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    I spent a bit of time unemployed when I was younger, not something I'm really proud of but I was signing on for a while. I was doing this work experience at the JobCentre as a part of their requirements for me to get money and it was utter shit. I ended up fucking off home because I just spent the day sitting there doing quite literally nothing. When I fucked off home, I applied for a couple of jobs. I got one of them and I'm still there. Imagine if I'd had something to do at work experience?
  3. As do I. Personally think after that game it should be advantage Bayern as they've got the home game left after a very creditable draw and defensive display at Anfield. In reality though it's probably advantage Liverpool. I like to see attacking football but I don't want the rules to manufacture it. Away goals OUT.
  4. It's a shame that Bayern's defensive display there is barely rewarded in the slightest because of the away goals rule. It wasn't an open, entertaining game like you expect at Liverpool in Europe but it wasn't a bad one either if that makes sense.
  5. Do worry that the English authorities will look at La Liga as their guinea pigs.
  6. Spanish football is embarrassing for being a sell out. Somehow even worse than English.
  7. It's bad. I always want to update it but just forget then get so far ahead. I think I'm in season 8 now and honestly I regret not doing updates. This one could potentially top Sparta. It's become a fucking brilliant team.
  8. Bochum's been a fucking superb save. Just so much to update on though.
  9. Cardiff 1-1 Watford West Ham 3-1 Fulham Bournemouth 1-2 Wolves Burnley 0-3 Tottenham Leicester 2-2 Crystal Palace Newcastle 2-0 Huddersfield Arsenal 2-0 Southampton Man Utd 1-1 Liverpool
  10. Could easily swap De Bruyne and Kane for Eriksen and Aguero too. I originally had Pogba and Fabianski in for De Gea and Felipe Anderson but you just can't not include De Gea really.
  11. Had two responses in here and was convinced I was about to be told I'd put in two West Ham players or something.
  12. De Gea Ricardo - van Dijk - Ake - Digne Neves - De Bruyne Felipe Anderson ------------ Hazard Kane - Aubameyang
  13. Only just seen this thread and found it fantastic. Get it done again for our game this weekend which is also on TV.