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  1. Pretty reliable Auclair, isn’t he? As much as I despise the cunt. Wonder who the interested party is. 777 would have been a disaster, just cannot see that ever happening.
  2. Rafa Beneathus

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    Welcome to the 30’s, I was grateful we were in the deepest days of lockdown when mine arrived so I didn’t have to “celebrate” Hope you’ve had a good un.
  3. Still can’t believe Rafa thought it would be a good idea to go to Everton. Was never going to work out for him there. I hope his next job is at a clue where the fans appreciate him and get behind him. That isn’t some snide dig at Everton or it’s fans either BTW, I would say it is similar to Steve Bruce coming to NUFC in the sense that it was never going to work out but I would feel pretty fucking shan for comparing Benitez to that cretin. Martinez would be a horrible appointment too, by the way.
  4. I appreciate that I am late to the party here. But fucking hell, Brian.
  5. Rafa Beneathus

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    I am like this in real life ha. Not normally saying it to people but saying it to my mates about people. I have wished some interesting things on people on twitter actually.
  6. Rafa Beneathus

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    Would be nice if you choked on the next one you eat. X
  7. Rafa Beneathus

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    I take it you were down the quayside? Hope the interview went well.
  8. Rafa Beneathus

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    Good work. I haven't had a famous bite for a while. Last one was either Le Tissier or David Vance saying that I am mentally ill.
  9. Going to LA and then back to Vegas in June. Got Amsterdam and Krakow booked for later in the Summer as well.
  10. Don't know how I feel about this. Would probably laugh but I have been tagged in the video on Facebook on two occasions by two different people claiming it's me at a rave ha!
  11. I haven't ate meat or fish for around 22 years or so, basically since I was a young un. Dont consider myself veggie or vegan but just don't like the taste of meat and I think there's something mentally going on as well as I am reluctant to try many meats.
  12. Rafa Beneathus

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    It is aye, I work for a bank. I thought I was going to hate it at first but there's no targets or anything like that and you get well looked after. Also the money considering it is a call centre is decent as well. Theyre paying for me to do a course in banking as well which if I pass can open me up to other banking jobs. Plenty decent jobs out there to work my way up to, was basically in a dead end job before this.
  13. Rafa Beneathus

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    Weird week at work. Was my year anniversary of working there on Tuesday gone, my manager called me into a room absolutely fuming because the ops manager wanted to take me from his team and put me on to a brand new team because of the fact I am one of the more people people on the floor, without sound big headed. I get on great with my manager so obviously didn't want to leave his team and told him I would say no. Then soon after I got pulled into a meeting with the lady who'd be my new manager if I was to take the offer up and she was making me promises and assurances about future progress. I spent the full day talking to other manager, including those who have progressed quickly and I even spoke to the ops manager about being trained up to be a manager myself in the mid term. Ended up taking the offer up, much to the annoyance of my TM but it is a great opportunity. Not just that but I put in for a promotion recently and it looks likely that I will get that and I will find out next week. Over the last 4 weeks or so I have been doing coaching with new colleagues and taking training sessions as well so I have a bit of experience. The job I've put in for is pretty much all about that. Long gone are the days of work in security and being stood doing nothing but argue with people all day. Leaving that shite to work in an office based job which has good progression opportunities is the best decision I've made. P.S. There is probably a work thread, but I don't care so get fucked.
  14. It was a class trip mate. Stayed in an unreal villa and wrecked the place, anything not nailed down was in the pool (will post a photo of it when i can be arsed), my mate shitting in his hand and chucked it on next door's roof along with half of the content in the fridge was canny funny too. No real stories like but just some extremely funny moments. What wasn't funny was landing In Newcastle and being at work 2 hours later. Fucking killer.
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