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  1. We've had 10 in less than 3 years. I'm beyond blaming Rodgers at this point, we need a proper investigation into why this is happening. It seems to happen to such key players too. Ricardo, Justin and now literally our two best academy players. It's gutting. Even two you named there came from us!
  2. Yeah I've a little more sympathy but we've definitely gambled on red while black comes out. It would sum up this season for Barnes or Tete to go down for a month on Saturday. I am in general a bit more confident of us. Top has taken some actions which has eased my fears and we've recruited quite well for the most part for me. Now for an absolute disaster on Saturday to get me back to square one!
  3. Are you Aussies on here all fans of him? I really want him to be good. Just the concept of us having an effective giant bastard of a defender is something I really like. I wanted to think we had it with Vestergaard but we hit the quite considerable problem of him being utter shite.
  4. Sammy Braybrooke does his ACL too. I'm honestly just beyond fed up of it. I don't know how it's even possible to be this unlucky, which makes me think it just simply cannot be bad luck. Why does this keep happening to our players? What is going on?
  5. Yep got to give him some credit here. I've been calling for action and while he's not done 'everything' I want you can't accuse him now of just sitting there and letting us sink, which a month ago it really did look like. We're really banking on survival now with those loans from the Australian bank. Part of me wonders if they think they can convince him to stay. I don't think they're going to manage it but the seeming lack of interest in him has surprised me.
  6. I think should we survive we'll probably sign him in the summer. Will make more financial sense as well. Bit pissed off we've ended up by our own admission a player short yet again.
  7. It's not that I hugely rate Perez or Albrighton nowadays it's as much that we just don't have the bodies. Albrighton has played quite a bit this last month. It shouldn't be the case but if you replace him with literally nobody then what is the point? If somebody else comes in then fair enough but I see no sign that that's happening now. We aren't going to get Harrison at this point either. Just doesn't tally up to me.
  8. Our record of keeping players fit is appalling nowadays. We're an injury away from something like Daka on the wing. I just can't understand it. It is such an unnecessary risk to take. It's not like saving half of Albrighton or Perez' wages for 5 months is going to make much difference financially.
  9. They aren't deadwood while we're so low in the wide areas. We went into this window low on wide options yet despite the Tete signing could come out with even fewer. It's madness.
  10. We've loaned out Perez to Real Betis and about to loan Albrighton to West Brom. What is going on? Surely somebody else is coming in.
  11. I really want him to be good and that WC form to not be a flash in the pan. I've seen enough people saying he is actually good though for me to think this is a solid buy from us. Three additions in areas we needed, all of a decent age profile too. I'd still like more but having been largely inept every January for ages this is a lot more like it. Rodgers cannot have a single complaint about his lack of backing now - bet he somehow still manages to con people though. Time to deliver.
  12. I'm afraid it's done for you. Man City going to get him in the summer it seems.
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