like...this Schalke. 27pts -17 GD. Form: WLD Stuttgart 21pts -34 GD. Form: LDL Nurnberg 18pts -30 GD. Form: WDD Hannover 14pts -41 GD. Form: Hahahaha nope So what hot action do we have for you next week? With just 5 rounds to go it looks like only 3 teams are in real danger, just seemingly a question of can Nurnberg pull off one of histories greatest escapes? Augsburg are at home to Stuttgart. Points don't come much easier for either team and this could be a big week for either club Schalke host Hoffenheim in the battle of the blue bastards. Do Schalke want it though? Nurnberg visit the pharmacy. Will they rob the joint though? Hannover visit the capital. And on we march
  6. Devil-Dick Willie


    As expected the match ratings of all the mania matches were very low, bar the Kofi/Bryan match.
  7. Devil-Dick Willie

    Joey Barton at Fleetwood Town

    Fuck I love joey
  8. Devil-Dick Willie

    Your relationship with your parents?

    Never met my father. Hated my step father who was around til I was 16. Haven't seen one since. Disowned my mum who I haven't seen in over a year.
  9. I don't need to. Think of anyone in England who gives anyone grief about the club they support - ever. Then if they don't at least semi regularly mention they have gone to a game then they're a hypocrite cunt. I don't expect everyone to be a season ticket holder. Far from it. But I do expect a passionate fan who lives on the same tiny fucking island as their team to occasionally drop in and watch the football. Or even watch their teams youth games or some such at least. I'd kill a man to have Bremen come to Sydney for friendlies. And after I finish uni I am planning on going to Germany just to see Bremen play. I hate the A league and even I drop in to watch a few games a season. Any game that gets played here in Wollongong and the odd one in Western Sydney or Sydney.
  10. I got up at 2 am to watch us 1-1 draw with Gladbach on the weekend. I do this most matches every year, and we generally lose most matches every year. Then you come on here and see most of the English lot can't be arsed to go to a fucking game, but they claim to be better than you. This is why I dish it out so much.
  11. Like Tupperware? You have never called Bremen plastic. But you certainly did label me as.
  12. Devil-Dick Willie

    Werder Bremen Thread

    All our eggs safely in the basket
  13. Devil-Dick Willie

    Cars & Motorcycles

    Like, if the sun sets at your bungalow I even have a pillion seat just for you
  14. Devil-Dick Willie

    How do you wipe your ass ?

    I remain seated, and I give it a good wipe with some toilet paper.I continue my paper assault til no yellow streaks on the paper. Then, with that clean winner piece of paper I do a quick wipe of my ass hair just in case and away I go. No water. But usually I shit before I shower so that's a saving grace. I shampoo my ass hair on hair washing days as well. Like a true gypsy.