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  1. Well His Boy Elroy just got awarded 'best burgers in Australia' so we have that going for us in Wollongong.
  2. It was a joke. Everyone takes jokes on Messi harder than BBCs. He is nowhere near the player he was however, and should probably head to the US soon.
  3. I love solar too. But no, the timing was never going to be good. Things are driven by economic incentive, which is why green energy is taking so fucking long to be mixed into the grid. It's come to the point where it's literally 'we need to replace fossil fuels because the effects have gotten bad, are getting worse and we're running the fuck out anyway'. We should have been going big guns on solar and wind energy (where appropriate) a decade ago.
  4. That's because the grid is dirty and lithium mining is barely regulated in 3rd world countries. 2 fixable issues. Fossil fuel will always be dirty.
  5. Elon is the biggest scam artist on the planet. If musk didn't believe in climate change (and he does, watch him on Rogan) why is he building electric cars?
  6. You're genuinely an absolute plonker with your conspiracy theories. You genuinely believe their is a GLOBAL conspiracy on climate? That every nations scientists have come together in agreement to lie about something that doesn't do anyone any favors, and in fact upsets the old money mining and fossil fuel giants much to the DETRIMENT of these nations? A conspiracy theory IMO needs a clear benefactor, needs to be isolated enough that the truth can be concealed (such as a few people or a single government agency) and needs a clear line of hard to believe circumstances or coincidences. Your conspiracy requires global cooperation of nations. No fucking way Needs the rich and powerful to benefit, whereas global warming fucks with them, you're 0 for 2 And so many independent and non government funded scientists are in agreement that that fucks with your ideas too.
  7. If by playmaker you mean 'his team get penalties because it's Messi so technically he's creating goal scoring opportunities' then yea, til he's 60 mate.
  8. They're both fucked, and fuck fifa. If Messi wants to win the world cup, he and his team can fucking earn it.
  9. Oh my fucking god. Just saw the pen. Fraud, absolutely, and I spit on Lucas for wishing Messi scored from it. Fuck that.
  10. Proved wrong about what? That's me responding to 6666 saying no asian team would make the next round. I don't think any kind of 'magical spirit' had anything to do with it. Australia never get comeback wins, they rarely upset teams at the world cup (4 wins in 5 WCs and 2 of them were mildly surprising, Serbia and Denmark) Good on them for going through.
  11. I have never. Ever. Seen this amazing spirit people harp on about. They took a lead against france then rolled over. They took a lead against Tunisia and were easily second best for the remainder of the game.
  12. Don't rate Australia or Japans chances? Germany are too prone to picking shit teams with Sule at RB and no striker for me to be confident, and Australia are one pretty mild upset away.
  13. There is a difference between best player and most talented buddy. I don't think Foden is Englands best player, but he is definitely most talented.
  14. If you replace a failure with a failure that's kind of a success right?
  15. They can afford to lose though. They would finish 2nd in the group.
  16. There's been some fantastic defense all around in this game. Surprisingly open thus far in a tournament where every defending team seems determined not to press and just sit in their half, and every attack is determined to pass around aimlessly.
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