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  1. It does surprise me teams don't try more short corner routines.
  2. I really rate him as a manager but this would be just madness.
  3. This Amazon thing is just yet another where the fans will lose. Yet another subscription is a piss-take. English fans get the most abysmal deal and so many aren't even aware of it.
  4. It's highly likely to be Sunday 12pm by the way.
  5. Fixtures have fallen very well for us, and me personally. It's a tricky opening pair but not an impossible one either. I think we've caught Wolves and Chelsea at good times - with Wolves almost certainly coming off the back of a Europa League game (this is assuming someone on a level like finishing 3rd in Macedonia doesn't knock them out) and then Chelsea coming off the back of the Super Cup in the midweek leading up to it. On the flip side, I think dropping points to a rival like Wolves would be a real blow so it's quite a big early game for us. We've not got a single run all season of more than two top six sides in a row which is a plus. We've got a bastard of a Christmas though with Man City and Liverpool on the spin, that's the testing period. Not a single midweek away game which I didn't even realise was allowed. Newcastle away NYD, hotel already sorted. Specifically wanted a dour home game on 19th October. Got Burnley at home. Not a single game I can't make as it stands. Really chuffed. Worked out right.
  6. I can't decide if this is a shrewd bit of business or just Man Utd playing a young, hungry player narrative to justify not spending big money. Very undecided. Time will tell on this. My gut instinct is that it's a mistake for both them and the player and he'll be sold to someone like Newcastle in a couple of years.
  7. I don't want that first game. Worst time to play them.
  8. Dan

    Dan - Olympique Lyonnais

    Part 2 of 3... 2017/18 ________________________________ January 2018 There was no notable transfer business in January for us, or really anybody in the league so things stayed as they were. We returned to action by knocking Montpellier out of the cup before producing another two decent league wins, although the collapse at Marseille was awful. Given Marseille's awful form this year, their tendency to get absolutely battered, it was a major setback. We were dealt a very easy hand in the next round of the cup and a nearly entirely changed team pissed it. It was this month where I decided to make a bit of an individual tactical switch - the formation stayed the same, however I decided that given my central midfielders are based on their technical ability and creativity, while my attacking trio tend to succeed more with pace, I decided I'd attempt to convert the struggling Nabil Fekir into a central midfield playmaker. A bit of a gamble, but he isn't working here in this system and I feel like he's too good to leave out completely. This is a final attempt to salvage something from him. February 2018 This was a very busy month for us but with a crucial few games in there. The most notable is the draw at PSG where we salvaged the most unlikely of late points thanks to yet another star showing from Memphis Depay. Fekir looked stylish in midfield in the two games following but unfortunately Bayern had a bit too much for us as they took a two goal lead, which we did come back from, but Lewandowski stole it late on and they're in a very strong position to qualify now. We rounded off the month with another two wins, and progression in the cup. March 2018 Our league form just wasn't letting off until a calamitous late bottlejob at home to Montpellier which for me just about sees us out of title contention. We have done so well again but it just isn't quite enough. The away game at Bayern produced a repeat of the first leg, again we came back from 2-0 down but again they had too much. Massively unlucky as usual with injuries going into big games as Andrei Ivan got minor injuries to rule him out of both legs of the tie which kind of summed it up to me. So this is the table, and the run ins that we and PSG have respectively. I think we've got the slightly better run in but ultimately PSG are likely to get enough points anyway. Luckily, we still have the cup. PSG suffering a shock home loss to Le Havre has opened it all up and it this point, it's hard to see it not being a Lyon v Monaco final, draws permitting. There is a possibility of a lower league side in the final though which would be nice. I'd actually like to have Monaco at home in the semis if I win at Bordeaux (which is no stroll in the park either by the way) as it would give us an excellent chance of the trophy. My major concern is that the game before the Montpellier draw was the one we secured a Champions League finish, and while it may be a fluke, the fact we have turned in a performance eerily reminiscent of the end of last season where we couldn't hold a lead to save our lives makes me wonder if we've clocked off again because we've achieved our aims. Time will tell, but I am a bit concerned by that, against a side we usually stuff at home.
  9. In all seriousness I always get a bit of a buzz for fixture day. I can't really explain why but I do. I guess you start planning everything. My ideal situation is we're at home on boxing day, we kick off with a home game we should win, shite aways like West Ham and Man City end up the midweeks, the likes of Sheffield United, Aston Villa etc... away fall on good weekends.
  10. Guarantees: No all top six games on the final day of the season. At least two of the Merseyside Derby, Manchester Derby and North London derby fall on the same weekend in December. At least one weekend will see three teams in red play against teams in blue, consequently all three are moved to the Sunday for Sky's "red v blue" treble header. Bournemouth get fined for wearing their away kit at Chelsea. Leicester will have Man City in our final away game. Leicester will be the first game of the new season, on Friday night, and will lose.
  11. You've had us on the final day in two of the past three years. I prefer not to speak.
  12. Dan

    Sheep - Season 2 - Football

    Surely nobody gets points for Hazard?
  13. I'd still start Evans next year, our record with him is as good as any of the other centre halves. If we did go for a replacement I'd go for Ake, but if we do then you've got to question why we spent about £35mil on Benkovic and Soyuncu a year ago.
  14. Dan

    Weirdest Person to Post on This Site

    Anyone remember the Nigerian who reckoned he cursed me with black magic?
  15. Seems to be a battle between the two Manchester clubs for Harry Maguire. The word on the grapevine is he favours the blue half. We apparently value him at £90million, which to be honest even in this market I don't think we'll get, but I can see him going for a lot still.