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  1. To be honest I'm just in this to learn some of the daft trivia I'm happy with 7th out of 10 given my knowledge is very vague.
  2. Dan

    Times When Your Club Blew It

    The obvious ones: Watford (a) in the play-offs 2013. We all know what happened. To not only miss the penalty but actually concede from it, in our last moment of a season was staggering. I do think that fueled a lot of the fire for what followed though. Cardiff (a) in the play-offs 2010. Posted above. Fancy missing a penalty in that way, at that stage. Stoke (a), May 2008, relegation to League One for the first time in our history. Summer 2016 - The strongest position the club had ever been in and every single signing made that summer had left by 18 months. A truly terrible summer. Wycombe (h) in the FA Cup. Roy Essandoh. The significant part of it is that we actually blew the easiest possible route into the semi finals of a tournament we've never won. Aston Villa, January 2020. Sorry but this deserves a mention. We've beaten them 4-0 and 1-4 in the league, sit about 16 places above them in the league and yet couldn't beat them over two legs in the cup. That's a huge case of blowing it unfortunately. Couldn't believe our luck with the draw - sadly I feel this attitude rubbed off on the squad a bit.
  3. Dan

    Times When Your Club Blew It

    Honestly, that game sickened me even more than Watford did. I felt completely robbed that night. Truly the most stressful game I think I've been to.
  4. Dan

    Coronavirus and Football

    Yeah, for what it's worth, much as I'm slaughtering others it's probably worth not having digs at the fans too much as the majority of Liverpool fans I've come across blasted the decision and haven't swallowed the PR either - and we're yet to make our stance. I think we'll do the right thing, my gut instinct says so. That said Derby fans on the Percy article were fucking embarrassing. Derby have become a really shitty club under Morris.
  5. Dan

    Coronavirus and Football

    I don't get how they never saw this coming in the first place. Look at the reaction Tottenham (rightly) got.
  6. Dan

    Coronavirus and Football

    Common sense prevails but the twerking in the media is some of the most painfully cringeworthy shit I've read in a long time. Have a day off you bores.
  7. I still can't quite grasp the fact we won a Premier League away game 9-0. Just beyond belief.
  8. Dan

    Are you missing Football?

    Readjusting towards the Qatar World Cup is the common sense solution to me. Granted I don't know what you do after that, but the two situations may actually work with each other ironically and that's what I'd go with. I don't mind a couple of years of change. February to November seasons. I'll take it.
  9. Dan

    Are you missing Football?

    I always want it to as well to maintain the integrity in the competition. Now I've been pretty vocal in my questioning of it for other reasons this season but that isn't really the point this time, to just wipe it away seems like a complete waste and the more I think about it, the more I think it will bring about far too many complications for that to be the case. I can only conclude that people vehemently demanding the season is wiped just don't want Liverpool to win the league. That's fine, but I think you're just living a lie in this case. They say Liverpool fans will be unbearable but I think they'll be even worse if this happens, and the fact is this time everyone knows they've got a point and nobody can seriously argue against it. It would be hollow to laugh at them for this. Funny because of the fact it seems they're just destined to never lift the Premier League, but we all know what's happened here. As stated as well with Leicester I think we'd be one of the biggest losers, right up there, we capitalised on far better resourced clubs failing and would be very unlikely to make the top 4 again. We also had Vardy back in the form of his life which he's unlikely to repeat I think at his age. If Leicester finished in the top four this season we would be absolutely laughing. We've already progressed a lot due to one unexpected CL windfall. To get another would make us very well established at this point. Not to mention we've also never won the FA Cup - and had a quarter final tie against a Chelsea side we sit above in the league lined up, with Liverpool out of the competition. We had a chance to rectify that. Sadly I think football's general reaction to the situation has been pretty appalling, the greed is astounding at times and it only edges me towards thinking they will come up with another alternative based entirely on how lucrative it is, rather than it being fair - so I'm totally braced for us, the unfashionable provincial club from the Midlands to be shafted out of playing in the elite competition.
  10. Dan

    Are you missing Football?

    Precisely. I don't get what the big rush is. Problem is it's hard to know who to trust in this because we've all got our own biases - and mine are pretty obvious. I think fans of Liverpool, Leicester, Leeds, Coventry, West Brom and a few others in-particular are going to be biased towards wanting it to finish but the truth is I'd have wanted that anyway. I'm yet to be told a proper reason this can't happen. Contracts are a complexity, but not a reason you can definitely rule it out, and I'd argue that's a far smaller obstacle than the alternatives. I want common sense to prevail but I'm worried that the authorities are going to use this to force more dross on the sport such as games abroad.
  11. Dan

    Are you missing Football?

    I maintain it's absolutely staggering how few seem to be missing the really obvious alternative in this situation. Just wait to play it. Fuck next season. Why prioritise next season over this one?
  12. You're worth having about on here I think. Usually interesting even if I don't agree.
  13. Hamburg was a complete guess the Bochum thing I got slightly wrong - the stat is that Leicester have lost the most cup finals without ever winning it, rather than just losing the most finals. This is also apparently the stat that Bochum hold in Germany. Funny.
  14. Dan

    Are you missing Football?

    I think we're also going to be one of the biggest losers in this potentially. We're effectively back to square one. We timed coming good perfectly with the likes of Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester United and to an extent Chelsea all foundering, even Manchester City really we've never been far off this season. If the season started again now I don't think we'd be getting in the top four. Not to mention who we'll lose. We miss out on the CL windfall and therefore have a lot less chance of holding onto players, we're more likely I think to lose about 4/5 players than the 1/2 we would've if we'd made the top four. Oh and of course we also miss out on the Champions League again, they were some of the best nights I've had following us. I mean we've had some great times lately so there's only so much we can complain but we're a huge loser in this scenario as well I think.
  15. Dan

    Are you missing Football?

    I've got to say I do actually feel sorry for fans of the likes of Liverpool and Leeds. If this had happened four years ago I'd have been inconsolable