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  1. I've seen it happen with us before so I've always been a bit sympathetic in that sense. You get made out to be the problem for pointing out flaws that you will see before pundits. The level of punditry in general in this country is appalling. Is it this bad in other big leagues? You get the odd decent one but the majority just act as mouthpieces for their mates or clubs they're on good terms with. Nowhere near enough critical analysis.
  2. We got the result despite that formation rather than because of it. Soyuncu was a shambles in the first half and he often is on the left of a back three. Amartey horrible at right back. Mendy and Choudhury just not quite good enough. Vardy still looks a bit off as well. It's not a terrible result in the circumstances but I don't think we played well.
  3. It's not a disaster in the circumstances of that game but it puts pressure on us to win some of our upcomers - our next two simply have to be two wins.
  4. That's not far off as good. Schmeichel's having a great game.
  5. 1-1 half time. Think we've just about edged it though I always fear Burnley can hurt us from a set piece - both teams know it as well. I always expect Burnley to be more solid than they turn out to be. My only worry is we tire. We've not had a good second half since Liverpool.
  6. There's no inbetween with Iheanacho. Great finish. I think we've about deserved that, they haven't been good.
  7. The amount of shite "hasn't scored in 50 games" players we gift goals. Fucking annoying.
  8. He's just clearly not at all fancied. Two things I've heard are they have concerns about his fitness and another suggested if we start him a certain number of times then the deal becomes permanent. I think it's clear they've made their minds up. He won't be sticking around.
  9. Team is about what I expected. It's going to be a slog of a game this I think.
  10. Please can we send someone down this year. I'm fed up of being denied of this satisfaction.
  11. 21 wins in a row. They're a fantastic side but there's something seriously wrong in this sport at the minute. This kind of shit seems to happen year in, year out as well.
  12. Could see that as well. I'd give you the edge but if we got in the Champions League and you didn't, maybe not, at his age anyway. Yeah, not writing him off by any stretch but more a contingency in case this is where he drops off. I still think there'll be a role in the squad for a good 2/3 years even if he has dipped. This summer is surely the one we buy a striker though. I've no idea what they'll have up their sleeves. Edouard the obvious shout, maybe Daka, unsure really.