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  1. I joined TFF April 23rd 2012. There was a link from PESGaming, so I followed it and joined. It's mental to think that 12 years ago. As it happened I did a lot of Mafia Wars stuff on PESGaming.
  2. Batard


    This is mental
  3. Welcome @Glentoran-Andy!
  4. Batard

    Off Topic

    Well this year has been quite something. My wife and I recently lost our 3rd baby during pregnancy, and had to give birth to our child at 22 weeks. Funeral is next week. I'm not sure I have the bandwidth for Mafia Wars this year sadly.
  5. I completely forgot about that. Then there was the Trump auto correct to something about Barking Spiders
  6. Batard


    The ending just didn't make sense to me, I won't spoil it but it had lazy Vince writing all over it.
  7. Batard

    Off Topic

    Apologies for being awol for so long, I had to deal with a few health niggles and then I was completely blindsided by the news that my Father had been fighting pancreatic cancer for 8 months and hadn't told me. Two weeks after I was informed he died. Literally 36 hours after I saw him for the last time. So all in all 2023 has been a bit of a mixed bag. I'm hoping to be more active and even resurrect Mafia Wars.
  8. It's good to be home! Mafia Wars will continue to be hosted on our Discord server - unless the majority choose to switch it back here. Discord isn't the forum, but Mafia Wars was that much more responsive on Discord as the last iteration showed.
  9. Hi all, sadly the forum is closing down. We're moving to Discord. https://discord.gg/nvrhuBmpAT is the Discord server. Thanks for all the support, hopefully see you all on the Discord.
  10. There are so many euphemisms here I just can't keep up. There's another one!
  11. I didn't know it was on? I'm a married man don't you know!
  12. You should have emailed with some success, he might have responded
  13. Batard


    Where did she post these? Asking for a friend.
  14. Batard


    So despite Vince having left WWE, he still has a 80% decision right majority with them. He's trying to force his way back into WWE claiming he got 'bad advice' to quit over allegations he left over. I cannot believe he'd be so insane to do this given it's already hit WWE share prices.
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