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  1. There's no relegation and participation is by invitation only.
  2. I wouldn't rule out Mourinho selling him to Norwich if he's still managing Spuds come season end.
  3. Batard

    Arepas vs Fish and Chips

    Brown sauce has a concentration of vinegar in it, gives it a kick, adds to the chips. It's also really good for cleaning surfaces with, I shit you not. Makes you wonder how good for your insides it is.
  4. Batard

    Racism in Football

    If they were serious about this, Slavia would have been banned from Europe for their embarrassing behaviour too.
  5. Batard

    Racism in Football

    Remember this? Uefa fines Nicklas Bendtner £80,000 for showing his Paddy Power sponsored underpants while Porto fined £16,700 for their fans' racist abuse
  6. Batard


    It was shite.
  7. Nowadays it's acceptable just to say 'gay' or 'homosexual'
  8. Batard

    Annoyances That Don't Matter

    They are really comfy, plus at my age if I walk around in joggers I look like a shipyard worker
  9. Batard

    Annoyances That Don't Matter

    If we're talking cheap jeans, I'm with you on this on.
  10. Batard

    Ligue 1 2020/21

    Corrected for you
  11. Batard

    Ligue 1 2020/21

    If they bomb out of Europe get money on PSG. I say all this but Lille are still the team to beat. Also what an achievement it would too for a selling club who will certainly be picked apart this summer whatever the outcome.
  12. Batard

    Ligue 1 2020/21

    It pains me to agree with you. It also pains me to say I think PSG will sneak it at the last. Experience when the pressure is cranked up is priceless.
  13. Batard

    Ligue 1 2020/21

    It is, but I have a feeling Lille will bottle it.
  14. Batard

    Off Topic

    It's time to start wrapping this up. It's not healthy or therapeutic to progressing anyone's mental health to circle around the same issues over and over again on a forum. Change starts with ourselves, professional help and lashings of self reflective therapy.
  15. Batard

    Off Topic

    Which thread are you referring to?