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  1. Adapting to change and uncertainty is what separates the greats from the also-rans
  2. Batard

    Franck Ribéry - Everton

    The collapse of Bolasie's career is quite something
  3. I actually disagree. I don't feel he truly applied sports science correctly, he was a long ball merchant interested in exploiting weaknesses in the opposition. He was interested in sports psychology
  4. I don't blame VAR for yesterday's handball debacle. I blame the ridiculous handball laws that have overly confused the situation.
  5. Fergie was king of it. Let his pride get in the way though when he was called out on it though
  6. A thread to capture some thoughts on players where we ask the immoral question, are they actually any good really or just having a 4 game blinder before abject failure awaits? Teemu Pukki I think the lad is a good honest pro but I think he'll get found out once teams sit deeper to deny him space. Verdict: Zaki Version 2.0? Leandro Trossard a bit wayward at times with his passing and shooting but when he gets it right there's a touch of class. This lad is the real deal. expecting a move to a much bigger club next season. Verdict: De Bruyne Boots Agree/Disagree? What are your thoughts?
  7. I agree. The likes of Bruce, Hughes, Pardew and Allardyce are footballing dinosaurs. They've stayed still. They're just luxury Sunday league managers with little tactical nous
  8. Something has gone down at the club. They didn't thank Jan for his time or efforts in their statement, it's so matter of fact that it makes me think he really annoyed someone or they're annoyed with themselves
  9. Dolberg has the potential but hasn't really stepped up to the plate like his Ajax peers. I think a move to France would better suit him right now, being the main man at Nice rather than scrapping for a place at Leverkusen would be a confidence booster
  10. Batard

    Peter Fonda passes away

  11. Right. No more. I've addressed this. If there is more of it anyone involved will find themselves taking a break. Clear?
  12. Let's pick through what's happened here
  13. Wolves will not be nearly as open and naive as Chelsea were. Plus they have a much greater attacking threat. 2-0 Wolves.