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  1. Season 'actually' done - Dan stays So we were still in two competitions as stated, it appears in Malaysia you play the league then cup seperately so this was a quite significant part of the season left. We got through our group albeit by the skin of our teeth with a late equaliser at home to Kuala Lumpur, leaving us finishing 2nd behind them. As feared we ran straight into Johor DT but we really did make them work for it. We were hanging on a bit at times but we never felt far out of the game, so I'm glad we managed to push them. The AFC Cup was a very disappointing loss. Really annoyed by that one, but what can you do, I'm not exactly working with a good side here. No clean sheets in those games and just two wins was a concern, and proof that we're definitely miles off being good. The good news however is I did get offered a new contract as it turned out I'd passed my objective of 'being competitive' in this cup (rather than making the final, which was in-fact a different competition altogether and settled before I even arrived), and they were happy with just group progression in the AFC Cup, I think the late league run of form probably saved me. I'm not exactly optimistic for next season though. We'll lose our best player for nothing and there's just no way we're going to get much better. This really is tough. I'm usually confident of strengthening in a summer but it's not the case here. This feels like a hiding to nothing. But we just roll with it.
  2. Manager of the month bagged as well. Anything to help the reputation eh! We're in this cup now called the 'Piala Malaysia', 16 teams coming from the top two tiers, it starts with a group stage which we'll play alongside the AFC Cup knockout game against Persebaya (Indonesia). The board want the final. If we draw fucking Johor DT I'll be livid. I've got a very passable group though and two go through.
  3. League campaign done So as expected, we did miss out on the top 3, but we put in a respectable showing. As you can see, our form after the last update was nearly immaculate and only one dropping of points, quite unluckily I'd say at Kadeh (who were the club that interviewed me and turned me down before I took this job). Beating Johor DT is my first real scalp of the save and I wouldn't even say it was fortunate, they dwarfed our possession but the xG was of a similar level. The funny part of the save is that we actually relegated both sides that went down. I'm happy with what's been delivered on the pitch bar the slow start. We've never really been out of any game and I don't really think I did a lot wrong. XG isn't the sole judge but it's a quite good indicator and we at worst, narrowly lost on it, but won virtually every game. I think a key reason for our form upturn was opting to use another foreign player in central midfield. Take 'foreign' as 'better' in this instance. I played a flat 4-4-2, wing play (albeit removing the look for overlap instructions as I think they're daft) but the key element in the side was pace. Nowhere was this highlighted more than in defence. I had a defender from Montenegro with a 4.5 star rating but our performances with him in the side weren't really any better, and what I did have at centre half, were two Malaysians who are pretty crap but both are quite fast, and I think the recovery pace really helped. The pace was the key thing all over the pitch, I think we probably have the quickest side in the division. But where next? I've ultimately still failed my league objective. I want to keep this job for now, the players don't really respect me so I'm very much on thin ice regardless, but I think things have gone well enough on the pitch for them to overlook the lack of experience. I'm not totally sure on how the AFC Cup actually works, I suppose we just try and go far in that for now. It's different but it's all about taking those steps up the ladder that you weren't expecting to be able to. If I manage to win the AFC Cup or this other Malaysian cup we're now playing in, then my reputation may start to grow.
  4. Pretty bad but it's all relative isn't it, attribute masking and rubbish level staff in general makes it very hard to judge what I'm actually up against. I do have a midfielder who is far too good to play for us though - albeit a bit of a jack of all trades. David da Silva is also decent. It's hard because you can only name 4 foreign players and even one of them has to be Asian, and in what comes as no surprise, I'd say foreigners account for my top 6/7 players so I'm having to leave them out. The aim if I hold onto the job is simply to keep the best 4 and sign Malaysians. Who knows where this save will end up, honestly.
  5. To start off I've loaded all the Asian leagues of which there's about 9, and South Africa which is the only African league so winning that is going to have to be done through there. I followed a couple of tips, easier to get a job out here apparently and then with your horrendous stats, attribute all of your 'points (6 in total)' to adaptability which apparently increases the chance you get a job. I think that explains why I've landed an alright one already. I mean they're no big name, I'd never heard of them, but 1.5 star given I've essentially put real life me in the game is some going. Which brings me into the first update, and it's not really going very well, but I'm not surprised. I think I overpromised a bit in the interview but you're in such a desperate position that you'll take virtually anything and you'll bullshit your way through. My first game was the 2-0 win over LC Sailors in the AFC Cup, who are an Singaporean side of a very similar stature to us. This result meant that we just needed to not lose by 2 goals at home to Bali United in the final group game and hope LC Sailors won theirs (which they were always going to as the other side are god awful) creating a three way head to head which we won. We largely dominated Bali and when they got a red card at 0-2 we piled on them, got the goal back and couldn't grab the equaliser that we didn't end up needing anyway. So we're through in that tournament, I think it's their Europa League equivalent, so there's a chance I could actually win the Asian CL in my second season (absolutely not a prayer). The league, however, has been bad news. So I took over with us 6th in the table yet in my interview, agreed to qualifying again for the AFC Cup which you need a top 3 finish to manage. It's just not happening is it? We only had 8 games left of the season and we went and lost the first two. We were a way off anyway but we're now at a point where we could win every remaining game and still miss out, and I think there's a good chance that could lead to a sacking due to my total lack of reputation. I do think we've been unlucky though. The loss at home to UiTM was one of the unluckiest I've ever seen, I think probably the single worst yet on FM22, the classic case of 'being FMd' but they really were awful, 23 shots to 2 and they score with the very last kick. That game alone virtually did us because I don't really see much of a route back. I've got 5 games to overhaul an 11 point swing. Absolutely not a prayer. We play Johor DT next as well who are by a mile the leagues best side. Could quite easily be my last I think. The Panang game was a bit mad, we scored 5 goals in 12 minutes can't really figure this side out. We seem to get a worse result the better we play. I'm not totally clear if winning the AFC Cup will qualify us for next years, but the expectation is that I probably won't be going on much longer with these.
  6. EMPLOYED We have our first foray into management, and I really think this is a bit of a scalp. I've landed the Terengganu job in the Malaysian Premier League. 1.5 star in my first job is a right scalp I think, with a side predicted to be near the top of the league so a foray into continental football might not be all that far away. Really happy with this, I thought I'd be working with a real crap club, not one with a bigger ground than Deportivo
  7. A long time but I'm quite up for it this time. I think I've done European leagues to death and truth be told I found that Deportivo save a little easy all considered - I'm quite experienced and decent at the game now but I shouldn't be able to make them comfortable champions in seven seasons. Maybe it is just experience, don't know how others feel. There is the very real possibility that this is binned off within a couple of seasons but I'm really hoping not it has been done before.
  8. Mods, feel free to tell me to do one and just to stick it in the FM thread although given how long a save this will (won't) be I fancy doing a bit of a diary of the pentagon challenge which I'm gonna have a proper crack at now. - Start unemployed with no coaching badges and the lowest possible reputation - No national teams - Attribute masking on The objective: To win the UEFA Champions League, the Copa Libertadores, the CONCACAF Champions League, the AFC Champions League and the CAF Champions League, all in one save, with the above rules applied. UEFA Champions League: - Copa Libertadores: - CONCACAF Champions League: - AFC Champions League: - CAF Champions League: - Teams managed: 2021 - Terengganu (Malaysia) All updates in here.
  9. There we have it. Onto the pentagon we move!
  10. We've absolutely blitzed it, won it at a canter, we're 12 clear with 4 left and we beat them on H2H, although the game for some reason hasn't registered it. Once we have the proper confirmation we move on with the pentagon.
  11. I'd focus all efforts on the cups as well but I've a bad feeling we won't. Can see them taking a really half arsed approach in Europe though as I don't think they'll view either the trophy or Europa League as a strong incentive (I personally disagree as a fan but I just think that's how they'll see it). FA Cup, well, we should know what can happen. Just for god sake do not lose at Forest, I cannot bare the thought of it. Anyhow todays game - totally predictable. Fair result but one we largely brought upon ourselves by inviting trouble and eventually caving in. I just cannot process what goes through his head. We're awful every time we play five defenders. We were doing fine at 1-0.
  12. This feels like the earliest dead rubber game of any season ever. Bar an extraordinary run either way I think we're finishing anywhere from 9th to 12th. I know our team anyway. Choudhury and Vestergaard are out. Amartey's back. Justin's starting which is nice, I thought he looked good in parts against Spurs - he's such a fun player. Barnes is back in too. But yeah, league feels like a bit of a damp squib in all honest.
  13. Played Real Madrid twice (and won both), played Barcelona twice (took 4 points), played Athletic twice (1 win, 1 loss, though we thrashed them at home so win on head to head). We have got to play the teams from 5th-8th but it's a kind run in really. We've also got to play three of the bottom five and they're all dog shit. We can't blow this. It would be an embarrassment to bottle it from here. Only caveat is La Liga's become very weak it's actually losing a PL space next season due to the dire performance of the league in Europe. We're at the quarters of all tournaments and not a single Spanish side is left in. We got knocked out of the CL by Chelsea, which was totally fair enough - we gave them a very good game though. Moussa Dembele has been immense as well. We create loads of chances. I play 4-3-1-2 on this version, don't know about you lot but it feels almost FM17 level overpowered.
  14. Other results today have genuinely put Everton in the relegation discussion now. Didn't think it were possible (and I still don't think they'll actually go) but it's disgraceful really. They're so bad against 'the rest' it's unreal. They've actually not avoided defeat to a side outside of the top six since the fourth game.
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