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Devil-Dick Willie

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  1. Fuck you piece of shit, stole my thread
  2. Devil-Dick Willie

    Champions League & Europa League Resumption Plans

    QF1 Winner of city vs Real vs winner of OL vs Juve QF2 Leipzig vs Atletico Madrid QF3 Winner of Napoli vs Barca vs winner of Chelsea or Bayern QF4 Atalanta vs PSG SF1 Winner of QF1 vs winner of QF3 SF2 Winner of QF2 vs winner of QF4
  3. Devil-Dick Willie

    Champions League & Europa League Resumption Plans

    Not even UEFA can get zoom to work
  4. Devil-Dick Willie

    Champions League & Europa League Resumption Plans

    Easier than ever to rig, with no one in the room
  5. Devil-Dick Willie

    Champions League & Europa League Resumption Plans

    Eagerly awaiting Spanish teams to get the EZ ties.
  6. Less penalty decisions are incorrect than ever. But that just makes it more frustrating when they're wrong. I head Viichais chopper was hit with the same kinda missile they nailed the pentagon with.
  7. Devil-Dick Willie


    I was so pumped for AEW when it was all announced. But they're so small time in their mentality, have produced little of what was promised and exist entirely off WWE sloppy seconds. I hate that it became cool overnight to hate on NXT, when NXT was flying the flag for quality US wrestling. Oh, and Moxly went 2 far in the serious direction. The goofiness of his character was overblown in WWE sometimes, but he's dialed it back to generic boring "badass". No he shouldn't be wrestling in a bear suit, or in a shithouse heel turn where he is afraid of people giving him germs (ahead of his time). But people loved him for shit like this They're the epitome of popcorn wrestling. Moonsault piledriver 2 minutes into a match for a 2 count. "When everything is amazing and special nothing is amazing and special" Cody, MJF and a few others are being booked well, and avoiding the stupid gimmick shit. They're the ones carrying the company.
  8. Devil-Dick Willie

    First Goal

    69 21
  9. Unfortunately he's bound to the same laws of physics as the rest of us mate
  10. Devil-Dick Willie

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Augustinson is no Garcia. Heres what I hope for. --------------------------------------------Pavlenka------------------------------------------ Someone good---Someone good----Veljkovic---------Someone good ----------------------------------------Someone good---------------------------------------- ---------------------Maximum eggfactor--------------Klassen------------------------- Bittencourt? --------------------------Fulkrug------------------------Someone good Subs. gebre, Selke, Jojo, friedl, Bargfrede, dude, kapino Heres what I fear -----------------------------------------Pavlekna----------------------------------------------- gebre-------------Friedl------------------------------Veljkovic-----------Some dude ---------------------------------------------Dude--------------------------------------------------- -------------Bittencourt-----------------------------------Max eggs---------------------- ---------------------------------------------Klassen------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------Sargent-------------Fulkrug------------------------------------- Midfield diamonds give me PTSD
  11. What about the Leicester city bug where the fans think everythings a nailed on penalty.
  12. Devil-Dick Willie

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Klassen will hopefully stay.
  13. Devil-Dick Willie

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Never rated Augie as much as you, but well need a left back and right back. Selke stays? Close all the pie shops
  14. Devil-Dick Willie

    Werder Bremen Thread

    Okay, now with a clear head. Step 1. Cut some deadwood. Don't extend Selkes loan, bin any defender who can't play at least 25 games of a fucking season. Osako, your little run of 'form' at the end there won't save you you little pushover. Step 2. We're losing Selke (thank fuck) Osako (hopefully) and Pizarro. Bartels has more grey in his hair than Pizarro does. Buy Fulkrug a friend. One who's not a 120 pound Japanese lady. Step 3. If liverpool can hire a coach specifically for throw ins, we can hire a defensive trainer who specializes in defending set pieces. Heck, a seminar with Mertesacker might do the trick. Just get it done. Step 4. When Milot goes, reinvest some of the money, wisely if possible you dumb old cunt pieces of shit. Step 5. Whatever happened to that nice ice hockey dude? Thomas Eichin. He brought in some nice players on a freakishly shoestring budget. Get him back
  15. Fixed And even better
  16. Cicero will hate me for saying it but influential performance from Willian netted Chelsea that win. That, and a lot more luck than should have been necessary. Bit of a shambles at the back for the 2nd
  17. Devil-Dick Willie

    Kanye West Running for POTUS in 2020

    No one man should have all that power.
  18. We didn't waste your noble sacrifice.
  19. I'm hungover. Gladbach stayed up by the skin of their teeth once and got good. Yeah they had Reus and Herman but hey. We live to fight on.
  20. Devil-Dick Willie

    George Floyd Death & Aftermath/Protests

    Overthrowing capitalism is the highest calling a man can rise to.
  21. My keyboard doesn't do currency in tea leaves per Brexit Then you've nothing to worry about mate.
  22. Couldn't hurt Maybe fork out $40 and watch a game next season mate
  23. If you live in london/manchester/Liverpool and as a fan of one of the top clubs you don't go to a few arsenal/chelsea/united/Liverpool games a season you're a prat. Unless you're living below the poverty line. There's millions around the world who'd kill to swap places if you just wanna watch it on the tele
  24. The kind of prat who lives local to a big team and still never goes to games is well worse than the kind of prat who lives in a different country and will only see their team play once or twice ever, but consider it a special moment in their life. Thank you for listening to my ted talk
  25. Devil-Dick Willie

    What are you listening to?

    Stumbled into this. Solid