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  1. Never had it, as far as I know. Which is quite surprising as I have not social distanced or owt like for the last 9 months or so and been to a variety of sporting events, parties etc etc. Full of 5G though, had 3 doses of it so assume that helps with this. Lassy I went to school with and her dad passed away with the cunt though back in February, bless them. Sick of the fucker now mind. Don’t think I could hack another few months of doing nothing but going to work and scranning takeaways day in, day out and nowt else.
  2. Rafa Beneathus

    Off Topic

    Welcome to the 30’s, I was grateful we were in the deepest days of lockdown when mine arrived so I didn’t have to “celebrate” Hope you’ve had a good un.
  3. My previous picture of the dog Beserker cannot be displayed, so here’s another pic of him.
  4. Still can’t believe Rafa thought it would be a good idea to go to Everton. Was never going to work out for him there. I hope his next job is at a clue where the fans appreciate him and get behind him. That isn’t some snide dig at Everton or it’s fans either BTW, I would say it is similar to Steve Bruce coming to NUFC in the sense that it was never going to work out but I would feel pretty fucking shan for comparing Benitez to that cretin. Martinez would be a horrible appointment too, by the way.
  5. Need to replace Lascelles before the Leeds game. Utter shit week in, week out.
  6. Aye it’s a fair point re Bournemouth’s defence. I think he was probably a bit stubborn there, he done a miraculous job in fairness to him to get them into the PL. However, he persisted with a style of play that resulted in them conceding a boat load. With money to spend here on better players it may just work out though. Regardless of what division we’re in next season, we have a purpose and ambition again.
  7. Would be immense but sadly won’t happen this month. If we stay up then why not? He will only have a year left on his contract so they may well cash in on him at that stage.
  8. I think Howe is a good manager. I don’t think he was the short term solution as his methods were always going to take time to be implemented, but if we stay up I think he will build us up quite nicely. If we go down, I trust him to stay and bring us back up. I was gutted we didn’t get Emery if I’m honest, but Howe seems very thorough, has a good philosophy and seems like a decent, well intentioned bloke in general. A more detailed way of saying “the opposite of Stephen Roger Bruce” you could say.
  9. Aye it’s a fair point. Definitely a risk however, we have found it extremely difficult in our efforts and I’d expect that we have more pull than them. Also, not sure how much I would trust their owners to release the funds to buy anyone decent. I seriously hope the talk of them replacing Wood with Carroll turns out to be true.
  10. Considering what we have is Wilson and the horrendous Dwight Gayle, he definitely gives us something. Is £25m a good deal? Doesn’t look it to some, but if he scores the goals to keep us up, it’s a bargain. Weakens Burnley too. Just got to hope they have the struggles we’ve had so far and can’t get a good replacement for Wood. Can see us getting a couple in towards the end of the month when the market opens up a bit. Seeing Newcastle United acting like a Football Club again is so hard to get used to. Personally I’m really happy with Wood and Trippier.
  11. As it doesn’t look like Stephen Bruce will be sacked any time soon, our last hope is that he is involved in a house fire in the very near future.
  12. Proper trip down memory lane this thread, mind! Scout FC was the most rattled person on the planet at one point. I remember her giving HaRvEy a suspension for saying she needs a good hard fuck. Tremendous.
  13. Everton should be applauded for the ambition on show, certainly a better move than appointing a shite, Mid table Championship manager....
  14. Think it’s disgusting that you are wishing death on some members of the forum in various posts now. Reported to the mods.
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