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  1. Typical progressive middle eastern nation. When the WWE does their big Saudi events none of the women even enter the country much less wrestle.
  2. Devil-Dick Willie

    Budget cuts

    Sorry, I'm not at all in the know when it comes to UK politics. But the idea that voting a certain way makes you racist is very new to me. Please elaborate.
  3. Devil-Dick Willie

    Your club team of the decade!

    No love for Hooper?
  4. I've not cried a crocodile tear in my life boy. I wasn't affected by the Soviets in anyway. I was asking for you to make a real apology to a long time friend of mine out of human decency. I never held it over you as part of my argument.
  5. *Max Kruse scores cup winning goal from 40 yards* Uk Grun Weiss "Man, if Kruse passed it to Klaassen, who could then thread the needle at 25 yards to play in Jojo, he could have layed it off for Sargent if he had actually been selected in the matchday squad. SELFISH!!!!"
  6. Ironic. Do they teach YOU reading and writing? Literally Definition: in a literal manner or sense; exactly. So if I 'literally' wrote nobody else can be as bad as Stalin's Russia I would have had to have written "Nobody else can be as bad as Stalin's Russia" Which we know I certainly did not. I said "I think if Satan himself fought Stalin's Russia he still wouldn't be the baddie." I wrote this to imply the horrific evils of the Soviet Union, particularly under Stalin made them a genuine force of evil. You're having a fucking mare mate. Drop it. You're throwing your toys out the pram and having a cry, and continually trying to imply prejudice where there simply isn't any. Apologise to Nudge and call it a day.
  7. Except I didn't say that at all "Ironic that they're about to fight the Ruskis there. I think if satan himself fought against Stalin's Russia he still wouldn't be the 'baddie'"
  8. What do you mean by Pizarro or Kruse? Which player was better in his prime? Pizarro. Which player would I rather start a match these days? Kruse.
  9. You know 'him' so well you don't realise she's a she?
  10. How is claiming Soviet Russia is evil quasi supporting Nazi Germany? That's a massive fucking leap. My comment was that they were both evil. I also have no idea why I'd feel alone?
  11. Forgot Nudge was Lithuanian. That's really horrific. @Inverted As recently as the fucking 90's people were risking being shot, and having their families murdered to escape the Soviet union. A nation that was such a 'force of good' it literally had to erect a fucking wall to keep its citizens in. The 90s. The fucking 90s. In the same decade as Nirvana came and went, the same decade as Britney Spears and slipknot released their first albums, the same decade I assume you were fucking born in and the dame decade friends came on air, the fucking soviets were still murdering their own citizens to forcibly keep them in their shithole supernation no one wanted or wanted to be in. How do you forget that? And how do you fucking dare accuse someone of discussing a 50 year forced reign of subversion, censorship and terror as a fucking Nazi apologist? You are a fucking weapon of the highest order if you don't apologise to Nudge. We weren't talking about combat against armies of other nations. We were discussing the murder of non combatants , ethnic cleansing, the relocation and destruction of entire native populations ect.
  12. It's not that 'the soviets were worse' Stalin was just directly responsible for more deaths (mostly his own as well). This is a historical fact. So if you wanna measure in corpses I guess then by all means, go ahead. But I'm sure an air headed socialist like you will put all those poor dead unionists down to 'evil cold war capitalist propaganda'.
  13. Stalin. But he had longer at the top. Hitler beats him easily during that 5 -6 year period of WW2. It was an off handed reference that the Russians were also real bad, that inverted has tried to declaim. The real discussion is how racist it is or isn't to have an off centre jolly roger on your merch.
  14. Devil-Dick Willie

    amo - Bring Me The Horizon

    BMTH were a bit too cringe for my taste back before they sold out, and the selling out has only made things worse for me. Not my cup of tea at all.