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  1. I meant just at your ground. Arsenal v Leicester is statistically the Premier League's second most one sided fixture - behind only Everton v Fulham. That said it used to be both home and away. Weirdly our win over you in 2017/18 at home was the first time we ever beat Wenger, and just so happened to be his final ever defeat as Arsenal manager. We've now beat you three times in a row at our place.
  2. Anyhow - Palace's record here is pretty good, bizarrely they've hammered us here the last two seasons, if you're a betting man I think there's some serious value in backing them again this weekend, they're 70/1 to win by 3 or more - that's paid out the last two seasons. I really don't see any reason this will be any different either. Palace play a low block and counter attack. They're the model side to beat Leicester at our place. Our insistence on passing to death at all times is absolutely perfect for their game especially with our frequent rediscovered inability to break teams down - we've had just 10 shots on target in the 4 games since the restart. This has to be viewed as a winnable fixture but I really do think it's got all the makings of a loss, and if we aren't careful, it could be yet another heavy one - I cannot believe we are 3rd in the league and I am resigned to us losing this. It's fucking embarrassing.
  3. West Ham have the best run in by a mile in my opinion. I also think they're slightly less useless than Bournemouth & Villa. It's surely Bournemouth, Villa & Norwich now. Watford just don't seem to be pulling away though - that Liverpool win is oddly about their only win in the last 10 games or something like that.
  4. Surprised you haven't mentioned our record at Arsenal
  5. West Ham need shooting if they drop from here.
  6. It was after the Norwich game where I genuinely started to think we were going to blow it and sadly I'd make us the outsiders at this point - 3rd to 6th are neck and neck but we've got both the hardest run in and the poorest form. I think from this point if we come 5th we've done better than you would expect if you don't take the whole season into account. I've not checked the odds but I'd be surprised if they have us to come above 6th. And it really is an absolutely monumental capitulation. It's a complete embarrassment to be the ones who are going to fall out when we had such a big gap. Manchester City were behind us in January for fuck sake. It's very, very difficult to see us in the Champions League at this point. It would require a huge shift in performances and results. There will no doubt be comments about how the Europa League is a good achievement for us - I agree up to a point, that 6th would have been taken in pre-season, however nobody in the right mind would've taken it in January as it required a real capitulation. It's the morale and the psyche I worry about - does anybody see us doing well in it, or well in the league next season? I worry we're on a real slump now and I'm not convinced Rodgers knows how to fix it. I think he deserves the chance to but I've got this vision already that he's probably sacked around December time and if that does happen, I really, really worry for us. Something is fundamentally wrong at this club if that happens and yet incredibly I half expect it.
  7. The first half was absolutely awful, still seemingly not over this tendency to concede from the first shot we face, to then gift them a 2nd like that is abysmal. We're terrible at breaking teams down. Sit deep, force us to cross and you should've done enough. Absolutely awful to watch us when we're trailing a game. We haven't got the quality to open teams up. I'm not pinning the loss on him but Maddison's got to sort himself out. When you look at the impact Fernandes has made for Manchester United and compare Maddison's total lack of productivity since the turn of the year it's not hard to see why we're going to miss out. This Vardy situation is mental too. I've completely forgot he was playing for the fourth game running. What an absolute embarrassment this season is turning into. In January we were 2nd in the league, 15 clear of 5th and had a semi final against a dog shit Aston Villa coming up. We're going to come 6th and didn't even make Wembley. Absolutely pathetic.
  8. Absolutely shocking end to the game - no ideas at all again.
  9. Somebody needs to step up here. Come on Maddison. I'm looking at you.
  10. Better this half - glad to at least see some sort of reaction.
  11. How utterly Leicester. We're honestly awful to watch. Possession is so fucking overrated. I'm intrigued to see how we react to this - we normally lose a game in a really drawn out, frustrating fashion, it's very rare we're two goals down at half time. There's got to be some kind of significant reaction to this. If he doesn't make a single sub he's absolutely lost the plot.