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  1. Everton should be applauded for the ambition on show, certainly a better move than appointing a shite, Mid table Championship manager....
  2. Absolutely crazy that NUFC are 9th.
  3. Rafa Beneathus

    If you had the chance to

    Think it’s disgusting that you are wishing death on some members of the forum in various posts now. Reported to the mods.
  4. Rafa Beneathus

    If you had the chance to

    Berserker so that we can sit and have a great conversation to sort our differences out, have a couple of drinks and then forget about the peace talks and head into the car park for a good, old fashioned scrap.
  5. Rafa Beneathus

    Solo Para Los Que Hablan Español

    Cheers for the tips. When I get to a level where I understand the language enough I’m definitely going to do what you suggest with radio and films. Literally been doing it for a week or so now so not long at all really, still learning the basics.
  6. Rafa Beneathus

    Solo Para Los Que Hablan Español

    Cheers for the advice mate, interest that you pretty much have non existent French now. Yeah mate preciously I was in a middle on what to do with my life and was considering moving to Spain. I now have a decent job and happy living in Newcastle, i want to have something to focus on rather than smoking weed and wasting my money. I go to the gym often but thought that doing something productive like this would be good, the thought of going to a different country and speaking the lingo is class. There’s a Brazilian gadgie at work speaks something like 7 languages, crazy.
  7. Rafa Beneathus

    Solo Para Los Que Hablan Español

    Cheers mate. But aye I can imagine through reading and doing the little quizzes and games etc on there you can only get so good - you need to be listening and actually speaking to become fluent. Will keep you updated anyways and defo ask advice on where to go next etc. Still early days.
  8. Rafa Beneathus

    Solo Para Los Que Hablan Español

    Probably but some kind of abusive post in here at some point (sorry Brian!), but last week started to learn Spanish. Watched a few videos on YouTube and using an app called Duolingo that was recommended to me by someone at work. Anyone who has learned a language, how long does it tend to take to become semi-fluent at it?
  9. Rafa Beneathus

    Most liveable cities 2019

    Depressingly never been to any of them. Switzerland is definitely somewhere I hope to go to soon. Got 2 weeks off work in September and going to go to a few European cities. Planning on the Dam for a couple of days to start and then might just book up the others from there.
  10. Rafa Beneathus

    World Tourism Rankings

    Lol gud 1 m8
  11. Rafa Beneathus

    World Tourism Rankings

    The only reason to visit Peru is to indulge in some of the finest cocaine on the planet, nowt else there.
  12. Good point that. Shame we didn’t win really as we would be pretty much safe now. 7 points clear of Cardiff though should hopefully be enough. Almiron gives us so much going forward, Rondon is a fucking beast.
  13. Second home game I have missed this season as I was down Blackpool for the weekend, fucking gutted as it was our first come back from 2 goals down in a PL game since Bobby Robson was our manager. Jordan Pickford was an absolute disgrace though which helped. Just touching on a comment earlier in the thread by someone about supporting England etc, I was fucking gutted when the little armed Mackem cunt saved that penalty in Russia.
  14. Get the rave on indeed!
  15. The first 30 minutes of that game were just ridiculous, hit the post twice, Losl pulled off a couple of top saves and then let a tame shot run through his legs before it rolled just in front of the lines, red card. Almiron brings pace and excitement, we have looked good on the break this season without any real pace or unpredictability (don’t even know if that’s a word) but he brings that. I wholeheartedly agree when you say it was like when we were buzzing with the signing of exciting big name players again, Rafa has found a gem here.