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  1. There's no point even getting carried away by it now. This one's going to the final day I think. Knowing this year Norwich will go and win at Tottenham.
  2. Is precisely the issue. You just can't drop Vardy and I think it's a big risk playing him wide - but saying that do our wide forwards even go that wide anyway? I actually think you could throw him in for Perez. The fact he's left footed as well I think is a factor. We're too predictable because Chilwell's our only left footed starter. Genuinely think this is a subtle problem of ours.
  3. Sharing's caring. Schmeichel Ricardo - Evans - Soyuncu - Chilwell* Mendy Tielemans* - Maddison Perez - Vardy - Barnes *changes It's not far off what I'd have gone to be honest but still think Iheanacho's being under-used at this point.
  4. England will be losing some coefficient points next season on these showings. Some serious dross is going to make the top 4.
  5. Brighton might well be the dark horse in this relegation battle.
  6. Christ. Not expecting too many favours this week. Not that we should be anyway.
  7. How do you fit in Iheanacho? Is it ridiculous to suggest he plays where Perez does? Perez is really starting to bug me to be honest. Infuriating player.
  8. It's appalling to be honest. I get the whole "they're paid X amount" but in the heat of the moment, what good is it to do that? I'd understand the frustrations a lot more if we were rubbish but we aren't. Makes me laugh as well every time we get a player linked to Arsenal it's "why would they go there, their fans are toxic" totally unaware of the irony. The Chilwell bit was embarrassing. I've no idea what's gotten into our fanbase in all honesty. Always had our idiots but it's gotten ridiculous.
  9. I've put us to lose 1-2, be either that or 1-1 but I've very low expectations. Confidence is down, performances are off and Moyes is no mug, he won away here with them a couple of years ago - not exactly the same circumstances but he'll set them up defensively and it'll likely work. We really could do with a nice, comfortable win here, get some confidence and belief back. I feel like the fans don't help either to be honest. The support's been absolutely dreadful this season for a side that's largely done very well - the minute we've come up against any adversity they're on the players backs. Couldn't believe what I was witnessing against Southampton. You'd have thought we were in the bottom three. I get it's frustrating but the mindset is all wrong. I can just see a disciplined West Ham side playing on all of these things and sucker punching us. This is another big game too - fail to win this and I think it's totally plausible we don't win again until March. Our February is Chelsea (h), Wolves (a) and Man City (h). With Manchester United and Tottenham both likely to win this midweek too it worries me a bit.
  10. Zero confidence at all for this. Something well wrong with us.
  11. The most obvious West Ham signing ever.
  12. It's a few things at once. To be totally fair, today I don't know how we've managed to lose that. Biggest 3 points thrown away of the season I can remember. At least Southampton you can say deserved it. Burnley were just awful in every department, they must be pissing themselves at the fact they've won that.
  13. Honestly, a big part of me can't escape this idea that Vardy's exceptional form has propped us up and papered over a lot of cracks. Other than a run of about 5 games around November time we've not actually played that amazingly really.