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  1. Batard

    First Goal

    15th minute
  2. Batard

    Member Opinions 2019

    I look forward to reading your updated list
  3. Maybe a 12th player is what is needed
  4. Batard

    Chess Chat

    I'm aware of Maxime
  5. Batard

    Ebere Eze "Likely to Join Tottenham Hotspur"

    Been on the cards for a while unfortunately. He's a good lad, I hope it works out for him when it goes through
  6. Batard

    Football Manager 2020

    I've using the mobile version on my iPad. Loving it
  7. Batard

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I'm not surprised these guys don't get it. They've got nothing to attach meaning to to make this real. My parents experienced the three day working week when electricity was rationed and curfews existed. The problem is they won't feel quite so invulnerable when someone they know gets it.
  8. Batard


    True. I'd do it for free
  9. Batard


    It's hard to say, she's still not 24 hours without a fever yet
  10. Batard


    £50 for a blowjob seem reasonable?
  11. Batard


    Very much appreciated, Brian. Thank you kindly.
  12. Batard


    Did anyone miss the post credits scene?
  13. Batard

    Caption Contest

    "I fingered her like this"
  14. Batard

    Off Topic

    Bit of a delay. Daughter spiked a temperature, we've been battling all afternoon to get it down.
  15. Batard


    Looking forward to it returning. Maybe a month working from isn't so bad, can stay up and watch this bad boy