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  1. It feels like a monthly occurrence. Didn't happen this time but it could've. Sheffield United are the biggest waste of space ever in this league.
  2. Going to be remarkable seeing what method Southgate invents fudging having this squad at his disposal. Genuinely think England have a fantastic chance.
  3. Luton have all the hallmarks of just falling short. They've given a very good account of themselves but they have that really unfortunate knack of playing well against the good sides but narrowly losing, and then flunking it in the games they're expected to actually do something. I mean they managed the seemingly impossible of losing at home to Burnley & Sheffield United. Everton are just un-relegatable and Forest's luck knows no bounds either. I think even if Forest get docked some points they'll spawn their way out of it again. They're in trouble next year though.
  4. The bottom half is fascinating - it's going to mean very few dead rubbers as well. I really do fear for us. We're showing all of the familiar signs. I can't believe that I'm probably now only about 60% sure we get automatics. I don't like it.
  5. For that to lose because Casemiro doesn't make a single foul in a derby. The game has gone.
  6. Up to you but you can either cash in Tranmere for a £9.50 win or you can convert this to a double.
  7. So fucking close. I am just doomed to never win.
  8. For a side with so many points we don't half lose a lot too. Is that our 4th loss at home? That was an absolutely dire display. Clueless from 1-90 and QPR did as good a job on us as they could've done. Kept it tight, picked their moments and allowed us very little - exactly what I feared they would do. Maresca looking increasingly one-dimensional.
  9. After the Leeds game I was bit twitchy about this. After the Bournemouth win I'm a lot more confident. We have very seldom dropped these types of games but I do think QPR are better than their league position suggests - that being said, it's not a game I'd expect any of our rivals to drop points in. I'll say a 2-0 win. Will be interesting to see who comes in for Vestergaard - Coady was reportedly very unhappy that he didn't get the nod over Ben Nelson. I think after his impressive showing at Bournemouth, Coady has probably earned the spot here even if I would like to see what Nelson can do. I've got a feeling Leeds or Ipswich drop points this weekend.
  10. It's also a fairly low stress draw. Given when we went into it there was a possiblity of having to face Coventry or Forest for a place at Wembley. It would've been pure nerves. This isn't unwinnable but it's no disgrace if we do go out - but I really want us to go at these.
  11. It is quite remarkable how many times we draw Chelsea in the FA Cup and not just that, but how many times we get them at this very round. It's the 4th time in 13 years we've had Chelsea in the FA Cup quarters - pretty mad really. I think the likelihood is a heartbreaking defeat like what Leeds and Newcastle suffered before - I think we'll give a good account of ourselves but ultimately drop out. I'm more hopeful after that showing at Bournemouth though - for those who weren't aware, we changed 9 players from our first team game to their 2 and ended up beating a Premier League side away. A really, really good result.
  12. Yorkshire! Yorkshire! This weekend's picks take me to the two Yorkshire derbies in the Championship. With picking a long shot like Huddersfield there isn't loads of science behind it beyond thinking Leeds are due a loss, and that it would be typical of them to serve it up in a local derby like this against a Huddersfield side in not bad form. It has all the hallmarks of a coupon buster for me, and I feel like with Leicester this season, whenever we've had a really bad weekend, a really good one hasn't been far away. The other is that I think the odds are again generous. Rotherham are down. They're beaten. They're miles off it and at this point in pretty much freefall. If you were to put together a Championship table since Rohl took charge of Sheffield Wednesday, they would be 14th, winning 9, drawing 2 and losing 12. While Rotherham in the same period have produced 2-7-14 - comfortably the worst in the division. I do think the price is boosted simply because of the league position of Sheffield Wednesday and that the gulf between these two is a bit bigger than the prices suggest, so I think they're worth being with.
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