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  1. Uhh, a singles match between cody and roman that cody wins, with bloodline interference of course, but with cody triumphant, Basically last years match but with Cody winning. The more special guests run ins and fan service you get the more it does 2 things, 1. Distract from Codys win. Here we are talking about who turned up for the match, rather than the result. 2. Undermine Codys win. Beating Roman is supposed to be final boss stuff, but this is more like a WoW dungeon raid where your mates carry you through, and whos to say that Zayn, Owens, Logan Paul, or whoever else wouldn't have beaten Roman too if every man and his dog had come to help them? What did Cody do here that makes him special? This was supposed to be about Cody and Roman. Instead we're all looking at the rock, Cena, and the return of the cumdertaker.
  2. Na, they just chill in the gum.
  3. He does love the same promo again and again doesn't he? Did you know he's Dustys son? I don't mind him, and he's a good enough in ring wrestler, but lord that kind of match is one I hate. Takes the shine off him, takes away from the achievement of overcoming Roman.
  4. The main event was dogshit. If you are a fan who wants to make soy faces because your childhood hero returned I suppose it was probably okay.
  5. So now that 'pushing for Europe' has become 'Thank god for points deductions or we'd be fucking relegated' You finally happy to say you'll take 40-50 mil tops?
  6. Devil-Dick Willie


    Yeah as a book reader that was a HUGE failure of the film
  7. Devil-Dick Willie


    I was stoned af both times I watched dune and legit thought I imagined that. God you're really telling me that's a real thing?
  8. Devil-Dick Willie


    Oh yea, it's a classic Zimdog soundtrack, with some fucking jarring awful moments. 'BWAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMP' or 'screeching Arab lazy' whenever something fucking happens, ALA black hawk down hahahaha. The Sardukar throat singing planet was sick though.
  9. Devil-Dick Willie


    I think the first 3 books are very adaptable. Not the rest Everything is better when you're really high Both movies are desaturated AF, but I prefer the first where there is a bit too much going on to the second where nothing of consequence happens for huge chunks of the film and the character development never actually occurs when it's supposed to.
  10. Devil-Dick Willie


    Great books, mid movies, it actually makes me a bit sad that this is this generations star wars/lord of the rings. The movies look great, casts are mostly good, no 'outstanding' performances, but mostly because there isn't room for any in the rushed first movie. Everything is just kind of... competent and the film is good looking, both as a visual spectacle and the cast involved. I gave the first one a promising 7.5/10 And then the second. Lord. 6/10.
  11. England will win an early ticket home is about all.
  12. Dris is too old. If it were 10 years ago maybe. Cavil is the new Keanu. Handsome and made of wood. ATJ will be brilliant imo, looks the part.
  13. If only Toney scored a couple of those 20 goals he's guaranteed to score per season.
  14. Getting high AF and listening to music with one going is lovely.
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