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  1. Gray and Iheanacho were back to their usual today sadly. Don't want to go in too hard on anyone because we've been on a phenomenal run but we've gotten away with it a couple of times lately I think. Wasn't just those two either. Tielemans has been iffy for a little while and Barnes just isn't quite cutting it. I had a feeling Norwich would make it tougher than many expected. It's rare that struggling teams come here and roll over, they often make us work for it. Too many just not at the races but to be honest you can't go in too hard. We've been excellent so far. Tough to know what to do regarding our next few. This really wasn't the one to drop points in. I really don't want us to take Wednesday nightly but I can see us prioritising the league games. Wouldn't be against him using the diamond on Wednesday but it was a mistake today, although I'm not sure it was totally tactics either and as much just players having off days. Too many of them. We are too reliant on Vardy for goals. Still.
  2. Shite from us today. To be honest I think at home it's been coming a bit. That's the third home game in a row we've not really turned up but in the last couple we got away with it and still won. Norwich were well worth a point. Far too many off days throughout. Vardy's run gone as well although it's a bit dubious. Congratulations to Liverpool. Whatever tiny chance we had went today I think.
  3. I'm in agreement about Ancelotti. Think he's about due a stint in China or somewhere now. Think his best days are very much behind him.
  4. Burnley 1-2 Newcastle Chelsea 2-1 Bournemouth Leicester 4-1 Norwich Liverpool 5-0 Watford Sheffield Utd 1-1 Aston Villa Southampton 2-1 West Ham Arsenal 1-3 Man City Man Utd 2-1 Everton Wolves 1-2 Tottenham Crystal Palace 1-0 Brighton
  5. Dan

    Erling Haaland - Man United/Arsenal

    I'd be all over Hwang and Minamino, at least one of them if I was in charge of our recruitment. Surely Haaland is cup tied for the CL knockouts anyway? Or did they change the rules.
  6. Looks pretty clear to me they were just waiting for the CL groups to conclude before pulling the trigger.
  7. Dan

    Football Index

    James Justin finally starting to rise slightly @The Palace Fan
  8. Dan

    2020 Vision

    Keep up my weight loss (currently at two and a half stone since July), get with this bird at work (dangerous game but you know how it is), get my own place possibly. Do all of this and have enough saved up to get my head kicked in at Dynamo Kiev next season.
  9. I just don't get this Pereira link. It just seems a really nothingy appointment if it happens.
  10. Most biased one for us is Chris Kavanagh. The frequently he favours the other side over us is astounding. He was on VAR on Sunday as well and happened to be just about the only person to see that Targett challenge that deemed it a yellow and not a red. An absolutely pathetic showing. You do have to laugh at some of the organisation. I'm no Pawson fan either.
  11. Not doubting you but more intrigued, what's the problem?
  12. Bournemouth must be about the worst offenders. Don't think I've ever been as sure of a result as Liverpool beating them. I don't entirely buy this rolling over business anyway. Bournemouth are just generally hopeless against anyone decent. Surely you'd want to be the side who beats this Liverpool team.
  13. Is Jarrod Bowen out of contract this summer? Literally any PL club couldn't lose by signing him.
  14. It was all true. West Ham should be ashamed of themselves.
  15. I honestly think you've got to include Arsenal in the relegation discusson at the minute.