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  1. Richarlison is a sound purchase, the right player with the right manager. It gives Spurs something different as well, a real battler up front with some menace. Good teams have players not afraid to put a boot in. Lucas and Bergwijn are not that. Conte will get the best out of him.
  2. You know exactly why, for getting over excited and not exercising some self control. Stan has already asked you to chill, so chill.
  3. I’m a boring old bastard with limited patience. Have a good night. See you tomorrow.
  4. Someone fancies sitting on Ice for 24 hours I see.
  5. Yawn. Can we get back on topic please.
  6. Batard

    Andor (2022)

    i approve of the trailer. It's the bees knees
  7. Well. Here we go again then! The Good I mean it's Haaland isn't it. There's no way around it. That team creates so many chances, he should smash it. Could he be Ibramhimovich 2.0 for Pep and all the problems that caused him at Barca, I doubt it. He'll score 20+ goals and it'll be money well spent. The Bad Eddie Nketiah. It's going to be too much for the lad to carry that front line. Not getting another forward is going to be a mistake. The flattering to deceive I don't see all the hype around Nunez and I don't think he'll live up to that price tag in a Liverpool team in transition. Salah looks off the pace. Mane is off. Jota is streaky. A lot of pressure to deliver on the new forward.
  8. Phillips and Cooper back in training, massively needed.
  9. Batard


    Missing 11 33 11/11 14 8:11 Man City MAN UTD Premier League 9/12/2012 #MCIMUN #MUFC https://missing11.com
  10. @shut up it's a little far fetched to be labelling nudge pro Nazi. You owe her an apology.
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