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  1. While there might be some charges that don't stick, you weren't innocent in your uefa charges and you aren't innocent of all charges here, and repeating it on the internet constantly won't change a thing.
  2. "Purgatory is kinda like the inbetweeny one. You weren't reaaaaally shit, but you weren't all that great either. Like Tottenham."
  3. There are several reasons the charges might have been dropped. His dumb GF (who is still dating him mind) dropped them 'cos she loves him' and 'he promised he won't do it again' or Her team are convinced that because she dropped the recordings publicly there's not a jury in the first world who can deliver an unbiased verdict.
  4. It's not roleplay. He's a girl basher, but she's toxically attracted to the rich as fuck athlete. He deserves prison, and it makes me so sad that she's not seeing this through to the end, because a high profile case win could have led to a lot of good in the world, and many more girls being empowered to leave their abusers.
  5. Tell that to Trippier or Lahm. Sure, they're not home every so often, and they are now a key part of any attack, but without the ball their job is to defend. It helps if they're good at it.
  6. I mean, defending is a good ability for a defender to have. He's no TAA from what I've seen. He actually stays home often enough, but if he is a bit wank at defending I can see where that would be a sticking point.
  7. Devil-Dick Willie


    He also raped someone in sydney yes.
  8. Devil-Dick Willie


    He raped someone in the USA while he was on their roster. And yes, it's not their fault, and it's just an association thing, but fuck the 9ers.
  9. Devil-Dick Willie


    They hired the hayne plane back in the day, Australias bogan equivalent of the lolita express, except he just rapes people. Fuck the 9ers.
  10. Devil-Dick Willie


    Or now. Why not.
  11. Devil-Dick Willie


    Yeah, fuck the 9ers
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