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Devil-Dick Willie

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  1. At least it wasn't 45 minutes after full time. Thank heavens for small mercies.
  2. Yuck. 1-0. In some United fashion too.
  3. Penandez, who has SO much practice, takes a fucking minging penalty
  4. Player with his arm tight to his body, 2 yards from the ball and turning away. This wont be overturned.
  5. You can hear the ref say that he thinks he's got the ball before the man with his toe. I don't think he got the ball at all.
  6. The best 1-1 in our collection this season. But we need to collect 3 pts here and there.
  7. Devil-Dick Willie


    A chat for all those doing that extra spicy post school level education. A place to vent/share study tips and chat about what you're learning and why! Currently finishing Cert IV in fitness and chemistry/maths at university, to get automatic entry into exercise science. Sadly this involves learning engineering maths. Fuck my life, it's dry as fuck.
  8. Devil-Dick Willie


    His match with Lesnar, he wanted to do certain spots, but Lesnar is lesnar. If he doesn't like you he won't put you over, win or loss. Lesnars best matches are with people he likes/wants to work with. Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Fin Balor, Daniel Bryan, Mysterio. Then look at the effort he puts in against Strowman, Reigns or Kofi Ambrose wanted a hardcore match for the ages, he got "I'll call it in the ring" Then infinite suplexes. Not true he's mediocre as fuck tbh. His best match ever was against Ishii, and it was a match that was brawling/chairs. His best WWE singles match was a no DQ against McIntyre. They guy needs props.
  9. Devil-Dick Willie


    I am learning I am bad at algebraic factorizing, and algebraic multiplication.
  10. Devil-Dick Willie


    The enormity and velocity of boxings decline since the information era dawned has impressed even me. The fights between real fighters have so much politics and corruption overshadowing them it's hard to take seriously and the rest is pointless Youtubers who need content for a few videos with 3 months training waving their arms at each other.
  11. Devil-Dick Willie


    I absolutely agree with this. Just a brown nose for the he quit multiple times. Never got huge into Austin even when he was hot tbh. He's like the USA redneck messiah, so I can see why US southerners like him, he was a symbol for deadbeat bogans who hated their boss, and he got the best segments, so has some good shit to his name. However, medium wrestler, and I'm not into the redneck jesus thing as much as everyone else seems to be. Never liked Ambrose that much either, but he was dead right about brock and dead right about everything he said on Jerichos podcast.
  12. Devil-Dick Willie

    Today I Had To Laugh At...

    Fantastic movie for those who haven't seen it. Just dumb as fuck fun.
  13. Devil-Dick Willie

    UK Politics & Brexit Discussion

    Hopefully it at least works. Before our last federal election in 2019, the liberal government who looked nailed on to get the arse, in their last days intentionally tied up billions in USELESS defense contracts, just so Labor couldn't spend the money productively on Health and Education (because education is the enemy of the right wing nationalist.) And oops they got re elected.
  14. Devil-Dick Willie

    First Goal - Season Two

    61 12
  15. Devil-Dick Willie

    Coronavirus and Football

    Uh bro thats a robot
  16. Devil-Dick Willie


    No, I don't even watch the raw highlights anymore. I am aware McIntyre beat up an old man to regain the title. Just so they can go face vs heel at SS. It pleases me that Mox is going to get the shit slapped and kicked out of him by Kenta though. Will be a nice match I think.
  17. Devil-Dick Willie


    @Gunnersauraus Kenny will beat Mox. AEW will want to shake off the WWE rejects tag for one, and for two... Mox will also lose to Kenta at WK. AEW won't want their world champion losing at WK., especially over the companies 4th ranked belt. I don't know when Mox is supposed to defend against Kenny, or when the next PPV is supposed, but I BET MY FUCKING LIFE SAVINGS that Mox will drop the belt in December. Get ready for a random episonde of Dynamite to have a world championship match I guess Fucking small timers
  18. Devil-Dick Willie

    Members You Miss

    I still miss you tho
  19. Devil-Dick Willie

    First Goal - Season Two

    13th, 30th
  20. Devil-Dick Willie

    Health and Fitness

    Good work mate. Once you get jacked enough BMI won't even be applicable to you anymore! You'll be in the 50% club
  21. Devil-Dick Willie

    Members You Miss

    Cannabis @Fusion @Berserker @Fairy In Boots
  22. Devil-Dick Willie

    First Goal - Season Two

    32nd 40th
  23. Devil-Dick Willie

    Euro 2020 - Who Will Win?

    My pick was France, but you know how Uruguay are generally perennial overachievers because they're so in sync? The 'club team' of international football? Well I just wonder if Wolverhampton will be the winner for just that reason...