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  1. Margin Call 9/10 Saw @True Blue and @Inverted mention it was great. It is great.
  2. Still mandatory here, so I wear it to the shops and at work. I imagine when gyms and uni opens up ill have to wear it there too.
  3. I think Olivera would have killed Connor. Dustin winning that fight was bad news for Charles. I can barely split them but I just have the sneaky feeling Charles will get it done when he probably shouldn't.
  4. Klass Jan Huntelaar. Philip Lahm Lars Bender Marco Reus
  5. Classic right wing. "We're pro free speech"
  6. How much more by Toneys arm did the ball need to be? Then Traore gets unlucky, then Brentford score. Wolves have fucked this.
  7. My favorite tool songs are 46 & 2, and Schism
  8. Devil-Dick Willie


    Wank musician who makes wank music about how sad and looked over he is. Fucking nonce.
  9. I don't think either team there is a pushover. And finishing 2nd in the group could spell an early exit!
  10. "If Kane played Bundesliga he'd score way more goals blah blah blah" How bout the fact that Lewandowski constantly puts the best teams in the world to the sword in the champions league?
  11. Real Madrid. "Lets buy players who are superstars, in positions we're already strong, and neglect positions of need and squad harmony" PSG who have gone full FIFA 20 career mode. Leicester. The clappers. Its a term for gonorrhea. West Ham and Liverpool who insist they're much more special than they are Barcelona "fabregas is a prisoner" "They cheated because they didn't water the pitch" "they defended all game" fuck off peasants
  12. No, but who cares who punk faces in ring? He's a competent wrestler, but excellent on the mic. You want punk and jericho, punk and MJF, Punk and... well thats about it on the aew roster for charisma. Eddie Kingston maybe?
  13. Plot twist. The kid had 2 shoes before the scouser moved into the bed next door.
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