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  1. Dan

    Ligue 1 2020/21

    Fofana out the team and St Etienne finally concede, and drop points. He's on his way I reckon.
  2. Watching it back, their first actually shouldn't count. It's borderline handball (rules changed AGAIN) and there's a shove, that wasn't just outmuscling. Terrible from the officials, as usual. I feel like I moan too much about officiating but I hold officials to a much higher standards now we literally have VAR, and there's still an unacceptable amount of bizarre decisions. Luckily that one never cost us.
  3. There've been 39 goals in 8 games this weekend in the Premier League. If there are another 10 in tomorrows games, it becomes the highest scoring weekend (goals per game) in Premier League history.
  4. Not a chance hahaha. I'd be gutted to get them away behind closed doors that'd be a cracking cup tie.
  5. Arsenal's a bit of a free hit to me. I think for one time, and one time only, I will advocate us not taking a cup seriously. We've got enough games and with Liverpool in the next around we're not likely to go through anyway. Behind closed doors as well it's just a bit crap.
  6. I'm happy enough with Justin in general but I do think he's got a bit of an error in him and he's not quite ready yet. He'll have to do for now but I think when Ricardo is back it'll be him on the right, Castagne (who was very good again) on the left. I will give that one to Congerton. He looks a really good buy. A natural fit for us as a team. I think we're not far off but I'm not getting carried away because we've beaten two very poor teams. I think Burnley are alright usually, but with that many players out we have no excuse to not win fairly comfortably. The other side to that is that we're not at full strength either. We had no Ricardo, Evans, Maddison wasn't fully fit, and we're now about to add Cengiz Under, and hopefully Fofana. We're getting there. I think more than anything, we needed these two wins just to turn moods around a bit.
  7. We're not too far off being a good team. We're not there yet, but we 're not far off. Thought we were porous defensively but really liked us going forward. Harvey Barnes is not far off being a very, very good player.
  8. Fucking hell. We've been really poor at the back here.
  9. That's got to be game over. Great strike Praet. Back on top of the league
  10. That's twice Justin's been beaten in the air. That's just nowhere near good enough.
  11. 3-1 Justin. That's got to be game over. Lets get a few here now. This half is better. I'm encouraged.
  12. Get the fuck in!!!!!! Massive slice of luck but what a pass from Tielemans.
  13. I think we've been the better side and we should go on to win, but I am a bit concerned how little it took them to actually score. Their goal I don't mind counting but the bar has been set. Lets see if it's stuck to. I would assume not. Perez isn't good enough. I'm convinced about 75% of his games are like this. Cengiz has got to be an improvement.
  14. Wasn't clear but it turns out he's onside anyway. BBC replays are shite.
  15. We needed that. Get these beaten now. I think there's a case for both of those not counting, both pretty inconclusive to me.