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  1. "Wouldn't it be cool if we put the belt on Jericho?" Chris Jericho- 2022.
  2. I hate how they announce midfield and attack together. Team needs a striker, a proper 9.
  3. Devil-Dick Willie


    Fuck me there is some dire shite here hahaha. Surprised so many like Bill Bur. Solid actor and good at his delivery but an absolute normie. Only pushes the envelope as far as he knows there will be no backlash. Also a weird "I hate women" guy on his podcast. I used to listen to Cumtown when it was good. Stavros has now broken off and is doing some okay solo stuff. His sets are medium but his off the cuff crowd work is genuinely the best i've ever seen
  4. I was an exercise science student before I traded my test tubes for an abacus, which means I was a chemistry student. Here's what they don't tell you about desalinization. 1. It is MEGA energy intensive. Osmotic pressure is used to separate the hydrogen and oxygen from the shite in sea water. This requires enormous energy. In the middle of an energy crisis this is a shit and expensive idea. 2. The waste product desalinization creates (what is left behind after you take out the water) is right up there with nuclear waste in terms of toxic fucked up shit that can only be disposed of long term by shooting it into space. Desalinization on a large scale is a thing that might be useful decades from now when renewable and nuclear energy are in full swing and we're already disposing of nuclear waste by firing it at the next galaxy over, but until then, no Bueno.
  5. He's not retirement bad. He's just never should have joined a top 4 club bad. He's similar to Dier in terms of level IMO
  6. Honestly, at this point just eating 3 meals a day is living like a king in the UK.
  7. I think we can put a good team out in the WC, baring that I have no idea where the goals come from. Havertz isn't a striker, nor is Muller, nor is Werner. Last world cup I was asking why Nils Petersen, the form German striker at the time was left at home when we were playing 5'2 piggy from shrek Timo Werner up front. Then I wanted Volland to start at the Euros. This time I think it's Fullkrugs turn (so long as his form holds) to be ignored, while Germany go with a more 'fluid' (I have learned this is a german word for fucking useless) option. 11 of the worlds prettiest footballers and no one to tap the tap ins.
  8. They need to change the law around Mankading. You should need to be Mankaded twice, and you're out on the 2nd. Except maybe 20/20 where the short game lends itself to one and done.
  9. They were half joking. Juno ended his career too soon IMO. Gomez was fat but still lethal and Wiedwald was Wiedwald. Sublime or ridiculous.
  10. Your argument that 'southgate is responsible for us passing the group stage' isn't factual cunt. You happened to pass the group stage.
  11. Does Weidwald have a club? Does Junuzovic have a club? Fritzs comical testimonial defending was actually roughly as good as his normal defending Does Mario Gomez have a fucking club?
  12. That's bullshit. The random draw machine got you out of the group stage. You think Southgates England get past the Uruguay and Italy you faced? He got Tunisia and Panama instead. There's your hero.
  13. Okay, so people wanted Gareths girth in their gob 2 years and 4 years ago and they want him gone but no one is surprised? Fuck me. Not a chance.
  14. It's like a girl who's only dated plonkers, starts dating an emotionally abusive cunt and reasons "well at least he doesn't beat me up like the others did"
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