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  1. Phillips and Cooper back in training, massively needed.
  2. Batard


    Missing 11 33 11/11 14 8:11 Man City MAN UTD Premier League 9/12/2012 #MCIMUN #MUFC https://missing11.com
  3. @shut up it's a little far fetched to be labelling nudge pro Nazi. You owe her an apology.
  4. Putin simply cannot be allowed to determine the sovereignty of another county, irrespective of his views on NATO. If the West abandons to Ukraine to Russia then we have learned nothing from History. Germany used ethnic Germans as a means to destabilize countries for expansionism and control in the 1930s and Putin is using exactly the same approach. Once Ukraine becomes a vassal state, Georgia will be the next. They're actively engaging in wanting to join the EU and by flanking each side of the country in problems it prevents the country from being able to do so. Putin recognizes that a more democratic neighbour on its doorstep will only pull further away from their sphere of influence. Indeed by attacking now he's moving before Ukraine becomes too difficult to overcome. My concern goes out to the Baltic States, Putin will almost certainly want to extricate them from NATO. Whilst we cannot get into a nuclear exchange, Russia cannot be allowed to dictate terms of sovereignty for another nation.
  5. Batard


    I remember them well. Bull Buchanan was a beast.
  6. Batard


    One botch that wasn't picked up was McCool was eliminated early by mistake. That said, the amount of eliminations that were not shown live is fucking poor.
  7. It's been really good so far. Really good. I hope Obi Wan is equally epic.
  8. The most recent season was 99.9% perfection. Tracey Ullman was incredible foil for Larry in this season. The episode at the Japanese restaurant, whilst mostly panned by the critics had me in stitches. And the casting farce with young Larry, hilarious. I've started rewatching the previous season, Latte Larry which was equally brilliant.
  9. I'm getting the popcorn ready for her riposte
  10. Unconventional first date
  11. It's true, I've never seen a Tusken move that sexily
  12. I think it should be decided by the weight of their beliefs. And by weight I mean literal weight. And given Inga could be carried off in a light breeze, Mr "Show me a curry and I'll have a weeks worth on one plate" wins!
  13. Never seen a Tusken move so sexily
  14. There's a reason why the saying "Form is temporary, class is permanent exists". Piatek is Serie A's answer to Zaki
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