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  1. I find it bizarre how different the second half was. Out of nowhere we seemed to have a tenacity and the amount of times we broke was unbelievable. Very much teething problems with our attacking though - noticed a few times we seemed to break our own attacks down by intercepting our own passes. I'm encouraged after watching that. I was livid at half time - I'd seen 135 minutes over the two games of one shot on target, cautious, frankly crap football from a manager I expected better from. That second half was what I want to see.
  2. Willian is toss. It's only our tendency to concede to pigs like that that makes me scared to slag them off before the game is over.
  3. We grew into it so much to the point I'm actually a bit disappointed with a point. First ten minutes was horrific from us and Chelsea were relentless, could easily have been more than a goal down. At half time I was really fucked off with how we'd played - a continuation of the Wolves game, all the possession yet absolutely nothing created. The second half, did Chelsea just tire or did we step up a few gears? Or both? We had so many chances in the end but so often got that final ball or finish wrong. Maddison had a weird game, he was totally ineffective in the first half. I thought the set up was weird, I can't even tell where he's meant to be playing a lot of the time. Leaving an ageing Fuchs exposed on the left was a very risky game. Second half he was a lot better but he should've scored as well. Overall I'm happy with that, reckon we edged it overall after a terrifying start and could easily have won it.
  4. I can't see it. I think 5 years ago somebody like a Tottenham would've done it but Burnley could legitimately demand £50mil for him, such is the nature of the league now, and nobody would be silly enough to pay that. Burnley won't be near the drop this year by the way. They're a scruffy side but they're well organised and they're not easy to beat.
  5. There are too many variables to put everything down to one decision as well. Last week in Leicester v Wolves, Wolves scored a goal that was disallowed for a carbon copy of what happened with Laporte today and the goal was chalked off. Leicester took the free kick, attacked and won a corner, a move that happened to include Ayoze Perez handling the ball twice. If Leicester score from that corner, it counts and is not over-ruled by VAR. That to me is just utterly farcical.
  6. Different for a few reasons. Goals from offside you can tell in seconds when you eventually spot the flag. Frustrating but you can understand it. This is a concept that actively encourages the 'moment' of scoring a goal to be broken down. How did you react when Welbeck scored that winner against us three and a half years ago? Just imagine now you have that buzz killed by a VAR check, goal given or not, you have taken away that euphoria, that sudden outburst of joy. Not for me. I wanted some sort of help for referees and I'm not ashamed to admit it, but this just isn't the answer.
  7. No blows. Always said all along it'll take a while - when people are used to VAR, you'll all see it eventually.
  8. VAR's been a shambles ever since it was introduced. Inconsistent, euphoria killing shite and I'm saying that as a fan of a team who has only benefitted from it so far. Farcical situation all round.
  9. Today's a sign really of how much Liverpool have progressed. In previous years in those circumstances they'd have probably lost today. Winning's a habit.
  10. Newcastle really are bang in trouble. So early I know but that's an absolute howler.
  11. Bournemouth 2 up. Did not see that coming. Everton winning.
  12. I do think Campbell's reputation as a big name ex player may propel him to a level above where you'd expect someone with his managerial CV to end up but Hughton is a safer bet. Hughton I think could probably steer them to a top half finish. Siewert I think was taking them down - three home defeats out of three already is awful and a sign they've just picked up where they left off. Siewert was clearly a bit out of his depth.
  13. I actually think they're a dark horse for the drop.
  14. Fan organised displays and club funded displays are chalk and cheese. Fair play to them having a go.