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  1. Cody will rip up his "I can't compete for the AEW title" contract to either get punk into an anti authority story line for the title or to beat punk for the title and form an anti authority story.
  2. Here's an anti gambling ad if anyone ever needed one. After Oles comments mid week, with a home game, united were always nailed on to get a pen. With Ronaldo and Penandes as takers they were always nailed on to score it I put $10 on at $4.50 I was betrayed.
  3. Little known fact. XG is a misused stat. Many people believe it means 'expected goals' the number of goals a team should score per 90. However, what it's really used for is a metric of measurement for wankers. The more you use the term XG unironically around football matches, the more of a wanker you are.
  4. Especially odd when you think that Newcastle are well set up to counter with St Maximin, and Chelsea have the second fattest striker in their history (behind Higuain) and turbo timo. The man who gives the ball away at turbo speed!
  5. If you had a first touch for Werner and Lukaku combined you'd have 0.3 of a quality first touch.
  6. I just have a sneaky that it's chelseas season. Only Werner can stop them
  7. I had to learn pre algebra, algebra, functions, limits, surds, calculus, equations and quadratics in the space of 14 weeks for uni I have forgotten most of it.
  8. My specialty was chemistry Deals in matters of the atomic and physical. Properties and structures of compounds. Never fucked with physics. Both physics and chemistry make enormous use of equations. Which is a 2 sided mathematic statement in which both sides are true. d=st. Distance = speed x time as nudge has alluded to. However, this also means that... s=d/t. Speed = divided by time t=d/s. Time = distance divided by speed. I believe a LOT of calculus is used in physics too. In fact I believe it was invented to describe motion. I was told by a medical physics student that you could map an entire human body, down to the anatomical structure using calculus. Wild. You can also use it for more basic things. Mapping out a car trip where the speed isn't constant and distance traveled is a related variable.
  9. Hahahahaha "Who was it again? Some Chelsea cunt, probably True Blue" This is a transcript of my thought process. Love you long time.
  10. Margin Call 9/10 Saw @True Blue and @Inverted mention it was great. It is great.
  11. Still mandatory here, so I wear it to the shops and at work. I imagine when gyms and uni opens up ill have to wear it there too.
  12. I think Olivera would have killed Connor. Dustin winning that fight was bad news for Charles. I can barely split them but I just have the sneaky feeling Charles will get it done when he probably shouldn't.
  13. Klass Jan Huntelaar. Philip Lahm Lars Bender Marco Reus
  14. Classic right wing. "We're pro free speech"
  15. How much more by Toneys arm did the ball need to be? Then Traore gets unlucky, then Brentford score. Wolves have fucked this.
  16. My favorite tool songs are 46 & 2, and Schism
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