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  1. I swear this window is you running about on players Chelsea are linked too and going "Nah this ones ours guys this time I swear" and plugging your fingers into your ears as soon as another club is linked hahaha. I hope you get this one mate.
  2. I know 2 huge JP fans. one literally has a shrine to him hahahaha. Both fuck occasionally, because both are good looking dudes. But struggle huge time to form relationships. Why? Because incel daddies advice only runs skin deep. It doesn't help people form personalities or meaningful relationships, but it does breed entitlement and a smug superiority. Normal people don't want to spend their time with a self help guru. They want to be comfortable, not challenged and judged constantly. So you end up with Jared and Brodie. Jacked crypto bros who wear nice watches and go to the gym, but who can't hold a conversation that isn't based on status, judgement or an obvious fake 'im a chill vibes dude' tangent. So these broken people remain broken because the reason they're so fucked up in the first place is because their self esteem is low because others place little value on them. I think people who are already reasonably sane, who are getting a mix of advice from several sources would stand to gain the most from JPs writings, because they would have the self awareness to pick and choose the things valuable to them. Ironically it's the cult of incels he panders to who gain the least.
  3. Hahaha there's more to life than money. Ask him. He's the one who was admitted to psyche and rehab, and has struggled massively with his mental health and wellbeing. But sure, he's mega happy because he sold some shitty self help books to some Soggy Baguettes who think that cleaning their room will make them whole.
  4. This is also still true. I struggle so badly with well put together women. I am only good at pairing up with crazies
  5. So I went back through my posts in this thread. Fuck I'm a loser. This is probably the best one though, as that girl has married and lives with the dude she left me for. Good on them she chose wisely!
  6. There's no reason to make the dragon 'feminine' He's a fucking dork. You see the shit he wrote about his grandmas pubes? Fucked up weird old dude.
  7. The misogynism king of the incels joins the worlds greatest incel platform? Was bound to happen soon. "You must overcome the dragon of chaos, which is of course represented by the feminine, and slay it with the sword of order, which is masculine. Now, what this means for people of our humble time, is walking tall, keeping your moms basement where you reside clean and tidy, and never ever having sex, because that's embracing the feminine, which is gae"
  8. It's called 'Tiger blood' and it's classy.
  9. This is why I always have sex with housemates. It's so much fun for like 30 minutes, that you forget the consequences
  10. They definitely did the best with what they had.
  11. Werner, Ziyech and Lukaku fulfilled their potential.
  12. What changes in the starwars universe between the beginning of the show and end? Nothing. It's a shitty story that didn't need to be told. Also, between wanda and this Reya chick, why is hollywood giving women the green light to do awful, awful things and be forgiven at the end with no consequence?
  13. The shitty ending is exactly why this show shouldn't have happened. Obi wan vs Vader between the prequals and the main story. "Damn I wonder if either of the will die?"
  14. You're just mad they wrote a song about your pee pee.
  15. I don't know if @RandoEFC you listen to podcasts, but give trashfuture a go. It's got free weekly episodes on youtube. And something like $7 a month for extra weekly content. Seems up your alley.
  16. If you were sat in a room of Harry, Stan and I, and we democratically elected to rip your tits off with a pair of tongs, you'd follow through because it's the will of the people? Look at what happens when you use populism as a yard stick. You get states like Texas hahaha. And Brexit. Enjoy!.
  17. Orphans cost the nation BILLIONS. Plus the fucked up reality of being raised by strangers and what that does to people. Of course abortion should be regulated. So 74% of people are sane. But that doesn't mean they don't want the ability to have that choice you pillock. Driving is regulated. walking across the road is regulated. Fuck you're dense.
  18. Having an unwanted child is likely to ruin your life and the childs. There is a procedure that prevents this ongoing multi generational suffering. Pretty fucking open and shut. Sincerely, a boy who was unwanted by his parents, was left by his father at a very young age and hasn't spoken to his mother since he left home.
  19. "Nice try, we'll take the 30 mil only thanks." Said a juventus spokesperson.
  20. Wrong, it means everything. It won't happen, but just the thought is burning people up. You're right that fizzy drinks are bad for you and tea isn't (and coffee barely is) but I don't think there's any basis for removing fizzy drinks from the free market. Even a can of coke a day, which is awful for you, won't fuck a kid up the way a fat red bull can a day will. Both on sugar and caffeine basis. I don't think kids under 12 or so should drink coffee, but that's a different kettle of fish. Removing fizzy drinks is only a step away from banning maccas and the like. Whereas Mother, Red Bull and V are fucking poison, and marketed at kids. Every online influencer has their own energy drink FFS
  21. So in the end you end up winding people up over a headline on an article that is actually about the Labour gov making a GOOD move (restricting dangerous caffeine level beverages to kids) and turning it into an "oh my god what nonsense" headline designed to rile up conservative and moderate voters in their 30s-50s.
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