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  1. Devil-Dick Willie

    Would Alex Ferguson have cut it abroad?

    TBH I doubt he could have replicated his success. Fergusons united was a scrappy team, who were often 'just good enough' with a very deep squad. Very good at combating the kick and rush of regular premier league, and scrappy enough to mix it up in the CL but not the guy I'd want trying to orchestrate Barcelona.
  2. Devil-Dick Willie

    Last movie you watched?

    The hobbit. The desolation of Smaug. 6/10 A bit shit, but a consistent narrative, and an excellent turn from Cumberbatch make this much improved over the first. Tauriel is an incredibly unnecessary character, we're talking black widow levels of achieving nothing that couldn't have been written into the parts of other characters (namely Legolas). The barrel riding scene is aids. Overall however this is an okay movie.
  3. Devil-Dick Willie

    Asian Cup 2019

    Don't you fucking start. El Mohammad is going to be a fucking global surname soon.
  4. Devil-Dick Willie

    Last movie you watched?

    What? I love the lord of the rings. I have read the 3 books and the hobbit. The 3 lotr films are amazing. This bloated CGI fest piece of shit is horrendous. Probably the worst of the 3, though all of them suck to some varying degree. I am watching the 2nd now. Probably the best of the 3, but still pretty garbage. The trilogy is just a fucking shithouse marathon of fan service, awful CGI battle and combat scenes that would be laughably out of place in the original 3, and it's another modern quip fest with everyone saying smarky shit every 10 seconds like they're in an avengers film. This film actually makes my physically fucking ill. Fuck these movies.
  5. Top club strikers are the most overrated players in all of football, and prolific strikers at lesser teams of the top leagues are the most underrated. Mario Mandzukic was a 10 goal a season, decent but unspectacular player, before Bayern Munich snapped him up and fed him goals. The difference between Mane, and any other really fast dude with decent touch is marginal. Even I could score 15+ goals a season at Barcelona were I fit enough to play 90 min week in and out and trained with them week in and out.
  6. Devil-Dick Willie

    Last movie you watched?

    The hobbit, an unexpected journey. 2/10 Fuck this is garbage. To think Peter Jackson directed this fucking travesty.
  7. He certainly used to be. Not bad, nothing great. Some have played for England for less.
  8. TBH the moderating on here is outright 1984 'you can't say that even though it offended no one' bullshit. Then the very same mods say whatever the fuck they want with no consequence. Fuck all the mods as far as I'm concerned you two faced self righteous window licking cock ticklers.
  9. Devil-Dick Willie

    Asian Cup 2019

    Asia is so fucking dire.
  10. Devil-Dick Willie


    The 'new era' is vastly unpopular with the public. All the retarded bogans see the situation as 'act like cunts and win' or 'behave respectably and lose' They aren't aware that behaviour is independent of the results. Here are the top facebook comments on an article titled "Paine heralds new Aussie era" This is why I hate Australians " The “new era” is absolutely rubbish. Can’t believe the PC brigades have gotten to our national game. Embarrassing." "Just be soft and keep losing. Not a good team, only about half of them should be there" "New era looks crap" "Hard to talk rubbish when your always loosing"
  11. Devil-Dick Willie


    India struggled with the Aussie tail in both innings, but the Australian top orders lack of runs (everyone) leadership(Khawaja, Paine) and talent(everyone except Khawaja) saw them home. If I were the king of selectors this is what my top 7 would look like for the next test. 1. Burns 2. Renshaw 3. Khawaja (c) 4. Handscomb 5. Head 6. Wade (WK) 7. Maxwell (under VERY strict orders to fucking behave himself at the crease. Paine and Finch are mediocre at shield level, much less test level. Finch being a short form specialist, Paine being simply not very good. Harris being picked before Burns or Renshaw is a travesty.
  12. Devil-Dick Willie


    Australia 4 down needing 220 more runs. So much lies on the shoulders of the last 2 real batsmen at the crease. Travis Head, in his second test match, and Sean Marsh, world famous shit cunt. If India can't win this test match they've no hope for the series.
  13. Devil-Dick Willie

    Dating, Relationships and Marriage Thread

  14. Devil-Dick Willie


    Australia haven't chased over 200 in the 4th innings at Adelaide in over 100 years. 250 is highly likely to win the test match. 300 is nailed on
  15. Devil-Dick Willie

    Dating, Relationships and Marriage Thread

    Just broke up with the GF. After about 3 months or so. On her birthday no less. She called me and told me she was feeling confused, like she was leading me on and that she was taking advantage of me. TBH I barely even liked the lass, but I was quite happy seeing her once or twice a week and 'chilling'. Ah well. Being knocked down never feels good, but if she didn't feel great then it's good no games were played and we got it done early.