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  1. We've scored more goals than the next 10 sides above us. We're a lot of things but our games aren't boring. We're probably as entertaining as anybody in the league to watch as a neutral - although for pure comic effect. Yet despite this attacking record we've made one of the worst starts in the leagues history. We're in unprecedented levels of ineptness from a defensive point of view. I cannot believe Rodgers is still here. We're not as smart a club as people thought we were. I've never seen anything like it.
  2. 2041 CONCLUDED It got worse before it got better. London bus effect. No defeat in a year in the league and then just like that, we have two in four days. We're really, really bad at Internacional. I forgave Flamengo because they're at worst, the second strongest side in this country and they stole it, but Internacional are comfortably better than us on the day. Now I'm panicking. Because our fixtures aren't kind, and the two biggest threats of Atletico Mineiro & Flamengo, look in great form. The next game however proves to be enormous. We largely outplay Santos but we're pegged back late on, although we bag a winner with literally the last kick of the game. It's about time it was us who had that joy. This sparks another upturn in form, whilst crucially, our rivals seemed to falter. The real turning point weekend in my opinion was where we won at Chapecoense. Now that wasn't an easy fixture to be honest, but crucially everybody below us lost games I expected them to win. We had breathing space again. From after this period, it feels like we need to really, really throw it away to not win it. We're unbeaten in 30 home games, although we do still have Mineiro, Corinthians & Flamengo to come here, so we can't be too relaxed. The title is sealed following a stunning win at Gremio. We lose our unbeaten home run to Corinthians but it doesn't matter. RB Bragantino have a historic Brazilian Serie A title, and I add trophy number 34 to my CV. There is a case that this is my greatest league title achievement yet. Bragantino frankly have no business competing. Small crowds, a good squad but not a great one. I think the stars did align somewhat and as I often seem to find, once I build up some momentum we become unstoppable. So now my entire focus goes into the big one - I've conequered the hardest league of the region, lets go and get the Libertadores.
  3. Gonna have a proper think about this but the two that immediately came to mind we didn't actually lose either game
  4. They're qualifiers. We'd rack up a goal difference of about 40. We'd then draw to Slovenia in our opener.
  5. Nah drew at home but beat them away. I don't think either side are rubbish but they're just the obviously kinder teams from pot one. It'd be Southgate like draw luck to avoid France or Spain to get a side we usually beat. It's actually possible to have Faroe Islands, Malta and San Marino in the same group. I think if anybody can do it it's Southgate.
  6. There's a reason I specifically didn't say Hungary. We seem to always get Poland/Switzerland and I can't ever recall losing to either of them.
  7. England should keep Southgate until the draw has been done as that guarantees our pot one side will be Poland or Switzerland then sack him.
  8. Dan

    Tips & Bets 365

    I've been betting more using xG tables to find what I believe to be value and I tell you what, it's not perfect but I'm convinced I'm doing better from it than just looking solely at form, tables etc...
  9. All those defensive players on the pitch yet he's able to pick his spot, on his stronger side, from that distance. Absolutely clueless. The media in this country being harsh is the biggest myth in football. They're the wettest of any supposedly big side.
  10. He'll still play a back 5 against Iran. Absolutely covinced that'll end 0-0.
  11. Watford have got to be viewed as a free hit to your reputation at this point. You can't even look and say it's working anymore when once upon a time you could've argued so.
  12. Maddison isn't necessarily the answer to all problems, but what we do know is that whatever his alternative is isn't even close to working, so it's another L for Southgate.
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