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  1. Changed mine to Netherlands btw.
  2. Harsh. He's not even playing is he?
  3. Robin Gosens is fucking outstanding.
  4. I can't give him any benefit of the doubt on tournament management. It's Scotland, at Wembley, in an international tournament. That's just not a game you accept anything other than a win in even if in the context of the tournament it hasn't really screwed us. It's a massive game, I'm not having anyone on the England side playing it down, it's our traditional rival. I do think Scotland were well organised last night and I will give them some credit - for all I've done so far is moan about England. But ultimately I just think we've seen that game all too many times before, and this one's the most damaging because it's Scotland. They deserve all the shit they'll get after last night.
  5. It happens at nearly every tournament England enter. That's usually the best case scenario. It's either that or just outright embarrassment like Euro 2016 or World Cup 2014. England need to really beat a big team in my opinion, for the national psyche as much as anything. For all the hype around England's players and all the slating Spain, Germany and the Netherlands got before this tournament I still think in a one-off knockout game we lose to any of them, and I think I'll keep thinking that until we actually beat one of them where it really matters. It's been 19 years since we beat a big name team in a tournament. It's shocking for a country like England. Calvert-Lewin went too. Would've got on over Rashford if he played for a bigger club.
  6. It really does just feel alien that an England manager will make a radical switch like that, and especially at 0-0 as well. I said after about half an hour, once our early pressure had really died down that I can see the game ending goalless. A draw virtually puts us through and Scotland needed to not lose. Southgate's performance tonight was crap. I can understand a slight bit more conservatism against Croatia but not Scotland. I'm not having it. He played that entire game more scared to lose than being intent on winning it. He revealed the cowardice I expected. I just get fed up of England. We all know how this ends. The first big name team we face will put us out. As usual.
  7. If Southgate became a free agent tomorrow, I don't think he'd even get the Palace job. It always comes out in the wash eventually. He's a nothing manager.
  8. England being favourites says more about our gambling culture than our football team.
  9. This is the problem fundamentally with this format. We've basically qualified because of that. THAT. In terms of progression it's no disaster. In terms of the actual psyche and mentality it was fucking abysmal, and I see nothing but garbage ahead of us now.
  10. And that kind of dross is why we just aren't serious contenders in any way, shape or form. Pure cowardice and frankly the tournament format makes too big a safety net to allow precisely that. Absolute rubbish.
  11. Worst game yet this one. Sweden's style is very good for getting results off bigger teams but against sides like this, Christ, it's miserable.
  12. Dan

    Patson Daka - Leicester

    I'd be lying if I've seen loads of him play but I think the kind of teams after a player is usually a bit of a giveaway. I pinned Daka as a potential Vardy successor a while ago but during that time thought he'd become a bit out of reach and there'd be someone bigger coming in. The fact we might get him is not only a brilliant coup as I feel we've virtually signed one of the very few players who might be as good as Vardy, that would actually come here, but it really does signal that we're not going away any time soon. Maybe it's premature to say this, it's not done yet, but Romano saying done deal is usually as good as.
  13. Spain for me. Fuck that. I'll go for Netherlands.