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  1. Devil-Dick Willie

    Australian Politics

    So the few thousand jobs at some shithole indian mine that's going to destroy the surrounding environment that caused Queensland to vote liberal is actually going to be a maximally atomised process. Driver less trucks and the whole shebang. Dumb toothless QLD cunts getting what they deserve. Meanwhile after 12 years of a government who greedily shovels all the nations wealth into the pockets of the top 5%, who've flat lined workers wages while interest rates have risen NAB (national bank of Australia) has officially announced the retail recession. No shit.
  2. Devil-Dick Willie


    Ponting was a shit captain. McGrath and Warnie set their own fields, so no points for him there tactically. His favourite field change was the classic 'put a fielder where the batsman just hit it' trap. Chasing the game, never dictating it. Great batsman though
  3. Devil-Dick Willie


    Jericho wrestled a 5 star match last year and a 4,5 star match (that I thought should have been 5) in january this year. He's not as quick as he was but he's skilful and charismatic like always. Jericho and Page are both better wrestlers than Cody or Moxley though.
  4. Devil-Dick Willie


    In brighter news Dominion at NJPW was fantastic. Dragon lee vs Osprey and Naito vs Ibushi were predictably instant classics. Even Taichi vs Ishii was engaging. I really like Taichi (AKA Japanese Miz) and he really banged hard here. I feel like people are being harsh on the Jericho vs Okada main event. The match wasn't 5 stars, but the pace it was wrestled at was very impressive and the finish left me wanting more. No botches either. The only main card match that disappointed me at all was GoD vs Evil and Sanada. 4 outstanding wrestlers and GoD are very much in the mix for best tag team in the world. But I feel like these 2 teams have wrestled on the big stage so often that they felt the need to do something different, which lead to a story driven, yet more by the numbers medium match. Moxley had a great promo and this years G1 looks like it could be the best ever, which is saying a lot!!!! Natio all the way baby.
  5. Devil-Dick Willie


    Neither should ever wrestle a match again. At least Goldberg doesn't look like hes about to die on the spot when the match has gone 2 min I guess.
  6. Devil-Dick Willie


    TBH other than a handful of matches carried by his opponents he was never exactly a gifted wrestler. But I understand people loving the larger than life character.
  7. Devil-Dick Willie

    Game Of Thrones

    "Oh man rob was a genius until he fell in love" Posts clip. Try again turncoat.
  8. Devil-Dick Willie

    Eden Hazard Signs for Real Madrid

  9. Devil-Dick Willie

    Game Of Thrones

    Robb Stark: "I'm not accepting a 1v1 duel for no reason against the greatest swordsman in the land who I just defeated in battle and have as a prisoner at my mercy." Tsubasa "OMG what a G E N I U S"
  10. Devil-Dick Willie


    Let the undertaker die in peace.
  11. Devil-Dick Willie

    Eden Hazard Signs for Real Madrid

    That's nice, but no one has bein sports in Australia
  12. Devil-Dick Willie


    So frustrating. Last 2 years smackdown was the saving grace of wwes main product. Put the outstanding wrestlers on Smackdown, with a sprinkling of the big characters on it. 2 hour wrestling show, dominated my matches that go for 10+ minutes. With a bit of shenanigans. Put the big characters on Raw, with a smattering of the outstanding wrestlers on raw. 3 hour show with extra shenanigans and things for the Soggy Baguettes from texas. A bit of good wrestling (except every week not once a month) Split the PPVs again. The current PPV system means we see the same 12 wrestlers every single fucking time, with no time for any mid carders from either brand. The 'wildcard' rule has done the same to each show. Split the roster into 3 sections. Great wrestlers, great entertainers, and guys who are jobbers/tag teams/midcard development (but are happy to be jobbers, not guys you promised huge roles to then shelved.) Great wrestlers Andrade, Ricochet, Cesaro, Rey Mysterio, Samoa joe, Aleister black, Ali, Buddy Murphy, Chad Gable, Kofi, Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler, AJ Styles, Kofi, Drew Mcintyre Daniel Bryan, Fin Balor, Nakamura, Zayn Great entertainers/big characters (some of these guys can really wrestle as well) Roman Reigns, The Miz, Barron Corbin, Braun Strowman, EC3, Randy Orton, Lesnar, Lashley, Jeff Hardy, Elias, KO, Bray Wyatt, R Truth, Rusev Split them up in a rough mix of 80/20 entertainers/ wrestlers on raw and the reverse on smackdown. Everyone else is in a tag team or is a jobber or midcarder. Split them up accordingly If anyone in the mid card wants to leave, let them. Keep your roster efficient and happy. Split the PPVs and make sure your talent are getting time on PPV
  13. Devil-Dick Willie

    Itchy butt cheek

    I have a permanent itchy spot to the very right of my sack, on the inner thigh. Causes me much suffering sometimes.
  14. Devil-Dick Willie

    Sheep - Season 2 - Football

    WTF is this?
  15. Devil-Dick Willie


    Takeover 25 was outstanding. NXT takeover is always a gold standard of wresting. Amazing Strong back on the singles card at takeover and man, what a match. Riddle is starting to really show his class as well Ladder match was super cool. Other than undisputed era, those teams really needed a takeover spotlight, and everyone really delivered.' Baszler is the best female heel on the planet. Breeze. Man. SO wasted on the main roster. They used his and Fandangos promo skills, but those guys fucking rule between the ropes and it was never shown. Back in a huge way. Dream was also excellent in his role as ever. Adam Cole is one of the best wrestlers in the world. Gargano as well. Those 2 will make sparks fly whenever they collide. A wonderful match, possibly 5 stars again.