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  1. That is to do with regional assemblies, Belgium for example was made up of multiple regions of diverse languages. France similarly has been carved and repatched together several times over the ages, this has a large impact on culture and regional identity.
  2. I think though that's to do with the governing regions of Germany prior to reunification in the 1800s? @Tommy looking to you on that one.
  3. In the UK whilst there are multiple parties, in reality it's a two party system governed by the Civil Service. It's more about process and being seen to maintain a facade of democracy.
  4. I watched it back. Embarrassing. That's not adversarial debating but personal sniping and short changing the voters. Then again, that system of government if I'm honest is a bit of a joke. A two party system is most definitely not democracy.
  5. If he can handle the physicality, this is quite the signing for Leeds. This is the power of Bielsa.
  6. It's the form is temporary, class is permanent paradigm. Flash in the pan players inevitably fall by the wayside.
  7. Batard

    Sead Kolasinac - Bayer Leverkusen

    It's those Ozil wages you really need rid of
  8. Batard

    Among Us

    There's ways round that
  9. Barking Spider

    1. football forum



    2. football forum


      @nudge Boooooooooing Spider

  10. Of course not you numpty. You're so grumpy today! Boooooooooooo!
  11. Batard

    Juan Foyth - Leeds

    He was decent in Argentina and has been capped at international level, I think he's been quite unlucky with opportunities to play. The Prem was obviously a lot quicker than he was used too.