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  1. When it was a Youtube show, season 1, it was a pretty cool show. Netflix ruined it in all the ways they're famous for. Spaghetti spaghetti never forgetti.
  2. You were freddy kruger back then right?
  3. @Honey Honey @DeadLinesman Who was the fat lad from Newcastle with the good sense of humor? From AGES back? I also miss Swifty, ASF for the movie knowledge, and that Polish Dortmund fan, what was his name @Tommy?
  4. Lampard in his first season delivered top 4 football with no transfers, when pretty much no one expected it and Chelsea fans would have taken that 100% at seasons start. He got plaudits, he deserved them. Then the fat fucker misspent in the window, and fucked it all up with the pressure on him, and was rightfully called on it. If Gerrard gets Villa pushing at Europe, I'm sure many here will gobble his cock. Just the same as we should look upon him dryly if Villa finish 11th or 12th, where Dean Smith would likely have had them. You're in a forum dominated by Liverpool fans ffs.
  5. Because he won the Scottish premier league but is untested at this level and I'm curious to see what he's got now that his team has had a run of poor results? I'm Australian, never stepped foot on English shores, I don't read your papers or know your politics, so you can fuck right off with your classism anti scouse bullshit. I've disliked liverpool football club famously ever since I started posting on TFF 10 years ago, but people of liverpool have nothing to do with it.
  6. True that, and you can't begrudge them any of those losses (even to a turgid Chelsea) but that's gonna put them under more pressure to win 3/4 in their next 4 considering they're playing some of the worst the league has to offer now, then Southampton and Brighton are 2 teams they'd wanna be beating or at least out playing. They're 2 from 7. Failing to beat Brentford makes it look a bit uglier than it might be, but as I said, makes it crucial to put it all behind them now. Yeah the bounce is done, let's see now, in the next 6 or so weeks what you're made of. If you're not picking up 4 wins here, it just seems a bit pointless, and if you do, you can point to the results as to why Smith wasn't given more time.
  7. Villa have 1pt from 3. Everton, leeds, newcastle, watford next 4. Then Brighton and Southampton after that. If they don't pick up at least 12 points there then what the fuck was the point of sacking Dean Smith. But we shall see.
  8. I don't think Ramsdale is trash, but he's not setting the world on fire either. I'd give him a pass mark, for Arsenal that is. I'd take Lloris over him if I had a matchday tomorrow. But in 2 years who knows. Maybe Ramsdale will be the England keeper, adding to their storied history of amazing keepers such as Joe Hart, Rob Green, John Rudd, Scott Carson and Chris Kirkland.
  9. seeing that people in this forum actually respected DTs opinions back in the day, when 80% of the words that came out of his fat mouth were "blud" makes me sad. It really does. Has nothing to do with his behavior behind closed doors and everything to do with him clearly being an obese cretin.
  10. I've said it for ages, I'm glad you're coming round. He was not great last season and this season is worse.
  11. Liverpool long term plan. Step 1, sell Kabak and Phillips, Origi and Ox Step 2. Buy 1 player to replace 4. Step 3. Gat 2 injuries Step 4. "OMG an UNPRECEDENTED injury crisis, if only we had depth... But we don't have the money of other clubs wahhh fucking wahhh" Step 5. Don't win league.
  12. Sanchez is easily the worst keeper in the league. And with Krul around, that's saying something.
  13. Geddy and Les Claypool are the 2 goats. Geddy for composition and pioneering styles, Les for playing unplayable shit, crazy composition and making bass the star of the show.
  14. On all 3 occasions the pattern is the same. They beat you, handily, in the first game. Then you win on the last matchday, game 6 when they've already qualified in first, and play a side that rests stars. Also, 2 of those 3 ties were against Peps bayern, not Jupps.
  15. Bryan is money. And he's money because he's doing things the traditional way. No goofiness. Just a good wrestler, cutting good promos, with a good story to tell. Then backing it all up in ring. I'd tune out if Cutler and the Bucks were on my tv too.
  16. I didn't like peak barcas football as much, just like I didn't like peps Bayern as much. 2012/13 Bayern were physical, elegant, comfortable on and off the ball, in long possession or on the counter, long or short passing. Pressed hard off the ball. Very capable team in the air too. Unlike Barcas midgets. Ribery was very adventurous, Robben too to a lesser extent. Meant the team could pull out stunning pieces of brilliance. A danger from set pieces and capable of beating teams in different ways. Barca could be boring at times, dallying on the ball doing nothing with it for long periods. had a more clockwork like attack, and looked fucking lost when plan A didn't work. Hence them getting bullied by Bayern at that time.
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