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  1. By all accounts, dour, but the result counts and we got it due to two players who simply deserve more starts. I want both of those two in the team against Burnley.
  2. Championship's going to look like something from Eastern Europe this season with these points deductions. Just need one for match fixing next. Reading are a shambles - I'm sure I read that their wages are something like 220% of their turnover, which is just absurdity.
  3. Just watched them back. The league just looks like a continuous joke with this officiating.
  4. One of the most disgracefully officiated games I have ever seen, I've not seen any of our reaction but I'll be annoyed if we've just pretended it didn't happen. It's absolutely criminal. We had problems today, thought the first hour was pitiful but from our goal onwards was the best I've seen from us in a while, all over them and just begs the question why we can't start a bit more like that. There is no way Maddison can hold his place. He's a complete waste of a shirt at the minute.
  5. It didn't feel at all like a 3-0. I thought Everton edged it for most of the game. Wouldn't have too many long term concerns. Actually thought Gray looked alright yet again. Maybe Benitez has found the trick.
  6. Something feels slightly off with Man City again. Remind me a little bit of two seasons ago. Liverpool do as well but for the right reasons. If I was to pick a top 4, in order, I'd go Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, at the minute. Amazed how little has been made of that penalty overturn. I thought that was a complete disgrace. Overturn the red yes but how in the fuck is that not a penalty? Right bedtime. An early train to Brighton tomorrow. I think this game's a good test to see where we're really at because it's been hard to tell so far.
  7. Brentford have taken to the league like a duck to water, as has Toney. They'll finish about midtable. Wolves as toothless as ever these days. Traore's end ball is logic defyingly bad.
  8. Agree with the team bar Iheanacho being out. He should be in for Maddison. Maddison needs a few games out.
  9. Was laughable refereeing throughout. Iheanacho needs to keep playing. Once again he delivers. I'm glad Barnes had a good game, he'd started slowly IMO so glad to see him score and set one up. Better from Perez too. Think I'd be a lot more lenient on him even if there Were a few more of those.
  10. Leeds have new ownership in the last few years, just strikes me that they have their heads a bit more switched on. Bielsa gets the headlines and he is very fun, I do get it, but I don't think they'll go back to shit once he eventually leaves. Forest are a bit of a joke and it's amazing how many of their fans in my experience don't seem to see it coming. They had that prat Fawaz Al-Hasawi running things a few years ago, he just seemed really reckless from the off but they happened to have a very good run early doors under him that hoodwinked them. He ended up being the stereotype clown of an owner with no real clue about football. Their latest one, Marinakis, has a bit of a history of being involved in match-fixing and whilst I've just read he was found not guilty, trouble seems to follow him a bit too closely - would for my liking if it was our owner anyway. In this time period he's also proven himself to be a bit of a clown. Forest are just a dreadfully run club and they have been for years. I get that Hughton is a pretty dull manager, he's very much one of those who will get the job done but it won't be particularly memorable, but he's better than this, he's not got a track record that suggests this kind of run at Forest is the norm, he's a generally quite safe pair of hands. I think there's a very good chance they get relegated this season. They were here 12 months ago and Hughton felt like a rare sensible move from them, but it's ended up going the same way. I see no obvious alternative for them this time.
  11. That was an enjoyable game but to blow a 2 goal lead at home. First time we've done it in 5 years apparently. Napoli favourites to win the group for me now.
  12. What's largely ignored in the Bielsa hype is that Leeds have decent owners now. Forest don't. Theirs is lucky to not be behind bars.
  13. I'm not just saying it because it's Forest but I think both of those two would be mad to go there. Hold out for better. Forest are very much a club who are likely to drag your reputation down as things stand. Who was the last manager to come out of there with a higher reputation than he went in with?
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