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  1. I'm really torn on Arsenal. I'm not convinced Arteta is the answer but I'm not convinced one bit by a lot of their players either. They're a good example of what happens when you don't plan ahead. They're stuck at a crossroads. I think they're gonna be around midtable for the next couple of seasons at least.
  2. They hardly ever score. No idea how to break down anybody organised. I think more and more teams are cottoning onto them. I thought Wolves would be good this season but I feel like they've been a little sussed.
  3. Red card after 10 minutes that better not be Ricardo.
  4. Really, really hope he's back to what he was like beforehand. He really was superb. Castagne, Ricardo and Justin is a steady selection of full backs. Thought Justin was about the only player to come out of yesterday with any credit. Albrighton's out of his depth in games like that now.
  5. Agree with this. Think there's a good case for it given our media.
  6. I'm a bit baffled by when we play you. We are in theory probably placed in the top 5 teams in the league to make you worry, yet in reality, we deliver a bottom 5 performance against you every time. I'm not even talking about the freak result against Villa - games like West Ham & Sheffield United where you've been made to sweat a bit. Yesterday was just plain sailing.
  7. For what it's worth I don't think you actually will, what's quite amazing is so far, the team in 17th place are on course for just 17 points. It's hard to see anybody outside of those four as things stand becoming serious contenders, although it's still very early days and things can change very quickly in relegation battles. But there's a couple of slightly worrying signs for me, I really can't believe you're as low down as 15th, performance wise you should be top half absolute minimum. That's never a great sign to me.
  8. Fulham's record of missing penalties is actually going to be enough to relegate them this year. They said on TV earlier they've missed 16 of their last 31 penalties. Over half of their penalties in the last 4 seasons have been missed. That's shockingly bad.
  9. This will sound daft and very harsh but I wonder if Leeds are a dark horse to drop. They're not turning their performances into results - and I'm not convinced they can sustain this level of performance.
  10. Pep was complimentary because you're an open team who didn't set up to stifle their play, and he knows that more often than not in future that he's going to beat you doing it. It's why they slagged us off and it's why he'll slag others who do it off. He's been like it years. Heaps praise on teams he hammers and slates the ones who get something off him. Spotted it very early doors.
  11. Yep. It's totally fine to bounce in the run up to a penalty but you come half an ants pube off the line and the penalty is retaken.
  12. Midfield is where you hammer us. We have a lot of tidy footballers in midfield but they're a bit of a luxury, and one that we can't afford in games like that. Praet is the only one I think who physically competes against Liverpool and he left him out, which was an error and I thought so at the time. Our performances against Liverpool are appalling. It's like we're shit scared.