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  1. If I had to put money on one team of the three to make it it would be Liverpool now. It would be pretty awful for us to miss out like that two years running but honestly, after Saturday I can't even get annoyed.
  2. Make that two. I absolutely think it's important we make the Champions League but you can't lose sight of the end goal. What is it all for if you don't have anything to show for it? I have no idea how people can watch what happened Saturday and say they would swap those scenes to finish 4th.
  3. Chelsea but there's not loads in it. If Chelsea win then you'll need 6 points to be certain. if Leicester win then 4 could probably do it. It weirdly isn't actually that big for Liverpool either way.
  4. I don't like this. That cup final win should be the final game of a season unless you've made a European final too. Massive game again. Given everything I'd take a draw. I'd be very surprised if we beat them again just after that, but you never know.
  5. I said it last week, I'll say it again, I really think Leeds might be a contender for a European spot next year.
  6. I regret not backing Sheffield United. Everton are consistently useless against the absolute dross at home. Norwich won there last year, Huddersfield the year before got a point there (I remember this for LMS purposes). Everton haven't beaten 20th at home in over four years
  7. The latter. You've completely made it up.
  8. That goal is just total perfection.
  9. I genuinely think they just make it up as they go along. I'm not even joking. They haven't got a clue and they've lost their heads.
  10. The final went not far off exactly how I thought it would. I've had a feeling for a while we'd win a shit game 1-0. Cup finals are rarely good games and usually two teams playing pretty cagey stuff, which is understandable, but it is what it is. Our plan to me just looked simply to keep it tight and hope to nick something. The big players turned up. Schmeichel absolutely sensational, the save from Mount is ridiculous. Tielemans I mean what can you say, that truly is an iconic goal for us. Fofana was brilliant. Ndidi was everywhere. I think after such a miserable year and a bit for everyone that really was just so uplifting. This season I've found for the most part just thoroughly miserable and I'm saying despite us having yet another very good season on the whole. It's been a depressing time and behind closed doors football, I don't care what anyone says, it isn't even a tenth as serious as the proper thing with crowds there, it adds a dynamic you can't quantify. I mean I know I'm biased but 90% of neutrals seem to say it as well but that goal and the ensuing celebrations just felt like over a year of frustration released. It did for me anyway. It was uplifting. This sounds horribly cliche but it was something I picked up on on the day, and before the game in particular, but I think we just wanted it more than Chelsea. I walked down Wembley Way to the tube station as I was going and meeting some mates at a pub a couple of stops away. You saw a clear mix of both teams fans but you could only hear ours and even in the pub itself, the Chelsea fans were singing about going to Portugal. I just felt like to me that game meant a lot more to us than it did Chelsea and convinced that it's part of the reason we ended up winning.
  11. We're a bloody miracle. I feel like I've won the lottery supporting us. Honestly.
  12. Dan

    Football Manager 2021 - Discussion Thread

    I am in shock. I've just had this bloke come through! He could be genuinely Del Piero levels.
  13. I never, ever thought after leaving that 4-0 win over Villa in March 2020 that my next game would be the FA Cup final 14 months later. It's all really quite surreal. I can't believe I'm going back. What a game for it. Bloody hell.