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  1. Even without those players, the still have a good enough squad to do more. This is what happens when players think it's going to be easy.
  2. I know Mbappe and Neymar aren't playing but what a bottle job by PSG. Jesus they're so flaky.
  3. That doesn't work fully either. There's something odd going on. Rab is testing something called pastebin and the only work around I know that works is pasting from word and posting it as a picture (delete the original pasted text).
  4. Mafia Wars is back on

  5. Apologies guys, I can't post the write up for Night 1 of Mafia Wars. It's the saving but not posting bug again. I've got the write up ready to go! Hopefully this will be resolved soon. Appreciate your patience while we iron this out. 

    1. CaaC (John)

      CaaC (John)

      Not your doing buddy so no need to apologise, we live on, strange as it's ok at my end, don't know about anyone else?

  6. Prior to COVID, with the travelling I was doing for work with the hotel stay overs, I was drinking at least a bottle of wine a night. Sometimes two. I felt fucking ruined. Awful hang-xiety the next day. Heart palpitations at night. I haven't touched a drop since August last year when we discovered we were expecting our 2nd daughter. I miss drinking now and then, but not enough to fall off the wagon. I thought I'd miss it more and crumble.
  7. Batard


    The Orton match and subsequent changed ending with Bliss, that made no sense to write him off television, Vince strikes again.
  8. The annual forecast for who's going to rip it up, shit out abysmal performances and who's going to going to threaten up trees and struggle to yank at weeds? The irrepressibly good - Raphaël Varane This is a bit like betting on a team to win when they are 5-0 up with a minute to go, but the boy is pure class. Varane is the epitome of a World Class defender. I'm going to stoke the fire by stating there isn't a better all round defender in the Premier League, certainly not with his experience or track record. He's going to be immense. The poison chalice bad - Nuno Espirito Santo So many players will be utter shite this season, most of the Newcastle squad spring to mind but I want to focus on a manager instead. He's on a hiding to nothing, he wasn't even there 2nd or 3rd choice. Nuno isn't a sweet sale deal, he's not even a car boot treasure trove of goodies. Nuno is your friends hand me downs. We can all see the imminent car crash, especially if Kane is sold. Gone by November. It won't all be his fault either, Levy has made a right mess of this. The not quite good enough - Ollie Watkins The second season at the top level always separates out the class from the flash in the pan. 14 goals last season is 37 Premier League games was a good return, but is he good enough to do it again against wiser defenders? I don't think so.
  9. Batard


    Big news!
  10. Batard

    Work/Jobs Thread

    @nudge .... BOOOOOOOOOOO!
  11. This signing is almost certainly being underwritten by the imminent sale of Grealish. It more confirms than refutes the sale. I also think it's smart business, to buy before prices are inflated due to perceived wealth. Also if you're Jack, 25 years old, a chance to win silverware. He turned his back on Ireland and I see no reason why he would have any particular loyalty to Villa. Its brutal but he's a professional, why wouldn't he sign for City, to not win anything? Villa on their current trajectory look good to do more in 5 years, but not now.
  12. Batard

    Work/Jobs Thread

    Exactly that. State your position and do not deviate. This is a good book too if you're interested in dealing with situations where you have to negotiate anything
  13. Just think all that time could have been invested in Mafia Wars instead
  14. Sounds like she’s giving you the signs mate! What would you like to happen?
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